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00:20 chris_n-2nd gmcharlt: is it my computer or does git cherry-pick crawl?
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01:55 gmcharlt chris_n-2nd: yeah, cherry-pick can be a little slwo
01:56 chris_n well with a mere 100 commits to go, I'll be here for breakfast... :-/
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10:11 |Lupin| hi
10:11 cait hi
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17:17 jdavidb Hi, pianohackr. :)
17:17 pianohackr|work Hi, davd
18:05 chris_n pianohackr|work on Saturday?
18:05 pianohackr|work Yup, at the library.
18:06 pianohackr|work You?
18:07 chris_n at home, but cherry-picking the new labels code into 3.2 head
18:07 pianohackr|work Very nice
18:08 chris_n I had a couple of conflicts, but nothing too bad so far (knock on wood)
18:10 chris_n 'git cherry-pick -e commitish..commitish' would be very nice
18:10 chris_n doing it one at a time is verrry slooow :-(
18:11 chris_n I attempted to whip up a quick perl script to do it, but w/o success
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18:15 gmcharlt chris_n: may be a bit late, but perhaps a simple git-merge may have saved you time, unless you had a bunch of other commits mixed in your branch
18:15 chris_n actually no others, just label work
18:16 chris it was from 3.0.x though right?
18:16 chris_n I did read about 'git rebase -i -into' ?
18:16 chris id expect a merge to go badly from 3.0.x to master
18:16 gmcharlt ah - yeah, if was originally developed in 3.0, would have been a more complicated merge
18:16 chris_n yes, but I setup a separate repo for 3.2 and added my 3.0.x repo as a remote
18:16 chris rebase into may have worked tho .. but id expect conflicts with that
18:16 chris_n chris: its working like a charm
18:16 gmcharlt though not necessarily *that* bad, since most of the labels code is relatively self-contained
18:17 chris_n that's it, nobody has messed with labels code for a while
18:17 chris its more the rest of 3.0.x
18:17 * gmcharlt really has his work cut out for him tomorrow and over the next few days
18:17 chris which youd get with a merge
18:17 gmcharlt yeah, isolating that could be hard
18:17 chris that i was worried about
18:17 * chris_n emphasizes if it is all this slow
18:18 gmcharlt chris_n: not the git work, the testing, really
18:18 chris_n what about the "rebase -into" interactively?
18:18 chris_n the git guru's seemed to like that for doing things like this
18:19 chris i just went for cherry-picking cos its safest :) you shoudl/could try rebase -into as well
18:20 * chris_n knocks off 75 of 117 commits... :-P
18:20 chris_n[…]eads/labels.recon
18:22 gmcharlt chris_n: and then you get to play with git rebase --interactive to squash patches, /me says hopefully? ;)
18:22 chris_n yeah, I will squash it a bit
18:22 gmcharlt chris_n++
18:22 chris_n I ran through it on a test branch and got it down to 45 -50 commits
18:23 chris_n I figured the merge w/3.2 would go better in smaller chunks if there were real issues
18:23 * gmcharlt puts on dunce cap, finally realizes genesis of your old nick 'fbcit'
18:23 gmcharlt Foundations Bible College IT, right?
18:23 chris_n hehe
18:24 chris_n right
18:26 chris_n too bad there is not a way to pass objects between cgi script calls
18:27 chris there is
18:27 chris memcached
18:27 chris_n I've seen your patches, but havn't had time to examine the memcached thing in detail
18:27 * gmcharlt idly wonders if there's a CGI::Session::Memcached
18:28 * gmcharlt whistles innocently
18:28 chris we store sessions in memcached
18:28 chris at work
18:29 chris_n I could reduce db calls even more if I could pass things like the batch object from call to call and then call to the db once for read or write
18:29 chris yep
18:29 chris_n chris: so memcached can do this sort of thing heh?
18:29 chris chris_n: at work we cache objects (serialised) into memcached
18:29 * chris_n feels a further code re-factor coming on... :-S
18:30 chris gmcharlt: looks like that module exists
18:30 chris chris_n: we also cache html code fragments (rendered templates) and then entire pages into memcached
18:31 chris_n chris: that must really make things fly
18:31 chris yep
18:32 chris the application is in contorl of the cache too, rather than a normal caching proxy
18:33 chris_n cool
18:33 chris so when the editprs publish we can have it show up immediatley
18:33 chris_n I'll definitely take a look at memcached next week
18:33 * chris_n looks for his store of spare time
18:34 chris_n it looks like with CGI::Session::Driver::memcached we could take the session data out of the db?
18:36 chris_n chris: which memcached module are you using?
18:40 chris at work? Cache::FastMemcached
18:43 chris[…]cf4adcb1e9378db53
18:44 chris this was my work for providing a base class of cachable objects for koha
18:44 chris then you have something like
18:44 chris[…]cf4adcb1e9378db53
18:46 chris[…]cf4adcb1e9378db53
19:14 * pianohackr|work hopes he didn't misunderstand some Selenium issue in his response to hdl
19:16 * chris_n comes back from troubleshooting the dog's invisible fence
19:27 chris_n chris: nice work; any examples of writing the modified cached object back to the db? (or did I miss it)
19:31 chris we always right to the db
19:32 chris write even
19:36 chris we create an obect from the db, store it in the cache ... subsequent scripts just get it from the cache, ... we change something save to db, invalidate cache
19:36 chris and the next script that needs it, fetches from db, stores in cache .. rinse and repeat
19:38 chris_n write
19:38 chris_n err.. right
19:39 chris :)
19:39 chris big chunks of koha, change very little, if we had a preferences object ... it could pretty much live in the cache
19:40 chris and whenever a syspref is changed, we drop it from the cache
19:40 * chris_n does agree that sysprefs seem to be a *big* chunk of koha ;-)
19:41 chris a bunch of really fast selects, but it builds up the ambient load
19:41 chris so if you had essentially a cached hashref
19:42 chris you remove a bunch of noise from the db
19:42 chris_n I bet if we could eliminate even only the duplicate selects from the db things would speed up dramatically
19:42 chris issuing rules is another one
19:42 chris we fetch that everytime we issue a book
19:43 chris_n another thing I noticed while working on labels is the times we fetch more data than we need
19:43 pianohackr|work If you changed MAIN,*,*, you'd have to invalidate the cache for everything below MAIN, but caching issuingrules could be useful
19:44 pianohackr|work chris_n: Such as GetBranches?
19:44 chris_n one call in the labels code retrieved the xml blob and never used it and for each item in the batch
19:46 chris pianohackr|work: yep, but most libraries set and forget issuingrules
19:46 chris its not something you change often
19:46 pianohackr|work True.
19:46 pianohackr|work You could really cache everything under admin
19:46 chris_n s/xml blob/marc xml blob/
19:46 chris *nod*
19:47 chris select *
19:47 chris_n heh
19:47 chris far too many of those
19:48 pianohackr|work Caching parsed versions of notices might speed up that
19:50 chris there are chunks of html we could cache too
19:50 pianohackr|work Though that might depend on a smarter templating system
19:50 chris i started on that with the template toolkit stuff
19:50 pianohackr|work Which is a whole other ball of wax
19:50 chris yeah
19:51 chris_n "SELECT bi.*, i.*, b.* FROM items AS i, biblioitems AS bi ,biblio AS b WHERE itemnumber=? AND i.biblioitemnumber=bi.biblioitemnumber AND bi.biblionumber=b.biblionumber";
19:51 chris_n a classic
19:52 chris_n (SELECT *)^3
19:54 chris[…]cf4adcb1e9378db53
19:55 chris heh, that is pretty special
19:55 pianohackr|work Better get ready to go. Bye, Chris and Chris
19:55 chris cya pianohackr|work
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19:56 chris_n I trimmed it down a bit in the rewrite
19:56 chris :)
19:57 chris_n there are actually a number of other improvements/enhancements I'd like to do with the labels stuff, but they'll have to wait
19:58 chris_n I should have looked more seriously at caching objects when I started out, but I'm still on the learning curve for some of this
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20:08 chris we'll get there
20:09 chris i figure 3.2.0 will be a big feature release, then we can do lots of little performance improvement releases
20:09 chris before the next feature release
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20:35 chris_n hi hdl_laptop
20:41 hdl_laptop hi chris_n
20:44 chris working late hdl_laptop ... more integration work?
20:44 hdl_laptop hehe... Nope. Just buying sthg online ;)
20:48 chris :)
20:53 chris im starting merging and shifting po files to 3.2
20:56 chris_n merging and shifting to 3.2 seems to be the order of the day
20:56 * chris_n also tracks the ISS and listens in to capcom comms
20:59 hdl_laptop thx chris.
20:59 hdl_laptop chris have you created Pos on reconciliation branch for 3.0.4 ?
21:00 chris not yet
21:00 chris is that stable enough now?
21:02 hdl_laptop mmm I think so. But more test needed though
21:02 hdl_laptop chris :  Have you seen my selenium test patch ?
21:02 hdl_laptop I know you had done some.
21:03 chris yep, had a quick look i will test them with selenium this week
21:03 hdl_laptop Maybe it could be good to add those.
21:03 chris mine are old 2.2.x ones
21:04 hdl_laptop maybe the way they are written is just naive.
21:04 hdl_laptop Still had no chance to see how to use a YUI + button with customized list.
21:05 hdl_laptop Like New Member or New biblio record.
21:06 hdl_laptop I think the best way to do that would be to Add a Click the select 1st element in list, But could not achieve that.
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21:22 * chris_n heads off to eat, bbl
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