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00:01 gmcharlt chris: does memcached support having the client dictate how much memory to use for a namespace?
00:01 chris nope
00:01 chris not that im aware of anyway
00:02 gmcharlt ok, curious
00:02 chris the way to do that would be to run a couple of memcacheds
00:02 chris on different ports
00:02 gmcharlt note, by the way, that a Proper Patch (tm) will at least give a hint about how to set up memcached
00:02 chris :-)
00:02 chris yep
00:02 chris sudo apt-get install memcached
00:02 chris :)
00:02 chris i promise to do more than that
00:02 gmcharlt C:> sudo apt-get install memcached
00:02 gmcharlt oops
00:03 gmcharlt ;)
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00:31 chris_n2 evening
00:31 gmcharlt hi chris_n2
00:31 chris hi chris_n2
00:57 gmcharlt chris: couple thoughts occur - making Memoize::M optional might be nice - i.e., fail gracefully if it's not installed
00:57 gmcharlt chris: second, updatedb ought to check for unmet perl deps
00:58 chris can do, so bump the version
00:58 chris and just check perl deps, instead of doing any db updates
00:58 chris ?
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01:56 chris i may have to do an unsung heroes for andrew moore for the dbrevs page
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03:14 chris ohhh the first patch from VOKAL
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03:18 Amit hi chris, pie
03:18 Amit good morning #koha
03:18 chris hi Amit
03:42 pianohacker Hello, chris, pie, Amit
03:42 chris hiya pianohacker
03:42 pianohacker Hey
03:48 pianohacker Hmm, just noticed your copyright header on the new Memcached stuff (which is nice, by the way). What's your reasoning behind that?
03:49 chris oh it didnt have the koha dev team in there
03:49 chris that's my new thing
03:50 pianohacker Hmm, okay. Why?
03:52 chris The copyright notice should include the year in which you finished preparing the release (so if you finished it in 1998 but didn't post it until 1999, use 1998). You should add the proper year for each release; for example, “Copyright 1998, 1999 Terry Jones” if some versions were finished in 1998 and some were finished in 1999. If several people helped write the code, use all their names.
03:52 chris[…]es/gpl-howto.html
03:53 chris For software with several releases over multiple years, it is best to spell out each year, in full, without using ranges or abbreviations, as in the example above.
03:54 chris one of the debian developers was commenting on how we are missing copyright statements, or have incomplete ones
03:54 chris so figure, 1 file at a time
03:54 chris :)
03:54 pianohacker Hmm. It seems like that would require, for something like, say, C4::Biblio, Copyright (c) 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, ..., 2009 Chris Cormack, Joshua Ferraro, ad infinitum
03:55 pianohacker That seems... somewhat difficult
03:55 chris thats where the Koha Dev team comes in
03:55 chris i should just gone 2009 Koha Dev Team
03:55 pianohacker Okay.
03:56 pianohacker Perhaps adding a note that the Koha Dev Team means those listed in ?
03:56 pianohacker Not necessarily in every file
03:56 chris good idea
03:56 chris speaking of
03:56 chris its missing a copyright statement
03:56 pianohacker Hahaha. Well then, appropriate place to add them
03:57 pianohacker Can you perltidy everything while you're at it? ;)
03:57 chris :)
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04:44 pianohacker Good night
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05:46 nathan1021 hi
05:46 nathan1021 SOS
05:46 nathan1021 i have trouble running koha-zebraqueue-daemon
05:48 nathan1021 i tried to start koha-zebraqueue-daemon by service koha-zebraqueue-daemon start
05:48 nathan1021 it says line 28: daemon command not found
05:48 nathan1021 but i have just installed daemon program
05:50 nathan1021 i hope somebody can help
05:50 Elven_Thief what distro are you using?
05:50 nathan1021 fedora core 10
05:50 Elven_Thief hrm. can you run daemon from a command line?
05:51 Elven_Thief it could be that the environment settings don't have the program in their path
05:51 nathan1021 yes.. when i type daemon in command line, available options appear
05:52 Elven_Thief the zebra daemon runs as the user 'koha'. can that user access it?
05:54 Elven_Thief on a side note, is there an easy way to get the list of 'matching' records when doing marc imports in the tools area?
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06:17 kf good morning #koha
06:24 nathan1021 may i ask what's the best distro to install koha
06:25 nathan1021 and version
06:25 kf there was a discussion on the mailing list some time ago
06:25 nathan1021 can you point me to the link
06:25 kf I think there is not the best and it was advised you use something you know
06:25 kf mom I will search for it
06:26 nathan1021 im new in koha, so i dont know whats the preferred distro
06:26 nathan1021 i have been trying all this time in fedora core 10
06:26 nathan1021 got it working but with no zebra
06:27 nathan1021 as im having trouble with the daemon
06:27 kf[…]24.html#a20778209
06:27 nathan1021 thanks kf
06:28 kf there were many more answers to the thread, still searching :)
06:28 Elven_Thief kf, i asked this already, but you may know.... is there a way of listing what records "matched" when doing marc imports?
06:29 kf I think you get a list of matched records when using staged import in koha intranet
06:30 Elven_Thief i thought it just said 'x matched records', but i'll double check with some sample data
06:30 kf but my colleague handles record import to koha, so I dont know how it looks like
06:30 Elven_Thief ok. thanks.
06:30 kf try manage staged records, I think you will see it there, not while importing the batch
06:31 Elven_Thief ah. i think you're right
06:33 kf natham1021: found it:[…]11.html#a24854622
06:36 Elven_Thief nathan1021: (i might be wrong here - feel free to correct me) I believe the current preference is to use the and a cron job running the over using the
06:36 Elven_Thief just to save yourself from the same errors i made when figuring out how to set up zebra
06:37 nathan1021 just a clarification
06:38 nathan1021 what you are saying is to have a koha-zebra-daemon then run through cron the
06:38 nathan1021 instead of using koha-zebraqueue-daemon
06:38 Elven_Thief yeah. i'm trying to find the page i found that on.
06:38 nathan1021 am i right?
06:39 Elven_Thief there was some justification about how directly using the zebraqueue is a slower process
06:39 nathan1021 ok....
06:39 nathan1021 i hope you could find the page... anyway thanks for this tip
06:39 Elven_Thief yeah. give me a minute.
06:40 kf I think Elven_Thief is right - we are also using instead of zebra_queue_daemon
06:43 nathan1021 okey... thanks for this info...
06:45 Elven_Thief sadly, there's a bit of dated information for either setup wherever i'm searching.
06:45 Elven_Thief[…]uide_ubuntu_hardy <- that will show you how to set it up either way
06:46 kf perhaps look here:[…]endices/cron-jobs
06:46 Elven_Thief[…]--td24352984.html
06:47 kf in nicole's manual is listed as cronjob every n minutes
06:50 chris as a cron is definitely the safe way to go
06:51 chris the zebraqueue-daemon has been known to flip out and consume all cpu and ram
06:51 Elven_Thief nice
06:51 nathan1021 ok... so how often do i have to run
06:52 nathan1021 in 5, 60 min?
06:52 chris whatever you want
06:52 Elven_Thief depends on how fast you want a record change to show up in your opac search
06:53 kf hi chris
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06:54 nathan1021 correct me if im wrong, if i run in every 60 min, that means a book could have already been borrowed few min ago, before it shows in the records, right?
06:55 chris in the search yes
06:55 chris it will show up as borrowed in circulation, or in the members screen etc
06:56 chris i wouldnt run it much less frequently than 10 mins
06:57 chris checkout out the example crontab in misc/cronjobs
06:57 chris crontab.example
06:59 * chris has to go bathe his son, back in a bit
07:09 nathan1021 anyways, just a newbie question...
07:09 nathan1021 what is the value of PERL5LIB in fc10
07:11 Elven_Thief you have to set that to the directory you installed koha in
07:11 Elven_Thief in ubuntu: export PERL5LIB=/usr/share/koha/lib
07:11 Elven_Thief i'm guessing that if you installed koha into that directory, you can use that
07:15 nathan1021 the PERL5LIB is the one containing the perl modules, right?
07:15 Elven_Thief the C4 library
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07:17 Amit_Gupta hi kf
07:17 Elven_Thief i believe it's internal api that the website and all the fun tools use
07:18 kf hi Amit
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07:21 |Lupin| hi there
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07:25 Amit_Gupta hi lupin
07:25 Amit_Gupta hi hdl
07:27 |Lupin| hi Amit
07:32 hdl_laptop hi all
07:36 nathan1021 do i have to Import:
07:36 nathan1021 Bibliographic data in MARC21 format
07:36 nathan1021 $ misc/migration-tools/ -file /path/to/marc.iso2709
07:36 nathan1021 Authority data in MARC21 format
07:36 nathan1021 $ misc/migration-tools/ -file /path/to/auth.iso2709 after installing koha??
07:44 Elven_Thief if you're doing marc record imports into your system, you can do that or you can use the intranet pages to stage and import marc records
07:46 kf I think authorities can only be imported on command line
07:46 kf using
07:48 chris hi |Lupin| and hdl_laptop
07:50 |Lupin| hello chris
07:50 |Lupin| hello kf
07:50 kf hi lupin :)
08:05 nathan1021 hi..
08:05 nathan1021 how do i check if zebra is running
08:06 Elven_Thief ps aux | grep zebra
08:08 nathan1021 i have already run ps aux | grep koha-zebra-daemon
08:08 nathan1021 only 1 line shows
08:08 nathan1021 i think zebra is not running
08:09 Elven_Thief your grep will only search for the name of the script. try grepping for daemon as well
08:09 Elven_Thief sorry for the spam:
08:09 Elven_Thief ps aux | grep zebra
08:09 Elven_Thief koha     30236  0.0  0.0  18012   572 ?        Ss   03:10   0:00 daemon --name=koha-zebra-ctl.koha --errlog=/var/log/koha/koha-zebradaemon.err --stdout=/var/log/koha/koha-zebradaemon.log --output=/var/log/koha/koha-zebradaemon-output.log --verbose=1 --respawn --delay=30 --user=koha koha -- /usr/bin/zebrasrv -v none,fatal,warn -f /etc/koha/koha-conf.xml
08:09 Elven_Thief koha     30237  2.8  0.7  94664  7164 ?        S    03:10   0:00 /usr/bin/zebrasrv -v none,fatal,warn -f /etc/koha/koha-conf.xml
08:09 Elven_Thief root     30239  0.0  0.0   7524   896 pts/1    S+   03:10   0:00 grep zebra
08:10 Elven_Thief your milage may vary
08:11 nathan1021 i have no result such as those
08:11 nathan1021 can you help me how to start zebra
08:12 nathan1021 so far here are the things that i did
08:12 nathan1021 create a symbolic link
08:12 Elven_Thief right
08:13 nathan1021 after that, should the zebra daemon automatically start, after i reboot the system?
08:13 Elven_Thief you will have to start the service
08:14 nathan1021 i have already run service koha-zebra-daemon start
08:14 Elven_Thief the syntax is different for every distro - ubuntu is /etc/init.d/servicename start
08:14 Elven_Thief that will probably work on fedora
08:14 nathan1021 the problem is that i didnt get a response
08:15 Elven_Thief let's back up. is zebra installed?
08:17 nathan1021 what i did was download the source for yaz and zebra from indexdata
08:18 nathan1021 then build it individually
08:18 Elven_Thief try: which zebrasrv
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08:19 Elven_Thief see if that finds it somewhere.  if you successfully installed zebra, it should find it somewhere
08:20 nathan1021 wooh.. that must be it
08:21 paul_p hello, i'm back from vacation. 2 weeks without internet
08:21 nathan1021 i got no zebrasrv in folders
08:21 Elven_Thief yeah. you'll probably want to check out zebra's docs to make sure it's properly installed
08:21 nathan1021 ls
08:22 nathan1021 sorry wrong window
08:22 chris hi paul_p
08:22 paul_p hello chris
08:35 Amit_Gupta hi paul
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09:30 Elven_Thief when you're staging imports, does the matching rules compare from the sql database or the zebra database?
09:30 Elven_Thief er, do the matching rules*
09:34 kf hm I would think zebra
09:34 kf we have a matching rule for 001
09:35 kf hm but marc_xml is in sql - shouldnt it be the same?
09:35 kf I dont know
09:36 kf just ignore what I said
09:43 hdl_laptop hi
09:48 Amit_Gupta hi hdl
10:11 gmcharlt hi hdl_laptop
10:11 hdl_laptop hi gmcharlt
10:11 gmcharlt hi Amit
10:12 Amit_Gupta hi galen
10:13 chris morning gmcharlt, welcome to monday .... in atlanta ths week?
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10:15 gmcharlt chris: no, in Gainesville all this week
10:15 chris cool
10:15 kf hi gmcharlt
10:16 Amit_Gupta hi mason
10:16 paul_p hello gmcharlt & Amit & kf
10:16 kf hi paul_p :)
10:17 Amit_Gupta hi paul_p ;)
10:17 Elven_Thief kf, it was zebra.  i had nuked the sql database for a fresh start and was successfully finding matches because i had not cleared the zebra
10:18 gmcharlt hi paul_p - how was your vacation?
10:18 kf Elven_Thief: thx for letting me know :)
10:18 paul_p quite good, but the return is hard... A lot of (minor) personal problems. Like my cell phone stolen, my 2nd car that don't want to start...
10:19 gmcharlt :/ returning to the real world can be hard
10:25 paul_p another minor but very annoying one yesterday : 850km driving, without conditionned air (broken)
10:26 gmcharlt meep
10:53 chris paul_p, or nicomo or hdl .. what is kohabulac?
10:53 paul_p chris: bulac is a VERY large library in Paris (well, will be a very large library)
10:54 chris excellent
10:54 paul_p it will have ALL universities books about "foreign languages"
10:54 paul_p probably a lot of maori books ;-)
10:54 chris very cool
10:54 paul_p something like 2 000 000 books
10:54 paul_p the only problem being that the building is not yet builded ...
10:54 paul_p but they have officially choosen Koha already
10:54 chris biblibre is doing the koha work for them?
10:55 paul_p we did some. Now tamil does, and maybe next year (or 2011), they'll publish a huge RFP for some devs
10:56 chris very good
10:56 chris that's great news
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11:03 chris hey brendan, in ny?
11:03 brendan yup  in NY
11:04 brendan you still awake or get woken up
11:04 Amit_Gupta heya brendan
11:04 brendan heya amit
11:05 paul_p brendan: I suspect there are 2 chris, one leaving in NZ, and the clone leaving in US, as there is someone answering on #koha 24/7
11:05 paul_p ;)
11:07 brendan heya paul_p  - good vacation?
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11:11 chris heh
11:11 chris well there is chris_n too, we take turns :)
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12:09 Amit_Gupta hi jwagner, jdavidb
12:09 jdavidb Hi, Amit. :)
12:09 jwagner Hi Amit
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12:20 gmcharlt hi jwagner, jdavidb
12:20 jdavidb Hi, gmcharlt!
12:20 jwagner Morning, gmcharlt
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12:35 |Lupin| hi gmcharlt
12:35 |Lupin| gmcharlt: many thanks for having accepted the patches re:Bug 3464
12:35 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3464 enhancement, P5, ---,, ASSIGNED, borrowers table should contain country information for libraries with international patron populations
12:36 |Lupin| gmcharlt: I'm sorry you had to fix the patch. Next time don't hesitate to ask me to do the fixups myself if that's more convenient for you
12:37 gmcharlt |Lupin|: don't worry, there's more work for you on that one - now that the country is stored, there are various places where it could be displayed
12:38 |Lupin| gmcharlt: ahah... :-)
12:38 |Lupin| gmcharlt: like which places ?
12:39 gmcharlt |Lupin|: the member header, for one - i.e., the left-top area where the patron address is display for things like checkout, borrower account, etc.
12:40 |Lupin| gmcharlt: would you accept to add this and the other places you can think about to the corresponding bug as a bug comment, please ?
12:40 gmcharlt |Lupin|: sure
12:41 |Lupin| gmcharlt: and, if it's possible, a clue about where this should be done would be helpful, cause what you just said does not speak much to me as a lynx user...
12:41 gmcharlt heh - good point
12:43 |Lupin| gmcharlt: :)
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12:47 chris_n g'morning || g'whatever-time-of-day
12:48 jdavidb g'morning, chris_n.  :)
12:50 |Lupin| chris_n: what does the _n mean ?
12:51 gmcharlt |Lupin|: _n = Nighswonger, to distinguish him from chris (AKA Chris Cormack)
12:53 |Lupin| ah there are two chris around !! didn't realise that
12:54 gmcharlt it's a conspiracy, I tell you!
12:55 |Lupin| :-))))
12:55 jdavidb Fear the conspiracy.  Just because you're not paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you.
12:56 |Lupin| :-)
12:56 chris_n hehe
12:56 paul_p what is strange is that the conspirators have choosen chris, and not john as 1st name...
12:56 chris_n gmcharlt++ for remembering the spelling
12:56 jdavidb (Apologies to non-native-English speakers there.  It's a pain for *me* to parse, and I wrote it.)
12:57 paul_p hi to US ppl (i'm back today)
12:57 chris_n hi paul_p
12:57 jdavidb Welcome back, paul_p!  How was the vacation?
12:58 |Lupin| jdavidb: there is en equivalent expresson in french and perhaps also in other languages, so I e.g. could get the meaning with just a shallow parsing
12:58 |Lupin| hey paul_p
12:58 jdavidb is now known as jchrisb
12:58 |Lupin| k, powerdown in one minute here so gotta go. bye all
12:58 jchrisb I'm joining the conspiracy!
12:58 chris_n by |Lupin|
12:58 jchrisb is now known as jdavidb
12:59 chris_n :-)
12:59 chris_n chris->clone(ur_name_goes_here)
12:59 paul_p hi to US ppl (i'm back today)
13:00 paul_p is now known as chris_poulain
13:00 jdavidb Ooo....
13:00 chris_n @pun
13:00 munin chris_n: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
13:01 chris_n methinks munin needs to have a pun function
13:01 jdavidb Munin needs lots of things.  More good quotes, for one.  Where's wizzyrea when you need her?
13:01 munin jdavidb: downloading the Perl source
13:02 * jdavidb pokes munin with a stick.
13:02 jdavidb @quote random
13:02 munin jdavidb: Quote #1: "<pianohacker> resolve, rather, I doubt it needs lotion" (added by gmcharlt at 03:05 AM, May 31, 2009)
13:03 * chris_n runs away babbling and gnawing his tongue
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13:12 jwagner @quote random
13:12 munin jwagner: Quote #27: "<jdavidb> ("A helicopter does not fly; it is a collection of quasi-unrelated parts moving in close formation, beating the sky into submission.")" (added by gmcharlt at 09:21 PM, August 22, 2009)
13:13 jdavidb :)
13:13 jwagner Welcome back paul_p
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13:26 |Lupin| hmm it seems they don't want to interrupt the power here...
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14:12 |Lupin| hi again
14:15 paul_p again ? who is "again" ? Anyway, Hi |Lupin| You missed to be the 100th commiter from short !
14:19 |Lupin| paul_p: too bad ! :-)
14:19 |Lupin| paul_p: I was wondering who is your local Drupal expert at biblibre ?
14:19 paul_p (you were 96th)
14:19 |Lupin| paul_p: 96 is not bas :)
14:19 paul_p what kind of question do you want to ask ? it can be nicomo (functionnal pov) or Kivutar (technical questions)
14:20 |Lupin| paul_p: ah I just understood your joke about again :)
14:20 |Lupin| is now known as again
14:20 again I guess I ws just saying hello to myself
14:20 again :P
14:20 again is now known as |
14:21 | paul_p: no precise question atm, I was just wondering because I'm just building a site using it (got the idea of using drupal because biblibre uses it)
14:21 paul_p so, it's better to ask nicomo I think
14:22 | paul_p: e.g. I'm wondering what themes modules you use, and also I'm lookng for suggestions regarding the visual design since it's something difficult to master for me
14:22 | is now known as |Lupin|
14:24 |Lupin| paul_p: globally, you are satisfied with it ?
14:25 paul_p very. But for more details, ask nicomo ;-)
14:25 paul_p (the only pain is to upgrade drupal and modules, on multiple hosted sites if i'm not mistaken. otherwise, it's really nice, powerful & easy to setup
14:25 |Lupin| paul_p: ok
14:26 |Lupin| paul_p: just one last thing... did you consider other CMSs such as Joomla ? If yes, do you know why drupal has been chosen rather than another one ?
14:27 paul_p mmm... we hesiteted between joomla and drupal. Can't remember why we have choosen Drupal, but I remember we hesitated a lot !
14:28 |Lupin| paul_p: ok ! thanks !! I'll bug nicomo & kivutar one of these days :-)
14:29 Kivutar |Lupin|: feel free to bug me :)
14:29 hdl_laptop paul_p: Drupal really seems  to provide the best code base and the more flexible in terms of additional features
14:30 hdl_laptop + it is already used in more and more US libraries
14:30 hdl_laptop + it can be hooked with solr
14:37 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: ok thanks for the information !
14:38 |Lupin| Kivutar: sure, I'll do so one of these days. NO time now but I'd really like to talk to you and perhaps show you the site I have started to build so that you can look and perhaps do some suggestions to improve the graphical design
14:42 nahuel gmcharlt, around ?
14:42 gmcharlt nahuel: yes
14:42 nahuel cool
14:43 nahuel gmcharlt, did you see my mail about the "Get" function ?
14:43 |Lupin| k, time for doing some shopping, see you later guys
14:43 |Lupin| left #koha
14:43 nahuel gmcharlt, about bug #3370
14:43 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3370 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, Add the support of a Get Method on biblio records
14:43 gmcharlt yes - I'll push it, but I would still really appreciate it if code were also presented that actually *used* it
14:44 nahuel ok I will do it :p
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15:27 sleekodie Greetings
15:28 sleekodie is there anyone in here
15:28 sleekodie ?
15:28 jdavidb Nope.
15:28 |Lupin| joined #koha
15:28 sleekodie ha ha
15:28 |Lupin| back !
15:28 jdavidb We're all very well-defined figments of your imagination.
15:28 sleekodie geez ...hoping I can get some Koha help here today
15:29 jdavidb Likely so.  Lots of very helpful folk here today.
15:29 sleekodie good ....
15:29 sleekodie I'm running Koha 3.00.03 on a Debian Lenny
15:30 sleekodie migrating from L4U and we're having trouble generating barcode
15:30 sleekodie we get an error message:   can't find PDF/Reuse/Barcode ....
15:31 sleekodie in the path
15:31 jdavidb Sounds like a CPAN module is missing.  Just a shot in the dark here, but I'd say if you force installed PDF::Reuse::Barcode, that might clear it up.
15:31 sleekodie line 14 of
15:31 sleekodie just did about 10 mins ago
15:31 jdavidb hrm.
15:32 sleekodie do u want me to paste the full text of the error message here?
15:32 Kivutar left #koha
15:33 jdavidb It might be helpful to someone...I'm a little out-of-territory here, but it might spark something.
15:33 sleekodie smile ...
15:33 sleekodie here goes
15:33 sleekodie Koha error
15:33 sleekodie The following fatal error has occurred:
15:33 sleekodie Can't locate PDF/Reuse/ in @INC (@INC contains: /usr/share/koha/lib /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/perl/5.10.0 /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.0 /usr/lib/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 /usr/lib/perl/5.10 /usr/share/perl/5.10 /usr/local/lib/site_perl .) at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-​bin/labels/ line 14.
15:33 sleekodie BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-​bin/labels/ line 14.
15:33 sleekodie ApacheServer version: Apache/2.2.11 (Debian) Server built: Jul 10 2009 20:47:41
15:33 sleekodie Koha3.00.02.012
15:33 sleekodie Koha DB3.0002012
15:33 sleekodie MySQLmysql Ver 14.12 Distrib 5.0.84, for debian-linux-gnu (i486) using readline 5.2
15:33 sleekodie OSLinux hawklibrary 2.6.30-1-686 #1 SMP Thu Jul 30 14:45:30 UTC 2009 i686
15:33 sleekodie Perl5.010000
15:34 sleekodie anyone else seen that error message?
15:34 nahuel sleekodie, you need to install the cpan module : PDF::Reuse::Barcode
15:34 nahuel :)
15:35 sleekodie just did about 10 (now about 15 mins) ago
15:35 jdavidb sez he's done that, nahuel.
15:35 nahuel hmmm
15:35 sleekodie do I have to remake Koha?
15:35 nahuel did you restart apache ?
15:35 nahuel sleekodie, no
15:35 sleekodie i restarted the box (whole thing)
15:35 nahuel did you verify where it was installed ?
15:36 jdavidb I'm thinking it's a blown-path problem, maybe.  Might do a find / -name from some rooty account, and see that it is in fact in one of the @INC directories.
15:36 jdavidb (or a subdir of one of them.
15:37 sleekodie speaking of find ...i did that starting from the / and it didn't find it ...however ....if i go to the /usr/share/koha/lib folder ..the PDF/Reuse folder is there
15:37 jdavidb That should be fine, if landed in there.
15:37 nahuel sleekodie, find is case sensitive
15:38 sleekodie hold on ...let me reissue the find
15:39 schuster joined #koha
15:39 schuster Owen here?
15:39 sleekodie side question do I view the @INC to make sure the path is there
15:39 schuster I'm trying to find his blog with all his handy tips for customization!
15:40 sleekodie :)
15:40 sleekodie (that shud be helpful for a newbie here)
15:40 sleekodie the find returned this:   /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.0/GD/
15:40 chris_n sleekodie: try 'sudo updatedb && locate
15:41 sleekodie I'm logged in as root so no need for sudo here
15:41 chris_n that's part of the GD module, we're looking for Reuse/
15:42 sleekodie I didn't give the box a chance to finish ...
15:42 sleekodie here's the complete output
15:43 sleekodie (it's not letting me)
15:44 chris_n ?
15:44 jwagner schuster, I think the blog you're wanting is at for Owen.
15:44 sleekodie (it's not letting me paste the output here) -- I mean I can paste it here but can't send it
15:45 chris_n so find did not return anything like 'Reuse/' ?
15:45 chris_n
15:45 sleekodie it did
15:45 sleekodie but it's in /root/build folder?
15:46 sleekodie hawklibrary:/# find / -name ''
15:46 chris_n it does not appear to have installed
15:47 chris_n did cpan report any errors when you installed the module?
15:47 sleekodie no
15:47 sleekodie let me hand type the find output here  ok?
15:48 sleekodie usr local share perl 5.10.0 GD
15:49 sleekodie (the spaces are supposed to be slashes)
15:49 chris_n k
15:49 WvdV joined #koha
15:49 sleekodie root .cpan build PDF-Reuse-Barcode-0.05-8v9juv blib lib PDF Reuse
15:50 sleekodie root .cpan build PDF-Reuse-Barcode-0.05-8v9juv/
15:50 sleekodie the other 2 are from the GD-Barcode-1.15
15:51 chris_n you can try 'cd .cpan/build/ PDF-Reuse-Barcode-0.05-8v9juv'
15:51 chris_n then 'make test'
15:51 chris_n and see what it says
15:51 * chris_n thinks it might be easier to use the package maintainer's versions
15:52 chris_n ie 'apt-get install libpdf-reuse-barcode-perl'
15:52 chris_n also libpdf-reuse-pdf if it is not already installed
15:53 sleekodie can't find Barcode::Code128 -- can't produce those barcodes
15:53 joetho zippy the pinhead is running loose in my OFFICE!
15:53 joetho left #koha
15:53 joetho joined #koha
15:54 sleekodie (lol at joetho)
15:54 sleekodie ok ...doing those 2 installs now ...
15:55 chris_n libpdf-reuse-pdf should be libpdf-reuse-perl
15:55 WvdV or Hi, is it easy to understand why an advanced search on language doesn't seem to work, despite having filled in things like =041  \\$aeng ? On keyword 'fre' it finds the french texts, as well as titles such as 'Freedom' and authors like 'Freeman'. But a search on the language 'fre' or 'french' doesn't give the texts written in french.
15:57 sleekodie installing now ......
15:57 sleekodie will let u know when done
15:57 chris_n k
15:58 sleekodie done
15:58 sleekodie restart the box?
15:58 chris_n no
15:58 chris_n just retry the label batch
15:58 sleekodie ok ...hang on ...yelling across the room   :)
15:59 chris_n the marvels of moder communications :-)
15:59 chris_n modern even
15:59 sleekodie lol........
15:59 sleekodie progress!
16:00 sleekodie it's processing
16:00 sleekodie further along than before
16:01 sleekodie chris ...and the rest of the gang ...thanks so much for your help can go ahead and assist Wvd's question
16:01 sleekodie I do have another question unrelated to the barcode but a fun one
16:02 chris_n WvdV: sorry, I'm not a search guru, but there are several here so give it a bit
16:02 chris_n sleekodie: np glad to help
16:02 * chris_n lives in label land these months
16:03 chris_n sleekodie: what's your other question?
16:03 pianohacker joined #koha
16:03 * chris_n greets pianohacker
16:04 sleekodie anyone here an expert or have experience in Windows Server 2003 Active Directory/LDAP integration with Koha?
16:04 * chris_n runs away... fast ;-)
16:04 sleekodie Hi Pianohacker ...oyu're not hacking a piano today, aren't you?  :)
16:04 chris_n sleekodie: atz is the guru on that one
16:04 pianohacker No, the piano is safe...
16:04 pianohacker for now
16:05 chris_n you'll most likely need to post to the mailing list as he's not been about lately
16:05 pianohacker sleekodie: That might also be a good list question, since there are others who've had the same problem
16:05 chris_n great minds think alike
16:06 * chris_n heads off in search of food...
16:06 sleekodie back to the barcode topic
16:06 sleekodie the pdf file is damaged and could not be repaired
16:07 chris_n hrm
16:07 pianohacker I think chris_n sent a change to the pdf generation code. Did that make it into 3.0.3 ?
16:07 chris_n open the pdf file in a text editor and post the error code
16:08 chris_n pianohacker: it turned on compression in pdfs and did not make it into 3.0.3 afaict
16:09 pianohacker k
16:10 joetho sleekodie: try this again later. I seem to remember some developers discussing LDAP interfaces on here the other day, and maybe they just aren't morning people.
16:11 sleekodie (re LDAP -- will do)  I will also post on the mail list
16:11 sleekodie re PDF ...I have the file open in a exit editor
16:11 pianohacker atz is currently on holiday from IRC, won't be back for a while
16:11 joetho also.... the interface is going to be very similar to connecting to Evergreen.
16:12 joetho I'm just sayin.
16:12 MickeyC joined #koha
16:12 joetho and today IS monday...
16:12 chris_n hehe
16:12 joetho Mickey
16:12 MickeyC hey jo
16:12 joetho any news on our merge thing?
16:12 MickeyC nyet
16:12 joetho no news here at all
16:13 joetho OK
16:13 joetho has Brenda started yet?
16:13 MickeyC yes, she's on board and working hard
16:13 paul_p joetho: they are not morning ppl, or it's not morning for them ;-) (for us, in Europe, it's 6PM, not really a time for a morning man :D )
16:13 MickeyC question for any about Damaged item status
16:14 MickeyC it apparently does not behave like Lost, and prevent Holds in catalog
16:14 MickeyC I think it should
16:14 MickeyC Preference, or bug?
16:14 MickeyC Your opinion.
16:14 pianohacker Bug
16:14 sleekodie the label batch threw an webpage error into the pdf
16:14 sleekodie <h1>Koha error</h1>
16:14 sleekodie <p>The following fatal error has occurred:</p>
16:14 sleekodie <pre><code>Can't call method &quot;field&quot; on an undefined value at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 846.
16:14 pianohacker sleekodie: Hmm. That looks like a corrupted record error at first glance
16:15 joetho Mickey: no reports of that here, but I will test it along with some other stuff I am working on. Maybe it's just you.
16:16 pianohacker Can you view all of the records you're trying to print?
16:16 WvdV left #koha
16:16 sleekodie piano ...i was trying to make labels
16:16 MickeyC :(
16:16 sleekodie how to find which record is corrupted?
16:16 MickeyC s'always just me
16:16 joetho ;)
16:16 joetho fourteen people like this
16:17 chris_n sleekodie: try a batch with a single item in it... it may simply be a corrupted record as pianohacker suggests
16:18 sleekodie think we found it ....
16:18 sleekodie it's a record with a missing barcode
16:19 MickeyC piano: Bug 3460 seems to indicate that some libs WANT to place holds on damaged items
16:19 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3460 normal, P3, ---,, NEW, Hold options inconsistent for "Damaged" items
16:19 pianohacker That's odd. Why wouldn't you just place a record hold?
16:19 MickeyC we're getting reports in our install of libs having DAMAGED items turn up on their holds pick list. This might actually be a holds issue rather than a damaged status issue
16:20 MickeyC yes it's odd
16:20 sleekodie (barcode update:  I have my peer looking into that record on his laptop ..will update you once he finds that record)
16:20 joetho MC: fix bug if it's a bug, and make it a yes/no preference. That makes sense to me.
16:21 MickeyC placing holds on damaged items is not a reasonable functionality imo but somebody out there wants it ergo koha = preference
16:21 joetho what you said.
16:21 gmcharlt MickeyC: can be reasonable for staff to want to place hold requests on damaged items
16:21 MickeyC hi galen
16:21 MickeyC nice to see you!
16:21 gmcharlt hi MickeyC
16:21 gmcharlt and likewise
16:21 chris_n sleekodie: btw, the label creator is getting a major overhaul code-wise with some nice improvements in work-flow
16:22 MickeyC under what circumstances is reasonable, for my info?
16:22 joetho yaaaaaay to the creator of the label creator!
16:24 joetho mc: If the lib is using "damaged" as "in repair".  If it is too damaged to circulate, that is another story.
16:24 chris_n off to pop popcorn...bbiab
16:24 sleekodie chris_N ..thanks ....
16:24 MickeyC if damaged = send to repair, then shouldn't show up on holds pick lists
16:24 MickeyC that's the problem
16:24 pianohacker I think looking for food -> popping popcorn is not necessarily a logical progression...
16:24 joetho mc: or if the library is using "damaged" for something minor. Bent pages.
16:24 sleekodie told the guy to chop the export from L4U after 5 records ...stage that into Koha and then try the labels with that
16:25 chris_n sleekodie: let me know what turns up... I'll read back when I get back
16:25 chris_n pianohacker: since when was the search for food a logical thing... ;-)
16:25 MickeyC um, no point in using damaged for bent pages
16:25 joetho mc: this should be a preference. No doubt.
16:25 MickeyC mmm
16:26 sleekodie MickeyC ...guess Koha interprets "damaged" more literally than we do
16:26 joetho then why would a damaged book NOT circulate? Use a "Doesn't Circulate" collection code.
16:27 MickeyC Here's what our member lib wrote: When we have an item that is damaged, we change the status to "damaged" and give to the appropriate department head so they can determine whether to keep, repair, replace or delete.
16:27 MickeyC Now for the problem: Setting the status to damaged does not keep the item from appearing on the pick list. Is this a bug that is going to be fixed or do we need to come up with a different method of handling our damaged items? Any help would be appreciated.
16:28 MickeyC Pref setting is acceptable, but that' development work and who know when that will happen
16:29 joetho as long as you're changing something, why not change the collection code instead of the damaged status? It would be just as easy.
16:29 pianohacker But that's such a hack
16:29 pianohacker How about a notforloan status?
16:30 MickeyC no, not as easy to change coll code as status
16:31 MickeyC i think for now the NFL could be the solution
16:31 MickeyC thanks
16:31 pianohacker np
16:31 joetho or add another value to damaged and name it something meaner. "Damaged- in repair" even though that is just a phrase. It would still work the same.
16:33 joetho or even better, add another value to not4loan and call THAT "damnaged"
16:33 joetho whoops
16:33 paul_p left #koha
16:33 joetho *damaged
16:34 MickeyC that's good
16:34 MickeyC like that possibility
16:34 joetho "Damaged- In Processing"
16:40 kf bye #koha
16:40 kf left #koha
16:46 sleekodie (refresh my IRC memory to send a private msg) ?
16:46 sleekodie chris_n ...we imported 2 smaller batches of b ooks (6 books each) and
16:46 gmcharlt sleekodie: /msg nick super-secret message
16:47 sleekodie we're now unable to generate labels for those batches
16:47 sleekodie we get message back "label batch created with id 1 each time
16:47 sleekodie shouldn't the id auto increment?
16:48 chris_n sleekodie: what version of koha are you using?
16:50 sleekodie chris n  koha 3.00.03 (system reports 3.00.02 12something
16:51 sleekodie we cleared out the database ....and imported/staged the small batch of 6 books
16:51 sleekodie and gen the labels did generate that successfully
16:51 sleekodie viewed the pdf didn't show the barcode ..but when printed prints
16:51 sleekodie (go figure)
16:52 sleekodie so that  means there is a corrupt record in the import file
16:53 chris_n k
16:54 chris_n you must have a version before the bugfix for later versions of adobe reader, hence the barcodes not showing in the viewer
16:55 sleekodie let me see if I can view it ...
16:55 chris_n you can verify this by viewing in adobe reader ver 7.0 or less
16:56 * chris_n seems to remember some discussion about making the bulk marc importer behave better with corrupt records
16:57 sleekodie using reader 9.1.3
16:58 tomascohen hi gmcharlt, is it posible to install latest stable release of koha with latest libraries from CPAN?
16:58 gmcharlt tomascohen: should be - I'm not actually sure what you're asking
16:59 gmcharlt tomascohen: i.e., it will likely work with latest CPAN versions of dependent libraries
16:59 gmcharlt but depending on your platform, may be easier to install the Perl module packages maintained by your distribution of choice
16:59 tomascohen i did some upgrades to cpan libraries in a 3.0.3 install and had some troubles
17:00 tomascohen because of the MARC::File::XML version issue
17:00 tomascohen i now have to install new kohas for several libraries
17:00 gmcharlt ah, OK - latest version of MARC::File::XML should be OK
17:00 tomascohen you mean it will work with koha v3.0.3 ?
17:01 schuster 3419 - bug - export from reports only exports first 10000- not sure who put this limitation in, but I don't like it.  Didn't have that problem before the feature to edit the SQL...  Any hints on fixing it?
17:02 gmcharlt tomascohen: yes, it should
17:02 tomascohen thnaks!
17:05 chris_n sleekodie: the fixes for that have not made it to 3.0.3 yet apparently
17:06 chris_n @later
17:06 munin chris_n: I've exhausted my database of quotes
17:06 chris_n hdl_laptop: you might want to apply those patches to 3.0.x at some point
17:07 sleekodie stilly question
17:07 sleekodie we've staged 14 records
17:07 sleekodie gen'd labels for those
17:07 sleekodie now how to move from resoviour to catalog?
17:08 gmcharlt sleekodie: go to 'manage stage imports', then commit the batch
17:09 sleekodie all we see is "undo import from catalog"
17:09 gmcharlt sleekodie: then it's already committed, so only thing lack may be indexing
17:10 sleekodie is there a way to force a reindex?
17:11 gmcharlt from the command line
17:11 gmcharlt run -b -z
17:17 Sharon joined #koha
17:20 sleekodie rebuild returns error ...line 5 can not be found
17:23 gmcharlt sleekodie: you need to set two enviroment variables to run stuff from the command line
17:24 gmcharlt export PERL5LIB=/path/to/directory/containing/C4
17:24 gmcharlt export KOHA_CONF=/path/to/active/koha-conf.xml
17:25 sleekodie trying that ...
17:43 sleekodie still complains ab out C4
17:44 gmcharlt what do you get when you run
17:44 gmcharlt env | grep PERL5LIB
17:47 sleekodie PERL5LIB=/usr/share/koha/lib/C4
17:47 gmcharlt ah, should be /usr/share/koha/lib
17:49 sleekodie i think I'm pointing to the wron conf.XML as I get this Use of uninitialized value $db_driver in concatenation (.) or string at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 666.
17:49 sleekodie Can't connect to data source 'dbname=__DB_NAME__;host=__​DB_HOST__;port=__DB_PORT__' because I can't work out what driver to use (it doesn't seem to contain a 'dbi:driver:' prefix and the DBI_DRIVER env var is not set) at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 666
17:49 gmcharlt env | grep KOHA_CONF
17:49 gmcharlt most likely, the correct value for you is /etc/koha/koha-conf.xml
17:50 MickeyC left #koha
18:19 sleekodie that was the case gmchatlt ...I got interrupted in the middle of trying to fix that ...hence the long silence ...
18:19 sleekodie now re-starting my fix
18:24 sleekodie got a warning message .....ignoring it since it's not error
18:26 sleekodie the books are still in resevouior
18:31 chris_n sleekodie: can you do a catalog search and obtain results?
18:33 * chris_n seems to remember that the batch remains in the reservoir even after committing
18:33 sleekodie i search the catalog and I get nothing found (via OPAC) but I find it in Biblios in reservoir
18:34 chris_n hrm
18:34 sleekodie when the import was staged showed as imported
18:34 chris_n do ' -b -r -v'
18:35 sleekodie i did a rebuild with the b and z options
18:35 sleekodie now trying b r v
18:36 chris_n how many records did it process and were there any errors?
18:36 sleekodie 22
18:37 chris_n no errors?
18:37 sleekodie (23 have 2 batches of staged imports with 14 and the other with 6 should it should be 20
18:37 sleekodie still reading log .....
18:37 sleekodie it spewed   :)
18:37 chris_n -v++
18:38 sleekodie no errors
18:39 gmcharlt sleekodie: another question  - is zebrasrv running?
18:39 sleekodie it should be ....
18:39 sleekodie how to test?
18:39 gmcharlt ps -ef | grep zebrasrv
18:39 Ropuch hidelostitems on maybe?
18:40 chris_n ok
18:40 chris_n branchcode
18:40 chris_n gmcharlt: I wonder if the branchcode for the imported records is non-existent?
18:41 gmcharlt chris_n: could be, although that shouldn't prevent basic bib search from working
18:41 chris_n that causes borking
18:41 sleekodie seems not to find the zebrasrv
18:41 sleekodie hmmmm.....
18:42 gmcharlt sleekodie: there should be an /etc/init.d/ or the like
18:43 sleekodie looking
18:45 sleekodie hmmm...
18:45 sleekodie I see a symlink  ..koha-zebra-daemon points to /usr/share/koha/bin/
18:45 schuster left #koha
18:47 schuster joined #koha
18:47 collum joined #koha
18:48 chris_n sleekodie: /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon start
18:48 chris_n assuming that's where koha-zebra-daemon is
18:49 sleekodie that's where it is
18:49 chris_n then run again
18:49 chris_n after ps -ef | grep zebra
18:49 chris_n to be sure the zebra really runs
18:50 sleekodie aha .....
18:50 sleekodie invalid user .......sheez
18:50 sleekodie user is not in koha group
18:50 chris_n su koha
18:50 chris_n then try starting it
18:51 sleekodie trying to remember how to add user to group via command line
18:51 chris_n 'update-rc.d koha-zebra-daemon defaults' will get zebra setup to start on system start
18:52 chris_n groupadd
18:53 sleekodie bingo ...i had to su as the user
18:53 sleekodie let me add the user to the koha group so that update will work
18:56 sleekodie when rebuilding the index ...i get permissions denied
18:56 chris_n be sure that the user zebra is running has has file permissions on the index file(s)
18:57 chris_n write permissions that is
18:58 sleekodie (I su'd as root and rebuilt
18:58 sleekodie so that means ...i have to fix the daemon and the user accounts
18:58 chris_n right
18:59 chris_n zebras are not easily managed creatures... ;-)
18:59 sleekodie still not finding the book in the catalog .....
18:59 sleekodie sigh ....
19:01 chris_n who owns /var/run/zebradb ?
19:01 chris_n it should be your koha user
19:02 sleekodie i think it's root to best check?   lsown?
19:02 chris_n ls -l /var/run/zebradb
19:03 chris_n it should probably not be root
19:06 sleekodie i'ts in /var/run/koha ..and the user is NOT root
19:06 sleekodie librarian owns that
19:08 jwagner left #koha
19:10 sleekodie hris ...I'm behind on some other things peer talked with the boss and we're putting this on the back burner for now
19:10 sleekodie that msg was meant for Chris_n
19:10 jdavidb left #koha
19:11 chris_n np... I imagine your issues are user/permission issue though
19:13 sleekodie chris_n ...did u see my private msg?
19:14 tomascohen left #koha
19:21 sleekodie left #koha
19:41 nicomo left #koha
19:51 chris hmm busy irc day
19:52 schuster Mainly 2 people.
19:54 schuster See you tomorrow.
19:54 chris heya schuster :) all recovered from disneyland?
19:55 chris ack bus time
19:58 schuster left #koha
20:00 collum left #koha
20:19 hdl_laptop chris_n : next 3.0 version should be reconciliation version and Amazon WS patches are on this branch
20:20 hdl_laptop But I should publicize those patches on 3.0.3 also
20:24 chris_n hdl_laptop: I'm speaking of bug 3390 patches
20:24 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3390 major, PATCH-Sent, ---,, CLOSED FIXED, PDFs w/barcodes not displaying properly in Adobe Reader >v7.0
20:29 hdl_laptop chris_n those patches are already on reconciliation :
20:29 hdl_laptop[…]&st=commit&s=3390
20:30 chris_n hdl_laptop: so they should show up in the next 3.0.x release?
20:31 hdl_laptop yes
20:31 chris_n great, tnx
20:34 richard joined #koha
20:34 richard hi
20:37 chris back
20:44 |Lupin| good night every body
20:44 |Lupin| or day
20:44 |Lupin| bye chris and all
20:45 |Lupin| left #koha
21:15 Sharon left #koha
21:19 tomascohen joined #koha
21:29 magnusenger left #koha
21:47 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: sending biblibre patches over master
21:47 hdl_laptop hoping you receive them
21:47 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: they're coming trhough
21:48 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: about how many of them will there be?
21:49 hdl_laptop still have to make some more (between 5 and 10)
21:49 gmcharlt k - if you said 200, I was going to suggest a different transmission mechanism ;)
21:49 hdl_laptop + have to send bugfixes on new_acq
21:50 hdl_laptop hehe gmcharlt I am grouping them
21:50 hdl_laptop I hope I won't be loosing anything
21:50 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: for subsequent groups, if you could do -n when you run format-patch, would help
22:18 chris gmcharlt: got a sec?
22:18 gmcharlt chris: what's up?
22:18 chris
22:18 chris vs
22:18 chris[…]ion-config-cache/
22:19 chris i think we have found our next win _common_config in C4::Context
22:19 chris take all that xml parsing out of the way
22:19 gmcharlt yep
22:19 gmcharlt for your next trick, I suggest poking at the code that grabs the MARC framework definitions
22:20 chris *nod*
22:20 chris ill do a bit more trying to get circ a bit faster, then will look at that
22:20 chris but now i better do some paid work
22:21 * gmcharlt tosses a wooden nickel towards chris to get him to stick with it ;)
22:23 chris heh
22:25 chris will do more this evening, will send a patch for C4::Context and hopefully for the marc stuff too
22:25 chris and then i should update INSTALL.debian-lenny for a start
22:29 chris hm whats RIS
22:29 chris ohh
22:29 chris[…]%28file_format%29 <-- that eh?
22:30 chris cool
22:30 * chris wonders if Jo is about?
22:31 chris she will be very excited about the moveitem script
23:15 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away
23:17 CGI092 joined #koha
23:17 CGI092 Fixing bugs in my librarys database, call numbers are out of order, no easy solution?
23:18 CGI092 talking to myself
23:18 CGI092 ?
23:18 pianohacker Generally, you can expect to wait more than 37 seconds for a response, yes
23:18 chris out of order in what way?
23:19 CGI092 e174.5 before e.174
23:20 chris what version of koha?
23:20 richard is now known as rich-away
23:21 CGI092 3.0
23:21 chris 3.0.0 or .1 .2 or .3?
23:22 CGI092
23:22 chris ahh so none of the above
23:22 chris you running from a git checkout eh?
23:22 CGI092 yes
23:23 sleekodie joined #koha
23:23 chris in that case, no, no easy solution
23:23 sleekodie I'm back again   :)
23:24 CGI092 afraid of that, here goes 12 hours of reorganizing, thanks anyway..
23:24 CGI092 any updates to fix solution?
23:25 chris well . is before 1 in ascii so it should be sorting correctly now
23:26 CGI092 left #koha
23:36 sleekodie newbie here
23:36 sleekodie smile
23:36 sleekodie how to force koha to refresh marc recoreds ....
23:37 sleekodie how to add more MARC servers to koha's lookup list
23:38 chris ahh you need the manual
23:38 sleekodie I just imported 4300 some books into koha but discovered that it's missing a lot of informaiton to best force koha to update the MARC records
23:38 sleekodie like we read the manuals?  :)
23:38 chris[…]rs/z39.50-servers
23:40 sleekodie that's a start
23:41 sleekodie can you tell me how does koha update existing reocrds?
23:41 chris yep 2 secs
23:42 chris[…]ecords-for-import
23:43 chris you can choose to look for duplicates, and choose what to do when you find one, replace it etc
23:43 chris (this if for doing bulk updates)
23:43 chris manual updates you just edit the record
23:43 sleekodie the books are in the catalog they're already imported
23:43 chris right
23:44 chris but you said missing lots?
23:44 sleekodie yes
23:44 chris well you have 2 options then, go through editing them all
23:44 chris or replace them with records that are more complete
23:44 chris using the import tool
23:45 sleekodie i'd obviously prefer the bulk update route   :)
23:45 sleekodie let me rephrase to make sure I understood you correctly
23:45 sleekodie Ive uploaded a file to stage for import
23:46 sleekodie it has some MARC info
23:46 sleekodie but i want to add more, pulling missing data from the various MARC servers
23:46 chris yeah you cant do that
23:46 sleekodie I  can't?   bummer
23:47 chris you can create a better record
23:47 chris and upload it using the stage marc records tool, and tell it to replace any duplicates
23:47 chris[…]ecords-for-import
23:48 chris but currently there is no way to say, make me a better record from these servers
23:48 chris if someone wanted to sponsor development for that, im sure they could find developers to do it :-)
23:48 chris biblios might be able to do something like that, im not sure
23:49 chris
23:49 chris you can integrate that with koha
23:49 sleekodie ok.....I'll chew on those 2 documents links and figure out how we can query other MARC servers to pull more info to replace
23:53 pianohacker sleekodie: Note that while editing an individual record, you can completely replace that record's information with one from a Z39.50 search
23:53 chris cool good luck, if you find a good way to do it
23:53 chris writing it up on would be fantastic
23:54 sleekodie throwing something out to ponder ...shoot me if it's unworkable ....
23:54 sleekodie (not physically shoot me, mind you)
23:55 sleekodie :)
23:55 sleekodie suppose I export the MARC records I have in koha and send that file to biblios, will I get more info back from them in a file ?
23:56 chris biblios is a tool .. unless you mean ?
23:56 chris even
23:57 chris either way the answer is, i dont know
23:59 sleekodie if i stage and replace existing records ....will it leave the 952 (Koha) stuff alone or would that info be gone?

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