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00:01 chris not sure, you'd have to try one to find out
00:03 sleekodie ok will do   thanks
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00:05 brendan joined #koha
00:11 brendan good evening #koha
00:11 chris hi brendan
00:12 chris hows the east coast today
00:12 brendan not as hot as before
00:12 brendan how's wellington for you today
00:12 brendan @wunder 10025
00:12 munin brendan: The current temperature in Hunter College, Upper East Side, New York, New York is 26.7�C (8:13 PM EDT on August 24, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 48%. Dew Point: 15.0�C. Pressure: 29.43 in 996.5 hPa (Steady).
00:14 chris thats still warm
00:14 chris @weather wellington, nz
00:14 munin chris: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 13.0�C (11:00 AM NZST on August 25, 2009). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 67%. Dew Point: 7.0�C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013 hPa (Steady).
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00:32 brendan yup 13 is not to hot !
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01:23 brendan hey chris -- going to yankee stadium tomorrow
01:23 brendan the new yankee stadium
01:23 pianohacker Good night
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01:24 brendan Mets fan first always though
01:25 chris take some photos, im not sure i will ever make it there
01:26 brendan sure thing - will have to be iPhone photos -- going with John Rose
01:27 chris cool
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02:19 pie ?
02:19 pie heh, ww
02:19 pie :)
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02:55 nathan1021 joined #koha
02:55 nathan1021 good day everyone
03:27 brendan joined #koha
03:28 nathan1021 is there a video tutorial for koha?
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03:37 Amit_Gupta joined #koha
03:37 Amit_Gupta hi chris, brendan
03:37 Amit_Gupta good morning #koha ;)
03:37 brendan heya amit
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03:48 nathan1021 hi everyone
03:48 nathan1021 im running koha in virtual machine
03:48 nathan1021 im using vmware
03:49 nathan1021 i downloaded the vmware image online
03:49 nathan1021 now, how do i set the ip address
03:49 nathan1021 i have read the readme file but to no avail
03:50 nathan1021 To make the appliance available over your local netowrk, go to Settings > Network, and set the "Attached to: " option to "Host interface". ---->> where do i find this settings>network??
03:50 Amit_Gupta hi nathan1021
03:50 nathan1021 hi amit
03:51 nathan1021 i hope somebody can help me on this
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04:18 Amit_Gupta hi chris
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06:56 Amit_Gupta hi nicomo
06:56 nicomo hi Amit_Gupta
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07:13 chris evening
07:16 nicomo evening chris
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07:27 |Lupin| joined #koha
07:28 |Lupin| hello, everybody
07:34 paul_p joined #koha
07:36 |Lupin| hi paul
07:37 paul_p hi |Lupin|
07:37 Amit_Gupta hi lupin, paul_p
07:37 |Lupin| hi Ami
07:37 |Lupin| +t
07:52 Amit_Gupta +t ha
08:11 chris hi paul_p and |Lupin|
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08:15 |Lupin| hey chris
08:52 paul_p hello chris.
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09:56 nahuel gmcharlt, patch for "getrecordvalue" sent
10:10 gmcharlt nahuel: cool, thanks
10:11 nahuel :)
10:11 nahuel Hi!
10:11 nahuel :p
10:13 chris hi nahuel and gmcharlt
10:13 gmcharlt hi chris
10:13 nahuel hi chrissy :p
10:14 chris heh
10:15 nahuel what's up ?
10:15 nahuel (in the world !)
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10:16 chris hmmm we just beat australia in basketball
10:16 chris which is unheard of
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10:19 nahuel huhu, you're a sport fanatic !
10:19 nahuel you beast france in rugby no ?
10:21 chris we normally beat france when we play them in nz, and france wins sometimes when we play in france :)
10:21 chris we will never beat france in soccer tho :0
10:21 paul_p I think we never beat NZ in baseball tho
10:22 paul_p (I even don't know if there have been a match btw F & NZ in baseball :D )
10:22 chris i dont think NZ have a baseball team :)
10:22 paul_p really ?  I thought it was an important sport for you !
10:23 chris nope
10:23 chris cricket
10:24 chris the baseball game in texas was teh first baseball game i have ever seen in person
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10:26 nicomo chris: please forgive paul_p: he hasn't heard of the Beige Brigade yet, which still has some PR work to do for Cricket in continental europe
10:27 chris[…]-activities#top15
10:28 nahuel ^^
10:29 chris i still don't think you can count golf as a sport ... so that shouldnt be in the list IMHO :-)
10:29 nicomo still, golf nation
10:30 chris ive played 3,4,5,14,15
10:30 nahuel what about F1?
10:30 nahuel it's known as a sport
10:30 chris yeah i dont count motor racing either
10:30 chris or synchronised swimming
10:30 chris :)
10:32 chris we do have an incredible amount of golf courses tho
10:32 nicomo in France I guess cycling would come 1st
10:33 chris[…]-activities#top10
10:33 chris cycling 7
10:33 nicomo ok, got the stat for France
10:33 chris and 8
10:33 nicomo 1 - soccer
10:33 nicomo 2 - tennis
10:34 chris its funny tennis is 2 for both
10:34 nicomo 3 - horse riding (???)
10:34 chris ??
10:34 nicomo I kid you not
10:34 nicomo then judo, basketball, golf, handball
10:35 chris interesting
10:35 nicomo rugby comes in 9th
10:35 chris soccer i expected
10:35 chris but the rest i didnt
10:35 nicomo that's biased though : those are the stats for people registered in a club
10:36 nicomo stats for people just doing some sport here and there might be very different
10:37 chris yeah
10:37 nicomo and with that, I'm off to lunch
10:38 chris :)
10:47 nahuel nicomo, I think soccer is first in france
10:47 nahuel then cycling
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11:40 |Lupin| back
11:40 kf hi lupin
11:40 |Lupin| guten mor
11:40 |Lupin| guten tag kf
11:43 Amit_Gupta hi kf, jwagner ;)
11:43 kf Hi Amit
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11:51 jwagner Morning, all
11:54 kf good morning
11:57 chris good night all
11:57 * chris goes to bed
11:58 kf good night chirs
11:58 kf chris
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12:42 gmcharlt out of curiosity, is anybody still using the Koha TweetKnot?
12:45 schuster Sounds painful...;)
12:46 schuster If I have a borrower attribute file and I need to import a whole new batch of "codes/descriptions" for that what would be the best options rather than typing all 3000 of them into the attribute code file?
12:47 jdavidb Hire student workers to type them all in?  That's better than *you* doing it..  :P  (kidding...)
12:48 schuster Oh great computer gods in the "cloud" how .... (kidding about the gods part but that's kinda what this is all like!)
12:48 jdavidb heh.
12:48 schuster ;)
12:49 schuster I have LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE .... - but I was thinking I should probably dump the data that is currently there - so truncate it first?
12:50 jdavidb I would think so, yeah, but that's not something I have wrestled with.
12:50 jdavidb Definitely something to do on test first!
12:51 schuster Oh don't you know it - why do you think I have 2 servers!
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13:15 schuster Owen - new challenge question...  On the CKO screen below the picture where it would have address/phone etc... if I wanted to pull in a borrower attribute - Homeroom - is that possible with the fancy java scripts?
13:18 owen Unfortunately no
13:18 owen Javascript can only manipulate the data that's already onscreen
13:18 owen It can't pull from the database
13:20 schuster OK so that would be a "custom template" feature... drat - guess that would be the same with the hold slip wanting that particular attribute on the hold slip as well.
13:22 owen Yeah
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13:35 nicomo man, tells me I haven't been here for more than 20 days: that can be right
13:36 nicomo here: corrected
13:36 gmcharlt ?
13:36 gmcharlt :)
13:37 owen chris must have to re-run the stats manually. It hasn't been 6 days since I was logged in.
13:38 owen Hmm... although: "Statistics generated on Tuesday 25 August 2009 - 20:49:10 "
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13:43 nicomo owen: maybe we should wake chris up
13:43 nicomo how come he's not here?
13:43 nicomo :-)
13:43 owen Yes, we demand that we be able to view personal statistics at all hours of the day!
13:44 owen I demand statistical validation!
13:45 slef afternoon all
13:46 nicomo hi slef
13:47 owen Hi slef
13:47 slef Is there any reason not to add ISSN to[…]ns/placing-orders ?
13:48 slef for one-off orders not subscribed
13:49 gmcharlt slef: adding ISSN makes sense to me
13:50 slef I'll give it a few minutes, then add an enh bug
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14:44 |Lupin| back, there was an unexpected power failure...
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15:26 |Lupin| bye all
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17:02 zico joined #koha
17:02 zico h
17:02 zico hi
17:02 zico i am facing n annoying problem 4rm last few days
17:03 zico i hv bn running 3.0.1 in Debian 5.0 .. for last couple of months
17:03 zico everything went well...but... 4rm last few days... "Auto BarCode" generation is not working properly
17:04 zico what it does? as for example: I inserted my last book..nd it showed me the barcode 2699... nd.. just after tht... barcode started with 26700... nd... it goes with 26701...26702
17:04 zico how can i solve this problem???
17:04 zico can nyone please help me?
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17:09 gmcharlt zico: it checks the highest barcode that's out there, so
17:10 gmcharlt never mind...
17:11 slef impatience or network fault
17:13 gmcharlt anyway, for the record, it's possible that a typo may have been made, tacking on an extra '9' to '2699', resulting in '26999'
17:13 gmcharlt thereafter, autoBarcode picks up from the highest known barcode number
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17:53 chris irc stats rerun
17:53 chris fyi it doesnt care when you last logged in
17:53 chris_n-2nd joined #koha
17:53 chris it only cares when yousaid something
17:54 owen Next you'll tell us it doesn't care when you say something, it only cares when you say something interesting
17:55 cait hi chris and owen
17:56 owen Hi cait
17:59 chris owen: if i could make it do that, i would :)
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18:43 David joined #koha
18:44 David Auto borrower find filling in, but almost too fast so we have to press enter twice... to pull up to checkout.  Suggestions?
18:48 jdavidb joined #koha
18:52 David OK figured it out turn off autocirccomplete... ;)  faster than last year which is good!
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18:53 slef A random bug is bug 2137
18:53 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2137 normal, P3, ---,, NEW, Receive Order Requires Specific Style of Date
18:53 slef Maybe munin expands abbreviations BICBW
18:53 slef @dict BICBW
18:53 munin slef: No definition for "BICBW" could be found.
18:53 slef @vera BICBW
18:53 munin slef: I suck
18:53 slef munin: yes, you do
18:53 munin slef: downloading the Perl source
18:57 slef @google BICBW
18:57 munin slef: BICBW - What does BICBW stand for? Acronyms and abbreviations by ...: <>; Urban Dictionary: BICBW: <[…]ne.php?term=BICBW>; Bicbw Definition | Definition of Bicbw at <[…]e/bicbw?qsrc=2446>; BICBW definition by Babylon's free dictionary: (2 more messages)
18:57 slef not helpful
18:57 slef @abbr BICBW
18:57 munin slef: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
18:57 slef @abbrev BICBW
18:57 munin slef: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
18:58 slef @dict vera BICBW
18:58 munin slef: No definition for "BICBW" could be found in vera
18:58 slef @dict vera ICBW
18:58 munin slef: No definition for "ICBW" could be found in vera
18:58 slef @dict vera IMO
18:58 munin slef: vera: IMO In My Opinion (telecommunication-slang, Usenet, IRC)
18:58 slef @dict IMO
18:58 munin slef: wn, gcide, vera, and foldoc responded: foldoc: IMO {IMHO}; vera: IMO In My Opinion (telecommunication-slang, Usenet, IRC); wn: IMO n : the United Nations agency concerned with international maritime activities [syn: {International Maritime Organization}]; gcide: Thar \Thar\, n. (Zool.) A goatlike animal ({Capra Jemlaica}) native of the Himalayas. It has small, flattened (1 more message)
18:59 slef well, it has some of them :-/
18:59 owen left #koha
19:03 slef @dict foldoc ICBW
19:03 munin slef: No definition for "ICBW" could be found in foldoc
19:03 slef munin: you suck
19:03 munin slef: downloading the Perl source
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19:12 rhcl_away @google HTPC
19:12 munin rhcl_away: Home theater PC - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <>; Home Theater Computers - AVS Forum: <[…].php?s&forumid=26>; HTPC Forums: <>; HTPC -- Engadget HD: <>; How-To: Build a practical HTPC: < (1 more message)
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19:50 wajasu i'm working on installing koha 3.0.2 on an new ArchLinux x86_64 box.  (Apache2/MySQL5.1 are fine. Got to get my Perl modules installed though.
19:50 pianohacker archlinux++
19:51 pianohacker You will have to install a large chunk of the packages from CPAN, arch doesn't provide many of them as packages
19:53 wajasu I came to that conclusion yesterday.  I need to understand how the CPAN install should be for Arch.  Maybe I should use the panpan/makerepo tools that someone name xyne made to make packages.
19:55 chris ok time to catch my bus
19:55 chris cyers later
19:57 pianohacker bye
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20:30 richard joined #koha
20:30 richard hi
20:30 pianohacker hello
20:51 chris morning richard
21:05 hdl_laptop hi
21:07 pianohacker Hello
21:08 chris staying up late hdl_laptop ?
21:08 hdl_laptop trying to catchup with all the work I have to do in order to synch our devs and trunk
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21:09 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: expecting to push yesterday drop tonight
21:09 chris ahhh, yeah there is a lot
21:10 chris you have made my life a lot easier tho hdl_laptop with the move items patch
21:11 pianohacker Ah, speaking of such; I have my library's modifications up on github, for anyone who's curious:
21:12 chris sweet pianohacker
21:13 gmcharlt pianohacker: does that include the syspref stuff, or is that a separate branch?
21:14 pianohacker That's a separate branch on that same github
21:15 joetho how can I specify an offset in a cgibin pl page?
21:15 joetho like /cgi-bin/koha/admin/author​   ????
21:15 chris that will only work if that script is expecting that parameter joetho
21:15 joetho seeing these values 20 at a time is giving me grey hair
21:16 joetho therein lies the rub, Ranger Chris
21:17 joetho its ok if the value starts with an a.
21:17 joetho a w or z will take me forever.
21:17 joetho If I wanted to click and scroll that much I would go to facebook
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21:19 chris that particular script joetho?
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21:19 |Lupin| good evening
21:21 |Lupin| just wanted to say goodnight to all those who are luckiy enough for being about to sleep, and a good day to all the others.
21:21 |Lupin| BYE !
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21:22 chris_n2 hi #koha
21:23 rhcl Hi chris2
21:25 chris `
21:25 chris hmm
21:25 chris typing fail
21:25 pianohacker [~]$
21:26 chris joetho: yes that script will accept an offset as an argument
21:26 chris my $offset      = $input->param('offset') || 0;
21:27 pianohacker joetho: Would a search function help your particular scenario, joetho?
21:28 pianohacker gmcharlt: around?
21:34 pianohacker brb
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21:37 joetho chris : I can't get that offset to work
21:37 joetho the script ignores it
21:37 joetho pianohacker : not sure if a search function would help- I still need to edit the value
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21:42 gmc_mob @quote random
21:42 munin gmc_mob: Quote #1: "<pianohacker> resolve, rather, I doubt it needs lotion" (added by gmcharlt at 03:05 AM, May 31, 2009)
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23:28 Jo Good morning
23:28 chris heya Jo
23:36 pianohacker Good morning, jo
23:37 Jo morning Painohacker
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23:49 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: please ping me when you stop submitting patches for the night
23:49 hdl_laptop ping
23:49 hdl_laptop hehe
23:49 gmcharlt :)
23:50 chris oh hey hdl_laptop
23:50 chris i have a quick question
23:50 chris which patch has hte template change so that the move items link shows up?
23:53 hdl_laptop good question.
23:54 hdl_laptop Missed that string.
23:54 hdl_laptop Will send it right away
23:55 chris thanks :)
23:59 hdl_laptop It is on Edit biblio/item actions

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