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00:00 hdl_laptop going to bed now
00:01 chris thanks
00:01 chris sleep well
00:05 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: you've gone to bed too soon ;)
00:05 gmcharlt just published biblibre-integration branch on
00:05 gmcharlt into which stuff will be merged into master
00:05 hdl_laptop thx
00:11 gmcharlt chris: thinking about the repeated memcached initialization stuff, I'm thinking that at some pont should be moved to C4::Context
00:12 gmcharlt which would be responsible for initializing Memoize::Memcached
00:12 chris right
00:12 gmcharlt and have a wrapper that would proxy memoize_memcached, and apply only if M::M is available
00:12 chris that'd work
00:12 gmcharlt alternatively, maybe define a new C4::Cache module
00:13 chris done that already
00:13 chris but its not using memoize
00:13 gmcharlt that would proxy setup both for per-invocation (Memoize) and longer-term (Memoize::Memcached) caching
00:14 chris there is C4::Cache
00:14 chris which is a base class
00:14 chris then C4::Cache::Memcached
00:14 chris and C4::Cache::FastMemcached
00:15 chris[…]c1e5a6a93c88dabc5
00:15 chris so i could do C4::Cache::Memoize::Memcached
00:17 chris and one for caching rendered templates (template toolkit only)
00:17 chris[…]c1e5a6a93c88dabc5
00:17 gmcharlt hmm - noticed license statements - I'm not sure about justi mixing in GPL3 code into a GPL2 project
00:17 chris yeah ill probably take those back out
00:18 chris or at least we should argue about it at a dev meeting
00:19 chris i have been changing things to 2 when i submit
00:19 gmcharlt arguing_about_it_at_a_dev_meeting++
00:22 chris basically for new stuff in general in my repo i now use 3 as my default, but i have been changing them to 2 when i submit them
00:22 chris cos i can
00:22 chris hehe
00:23 pianohackr|work gmcharlt: Thinking of sending in from new sysprefs editor on its own, to hash out code issues, and send data files and translation support later. Thoughts?
00:24 gmcharlt pianohackr|work: reasonable, as long as there's at least a dummy data file to go with it for initial test
00:25 pianohackr|work k
00:25 gmcharlt pianohackr|work: I gather that the data file itself is not quite done yet?
00:26 pianohackr|work They're separated by tab. Some of them are finished, but others are either incomplete or out-of-date
00:26 pianohackr|work *rather, one data file for each tab in the interface
00:57 pianohackr|work Good night
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01:01 chris and http://librarian.koha.workbuff[…]/koha/
01:01 chris running the integration branch, didnt blow up yet
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02:27 wajasu installing koha on archlinux.  make Makefile.PL: Warning: prerequisite Schedule::At 1.06 not found.  Can anyone using ArchLinux suggest a cron/at so i will  have 'atq' available fo rthis module?
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03:20 Amit hi chris, pie
03:20 Amit good morning #koha ;)
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03:24 chris hi Amit
03:45 brendan joined #koha
03:48 brendan hello #koha
03:49 brendan hi amit
03:49 Amit heya brendan
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04:20 ebegin hi koha!
04:22 chris heya ebegin ltns .. been on holiday? :)
04:23 ebegin Unfortunatly not.  I was (ans still) in a rush :(
04:23 brendan hello ebegin
04:23 chris bummer
04:23 ebegin Is there a way to create the authorities when importing biblio records?
04:23 brendan not from a bulk import -- that I know of
04:23 ebegin (importing through bulkmarcimport)
04:24 chris yeah i dont think so, but you might want to ask on koha-devel just in case
04:24 ebegin Any proposition about how should I proceed then?
04:24 chris id ask that on koha-devel too .. the cataloguing/marc bit of koha is not my forte
04:25 brendan if the records your importing already have the authorities in them -- you could always run   too
04:26 ebegin brendan, with the biblio MARC file?
04:26 brendan then run IRC
04:26 brendan but I have no confidence in that script
04:26 ebegin let me try this :)
04:27 brendan yes the MARC file you used for the biblio MARC file
04:28 brendan ebagin -- I'm going to go look for the second script that I am thinking of -- last time i had to change it a little bit
04:28 ebegin there is some hope :)  In which table are stored the authorities?
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04:34 brendan this is what I was thinking of
04:43 brendan goodnight #koha
04:43 ebegin thanks brendan for your help.  Still need to investigate.
04:44 brendan yeah the last time I used that -- I had to adjust the scripts
04:45 ebegin The problem I see is that the authorities are not in mysql table anymore.
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04:46 ebegin And koha doesn't add them automatically in zebra...  So when I add a record, it can not detect that the auth. it is using exists in another biblio...
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04:50 ebegin brendan, can't go away :)
04:53 brendan :)
04:57 ebegin What is the quickest way to flush every authorities and biblio?
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05:01 Amit heya ebegin
05:01 ebegin Hey Amit!  how are you?
05:01 Amit i m fine what about u ?
05:05 ebegin find thanks... but I'm hitting my head on the authorities at the moment... :)
05:06 Amit hmm
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05:55 Ropuch good morning everobody
05:57 magnusenger joined #koha
06:01 Amit hi ropuch ;)
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07:40 nahuel hi all
07:43 Amit hi nahuel ;)
07:43 kf good morning everybody
07:44 Amit hi kf ;)
07:50 nahuel hi :)
07:51 chris hii nahuel, Kivutar, and kf
07:51 nahuel hi !
07:54 Kivutar hi all
07:54 * nahuel need cofee !
07:56 kf guten morgen chris
07:58 nicomo hello everyone
08:00 chris hi nicomo
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08:18 |Lupin| hi there
08:22 |Lupin| hi kf
08:24 kf hi Lupin
08:25 paul_p joined #koha
08:25 Amit hi kf
08:25 Amit hi lupin, paul
08:27 chris hi |Lupin| and paul_p
08:36 |Lupin| hi chris, paul_p, amit
08:38 paul_p hi Amit, chris and |Lupin|
09:21 |Lupin| hmm I'm just triying to find out all the digital librar projects. For the mment I know D-space, Kete and Greenstone. Can someone think about others, please ?
09:23 kf perhaps Fedora Repository[…]ra_%28software%29
09:24 chris and Fez
09:24 |Lupin| thanks kf
09:25 chris
09:25 kf and I know of 2 German projects
09:25 magnusenger |Lupin|: this may be worth a quick look:
09:26 kf
09:26 |Lupin| wow !
09:26 |Lupin| thanks to all of you !
09:27 |Lupin| didn't expect so many replies ! thanks !!
09:27 kf
09:28 kf mycore seems to be a German project, the other is OPUS, which we do some development for at our institution
09:28 kf but dont know, if there is english documentation about it
09:29 |Lupin| kf: what'sOPUS
09:29 |Lupin| kf: what's OPUS ?
09:30 kf
09:31 chris <-- not this opus .. but this opus uses Koha :)
09:31 |Lupin| kf: ae you trying to ake me work my german ? -:)
09:32 kf ... :)
10:10 |Lupin| has someone any experience with these software ?
10:10 chris with kete yes
10:10 chris and a little with greenstone
10:10 |Lupin| are there you guys would recomend ? recommend not to use ?
10:10 chris depends on what you want to do
10:11 chris kete is quite different to the others
10:11 |Lupin| chris: basically to replace a home-made file server we are currently using
10:12 chris kete is like a cross between wikipedia and a digital repository
10:12 chris its designed for community built and maintained sites
10:12 |Lupin| chris: it should be able to store a book in different formats, and also have a notion of converters, i.e. tools that can convert one format into another. So if you have a file in format A and a converter from format A to format B, then if the book is required in format B, the tool should know which converter to call...
10:13 |Lupin| chris: I'm pretty sure this doesn't exist. Just tring to figure out whether there is a close approximaiton to it that could be used as a starting point...
10:13 chris whereas things like dspace and fedora are more traditional, an admin (or group of admins) look after a collection, its not open for anyone to contribute
10:14 chris i have heard good things about fedora+fez
10:14 chris lots of academic libraries use it
10:14 |Lupin| chris: ok, will have a look to this one and all the others...
10:15 chris <--- is an example kete
10:16 |Lupin| chris: thanks !
10:16 |Lupin| we would have a close group of admins
10:17 |Lupin| basically the idea is that Koha would be used as the frontend to the system. The current bckend is our home-made file server, I'm trying to figure out whether it could be replaced by an open-source project
10:18 chris well koha and kete work well together
10:18 chris they both use zebra
10:18 chris and can search each other
10:18 |Lupin| chris: ok
10:19 |Lupin| chris: do you think the notion of converter could be defined inside of kete somehow ?
10:22 chris it could
10:22 chris but it could in any software :)
10:59 |Lupin| chris: ok. among thoe you know none seems more appropriate than the others...
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13:05 owen You're not doing your job.
13:23 owen nahuel around?
13:23 nahuel owen, yep
13:23 nahuel hi !
13:23 owen Hi
13:23 nahuel What's up ?
13:23 owen Is your patch for Bug 3554 intended for HEAD?
13:23 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3554 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, Print notices using print css
13:23 owen I tried to test it but it wouldn't apply
13:24 nahuel ah, not specially for head, if it doesn't apply, i'll send a new one for head
13:24 nahuel (doing my patches on 3.0.x for bugfixes)
13:24 nahuel owen, wait a couple of minutes, and a I send a new one for head
13:25 gmcharlt nahuel: please mark the patches
13:25 nahuel ok
13:25 gmcharlt saves time if we know that something is meant for 3.0.x instead of HEAD
13:26 nahuel yes, bugfix should work on both
13:30 nahuel owen, new one sent
13:31 owen Thanks nahuel
13:31 nahuel :)
13:31 nahuel hey gmcharlt, how is your new job N
13:31 nahuel ?
13:31 gmcharlt nahuel: pretty good
13:31 gmcharlt nice and busy
13:32 nahuel Cool, a good team ?
13:32 owen gmcharlt: I see you've been traveling. Will you have to relocate?
13:32 gmcharlt owen: eventually, ye
13:32 gmcharlt s
13:33 owen So soon after moving. That's a bummer.
13:39 chris_n hi all
13:41 jdavidb Hi, chris_n. :)
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13:44 chris_n gmcharlt: this is a very busy week for me w/non-koha stuff so it will be Friday or Saturday before I submit the new labels code
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13:46 gmcharlt chris_n: ok
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14:06 owen Interesting question to the Koha list, "Koha3.2 and the 'global change' feature"
14:09 owen I wonder what percentage of this list ( is now inaccurate wrt 3.2
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14:13 gmcharlt *sigh*
14:16 wajasu i think i got all my perl modules installed.  onlt make test complains about t/Dates.t failing.  Can i ignore, and proceed with make install?
14:16 gmcharlt wajasu: yes, you can ignore that one
14:16 wajasu here goes
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15:14 slef owen: were you talking about that global change email?
15:14 owen Yeah
15:15 slef any conclusions?  Looks like bug 3000 to me
15:15 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3000 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, Tool needed for catalogers (and other librarians) to bulk change itypes and collection codes
15:16 gmcharlt slef: yeah, it's at least a piece of it
15:16 gmcharlt there were ambitions about MARC record global change as well, but I think that will take a while
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16:02 paul_p well, thanks to owen to have written
16:02 paul_p >From what I've heard many (most? all?) of the Liblime-sponsored
16:02 paul_p features listed in the web2learning post will not be contributed to
16:02 paul_p 3.2.
16:02 owen Quoting gmcharlt: *sigh*
16:03 paul_p ?? I don't have gmcharlt mail :(
16:04 owen Not an email, just what he said here a little while ago
16:05 paul_p owen: ok, I was afraid to have missed a mail in this thread !
16:07 joetho why would they not be contributed?
16:07 joetho are they still under construction (valid reason)
16:07 joetho ?
16:08 joetho if deployed, have they not be submitted to The Committee or whatever that is?
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16:14 wizzyrea that is the question, isn't it. WHY would they not be contributed?
16:15 wizzyrea and we've heard nothing official
16:15 wizzyrea radio silence, as it were.
16:19 paul_p wizzyrea & joetho = I fear having a public answer would be harder than winning the lottery.
16:25 paul_p you just can deduce things from departure of many ppl at LL (galen C, debra D, john B, that are known)
16:30 pianohacker joined #koha
16:30 pianohacker Good morning
16:30 nicomo_laptop hi pianohacker
16:31 pianohacker Hello
16:31 * chris_n thinks it might be a very interesting weekend weather-wise...
16:32 chris_n hi pianohacker
16:32 pianohacker Hello, chris_n
16:34 joetho paul_p : what web2learning post are you referring to?
16:34 owen
16:35 slef chris_n: we just had the end of hurricane Bill.  By the time it got here, it was depression Bill
16:35 wizzyrea aren't most bills depressing?
16:35 joetho oh and happy birthday wizzyrea!
16:35 wizzyrea ^.^
16:35 owen Hi wizzyrea, Happy Birthday!
16:35 joetho starting your fourth decade?
16:36 pianohacker Feliz cumpleaños
16:37 chris_n slef: unfortunately if they make landfall @ Wilmington, NC, I end up dead in its sights :-P
16:37 nicomo_laptop Bon anniversaire wizzyrea
16:37 wizzyrea >.> yes I just dinged 30
16:37 * chris_n remembers Fran and 10 days of no AC main power
16:37 wizzyrea Merci, nicomo
16:38 * owen is still going to make wizzyrea sit at the kiddie table with pianohacker
16:38 wizzyrea *sob*
16:39 pianohacker Hehehe
16:39 wizzyrea does that mean that we get the little chairs?
16:39 wizzyrea and unbreakable dishes?
16:39 paul_p wizzyrea: Happy birthday !!!
16:39 pianohacker Urgh. No thanks, I would prefer not to eat my knees for breakfast
16:39 kf happy birthday wizzyrea
16:39 wizzyrea hehe
16:39 nicomo_laptop wizzyrea: no, you get all the candies, and to be allowed to leave the table whenever you want
16:39 wizzyrea Ooh!
16:40 wizzyrea hmm... owen, your idea has merit.
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16:44 wizzyrea and thanks everybody for the birthday wishes
16:45 * wizzyrea gives everybody in #koha a beeeeeeeeeeeg hug
16:47 paul_p time to leave for me. bye
16:47 gmcharlt wizzyrea: happy birthday!
16:47 gmcharlt g'night, paul_p
16:48 pianohacker Bye, paul
16:49 chris_n happy birthday wizzyrea!
16:50 chris_n goodnight paulP
16:50 chris_n paul_p even
16:52 kf paul is right - time to leave - bye!
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17:10 schuster wizzyrea - happy b-day!
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17:18 |Lupin| bye everybody
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17:19 Zico hi
17:19 Zico i was asking a little bit help 4rm u expert
17:19 Zico i hv been using koha 3.0.1 in my Debian 5.0
17:20 Zico Everything worked well...unless...4rm last few days... "Auto Barcode" generation is not working properly
17:20 gmcharlt Zico: right, I remember that
17:20 Zico can u help me??
17:20 gmcharlt the basic answer is that autobarcode checks the highest assigned barcode, then adds one
17:20 gmcharlt so if you have a sequence of barcode numbers that are too high, change them
17:20 gmcharlt then the next new item's barcode should drop back down
17:21 cato Hello
17:21 Zico Hi cato
17:21 Zico thnx gmcharlt 4 ur quick response
17:21 Zico the thing is... i entered... one book..nd.. it auto coded.. 2699
17:21 Zico but.. just after tht.. it started with 26700... 26701...26702
17:22 cato I'm doing a first time install of Koha(3x) on Centos 5; there are a few Perl Mods I'm having trouble installing:prerequisite Date::Calc 5.4 not found.Warning: prerequisite GD 2.39 not found.Warning: prerequisite HTML::Template::Pro 0.69 not found.Warning: prerequisite Net::Z3950::ZOOM 1.16 not found.
17:22 Zico i cannot understand... nd... even... cannot actually...remember...what wrong did i do
17:22 gmcharlt right, but check to see if a finger slipped somehwere and an extra '9' got added on
17:22 Zico where will i check that?
17:22 Zico i mean... everything is running with 26700... sequence now!! gmcharlt
17:23 gmcharlt right, but if you had entered 26699 by mistake, then that would explain why subsequent barcodes started with 26700, then 26701, etc.
17:23 cato Has anyone had simliar problems?
17:23 Zico will i delete the last *2699* barcoded book & reenter?
17:24 Zico so... will i delete the last *2699* number book?
17:24 Zico & re-enter?
17:24 gmcharlt you'd also have to change the barcode number of the 267xx ones as well
17:25 Zico where will i find this?
17:25 Zico i mean... i hv stopped inputing ... 267xx series... after watching this problem
17:25 gmcharlt if you know which ones you entered, then just search for 26700, 26701, 26702, etc.
17:26 Zico nd... "start deleting... those... 26700...26701... " right?
17:26 chris owen: about?
17:27 owen Yes
17:27 Zico gmcharlt: is it all?
17:27 chris[…]g/koha/2009-08-26
17:27 gmcharlt Zico: you don't need to delete the items, just change the assigned barcode
17:27 chris is on the job
17:28 Zico gmcharlt: thnx.. i will check & let u know
17:28 Zico :)
17:28 owen Thanks chris, I didn't know about the new location
17:30 chris np, i didnt publicise it yet im hoping to put it somewhere nicer than my server at home, but for now thats where it is
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17:37 schuster OOO server at home...
17:37 schuster Wish I was that techie...
17:38 schuster I'm lucky to keep the laptop working at home for my wife to check email after the kids play clubpenguin on it...
17:38 chris * is my hosted sites, * are the ones that can be brought down by a 2.5 year olds fingers
17:40 chris (,, etc :) ... stuff i like to poke at)
17:43 chris schuster: i was looking at your disneyland photos .. looks like a fun trip
17:44 chris[…]p?g2_itemId=68558 <-- kahu at disneyland
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18:19 slef wizzyrea: happy birthday
18:20 slef my server at home is a WRT54G. Or doesn't that count?
18:23 nahuel_ joined #koha
18:23 wizzyrea slef: ty for the wishes :)
18:24 rhcl_away is now known as rhcl
18:25 pianohacker slef: If you have it doing something besides just forwarding packets, definitely :)
18:25 slef pianohacker: it was reflashed...
18:25 pianohacker dd-wrt?
18:25 wizzyrea to mah to?
18:26 wizzyrea schuster: if your kids are clubbing penguins on your laptop I think you have bigger problems... :)
18:27 gmcharlt will nobody think of the poor penguins?
18:37 schuster Chris - was that California Disneyland or??  And when did you go?
19:30 chris sorry i fell back asleep schuster
19:30 chris yep, that was anaheim
19:30 chris one of Laurel's brothers lives in fullerton, we get to LA a bit
19:31 chris but I wasnt on that trip, that was just before kahu turned 2, while it was still free for him to fly, i used up all my airmiles to buy a return ticket to pittsburgh, with a stopover in LA for laurel and kahu
19:32 chris kahu has actually done that 13 hour flight (akl to LA) twice now
19:33 jwagner kahu is braver (or hardier) than I am!
19:33 chris[…]hp?g2_itemId=9726
19:33 chris first time
19:34 chris[…]hp?g2_itemId=9737
19:35 chris jwagner: if you fly airnz, you just put on the 3 LOTR movies .. and thats the flight :)
19:35 chris wizzyrea: oh and happy US birthday, your already old in nz
19:35 chris :-)
19:38 jwagner chris, even with the extended release movies, I don't think I could survive the flight....  Which reminds me, though, do you have dates yet for KohaCon in NZ?
19:38 jwagner And happy birthday to wizzyrea!
19:39 joetho wizzyrea = still a teenager
19:40 chris october 2010
19:40 chris not actual dates yet, but a month :)
19:41 gmcharlt a month-long KohaCon?  wow!
19:41 gmcharlt ;)
19:41 chris the nz koha users group meets soon, and we will get some dates :)
19:41 chris hehe
19:41 jwagner We'll have to think about that.  I'm still trying to talk myself into a trip to Australia in early September next year.  Would be nice if the two trips could be joined...
19:41 pianohacker extra_long_hackfest++
19:41 chris what date in september?
19:41 jwagner gmcharlt, I'm sure people could fill up the time!
19:41 jwagner chris, somewhere around Sept 6, I think.
19:42 chris september could be a possibility too
19:42 jwagner Ooh, that would be nice.  And definitely improve my chances of going :-)
19:42 chris october is usually better weather, and the university students are finished or doing exams
19:42 chris which would make a venue easier
19:42 chris but we will see
19:43 chris gmcharlt: im thinking 3 days for the conference, dont really want ppl to fly that far for any less than that, and then 4 day hackfest, make a week of it
19:43 jwagner Fingers crossed then.  But I'm going home and collapse for now.... G'night everyone.
19:44 pianohacker Good night
19:44 jwagner left #koha
19:45 gmcharlt chris: sounds good
19:45 rhcl chris: what would be the best airport to plan to fly in to in NZ?
19:45 chris you dont have a lot of choices rhcl :)
19:46 chris auckland or christchurch are the only 2 the big planes can land at
19:46 chris so unless you fly via australia (which adds a few hours) those are your choices
19:46 chris and then its a 45 min flight from either of those to wellington
19:47 chris akl is the big airport, thats where you will have the most flight choices
19:47 chris if you are adventurous, its about 10 hour drive from akl to wellington .. or there is a train :)
19:47 rhcl well, priceline is giving me quite a few...aukland, christchurch, gisborne, Invercargill, Napier-hastings, Nelson, New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Queenstown, Rotorua, Tauranga, Wellington
19:48 chris ahh well with the exception of the first 2, you will be landing in akl first
19:48 chris :)
19:49 chris wellington is where you want to end up
19:49 chris but there are a bunch of domestic airlines that fly akl to wellington
19:49 chris it can work out cheaper to get a flight to auckland, then a different airline to wellington
19:50 rhcl $1740 - $2100 USD for MCI - Wellington
19:51 chris ouch!!
19:51 rhcl That's for early July 2010, they don'
19:52 rhcl ...oops...have schedules beyond that yet.
19:52 chris how much is the MCI to LAX bit (or SFO)
19:53 rhcl $230 - $275
19:53 slef not looking forward to this :)
19:53 * slef looks from uk
19:54 chris so the big killer is lax to akl?
19:55 chris you should be able to get that for 1300$USD rtn
19:55 gmcharlt chris: yes, it generally is for US to Aus/NZ
19:55 chris check out virgin australia tho, they have fares round 1000
19:56 chris and then you can easy get a return akl to wellington for $100USD
19:56 rhcl LAX to SYD is $1300
19:57 chris SYD is further than AKL
19:57 cait 1600 euro to auckland...
19:57 slef £795.70 LHR-Wellington
19:58 slef thank you Commonwealth
19:58 chris yep all around the same mark
19:58 rhcl interesting interesting, LAX to AKL direct (not Australia) is $1050
19:58 chris as i said, its further to aussie :)
19:58 chris so yeah get the direct :)
19:58 chris ok gotta go catch my bus
19:59 cait 2283.2 USD?
19:59 chris be back in 40 mins
19:59 rhcl Yea, when I broke up the flight myself the two segments will run about $1300, but if I let priceline compute it automatically it's $500 more.
19:59 cait will be in bed then :) have a nice day chris!
20:01 slef GBP 1,710.20 via Singapore!
20:01 cait 28 h...
20:01 slef £795.70 LHR-Wellington was return BTW
20:01 slef dinner time
20:03 rhcl 1,700 GBP is what, about $25,378 USD?
20:03 rhcl is now known as rhcl_brb
20:03 cait good night :)
20:04 cait left #koha
20:07 rhcl2 joined #koha
20:10 brendan joined #koha
20:14 rhcl_brb left #koha
20:24 rhcl2 test
20:24 rhcl2 is now known as rhcl
20:25 owen left #koha
20:38 wizzyrea google 1700GBP in USD
20:38 pianohacker @gcalc 1700 GBP in USD
20:38 wizzyrea dah lol
20:38 munin pianohacker: 1700 British pounds = 2 759.78 U.S. dollars
20:38 wizzyrea there ya go
20:39 wizzyrea this is why we sit at the kiddie table together
20:39 wizzyrea :P
20:40 richard joined #koha
20:40 richard mornig
20:40 richard morning even
20:42 rhcl Morning
20:43 brendan morning
20:45 Jo joined #koha
20:49 chris back
20:49 chris got waylaid by a flat white and a scone so it took longer than expected :-)
20:51 Jo hola Chris!
20:53 chris heya Jo
21:21 schuster left #koha
21:59 |Lupin| joined #koha
21:59 |Lupin| hi
21:59 chris hi |Lupin|
21:59 chris awake late
22:01 joetho left #koha
22:02 |Lupin| how are you chris ?
22:02 chris not bad thanks, and you?
22:03 pianohacker Hi, |Lupin|
22:07 Sharon left #koha
22:07 |Lupin| hey pianohacker
22:08 |Lupin| chris: that's okay... some papers to write before returning to KOha, Imiss it so I'll ry to finish these papers quickly
22:08 jransom joined #koha
22:10 jransom left #koha
22:18 gmcharlt |Lupin|++
22:19 chris now you are ircing from your class too gmcharlt ? :-)
22:19 gmcharlt chris: one backchannel just isn't enough ;)
22:19 rhcl jransom = Jo (rosalie)????
22:20 chris Jo Ransom
22:20 chris from HLT
22:20 rhcl same same
22:20 rhcl ?
22:20 chris no rosalie is rosalie blake
22:20 rhcl ic, ok, tnx
22:20 chris she just recently retired
22:21 rhcl Joann Ransom (also with chris) just had an article published in code4lib that I wanted to comment on.
22:22 rhcl Well, recently = June
22:22 chris *nod*
22:23 chris yep thats her
22:25 chris did you like the article?
22:25 rhcl Oh, yes, very informative, any my feeling is that it was good to have it published as a form of documentation for the early days of Koha.
22:26 chris cool
22:26 rhcl Most of the article (from my quick reading), at least the first part, seems to be a chronological presentation, but it rather seems like this (chronology) ends around 2005, and you (Jo?) become a bit more reflective, covering things like "lessons learned".
22:26 chris have you seen the docs/history.txt file in git
22:26 chris that covers recent history too
22:26 rhcl It seems like someone needs to pick up the chronology and development from 2005 to the present.
22:26 chris yep thats what i have been doing :)
22:27 rhcl I rather wonder if Kete wouldn't be appropriate for documenting the more recent developments. Change logs and version controls are good for tech details, but make for poor general reading.
22:27 rhcl Ah, good.
22:27 chris yep, kete would be good
22:27 chris[…]docs/history.txt;
22:28 rhcl lemme check it out
22:28 chris started as my notes for my talk at kohacon
22:32 rhcl ic
22:33 |Lupin| gmcharlt: :-)
22:33 rhcl well, I'm outta here for the day...LTR
22:33 chris cya later
22:33 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away
22:35 |Lupin| k, time to go sleeping
22:35 |Lupin| see you later all !
22:35 pianohacker bye
22:35 |Lupin| left #koha
23:20 joetho joined #koha
23:26 pianohacker Good night, #koha
23:26 pianohacker left #koha
23:34 chris
23:35 gmcharlt chris: do they have a catalog? ;)
23:35 chris i wonder if they will give me a free drink for a library system
23:35 chris :)
23:39 ron left #koha
23:58 Jo so Chris : what are the commercial, rush hour rates our library reviewer would have to pay you to run an sql report tonight hauling out patron data?
23:58 Jo (can you tell that I am sick to detah of the bloody woman ...)
23:58 Jo detah = death
23:59 chris hehe

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