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00:00 thd put this line before the If statement my $searchfortitlein = C4::Context->preference("OPACSearchForTitleIn");
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00:02 thd or actually if we are really concerned about an undefined variable then you could have my $searchfortitlein = '';
00:02 thd $searchfortitlein = C4::Context->preference("OPACSearchForTitleIn");
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00:03 thd If ($searchfortitlein) {
00:04 thd nengard before the If expression you should try printing the value of $searchfortitlein
00:05 thd nengard: you could even extract a portion of the script and run it on the command line so that messages print to the console
00:05 nengard hmmmm
00:06 thd you would need to export the Koha environment variables first
00:06 nengard yep, too much for tonight - i'm going relax and come back to it tomorrow AM - but thank you for helping me!! :)
00:07 thd your welcome nengard
00:07 thd good night
00:07 pianohacker nengard: From what I've read of this conversation in the log, are you sure it wouldn't be easier just to use warn and check your error log?
00:07 nengard pianohacker warnings are on - and just tell me how to get to the darn log
00:07 pianohacker I usually only resort to tempfiles when I have to dump some huge object
00:08 nengard this is all new to me  -i need to take a class but don't have time or money right now
00:08 pianohacker warn $searchfortitlein;
00:08 thd pianohacker: yes it would but I explained that warn is used by real programmers not me
00:08 pianohacker <shrug>
00:08 thd I like the extra friendly print statements
00:08 pianohacker warn isn't too horrible
00:09 nengard pianohacker - i put that in my code - now how do i view it?
00:09 pianohacker Is this running on your machine?
00:09 nengard yes
00:09 nengard debian
00:09 nengard virtual machine
00:10 pianohacker Ah. The error log is at WHEREVER_YOU_INSTALLED_KOHA/var/log/koha-error_log
00:10 thd warn is fine but is not portable with every language.
00:10 pianohacker No, though with cgi scripts you can get the same effect with print STDERR "HAI THAR"
00:11 nengard pianohacker I don't seem to have a var directory ... which is confusing
00:11 nengard and might be due to the hour
00:11 pianohacker Heh.
00:11 pianohacker I'm assuming you did a dev install, right?
00:11 thd directories turn into pumkins after the witching hour
00:12 pianohacker Of course, what _really_ needs to happen is for someone to port to perl
00:12 nengard bingo
00:12 nengard found it
00:12 pianohacker Server-side error messages in Firebug would make debugging so much easier
00:13 nengard okay none of these errors mean a thing to me
00:13 nengard they all seem to be with
00:13 pianohacker Ahh, okay
00:13 pianohacker There's a timestamp at the left
00:13 pianohacker Look for messages from today
00:14 nengard hmmm
00:14 nengard nope
00:15 nengard the log stops on the 18th
00:15 nengard I did a search for today and nada
00:15 pianohacker Is the date set correctly, inside your virtual machine?
00:15 nengard then scrolled to the end and it's last entry is for the 18th
00:15 pianohacker You can run $ date
00:15 pianohacker to check
00:15 nengard no clue -but the things I'm seeing on the 18th are not things I did today
00:16 nengard yes date is right
00:16 nengard grrrrrrrrr
00:16 nengard craziness
00:16 thd today was an error free day
00:16 nengard that can't possibly be true :)
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00:17 nengard okay - that's it - I have to quit for tonight - thank you guys!! I'll try again tomorrow
00:17 nengard need a fresh mind
00:17 thd there are two error logs
00:17 pianohacker Oh, shoot, yes
00:18 thd at least in Koha
00:18 nengard LOL
00:18 pianohacker There's an intranet and OPAC one
00:18 nengard okay I'll try that and then bed
00:18 nengard i need the opac one
00:18 pianohacker Sleep well, see you monday :)
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01:23 pianohacker @later tell jwagner Okay. I updated, and tested it. It's now picking up a whole heap of people, now depends on billing notice cleanup
01:23 munin pianohacker: The operation succeeded.
01:23 pianohacker Sorry for not using /msg, tired >_<
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02:43 SelfishMan 22:27  * Schroeder suggests buttsexing it
02:43 SelfishMan oh, wrong channel
02:43 * SelfishMan switches to the proper network ops channel
02:43 SelfishMan sorry
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02:53 pianohacker Good night
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08:26 thd is now known as thd-away
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19:26 jwagner hdl_laptop, just in time :-)  Can I get a syspref translation?
19:26 hdl_laptop yes
19:26 hdl_laptop throw
19:26 jwagner If ON, displays the format, audience, type icons in XSLT MARC21 results and display pages.
19:26 cait hi jwagner and hdl
19:27 jwagner Hi, and bonjour to hdl (poor manners to ask favor without greeting, my apologies...)
19:43 chris morning
19:44 jwagner morning, chris
19:44 * chris checks in for a few minutes before going to catch my bus
19:44 chris gmcharlt has been busy, lots of patches pushed
19:46 jwagner Hope it doesn't screw up the one I'm working on. I just updated yesterday!
19:48 chris its unlikely too
19:48 chris unless you edited the same line as someone else did, git copes with pretty much everything else
19:49 chris ok, off to catch my bus
19:49 jwagner Have a good day!
19:54 hdl_laptop jwagner: Si activé, affiche le format, le type de public et les icônes de type en XSLT (MARC21)
19:54 hdl_laptop jwagner: it is ok.
19:54 hdl_laptop sorry. I was watgching pictures with my wife.
19:55 jwagner Merci beaucoup!  I was just about to commit and send a patch without a translation, so I was glad to see you show up.
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20:34 richard hi
20:38 chris morning richard
20:39 richard hey chris
20:39 richard from dean: Baby arrived on Saturday at 7:13pm - 7.5lb.  He and Cath are doing well.
20:40 chris ohh thats great news
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20:46 chris hi cait1
20:47 cait1 hi chris
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20:59 cait1 bed time :)
20:59 cait1 good night everybody
20:59 chris sleep well
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22:07 gmcharlt hi folks
22:07 jwagner hi gmcharlt
22:13 chris hiya gmcharlt
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23:29 chris gmcharlt: got a sec?
23:31 gmcharlt chris: sure
23:32 chris
23:32 chris vs
23:32 chris
23:32 chris this is using memoize::memcached
23:33 chris for which we can specify ttls
23:33 chris per function
23:33 chris memoize_memcached('getTranslatedLanguages');
23:33 chris in C4::Languages
23:33 chris is a big win
23:33 gmcharlt wouldn't take much
23:34 chris yeah
23:34 gmcharlt what does it look like if you use a plain Memoize
23:34 chris it only gets called once per script
23:34 gmcharlt ah, right
23:34 chris but every page on the opac does it
23:35 chris and it just doesnt change
23:35 gmcharlt is Memoize::memcached smart enough to not croak if you haven't configured a memcached server?
23:35 chris lemme turn mine off and tell ya
23:36 chris http://opac.koha.workbuffer.or[…]
23:36 chris seems to work fine
23:36 chris with no working memcache server
23:37 gmcharlt what does Apache log look like in that case?
23:38 chris silent
23:38 gmcharlt k, sounds like we have a winner
23:39 gmcharlt where are you configured the pointer to the memcached server? koha-conf.xml?
23:39 chris im undecided, probably there, or it could be a syspref
23:39 gmcharlt I vote for koha-conf.xml
23:39 chris works for me
23:39 chris its not something you want to change on the fly really anyway
23:39 gmcharlt in theory, you could have it vary by app server
23:40 chris i wanna add a namespace conf or syspref too
23:40 gmcharlt was about to ask about namespace
23:40 gmcharlt again, koha-conf.xml
23:40 chris righto
23:41 chris ill tidy it up more, and then i think there will be some time profiling and memoizing the nasty ones
23:41 gmcharlt I'd like to get ahead and get the initial stuff pushed
23:41 chris righto
23:41 gmcharlt i.e., basic support + getTranslated ..
23:42 chris ill get the config and that one
23:42 chris then will send patches, and work on the rest
23:42 chris ill do that tonight
23:44 gmcharlt thx
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23:46 Jo Good morning all
23:46 gmcharlt hi Jo
23:46 Jo How are you galen ;)
23:46 gmcharlt Jo: busy, and kitty-bombed
23:47 gmcharlt three cats on the office floor
23:48 gmcharlt how are you, Jo?
23:49 Jo kity-bombed lol
23:49 Jo doing alright. first time in 2 months since Rosalie left I have lifted my eyes off the desk :)
23:50 Jo its beenlike leaping on a moving train and have no idea what the station is until we get there.
23:50 Jo but today I get to choose which next piece of urgent work to do! (thats a big step )
23:50 gmcharlt chosing_your_emergency++
23:51 Jo thats the thing - none of them are emergencies - uit really is a big day here in Horowhenua
23:59 chris sweet that worked
23:59 chris <memcached_servers>127.0.0.​1:11211</memcached_servers> <memcached_namespace>KOHA1</memcached_namespace>
23:59 chris [chris@ubuntu koha.git{cache}]$ ./what_am_i_caching.rb
23:59 chris KOHA1getAllLanguages-scalar- [5009 b; 1251071904 s]
23:59 chris KOHA1getTranslatedLanguages-list-opacprog [19094 b; 1251071904 s]
23:59 chris KOHA1getTranslatedLanguages-scalar-opacprogen [19113 b; 1251071905 s]

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