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02:12 baseballfreak47 Hello I was wondering if someone could walk me through installing apache i cant sem to figure it out
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02:18 baseballfreak47 Hey piano hacker
02:18 pianohacker1 Hello
02:19 baseballfreak47 do you think ou could walk me through installing apache
02:19 pianohacker1 Umm, perhaps. Do you have linux installed?
02:19 baseballfreak47 yes
02:19 baseballfreak47 ubuntu
02:19 baseballfreak47 if you dont want to right now thats fine
02:20 pianohacker1 Okay, so it's easy. Go to Applications -> Accessories -Open a Terminal, then type in "sudo apt-get install apache2" (without the quotes), then hit Enter
02:20 pianohacker1 Sorry, Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal
02:20 baseballfreak47 oh okay thanks
02:21 baseballfreak47 wow that wwas easy
02:21 pianohacker1 Yup
02:21 baseballfreak47 okay random questiopn here
02:21 pianohacker1 Shoot
02:22 baseballfreak47 so i have ubuntu installed on the same hd as windows xp and when ubuntu did the partitionaing it gave windows 50gb and ubuntu 7 mb more than it needed for install how do i fix this?
02:25 baseballfreak47 :)
02:25 pianohacker1 You can install a partition editor
02:25 pianohacker1 (sorry, distracted)
02:25 baseballfreak47 lol your fine
02:25 pianohacker1 From Applications -> Add/Remove Programs
02:25 pianohacker1 Might also be called gparted
02:26 pianohacker1 Actually, nevermind
02:26 baseballfreak47 okay thanks
02:26 baseballfreak47 oh ok
02:26 baseballfreak47 srry back to apache real quickis there anything else i need to do after that?
02:27 pianohacker1 You'd want to resize the partitions using your installation CD (when you've booted up the CD, there's a Partition Editor in System -> Administration )
02:27 pianohacker1 (There's other Koha install stuff, yes)
02:27 pianohacker1 But Apache's done
02:27 baseballfreak47 okay thanks
02:28 baseballfreak47 okay so put in my ubuntu install disk and go to administration ill go do that and be back in a bit
02:28 pianohacker1 Just remembered that you do _not_ want to resize your Ubuntu partition when you're booted into that same Ubuntu
02:28 pianohacker1 Good luck
02:28 baseballfreak47 THANK YOU SO MUCH i would be lost without you guys
02:28 pianohacker1 Not a problem, happy to help
02:28 baseballfreak47 wait srry on your last thing what do you mean?
02:29 pianohacker1 It'd be like trying to change a tire on a bike while you were riding it
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03:12 pianohacker1 Good night
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04:59 baseballfreak47 hey
04:59 baseballfreak47 I was wondering if someone could give me the command to instal apache again
04:59 baseballfreak47 i switched hd and lost it
05:02 baseballfreak47 pianohacker1: you on?
05:17 baseballfreak47 hey could someone walk me through installing mysql
05:18 brendan hey baseballfreak47 which type of Linux you on?
05:19 baseballfreak47 ubuntu
05:20 baseballfreak47 srry real quick do i need apache mysql and pearl or just one?
05:20 brendan perl should already come as part of linux
05:20 brendan you need mysql and you need apache
05:20 baseballfreak47 okay thanks
05:20 brendan koha is built on a LAMP stack -- linux apache mysql perl
05:21 brendan apt-get install apache2
05:21 baseballfreak47 already got that haha i googled it
05:21 baseballfreak47 and then for mysql?
05:21 brendan apt-get install mysql-server
05:21 baseballfreak47 haha thats easy enough thanks
05:22 baseballfreak47 so once i install mysql download koha will it tell me what to do?
05:22 brendan sure -- I'd go ahead and review the ubuntu install instructions
05:23 brendan once you download koha -- there should be an install file that appears in the koha dir
05:23 baseballfreak47 hey real quick so i type that into the terminal and it says, "Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13 Permission denied) E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?"
05:24 baseballfreak47 any suggestions
05:24 brendan sudo apt-get install
05:24 brendan so you'll need to use the sudo command --
05:24 baseballfreak47 i knew that my bad
05:24 baseballfreak47 thanks
05:24 brendan su - root
05:25 brendan then edit the /etc/sudoers file
05:25 brendan ok cool :)
05:25 baseballfreak47 oh now your over my head
05:25 baseballfreak47 i got it to start
05:28 baseballfreak47 Could not get lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Unable to lock the download directory
05:28 baseballfreak47 idk what that means
05:30 baseballfreak47 brendan:  you there?
05:30 brendan[…]a7cdd9d47;hb=HEAD
05:30 brendan those should help you out
05:30 baseballfreak47 oh okay thanks
05:31 baseballfreak47 oh my goodness thank you SO MUCH
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05:52 baseballfreak47 okay so i need some help any one there?
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06:49 Ropuch Morning
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07:27 |Lupin| hi there
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07:49 chris hi
08:26 |Lupin| hello chris
08:26 chris still on vacation |Lupin| ?
08:27 |Lupin| chris: yes, till monday
08:27 |Lupin| chris: it's winter for you I guess, so no vacation ?
08:27 chris nope, not until october
08:35 |Lupin| k
08:37 |Lupin| chris: there was a bug report about the system prererences calles something like opacBaseURL and intranetBaseURL, it is planned to remove them completely. I can't remember the bug number and have no access to the machine where it is stored. I added a comment to it and I'm wondering what your opinion is abut this...
08:37 chris aahh the opacBaseURL one won't be removed
08:37 chris there is a new feature, to show a preview of the opac (in the intranet, so staff can see what an item would look like)
08:37 chris that depends on it
08:38 |Lupin| chris: ok, good to know
08:39 |Lupin| chris: however last time I checked the opacBaseURL feature was not working. Roughly speaking the only reference to it I could find was its definition and it was not used anywhere else in the code
08:40 chris yep, it is being used now
08:40 chris as of about a week ago
08:41 |Lupin| oh it's so great
08:41 |Lupin| so it's back you mean, right ?
08:41 chris well its being used in once place in the code now
08:41 |Lupin| i.e. it was there, then it was removed, then restored. It this the correct story ?
08:42 chris im not sure it was ever used in the code
08:42 chris but i can see lots of uses of it
08:42 |Lupin| chris: ok, but assuming the syspref is given a value, would all the URLs generated in OPAC take this value into account ?
08:42 chris no
08:42 chris only the new feature does
08:42 |Lupin| chris: ok
08:43 chris someone would have to go through and add it
08:43 |Lupin| chris: and do you know what the plans are regarding this ? is there a lot of work to do to achieve this state ? is someone responsible of it ?
08:44 chris lots of work, no one is planning to do it afaik
08:44 |Lupin| chris: ok. What kind of modificaiton is required ? I assume it's not at the template level, is it ?
08:44 chris yes
08:44 chris lots at the template level
08:44 chris and a few lines of change to C4::Auth
08:45 chris so that the value is passed to all the templates
08:45 |Lupin| actually I'd really need this feature... I assume it is not possible to achieve the same result by means of apache rerite rules or so
08:45 chris but 99% of the work would be at the template level
08:45 chris yes it is achievable using mod_rewrite
08:45 |Lupin| chris: ok. and do you think it could be automated, at least partly ?
08:46 chris nope
08:46 |Lupin| chris: ok
08:46 chris (automated using mod_rewrite you mean?)
08:46 |Lupin| chris: I assume the situation is almost similar for the intranet ?
08:46 chris or automated changing the templates?
08:47 |Lupin| chris: no, I meant automating the modificaiton of the templates
08:47 chris yeah that could be
08:48 chris using sed
08:49 |Lupin| chris: yeah that's what I had in mind
08:49 |Lupin| chris: apart the <a > tags, what else should be modfied ?
08:49 chris probably all the <img ones
08:50 |Lupin| (I wondering whether it wouldn't be possible to associate a base URL to each template with respect to which all the otherws would be interpreted... ?
08:50 chris and script and js
08:50 |Lupin| chris: k
08:50 chris nope, doesnt really work like that
08:50 chris the links are absolute
08:50 chris ie /cgi-bin/koha/ for eg
08:51 chris they would all need to become "<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="baseurl" -->/cgi-bin/koha/"
08:51 baseballfreak47 hey guys quick question
08:52 |Lupin| chris: /me takes notes :-)
08:53 chris assuming baseurl was what C4::Auth passes
08:53 baseballfreak47 hey guys i have a ? when you get a chance
08:54 chris just ask it baseballfreak47 ... irc is best when you just ask the question rather than asking to ask :)
08:54 baseballfreak47 okay srry i just didnt want to interupt thanks for the tip
08:54 baseballfreak47 so im using a step by step to install koha on ubuntu
08:54 baseballfreak47 and this is what it tells me, "   72 Using the ubuntu.packages file included in the Koha source tree,    73 run the following:    74     75     $ sudo dpkg --set-selections < install_misc/ubuntu.packages    76     77 Now start dselect (you may need to 'sudo apt-get install dselect'):    78     79     $ sudo dselect    80     81 Choose [I]nstall and accept pac
08:55 baseballfreak47 Choose [I]nstall and accept packages to be installed (hit return)    82     83 (may take a while)    84     85 Choose [C]onfigure, [R]emove and [Q]uit until dselect has
08:56 baseballfreak47 and im a little confused if someone coulld give me a hand that would be great
08:56 chris hmmm not sure i can do much more than repeat that im afraid
08:57 baseballfreak47 haha
08:57 baseballfreak47 um let me try to make it more direct
08:57 |Lupin| chris: k, written what you said. I may work on this.
08:57 chris cool
08:58 baseballfreak47 so right after the # 75 where it says $ sudo dpkg --set-selections < install_misc/ubuntu.packages  do i put that into the command box?
08:58 chris yes
08:58 chris not the $
08:58 chris but the rest
08:58 baseballfreak47 oh okay thanks
08:58 chris anything starting with $ means do it at the commandline
08:59 baseballfreak47 oh okay
08:59 baseballfreak47 so i did that and it told me "bash: install_misc/ubuntu.packages: No such file or directory"
09:00 |Lupin| chris: when you mentionned js, what did you mean ? Is there something else than <script > to think about ?
09:00 |Lupin| baseballfreak47: as a ./ infront of the command
09:00 |Lupin| baseballfreak47: ./install_misc/ubuntu.packages
09:00 chris nope thats not right
09:01 chris have you downloaded koha (either via git, or got a tarball) ?
09:01 baseballfreak47 yes i have
09:01 chris |Lupin|: there might be images or urls hardcoded in the js or css, not sure though
09:01 chris baseballfreak47: right cd into there first
09:02 chris then run that line again
09:02 baseballfreak47 so it should look like  $ cd sudo dpkg --set-selections < install_misc/ubuntu.packages
09:02 |Lupin| chris: ah I see.
09:03 baseballfreak47 ?
09:03 baseballfreak47 must be wrong didnt work
09:04 chris no
09:04 chris how did you download koha?
09:06 baseballfreak47 $ wget
09:07 chris right so
09:07 chris cd koha-3.00.02
09:07 baseballfreak47 what do i do with that? (Im totally over my head here thanks for the help)
09:07 baseballfreak47 put that before the line
09:08 baseballfreak47 $ cd koha-3.00.02 sudo dpkg --set-selections < install_misc/ubuntu.packages
09:08 chris do that line, hit return
09:08 chris no, not on the same line
09:08 chris run that command
09:08 baseballfreak47 oh i see
09:08 baseballfreak47 gotcha
09:09 baseballfreak47 so i type in cd koha-3.00.02 and press return
09:09 baseballfreak47 then...
09:10 chris the sudo dpkg line
09:11 baseballfreak47 it tells me no such file
09:11 baseballfreak47 after the line that starts with cd
09:13 chris hmm, im sorry i have to go now, but have you done the tar xzvf line?
09:13 * chris wanders off for some family time
09:13 baseballfreak47 idk
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09:13 baseballfreak47 thank you for your help
09:13 baseballfreak47 jw what time is it there?
09:14 Ropuch Depends of "there", 11:14 a.m. here ;>
09:14 baseballfreak47 wow
09:14 baseballfreak47 its 2:15 am where i am
09:14 baseballfreak47 i think i might have some insomniac tendencys haha
09:15 Ropuch Insomniacs start past 5am ;>
09:15 baseballfreak47 oh haha
09:15 baseballfreak47 as you can see i also cant spell
09:16 Ropuch Frankly i did'nt notice
09:16 baseballfreak47 oh haha
09:17 baseballfreak47 well have funn with your family
09:17 Ropuch I believe that was adressed to chris ;>
09:18 baseballfreak47 oh wow i totally didnt realize it switched people
09:18 baseballfreak47 lol
09:18 Ropuch hehehe
09:18 baseballfreak47 im clueless
09:18 Ropuch Or tired, but it's your choice ;>
09:19 baseballfreak47 lol
09:19 baseballfreak47 surprisingly im not tired
09:19 baseballfreak47 or maybe im so tired i cant tell that im tired
09:20 baseballfreak47 jw where r u?
09:20 baseballfreak47 Ropuch: Im gonna go hang out with my sister ttyl
09:21 Ropuch Me? I'm in Poland
09:21 Ropuch Well, good luck then with all your tty's ;>
09:24 baseballfreak47 haha im back
09:24 baseballfreak47 oh cool Poland
09:24 baseballfreak47 Im in the US
09:24 baseballfreak47 Washington
09:25 baseballfreak47 im rebooting cuz im upgrading the ram on my comp
09:25 baseballfreak47 c ya
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09:55 |Lupin| gotta go
09:55 |Lupin| bye everybody
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12:06 greenmang0 @wunder mumbai
12:06 munin greenmang0: The current temperature in Mumbai, India is 29.0�C (5:10 PM IST on August 22, 2009). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 79%. Dew Point: 25.0�C. Pressure: 29.65 in 1004 hPa (Steady).
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12:58 Shtirlits @wunder copenhagen
12:58 munin Shtirlits: Error: No such location could be found.
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19:49 brendan good afternoon #koha
19:50 pianohacker Good afternoon, brendan
19:50 brendan heya pianohacker
19:50 brendan up to anything fun?
19:51 pianohacker Not really. Trying to figure out why our little NAS isn't responding, trying to set up remote access for another client and failing
19:51 pianohacker All great fun
19:51 Shtirlits guys, anybody know where u can get koha 3.0 manual as a pdf or something?
19:51 pianohacker is now known as pianohacker|wor
19:51 pianohacker|wor is now known as pianohackr|work
19:51 brendan I don't think you can get it as a pdf
19:52 brendan just the web stuff
19:52 pianohackr|work PDF, not sure, but there was a recent post to the mailing list detailing how to download the whole thing in one shot
19:52 Shtirlits hmmm mailing list
19:53 pianohackr|work Shtirlits: Here's the link:[…]emanual-all-pages (but do not click on it unless you have some time for it to load)
19:54 Shtirlits well
19:54 Shtirlits it doesn't show images
19:54 Shtirlits images show as broken links
19:54 Shtirlits thats why i was searching for premade
19:54 Shtirlits i use chrome
19:58 Shtirlits okay, at least I found a thread about it in the mailing list archive
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19:59 |Lupin| good evening
20:00 chris yeah it's currently broken
20:00 Shtirlits oookay
20:00 Shtirlits yea, thats what the mailing list say
20:00 chris unfortunately no one here can fix it
20:01 chris as we don't have access to the site
20:01 Shtirlits i suppose
20:01 Shtirlits Okay - it looks like a bug in Plone :( I'll see what I find to solve
20:01 Shtirlits this issue - but for now you might just want to print the sections of
20:01 Shtirlits the manual you want - each one works individually.
20:01 Shtirlits ---
20:01 Shtirlits Nicole C. Engard
20:01 Shtirlits Tue Jul 7 04:57:41 NZST 2009
20:02 chris yep
20:02 chris she can't fix it either
20:11 |Lupin| anyone knows who is the drupal expert at biblibre, pls ?
20:14 |Lupin| k, will see this on monday. good night everybody !
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20:20 chris hi jwagner
20:20 pianohackr|work Hola jwagner
20:20 gmcharlt hi #koha
20:20 pianohackr|work Hi, Galen
20:20 jwagner Hi to all!
20:22 chris morning gmcharlt and pianohackr|work
20:22 pianohackr|work Good morning
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20:25 gmcharlt just back from my weekly self-torture session (AKA visiting all of the homeless kitties)
20:26 chris ahhhh
20:26 gmcharlt I know I can't take any of them home - I have four, after all, but ...
20:26 chris yep, always hard
20:26 chris i should introduce you to mark at work
20:27 gmcharlt another fuzzball lover?
20:27 chris yep resident postgresql guru and cat lover
20:27 chris he spends significant amounts of each year in africa looking after big cats too
20:28 pianohackr|work bbl
20:28 gmcharlt Pg export to boot?  tell me he's heading to the airport right now, please :)
20:28 chris hehe
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20:28 chris[…]_18/ai_n26867259/
20:28 chris thats him
20:29 * gmcharlt has noticed that Pg has gotten rather less love from O'Reilly than MySQL
20:29 chris helped tons with tuning postgres for
20:29 chris nengard++ #weekend patches
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20:38 jwagner Too bad owen isn't online, but maybe someone else can answer.  I'm fiddling with XSLT (again).  Does anyone know why, in MARC21slim2OPACResults.xsl, there is a check for indicator 2 to be 0 before it will show the URL in the results list?  There's no such check in the details xsl, and I can't see why it would be necessary in the results list.
20:38 jwagner (The 856 second indicator, that is, of course)
20:42 gmcharlt jwagner: I suppose on the theory that if people consistently coded the 856 ind 2 correctly, you'd prefer to display just 852.*0 on the results list to include URLs that point directly to the resource, not alternative versions
20:42 gmcharlt or related resources
20:42 gmcharlt that may well be a bit too sophisticated in practice
20:44 jwagner I think it is...too many sites with crappy data or people who have no idea what they're doing.  Do you think there'd be any great objection if I removed that check?
20:45 chris not from me
20:47 chris id say crap data is the norm, not the exception
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20:52 chris hi jdavidb
20:54 jdavidb Hi, chris! :)
20:54 jdavidb I was surprised by your response to nengard's facebook status; I thought I was the only heretic around here.
20:59 chris naw, zebra is great when it works, its a bit blackboxy when it doesnt
20:59 chris and i have an instinctual hatred for numeric error messages
21:01 jdavidb heh.  me too.  A few months ago--before March--I brought the idea up among some LL folk, and was *firmly* quashed, so I figured it was rank heresy to think that.
21:02 jdavidb Solr is just so darn fast, and has so few moving parts; it's pretty amazing.
21:03 gmcharlt jwagner: fine with me
21:03 jdavidb Hi, gmcharlt!  :)
21:03 jwagner OK, thanks.  I'll make a note about dropping that indicator check in the commit notes.  If I ever GET that far, sigh.
21:03 gmcharlt hi jdavidb
21:04 chris i do hate tomcat too tho
21:04 chris im an equal opportunity hater
21:04 chris :)
21:05 chris we did look at lucene and plucene when looking at zebra, was before solr was able to do much
21:05 chris where lucene (and thus solr) beats zebra is on updates
21:05 gmcharlt yeah, solr itself provides another moving part
21:06 jdavidb I'm not a big fan of tomcat, either; I rassled with it some with DSpace.
21:07 gmcharlt it'd be one thing if Koha were itself a java web app
21:07 chris i contend zebra is faster for search (not our implementaton maybe)
21:07 jdavidb gmcharlt:  Yah, if "we gotta have it anyway", that'd be one thing.
21:08 chris we used to use solr for stuff
21:08 chris used to break lots
21:08 chris but we were throwing some pretty decent load its way
21:11 chris if we could do realtime, or close to realtime updates of zebra ... or equally remove the need to
21:11 chris then id be happy
21:11 chris if we cant, then im open to a different indexing engine to accomplish that
21:13 jdavidb I don't even mind the periodic-update quality of zebra, that much.  Most of our clients are on 10-minute cycles, and find that mostly acceptable.  My biggest grumpiness lives in the fact that you can't reconfigure it from within Koha, and it take some major tea-leaf reading to do it at *all*.
21:13 jdavidb (But I'm spoiled.  Unicorn let you reconfigure it from the GUI.)
21:14 chris we could allow it to be reconfigured within koha
21:14 gmcharlt and same issue would apply for Solr
21:14 gmcharlt it boils down to two needs
21:14 chris but its still pretty 'huh?'
21:14 gmcharlt 1. search engine abstraction layer
21:14 gmcharlt 2. abstraction layer for index configuration
21:14 jdavidb yeah.  In either one, it's gonna be pretty arcane.
21:14 chris yep
21:15 chris i say we just get google to spider the catalog and use that
21:15 chris :-)
21:15 jdavidb When I was with the Unicorn library, I had so darn many index changes...if I'd have had to do it without the GUI, it'd have made a drinkin' man out of me.
21:15 gmcharlt and IMO, 3. steering people away from trying to write yet another crappy internal search engine
21:16 jdavidb 3. sounds like the easiest part of it.
21:16 gmcharlt heh - you'd be surprised
21:16 chris (thats what we ended up doing with stuff :-) .. im aware that wouldnt work for librarians :))
21:16 gmcharlt Evergreen is an example of that IMO, actually
21:17 jdavidb I haven't done a whole lot of work with Evergreen, but it appears to me to be way too closely related to a helicopter.
21:17 gmcharlt but regardless, using a component that specializes in search is a win
21:17 chris yep
21:17 jdavidb ("A helicopter does not fly; it is a collection of quasi-unrelated parts moving in close formation, beating the sky into submission.")
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21:18 chris as an aside C4::Search makes my brain hurt
21:19 chris i know that a lot of "why isnt my search working" questions would go away if when we tried to search and zebra wasnt running, we reported this
21:19 chris instead of just 'no results found'
21:19 chris error_handling++
21:20 jdavidb @quote add <chris>as an aside C4::Search makes my brain hurt
21:20 munin jdavidb: The operation succeeded.  Quote #26 added.
21:20 chris also a 'status' page in the intranet might be nice
21:20 gmcharlt @quote add <jdavidb> ("A helicopter does not fly; it is a collection of quasi-unrelated parts moving in close formation, beating the sky into submission.")
21:20 munin gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.  Quote #27 added.
21:20 chris assuming we could find out from zebra, how many items we have indexed, when it was last indexed etc
21:21 jdavidb lol
21:22 gmcharlt I think at least some of that can be extracted from Zebra
21:23 jdavidb Probably so, yeah.  That'd be good to get.
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21:30 chris ohhh gmcharlt has officially moved into 4th place
21:31 chris that musta happened in the last week or so
21:31 chris
21:31 jdavidb Awesome!
21:32 jdavidb gmcharlt++
21:32 brendan heya chris gmcharlt jdavidb
21:32 jdavidb Hiya, brendan! :)
21:32 chris hey brendan
21:32 jwagner Heh.  I'm one ahead of jdavidb :-)  At least in his current incarnation.
21:33 chris :)
21:33 brendan heya jwagner
21:33 jdavidb I better hurry, or wizzyrea will catch me.
21:33 brendan I'm in CT and this humidity is killing me :)
21:33 jwagner hi brendan.  You're just spoiled.  We have a marvellously fierce thunderstorm system moving through here.
21:34 brendan oh joy -- that should get up here in a few
21:34 brendan hours
21:34 jwagner I think it may be moving more easterly (across MD/DE and out to sea).
21:36 * jdavidb waves
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21:46 chris hmm 2 more lines and jwagner will move into 50th place on the most talky people on irc list
21:46 chris :)
21:46 chris its sunday stats day
21:48 jwagner Well, I guess I can manage two more lines.
21:48 jwagner Don't you agree?
21:48 jwagner Or even three more lines!
21:49 chris heh
21:50 brendan hmmm... go I rank anywhere for chatty people
21:52 chris 24th brendan
21:52 brendan :)
21:52 chris
21:59 chris ok, off to storylines we go
21:59 chris enjoy the rest of your weekends
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23:00 nengard any regex experts online?
23:00 nengard :)
23:01 thd well does writing a database with regexes and shell scripts count as expertise?
23:01 nengard thd - sounds like more than I have
23:01 nengard I'm working on a patch
23:01 nengard and I'm learning Perl by doing :)
23:01 thd the only way to learn anything
23:02 nengard :) hang on i'll paste some stuff for you - maybe it's just a missing ; and not a regex issue
23:02 thd I seldom manage not to much up the syntax the first time
23:03 nengard
23:03 nengard what i'm trying to do is replace occurances of TITLE, AUTHOR and ISBN with the right variables before sending it to the template
23:07 thd Is $searchfortitlein the general keyword search string?
23:08 nengard no it's the value of the system preference
23:08 nengard or it was supposed to be
23:10 thd What does that system preference store?
23:10 thd I know more about regular expressions than I know about some parts of Koha.
23:10 nengard I put that in the pastebin at the top
23:10 nengard it's storing HTML for links that will search other catalogs
23:11 nengard basically this:  href="  goes out to WorldCat and searches for the title you'll lookin at in Koha
23:11 nengard to find it in other libraries
23:12 thd OK, now I understand what is being done.
23:12 nengard :)
23:14 thd Your regexes seem fine if $author, $title, and $normalized_isbn have some useful values.
23:15 nengard what's the perl syntax to print those variables out?
23:15 nengard i'm a php person
23:15 thd I do see a problem
23:15 nengard oh good
23:15 nengard ish
23:16 thd print $variable;
23:16 nengard oh same as php :)
23:16 thd real programmers use warn
23:16 jwagner nengard, to make sure I have values in the data, when there's a script running I have sometimes printed values to a temp file.  For example:
23:16 jwagner open(OUTFILE, ">/tmp/out.txt") || die "unable to open output file";
23:16 thd all programming languages are the same
23:17 nengard thd that is not true
23:17 jwagner print OUTFILE "Titlevar: $title\n"
23:17 thd what is not true?
23:17 nengard thanks jwagner, maybe i'll do that
23:17 nengard thd that all programming languages are the same :)
23:17 jwagner Then after you go to the page calling the script, take a look at /tmp/out.txt.  Brute force, but useful.
23:18 thd Oh well they have common root words
23:18 thd nengard: the problem which you may have is the need to URL escape the variable contents
23:19 nengard thd, i've seen that in tmpl files, but where would it go in the pl file?
23:20 nengard okay one problem
23:20 nengard normalized_isbn isn't in the *.pl - it's $isbn
23:20 nengard I'll fix that
23:20 thd If your $title or author has spaces or other problem characters then they need to be escaped.
23:21 thd the ISBN may need normalising in any case.
23:21 thd or every case
23:22 thd perhaps you should URL escape $title and $author before the regex
23:23 nengard thd that makes sense - but you should know that it's not that the links aren't working it's that they still say TITLE, AUTHOR or ISBN
23:23 nengard it's never being processed
23:23 thd wow
23:24 thd you should print the contents of $searchfortitlein to make certain the text is there
23:25 nengard k
23:25 thd perhaps the problem may be newlines in $searchfortitlein
23:26 thd but your regex should still work with newlines in the string
23:27 thd also if $title and $author are undefined and not merely blank then the regex would fail.
23:29 nengard thd thanks
23:29 nengard trying some things now
23:32 jwagner left #koha
23:39 thd nengard the print command will print to the console but not necessarily to the generated HTML page as it would in PHP.
23:39 nengard thanks td - i was trying jane's method of printing to a file but it's not happening - in fact nothing is happening - it's freezing ....
23:40 nengard I may have to just quit for tonight
23:40 nengard and try again when it's early and i'm fresh
23:40 thd do you have warnings on?
23:40 nengard um
23:40 nengard guess not
23:40 thd use waringings;
23:41 thd at the top of the script
23:42 thd nengard you may need to open OUTFILE for writing
23:42 nengard yeah I did that - open the file
23:42 nengard not use warnings - i'll try that
23:44 thd use warnings;  is at the top of many Perl scripts and far too much of Koha is filled with warnings problems
23:44 nengard yep it's at the top of my file
23:44 thd the warnings command needs to be uncommented
23:46 thd Is the OUTFILE ever created when runing the script?
23:47 nengard no
23:47 thd the directory where it should be created would need write permission of the webserver username.
23:48 thd Are you running a default Debian installation of Apache?
23:48 nengard yes
23:49 nengard btw if the code is: $template->param('OPACSearchForTitleIn' => C4::Context->preference("OPACSearchForTitleIn") );  it prints out the right thing - with the wrong links of course
23:52 thd the directory where OUTFILE is supposed to be created should be writable by www-data
23:53 thd unless you have changed the Apache user from www-data for some reason such as security perhaps.
23:54 pianohacker joined #koha
23:55 thd open( OUTFILE, "< /path/to/outfile" ) or die "Can't open $filename : $!";
23:57 thd nengard: Did you close the file handle OUTFILE?
23:57 nengard thd sorry - was poking at something else
23:57 nengard it appears to be the IF that is the problem

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