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18:30 chris morning
18:46 cait good morning chris
19:34 chris hows the weekend going cait ?
19:48 cait time runs too fast, but fine :)
19:48 chris :)
19:48 cait and yours?
19:49 chris finished, 10 mins til my bus to work, i better get ready, ttyl
19:51 cait works outing tomorrow (hope the term is right :) )
20:37 richard hi
20:52 chris hi richard
20:52 richard hi chris
21:36 dipanjan pianohacker: ping
21:36 pianohacker pong
21:36 chris nice work with the opac renewals pianohacker  :)
21:37 pianohacker Thanks
21:37 dipanjan pianohacker: localhost still shows system maintenance and localhost:8080 says "production mode - trapped fatal error"
21:37 pianohacker Could you pastebin your error log (or at least the most recent 50 lines or so)?
21:38 dipanjan pianohacker: yes certainly. just a min
21:39 dipanjan
21:39 dipanjan the URL for localhost:8080 changes to http://localhost:8080/cgi-bin/[…]taller/
21:40 pianohacker Progress!
21:41 dipanjan localhost shows System Maintenance ... we'll be back soon! If you have any questions, please contact the Site Administrator. with a search bar on top and the Koha logo
21:41 pianohacker dipanjan: Is the CGI::Session::Serialize::yaml module installed?
21:42 pianohacker (One quick way to test; run perldoc CGI::Session::Serialize::yaml)
21:42 dipanjan pianohacker: just a minute. I will check
21:43 dipanjan says no documentation found. I suppose it is not installed.
21:43 pianohacker Most likely not. Back to the CPAN grind :)
21:44 dipanjan will be right back. :)
21:48 dipanjan pianohacker: hurrah. installed. and the installer has kickstarted. thanksalot
21:48 dipanjan pianohacker: will be back in case of further problems
21:50 chris hello IrmaCalyx
21:51 IrmaCalyx G'day Chris. Had a pleasant w'end?
21:52 chris yep, was nice and quiet for a change
21:53 IrmaCalyx Yes, one needs a bit of peace & quiet... I got up early to watch the Tour de France's last hour
21:54 IrmaCalyx what a wonderful event (nearly as good a sailing regattas)!
21:54 chris :-)
21:55 IrmaCalyx Do you know if any large publishing houses are using Koha already?
21:55 chris hmm not that im aware of no
21:57 IrmaCalyx ok...
22:00 chris someone asking you about it?
22:01 IrmaCalyx I could have used them as a possible reference site
22:01 chris ah right
22:01 chris yeah, there might be one, you never know with Koha, but not one I know of
22:02 IrmaCalyx have a good morning...will be in touch later.
22:02 chris cya later
22:02 IrmaCalyx cya
22:02 dipanjan pianohacker: it's done and working (most probably). thanksalot
22:03 pianohacker Awesome
22:05 dipanjan pianohacker: localhost is the OPAC. and localhost:8080 is for admin stuff. Am I right?
22:05 pianohacker Yup
23:00 dipanjan pianohacker: ping
23:01 pianohacker pong, the witch is dead
23:01 pianohacker What's up?
23:02 dipanjan i had been preparing an installation manual here:[…]tandalone_machine
23:02 dipanjan pianohacker, gmcharlt: thanks for your help
23:02 pianohacker np
23:03 pianohacker A hindi translation might be useful, if you have the time
23:03 dipanjan pianohacker: what about google translator?
23:04 pianohacker That might work. It'd be a bit garbled, but you could get something out of it
23:04 dipanjan pianohacker: I am not that good in Hindi :). But will definitely think of it.
23:07 dipanjan pianohacker: the Hindi here reads awful. No structure or grammar.[…]i&history_state0=
23:07 pianohacker Heh, that's not surprising
23:07 dipanjan :)
23:08 dipanjan anyways, thanks. Must get some sleep if I have to attemd college tomorrow. Bye and good night (err... morning)
23:08 pianohacker bye, good luck
03:15 Amit hi chris, ebegin, richard
03:15 Amit good morning koha
03:15 ebegin hey!
03:50 Sab how to run multiple KOHA on a single machine??
03:50 Sab can anyone help me how to do this??
04:01 chris you just need different databases,different zebra indexes, different koha-conf.xml and different virtualhosts set up
05:49 Amit hi nicomo
05:50 nicomo hi Amit  and #koha
07:44 |Lupin| goodmorning #koha
08:06 chris[…]g/1281558625.html
08:14 slef morning
08:14 chris hey slef
08:17 |Lupin| hey chris, slef
08:42 chris
09:14 |Lupin| pls how do you regenerate the templates in other languages after one in english has been modified ?
09:18 chris its not easy
09:18 chris you have to regen the .po files, update them, then regenerate the templates
09:24 |Lupin| ahah
09:24 |Lupin| chris: okay, thanks a lot
09:25 |Lupin| chris: is this whole procedure documentend somewhere, in terms of which commands have to be invoked for each step, pls ?
09:26 chris nope
09:29 chris it should be here
09:29 chris[…]totranslatekoha&s[]=translating
09:29 chris but its not
09:29 chris basically if you want it to go back into koha
09:30 chris then you should translate them at
09:30 chris if you want just local mods, its easiest to just edit the templates direct
09:30 |Lupin| chris: how easy is it to explain ? if it iseasy, do you think you oculd explain and I could then document it ?
09:31 chris what are you doing it for? you made a local modification to the english templates?
09:31 |Lupin| chris: no it's because I'm adding a few columns to the branches table and would like to submit a complete series of patch, so I'm trying to modify the templates the right way
09:31 chris ahh
09:31 chris well in that case
09:32 chris you send the patches for the english changes
09:32 chris i update the po files at
09:32 chris and the translators translate them, and they go back into git
09:33 chris so basically you just need to edit the english and submit patches
09:33 chris once they are accepted the translate site is updated
09:33 chris we dont keep copies of all the templates in git, just the .po and generate the templates on install
09:34 |Lupin| chris: ok
09:35 |Lupin| And for those who have a dev install synchronized with HEAD, do they have something special to do after git pull so that a modificiton of the .po files gets reflected in their templates ?
09:35 chris yep
09:35 chris they can run fr-FR
09:36 chris (in misc/translator)
09:36 chris (for french)
09:37 |Lupin| chris: ok ! that's simple := thanks !
10:47 Amit hi lupin
11:50 chris hello ptfs
11:50 chris saw some good patches over the weekend :)
11:52 jwagner Thanks.  Many more on the way!
11:57 chris w00t!!
11:57 |Lupin| hey Amit
11:58 jwagner And a bunch more lined up after them.  If we could just get them finished without constant change requests....
11:58 jdavidb I came up with one over the weekend, too, that *wasn't* an enhancement request..itty-bitty one dealing with serials routing slips.  Hope to get it tidied up and out the door today.
11:58 chris awesome
11:59 jdavidb @bug 3402
11:59 munin jdavidb: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3402 normal, P3, ---,, NEW, 'issue' not escaped when creating routing list
11:59 jdavidb That one.
11:59 chris jwagner: yeah, scope creep is the bane of software engineers the world over
11:59 nengard morning all
11:59 Amit @wunder New Delhi India
11:59 munin Amit: The current temperature in New Delhi, India is 35.0°C (3:30 PM IST on July 27, 2009). Conditions: Drizzle. Humidity: 49%. Dew Point: 23.0°C. Pressure: 29.33 in 993 hPa (Falling).
11:59 jdavidb "Scope creep."  That's a kind term.  In our case, it's been more like "scope headlong rush"
11:59 jwagner The phrase "We may have forgotten to mention" is one of the worst you can hear....
11:59 chris hehe

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