IRC log for #koha, 2009-07-26

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12:04 gvb Thanks.
14:10 Snow_Fox wow its empty in here
14:19 anxst hello
14:19 Snow_Fox :-P
14:20 Snow_Fox its been a wee bit quiet in here so far
14:21 anxst i'm having some problems with searching in koha due to unicode normalization forms
14:21 anxst could someone maybe help me out?
14:22 anxst problem is that most of our biblios are stored in nfd/nfkd in mysql
14:23 Snow_Fox sorry mango greek to me :(
14:23 anxst now when i'm doing a search for a book (or author) with a diacritic in the name i don't get any results
14:24 anxst cause naturally my keyboard input is nfc
14:24 anxst is there an easy way to get around this?
14:25 Snow_Fox umm, i havnt a clue, but i guess you could try changing the keyboard input to NFG or NFKD
14:25 Snow_Fox NFD
14:25 Snow_Fox sorry
14:25 Snow_Fox beyond that i cant help you with this
14:30 anxst i don't think is easily possible... if at all
14:33 Snow_Fox you could well be right
14:33 Snow_Fox now when you say diacritic thats a special character right?
14:35 anxst yes, like a grave accent in french or a trema in german... stuff like ä or è
14:36 Snow_Fox you will have to forgive me, i live in the middle of kansas we dont see many characters like that unless the folks in lindsborg have there festival
14:38 anxst :)
15:27 Snow_Fox ok the use of RSS feeds kinda confuse me in relation to OPACS
16:09 Snow_Fox monring Piano
16:09 Snow_Fox morning even
16:12 pianohacker Good monring to you too
16:49 Snow_Fox ok i keep reading about the opac being able to access a RSS feed
16:49 Snow_Fox i guess i should ask
16:49 Snow_Fox how does the uers do that technically with the opac demo
16:50 Snow_Fox users
16:50 Snow_Fox man i cant type this morning
18:09 pianohacker There's an rss button on search pages
18:38 Snow_Fox like on the users opac account?
18:38 Snow_Fox or somewhere in the sys
18:38 pianohacker On a search page
19:32 Snow_Fox i be thinking that the demos dont be having that enabled
19:32 pianohacker mebbe. Or I could be wrong
19:44 chris morning
19:54 Snow_Fox huh
19:55 Snow_Fox someones Addy on MSN :Meaford - Where happiness goes to die
19:55 Snow_Fox ive always wondered where it did that
20:00 chris hehe
20:00 Snow_Fox hey chris
20:01 Snow_Fox RSS feeds in the OPAC
20:01 Snow_Fox exist ya or na?
20:02 chris yep
20:02 chris they exist
20:02 chris http://opac.koha.workbuffer.or[…]
20:03 chris see the little rss link next to the count of results?
20:03 Snow_Fox ya
20:03 Snow_Fox i do now
20:04 Snow_Fox ok
20:04 Snow_Fox so basically they can subscribe to that search as a RSS feed
20:04 Snow_Fox and that would be native to there opac login?
20:05 chris they dont have to be logged in
20:05 chris you can subscribe to the rss of any search, logged in or not
20:06 Snow_Fox and the results of that search will go to what ever collects there RSS feeds
20:06 Snow_Fox right?
20:06 chris yup
20:06 Snow_Fox so really nothing changes OPAC wise then
20:06 chris exactly
20:06 Snow_Fox i see
20:06 chris so a search ppl like to craft is one that shows new items
20:07 chris what id suggest with that, is you take that, and put it through feedburned
20:07 chris feedburner even
20:07 chris and provide a link on your opac to the feedburner feed
20:08 chris you can then track how many ppl are subscribe, and also feedburner fetches it once, .. even if 500 ppl are subscribe, so you dont get lots of extra searches
20:10 chris (ie add it to the opac homepage)
20:10 Snow_Fox i see
20:11 Snow_Fox im trying to wrap my head around this
20:11 Snow_Fox :-P
20:11 Snow_Fox its saturday my mind left my body by itself and said deal with it, its prob off at the lake right nwo
20:12 Snow_Fox :-P
20:12 Snow_Fox thanks chris i think that should get me going on this project
20:12 chris cool
20:45 chris right, time to make pancakes with a toddler, then off to the markets
20:45 chris i must be a masochist
20:45 Snow_Fox i was gonna say
20:46 Snow_Fox at least your not a Emo Masochist
20:46 chris heh
21:28 pianohacker bye, all
03:43 pianohacker 'night

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