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12:16 Amit @wunder New Delhi India
12:16 munin Amit: The current temperature in New Delhi, India is 31.0°C (5:30 PM IST on July 24, 2009). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 70%. Dew Point: 25.0°C. Pressure: 29.53 in 1000 hPa (Steady).
12:24 paul_p hi jwagner & good morning USA !
12:24 jwagner Bonjour paul_p!
12:24 gmcharlt hi Amit , paul_p , jwagner et al.
12:24 Amit hi galen
12:25 |Lupin| hi gmcharlt
12:28 jdavidb Howdy, gmcharlt.
12:28 jwagner Morning, gmcharlt
13:43 slef morning
13:43 sekjal good morning all!
13:43 |Lupin| hi slef & sekjal
13:49 hdl_laptop hi slef
13:50 gmcharlt hi slef
13:51 slef @last brendan
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13:51 slef munin: you what?
13:51 munin slef: downloading the Perl source
13:52 gmcharlt @last slef
13:52 munin gmcharlt: (last [--{from,in,on,with,without,regexp} <value>] [--nolimit]) -- Returns the last message matching the given criteria. --from requires a nick from whom the message came; --in requires a channel the message was sent to; --on requires a network the message was sent on; --with requires some string that had to be in the message; --regexp requires a regular expression the message (1 more message)
13:53 gmcharlt @last --from slef
13:53 munin gmcharlt: [13:51:23] <slef> munin: you what?
13:53 slef @last --from brendan
13:53 munin slef: Error: I couldn't find a message matching that criteria in my history of 1000 messages.
13:53 slef @seen brendan
13:53 munin slef: brendan was last seen in #koha 1 week, 1 day, 8 hours, 43 minutes, and 48 seconds ago: <brendan> @wunder bangalore india
13:53 slef that was what I was after
13:53 slef misremembered the command. again.
14:04 owen slef: I appreciate your comment today on Bug 3332
14:04 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3332 enhancement, P5, ---,, ASSIGNED, Edit whole category of patrons
14:05 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: sent a message ebout reconciliation branch
14:05 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: saw it - have my work cut out for me this weekend
14:05 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: where are you going on your vacation?
14:05 slef owen: thanks, but I wrote first, thought later, so now I'm slightly worried about blowback.
14:06 hdl_laptop I have just pushed some file
14:06 hdl_laptop so that all the updatedatabase from master IS in
14:06 owen Regardless of the feature, vendor, or customer, if we don't let people know what is being worked on we run the risk of duplicating efforts
14:06 hdl_laptop But I have not changed numbering.
14:07 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: staying home for the 1st week.
14:07 hdl_laptop and the second will be in the alps maybe.
14:07 hdl_laptop my wife and I are quite snobish.
14:07 slef alpen is a type of muesli in .uk
14:08 |Lupin| week-end... see you later, all
14:08 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: stay-at-home, you mean, perhaps?
14:08 hdl_laptop When everybody is trying to get to the sea... We are getting to mountais.
14:08 gmcharlt ah, gotcha
14:08 hdl_laptop yea staying AT home 1st week
14:08 hdl_laptop mountains even
14:22 sekjal if I wanted to change my Zebra authorities indexing mode from grs1 to dom, would it just be a matter of updating my koha-conf.xml file?
14:23 gmcharlt sekjal: that, + tweaking a couple other Zebra config files, then reindexing the authorities
14:25 sekjal so, likely /etc/koha/zebradb/zebra-authorities.cfg....
14:26 gmcharlt sekjal: no, switch reference to zebra-authorities.cfg in koha-conf.xml to zebra-authorities-dom.cfg
14:27 sekjal ah, right, the file sitting right next to it.  I'd noticed that before...
14:27 gmcharlt sekjal: and reference to 'retrieval-info-auth-grs1.xml in koha-conf.xml to 'retrieval-info-auth-dom.xml
14:28 sekjal gmcharlt: as always, you are of great help.  Thank you.  I'll give that a go.
14:29 sekjal with any luck, changing to 'dom' mode fix my authorities indexing issue
14:52 jwagner owen, around?
14:52 owen Yes
14:53 jwagner I'm revisiting an old peeve with XSLT in the OPAC -- making URLs open in a new window if the syspref is set that way.
14:53 jwagner Got the XSLT to open in a new window, now I'm trying to build in the "if" bit.
14:53 jwagner How do I get the XSL to recognize the syspref setting?  The variable is coming into the non-XSLT template as OPACURLOpenInNewWindow
14:54 jwagner I'm trying a line in the XSLT file like <xsl:variable name="OPACURLOpenInNewWindow">
14:54 jwagner then a choose/when set of statements
14:54 jwagner But that's just throwing errors.  Any ideas?
14:55 owen The xsl file can only process the data that it finds in the XML, and that's only MARC data as far as I know
14:55 gmcharlt jwagner: it's doable, but the sysprefs would have to be passed as XSL params when the XSLT parser is initialized in C4/
14:56 atz
14:56 |Lupin| hi again
14:56 jwagner AHA.  I see some examples in, gmcharlt.  I'll experiment there.
14:57 jwagner I thought the XSLT templates would read the same variables from Guess not....
15:00 atz Thankfully, they don't have to use as many variable, because the logic can live in the template.
15:00 atz instead of having TMPL_VAR NAME="IS_VARX_GREATER_THAN_FIVE"
15:12 joetho so what's going on with Koha development?
15:12 |Lupin| ho joetho
15:12 paul_p any marc21 specialist: when you migrate marc21 datas, items informations are in 852, and have to be copied in 952. Does it mean you need to modify bulkmarcimport and move the subfields manually ?
15:13 atz joetho: all kinds of stuff.   i've been working on tons more granular permissions
15:13 paul_p gmcharlt / atz / owen / jwagner, the previous question maybe for you...
15:13 owen joetho: We've almost finished the 20-foot-high solid gold statue of Blobby in front of the Koha secret lair.
15:14 atz paul_p: my understanding is that it varies
15:14 atz sirsi unicorn uses 926
15:14 paul_p joetho: hdl just published a mail on koha-dev, with announce of, where you can find a preview of 3.0.4, and all our other developments for 3.2 in a specific branch
15:14 paul_p atz: i have a file, with datas in 852
15:15 atz usually easiest to preprocess w/ marcEdit
15:15 paul_p I could easily copy them in 952, but I was wondering if it was the good solution !
15:15 paul_p (when you have windows... which is not my case :( )
15:15 joetho I am doing that very thing right now
15:16 paul_p ( jwagner: if you can ask again your boss about the release of the marcedit equivalent coded in Perl that he spoke to me at KohaCon... that would be brilliant and helpfull ;-) )
15:16 joetho I mean literally RIGHT now, I have marcedit open in a different window, looking at 852 fields
15:16 paul_p joetho: lol !
15:17 |Lupin| this re-coded marcedit would be usable in text mode ?
15:19 jwagner paul_p, do you mean John Rose?  He's not my boss :-) and I'm not quite sure what he was talking about, but I can ask.  He's on vacation this week so it may be a few days?
15:20 paul_p jwagner: yep, it was j rose. But J Yokley spoke of that to me as well (during a phone call we had in may or june.
15:21 paul_p it's about a tool, written in Perl, that is equivalent to marcedit, and PTFS could release under GPL.
15:22 jwagner OK, I think I know what you're talking about -- it's something one of our other people wrote as kind of an extension or replacement for MarcEdit. Not sure what its status is, and that person has also just left for vacation, but I'll ask around.
15:22 joetho vacation, or Witness Protection?
15:23 jwagner vacation, so far as I know :-)
15:23 jwagner I managed to squeeze one in myself a few weeks ago, and am already in need of another one....
15:27 owen Vacations usually cause me to need a vacation
15:27 jwagner Well, the vacation part was great.  Getting to and from it is always exhausting.  I Don't Like To Fly.
15:33 jwagner owen and gmcharlt, back to the URL in new window problem, I am not having any luck at all with the file.  I'm not enough of a programmer and/or XML person to understand exactly what it's doing or how to add this in.  For my site, I can just hardcode the change into MARC21slim2OPACDetail.xsl (& maybe the results one too).  Is it worth sending it out to community that way?  We had this discussion several months ago.
15:34 jwagner Question was which default behavior sites would prefer.  I think it's more annoying for sites who want it to open in new window & it doesn't, than for sites who don't want it & it does.  (If that makes any sense.)
15:34 slef that seems backwards
15:34 gmcharlt jwagner: best thing for moment might be to just send email describing how to do it
15:34 slef if you want a new window and it doesn't, you right click and pick "Open in New Window" or shift-click
15:35 gmcharlt as useful info for anybody who wants same effect
15:35 slef if you don't want a new window and it tries to force it, you have to reconfigure your browser
15:35 jwagner That's a user-education effort, slef, and we're talking about masses of library patrons.  Not real feasible....
15:35 gmcharlt I can work on making a patch to pass sysprefs to the XSLT templates, but I can't promise to have it available instantly
15:35 slef which Mozilla-based browsers can do, but it's not good
15:36 slef jwagner: which is more feasible?  Teaching thousands normal browser operation or teaching thousands how to reconfigure browsers?
15:36 jwagner gmcharlt, OK, I'll stick with a local fix for now & send out an email.  In my experience (with other systems), sites that want the URLs to open in new windows REALLY want it and are highly annoyed when it doesn't happen.
15:36 slef novices get confused when web links open new windows. It is not normal behaviour.
15:37 owen I agree with slef
15:37 slef opening new windows is nearly always vanity on the part of the site owner, isn't it?
15:38 slef but for me, our priorities are our users (and free software)
15:38 owen At the very least an assumption about how the user wants to use the site
15:38 jwagner Not in the library context, I don't think.  In my experience, someone is doing a search, wants to check a particular result by clicking on URL, but doesn't want to lose his place in the original search.
15:38 sekjal I agree with jwagner on that one
15:38 slef that's what the back button is for
15:38 jwagner This might have been more of an issue with other catalogs like Unicorn that didn't have static URLs for results -- couldn't reliably hit the Back button.
15:39 slef of the browser is losing its place in the search on Back, then there's a problem with the cache settings or the browser
15:39 slef well, please don't break Koha because Unicorn is buggy
15:39 jwagner But I think it's a useful option to have.  Since the syspref exists, the XSLT should obey it.
15:39 sekjal I'd want to be able to consult my results list at the same time as the resources themselves
15:39 owen Since opening a new window is non-standard behavior for links on the web, it really seems like it's incumbent on the user to open a new window if they want it
15:39 slef sekjal: then you're unusual, but opening a new window isn't hard if you want to do it
15:40 slef sekjal: as explained above, *preventing* new windows when they're coded into the page is harder.
15:40 slef and finally, I think that syspref should be removed ;-)
15:40 gmcharlt slef: I'm not sure it's our place to dictate all UI decisions to the libraries who are actually running the catalogs, even if some of the desired options may be ill conceived
15:40 slef gmcharlt: it's our place to stop the UI sucking though
15:41 slef because a botched koha doesn't reflect well on us
15:41 slef s/stop/discourage
15:41 gmcharlt lemme know when you find the universal consensus definition of UI suckiness
15:41 owen I'm fine with the syspref as long as no one makes me use it.
15:41 gmcharlt defaulting that syspref to off is good enough IMO
15:42 jwagner That's the whole idea of a syspref, and why I was trying to get the XSLT to obey it (Circle, Full).  
15:42 slef gmcharlt: lemme know when you find anything meeting the definition of universal consensus
15:42 slef gmcharlt: not even the UDHR has that
15:44 slef gmcharlt: will it be hard to choose which sysprefs get passed as params?
15:45 gmcharlt slef: simplest may be to simply pass them all, or at least all of the ones that have anything to do with OPAC display options
15:45 gmcharlt adding metadata to sysprefs to classify in what contexts they're used might make that cleaner in the long run
15:46 slef did I see a patch recently to group sysprefs in the DB instead of the code?
15:46 jwagner gmcharlt, I'd think any syspref that gets passed to the opac results & details should also get passed to the XSLT
15:46 slef if so, passing the opac group would be a good start
15:46 jdavidb That is something pianohacker is working on, IIRC.
15:47 pianohacker Kinda sorta. My work is mainly on the administration and not the usage end of the whole sysprefs beast
15:52 pianohacker More stubborn than brilliant
16:02 paul_p all: i'm leaving now, for 1 full week. Then i'll be here for 1 week, then off again for 2 weeks. I hope you'll all continue working hard on hacking Koha, while i'm on vacation and you'll enjoy that (coding, not my vacation ;-) )
16:03 gmcharlt paul_p: have a good vacation!
16:03 slef hmm, vacations... I remember those
16:03 slef paul_p: enjoy
16:07 |Lupin| yes paul_p take a good rest and enjoy your family, friends...
16:21 gmcharlt owen++ # nice blog post
16:22 owen Thanks
16:22 owen My followup is going to raise some questions about how we should mark up opac-main.tmpl
16:23 owen order to fully leverage the Grids features
17:10 pianohacker owen: I have a Koha CSS question for you
17:10 owen Sure
17:11 pianohacker I'm developing an inventory system, which checks a scanned list of barcodes against a set of criteria (call number, location, ccode, etc.)
17:12 pianohacker It prints out three lists of errors (nonexistent barcodes, missing items, unexpected items), which are essentially just an h2, a p for a description, and a table of results
17:12 pianohacker What would be the best way to visually separate the three lists? They currently run together a tad, which is a problem, since one of them has a form, and the fieldset's bottom border creates an artificial separation
17:14 owen Any chance you could share a screenshot?
17:14 pianohacker Yes, actually. One sec
17:20 pianohacker owen:[…]=screenshot26.png
17:22 gmcharlt pianohacker: I assume that the format submissions / check in links are either AJAX or that you can easily get back to a saved inventory report?
17:22 pianohacker The mark items as missing is AJAX, and all links should open in a new window, yes
17:24 owen I find it a little confusing that the form that I can submit is surrounded by data I can just view
17:24 pianohacker Okay, UI problems. What do you suggest?
17:25 gmcharlt pianohacker: what happens if you accidentally navigate away from the inventory report page?
17:25 pianohacker Currently nothing, though an onbeforeunload hook could take care of that
17:28 pianohacker owen: do you think it might work better if it wasn't a conventional Koha form? Perhaps just a label, select box and button next to each other?
17:29 owen I find this to be a tricky problem!
17:30 pianohacker Yes indeedy
17:30 owen Part of me wants to say put it all in a table together, nonexistent, missing, and unexpected, so that the user is looking at things in same sequential way they scanned them
17:31 gmcharlt hmm - perhaps have a single list for all three types of errors, controls on each entry for appropriate actions, and a way to select sets of entries for mass actions?
17:31 gmcharlt snap
17:31 pianohacker Hrm. That would fix some issues, but would remove the ability to display each set of data appropriately
17:31 owen How so?
17:32 pianohacker Actually, thinking about this. Perhaps just two lists; one for nonexistent barcodes, because they are a rather different set of data
17:32 pianohacker And a second for missing and unexpected items
17:33 owen If you're looking at a whole list in scanned-in order, I don't see why you couldn't list the nonexistent barcodes in with the others
17:33 gmcharlt I think you still would want the nonexistant barcodes in the same table - if sorted in barcode scan order by default, gives a hint as to where the questionable items can be found
17:33 owen Exactly.
17:34 gmcharlt owen: please get out of my head. :)
17:34 pianohacker nitpicking synergy FTW
17:35 gmcharlt @quote add  <pianohacker> nitpicking synergy FTW
17:35 munin gmcharlt: Error: You must be registered to use this command. If you are already registered, you must either identify (using the identify command) or add a hostmask matching your current hostmask (using the "hostmask add" command).
17:35 gmcharlt @quote add  <pianohacker> nitpicking synergy FTW
17:35 munin gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.  Quote #18 added.
17:36 pianohacker Hmm. I might have to throw this idea on the back burner for now (doing this for my library), but I see the possibilities
17:36 owen An wider UI issue raised by this example: Should there be an interface convention for actions which will take place in an Ajaxy way?
17:37 owen Or is it a matter of habituation?
17:37 owen brb
17:37 pianohacker That's actually a good point. Most of the forms in Koha raise the expectation that you will lose the data you're looking at
18:26 Snow_Fox besides the clearing of the deleted patrons and items table, are there any other maintance items for the database that needs to be addressed?
18:37 pianohacker Perhaps cleaning out the zebraqueue table
18:37 pianohacker Maybe also the sessions table, but that would require a perl script
18:38 Snow_Fox about how often should that occur?
18:40 pianohacker Hmm
18:41 pianohacker You might have to figure that out for your library. To give you an idea, an entry is added whenever a biblio or item is changed, which occurs on every checkout and checkin as well as normal editing
18:41 pianohacker brb
18:42 |Lupin| bye everybody ! see you later
18:43 Snow_Fox bye bye
18:58 martinmorris hello
18:58 martinmorris is there a way of deleting authorities from my db which don't have any bibs attached?
18:58 martinmorris or to use the contents of a marcxml file as a template for deleting auths?
19:45 joetho I wish I know what the developers writing the Waldo enhancements were thinking.
19:45 joetho I find these developments to be profoundly dsturbing.
19:46 joetho not the developments themselves, but the manner in which they are being distrinbuted.
19:48 joetho Obviously there is something I simply don't understand about the GPL.
19:48 joetho Although, as a legal document, it seems clear.
19:48 joetho And as a set of principles, it seems EXTREMELY clear.
19:48 joetho I knew that when I chose Koha.
19:49 jdavidb Either that, or there is something someone *else* doesn't understand about the GPL.
19:49 sekjal joetho:  I think I've heard rumours about what you talking about, but I'm not entirely clear what's going on
19:50 joetho People who work on developing open source code are well aware of all these issues, both legal and moral.
19:51 joetho It is the customer who hires them as their mercenary who sins.
19:51 Snow_Fox hey what are the exact use of patron tags?
19:51 Snow_Fox social networking?
19:52 joetho What is so unclear about the licence we all agree to abide by?
19:52 joetho or more specifically, the SPIRIT of that license?
19:53 joetho I want some answers, and today would not be too soon.
19:54 joetho I don't have to specify that "yes, I want the code I pay for to be made available for the release committee"
19:54 joetho To be asked to specify that is wrong.
19:54 joetho I would be embarrassed to ask a customer that question.
19:56 joetho It implies that I, the customer, would by default prefer to ignore the open source community.
19:56 joetho I would not participate in that, nor would I hire a developer who consider that acceptable.
19:56 joetho Where is a board of directors when you need one!
19:57 wizzyrea perhaps the biggest problem is that the developer in question is a for-profit entity
19:57 joetho I am aware of that.
19:58 wizzyrea ok, well... I have to go away for a lil
19:58 wizzyrea bbs
19:58 joetho But I don't agree that is the biggest problem.
19:58 wizzyrea afk a lil
20:00 pianohacker Hmm. Has anything been published by waldo, liblime, or someone who attended the users group meeting on this subject?
20:02 joetho Would you publish something like this?
20:04 jdavidb I sure wouldn't.  Sounds like amazing ignorance of the GPL...or a blatant violation.
20:04 Snow_Fox ok whats going on?
20:05 joetho well, Walter Cronkite died
20:05 pianohacker Oh, no, Mr. Cronkite
20:09 atz joetho: these are bigger features than previously commissioned... and unlike most library systems, WALDO actually scheduled a block of time to test review the major developments
20:10 atz it's not a different license, or even a different model.  it's just a bigger version of it.
20:10 pianohacker atz: Okay, so the changes are taking some time to be released
20:11 atz right.  mostly because *they don't exist* yet
20:11 pianohacker Are they going to be released?
20:11 atz 100% will be released
20:12 atz merging them back into HEAD is a big job.  especially for somebody-who-is-not-galen
20:12 sekjal so these aren't the features that were showcased at ALA in the "Coming Soon" session, then?
20:12 atz i wasn't at the session.
20:12 Wizzyrea_ interesting,thats not the impression that was given at the users group meeting (according to the minutes)
20:13 sekjal those features included the new acq module (that looks like Biblios), summary records, improved circ policies, and granular permissions, to name a few
20:13 pianohacker Wizzyrea_: Do you have a link to the minutes?
20:13 atz right, the features include (1) hourly loans, circ overhaul.  (2) granular permissions.  (3) GetIt (new acq.)
20:14 joetho Is Josh ok?
20:14 Snow_Fox hey piano quick question, if we are running LDAP for envisionware will that mess with users changing passwords on opacs?
20:14 joetho WHy doesn't he ever COMMUNICATE this stuff?
20:14 atz joetho: i just talked to him today.  he sounded fine.
20:14 pianohacker Snow_Fox: Yes.
20:15 atz joetho: it was also the first time i've talked to him in... 2 or 3 months
20:15 joetho Holy moly. What planet am I on.
20:16 joetho oh well.
20:16 jdavidb I've not seen him here since before KohaCon, I don't think.    Nor on the lists in several weeks.
20:16 sekjal atz:  so (1), (2) and (3) are the features that don't exist yet, or the ones that do?
20:16 atz he's been writing a lot of the code for GetIt, among other things
20:17 atz sekjal: nobody I know of has those features in production.  
20:17 joetho and this code is available to the release committee to evaluate for the next round?
20:17 joetho or will be at some point?
20:17 atz right... waldo is a very methodical partner
20:18 joetho this is the new york consortium, correct?
20:18 atz yes, they have staggered migration plans, and deadlines for x feature to be completed so Y can test it, so Z can begin migration, etc.
20:18 joetho I studiously avoided asking "Where's Waldo?"
20:18 atz heh
20:19 atz right now all of this is stuff that needs to be tested... and needs to be tested *together*
20:19 joetho a well funded and ighly functional organization, it sounds like
20:19 joetho *highly
20:19 atz I did the granular permissions stuff... but I haven't even seen the GetIt code
20:19 atz so there is merging issues even on our dev branches
20:19 atz let alone back to head
20:20 atz but it does us no good to live in a progressively more remote branch
20:24 Wizzyrea_ so, ok, the features are coming, thats quite a change in position from a few days ago
20:24 Wizzyrea_ just sayin
20:26 Snow_Fox heya piano i know im full of questions today :-P, you said that the Zebraque table may need to be cleaned out every now and then
20:27 Snow_Fox any indicators when it would need that done
20:27 Snow_Fox or with the hosting via liblime do we even have to worry about that
20:30 pianohacker Snow_Fox: LibLime _might_ take care of it
20:30 pianohacker It would be something to raise
20:31 Wizzyrea_ you'll want to ask about that, yea, snow_fox
20:31 pianohacker Theoretically, you could purge all finished entries (done = 1) daily
20:38 Snow_Fox hrm
20:38 Snow_Fox ya i should prob def ask them
21:00 atz Snow_Fox: we clean old tables if you are hosted (by us)
21:00 atz clay monitors all that stuff
21:01 Snow_Fox ah cool
21:02 Snow_Fox so bev prob just got a redundent email:-P
21:04 joetho speaking of monitoring stuff , can someone contact Ryan? I have been trying to get him to apply our june15 updates and patches for going on three weeks and I can't get him to contact me to schedule it.
21:04 joetho I've tried the oldfashioned ways, email and IRC
21:05 Snow_Fox telephone?
21:05 Snow_Fox Physical mail
21:05 Snow_Fox Candy Grams
21:06 atz actually, a support ticket is probably the most effective
22:05 dipanjan i have installed koha. but nothing shows in the http://localhost:8080 page. can someone help me?
22:07 collum dipanjan: Is anything showing up as http://localhost
22:07 dipanjan collum: no
22:08 collum what system are you using?
22:08 collum Debian, Ubuntu, etc?
22:10 Snow_Fox how many different emails can Koha actually use
22:10 dipanjan collum: Fedora 10
22:11 collum Check to see if apache is running
22:11 collum ps -ef | grep apache
22:11 collum or
22:11 collum ps -ef | grep httpd
22:12 dipanjan collum: this is what i get: root      7361  3332  0 03:36 pts/0    00:00:00 grep apache
22:12 collum go to your etc/init.d directory
22:12 collum cd /etc/init.d
22:13 collum list the files
22:13 collum ls
22:13 collum and look for the startup file
22:13 collum it's probably apache2 or httpd
22:14 collum run the command as follows
22:14 collum ./apache2 restart
22:14 collum or
22:14 collum ./httpd restart
22:15 collum If it doesn't start you should get some error messages
22:16 dipanjan collum: the directory init.d doesnot have apache2, but has httpd
22:17 collum That's ok.  Different linux distributions name the file differently.
22:17 collum type in -
22:17 collum ./httpd restart
22:17 collum then do a
22:17 collum ps -ef | grep httpd
22:18 dipanjan i get Stopping httpd:                                            [FAILED]
22:18 dipanjan Starting httpd: Syntax error on line 1000 of /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf:
22:18 dipanjan Invalid command '', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration
22:18 dipanjan                                                           [FAILED]
22:18 collum This gives you a clue.  There's a syntax error in your http.conf file.
22:19 indradg__ dipanjan, pastebin the conf
22:19 dipanjan indradg__: just a minute
22:21 dipanjan indradg__, collum:
22:23 indradg__ dipanjan, remove the > from line 1000
22:23 Snow_Fox um
22:24 Snow_Fox i think that goes to the </VirtualHost tag
22:24 Snow_Fox line 997
22:24 Snow_Fox 997 - 1000 i belive is the whole tag
22:24 Snow_Fox wait
22:25 dipanjan ok
22:25 dipanjan i have been able to restart httpd
22:25 dipanjan Snow_Fox is right
22:26 Snow_Fox i should savor this moment doesnt happen often :P
22:26 dipanjan the > ended the </VirtualHost tag.
22:27 Snow_Fox man its been many years sense i looked upon a Apache config file
22:27 dipanjan now ps -ef | grep httpd gives:
22:27 dipanjan root      7416     1  2 03:49 ?        00:00:00 /usr/sbin/httpd
22:27 dipanjan apache    7418  7416  0 03:49 ?        00:00:00 /usr/sbin/httpd
22:27 dipanjan apache    7419  7416  0 03:49 ?        00:00:00 /usr/sbin/httpd
22:27 dipanjan apache    7420  7416  0 03:49 ?        00:00:00 /usr/sbin/httpd
22:27 dipanjan apache    7421  7416  0 03:49 ?        00:00:00 /usr/sbin/httpd
22:27 dipanjan apache    7422  7416  0 03:49 ?        00:00:00 /usr/sbin/httpd
22:27 dipanjan apache    7423  7416  0 03:49 ?        00:00:00 /usr/sbin/httpd
22:27 dipanjan apache    7424  7416  0 03:49 ?        00:00:00 /usr/sbin/httpd
22:27 dipanjan apache    7425  7416  0 03:49 ?        00:00:00 /usr/sbin/httpd
22:27 dipanjan root      7427  3332  0 03:49 pts/0    00:00:00 grep httpd
22:28 collum It's running.  Are you able to go to the website?
22:28 dipanjan collum: localhost:8080 shows:
22:28 dipanjan production mode - trapped fatal error
22:28 dipanjan :(
22:29 collum Hmmm.
22:29 collum What about localhost?
22:29 dipanjan collum: same
22:29 indradg__ dipanjan, there is usually a way to check your apache config (its a little distro dependent), on Fedora you can do `/usr/sbin/apachectl -S` to check the conf syntax
22:29 dipanjan collum: the page title is Koha Error. (at least it's Koha)
22:30 dipanjan indradg__: i get this:
22:30 dipanjan [Sat Jul 25 03:54:50 2009] [warn] VirtualHost overlaps with VirtualHost, the first has precedence, perhaps you need a NameVirtualHost directive
22:30 dipanjan [Sat Jul 25 03:54:50 2009] [warn] VirtualHost overlaps with VirtualHost, the first has precedence, perhaps you need a NameVirtualHost directive
22:30 dipanjan VirtualHost configuration:
22:30 dipanjan           localhost.localdomain (/etc/httpd/conf.d/koha-httpd.conf:6)
22:30 dipanjan         localhost.localdomain (/etc/httpd/conf.d/koha-httpd.conf:42)
22:30 dipanjan wildcard NameVirtualHosts and _default_ servers:
22:30 dipanjan _default_:443          localhost.localdomain (/etc/httpd/conf.d/ssl.conf:75)
22:30 dipanjan Syntax OK
22:32 pianohacker dipanjan: What does your koha error log say?
22:33 dipanjan pianohacker: just a minute
22:34 dipanjan pianohacker: where may I find it?
22:35 pianohacker Probably /var/log/koha/koha-error_log
22:35 dipanjan pianohacker: just a minute. pastebin ing it
22:37 dipanjan koha-error_log:
22:38 pianohacker dipanjan: Ah, okay. You need to install the MARC::Charset module using cpan
22:38 pianohacker (Line 24)
22:39 dipanjan pianohacker: i will be back after doing it
22:39 pianohacker k
22:39 Snow_Fox hey piano, how many emails does koha use for notices and what not?
22:39 Snow_Fox or does it just use the admin
22:39 pianohacker Ahh
22:39 pianohacker Some parts of Koha use the library's email address if available, then KohaAdminEmailAddress
22:40 pianohacker others just use KohaAdminEmailAddress
22:40 Snow_Fox when a overdue or predue notice is sent
22:40 pianohacker yes
22:41 pianohacker I'm assuming you mean as the From: address
22:41 Snow_Fox ok
22:41 Snow_Fox hrm
22:42 Snow_Fox and the library email address will likely be a email that already exists?
22:42 pianohacker Probably
22:43 Snow_Fox or should i create a email something along the lines of say
22:43 Snow_Fox or BookBot
22:43 Snow_Fox :-P
22:44 pianohacker We actually have a gmail address hooked up to it that is checked by our staff
22:44 Snow_Fox huh
22:44 pianohacker It has to be routed through an address on our server due to craz
22:44 pianohacker y relaying rules
22:44 Snow_Fox really
22:44 Snow_Fox so all emails are sent via your exchange box
22:45 pianohacker Yup. our server can only send emails from '*', and the library email address is
22:45 Snow_Fox so patrons will be getting say for overdues as the message sender?
22:46 pianohacker Whatever you enter
22:46 Snow_Fox oh so it masks the email with what we enter as long as its a proper email address
22:46 Snow_Fox and then for safty sake it had better be a real email
22:46 pianohacker But we assumed that someone replying to the messages would be saying something like "WHAT DO YOU MEAN I HAS NO OVERDUES!!11!"
22:46 pianohacker Yup
22:47 Snow_Fox huh
22:47 dipanjan pianohacker: installed MARC::Charset. still localhost:8080 shows: production mode - trapped fatal error
22:48 pianohacker dipanjan: Probably another module missing.
22:48 pianohacker Look for another line like the one I pointed out
22:48 dipanjan pianohacker: hmmm
22:48 Snow_Fox ok so i just need to specify 2 emails then
22:49 Snow_Fox i think someone got the impression we needed a email for each type of notice
22:49 pianohacker Nope
22:50 pianohacker And you can't set it up like that anyway
22:50 Snow_Fox k
22:50 Snow_Fox so what do you think
22:50 Snow_Fox
22:51 Snow_Fox i can tell you laughing hysterically from the long pause
22:51 Snow_Fox :-P
22:51 pianohacker Not so much that, just distracted
22:51 pianohacker Whatever you want
22:52 pianohacker LibLime might have some advice on the subject
22:52 pianohacker punting_to_support_company++
22:52 Snow_Fox and there is the love handoff
22:53 Snow_Fox hey i can see my house from here
22:53 Snow_Fox :-P
22:53 Snow_Fox ok time to go
22:53 Snow_Fox later
22:55 pianohacker dipanjan: Any luck?
22:55 dipanjan i think mail::sendmail is missing. trying
23:01 dipanjan pianohacker: the last line of koha error log says : compilation aborted at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/ line 23.
23:02 dipanjan line 23 says: use C4::Auth;
23:02 pianohacker Try running grep INC /var/log/koha/koha-error_log
23:07 dipanjan collum: this time the URL changed to http://localhost:8080/cgi-bin/[…]taller/ but the message is still the same
23:09 collum dipanjan: getting closer.  Anything in the koha error log?
23:10 dipanjan collum: last line says: [Sat Jul 25 04:33:46 2009] [error] [client] [Sat Jul 25 04:33:46 2009] Can't call method "id" on an undefined value at line 277.
23:11 dipanjan collum: localhost:80 says: System maintenance will be back soon
23:11 dipanjan collum: there's a koha search too bar in the page
23:12 dipanjan s/too/tool
23:12 dipanjan collum: koha error log at:
23:13 collum dipanjan: Is CGI::Session installed?
23:14 dipanjan collum: just a second
23:14 dipanjan collum: yes it is
23:19 collum dipanjan: Just looked at the error log.  Check to see if MIME::Lite is installed.
23:19 dipanjan i just installed it
23:20 dipanjan it is up to date
23:21 collum dipanjan:  Yep sorry.  I didn't go far enough down into the file.
23:21 chris morning all
23:22 collum dipanjan:  It still looks like something with CGI::Session
23:22 dipanjan collum: it says it is up to date
23:23 dipanjan collum: thanks for your help. I will be back later. I must get some sleep now. It's 4:47 am at our place
23:25 dipanjan bye all. thanks collum.
23:25 collum dipanjan:  No problem.  Check for CGI::Session CGI::Session::Serialize::yaml
23:25 collum when you get up.
00:31 chris oh cool
00:37 gmcharlt hi chris
00:39 chris heya galen
00:43 chris plans for the weekend?
01:17 chris <-- cool too
05:51 chris[…]88e3568664329e2c7
07:18 chris[…]06ac74a12;hb=HEAD
07:21 dipanjan gmcharlt: ping
07:21 chris i doubt he will be around
07:21 chris its pretty early on saturday morning where he is
07:22 chris bout 3.20am
07:22 dipanjan chris: koha installer says C4/ is missing. And it won't install either. what to do
07:22 dipanjan ?
07:23 chris C4/ comes with the tarball
07:23 chris how are you running the installer?
07:23 dipanjan # cpan
07:24 chris ?
07:24 dipanjan cpan[x]> install C4::Context
07:24 chris that wont work
07:24 chris its part of Koha
07:24 chris how are you trying to install Koha
07:24 chris perl Makefile.PL
07:24 chris make
07:24 chris like that?
07:24 dipanjan chris: yes
07:25 dipanjan chris: it is installed i suppose. but localhost:8080 shows: production mode - trapped fatal error
07:25 chris right
07:25 dipanjan and localhost:80 shows system maintenance. will be back soon
07:26 chris and the error log says it cant find C4/ ?
07:26 chris in your koha-httpd.conf
07:26 chris what does the line with PERL5LIB on it say?
07:27 dipanjan chris: just a min
07:29 dipanjan chris: I found this under ##OPAC and ##Intranet in koha-httpd.conf:
07:29 dipanjan SetEnv PERL5LIB "/usr/share/koha/lib"
07:29 chris and in in /usr/share/koha/lib is there C4/
07:30 dipanjan chris: yes there is
07:30 dipanjan chris: pastebin ed my koha error log:
07:32 chris Can't locate MIME/
07:32 chris you fixed that one eh?
07:33 dipanjan chris: that one's fixed
07:33 chris hmm the last one says redirecting to installer
07:34 chris is there any errors after that?
07:34 dipanjan yes i am getting the URL http://localhost:8080/cgi-bin/[…]taller/ when I http://localhost:8080
07:34 chris yep, thats what you should get
07:36 chris your database exists, and the user specified in koha-conf.xml can connect to it eh?
07:38 dipanjan1 chris: sorry m/c got stuck
07:39 dipanjan1 chris: what did i miss?
07:40 dipanjan1 chris: will you be available later today?
07:41 dipanjan1 chris: I must leave now. bye. will get in touch with you later.
08:48 chris[…]ixclass-and-koha/
09:13 chris ohh, another cool patch
11:52 gvb Nickserver not responding?
11:57 gmcharlt gvb: no nickserv on this channel

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