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12:10 |Lupin| is it correct that it isnot possible from within Koha to send e-mails to all the patrons at the same time, please ?
12:12 gmcharlt |Lupin|: to every patron at once?  now
12:12 gmcharlt *no
12:13 |Lupin| gmcharlt: okay, thanks !
12:14 |Lupin| gmcharlt: just wanted to double check
12:14 |Lupin| gmcharlt: what are Koha's possibilities regarding e-mails ?
12:15 gmcharlt |Lupin|: sending out patron notifications, mostly
12:15 chris thats only available with the "Koha Spam Plugin ... now with the ability to send html mail to all your patrons twice .. for maximum annoyance"
12:15 gmcharlt chris++
12:16 chris and with that, im going to sleep
12:16 chris have a good day all
12:16 |Lupin| good night chris
12:17 |Lupin| gmcharlt: I'm sorry, I don't find the feature you were mentionning... where is it in the web interface ?
12:24 gmcharlt |Lupin|: enhanced messaging attributes, for one
12:27 kf documenting opac-features today, is there a catalog using OpacBrowser so that I can see how it does look like?
12:28 kf wiki say only works in french dewey catalog
12:29 |Lupin| kf: don't know, sorry
12:30 |Lupin| okay, have to run
12:30 |Lupin| see you later all !
12:30 hdl_laptop paul_p: is there any opacBrowser on ?
12:30 paul_p hdl_laptop & kf: I don't think so.
12:37 kf ok, thx
12:38 kf paul_p: what does french dewey mean - we have (modified) dewey and MARC21 - UNIMARC needed?
12:50 gmcharlt kf: UDC (universal decimal classification), not DDC (Dewey decimal classification), I suspect
12:50 gmcharlt the opacbrowser feature should work OK for both UNIMARC and MARC21
12:50 gmcharlt once appropriate configuration tables are created
12:52 paul_p kf: gmcharlt is right. The "only" problem is that we (BibLibre) never took time to integrate into Koha the "browsing description", it's hardcoded into the script.
12:52 paul_p if you want to sponsor this, it should be fairly easy to highly improve the feature (and I have a lot of ideas about how to do that...)
12:52 gmcharlt there's a patch floating around to add English DDC descriptions, but because of potential OCLC copyright issues
12:53 gmcharlt may need to do the work of adding a configuration file for this so that library can supply their own DDC config table
12:53 gmcharlt of course, a config file for this is a good idea anyway
13:02 owen Anyone know the address of AUAF's OPAC? The link on their page is broken:
13:02 owen Also: Hi everyone!
13:03 kf gmcharlt & paul_p: thx :) but dont get how it its supposed to work or look like
13:04 kf gmcharlt & paul_p: so difficult to say, if it would work for us or if the library would be interested in this feature
13:06 kf gmcharlt $ paul_p: perhaps similar to our "browse classification" feature?
13:07 kf ?
13:08 paul_p kf: yes, it's something like that.
13:09 paul_p you "browse" a classification, that looks like a "tree", and when you reach the lowest level, you reach a list of results
13:09 paul_p what is missing are some table to explain :
13:09 paul_p - the tree
13:09 paul_p - how it is filled
13:09 paul_p for example :
13:09 paul_p 1-economics
13:09 kf ah, ok, I understand now!
13:09 paul_p  1a Personnel management
13:09 paul_p  1b Finances
13:09 paul_p 2 Law
13:10 paul_p  2a General
13:10 paul_p  2b International
13:10 paul_p ...
13:10 paul_p then, you would say "biblios fitting this criteria are in this category"
13:10 paul_p and THIS ... THIS is in a parameter table
13:10 paul_p for example : biblios with callnumber X are 1a
13:10 paul_p biblios with callnumber Y are in 1b
13:11 paul_p ...
13:11 paul_p you could even say "biblios from author X are 1a" or "biblios from publisher Z are ..."
13:12 paul_p atm, the only included feature is hardcoded dewey, stored in french
13:12 paul_p (+ some pending patch in english as said galen)
13:15 kf thx for explaining paul!
13:15 kf my job here includes transfering and linking home made classifications to html for opacs - so I really have to test this out sometime
13:16 kf the example I showed you looks not so nice... did it a while ago, but its the only one in english we have :)
13:20 paul_p I learned german at school but... my teachers were poor, the student was not very interested and it was 25 years ago so...
13:22 kf never learned french at school :(
13:34 owen Hi Wizzyrea_
13:35 Wizzyrea_ heya
13:35 paul_p 'morning owen & Wizzyrea_
13:53 owen Does the calendar pop-up widget in the staff client pick up different translations if you're not using English?
13:57 nicomo owen: I'm not sure
13:57 paul_p owen: nope, it's in english
13:57 nicomo it does not just based on the language select within Koha
13:57 nicomo but my browser is in en-US so
13:59 owen I suppose the same is true of the TinyMCE plugin. Are those the only two examples?
14:03 Snow_Fox anyone have mark or beverlys email for liblime?
14:07 gmcharlt Snow_Fox:
14:07 gmcharlt and
14:10 Snow_Fox thanks gmcharlt
14:26 Snow_Fox hey just to make sure with the custom reports via SQL if im searching for a specific item say by item id if i wanted to change what that ID is i would have to create a new report, there is no way to edit the sql report after its created, correct?
14:28 Sharon I'm not sure of the version number, but the ability to edit reports was fixed by Chris right after KohaCon
14:29 Snow_Fox i wonder if it will be in the 3.2 rollout
14:30 Sharon < info about the edit feature in reports
14:30 Sharon they keep pushing it back.
14:31 Snow_Fox hrm
14:31 Sharon FYI, We're at version: because we have a lot of enhancements, so we have to stay at the bleeding edget
14:31 Sharon edge
14:31 Snow_Fox i bet that gets tiring
14:31 Snow_Fox all the blood and what not
14:31 Snow_Fox :-p
14:32 Sharon We have pretty resilient librarians, but they get tired of the instability
14:32 Snow_Fox ok the edit button is def on the liblime demo
14:32 Snow_Fox so yay
14:35 Snow_Fox well
14:35 Snow_Fox unless
14:35 Snow_Fox the demo is a lie
14:35 Snow_Fox :-p
14:36 gmcharlt Snow_Fox: the edit feature has been in the public HEAD for yonks
14:36 Snow_Fox k
14:37 Wizzyrea_ yonks, that's one  i don't hear often
14:37 Snow_Fox thats one ive never heard before
14:37 Snow_Fox nuts its not in our test system
14:37 Snow_Fox :(
14:37 gmcharlt hmm - if you believe, Florida is apparently part of the UK
14:41 Snow_Fox uh huh.....
14:46 Snow_Fox gotta love local dialects
14:50 owen Bug 2800 refers to a system pref "maxItemsInSearchResults" which I don't see in my system.
14:50 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2800 normal, P3, ---,, NEW, maxItemsInSearchResults causes confusing display
14:51 owen Has that become numSearchResults and OPACnumSearchResults?
14:52 Snow_Fox hey ive seen that before
14:53 |Lupin| hi again everybody
14:53 Snow_Fox from what i was told it was a old value that got into the manual but not actually used
14:53 Snow_Fox there was another in there as well
14:55 |Lupin| when I try to git checkout master, it tells me that my branch is of origin/mastr... could someone please tell me how to go to origin/master anyway ?
14:57 owen I guess OPACnumSearchResults refers to titles returned, not items returned.
15:23 owen maxItemsInSearchResults must have gotten lost in an updatedatabase somewhere. It seems to work once added manually
15:25 Snow_Fox hrm piano said it was a custom sys pref
15:25 Snow_Fox bev said it was a outdated item
15:27 magnusenger Hi, all! I'm having some trouble with bulkmarcimport today. It looks like e.g. 952$h = 359.00944 Røk is turned into 952$6 = 359_009440000000000_R?K for biblioitems.marc, and then the record in biblioitems.marcxml is cut short at the "?": Anyone have any clues?
15:28 owen Snow_Fox: It works, and it's in and
15:28 owen I'm not sure why my database didn't get updated with it
15:28 magnusenger So any "nordic wowels" (æøå) in 952h results in broken MARCXML
15:29 magnusenger All other occurrences of æøå seem to work fine
15:31 magnusenger sorry, that should of course be 952$o, not $h...
15:34 magnusenger I'm munging records from a proprietary Norewgian system, and putting values in 952o with this: if (my $field096 = $record->field('096')) { $field952->add_subfields('o' => $field096->subfield('a')); } Could that somehow result in values in 952o that are not UTF8, if the value of the original 096a is in UTF8?
15:35 gmcharlt magnusenger: yes, it's possible
15:36 magnusenger gmcharlt: any way to avoid it?
15:36 gmcharlt perldoc Encode # for one way of ensuring that the values are converted to UTF8
15:36 |Lupin| pls, what's the blib directory ?
15:37 gmcharlt |Lupin|: temporary directly created when you ran Makefile.PL.  Safe to delete it after installation
15:38 magnusenger gmcharlt: thanks, i'll have a look at it
15:43 |Lupin| for a dev install ?
15:43 |Lupin| gmcharlt: even for a dev install ?
15:43 gmcharlt |Lupin|: yes
15:47 hdl_laptop magnusenger: I will be posting a patch proposing a function to ensure marcrecord data are utf8 encoded and donot get double encoded with manipulations
15:50 Sharon we've lost access to our catalog...ugh
15:50 owen ?
15:51 Sharon yep
15:51 owen Works for me!
15:51 gmcharlt Sharon: works for me as well
15:51 Sharon well crap, i wonder what the hell is going on.
15:54 paul_p Sharon: it works even from France ;-)
15:54 magnusenger hdl_laptop: sounds like a good idea! ;-)
15:54 paul_p and I even have the french version of the OPAC :D
15:54 Sharon it's hit/miss some libraries can get into some sites, but not others...and liz is home sick!
15:54 Sharon how does "nexpress" translate??
15:55 rhcl Sharon - We just had a complete Internet outage here--maybe affecting you too? We're good now though.
15:55 paul_p Sharon: it doesn't. It just means I have the "koha strings" in french. not the catalogue or your header, footer or left menu
15:56 Sharon that would explain why they can't get into'll preach patience and hope for the best.
15:57 rhcl Yea, our "ISP" said it was a teleco problem, so it could affect you too I suppose.
15:57 rhcl telco
15:58 owen Sharon: I have a very hard time getting my staff to give me accurate reports in these situations
15:58 owen "Koha is down" could mean Koha is down, it could mean the internet is down.
15:58 owen I could mean they're typing in their password incorrectly :|
15:58 Sharon I have Diana out on the front lines now, so I can get accurate reports for her - with 'parts' of the internet being down, I think rhcl has it right
15:59 paul_p last saturday I had a phone call of a SAN-OP librarian (the regular staff is in holiday) saying "hey, zebra is down". 10mn later, new call "oups, sorry, it's not zebra, it's the internet. We have nothing at all". Fortunatly, I was not on my phone, so got the 2 messages 20mn after that ;-)
16:00 Sharon Yep, our ISP is investigating the outage
16:01 rhcl Sharon: sorry, where are you again?
16:01 Sharon Kansas
16:01 Sharon Lawrence
16:01 rhcl Rgr
16:01 cait Sharon: logos are missing for me
16:03 Sharon ...and we're doing a program on cloud computing in a couple of weeks at our Tech Day workshop...I think I'll gloss over this part
16:13 wizz-work can any of you get to It looks like it should be resolving from here but it isn't connecting
16:13 wizz-work it's getting lost in translation somewhere
16:14 chris i can
16:15 chris and no, dont ask why im awake at 4.15am looking at koha catalogues
16:15 wizz-work lulz
16:17 Sharon it's back up
16:18 Snow_Fox you droped off too?
16:18 wizz-work oh was yours not working either snow?
16:18 Snow_Fox ya
16:18 wizz-work must have been some kind of kansas DNS deal
16:18 wizz-work who's your isp?
16:19 Snow_Fox Cox
16:19 Snow_Fox you?
16:19 wizz-work kanren
16:19 Snow_Fox strange
16:19 wizz-work and it's not like we host your DNS
16:19 Snow_Fox must have been further up the pipe
16:19 wizz-work (which was my first thought, because we host from here)
16:19 wizz-work and was resolving
16:20 wizz-work but wasn't
16:20 wizz-work were you going to a address or something custom of your own?
16:20 Snow_Fox kanren dns servers are backe by cox
16:20 Snow_Fox so its a cox dns issue
16:20 wizz-work oh well there you go
16:20 Snow_Fox at least thats what i was told :\
16:20 wizz-work whew, and I rushed into work because I thought it was our DNS server ^.^
16:21 wizz-work (our server is backed up by KanRen, who is apparently backed by cox)
16:21 Snow_Fox me and another tech were out getting food for the potluck
16:21 wizz-work well I'm glad to know you snow_fox :)
16:21 Snow_Fox heh
16:21 wizz-work b/c that means it's not my fault ^.^
16:21 Snow_Fox LOL
16:22 Snow_Fox we lost DNS here so it if it was you did a doozie
16:22 paul_p sounds logic: some computers had DNS cache, so could find the host, some hadn't, so couldn't find the host.
16:23 wizz-work bbiab
16:24 Snow_Fox well google searchs were bringing up links
16:24 Snow_Fox but they were not going anywhere
16:31 rhcl All KS people: tells me there's a telco problem in our area--if it's your problem too then you may see flaky behavior.
16:31 rhcl When it was going on I could get to google sometimes, but not other sites, and email was up and down too.
16:32 rhcl We're right on the MOKAN border anyway.
16:33 Snow_Fox rhcl: how do you check?
16:35 rhcl Well, they do our Internet connections, so I can call tech support.
16:36 rhcl We are a member of a program they have that manages our Internet connections up to their router and our firewall.
16:38 Snow_Fox ah
16:38 rhcl -->    Works for me.
16:41 Snow_Fox ok
16:41 Snow_Fox i just got details of what happened
16:41 Snow_Fox apparently a Cox Core router in Oklahoma City barfed
16:41 Sharon I think all is well now, thank goodness
16:43 Snow_Fox heh
16:43 Snow_Fox simply put
16:43 Snow_Fox cox barfed
16:45 Sharon I'll put that in my explanatory email - "Koha was down because a Cox Core router in OKC barfed"
16:45 Snow_Fox nah just simply not our problem cox barfed
16:47 Sharon I had to have Liz explain DNS to me...I'm learning much geek in this job
16:47 Snow_Fox well it wasnt DNS
16:48 Snow_Fox as we had thought
16:48 Snow_Fox it was active directy service server or a core router
16:48 Snow_Fox i could be wrong on my terminiology there
16:48 Sharon I didn't even know we had a DNS server here in the office...or that it could go down...or what that would mean to our libraries.
16:48 Snow_Fox heh
16:48 cait sharon: i know how you feel about learning geek... )
16:48 Sharon but I do now!
16:49 Snow_Fox if its any consolation im learning alot of librarian
16:49 Snow_Fox :-P
16:49 Sharon hehe
16:51 rhcl ->librarian<-  something I have resisted learning quite well. I'm vaguely aware there is Mark 10 and Mark 13 and that's all I need to know.
16:52 Snow_Fox it burns usssss
16:52 rhcl MARBI = Multiple Array Recursive Bind Instructions ?
16:53 Snow_Fox I am most decidedly not a programmer :-P
16:54 |Lupin| MARBI = Multi-precision Arbitrary Records Bookmarking Information
16:55 rhcl Yea, well, I was close
16:55 cait isnt that MARC21 commitee also called marbi?
16:55 gmcharlt cait: that is in fact the droid I was looking for :)
16:55 cait yay :)
16:56 |Lupin| rhcl: hmm that was just a joke ! Just tried to invent something funny
16:56 Sharon I had a friend on that committee and I'm a cataloger, so we had long, interesting, truly librarian-geek discussions on cataloging standards
16:57 rhcl You know, I did read an interesting article from some world-famous library guy where he discussed something to the effect that if you threw out Marc and all the ILSies and started from scratch with a bare database, what would you design today.
17:00 rhcl 1200 time for lunch!
17:06 |Lupin| 1900 time for concert !
17:08 cait have fun!
17:11 |Lupin| thanks !
17:11 |Lupin| bye cait, bye all !
17:18 paul_p ok, time to head back home. see ya tomorrow everybody !
17:18 pianohacker bye
17:38 gmcharlt @quote random
17:38 munin gmcharlt: Quote #15: "<|Lupin|>ricardo: you are like the Portuguese Hitchcock!!" (added by wizzyrea at 02:58 PM, July 10, 2009)
18:58 Snow_Fox anyone know what the reason for the accountlines table is for?
18:58 pianohacker Snow_Fox: I did answer that question last night, but unfortunately after you left
18:58 owen It stores information about fines and charges
18:58 pianohacker It keeps track of fines and payments
18:58 Snow_Fox ah ok
18:59 owen It's the table you update manually when you can't seem to get rid of that fine on a patron's account ;)
18:59 Snow_Fox lol
18:59 pianohacker It is the source of neverending headaches
18:59 pianohacker We could go on
19:00 Snow_Fox so in other words is a black hole where money goes
19:00 Snow_Fox like congress
19:01 owen Maybe if someone threw some money in it would get fixed!
19:01 Snow_Fox why is there a ethnicity table
19:02 Snow_Fox seems a little redundant imho
19:03 pianohacker owen: True even if it is a bad pun
19:04 owen ethnicity is a requirement of New Zealand systems
19:04 Snow_Fox i suppose it makes sense in that context with different groups in different countrys need a easy way to add and remove data
19:05 Snow_Fox without changing the hard code in the system
19:05 Snow_Fox roatype prob falls under that same category doesnt it
19:05 pianohacker Yup
19:05 pianohacker Though there's talk of moving the roadtype table into authorised_values
19:06 Snow_Fox services_throttle?
19:06 pianohacker Added for the XISBN service
19:07 pianohacker You can only use it 500 times a day, so Koha updates a counter in that table
19:07 Snow_Fox i suppose i gotta ask what is XISBN
19:07 Snow_Fox as a service
19:07 pianohacker It's reset by the misc/cronjobs/
19:07 pianohacker cronjob
19:08 pianohacker It allows you to look up other editions of a book, based on its ISBN (it's technically xISBN, but koha miscapitalizes it in a few places)
19:08 pianohacker Run by OCLC
19:08 Snow_Fox ah
19:08 Snow_Fox so where are the images for patrons technically stored
19:08 Snow_Fox in the database or in a file on the server somehwere
19:08 pianohacker In the database
19:08 pianohacker I'm fairly certain
19:09 Snow_Fox whats the limitations on image size and girth
19:09 pianohacker Couldn't tell you that one. I think there's a data size limit, but image dimensions are really only limited by where it goes in the interface
19:09 pianohacker I think the manual could tell you
19:10 Snow_Fox hrm thats what i kinda figured when i played with it
19:10 Snow_Fox according to schemaspy the firled is 16777215
19:10 Snow_Fox field
19:11 pianohacker brb lunch
19:34 Snow_Fox ok i gotta ask what is z3950
19:38 Snow_Fox language_rfc4646_to_iso639
19:38 Snow_Fox totally lost on
19:40 rhcl Z3950 is a protocol to permit searching in other people's drawers
19:40 rhcl or something like that
19:40 rhcl Even I know that.
19:40 rhcl Z39.50 is a client-server protocol for searching and retrieving information from remote computer databases. It is covered by ANSI/NISO standard Z39.50, and ISO standard 23950. The standard's maintenance agency is the Library of Congress
19:41 Snow_Fox thats why it sounded familiar
19:41 Snow_Fox it think its used to connect to various databases
19:41 Snow_Fox from the looks of the table configuration
19:42 rhcl yep
19:47 Snow_Fox language_rfc4646_to_iso639 any idea what this table does?
19:47 rhcl Is Koha Bath compliant?
19:47 Snow_Fox besides maping characters from standard to another?
20:07 Snow_Fox question on the types of Reports from SQL Tabular seems streight forward its just a list of items, sumary is also easy in that its a summation of items, however Matrix kinda baffles me, anyone know what this does?
20:08 Wizzyrea_ not sure, the french folks did the guided reports module i think
20:09 Snow_Fox sacre bleu?
20:20 atz Snow_Fox: just use tabular.   the others don't do anything (reliably) afaik
20:40 pianohacker Snow_Fox: I think the language_... table maps one kind of language identifier to another
20:40 pianohacker Beats me why we don't just keep it in a data file, but hey
20:48 richard hi
20:50 chris morning
20:50 Snow_Fox wow delayed answer
20:50 Snow_Fox hurts the brain >.<
20:50 Snow_Fox heya richard
20:51 Snow_Fox thanks piano for the info
20:53 gmcharlt hi chris
20:54 chris heya galen
20:58 Jo Good morning all
20:58 rhcl Afternoon
20:59 gmcharlt hi Jo
20:59 chris heya Jo
21:31 mib_0drkh8 anybody having problems with buying bibs from OCLC?
21:34 chris apart from the fact you have to buy them?
21:34 chris :)
21:36 mib_0drkh8 haha
21:36 mib_0drkh8 lol
21:36 mib_0drkh8 no...every time I buy one today, I get two
21:36 Snow_Fox do you guys mess with overdrive at all?
21:36 mib_0drkh8 no
21:37 gmcharlt Snow_Fox: there are at least a couple LL customers using it
21:37 mib_0drkh8 and they are not showing up when the barcode is on the book (I think because  it's Koha)
21:37 Snow_Fox someone said something about there being a workstation or computer i can buy that users can use like a OPAC
21:37 mib_0drkh8 so I don't know what is wrong, OCLC or Koha
21:38 chris mib_0drkh8: are you using zebra?
21:38 mib_0drkh8 no, using oclc connexion...EZ cat
21:39 chris i mean with koha
21:39 mib_0drkh8 Koha is our program
21:39 chris and do you the the crontab set up to run ?
21:39 mib_0drkh8 I don't know what zebra is
21:39 chris usually if things arent showing in searches, its becasue the indexes havent been built
21:39 mib_0drkh8 I know nothing about that
21:40 chris ahhh, who set up Koha for you?
21:40 mib_0drkh8 we don't handle Koha
21:40 mib_0drkh8 Incolsa
21:40 mib_0drkh8 Liblime
21:41 Snow_Fox Zebra btw is the search engine that Koha uses
21:41 mib_0drkh8 ok
21:41 mib_0drkh8 I guess I will have to go to Incolsa about it, then, but thankx
21:41 chris ahhh in that case, id expect it was running
21:41 chris yes might pay to ask incolsa
21:42 chris sorry cant be more help
21:42 mib_0drkh8 thank you
21:42 mib_0drkh8 np
21:42 mib_0drkh8 it helped some
21:42 mib_0drkh8 lol
21:42 chris :)
21:42 Snow_Fox it all good mib
21:42 mib_0drkh8 :-)
21:42 Snow_Fox im a koha noobie too
21:42 Snow_Fox and already they are trying to make me program
21:42 Snow_Fox RUN!
21:42 Snow_Fox RUN FOR YOU LIFE!
21:42 Snow_Fox :-P
21:42 chris hehe
21:43 mib_0drkh8 I don't wanna program, I can't keep up as  it is.....koha is too damn complicated, either the book shows up, or it doesn't, or it shows up twice
21:43 mib_0drkh8 never consistent
21:43 mib_0drkh8 oops
21:43 mib_0drkh8 sorry for the language
21:43 mason meh, param rail-line dwn due to slip ..
21:43 chris thats just mean Snow_Fox
21:43 chris :)
21:44 mib_0drkh8 don't think it would
21:44 Snow_Fox i prefer the quick kill
21:44 Snow_Fox :-P
21:44 mib_0drkh8 hehe
21:49 mib_0drkh8 well, thanks guys about time to wrap it up....maybe tomorrow I'll have some hair left
21:49 mib_0drkh8 :)
21:49 chris :)
21:49 chris good luck
21:55 rhcl outta here
21:55 dipanjan gmcharlt: ping
21:55 gmcharlt dipanjan: pong
21:55 dipanjan gmcharlt: where can I find the kohastruture.sql script?
21:55 dipanjan s/kohastruture/kohastructure
21:56 gmcharlt dipanjan: installer/data/mysql/kohastructure.sql
21:56 gmcharlt from the root of the git clone or unpackaged tarball
21:57 dipanjan gmcharlt: thanks
21:57 dipanjan gmcharlt: thanks
21:59 dipanjan gmcharlt: i found it under the unpacked tarball. thanks
22:00 gmcharlt dipanjan: you're welcome
22:11 |Lupin| hi
22:12 |Lupin| pianohacker: here ?
22:12 chris working late |Lupin|
22:13 |Lupin| chris: not really... jst spend a few minutes reading e-mails and saying good night
22:13 |Lupin| chris: how was your night ? :-)
22:14 chris got some sleep, so not bad ;)
22:15 |Lupin| ok
22:59 chris hmm is kansas internet still bustinated?
22:59 Snow_Fox erm nopers
23:00 Snow_Fox i did get some odd packet drops for a little bit
23:00 Snow_Fox but that was a few hours ago
23:00 chris must be just sharon
23:00 Snow_Fox apparently it was a issue in oklahoma city
23:00 Snow_Fox anyways off to home
23:00 Snow_Fox laters all
23:00 chris they probably are all out singing
23:01 chris thats all i know about oklahoma
23:35 |Lupin| bye all
23:35 |Lupin| good night / day !
03:04 ebegin hey #koha!
03:05 chris sup ebegin
03:05 ebegin gmcharlt, I want to thank you for everything you did for koha's community
03:05 chris he's not leaving, we wont let him :)
03:05 chris at least not yet, he is still RM just not working at liblime  :)
03:06 ebegin chris: I'm in Gatineau, near ottawa to give a training for a client.  Gatineau is about 2 hours from Montreal
03:06 chris cool
03:06 ebegin chris, true for gmcharlt
03:06 ebegin gmcharlt, around?
03:07 chris id imagine he is sleeping
03:08 ebegin I guess so too
03:21 chris ok, im off to head north to Levin for the farewell of Rosalie from HLT
03:21 pianohacker Two farewells close together :/
03:21 ebegin so long
03:21 pianohacker See ya
03:22 chris ahh she is retiring from HLT ... which means more time for Koha :-)
03:22 pianohacker Heh. That is a good thing.
03:22 chris have a good weekend all
03:22 ebegin it's not even friday over here :)
03:22 pianohacker Thanks, you too
03:23 pianohacker ebegin: Heh, yeah. Time zones are so strange
03:34 ebegin Where should I start to check to know why koha are not sending emails?
03:34 ebegin s/are/is/
03:36 ebegin ok, this is system related, not Koha related... so...
03:37 pianohacker It usually is. Setting up SMTP is such a pain
03:37 pianohacker Good night, all
03:37 Amit hi chris, richards
03:37 Amit good morning koha
03:37 ebegin Amit, what about me? ;)
03:37 CGI825
03:37 ebegin kidding
03:37 Amit sory
03:37 Amit hi ebegin
03:37 Amit morning
03:37 CGI825 i can't find any good info online
03:38 CGI825 and i'm pretty sure that all the pm's are installed
03:38 ebegin CGI825, are you gp5st?
03:39 CGI825 yes
03:39 ebegin :)
03:39 CGI825 i forgot to change my name when i started the apllet here
03:39 CGI825 applet*
03:39 ebegin np
03:40 CGI825 i didn't even see the server until after
03:40 ebegin My first be would be to check you permissions.  What type of install did you do?
03:40 CGI825 maybe it's late and this is just easy, but i just can't think of what to check or do
03:40 CGI825 standard install
03:40 CGI825 all the defaults, except no zoom
03:41 CGI825 maybe i should just del everything and start a new computer form scratch?
03:41 ebegin I guess that you already checked that the files actually exist
03:42 CGI825 yes, i looked at it
03:42 CGI825 and it's a module import, and i tried to install the module, but it said it was installed
03:45 ebegin when are you getting this message^
03:45 CGI825 when i nav to localhost:8080
03:46 ebegin do you get something when accesing just localhost
03:47 CGI825 no
03:47 CGI825 i don't have that set up
03:48 CGI825 i could enable it
03:48 CGI825 or just rm -rf / and start from scratch, as this whole machine is just being stubborn
03:48 ebegin hmmm... you should have something like Koha is under maintenance...
03:48 ebegin which OS?
03:49 CGI825 debian
03:49 ebegin ok.  the INSTALL.debian file is really straightforward
03:49 CGI825 2.6.28-13-generic #45-Ubuntu
03:49 ebegin Ubunto then, not debian.
03:51 CGI825 true, i've considered them the same...i guess i should stop that
03:53 ebegin If I were you, I would switch to debian (if this is possible, of course)
03:54 CGI825 i'm just going through it again; i must have missed something; sorry it's late
03:59 CGI825[…]ocal-version.html solved an issue i was having with apt installing some things
04:00 CGI825 and the issue, now just to make sure the db is set up properly
04:00 CGI825 thanks:)
05:44 |Lupin| good morning #koha
05:47 Amit hi lupin
06:22 |Lupin| hey Amit
06:24 ebegin good night all!
06:39 |Lupin| bonjour laurence
06:40 laurence hello |Lupin|
06:49 |Lupin| any git user around, pls ?
06:58 |Lupin| hey nahuel
07:02 greenmang0 @wunder mumbai
07:02 munin greenmang0: The current temperature in Mumbai, India is 29.0°C (12:10 PM IST on July 24, 2009). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 84%. Dew Point: 26.0°C. Pressure: 29.68 in 1005 hPa (Steady).
07:17 |Lupin| @wunder paris
07:17 munin |Lupin|: Error: No such location could be found.
07:17 |Lupin| @wunder Paris
07:17 munin |Lupin|: Error: No such location could be found.
07:18 hdl_laptop |Lupin|: ?
07:29 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: yes ?
07:29 hdl_laptop |Lupin|: hi, you said you wanted a git user.
07:29 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: yep
07:30 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: because I had a small problem
07:30 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: but I could solve it actually, thanks
07:30 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: just one quick thing: do some tables in the db contain informations about countries ?
07:31 hdl_laptop authorized_values should containe COUNTRY
07:32 hdl_laptop you have it in installer/data/mysql/fr-FR/1-​Obligatoire/authorisedvalues.
07:32 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: yes but I mean
07:32 |Lupin| I don't see a column in the db which can contain a country name
07:32 |Lupin| I was looking for that
07:33 |Lupin| because I wanted to add such a lolumn to a table and wanted to see how they are declared in other tables
07:34 hdl_laptop oh....
07:35 hdl_laptop |Lupin|: in fact you can use such authorised_values in Patron_attribute
07:35 hdl_laptop |Lupin|: or in MARC fwk
07:37 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: yes... and for the moment there is no column which can contain a country per se in the database, right ?
07:37 hdl_laptop no sir
07:37 |Lupin| :)
07:38 |Lupin| what ould a nice type be for country names ?
07:38 |Lupin| mediumtext ?
07:38 hdl_laptop text
07:39 |Lupin| okay, thanks
08:20 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: I'd like to submit a patch that adds a few columns we need to the branches table. Would you agree to review it before it is submitted to koha-patches, please ?
08:34 hdl_laptop yes.
08:36 |Lupin| ok, thanks a lot. Could you please tell me to which address it should be sent ?
10:07 hdl_laptop

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