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12:00 chris penny worked with me at catalyst
12:00 gmcharlt :)
12:00 gmcharlt hi nahuel
12:00 nahuel hi gmcharlt
12:01 nahuel what's up ?
12:01 nahuel chris, not yet at bed ?
12:01 nahuel :)
12:02 chris not yet .. soon i hope :)
12:03 chris hehe
12:03 gmcharlt you are getting sleepy ... very sleepy
12:03 gmcharlt ...
12:03 gmcharlt ...
12:04 gmcharlt and now that you're hypnotized, instead of actually sleeping you'll work on Koha patches
12:04 nicomo eh eh
12:04 nicomo I was about to say : now wake up we found bugs in the new web site you just put online
12:05 chris dont say that
12:05 chris hehe
12:05 chris thats what i was doing all day
12:06 chris ok, time to turn the computer off, or at least hibernate
12:07 paul_p hi chris & gmcharlt & anyone else on this channel !
12:10 jdavidb Hi, paul_p!
12:11 gmcharlt hi paul_p
12:12 owen Hi #koha
12:12 paul_p 'morning jdavidb & owen
12:12 paul_p how are things in US today ?
12:13 paul_p sunny & summer weather here !
12:13 owen Feels more like spring here in Ohio, cool and rainy
12:13 nicomo ben si
12:13 nicomo oops, sorry, wrong channel
12:14 |Lupin| sorry guys, I'd like to add a MARC subfield
12:14 |Lupin| but I'm a bit lost in the interface.
12:15 |Lupin| ONce the list of subfields is display, what do I do ?
12:15 nicomo |Lupin|: you edit the list of subfields
12:15 nicomo you'll get the current subfields and a "new" tab to enter an extra subfield
12:16 |Lupin| nicomo: okay I'm trying, thanks
12:19 |Lupin| hmm not sure this is working properly with lynx. Let's see with Mozilla...
12:26 nahuel nicomo, |Lupin|, strange to speak english between frenchies :)
12:33 |Lupin| nahuel: yep but it's for our own good !
12:33 nahuel how ?
12:33 |Lupin| hmm it's really tough to add marc fields through the web interface. s it okay to do it directly in the database ?
12:33 nahuel .... it's harder to add via sql than web interface :)
12:34 |Lupin| nahuel: it helps us to improve our english, I mean
12:34 |Lupin| nahuel: are there several tables to modify, or just one ?
12:35 nahuel if it's only subfields => marc_subfield_structure
12:36 |Lupin| nahuel: yes at the moment it's only subfields
12:36 |Lupin| nahuel: later I'll want to add a complete MARC field, though
12:36 nahuel so it's only this table
12:43 |Lupin| nicomo, nahuel, te frenchies: laurence has written a nice page on collection codes. Do you by chance have its URL easily accessible ?
12:46 |Lupin| hi hdl_laptop
12:47 hdl_laptop hello
12:51 nahuel |Lupin|, by search engine of ?
12:55 |Lupin| nahuel: yeah I shall try thisthanks
12:56 |Lupin| nahuel: is it correct that the authorized values are bound to marc subfields and not to koha fields ?
12:59 owen Is anyone else seeing no search box on cataloguing/ when using Firefox?
13:01 nicomo |Lupin|: yes, authorized values list can be bound to a subfield sometimes
13:01 nicomo owen: which version of Koha?
13:02 owen or greater
13:04 nicomo owen i don't have this version installed
13:04 magnusenger owen: I can see a search box! I'm on Koha and FF 3.5.1
13:05 nicomo owen: probably a bug tightly linked to you latitude and longitude :-)
13:05 |Lupin| nicomo: and they can't be bound to a Koha field, directly I mean. Can they ?
13:05 owen Glad to hear it magnusenger, that means I'm simply going crazy.
13:06 gmcharlt well, if that's all you wanted to know ... :)
13:06 magnusenger that's good to hear, owen ;-)
13:07 owen Expect to read more on my blog about how the squirrels are stealing my cable.
13:21 |Lupin| btw
13:22 |Lupin| a few hours ago I have posted a message about opacbaseurl and staffcleitnaseurl system preferences
13:22 |Lupin| did this e-mail reach the list ?
13:24 magnusenger |Lupin|: I've got it. at least. Cant answer your questions though...
13:24 gmcharlt |Lupin|: we've been trying to completely remove opacbaseurl and staffclienturl, actually
13:25 |Lupin| gmcharlt: oh no !! why that ?
13:25 |Lupin| gmcharlt: there is no way to accomplish the same thing without them, is there ?
13:26 gmcharlt bug 2152 has some information why
13:26 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2152 minor, P3, ---,, NEW, eliminate OPACBaseURL system preference and replace with SERVER_NAME
13:26 gmcharlt basically, want to avoid the extra configuration step
13:26 gmcharlt but I can see that your case (installing Koha on a webhost with htaccess) may need more tweaking
13:27 |Lupin| gmcharlt: yep, indeed. Any suggestion on how to do it ?
13:28 nahuel gmcharlt, hey just a question
13:28 gmcharlt nahuel: what's up?
13:29 nahuel gmcharlt, do you have an idea how to solve problem with translations that replace tags values like hidden input ... ?
13:30 gmcharlt off the top of my head, one approach might be to define an HTML comment to selectively disable string extraction
13:30 gmcharlt <!-- no_translate --> .... <!-- /no_translate -->
13:30 gmcharlt for example
13:30 gmcharlt would then require patching the string extraction code
13:30 gmcharlt where there be dragons
13:30 nahuel héhé
13:31 gmcharlt another would be to teach the parser to ignore the values of hidden input elements
13:31 nahuel yep it's an idea... but why the extractor, extract values of tags... it shouldn't no ?
13:31 gmcharlt perhaps not
13:32 gmcharlt probably was doing it for the case of <input type="submit" value="Click me!" />, but we could deprecate that construct
13:32 nahuel :(
13:32 nahuel because we had/have a loooot of problems with this stuff
13:33 nahuel the label creator have a new one
13:36 gmcharlt |Lupin|: I think that the idea is that Koha would get the correct base URL from SERVER_NAME of the HTTP request
13:44 |Lupin| gmcharlt: but the files may not be stored at the root of the server, that's what happens in the present situation
13:57 Snow_Fox MOrning
13:57 owen Hi Snow_Fox
13:59 Snow_Fox Morning Owen how are you?
13:59 owen I'm fine, thanks
14:16 |Lupin| ehlo Snow_Fox
14:16 |Lupin| has someone experience with entering text with accents in Mysql ?
14:16 |Lupin| I just added a field directly to the databse, whose description includes characters with accents. And these accents do not show up correctly in Koha.
14:22 |Lupin| oh actually once the subfield is created itbecomes possible to modify it through the web interface tso that's great
14:25 nahuel |Lupin|, set names utf8; before inserting :)
14:37 |Lupin| nahuel: thanks !
14:37 nahuel :)
14:37 |Lupin| nahuel: this has also an impact on litteral character strings ?
14:38 nahuel "litteral" ?
15:02 |Lupin| hey pianohacker :)
15:02 |Lupin| nahuel: I meant a string used as a value, as opposed to a string used to name a table or column
15:03 nahuel pianohacker, hey jessie !
15:04 nahuel |Lupin|, this impact all, but you must not name your tables/columns with diacritics... it's baaaaad :)
15:05 pianohacker Hallo
15:11 |Lupin| :)
15:11 |Lupin| bt
15:11 pianohacker There you go, discriminating against us americans again
15:11 |Lupin| is it possible to restrict the content of a MARC field to all te members of the staff client ?
15:12 |Lupin| i.e. is there a kind of authorised values associated with staff members ?
15:12 pianohacker |Lupin|: Not automatically, though you could create an authorised values category and keep it updated manually
15:14 |Lupin| pianohacker: hmm that's a loooooot of work !
15:14 pianohacker Yes :/ What do you need this for?
15:16 |Lupin| pianohacker: because we'd like to keep track of who has added a bib recore, and who has added the associated items
15:17 pianohacker Ahhh
15:17 pianohacker I think your only option there, if you don't want to add code, would be a manually updated authorised values category
15:24 |Lupin| pianohacker: like in a cron job ?
15:25 pianohacker Maybe, if you have that list in some database/text file
15:25 |Lupin| pianohacker: oh well I guess the cron job could connect to the koha database, couldn't it ?
15:26 |Lupin| pianohacker: also, suppose that code is developed to have something like a virtual authorized values list for staff, or even a real one, this may interest others...
15:26 pianohacker Yup
15:27 |Lupin| so it would not look too much nonsense to me to have that piece of code integrated into Koha, if it gets written oneday
15:34 rhcl oooohhh Google Voice is waaay cool. Is it compatable with Koha?
15:35 rhcl Could I, for example, call a library Google Voice number and ask it to put a book on hold? The transcription is absolutely perfect with the limited testing I've done.
15:35 gmcharlt rhcl: interesting idea - ultimately will depend on the APIs that Google makes available for it
15:35 rhcl Yea, there should be hooks to extract data to do things like that.
15:36 gmcharlt depending on how their SMS service work, may be a possible SMS gateway for Koha send (and recieve?) SMSs
15:38 rhcl But the voice part (not the text) is the impressive part. It would be really good for people with various handicaps, and even a good thing for many of the elderly who just don't have tech skills.
15:39 rhcl Have you (gmcharlt) tested it. Few of the new tech apps really "ooohhh" me, I tend to be a bit skeptical, but Google Voice is PDC.
15:39 rhcl ...tested it?
15:39 gmcharlt rhcl: waiting for invite
15:40 rhcl Good time to get an invite. Some really good phone #'s available now. My tech assistant got 866-0001.
15:58 Snow_Fox Hrm when looking at my patron test data the overdue items on patrons i see a column that says to o many renewals, but when i go to the history of that item it does not show any renewals.  This has beent eh case in every overdue that was seen so far.  Is this because our test data is not complete?
15:59 Snow_Fox or is this question to vauge
16:00 owen Do you have a number of renewals allowed value specified for your item types?
16:01 Snow_Fox thats a good question
16:01 Snow_Fox where would i go to view that?
16:01 kf bye #koha
16:01 Snow_Fox cya KF
16:01 owen Snow_Fox: Administration -> Item types
16:01 Snow_Fox k
16:03 Snow_Fox apparently not
16:03 Snow_Fox right answers my question
16:03 Snow_Fox thankyou
16:05 |Lupin| bye kf
16:06 owen My turn to ask a question: What does it mean when your MARC entry form has a "..." link but clicking it does nothing?
16:06 owen No value builder for that tag? But then why the "..." link?
16:09 gmcharlt French translation request: "If ON, displays patron image when a patron uses web-based self-checkout"
16:09 paul_p gmcharlt: "si activé, affiche la photo de l'adhérent à l'utilisation de la console de prêt auto-contrôlé"
16:09 pianohacker owen: Which subfield is it?
16:10 paul_p well...
16:10 paul_p gmcharlt: "Si activé, affiche la photo de l'adhérent à l'utilisation de la console de prêt auto-contrôlé"
16:10 paul_p is better ;-) (just s/^s/^S/)
16:10 gmcharlt paul_p: thanks - better use pastebin - looks like I'm missing diacritics
16:10 owen pianohacker: 003 and 005
16:11 paul_p gmcharlt:
16:11 pianohacker owen: It's possible the JS for those two value builders is broken. Any errors in firebug/error console?
16:12 gmcharlt paul_p++
16:16 |Lupin| hm I just reinstalled KOha this morning
16:16 |Lupin| starting from an empty DB
16:16 |Lupin| since then I added some MARC fields and subfields
16:16 |Lupin| linked them to some koha fields
16:17 mib_451idk I type in Harriets Had Enough and get something about slavery on Koha, what is up with that?  Does anyone know?
16:17 |Lupin| turned on OpacSuppression
16:17 |Lupin| modified the NoZEbraIndexes syspref so that the Suppress index is linked to the right field
16:17 |Lupin| and bulkmarcimported 9 records
16:18 |Lupin| when doing a search in the opac for a word in one of these records I get a 404 error
16:18 |Lupin| and whendoing the same search in staff it's an error 500
16:18 pianohacker mib_451idk: Harriet Tubman?
16:19 |Lupin| can anybody see what I could have done the wrong way, please
16:19 |Lupin| I reinstalled Koha this morning because of the very same problem.
16:19 pianohacker |Lupin|: I'm not sure if this limitation applies to nozebra, but in zebra, at least one record has to be suppressed when OpacSuppression is on, or everything breaks
16:20 |Lupin| pianohacker: yep I'm aware of this one and all the imported records have their suppression field to 1
16:20 owen pianohacker: No JS error
16:21 pianohacker Hmm.
16:21 pianohacker Does anything pop up in your error log?
16:22 |Lupin| yes
16:22 |Lupin| a parsing error
16:22 |Lupin| let me paste it somewhere
16:22 pianohacker pastebin?
16:23 pianohacker owen: It looks like the 003 plugin doesn't do anything when ... is clicked; it just fills in MARCOrgCode when the field is clicked
16:23 pianohacker owen: 005 is similar, filling in the correctly formatted date/time when the field is clicked
16:23 owen Ah, of course. So we just have a usability problem.
16:23 |Lupin|
16:24 pianohacker owen: Yup. Have to figure out some way to remove ... for fields that don't need it
16:24 |Lupin|
16:24 |Lupin| these are the complete logs
16:24 |Lupin| but just the last lines are enough
16:24 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3211 normal, P5, ---,, NEW, cataloging value plugin forms should be valid XHTML
16:24 |Lupin| and IMO not very inspiring
16:25 pianohacker |Lupin|: Not really, no...
16:26 pianohacker |Lupin|: You might try running opac-search from the console
16:26 pianohacker QUERY_STRING='q=<search string>' perl opac/
16:26 |Lupin| pianohacker: ah, this works ? didn't know
16:27 |Lupin| pianohacker: okay, thanks !
16:27 pianohacker |Lupin|: It's easiest for opac stuff, as you have to turn on authnotrequired to do it on the staff side
16:27 pianohacker np
16:27 mib_451idk Harriets Had Enough is a picture book about a rabbit, not Harriet Tubman, though.
16:28 pianohacker mib_451idk: True. But the "Harriets" in your search string may have dug up a reference to Harriet Tubman in that slavery book
16:28 pianohacker full-text search has its pluses and its minuses :)
16:29 |Lupin| Use of uninitialized value in numeric eq (==) at opac/ line 221.
16:29 |Lupin| it's the only thing I get on stderr
16:30 pianohacker Yeah, and that doesn't look very important, from a quick run-through of the code
16:30 |Lupin| and on stdout it's the webpage I got in the browser...
16:31 |Lupin| pianohacker: indeed
16:31 pianohacker Could you pastebin the entire output, stdout and stderr? There's a slight chance I might be able to extract something meaningful
16:32 |Lupin| pianohacker: so you want the mixure all redirected at once, right ?
16:32 pianohacker Yup, please
16:33 |Lupin|
16:34 pianohacker Bleh, apparently my cgi-fu isn't as good as I thought. Could you try perl opac/ q=<query string> instead?
16:35 pianohacker Sorry...
16:36 |Lupin| sure !
16:36 |Lupin| no problem !!
16:37 |Lupin|
16:37 pianohacker opac/ , rather
16:38 |Lupin| yep sorry
16:38 |Lupin| I should have schecked
16:38 pianohacker Hey, my fault
16:38 |Lupin|
16:39 |Lupin| ah this gives back the same error as the syslog...
16:40 |Lupin| shall I strace to see which files it reads ?
16:40 |Lupin| looks a bi gorry tome but can't come up with a better idea
16:40 pianohacker That might be worth a shot. It sounds like it might be choking on marcxml from your database, though
16:40 |Lupin| hmm
16:41 |Lupin| shall I pastebin themarcxml ?
16:41 |Lupin| it has been produced by koha itself though
16:41 pianohacker You could try, in a MySQL console, SELECT marcxml FROM biblioitems WHERE marcxml NOT LIKE '<%';
16:41 pianohacker It could be empty, for some odd reason
16:41 |Lupin| pianohacker: or maybe publishing the 9 marc records would be the right way to go ?
16:42 |Lupin| pianohacker: ok
16:42 |Lupin| Empty set (0.00 sec)
16:43 |Lupin| nice try...
16:43 pianohacker Grr
16:43 |Lupin| the other clue I can give
16:43 |Lupin| is that when a search has no result
16:43 |Lupin| there are no errors
16:44 pianohacker Hmm. So it's something with the record display
16:44 pianohacker Oh, hey
16:44 |Lupin| hmm ?
16:44 pianohacker Do you have the XSLTResultsDisplay or XSLTDetailsDisplay system preferences on?
16:45 |Lupin| I don't thing so but I'll check
16:46 |Lupin| both are 0
16:48 pianohacker AmazonContent? pazpar2? I'm getting desperate
16:49 |Lupin| none of these two
16:49 |Lupin| pianohacker: may be I did something wrong with the OpacSuppress sspref ?
16:50 |Lupin| pianohacker: if I show you my NoZebraIndexes, would that help ?
16:50 pianohacker Possibly, yes
16:50 |Lupin| k
16:51 |Lupin|
16:52 pianohacker No, that looks right...
16:52 |Lupin| pianohacker: ias far as I can tell, my only change to this syspref was to add 'Suppress' => '994e',
16:53 |Lupin| pianohacker: wanna see the marc records ?
16:53 pianohacker Do searches work with OpacSuppression off, that Suppress line removed, or both?
16:53 |Lupin| (I'll have to leave soon, becus a friend of mine is waiting for me)
16:53 |Lupin| I'm sorry about that
16:53 pianohacker Hey, no problem
16:54 |Lupin| that's the thing I'll try ASAP
16:54 |Lupin| and let you know pianohacker
16:54 pianohacker k
16:54 |Lupin| thanks a lot for your help sor far
16:54 pianohacker Have fun
16:54 pianohacker np
16:54 |Lupin| very much appreciated
16:54 |Lupin| bye bye and thanks again
17:15 owen Does anyone know under what circumstances the marc21_leader_book value builder is used?
17:29 gmcharlt owen: I don't its ever invoked; certainly not in the default frameworks
17:32 jwagner owen, to confirm, that's something different from the  What you get if you click the 3 dots next to the leader field when editing a record?
17:32 owen Yes, it's different
17:32 jwagner OK.  Then I have no clue myself :-)
17:33 owen There's also a
17:57 Snow_Fox is there a easy simple way of finding overdues?
17:57 pianohacker There's the overdues report, in Circulation
17:58 Snow_Fox im hesitent to press that with it having our sample data
17:58 Snow_Fox oh well to late
17:58 Snow_Fox barf wittle server barf
18:17 owen Hmmm.... "//#TODO - ADD syspref (AllowPostDatedCheckouts)."
18:18 owen I wonder if anyone periodically checks their inline #TODOs and #FIXMEs?
18:21 ebegin @wunder where are the people looking at #todo and #FIXMEs
18:21 munin ebegin: Error: No such location could be found.
18:21 ebegin munin is right... again ;)
18:21 munin ebegin: I suck
18:21 ebegin no, you are pretty good actually ;)
18:29 jdavidb Probably, ebegin, but no one around here would notice, much.
18:30 pianohacker Programmers and librarians? Yeah, probably not
18:31 Snow_Fox id notice im neither
18:31 Snow_Fox but my sanity cant really be vouched for either :\
18:33 ebegin Does your library has a rss feed for new acquisitions?  If so, what are you displaying in that feed as title and description?
18:33 Snow_Fox no idea
18:33 Snow_Fox i think we will
18:33 Snow_Fox im not the web developer
18:34 ebegin Snow_Fox, are you a developer or a librarian?
18:34 Snow_Fox im the tech systems specialist for our ILS
18:35 Snow_Fox technically im a system administrator
18:35 ebegin Snow_Fox, where are you based?
18:35 Snow_Fox Salina Kansas
18:35 ebegin @wunder salina, kansas
18:35 munin ebegin: The current temperature in -- Weather from the Salina Journal, Salina, Kansas is 30.0°C (1:33 PM CDT on July 22, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 48%. Dew Point: 18.0°C. Pressure: 29.85 in 1010.7 hPa (Falling).
18:39 Snow_Fox we had record lows in the state last night
18:39 Snow_Fox for july kinda weird
18:40 ebegin well... 30 is not so bad... :)
18:40 ebegin @wunder montreal, quebece
18:40 ebegin @wunder montreal, quebec
18:40 munin ebegin: Error: No such location could be found.
18:40 munin ebegin: The current temperature in Montreal / Dorval International, Que, Quebec is 21.0°C (2:00 PM EDT on July 22, 2009). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 66%. Dew Point: 16.0°C. Pressure: 30.16 in 1021 hPa (Rising).
18:40 Snow_Fox not when your expecting 100+
18:41 pianohacker I think that's about 70 â?°F
18:41 pianohacker @gcalc 21 degrees C in degrees F
18:41 munin pianohacker: 21 degrees Celsius = 69.8 degrees Fahrenheit
18:43 jdavidb @wunder Rockville, md
18:43 munin jdavidb: The current temperature in Woodley Gardens, Rockville, Maryland is 31.7°C (2:40 PM EDT on July 22, 2009). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 41%. Dew Point: 17.0°C. Pressure: 30.00 in 1015.8 hPa (Rising).
18:43 Snow_Fox @wunder Death Valley, NV
18:43 munin Snow_Fox: Error: No such location could be found.
18:43 Snow_Fox @wunder Death Valley, CA
18:43 munin Snow_Fox: An error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.
18:43 Snow_Fox my bad :-P
18:43 Snow_Fox @wunder Austin, TX
18:43 munin Snow_Fox: The current temperature in UT Campus, Austin, Texas is 35.7°C (1:43 PM CDT on July 22, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 41%. Dew Point: 20.0°C. Pressure: 29.26 in 990.7 hPa (Falling).
18:44 pianohacker @wunder Amman, Jordan
18:44 munin pianohacker: The current temperature in Amman Airport, Jordan is 29.0°C (9:00 PM EEST on July 22, 2009). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 21%. Dew Point: 10.0°C. Pressure: 29.67 in 1004 hPa (Rising).
18:45 pianohacker Well, 85 degrees at 9:00 PM is fairly warm.
18:45 jdavidb @wunder Iqaluit, NU
18:45 munin jdavidb: Error: No such location could be found.
18:46 jdavidb Since no one in their right mind would actually *want* to be in Iqaluit, it doesn't surprise me the bot doesn't know about it...
18:52 sekjal I'm looking at the issues table right now, and I assume that issues.returndate is holds the date the patron returned a borrowed book
18:53 sekjal but what does the issues.return field [varchar(4)] mean?
18:54 pianohacker sekjal: as far as I know, absolutely nothing
18:55 sekjal okay, I can live with that
18:55 sekjal I'm trying to figure out my circulation 'snapshot' for our migration next month
18:59 pianohacker sekjal: I can't find any references to it in the code. You'd be safe to ignore it
18:59 pianohacker sekjal: What are you migrating from?
18:59 sekjal Innovative's Millennium
19:00 pianohacker Eesh. I haven't heard good things about that system's ease of export
19:01 sekjal its a challenge.  I've written a script that will let us get our bibs, items and authorities out with relative ease
19:01 sekjal assuming my data mapping is correct enough
19:01 pianohacker How does it store its data? SQL database?
19:01 sekjal but the patron data, and the current circulation state, are going to be a bit rougher
19:02 sekjal apparently so
19:02 sekjal we can't actually see the guts of the thing
19:02 gmcharlt sekjal: you might want to look up Terry Reese and Kyle Banerjee for help getting data out of III
19:02 sekjal thanks, gmcharlt! I shall do that
19:03 sekjal my script makes use of the XML form of the bib and item records via the OPAC.
19:04 sekjal it then applies a stylesheet to get MARCXML, and imports that into Koha.
19:05 pianohacker brb, lunch
19:11 chris morning peeps
19:11 jdavidb Morning, chris!
19:12 sekjal Good morning, chris
19:12 gmcharlt morning chris
19:15 nengard sorry jdavidb was setting up x-xhat on new computer and kept having troubles
19:15 nengard still don't know if i have notices set up right ....
19:15 nengard and morning chris
19:20 nengard hello all - trying out IRC in Adium
19:20 chris better?
19:20 nengard I do think so :)
19:20 nengard we'll see when the room gets real busy how much I like it
19:21 indradg chris, morning!
19:21 indradg chris, what ended up happening to the OpenCataloger project?
19:21 cait morning chris, indadb and #koha
19:21 gmcharlt hi cait, indradg
19:22 indradg gmcharlt, all the best at Equinox when you move :)
19:22 gmcharlt thanks!
19:25 cait hi galen, all the best from me too
19:25 gmcharlt thanks, cait
19:25 cait but im also a little bit sad that you are leaving :)
19:25 chris it became biblios
19:26 chris in a round about way
19:29 chris nengard: :)
19:29 chris biblios was a google summer of code project
19:29 nengard chris: okay - it does nothing to make it stand out like in other programs ...
19:29 chris the brief was to extend opencataloguer
19:30 chris but it became a rewrite instead ... turned out pretty well in the end :)
19:30 chris but antoine farnault, under the direction of biblibre had done a lot of work on opencataloguer, and a lot of the ideas were incorporated afaik
19:37 chris which client now?
19:46 Snow_Fox If the Circ console is set to be unable to view a patrons reading history is there a way to pull a report about the checkout history of a Item?
19:52 ebegin someone that can access the report page can get any data from the database
19:54 Snow_Fox thats what i figured
19:54 indradg chris, i see, thanks :)
19:54 chris np
20:00 Snow_Fox hey Chris
20:00 Snow_Fox did dinasaurs eat Koha or vice versa
20:01 gmcharlt Koha is wily; it ate the dinosaurs
20:01 chris hehe well technically Koha is the small furry mammal, and III is the dinosaur
20:01 ebegin Kohasaurus killed all other species.
20:01 chris :)
20:01 Snow_Fox lol
20:01 ebegin Sounds good, isn't... kohasaurus... ;)
20:01 chris ok gotta go catch my bus bb in about 40 mins
20:02 sekjal later, chris.  have a good ride
20:02 ebegin ciao chris!
20:02 owen Koha is the small mammal, this economy is the asteroid collision.
20:03 pianohacker I think Sirsi might make a better dinosaur in that analogy
20:03 pianohacker (At least I hope)
20:05 Snow_Fox :-P
20:05 sekjal III is probably more like an alligator or shark; it'll be around, unchanged, for a very long time
20:05 Snow_Fox wahahaha
20:05 Snow_Fox nice sekjal
20:06 sekjal thanks, Snow_Fox
20:07 pianohacker owen: Around? The latest firebug is acting oddly while loading Koha, I was wondering if you were having similar problems
20:07 owen The latest firebug is acting oddly for me in general.
20:07 owen What are you seeing?
20:07 pianohacker It freezes Firefox 3.5 for about five seconds on page load, whether it's open or closed.
20:09 owen Hmmm... I'm not getting that here on my Windows machine. That sounds like how it was acting on my Mac the other night though
20:09 owen Version 1.4.0?
20:09 pianohacker Yup
20:10 owen No freezing for me, at least today. I'm still getting used to the whole on/off button
20:10 pianohacker Yeah, that's quite the mental shift
20:13 sekjal gtg.  there is sushi in my near future; I just have to cover some 80 miles
20:13 sekjal ::puts on walkin' shoes::
20:36 Snow_Fox im guessing if i want to pull all patrons who have checked out a specific item i may have to create the report via SQL?
20:37 pianohacker Most likely, yes
20:37 Snow_Fox ok, who has a copy of the data dictionary
20:37 pianohacker ?
20:38 Snow_Fox data dictionary: a explination of the various fields and data types of a database
20:38 Snow_Fox example
20:38 pianohacker Ah
20:38 Snow_Fox Bar_Code Integer table location: Category
20:38 hdl_laptop Snow_Fox: Zeno Tajoli posted sort of this recently
20:38 Snow_Fox etc
20:38 hdl_laptop on koha-devel and on the wiki
20:39 Snow_Fox kk
20:39 pianohacker[…]elopment:dbschema
20:39 Jo morning all
20:39 Snow_Fox morning
20:42 chris back now at work
20:45 Snow_Fox piano i may well regret asking for this information
20:46 chris lol
20:46 chris ive learnt my lesson there
20:47 chris just coffee for me today
20:47 hdl_laptop hi chris
20:47 chris hi hdl_laptop
20:47 Snow_Fox what
20:47 pianohacker Snow_Fox: Hahaha. What, is the Koha database layout a bit strange?
20:48 Snow_Fox i havnt even figured out how to process what im seeing yet ":|
20:48 richard hi
20:48 Snow_Fox yo
20:48 pianohacker hi
20:48 chris hiya richard
20:50 Snow_Fox i have to admit, this db is a bit more beastily then i thought it would be
21:02 Snow_Fox anyone know what the return in the koha.old_issues value looks like, says its alphanum just wonder what its used for
21:05 Snow_Fox and how is the date stored
21:05 Snow_Fox ##/##/#### etc
21:06 pianohacker Snow_Fox: return seems to be a now-unused artifact of earlier versions
21:07 Snow_Fox kk
21:14 Snow_Fox silly question for the name of tables with us uploading to liblime are they gonna change the names like, koha.old_issues to say whateverourlibnameis.old_issues?
21:15 pianohacker Umm. Maybe, maybe not, but it doesn't really matter
21:15 Snow_Fox how so?
21:16 Snow_Fox ah i see
21:25 chris yeah there is so much cool about git
21:26 Snow_Fox i know your speaking english but im not understanding you
21:27 chris[…]docs/git-add.html
21:27 chris scroll down to interactive mode
21:27 chris very very cool
21:30 chris stick around long enough, and you'll be sending patches too :-)
21:31 gmcharlt give in!  you know you wanna!
21:31 Snow_Fox chris i prob would but i would likely make people committ suicide
21:31 Snow_Fox so unless you guys are looking at restructuring
21:31 Snow_Fox i best not
21:31 pianohacker You start out submitting templates, then minor code changes, then entire new modules
21:31 pianohacker And then we own your SOUL
21:31 chris heh
21:32 Snow_Fox sorry Soul already sold and outsourced
21:32 pianohacker Heh. Seriously though, I look at some of the first code I wrote for my library's Koha installation and shiver. Only one way to improve...
21:33 Snow_Fox heh
21:33 Snow_Fox well the problem isnt with understanding a program language just my brain is hardwired a little differently
21:33 Snow_Fox im a bit too much intuitive of a thinking instead of a logical
21:33 Snow_Fox great for problem solving bad for programing
21:33 chris perfect for UI
21:34 Snow_Fox aye
21:34 chris get cracking fixing templates :-)
21:34 chris (there is no escape)
21:34 Snow_Fox oh ya!
21:34 Snow_Fox i can escape anytime i want to
21:34 Snow_Fox watch
21:34 chris he'll be back
21:34 chris they always are
21:35 chris see
21:35 chris :)
21:35 Snow_Fox I hate you......
21:35 Snow_Fox :-P
21:35 Snow_Fox oh well like i didnt warn you
21:35 chris hehe
21:36 chris Snow_Fox: you are brightening up an otherwise grey morning
21:36 Snow_Fox i tend to do that
21:36 pianohacker chris: What's going on?
21:36 Snow_Fox nothing like bitter rays of sunshine
21:37 Snow_Fox hrm theres a deleted section in the DB
21:37 Snow_Fox does it have a TTL on records in there?
21:37 chris Snow_Fox: nope
21:37 chris pianohacker: lots of work, tons of email etc
21:37 Snow_Fox oh so the dbase slowly grows until it consumes all
21:37 chris yeah, in 50 years :-)
21:38 Snow_Fox ok gotcha 5
21:38 chris i think people do cron jobs to clear it out every so often
21:38 Snow_Fox i can understand keeping stuff on hand for a period of time would come in handy
21:39 Snow_Fox but eventually it needs to be blasted out so to speak
21:39 pianohacker A UI for restoring deleted records would actually be quite nice (allow undo for various actions)
21:39 Snow_Fox as well as a UI to clear that out or set a TTL
21:40 Snow_Fox lemme guess since i suggested it....
21:41 chris pianohacker: we had that
21:41 chris in 1.2
21:41 chris HLT need it back
21:41 chris so it will come soonish
21:47 cait good night everybody
21:57 CGI866 .
21:57 pianohacker gmcharlt: If you're fairly certain that the code behind the new syspref will be committed to soon, I can add it to the new editor
21:58 gmcharlt pianohacker: sure, go ahead
21:58 pianohacker k
22:28 pianohacker bbl
22:45 Snow_Fox well piano
22:45 Snow_Fox for the most part the setup makes sense
22:45 Snow_Fox there are still some tables that make absolutly no sense to me
22:45 Snow_Fox but must serve some pourpose
22:46 Snow_Fox like what does the accountlines table do
23:31 pianohacker Ahh, the accountlines table.
23:31 pianohacker It records fines and fine payments
23:31 pianohacker amount is the initial amount, amountoutstanding is the what still remains to be paid
00:50 pianohacker 'night
00:51 gmcharlt hi IrmaCalyx
01:00 chris hiya IrmaCalyx
01:00 chris thank you so much for the presents for Atarau
03:34 Amit hi chris, richard
03:34 Amit good morning #koha
03:34 richard hi amit
03:39 Amit @wunder New Delhi India
03:39 munin Amit: The current temperature in New Delhi, India is 32.0°C (8:30 AM IST on July 23, 2009). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 66%. Dew Point: 25.0°C. Pressure: 29.53 in 1000 hPa (Steady).
03:40 Amit @wunder Dehradun India
03:40 munin Amit: The current temperature in Dehradun, India is 26.0°C (8:30 AM IST on July 23, 2009). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 24.0°C. Pressure: 29.55 in 1000 hPa.
03:40 Amit @wunder Bangalore India
03:40 munin Amit: Error: No such location could be found.
03:47 Amit hi indradg_
06:01 indradg_ Amit, hi
06:14 Amit hi nicomo
06:15 nicomo hi Amit
06:15 nicomo morning #koha
06:27 mason morning all
06:28 Amit hi mason
06:53 chris hi kf
06:59 kf good morning chris :)
06:59 chris heya kf
07:00 chris heh, i just realised i already said hi hehe
07:00 kf did another ubuntu installation on laptop yesterday and installed everything needed for Koha - finding out how to use GIT is next and get a working dev installation (I hope it will work this time)
07:01 kf decided to work on this, as I have to wait for the official MARC21 translation to be published
07:02 chris excllent :)
07:03 kf will ask questions soon - but now at work, working on documenting all those new enhanced content features and figure out what I can activate :)
07:23 chris hi Kivutar, nahuel, laurence and indradg
07:24 nahuel hi chris
07:24 laurence hi chris
07:24 indradg chris, y0!
07:26 chris great comment nicomo
07:26 nicomo hi chris
07:26 nicomo you're welcome :-)
07:27 hdl_laptop hi chris
07:27 chris it was nice that one of the evergreen developers beat you :)
07:27 nicomo indeed
07:27 nicomo and funny too
07:27 chris hi hdl_laptop
07:28 Kivutar hi chris
07:34 chris hi paul_p
07:34 paul_p hi chris
07:34 paul_p big fire in country in Marseille yesterday, and it's not finished
07:42 chris oh no
07:42 chris no one hurt?
07:49 paul_p chris: nope. A few houses were evacuated, but none burnt.
07:49 paul_p 6 firemen were lightly injured
07:50 chris glad to hear no serious injuries
07:56 paul_p 2 planes (canadairs) starting attacking the remaining fire area just passing in the sky near us
07:57 paul_p (and the office is full of ash/cinder
08:08 chris is it still very smoky?
08:22 nahuel lesser today
08:22 nahuel but yesterday night...
08:22 nahuel :(
08:23 nahuel paul_p, they said 4 canadair yesterday
08:23 nahuel and 1200ha of "callanque" burned
08:24 nahuel the fire started due to military training :(
08:24 nahuel assholl
08:29 chris :(
08:31 nahuel If I remeber well, 5 fives burned
08:32 nahuel[…]des-quartiers.php
08:32 nahuel look at the photos
08:39 chris wow
08:42 chris heres my news for the day
08:42 chris[…]z-wins-Web-Awards
08:51 nahuel :p
08:57 |Lupin| hello
08:58 chris hi |Lupin|
08:59 |Lupin| hi chris :)
08:59 |Lupin| chris: remember the problem we talked about yesterday ?
09:00 chris yes, did you solve it?
09:00 |Lupin| chris: no, not yet.
09:00 |Lupin| chris: since yesterday I have re-installed Koha (not the code, the DB)
09:00 |Lupin| added a few MARC fields / subfields and linked them to the Koha subfield
09:01 |Lupin| turned on opac suppresion and bulkmarcimported a few records with a field saying they should not belisted at OPAC
09:01 |Lupin| and the problem was the same
09:02 |Lupin| so I turned off OpacSuppress, removed the Suppress index from NoZebraIndexes and re-imported the records without the suppression field
09:02 |Lupin| and the problem remains the same
09:03 chris before you imported the records the search worked?
09:03 |Lupin| pianohacker showed me how to reproduce the error while running the opac-search script from command line
09:03 |Lupin| chris: my error was that I didn't try that
09:04 |Lupin| chris: but before the records were imported thaere was no record at all in Koha
09:04 |Lupin| chris: more precisely I should have checked that every thing worked before playing with OpacSuppress, I think
09:06 chris yep
09:09 |Lupin| ahah actually I have found out something interesting
09:09 chris ?
09:09 |Lupin|
09:09 |Lupin| I have added a use diagnostics to
09:09 |Lupin| chris: there may be some error in the MarcXML records, right ?
09:10 chris thats certainly what it looks like
09:11 chris ahhhh
09:11 chris i think i might know the problem
09:11 |Lupin| hmm ?
09:13 chris can you do a select marcxml from biblioitems;
09:13 chris and pastebin the output please
09:13 chris koha has its own pastebin btw :)
09:13 |Lupin| certainly
09:14 |Lupin| I was precisely looking at it
09:15 |Lupin|
09:17 chris hmm they look ok
09:17 chris i cant see any missing < can you?
09:18 |Lupin| no I can't either
09:19 chris hmmmm
09:19 chris can you do select marc from biblioitems;
09:19 chris and pastebin that too
09:19 |Lupin| perhaps I should modify the script that calls the marc creation function and add an eval block print additional info...
09:20 |Lupin| chris: yep, sure
09:20 chris it looks to me
09:20 chris like it is trying to parse the marc, as if it was marcxml
09:21 chris 01192cam a2200337
09:21 |Lupin|
09:21 chris <leader>01192cam a2200337   4500</leader>
09:21 |Lupin| right
09:21 chris yes thats it
09:22 |Lupin| I also briefly thought about it...
09:22 chris for some strange reason, it is trying to parse the marc, instead of the marcxml
09:22 chris thats why it cant find any <
09:22 chris there are none in the marc
09:22 |Lupin| sur
09:22 |Lupin| +e
09:23 chris but why .. that is the question
09:23 |Lupin| I'm normally sng HEAD git version
09:23 chris hi rachel
09:23 |Lupin| hi rachel
09:23 |Lupin| chris: is it enough to do reglularly git pull to ensure that one has the most recent version, or is there something else to do ?
09:24 chris that should be enough
09:24 |Lupin| how can I check that I'm on the right branch ?
09:24 chris git branch
09:25 chris will tell you what branch you are on
09:25 |Lupin| ok
09:25 gmcharlt_away or first couple lines of git status
09:25 |Lupin| * master
09:26 |Lupin| and in the git diff I can see that the only difference is the use diagnostics just added.
09:26 |Lupin| gmcharlt_away: hello, thanks !
09:27 chris wow, you are awake early
09:28 gmcharlt too much caffeine last night, couldn't sleep
09:28 chris hehe didnt learn from my mistake :)
09:31 |Lupin| :)
09:31 |Lupin| gmcharlt: good luck for your day about to start, that may be hard
09:32 gmcharlt thanks
09:32 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: hi
09:32 gmcharlt hi hdl_laptop
09:38 |Lupin| chris: I'm unsure how to proceed now to find the cause of this error...
09:39 chris yeah, so am i, i havent run across it before
09:41 |Lupin| chris: just looking at the code for NZgetRecords which is, I hink, the one that is called on my system to find out the records
09:42 chris right, it may be because i use zebra that ive never bumped into this
09:42 gmcharlt hmm, I have an idea
09:42 gmcharlt |Lupin|: try the following
09:42 |Lupin| yeah actually I presume the nozebra code ismuch less tested than the zebra one, is that correct ?
09:42 gmcharlt git checkout -b temp
09:42 gmcharlt git revert 7a3bdce23dd
09:43 |Lupin| gmcharlt: ?
09:43 gmcharlt would undo a recent commit that may have broken thngs for you
09:43 |Lupin| gmcharlt: oh ok sorry I didn't see the first line
09:46 paul_p hi gmcharlt. Early wake up today...
09:47 gmcharlt hi paul_p
09:48 |Lupin| gmcharlt: hmmm koha doesn't work at all now...
09:48 gmcharlt hmm
09:48 gmcharlt do git checkout master then
09:49 |Lupin| done
09:49 |Lupin| doesn't work better, looking to the logs
09:50 |Lupin| ah my mistake
09:50 |Lupin| I'm always forgetting to re set the right permissions
09:50 |Lupin| sorry gmcharlt
09:51 |Lupin| I'll sitch back to the temp branch
09:51 chris ahh yes
09:51 chris i did a git show on that commit, it does look like the culprit
09:52 |Lupin| okay it works indeed !
09:52 chris nice work gmcharlt !
09:52 gmcharlt isgh
09:52 |Lupin| yeah !
09:53 gmcharlt poor fredericd
09:53 gmcharlt this will be the second time I've pushed a revert of a version of that commit
09:53 chris hehe
09:53 |Lupin| :)
09:53 |Lupin| thanks to all
09:54 |Lupin| it is obvious that I couldne't have found out the solution without your help guys
09:55 chris community++
09:56 |Lupin| yeah
09:56 |Lupin| gmcharlt: I suppose you'll re-integrate the corrections to the master branch at some point ?
09:57 gmcharlt |Lupin|: yeah
10:07 kf guten morgen lupin, good morning gmcharlt
10:08 gmcharlt buenos dias, kf :)
10:08 fredericd hi all
10:08 gmcharlt hi fredericd
10:08 gmcharlt fredericd: sorry to do this to you again, but I'm going to have to revert your latest 3226 patch; turns out it breaks NoZebra
10:10 fredericd gmcharlt: hello
10:10 fredericd wouldn't it be better to revert no-zebra :-)
10:11 gmcharlt fredericd++
10:11 |Lupin| bonjour kf
10:11 fredericd Is there a way to reproduce this bug and to fix it (in 5 minutes)?
10:12 |Lupin| fredericd: are you talking about the nozebra one ?
10:12 fredericd yes
10:12 |Lupin| fredericd: on a non
10:12 |Lupin| zebra install yes
10:12 |Lupin| fredericd: there is just one perl script to run
10:12 gmcharlt fredericd: it boils down to NoZebra always returns MARC, not MARCXML
10:13 gmcharlt fredericd: so probably not too hard to fix, but then must test
10:14 |Lupin| gmcharlt: I'd be happy to be the tester
10:15 gmcharlt |Lupin|: ok, maybe you and fredericd can work something out to test a fix before it's submitted
10:18 |Lupin| gmcharlt: what does it imply ? receiving a patch, applying it and seeing whether it fixes the problem or not ?
10:18 gmcharlt yeah
10:18 |Lupin| fine then
10:19 |Lupin| shall I subscribe to koha-patches to receive it ?
10:19 gmcharlt yes that, or else fredericd could send to you direct
10:19 |Lupin| fredericd: if you could send it directly that would be excellet... would that be possible ?
10:23 fredericd Ok, I see that directly with |Lupin|
10:55 chris hi nengard
10:57 nengard hiya
11:15 chris busy day today nengard ?
11:17 paul_p nengard so busy that she can't stay here :D
11:17 paul_p back from lunch. Canadair still rotating in the sky...
11:18 gmcharlt paul_p: ?
11:18 paul_p yep gmcharlt ?
11:19 gmcharlt was wondering about "Canadair still rotating in the sky"
11:19 paul_p big fire in the border of Marseille.
11:19 gmcharlt ah
11:20 paul_p smoke cloud on the city, and ash everywhere (includind in the office: stupid me => we are on 3rd floor, I let the windows open for the night, to cool the office... very bad idea yesterday)
11:21 gmcharlt :(
11:23 paul_p my home is just facing the sea. it's VERY impressive to see canadairs (yesterday 4) "falling" on the sea, staying 10second to fill themselves, then running to the fire place, then come back 5mn later...)
11:25 paul_p[…]p?idx=6#top-diapo
11:25 paul_p[…]p?idx=5#top-diapo
11:25 Yesan I would like to know if someone out there to help.
11:25 paul_p[…]p?idx=9#top-diapo
11:25 Yesan jwagner.
11:25 paul_p hello Yesan & jwagner
11:25 gmcharlt paul_p: wow
11:25 Yesan Yes. Pall
11:25 Yesan paul p
11:25 paul_p there are some ppl here, throw your question, we will see if we can do something for you !
11:26 Yesan My question, I would like to remove those records in my database
11:26 Yesan as there are several records dublicates
11:26 Yesan i wuld like to start over again for data importing.
11:27 Yesan need help to clean database
11:27 paul_p Yesan: you use to import your datas ?
11:27 Yesan Should i use phpadmin to remove db?? :(
11:27 paul_p if yes => option -d will delete everything before doing the import
11:28 Yesan i use stage the records in
11:28 Yesan reservoir
11:28 Yesan and import them
11:28 paul_p how many records do you have ? if it's for migrating datas, you'd better use misc/ command line script
11:28 Yesan I am not too good in squl commands
11:29 Yesan sql
11:29 Yesan appx 300+
11:29 Yesan records
11:29 paul_p the reservoir is here for librarian "small" imports once live (for records coming from vendors for example)
11:30 paul_p there is nothing to empty your DB on Koha web interface. The way to go is the command line bulkmarcimport, (i'm sure)
11:30 Yesan My db has records, I would like them to be deleted from the Database.
11:31 jwagner Good morning all
11:32 gmcharlt hi jwagner
11:32 Yesan Paul,
11:33 jwagner hi gmcharlt.  Say it isn't so :-)
11:34 Yesan Yes.
11:34 Yesan Paul, before I do the
11:34 Yesan i want the existing recordst to removed.
11:34 Yesan can this be possible
11:35 paul_p Yesan: everytime you run with -d the DB will be cleaned before doing anything
11:36 paul_p as easy as that !
11:36 Yesan great
11:36 Yesan thanks for your reply
11:36 paul_p just run bulkmarcimport -d -t to DELETE and TEST (and do nothing on the DB in fact, so just empty the DB)
11:41 Yesan sorry to trouble you once again
11:46 gmcharlt jwagner: yes, 'tis
11:49 Yesan Paul,
11:49 Yesan should i use ssh access
11:49 Yesan for bulkmarcimport -d -t
11:51 paul_p Yesan: (you should use my nick if you want that I'm warned. My irc client is not always on top)
11:51 paul_p to answer your question : yes, you need ssh access for bulkmarcimport
11:51 paul_p (it's a command line tool, like everything in misc directory)
11:53 |Lupin| hi again

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