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12:08 CGI566 hi
12:08 CGI566 did any anybody know about extending the user login session
12:29 Amit hi jwagner
12:50 nicomo CGI566: see system preference Timeout
12:59 martinmorris hi is there a quick way of deleting a number of biblios and their associated items?  on the command line?
13:00 gmcharlt via SQL you can delete from biblio and it should cascade - make sure that you don't have any circ or acq transactions attached
13:00 gmcharlt then you'd run rebuild_zebra -b -r to update indexes
13:00 martinmorris ah, simple as that.  i was a bit nervous about doing it directly in the db but i'll give that a go for some and see what happens
13:00 martinmorris thanks!
13:09 martinmorris worked a treat, thanks!
15:15 atz gmcharlt_ can you or chris unsubscribe Ed Sharpe from the Koha list?  i'm sick of getting his auto-replies for every message I send...
15:15 atz "If you have gotten this message you have  emailed  SMECC.
15:15 atz (Or your virus affected computer may have... if so get a good service tech)
15:15 atz (Also if your mail server has problems and is infected YOU need to fix that I do not want to be inolved!)
15:15 atz You Have  Contacted SMECC -  THE MUSEUM!"
15:15 gmcharlt atz: sure - I'll confirm request with Chris next time he's online
15:16 gmcharlt as Ed hasn't responded to any requests to kill the autoresponder
15:16 gmcharlt he's had more than enough to correct it
15:17 owen The Museum! As opposed to what, THE TASTY SNACK?
15:48 owen I wonder if it would be better to include the "tab" grouping as part of system preference data (along with explanation, value, etc)
15:48 atz not really, imho
15:49 gmcharlt as a separate layer, I think so
15:49 gmcharlt for one thing, would mean that the A-Z issue could be fixed for all languages
15:50 gmcharlt but I agree with atz that there shouldn't be particularly tight coupling between the prefs and how they are presented
15:54 ziqbal hi to all
15:58 ziqbal i am new to this chat room, and hope that this chat room is good for me to solve koha problems
15:59 ziqbal i am new to this chat room , and hope the chat room is good for me to solve koha problems
16:00 gmcharlt welcome ziqbal
16:24 pianohacker Good morning
16:33 gmcharlt hi pianohacker
16:33 pianohacker hello
16:33 wizzyrea wow the yelling!!
16:34 pianohacker wizzyrea: WHAT DO YOU MEAN?
16:35 wizzyrea *giggle*
16:50 pianohacker The hangover will subside eventually
16:57 jdavidb pianohacker: Kinda wish I had a hangover to justify the crummy way I feel today...bleh.  
17:07 joetho Elizabeth?
17:15 pianohacker wizzyrea is not very responsive
17:15 pianohacker We must mount an expedition to Kansas to find out why
17:23 Sharon we were in a meeting and now she's a lunch
17:23 pianohacker Ah. Food takes priority
17:49 wizzyrea lordy, you try staying on top of things when you've had the ick for 2.5 weeks (and the dr tells you it's "just a virus..." bite me, plzkthx)
17:59 joetho I withdraw my question
18:00 chris good old ed sharpe, he is in koha folklore already, this will just increase that
18:00 chris removing now
18:02 pianohacker Ahh, he's an archivist at smecc
18:03 chris he is infamous for yelling constantly about lccn
18:04 pianohacker I believe you've told me about him, yes
18:04 pianohacker He also seems to have wanted complete install testing of every Koha release
18:07 chris he is usually right
18:07 chris[…]March/013264.html
18:09 pianohacker Huh
18:11 pianohacker Syntax error near ",,,,"
18:11 pianohacker edsharpesmessage has too many errors
18:12 chris heh
18:17 wizzyrea ooh, from I take that very seriously
18:17 wizzyrea (complete with typos)
18:20 wizzyrea hm we really ought to take a look at that "about koha -> dev team" page :P
18:20 chris out of date?
18:21 wizzyrea yea, it is.
18:21 chris oh yeah, it has russel and i at liblime still, well sorta
18:21 chris send a patch :)
19:04 joetho the picture shows chris with a full beard and hippie beads.
19:04 joetho go look
19:04 chris heh
19:04 joetho you didn't look.
19:04 chris i did have a goatee once
19:05 joetho Sigh.
19:05 chris never a full beard tho
19:05 chris and that was only for half a year at uni
19:11 chris heya owen
19:12 owen Hi chris
19:12 owen How'd Monday treat you?
19:13 chris not bad not bad
19:14 chris had a bake sale, raised 430$ for the kids of one of the staff
19:14 chris to help towards his buying a drum machine
19:14 owen That's quite a haul!
19:14 chris yep
19:14 nicomo how much is the NZ$ worth?
19:14 nicomo in US$?
19:14 owen Heh, are you trying to punish his parents for some reason? :)
19:15 chris @gcalc 430nzd in usd
19:15 munin chris: 430 New Zealand dollars = 281.65 U.S. dollars
19:15 chris hehe naw, hes a pretty unwell young fulla
19:15 chris somethign to brighten up his day
19:16 chris i think the total is now 738
19:16 nicomo @wunder lyon, france
19:16 munin nicomo: The current temperature in Feyzin, Feyzin, France is 27.6°C (9:00 PM CEST on July 20, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 43%. Dew Point: 14.0°C. Pressure: 29.96 in 1014.4 hPa (Steady).
19:18 chris got a long day today, with a go live after 6pm
19:18 chris so im working up to it
19:18 chris :)
19:25 pianohacker owen: Around?
19:25 owen Yes
19:25 pianohacker So there's a couple of sysprefs, opacstylesheet and opaclayoutstylesheet. The OPAC uses the first if it's defined, otherwise the second, otherwise opac.css. Do you know anything about this weird setup/how it is used?
19:26 owen Weird? I use it all the time!
19:26 owen The problem is that they're now misnamed
19:26 chris thats cos you are weird too :)
19:26 pianohacker Why would you want both?
19:26 pianohacker Since only one will be used?
19:27 owen No, that misses the "cascade" part of "Cascading Style Sheets"
19:28 owen The second one overrides the first one, *if* you've specified a property to be overridden
19:28 owen Your "opaccolorstylesheet" file can contain only minor changes if you want: background colors, logo, stuff like that
19:28 owen Or you can supply styles to alter the layout significantly if you wanted to go that far
19:29 owen They should really be named "opacdefaultstylesheet" and "opaccustomstylesheet" or something like that
19:29 pianohacker owen: Yes, I know about opaccolorstylesheet.  The intranet's setup makes sense; intranetstylesheet to replace staff-global.css, intranetcolorstylsheet to supplement it
19:30 pianohacker But the OPAC has _three_ stylesheet preferences. opacstylesheet and opaclayoutstylesheet, both of which replace opac.css (but only one of them), and opaccolorstylesheet, which supplements opac.css
19:30 pianohacker My question is: Why do you want opacstylesheet and opaclayoutstylesheet, given that they perform the same function
19:32 owen Because if you're customizing an OPAC it's easier to manage a custom stylesheet that only contains what you *need* for the customizations
19:32 owen Sorry--that's not in reference to opacstylesheet.
19:33 owen opacstylesheet: "Enter a complete URL to use an alternate layout stylesheet in OPAC"
19:33 owen That means you can specify an *offsite* CSS file as your custom CSS.
19:34 owen This could be used if, for instance, your Koha installation was hosted and you didn't have access to the filesystem that held the default stylesheet
19:35 owen It's just a different way of managing things. I'm not sure what particular need prompted the addition of that one, but it's been around for a while.
19:35 owen Sorry I misunderstood your initial question.
19:40 CGI151 Liz...did you post anything new on git?
19:46 pianohacker owen: Gah, ok. A closer reading of the code makes that clear
19:46 pianohacker Thanks
19:49 pianohacker The main reason I'm picking your brain about all this is for the new syspref editor, which will at least make things a tad easier to deal with. The sysprefs will still have names, but much better descriptions
19:50 pianohacker *still have weird names
19:51 owen Any chance for hierarchical sys prefs?
19:52 pianohacker owen: In what sense?
19:52 pianohacker There will be groups of sysprefs, inside tabs
19:52 pianohacker So a three-level, rather than two-level, hierarchy in that sense
19:52 owen For instance: Don't show individual Syndetics prefs unless the main "Syndetics = ON" pref is active
19:53 pianohacker Ahh, I see what you mean. I've thought a bit about that, and it should be possible to implement
19:54 pianohacker But there are still enough obstacles (the godforsaken translator, getting all of the tabs written, adding the prefs that have been added since I started this project) that it might have to wait until after 3.2 (which I am hoping to get this into)
19:54 chris that would rule
19:54 chris yeah, go for the kaizen approach :)
19:55 pianohacker chris: Hah, yeah
19:55 gmcharlt pianohacker++
19:56 pianohacker Heh. You might want to wait until I've got the dang thing written; I've been _talking_ about it for about four months now
19:56 chris hehe
19:57 CGI253 Just curious, anyone migrated over to koha from alexandria ?
19:58 pianohacker CGI253: This alexandria?[…]ia_%28software%29
19:59 pianohacker If so, you might have to write some custom scripts to do so, as it looks like it doesn't have MARC export
20:00 CGI253
20:01 gmcharlt CGI253:
20:02 CGI253 Yea, read that... still a work in progress I guess. Will keep working at it.
20:02 chris ok time to go catch my bus
20:37 dipanjan gmcharlt: ping
20:37 gmcharlt dipanjan: pong
20:38 atz patch sent for sillyness in adv. search template
20:38 dipanjan if I want to build zebra from source, do I do it for version 2.0.40 or some other version?
20:38 dipanjan gmcharlt: ^^
20:39 gmcharlt dipanjan: go with the latest stable version that ID has
20:39 gmcharlt 2.0.40 should be fine
20:39 dipanjan gmcharlt: thanks. will get back
20:44 chris back
20:50 richard hi
20:50 chris heya richard
21:44 pianohacker xorg--
21:47 chris heh
23:40 pianohacker 'gnight, #koha
02:53 mason have a question..
02:53 mason i
02:54 mason when running with -z , what difference does the '-w' switch do ??
02:55 mason -w                      skip shadow indexing for this batch
03:03 mason skipping something sounds faster!!, which is good...
03:06 mason can the indexed records still be searched, with the shadow-indexing skipped?
03:06 mason i havent tested yet :/
03:08 mason hmmm...
03:08 mason[…]ow-registers.html
03:09 mason so shadow-indeing is slower, but safer..
03:11 mason skipping shadow-indexing is faster, but it locks up requests (eg: searching?) while the batch is updating ?
03:11 mason if so , then -w isnt really an option for a prod-system
03:24 Amit hi chris
03:24 Amit good morning #koha
03:38 SelfishMan mason: I believe that is correct but I haven't played with that for a while
03:38 SelfishMan I don't think it locks it so much as may have undesirable results
03:39 mason heya
03:39 mason "Further, while the update process is active, users cannot be allowed to access the system, as the contents of the register files may change unpredictably."
03:40 mason looks like it locks, and gives unpredictable results too :)
03:43 Amit hi mason
03:44 Amit hi mason, Selfish Man
03:44 mason heya amit, good morning to you
06:35 Amit hi nicomo
06:36 nicomo hi Amit
06:36 nicomo hi #koha
06:54 nicomo chris around?
09:38 Amit hi kf
09:54 kf hi Amit
10:34 martinmorris hello, is there any way of uploading the RDF/XML LCSH headings at into koha?
10:34 martinmorris just getting my head around that format
11:28 gmcharlt martinmorris: not directly - you'd have to convert them to MARC or MARCXML authority records first
11:29 martinmorris with a perl script of some kind perhaps?
11:29 martinmorris i've been having a look, i can see it's a rather different format
11:29 gmcharlt and the RDF at doesn't retain enough of the original structure to do that accurately
11:29 Amit hi galen
11:29 gmcharlt hi Amit
11:29 martinmorris yes, so i see
11:29 martinmorris no 500 tags for example
11:29 gmcharlt subdivisions not identified, as another example
11:30 martinmorris yes

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