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12:00 atz nobody has implemented it before
12:01 atz most US libraries don't have some records for X users, more records for Y users, etc... their full collection is available to all users
12:01 atz and if they want to hide some, then they hide it from everybody (except staff)
12:09 hdl_laptop |Lupin|: OPACSuppression is your syspref
12:10 hdl_laptop I think I will make it a text so that you can hide on a single word.
12:17 |Lupin| atz, hdl_laptop thanks to both of you guys !
12:23 |Lupin| hmm
12:23 |Lupin| how to display thispref ? is there a way to search a syspref by name ?
12:24 atz you can search sysprefs... try just "suppression"
12:27 |Lupin| atz: I'm sorry, I don't see the suppression button you are mentionning. When I follow the System preferences link, I get a table with just a few system preferences displayed, and for each one there is a button to modify it and another one to remove it...
12:27 atz right.... there should be a bunch of tabs on the left
12:27 atz and the search box on top lets you search all sysprefs
12:28 atz OPACsuppression probably lives under the "OPAC" tab, but i find it easier to search if i already know the one i want
12:29 owen It's under the Cataloging tab
12:29 owen Hi atz  and |Lupin|
12:29 |Lupin| ae all these things based on javascript ?
12:29 atz ^^ see, that's why I search for it  :)
12:29 owen Navigation and editing of system preferences are not javascript-dependent
12:29 |Lupin| hi owen
12:30 atz yeah, it's important those work w/o js, since among other things, you can insert code a mess up your js using sysprefs
12:30 atz and you might need to change it
12:31 |Lupin| okay
12:31 |Lupin| now I understand
12:31 |Lupin| under lynx these tabs you are talking about are represented as a list of lynx that appears after the few system preferences
12:32 |Lupin| but while reading the names, I though these links were just to different Koha modules, I didn't realize they were to different tabs in the system preferences area
12:33 |Lupin| however I don't have a search bok
12:33 |Lupin| however I don't have a search box
12:33 |Lupin| and under cataloguing preferences I have nothing... normal ?
12:35 |Lupin| I mean, the headings are there, (preference name, value, meaning, modify, remove), but the table is empty
12:37 owen |Lupin|: Are you running an official release or an up-to-date git repo?
12:38 |Lupin| up-to-date git repo
12:38 |Lupin| owen: up-to-date git repo
12:38 |Lupin| (git pull is enough to update the repo, is't it?)
12:39 owen When you first arrive at the Administration page one of the first things in the main body of the page is a heading "Global System Preferences." Right under that there should be a search box for searching system preferences.
12:41 owen Wow I forgot how badly lynx handles tables
12:47 |Lupin| :)
12:48 owen |Lupin|: Are you able to do a "find on this page" kind of search when you're using Lynx?
12:48 |Lupin| owen: ok, now I have found it. Thanks a lot !
12:49 |Lupin| I was looking for it on the cgi-bin/koha/admin/ page, not on the general admnistration page. Sorry.
12:50 |Lupin| owen: sure, / works the same way it does in e.g. less
12:51 owen That seemed like a good way to quickly find something on the big list of system preferences
12:54 |Lupin| owen: right !
12:55 |Lupin| owen: don't know how to display the big list, though.
12:56 owen When you click on one of the "tabs" as atz described it, the list of system preference categories: Admin, Acquisitions, etc.
12:57 owen Each of those should load its own list of system preferences
12:58 owen Each of those pages is what I would describe as the big list--but there's not one list of everything
12:58 owen I wonder if there should be?
13:00 |Lupin| owen: don't know if there should be. I just can say that for me personnally, that woudl be convenient
13:00 |Lupin| owen: and ok, understood. I indeed thought there was such an exhaustive list.
13:10 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: so when oparsuppression is active, is it also 942n that matters in Unimarc, or is it another field ?
13:11 hdl_laptop you have to add a Suppress index in your record.abs and reindex
13:11 hdl_laptop you could use 995$S
13:12 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: record.abs has to be modified even if zebra is not used ?
13:13 hdl_laptop no.
13:13 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: ok, thanks
13:13 hdl_laptop But I think that Not is not supported for nozebra
13:13 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: but when you say could use 995$S, this is item-specific, I thought that opac suppression was working at the record level ?
13:14 hdl_laptop it works at record level, But if you have one item with this flag, then it deletes it from results
13:14 |Lupin| another way to not have the records in the opac could be to keep them in the reservoir and not complete the import ? Would that be a good solution ?
13:15 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: okay, understood
13:20 |Lupin| hmm I didn't know koha was aware of braille !
13:21 |Lupin| hi gmcharlt
13:21 gmcharlt Hi |Lupin|
13:27 hdl_laptop hi gmcharlt
13:28 gmcharlt hi hdl_laptop
13:42 |Lupin| ah there was another thing I misunderstood
13:42 |Lupin| I was told on the chan that in the advanced search, one can search either by itemtype or by ccode
13:43 |Lupin| so I thought the choice is up to the patron
13:43 |Lupin| but actually it seems it's a syspref (AdvancedSearchTypes) so its set once and forever
13:43 |Lupin| is this correct ?
13:44 owen Not once and forever, but yes--it's up to the administrator
13:45 owen Sorry if I wasn't clear about that yesterday
13:45 |Lupin| owen: np, my mistake !!
13:46 |Lupin| is that to say that it doesn't make much sense to define both item types and collection codes for items and that one really has to choose between the two ?
13:47 owen It depends how you use them. We use collection codes so our patrons can limit their searches by those categories, and we use itemtypes for controlling circ policy
13:47 owen But I'm not sure how the combination could work for you in a non-circulating environment
13:53 |Lupin| owen: well, my intuition is that indeed we don't have circulation, but we have download that should work differently for books in the private / public domain
13:54 |Lupin| owen: perhaps one could have two item types, private domain and public domain, and then one ccode for each format
13:57 owen You still face the problem of how a patron might limit their search to both a domain and a format
13:57 owen e.g. "public domain mp3 files"
13:59 |Lupin| owen: yes, and I realize that. But actually I thought that if one has to be sacrified, perhaps the domain is preferable
14:00 |Lupin| isn't it reasonable to expect that some day Koha will allow to perform searches on both c-codes and item types ?
14:00 owen I think you need a MARC expert to advise you on how records might be properly cataloged with domain and/or format data
14:00 owen And yes, |Lupin|, I think that is a reasonable expectation.
14:02 owen As far as I know, removing the option to search both was an interface decision and not a functionality decision.
14:06 |Lupin| owen: okay, thanks a lot. Your replies are very helpful.
14:07 |Lupin| owen: in a way the problem is certainly at least partially a MARC problem, I agree. But in my opinion it's not only a MARC problem, since the way Koha lets you search is also involved in the decisions, I think.
14:08 owen Sure, but the MARC angle might allow you to circumvent the searching limitation
14:09 |Lupin| owen: hmm ? not sure I understand how... Could you please elaborate ?
14:10 owen This is just off the top of my head, and I don't know if it's really valid or not, but...
14:10 |Lupin| owen: are you suggesting that perhaps putting the information in a coded field or so may allow one to search on it ?
14:10 owen If there were a proper way to tag a MARC record with, for instance, public/private domain information, you could then theoretically create an index in Zebra for searching that field
14:11 owen However, you'd have to alter your Koha templates to allow that choice to appear in search forms
14:11 gmcharlt in MARC21, you can kinda get there by using subfield $5, which specifies to whch library a particular field applies
14:11 gmcharlt obviously would need a lot of template and indexing work to handle that in Koha
14:12 |Lupin| gmcharlt: okay... Not sure whether it's worth the effort...
14:13 |Lupin| gmcharlt: I tend to think it is not...
14:14 owen gmcharlt: Do you know anything about the decision to limit the advanced search to either itemtype or ccode but not both? In dev_week we had both
14:14 |Lupin| well in the worst case (a wron cataloguing decision), I assume it'll always be possible to export Koha's database in MARC, do something to it and import it again...
14:15 gmcharlt owen: there's no particular reason behind it other than that it was probably quicker to do it that way at the time, since sysprefs currently can't hold multiple active values
14:15 |Lupin| what's dev_week ? a special tag in Koha's git repository ? corresopnding to what ?
14:15 gmcharlt |Lupin|: dev_week is essentially an intermediate between 2.2 and 3.0
14:15 |Lupin| gmcharlt: couldn't there be a "both" sys pref ?
14:15 gmcharlt created during a "development week" event
14:16 |Lupin| ah these kind of events take place... good to know...
14:16 gmcharlt |Lupin|: there could be, yes, although multi-val syspref support would be even nicer
14:16 |Lupin| gmcharlt: sure. I was just trying to propose something that cold be implemented quickly...
14:18 owen gmcharlt: I suspect it was largely the desire to offer the grid of icons for search limiting
14:18 owen But we could still display the other choices as a drop-down when the admin chooses which limiter to use in the grid
14:21 |Lupin| owen: I don't nderstand the drop-down and grid things you are explaining, probably because I can't see the graphical presentaiton of the advanced search page. Would you mind explaining, pls ?
14:22 |Lupin| owen: thanks :)
14:24 owen We're talking about the area of the advanced search screen labeled "Limit to any of the following"
14:24 owen That's the "grid" (displayed in a table in graphical browsers)
14:25 owen I'm saying that even if we display itemtype in that section, couldn't we also offer the choice to limit by ccode using a drop-down menu such as is used by the "location and availability" choice.
14:26 owen Obviously "drop-down" is a name based on its visual behavior...I'm not sure what the vision-agnostic term would be! :)
14:26 owen "select menu" ?
14:29 owen I'm curious which is easier for you to interact with, the list of "Limit to any of the following" choices or the "Location and availability" choice.
14:31 |Lupin| owen: for the moment my staff client is in french so it's not obvious which things you are talking about. Is there an easy way to switch between french and english ?
14:31 owen Do you have a publicly accessible OPAC?
14:32 |Lupin| owen: unfortunately not
14:32 |Lupin| oh but actually I could try any opac in english !
14:32 |Lupin| owen: is there one you could suggest ?
14:34 owen You can try my library's:[…]ha/
14:34 owen I must warn you, we have way too many collection codes! It makes quite a list
14:34 |Lupin| owen: ok, no problem, thanks!
14:36 owen Hi joetho
14:37 |Lupin| ok, so the "Limit to any of the following" is represented in lynx by a succession of checkboxes, so each can be either checked or unchecked. These are your collection codes, right ?
14:37 |Lupin| hi joetho
14:38 owen |Lupin|: Yes
14:38 joetho hello
14:39 |Lupin| owen: and this is what ou caled the grid ?
14:39 owen Yes
14:39 |Lupin| owen: okay. And if your opac was configured to allow a search by item-types, this wold be a grid, too, right ?
14:40 owen If my opac was configured to allow a search by item-types, our item-types would show up in place of all the collection codes
14:40 |Lupin| owen: right, but how ? grid or drop-down ?
14:41 owen Grid.
14:41 |Lupin| okay
14:41 |Lupin| owen: now, why were you suggesting that the pref which is not selected should appear in a drop-down ? why not have two grids ?
14:42 owen For many libraries even one grid is too cumbersome because of the great many choices they have
14:43 owen This way at least the library can prioritize
14:43 owen But I suppose ideally it would be completely configurable
14:43 |Lupin| owen: yes ! That was what I had in mind.
14:44 owen But for that you have to wait!
14:44 |Lupin| so one should be able to configure what is used to search (item-types, ccodes, both, none), and for each of them how it is presented, either grid or drop-down.
14:45 |Lupin| owen: btw thanks a lot for having taught me the graphical terminology, much more convenient to talk with ppl and understand them
14:45 |Lupin| owen: waiting is not really a problem
14:45 owen And while we're making wishes: I'd love to be able to create "groups" of ccodes (or itemtypes) so that users could search for anything within a group
14:46 kf I would be great to search for collections and item - at least on staff side
14:46 kf I = It
14:47 |Lupin| owen: yes, I was thinking about that a few days ago
14:47 |Lupin| I called it book sets
14:48 |Lupin| the idea was that a book set coudl be created either manually (item-types or c-codes), or automatically by combining other book sets (by reunion, intersection, difference)
14:48 |Lupin| So it would be possible for one book to belong to several book sets and one could build hierarchies of book sets
14:49 |Lupin| not sure how much sense this makes for you guys, newbies like me sometimes have crazy ideas
14:50 owen Newbie ideas are often the best kind
14:53 |Lupin| :)
14:53 |Lupin| well...
14:54 |Lupin| when I thought about it, simultaneously I told mself that if this idea was so good, certainly someone else would lready have had it, so it must be a not so good idea for some reason I couldn't see
14:55 owen Many of the good ideas are too difficult to implement without funding
14:55 |Lupin| owen: k
14:58 |Lupin| k, time for me to leave
14:58 |Lupin| owen: many thanks for all your help and patience, the conversaiton was awesome
14:58 |Lupin| bye all
14:59 owen Bye |Lupin|
15:59 joetho Hello - I ask this question occasionally, and I keep hoping for THE answer:
15:59 joetho Where do location codes come from? You know, digits 2-5 of a standard 14 digit barcode?
16:00 pianohacker The barcode vendors themselves, I believe
16:00 joetho I want someone to tell me about a centralized database to avoid potential conflicts and there doesn't seem to be one.
16:01 pianohacker Nope!
16:01 pianohacker Not to my knowledge anyway
16:01 joetho It would make sense to do it regionally / AND by vendor /AND by consortium members etc etc
16:02 pianohacker Yup, since you've only got 10,000 possible locations (I _hope_ there's more libraries than that in the US)
16:02 jdavidb you're asking for good sense, joetho, and that is just not terribly common, unfortunately.
16:02 joetho logreaders: please send any comments, enlightening or otherwise, to
16:03 joetho I ask for good sense?
16:03 joetho well of course I do because I DON'T HAVE ANY
16:03 joetho ha ha ha ha
16:03 pianohacker I think we're safe, so long as we keep you away from the dessert cart
16:04 ebegin gmcharlt, about the welcome message, I specified to search the email archives also before posting, not just the website
16:04 joetho Restaurants are created for our pleasure, however we may find it.
16:04 joetho remember this, young man.
16:05 pianohacker Remember that, when your next hamburger has an unpleasantly gooey texture
16:05 ebegin gmcharlt, actually, I just added the link :)
16:06 gmcharlt ebegin: cool
16:07 ebegin gmcharlt, maybe we should also ad the IRC channel... ok give a link the this info...
16:08 gmcharlt ebegin: good idea
16:10 gmcharlt joetho: ain't no such central database nowadays
16:14 joetho Who could I contact at my Koha Support Vendor World Headquarters to avoid location code conflicts with their clients?
16:14 pianohacker Theoretically, any of the techies
16:15 pianohacker But why? Unless you'll be ILLing books from them, it's no big deal, right?
16:15 joetho I know who to contact regionally and in my state.
16:15 joetho And no, phacker, it shouldn't be.
16:16 joetho But we have a brandnew statewide courier and a lot of new union catalogs and I try to avoid messes wherever possible.
16:17 joetho john- remember asking about "withdrawn" status?
16:17 joetho sekjal is john, correct?
16:18 sekjal no, sekjal is Ian.  which is a form of John.... but that's probably not helpful
16:18 joetho the sek threw me. Not South East Kansas, I take it.
16:19 joetho sorry. My bad.
16:19 sekjal NYU.  No worries
16:21 gmcharlt sekjal: btw, the patch you tweeted about doesn't seem to have been received by koha-patches
16:22 sekjal yeah, I was watching the list, and didn't find it in my inbox.  shall I resubmit?
16:22 gmcharlt sekjal: please
16:22 sekjal its nothing particularly wonderful
16:22 sekjal ok
16:24 schuster Barcode number tracking...  computype...
16:24 ebegin joetho, for avoiding location code, you could prefix that with your library id... if any
16:25 sekjal serials question:  where can I find out what the 'status' values mean?
16:25 sekjal 1 is expected
16:25 sekjal 2 is arrived
16:25 sekjal what others exist?
16:25 kf joetho: just saw your question - we discussed adding ISIL to be part of our barcodes in next system recently
16:25 schuster When we first automated we used computype to track all of the ranges I think they charge $26 a year per location.  We send all vendors looking for barcodes to them.
16:25 ebegin sekjal, this is in the authorised valued, IIRC
16:26 sekjal ebegin, I'm looking at, and a lot of it seems hard-coded
16:26 schuster We "should" be the only library in the nation using X0126XXXXXXXXX - leading digit 2 or 3,  2 was patron 3 item.
16:26 schuster We like this as often we transfer items between location permanently so if the barcode were printed with a location code then that would be physical evidence that is incorrect.
16:27 kf ISIL:[…]ted_Organizations
16:29 hdl_laptop sekjal: yes it is hardcoded.
16:29 sekjal I'm seeing values 1-6 referenced in various parts of
16:34 fredericd hi
16:34 pianohacker Hello
16:35 pianohacker sekjal: It might be like itemlost; the behavior of each number might be somewhat predetermined, but you can at least change their descriptions
16:36 sekjal here's my best guess at the meanings:
16:36 sekjal 1 = expected
16:36 sekjal 2 = arrived
16:36 sekjal 3 = late
16:36 sekjal 4 = missing
16:36 sekjal 5 = .... something
16:36 sekjal 6 = claimed
16:38 sekjal I'm asking because I'm looking at adding some support for sending things to bindery, and want to have a status that indicates 'at bindery'
16:39 hdl_laptop you can find it in serials-edit.tmpl
16:40 hdl_laptop But there is no "at bindery"
16:40 hdl_laptop status
16:40 hdl_laptop hi fredericd
16:40 hdl_laptop reconciliation branch work in progress
16:44 joetho sekjal- try adding a new authorized value to the "withdrawn" group. 0=plainvanilla circulates normally,  1=withdrawn (I changed mine to "in repair")  and the new one 2=would be "in bindery"
16:45 sekjal hdl_laptop: I see it, thanks!  this answers my question completely
16:46 sekjal joetho: hmmm, that might work, though only if the individual serials issues had item records, right?
16:46 joetho correct
16:46 joetho I think.
16:46 joetho hmmmm.
16:46 joetho too hard.
16:47 sekjal I'd like to have the functionality where issues without an item record can be bundled together, marked as "at bindery", then later received from bindery and turned into an item
16:47 joetho don't know, but I am pretty sure you are correct- item records required.
16:47 joetho well my above sugfgestion would certainly work for books.
16:48 joetho suugestion*
16:48 sekjal definitely
16:48 joetho sheeeeyut. I misspelled it twice.
16:48 joetho "suuggestion"  now known as "ideer"
16:49 sekjal the new forest mammal by Apple?
16:49 joetho no, the hillbilly spelling of "suggestion"
16:49 jdavidb sekjal++  
16:50 jdavidb I needed a laugh, thanks!
16:50 joetho well you are certainly welcome.
16:50 sekjal indeed
16:50 joetho now what is the dBou method of marking serials as "in bindery"???
16:51 jdavidb I wouldn't laugh at your misspellings, joetho, 'cuz I do that too.     Still, sekjal couldn't have made the joke without ya.   Thanks!  :)
16:52 gmcharlt that actually sounds pretty good
16:52 jdavidb It does!
16:52 sekjal I just ate, and now I'm hungry all over again!
16:53 jdavidb Galen, since you inspired it, I'm gonna have to give you credit for calling it iVenison.    So when Jobs gets pissed off, he'll come after *you*, and not me.
16:54 gmcharlt heh
16:57 joetho Somehow I am thinking we are all safe in this regard.  Years ago I got a shirt from my mac guy that had "iJoey" embroidered on it. I was pretty cool back then.
16:57 joetho back when I was a mac user.
16:57 joetho Now I am PC. Yawn.
17:25 ricardo Hi everyone!  :)
17:26 ricardo Is there a "good" field (tag / subfield) in UNIMARC (or MARC 21) for "cataloging level" for a record? Meaning... "this record is either FULLY cataloged, or is PARTIALLY cataloged, or..."? Does Koha have any built-in logic for that?
17:27 pianohacker ricardo: Does UNIMARC have a leader, like MARC21? If so, there might be something there
17:28 sekjal in the MARC21 leader, its character 17.[…]hic/bdleader.html
17:28 sekjal not sure about UNIMARC
17:28 ricardo pianohacker: Hi pianohacker (Jesse, right?). Well, yes, UNIMARC *does* have a Leader, although I'd prefer NOT to touch that field :)  But thanks for the tip. I'll check
17:29 ricardo sekjal: Thanks to you too  :)
17:35 ricardo pianohacker: / sejkal: OK. The closest I found was:
17:35 ricardo Unimarc, Bibliographic, 2.3, English, Record Label
17:35 ricardo
17:36 ricardo Namely the 1-character position for "(2)Record status"
17:37 sekjal 7.a looks like a possibility, too
17:38 ricardo sekjal: Oops... You're right. I was looking at that - "(7.a) Encoding level" - right now
17:38 ricardo Thanks :)
17:38 ricardo Anyway, I think this will not suit me easily for a data migration that I need to do  :(
17:38 sekjal gladly.  When I was in library school, I never thought I'd be staring this closely at MARC records again
17:39 ricardo sekjal: You're lucky... I *never* was in a Library School, so I *never* thought that I would have to look at MARC records ever!  :D
17:42 thd atz: are you present?
17:43 gmcharlt sekjal: patch still hasn't shown up - could you try sending to instead of
17:46 sekjal gmcharlt: sure
17:47 ricardo gmcharlt: Hi Galen! Has any patch been committed in the last 8 days? Looking at it seems that it hasn't, right?
17:47 gmcharlt ricardo: no, not yet - i'll been processing the backlog in the next few days
17:48 jwagner Does anyone know offhand what QueryWeightFields syspref does, and if turning it off will have harmful or undesirable effects?  See bug #2560 on language searching -- I just figured out that turning this syspref off fixes my language searching problem (not sure about other peoples' problems), but want to know the implications before I do it on a production system.
17:48 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2560 major, P3, ---,, ASSIGNED, Advanced search on Language (from pulldown) does not work
17:48 ricardo gmcharlt: OK, no problem. Thanks for the feedback  :)
17:53 sekjal gmcharlt: I think my dev machine may not be properly configured (wouldn't surprise me).
17:54 sekjal I'm getting the patch on my work machine, but not in my gmail
17:57 sekjal redirected through my machine.  hopefully that did it
17:58 gmcharlt sekjal: yeah, got that version
18:00 ricardo sejkal: Your patch is for what?  (just curious)
18:00 sekjal adding a field to the New Vendor page for 'account number'
18:01 sekjal there was a field in the database, but no way to fill it
18:01 sekjal we need it here for exporting EDI to our check-writing folks
18:03 ricardo sekjal: OK. And when did you send it?
18:03 sekjal originally, yesterday
18:03 ricardo sekjal: Do you remember the subject that you used?
18:04 sekjal Vendor accountnumber field added
18:04 sekjal I think I have a mis-configuration in my dev machine's email sending
18:04 sekjal ah, crap, late for a meeting!
18:05 ricardo It happens  ;-)
18:06 ricardo OK. I see that sejkal has re-sent his patch:
18:07 ricardo [Koha-patches] [PATCH] Vendor accountnumber field added
18:07 ricardo[…]-July/003925.html
18:08 ricardo gmcharlt: "Git" question - does git's "cherry pick" work well for applying changes in a line of a file to *other branch* where there were already *other changes* for that file?
18:09 ricardo (I don't know if that was clear enough... )
18:11 gmcharlt ricardo: yes, works fairly well
18:11 gmcharlt ricardo: there can be merge conflicts
18:15 ricardo gmcharlt: Right... That's what I thought. Thanks
18:24 Snow_Fox has anyone seen the sys specs for the supposed chrome OS from google?
18:24 Snow_Fox or is it not even that far yet
18:28 jdavidb Probably not that far yet; The press release just says it'll be targetted at netbooks first.
18:34 ricardo owen: LOL!
19:37 chris heya jdavidb found all the good coffee shops yet?
19:37 jdavidb Several.  And restaurants!  zomg.  Had pho last night, at a wonderful Vietnamese place just a block from my house.  First time, and I'm hooked.
19:38 chris excellent :)
19:38 jdavidb Sold my pickup, and now take public transit everywhere.  It just works.
19:39 chris even better
19:39 owen jdavidb: Did you just relocate?
19:39 jdavidb yeah, owen.  I live in the Washington, DC area.  Big change, for a lifelong Texan.
19:39 chris heya owen, hows the littluns?
19:39 owen They're good, how 'bout you?
19:41 chris had a bit of a restless night last night, Atarau got his 6 week immunisations yesterday, so had sore thighs
19:41 chris and kahurangi was trying to convince me there was a lion in his room
19:41 owen :D
19:42 chris by yelling "oh no, lion, RAAAWWWRRR"
19:42 chris "kahu sleep with daddy?"
19:42 owen Thatcher has been talking a lot about ghosts lately, but luckily that hasn't translated into nighttime issues. I'm not sure he even knows what a ghost is
19:44 chris yeah, kahu isnt scared, just tries every excuse he can think of to get out of bed... but he knows he cant until the sun comes up, so you have to open the curtain and say look its still night, and he gives up trying
19:45 chris he has some good ones
19:45 chris "grandma is in the lounge waiting", "i need toast" ... but the lion one is new
19:45 owen "grandma is in the lounge waiting" ?
19:46 chris yeah apparently she sneaked in at 2am or something
19:50 chris oh and the fish you sent for kahurangi has been passed on :)
19:50 chris right off to catch the bus
19:58 owen An experiment with interacting with collection codes:[…]h-2009-07-08.html
19:59 owen I'm not sure how one would abstract it, but all the changes could be added through normal Koha customization options
19:59 owen (hard-coding your itemtype/ccodes and categories)
20:35 richard hi
20:44 chris back, caffeinated
20:48 Snow_Fox caffeination
20:48 Snow_Fox always good
20:58 mib_we5nnv need more caffeine
20:58 mib_we5nnv need Friday
21:00 rhcl @seen coffee
21:00 munin rhcl: I have not seen coffee.
21:01 Snow_Fox
21:01 Snow_Fox coffee
21:01 Snow_Fox balls soda
21:01 Snow_Fox caffeinated soap
21:06 Snow_Fox did the koha demo go belly up?
21:07 chris the liblime one?
21:08 Snow_Fox ya
21:08 chris ?
21:08 chris seems ok for me
21:09 Snow_Fox figures
21:10 Snow_Fox working now
21:10 Snow_Fox weirdness
23:13 pianohacker bye, all
01:38 snail If I wanted to add support for another underlying data format (i.e. not MARC21 / UNIMARC but an XML-based one) where would I be looking to do that ? In the koha source or the zebra source?
03:30 Amit hi all good morning
03:31 Amit hi Jo, chris
03:31 Jo morning AMit
03:31 Amit morning Jo
03:31 Amit how is life
04:08 thd chris: are you there?
04:13 Amit hi thd
04:13 thd hello Amit
04:21 thd Amit: What is the subject thesaurus in use at BPL for creating subject headings.
04:21 thd ?
04:22 Amit thd: Wait i m checking DPL server
04:24 Amit thd: what is BPL
04:25 thd s/BPL/DPL/
04:27 thd BPL which I did not mean might be Brooklyn Public Library in New York City.  They use Library of Congress Subject Headings as a standard for subject headings.
04:27 thd Amit:  What does DPL use as a standard for subject headings?
04:28 Amit they use DDC
04:28 Amit thd: i think let me check for confirmation
04:29 thd Amit:  yes they use DDC for classification but subject headings and classification are related but not necessarily identical
04:29 Amit thd: i m coming wait
06:47 Amit hi kf, nicomo
06:47 nicomo hi Amit (and kf and all)
06:59 kf hi Amit, nicomo and all #koha
07:02 thd Amit: In MARC 21, the subject headings are in 650 if topical or 6XX generally.  82 or a holdings field is for DDC.
07:03 thd Amit:  I cannot read the script for the subject headings at DPL so I have no means of guessing the thesaurus.
08:07 chris good morning europe
08:12 kf good morning chris :)
08:13 paul_p good night chris ;-)
08:13 paul_p hi kf
08:13 kf hi paul
08:14 kf we need to talk more, so chris cant complain again about silent europeans ;)
08:16 chris hehe
08:16 kf oh, found a note on my desk: does bulk deleting patron records look for fines and checkouts too?
08:18 kf ok, nobody sure about it? will test it later then
08:18 chris hmm dont know the answer to that one
08:19 soul9 good day
08:20 hdl_laptop kf: no.
08:21 kf oh
08:21 kf no as in just deleting every borrower?
09:23 chris git branch -v
09:26 chris my3.0.x         717c0dd [ahead 2] Fix for advanced search
09:26 chris very cool
09:37 hdl_laptop kf: no as just delete borrowers.
09:37 hdl_laptop No checks.
09:47 kf hdl_laptop: thx!
09:48 kf hdl_laptop: its better to know that
09:48 hdl_laptop no problem
10:07 sab hello there
10:08 sab i just restore backup for my test machine on koha
10:08 sab but now when i m serching for a book ...not getting any output
10:08 sab can anybody please tell me what could be the reason
10:09 sab and how could i fix this problem
10:09 sab ??
10:09 chris what version of koha?
10:09 sab 3
10:09 chris using zebra?
10:09 chris if so, have you run
10:09 sab no
10:09 sab just installed with no zebra
10:10 chris you could try then
10:10 sab but from where i took backup ...that machine was runnig with zebra
10:10 sab ok
10:10 sab thank u chris
10:11 sab chris what will be the command
10:11 sab can u please tell me the command?
10:11 chris
10:11 sab ok
10:12 chris its in misc/migration_tools
10:12 sab i m facing another problem with my test koha machine
10:13 sab i hv to delete cookies each time to get the result
10:13 chris its probably best to have your test machine running the same as the other, ie you probably should run zebra too
10:13 chris otherwise it wont be a valid test
10:13 sab ok
10:14 sab my is not working
10:14 sab giving thsi o/p..............bash: command not found
10:26 sab chris I installed koha with no zebra there is no migration file
10:27 sab in this circumstances how cuold i solve the prblem
10:27 sab because i m not getting any rebuld| on misc
10:55 sab i m trying this comman...........   ./
10:55 sab but getting this o/p ....Can't locate C4/ in @INC (@INC contains: /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/perl/5.10.0 /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.0 /usr/lib/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 /usr/lib/perl/5.10 /usr/share/perl/5.10 /usr/local/lib/site_perl .) at ./ line 3. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at ./ line 3.
10:55 sab can anybody please tell me why this happening?
10:56 kf export environment variables
10:58 kf in standard installation on ubuntu it looks like: export KOHA_CONF=/etc/koha/koha-conf.xml
10:58 kf export PERL5LIB=/usr/share/koha/lib
11:00 kf lunch time :)
11:03 paul_p lunch time in France too...
11:50 kf back
11:53 Amit hi jwagner
11:59 jwagner Hi Amit

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