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14:01 owen Hi #koha
14:09 thd hello owen
14:35 Nelson Owen?
14:36 owen Hi
14:36 Nelson Howdy, I'm developing a union catalogue in South Africa...
14:37 Nelson May I ask you a question about Zebra indexing?
14:38 owen Ask away, but I probably can't answer. That's not my area of expertise. Maybe someone else is listening who will know
14:38 Nelson You develop the GUI?
14:38 owen Yes
14:39 Nelson Is there a way in the GUI to re-import new item information?  I see options for settings, but, eg. normalization, but haven't found any documentation.
14:40 Nelson Haven't found *enough* documentation...
14:41 Nelson eg. I want to move a batch of books from one shelf to another, by changing 952c.
14:41 owen I've heard that one or more people are workingo n bulk item update tools, but I haven't seen anything concrete
14:42 Nelson Okay, another question...
14:42 Nelson We're considering 505 and 773 and want to integrate into the GUI
14:44 Nelson eg. Subject 6xx shows up on search returns when 6xx exists.  I'd like for the same presentation to occur when we use 773 host item entry (analytical cataloguing).  I'd like to see "Found in:" and a display of the host item.  Any thoughts on this?
14:45 owen No, sorry. You'll probably have better luck finding someone to answer that question during US or Europe business hours
14:46 owen Not many people around on Saturday & Sunday.
14:46 Nelson Thanks, this is my first time to visit (and to use IRC!)
14:47 owen This is a great place to find answers if you can catch the developers here. Just have to find the right time.
14:48 Nelson Thanks.  Do you navigate on the linux backend?  I've only used the GUI so far, but often find I want to poke around.  Have recently been advised to use putty for this purpose.
14:50 owen I use putty quite often, usually to interact with mysql or to use the git version control system
14:52 Nelson Do you edit data in the mysql tables, or what sort of activities?  Does editing data have the potential to corrupt the zebra indexing?
14:52 Nelson Or corrupt other aspects, like circulation, etc.
14:53 owen Absolutely. You have to be very careful.
14:53 Nelson Are you aware of any documentation for this sort of thing?
14:56 Nelson I'm learning how to export, use MarcEdit, then re-import, so maybe this is the safe way to go.  I wish I could export, and somehow move to Excel, but have only been able to backstep to MarcEdit.
14:58 owen I don't recommend using the command line to interact with mysql
14:58 owen I do because I do development
14:58 owen If you want to be able to run quick queries from the command line, I'd recommend using a mysql user which has been configured to be read-only
14:59 owen Re: MarcEdit to Excel, MARC just isn't the right kind of data to put right into Excel.
14:59 Nelson As opposed to the gui ad hoc reporting features?
15:00 owen Koha has its "pre-built" reports, and the Guided Reports tool for doing your own custom reports
15:01 owen Between those two you should be able to get much (if not all) of what you need
15:02 Nelson I need to explore this some more, thanks.
15:06 Nelson Do you know of specific folks  who work with Zebra on this irc, so that I can keep an eye out for them?
15:07 owen gmcharlt, hdl_laptop, and chris would all be people to try
15:07 thd Nelson: what do you mean by 'the GUI'
15:08 hdl_laptop to try what ?
15:08 owen hdl_laptop: To ask about Zebra questions (since I don't know the answers)
15:09 Nelson thd: by the GUI, I mean what I see when I log in as a super librarian with full administrative priviledges.
15:11 thd Nelson: In what context are 505 and 773 not appearing?
15:11 hdl_laptop Nelson: I am here for a little while.
15:11 Nelson hdl_laptop: re zebra, I want to add some additional tags to the indexing for basic Keyword Search, eg. 505 and 773
15:11 hdl_laptop if you want to ask.
15:11 hdl_laptop mmm... No problem for me.
15:11 Nelson thanks, I'll phrase a queston
15:12 hdl_laptop you just have to add it to record.abs
15:12 hdl_laptop with the appropriate bib1 index
15:13 Nelson I'm afraid I don't know how to access this file.  Never worked w/ ABS files before, know very little about linux...
15:13 Nelson Do I need to learn putty and linux commands first?
15:14 Nelson Is there a gui text editor for the Suse server that maybe I could use?
15:18 thd there are certainly GUI text editors.  I use GVIM but it is a line based programming editor in which mode based control may be confusing at first.
15:20 thd Any text editor which is not a word processing editor with autocorrect features turned on should work.
15:20 thd Nelson: the Bib-1 standard:
15:23 thd Nelson you should learn Unix commands.  If you are familiar with MSDOS commands, you may recognise that MSDOS commands are much like Unix commands except backwards.
15:25 thd Nelson: mc , Midnight Commander may be helpful.  It is based on nc , Norton Commander, for MSDOS.
15:26 thd s/based on/modeled after/
15:26 Nelson I've had a little experience with vi, and DOS.  RE the text editor, I use a WinXP laptop to access a linux server for our Koha installation.  So, I'm looking for windows-based utilities.  Would mc work in this case?
15:27 Nelson re the bib-1 standard.  I think we want to add 500, 505, 773 for addititional subject/author/title entries.
15:27 thd Are you looking for Microsoft Windows based programs or Unix X Windons based programs?
15:29 Nelson Microsoft Windows utilities to install on my laptop, to enable me to manipulate the koha backend, which is installed on a Suse server in New Jersey.
15:31 thd Nelson: you can also add invent something for use in Bib-1 "The following (5000-10,000) reserves a block of values for private usage; they will never be assigned by the Z39.50 Maintenance Agency. Implementors may use these however they choose, they are not intended for interoperability -- different implementors may define them differently, and assignments of these values need not be reported to the Z39.50 Maintenance Agency."
15:33 thd To manipulate the files on the remote server you need to access them directly or copy them back and forth between your computer and the remote computer.
15:34 thd In either case PuTTY is helpful
15:35 thd PuTTY provides ssh to allow you to work directly on the remote machine using commands
15:36 Nelson I've set up putty, and have been able to access our server in NJ using ssh.  My challenge is knowing what to do once I've logged in!  
15:36 thd you could also copy files back and forth with the PuTTY command pscp executed from the command prompt on your MS Windows machine.
15:37 thd Nelson: do you know MSDOS commands?
15:38 Nelson I've forgotten most of the commands, but am willing to re-learn at this point.  Are ABS files a kind of text file?  eg. could I ftp/copy record.abs to my laptop, open and edit it, then ftp/copy it back to the server?
15:40 eiro
15:40 eiro hello guys
15:42 thd Nelson: yes you could copy back and forth with FTP or SFTP if the server has that access.
15:43 thd some FTP client programs also support SSH which may be better
15:44 owen SFTP being recommended, of course. I use WinSCP when I'm on Windows
15:44 thd hello eiro
15:44 owen (or whatever secure protocol you prefer, just not FTP)
15:44 thd Nelson: FTP uses plain text passwords which could be intercepted
15:45 thd Nelson: SFTP provides security
15:47 thd I recommend thorough books by the following author for learning Unix commands.  A practical guide to Linux commands, Editors, and Shell programming / Mark G. Sobell.
15:55 Nelson thanks very much, I'll try to find a copy of this
15:55 thd Nelson:  There is a good packaging of GVIM for MS Windows along with a more familiar editor style in Cream
15:56 thd
15:56 thd There is a package for MS Windows which includes both Cream and GVIM.
15:57 thd VIM is vi improved.
16:02 thd Nelson: there are versions of Sobell's book tailored to specific GNU/Linux distributions but I do not see one for SuSe or Novell GNU/Linux.
16:07 Nelson Would I use Cream and GVIM along with puTTY?
16:12 thd Nelson: You would use Cream and/or GVIM on your MS Windows system.  You need to copy the file to your MS Windows system to edit it first.
16:13 thd You could use MS Windows console command pscp which comes with PuTTY to copy the file from the SuSe system.
16:13 thd You could also use what owen recommended which is probably easier.
16:15 thd owen said that he uses WinSCP
16:16 thd
16:17 Nelson thanks again for the recommendations.  I'll save this conversation to guide my next steps with Koha.
16:18 thd WinSCP seems to have a built in text editor so that you would not need to copy anything over to your MS Windows machiine to edit it.
16:20 Nelson I'll be sure to make a copy of any file that I make edits to, though.  I'm probably at the stage where I don't know what I don't know.
16:21 Nelson got to run, thanks again.
16:51 eiro[…]dit-koha-code-vim
16:52 eiro cya all
16:53 pianohacker bye, thanks
16:54 eiro wow .. some more minutes :-)
17:02 eiro this time is the good one
17:03 eiro cya all
17:03 pianohacker bye
20:27 chris morning
21:32 hdl_laptop hi chris
21:43 chris hi hdl_laptop, working weekend?
22:02 hdl_laptop chris: going to bed now.
06:22 sab Hi every one
06:22 sab I am sab from Bangladesh
06:22 sab just trying to use koha
06:23 sab i m very novice on koha
06:23 sab can any one help me to let me know that how i can customize my KOHA??
06:24 sab I better mention that i have already installed it on my debian machine
06:26 chris probably best to start at
06:27 chris and
06:27 sab thanx chris
06:27 sab i went through
06:28 sab but from the doc i couldnt get the idea that how i can customize koha as i want
06:28 sab i mean i would like to change the interface first
06:28 sab like the library logo
06:28 sab name of li
06:29 sab so can u plz let me know the this specific thing that i can do on my installed koha
06:29 sab so i ask to many quistion i m very novice on this
06:29 chris you can change those in the system prefereces
06:30 chris[…]-preferences/opac
06:31 sab ok Thanx to u chris
06:31 sab can i get any tutorial for the customization of koha
06:31 sab ??
06:31 sab i tried it from
06:31 sab but cant DL any
06:31 sab if u know any can u please help me
06:34 chris
06:36 sab thank u so much chris
06:36 chris no problem, good luck
06:37 sab :-)
06:38 sab if u wouldnt mind can i get any contact no of u
06:38 sab so that i can ask help from u some times
06:38 chris the best place to ask is on the main koha mailing list
06:38 chris that way lots of people might be able to help
06:38 sab ok
06:39 sab i will try that
06:39 sab I am from Bangladesh
06:39 sab u?
06:39 chris new zealand
06:39 sab wow......home ground of koha
06:40 sab nice to meet with u chris
06:41 sab is there any facebook group/pages for koha lovers and users & Developers
06:41 chris and you, normally during the week there are more people on here
06:41 chris yes, there is page and a group
06:41 chris 2 secs
06:41 sab sure
06:41 sab I am waiting
06:41 chris[…]22629166763?ref=s
06:41 chris and
06:42 chris
06:46 chris threre is a group too
06:46 sab chris i just join there
06:46 sab :-)
06:48 chris cool
06:52 sab hi chris
06:57 sab chris thank u
06:58 sab i m now connected on FB
06:58 sab hoping i will get any future help
06:58 sab and also can help others

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