IRC log for #koha, 2009-06-27

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12:17 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: building release
12:22 gmcharlt hdl_laptop++
13:45 brendan morning #koha
13:47 gmcharlt hi brendan
13:47 brendan good morning gmcharlt
13:47 brendan how's the weather there?  are you getting all the rain new england has been getting?
13:48 gmcharlt not a drop
13:48 gmcharlt sunny day
13:50 brendan my parents in CT have had nothing but rain for about 3 solid weeks now
13:51 hdl_laptop gmcharlt:  releasenotes for 300003.txt donot come into tarball ...
13:51 hdl_laptop Is it owed to manifest ?
13:51 hdl_laptop do I have to commit those ?
13:52 hdl_laptop first ?
13:52 gmcharlt commit the release notes first? probably
14:15 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: uploading the tarball
14:16 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: I donot have rights on the published  path so I will ask you to mv it
14:17 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: about the suggestion of zeno to use koha-maintenance as a testing branch for 3.0.x I think I agree with him.
14:17 hdl_laptop we need a branch for testing before release and a branch.
14:19 hdl_laptop So maybe i should answer onlist that we will keep koha-maintenance with all candidate patches and then rebase koha official But no more direct patches integration on stable release.
14:19 hdl_laptop What is your opinion about it ?
14:32 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: upload terminated
14:33 gmcharlt better try again
14:35 hdl_laptop Do you mean I have to upload to a certain path ?
14:36 gmcharlt no, try the upload again - I assumed you meant that it just dropped the conection
14:36 gmcharlt in the middle of the upload
14:37 hdl_laptop Oh... No the upload is now over.
14:37 hdl_laptop it is in my userhome
14:38 gmcharlt ah, gotcha - "terminated" doesn't have quite the same meaning as "finished"
14:38 gmcharlt more of a connotation of "interrupted"
14:41 hdl_laptop I get it now.
14:41 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: ok, files transferred to the download directory
14:41 gmcharlt go ahead and tag the release and announce
14:42 hdl_laptop thx
16:03 rhcl_out gmcharlt: busy?
16:08 gmcharlt rhcl_out: what's up?
16:14 rhcl_out I noticed from the Liblime site that Maria Laude was working there now. She was our trainer when we went to Unicorn about five years ago.
16:14 rhcl_out Is she on chat at all?
16:14 gmcharlt not very often
16:14 rhcl_out She's a very good trainer, btw.
16:15 gmcharlt and a very good support rep for us
16:15 gmcharlt :)
16:15 rhcl_out Yea, I'm sure.
18:52 wizzyrea ah none of them are here, but good article from the NZ folks
18:52 wizzyrea :D
19:00 brendan wizzyrea++
19:09 slef Bug 3301
19:09 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3301 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---,, NEW, rebuild_zebra is slow
19:09 slef hi all :(
19:12 gmcharlt hi slef
19:30 wizzyrea slef: hiyas
20:39 wizzyrea now I'm wondering what I got +'d for
20:51 gmcharlt agreeing your comment regarding the C4L article, I assume
20:59 brendan yes wizzyrea -- for the comment about C$L article
20:59 brendan C4L
23:38 thd gmcharlt: are you present?
01:35 pianohacker Ahh, home again

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