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12:00 nahuel I rebase it now, and resubmit it in a couple of minutes
12:00 gmcharlt ok
12:07 |Lupin| I'd like to ask a very basic MARC question
12:07 |Lupin| Does the format intend to provide copy-specific informaitons, or is it limited to bibliogrphic information ingeneral ?
12:08 |Lupin| I think an equivalent question is: do the rows of the item table in Koha also have a marc equivalent ?
12:08 gmcharlt the equivalent of the item rows are the 952 fields in the bib record
12:08 gmcharlt using a 9XX fields to convey copy-level information is a long-standing practice
12:09 nahuel gmcharlt, just sent
12:09 nahuel hi |Lupin|
12:09 gmcharlt there is also a separate MARC format for holdings records
12:10 |Lupin| ok
12:10 |Lupin| nahuel: you know the translation for holding in french ?
12:11 nahuel |Lupin|, "réservations"
12:11 |Lupin| nahuel: ah ok, so this has nothing to do with the details about he different copies a library may have for one book
12:11 nahuel |Lupin|, nope
12:11 |Lupin| gmcharlt: when you said 952, whas that unimarc, marc 21, or both ?
12:13 nahuel |Lupin|, what's your question ?
12:13 gmcharlt |Lupin|: 952 in MARC21, different atg in UNIMARC
12:13 |Lupin| nahuel: I'm trying to figure out if I can store information about users in a MARC record and where
12:14 nahuel |Lupin|, about users ?
12:14 |Lupin| (and at the same time I'm trying to understand koha, MARC, heir interaction...)
12:14 nahuel why are you trying to store datas of users in MARC ?
12:14 nahuel there is no relation with bibliographic datas
12:14 nahuel ?
12:14 |Lupin| nahuel: yes. oUr books are files, and in our old system he store, for each file, at which date it has ben uploaded and by which user. I'd like to store the same kind of information in Koha...
12:15 nahuel ah ok
12:15 nahuel I think you can store them in the 995 field(items datas)
12:15 nahuel (for unimarc)
12:16 |Lupin| nahuel: roughly speaking, each biblio record can have several files attached to it. I think we will use UNIMARC field 856 to store the file type and its location. But we also need to store who uploaded the file and when...
12:17 nahuel |Lupin|, perhaps in "author" fields ?
12:17 |Lupin| nahuel: so for each file, one would add two fields to the record: 856 for the file type and URL, and 995 for informaitons about the upload ?
12:17 nahuel anyway, you can customize your MARC framework
12:17 nahuel 995 are the items in unimarc
12:18 |Lupin| nahuel: so maybe everything related to one file should go there (in 995) ?
12:19 nahuel I think yes, perhaps hdl have more informations
12:20 hdl_laptop |Lupin|: what you are looking for is something that should be available in 3.2 : Better holdings support.
12:20 |Lupin| nahuel: too bad cause URL and file type seemed to go very well in 856.
12:20 hdl_laptop In fact, a holding is not only an item.
12:21 hdl_laptop It could a kind of "manifestation" of the work.
12:21 nahuel |Lupin|, you can put the "publisher" in "author" fields
12:21 gmcharlt |Lupin|: 856 is ubdeed fir YRKs
12:21 hdl_laptop (to talk with FRBR style)
12:21 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: yep, but here it's not the same concept.. We really want to store an owner for each file, owner which will remain formever.
12:22 |Lupin| gmcharlt: YRK ?
12:22 hdl_laptop Do you mean "site  propriétaire du document" ?
12:22 gmcharlt |Lupin|: for URLs , that is :)
12:22 hdl_laptop or person responsible for the document
12:23 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: person responsible for the document
12:23 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: person that has uploaded the docuemtn, actually
12:23 hdl_laptop ok.
12:24 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: so what's your recommandation for that ?
12:25 hdl_laptop you could do one biblio for the main work, and one for any new "item" where you would store the responsibility for it and link those to the main via 4XX link.
12:26 hdl_laptop Or you could use customised items framework.
12:27 hdl_laptop But you would not follow recommandation 995.
12:27 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: what's that ?
12:27 hdl_laptop ([…]on-995-donnees-d)
12:27 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: thanks
12:28 hdl_laptop And you could use 995$r for responsability and 995$u for url.
12:28 hdl_laptop Or.....
12:28 |Lupin| Or ?
12:28 hdl_laptop You could wait for the new holdings support in 3.2 where ppl will be able to manage multiple levels of holdings.
12:29 |Lupin| hmm
12:29 |Lupin| I'd need a bit more information to really understand it and see whether it could be helpful or not, for us...
12:30 |Lupin| okay, really have to go, but thanks a lot hdl_laptop for your suggestions. Was very helpful to talk to you
12:30 |Lupin| see you later, all
12:31 hdl_laptop my pleasure
12:31 |Lupin| thanks :)
12:31 |Lupin| bye !
12:31 jwagner Morning, all.  Anyone who might be able to answer some questions on import match points?
12:36 hdl_laptop if i cannot then gmcharlt may be able to answer.
12:36 hdl_laptop jwagner: listening
12:37 jwagner OK, we'll give it a try.  We're doing some testing, and don't understand the results.  035 is indexed.  Comparing match points for two records that don't have ISBNs or ISSNs or LCCNs.  Using a combined match rule of ISBN, ISSN, LCCN, OCLC (001/035), 999c
12:37 jwagner Two records where 001 tag has ocm in front of the OCLC number -- one matched, one didn't.
12:37 jwagner One record where 035 tag has (OCoLC) in the front of the 035, one with (Sirsi) o -- doesn't find the (OCoLC) match, but does find the (Sirsi) o one.
12:37 jwagner Why the differences?
12:37 gmcharlt it's probably not normalizing for all the variations of OCLC # prefixes
12:38 jwagner How do we make it do that?  Indexing change?
12:38 gmcharlt index + some code changes
12:40 jwagner (Looking at indexes to confirm settings)
12:41 jwagner The 035 was already in the record.abs file, just uncommented it.  Setting was melm 035       Local-number,Identifier-standard
12:41 jwagner 001 is entered as melm 001        Control-number
12:42 jwagner What kinds of changes might be helpful in the index?  Specify subfield a?
12:48 gmcharlt that would be one, in case there are any 035$z that may be confusing results
12:50 jwagner Looking at the MARC for these two records, 035 seems to only have a subfield a, but we can tweak the index anyway -- sounds like it might help for others.
12:50 jwagner When you say code change, you're talking about the import script itself?
12:51 hdl_laptop soul9: c'est toi qui prend 100% de descartes ?
12:51 gmcharlt jwagner: yes
12:51 hdl_laptop ooops
12:52 jwagner gmcharlt, I was afraid of that :-(  Thanks much.  We'll try tweaking the index for starters, then look into what else might help.
13:13 owen Hi #koha
13:52 wizzyrea Owen! I read back and see that we're moving to Template::Toolkit maybe?
13:52 owen Yeah, I'm so out of touch I don't know anything about it
13:52 wizzyrea i'm just glad to get in on it before it's all done
13:53 wizzyrea but yea, I don't know much of anything about it either
13:53 owen Sounds like they're still in the testing stage, so we should get to see something before the decision is made
14:23 owen Who's using Syndetics enhanced content?
14:24 gmcharlt owen: Cab's library is one of them
14:24 owen Is there an in-the-wild example I can look at? I'm curious what it looks like in action.
14:25 gmcharlt
14:32 owen gmcharlt: Do you have time for another question?
14:32 gmcharlt owen: sure
14:33 owen I sent a patch about a month ago that I wondered if you had had time to review
14:33 owen It was a reformat of opac-detail to better accomodate wide holdings tables
14:34 owen[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2713
14:34 munin Bug 2713: normal, PATCH-Sent, ---,, NEW, Opac detail content overlaps when right column extends too far
14:34 owen Thanks munin :)
14:35 gmcharlt owen: doesn't seem to have ever hit the patches list
14:35 owen Hm... Bummer. I'll rebase and resend.
14:36 gmcharlt owen: not in the May list archives either, so it doesn't look like my MUA had lost its mind
14:37 owen More likely that I lost my mind. I must have updated the bug without resending the patch
14:40 jdavidb gmcharlt:  In the same vein, did you get my patch a couple of days ago?  I goofed and sent twice--once without the bug number, once with.
14:41 gmcharlt jdavidb: nope, and not in the patches list archives archive
14:41 gmcharlt :(
14:41 gmcharlt nor stuck in the mailman moderation queue
14:42 gmcharlt jdavidb: please resend now, see if it gets through this time
14:42 hdl_laptop this "email" patch management is quite clumsy to me.
14:42 jdavidb wonder it hadn't made it into code!  K. I'll resend it momentarily.  I bet I know what happened to it.
14:43 hdl_laptop One cannot be able to see the status of its patches.
14:46 rhcl <> Page doesn't display correctly in FF 3.0.11 or Konqueror on OpenSuse11.1 - "Log in to Your Account" not constrained to display box.
14:48 jdavidb gmcharlt:  Sent it...*looks* like it went thru okay this time.
14:49 gmcharlt jdavidb: came through this time
14:49 jdavidb Awesome.  It's little-bitty, but it's one of those little-bitty things that makes for large annoyances.  
14:50 jdavidb (and several crons spamming my email box.)
14:50 gmcharlt just redirect'em to /dev/null ;)
14:52 jdavidb There is that, but I do want to keep eyes open for *real* problems.  Preferably *before* my users spot 'em.
14:55 jdavidb I've got a patch in the back of my head to add a --silent option, so that it doesn't send the usual count of items found, etc, and then you don't have to redirect STDOUT to /dev/null, either.
15:15 wizzyrea does anybody have an opinion on[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3359
15:15 munin Bug 3359: normal, P5, ---,, NEW, Patron detail page should show "home library" instead of "registration branch"
15:17 wizzyrea i'm of a mind to just fix it but didn't know if there were other considerations
15:18 wizzyrea (I've got a bunch of label consistency patches swimming around in my head that need to be submitted)
15:19 gmcharlt wizzyrea: I agree with your reasoning about changing the label
15:21 owen I agree as well
15:21 owen I also agree that being able to track registration branch would be useful in the future
15:21 owen We still keep signed registration cards, so we'd be able to track down where those are if we wanted to
15:22 wizzyrea tell ya what, I'll split out the bit for tracking initial registration branch and fix the labels
15:22 owen (we also periodically ask ourselves why we keep them, but so far they're still around)
15:22 wizzyrea well, in our system initial registration branch could be useful statistical information
15:22 wizzyrea regarding where patrons go to *get* their cards
15:23 wizzyrea and what patron type they get
15:23 owen Agreed
15:23 wizzyrea (I personally think that the way we're using our patron types is pretty dumb, in NExpress)
15:26 wizzyrea (every branch has every patron type, it's very confusing. And it doesn't always match "home branch" either. *sigh*)
15:27 owen Each branch has its own set of patron types?
15:27 wizzyrea yes, it's nuts
15:28 wizzyrea so example: Atchison in-city Adult user
15:28 wizzyrea atchison county Adult user
15:28 wizzyrea atchison in-city child user
15:28 wizzyrea and so on... and so forth
15:28 owen Wild.
15:28 owen For statistical or circulation purposes?
15:28 wizzyrea yea.  i think it was kind of a holdover from our last system
15:28 wizzyrea circulation, i believe
15:29 wizzyrea b/c you set circ rules on patron types (i'm a little fuzzy on this bit, so that may not be right)
15:30 owen Time taken to realize I was hacking on opac-detail.tmpl while XSLT was on: too long.
15:30 wizzyrea ouch.
15:31 wizzyrea "ZOMG it's not working!!?"
15:31 wizzyrea ...been there :(
15:33 wizzyrea LOL
15:33 wizzyrea i don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing...
15:37 wizzyrea they're like locusts! eat all your food then move on...
15:38 jdavidb yep.  They're at the National Mall, being tourists, today, or I'd send *them* to the grocery store.  Knuckleheads.
16:05 slef is the National Mall a shopping centre?
16:05 slef sounds like it
16:05 slef "an open-area national park in downtown Washington"
16:05 slef oic
16:08 wizzyrea slef: boy wouldn't THAT be poetic...
16:08 wizzyrea re: Nat. Mall as shopping center
16:10 jdavidb wizzyrea: Given the price of lunch at any of the National Mall museums, it's *worse* than a shopping center.  It's easy to spend fifty bucks for two people to eat a good meal down there.
16:10 wizzyrea Your tax dollars at work? Oh wait.
16:10 owen True, but you got in free, right?
16:10 wizzyrea well crap, that doesn't work out does it ^.^
16:11 jdavidb owen:  Correct.  the *museums* are free.  But bring a sandwich, or a pocket full of money.
16:13 jdavidb On Tuesday, the girls went to all the monuments down by Lincoln...walked their little legs off!  today, it's Air & Space, and American Indian museums.
16:15 jdavidb Back later...
16:53 collum If I remember correctly a Big Mac meal in the Air and Space Museum is around $7. A Big Mac!!!
16:53 collum But the museum is great!
16:59 wizzyrea gmcharlt: doh, i messed that one one
16:59 wizzyrea up*
16:59 wizzyrea so ditch it and I'll resend
16:59 wizzyrea please
16:59 gmcharlt sure
17:00 wizzyrea there we go
17:00 wizzyrea on the bright side, I think I am starting to figure this out :P
17:28 atz wizzyrea: we have several clients with equally silly patron categories
17:29 atz it basically comes down to expecting the system to provide some kind of magic because they can't get enough political consensus to just define *NAMES* in common
17:30 atz the rules can still be differentiated per branch....
18:42 ebegin Hi there.  It seems that if I don't have a language cookie set, Koha defaults to english even if I only one language in use.  Can someone confirm this?
19:20 moodaepo Hello all koha make is failing with "Failed test 'use C4::XXX'" any idea what I am missing?
19:40 chris morning
19:40 jdavidb Hi, chris!
19:40 ebegin Hey!
19:47 moodaepo ping > Hello all koha make is failing with "Failed test 'use C4::XXX'" any idea what I am missing?
19:48 jdavidb moodaepo: Sounds like some kind of dependency problem, maybe, or else C4 got moved around, or hidden, or renamed, or something like that.  Never seen that one.
19:48 owen I'm thinking of filing a bug to track instances where a date input field doesn't conform to the system's specified date format
19:49 wizzyrea owen: Doo Eet
19:49 owen Okay, there's one strong yes :)
19:50 moodaepo jdavidb hmm I am following the INSTALL.ubuntu to the letter : )
19:50 gmcharlt moodaepo: heh, that was contributed recently, so any issues you turn will be useful corrections to it
19:51 jdavidb I've not ever installed on Ubuntu; Debian is my home.    As gmcharlt suggests, that's pretty new--could be bugs.
19:52 moodaepo I've got enough experience with Debian and I actually used the INSTALL.debian till I saw the ubuntu one on git
19:53 jdavidb They're closely enough related, one would be tempted to think it'd be pretty much the same...  :P  
19:54 wizzyrea I think the last time I did it on ubuntu I did it with the debian install instructions
19:54 wizzyrea (I always follow along to make sure I don't forget something)
19:56 moodaepo wizzyrea good idea
19:56 owen Should searching for a budget by date work? I'm looking at admin/
19:56 moodaepo hey that rhymes : ) anyways I did notice the ubuntu instructions are missing index data stuff
20:04 jdavidb That's a pretty-major omission!
20:06 chris it might be that they are in the ubuntu repos already
20:06 gmcharlt jdavidb, chris: yes, I believe that is the case
20:06 jdavidb Certainly worth checkin', but I seem to recall that m'self.
20:06 gmcharlt pretty obvious if the  sudo apt-get install yaz idzebra-2.0 idzebra-2.0-doc fails
20:07 moodaepo yea see I had done that from debian already
20:07 moodaepo as in the debian instructions
20:08 moodaepo of course the auth wrote it for Jaunty and I am using Hardy which is about 2 versions old and the long term support edition from ubuntu
20:11 jdavidb That may be a contributing factor, moodaepo.
20:13 moodaepo yup..of course in production no one runs sid now do they : ) so why write instructions for even sid-1
20:13 jdavidb I'm running some etch, some lenny--and both work maaahvelously.
20:14 moodaepo yea and there a whole bunch of cpan mods which weren't installed I am doing them from debian instructions I think that'll help me proceed
20:14 moodaepo jdavidb: on production?
20:14 jdavidb I'm running lenny on some dev boxen, etch on production.  I've seen no reason not to go to lenny when we move to new hardware in the next few weeks.
20:17 moodaepo hah true true I haven't been following debian much...when did etch and lenny come out? jaunty is a couple of months old and hardy is about a year I think.
20:17 jdavidb Lenny came out...oh, right around New Year...etch is a couple of years out.  Debian moves sloooooooow..
20:23 moodaepo grr replace previous issue with new ones
20:23 wizzyrea always lots the first time
20:23 wizzyrea :)
20:24 moodaepo Makefile.PL: Warning: prerequisite JSON 2.07 not found. We have 1.14.
20:24 moodaepo Makefile.PL: Warning: prerequisite Net::Z3950::ZOOM 1.16 not found.
20:25 moodaepo ZOOM-Perl requires at least version 2.1.50 of YAZ, but you only have version 2.1.18.
20:26 chris[…]uide_ubuntu_hardy
20:26 moodaepo chris thnx
20:27 chris dunno if it will help, looks like you have older versions of lots of stuff, older than koha wants anyway
20:27 moodaepo yup
20:28 moodaepo this doc looks better than the INSTALL.ubuntu in git
20:28 chris as you say, that is for jaunty
20:28 chris i wouldnt expect it to work for 2 versions older
20:29 moodaepo true true
20:31 richard hi
20:33 chris hi richard
20:33 richard hi chris
21:03 chris @later tell paul_p[…]Wellington-attack
21:03 munin chris: The operation succeeded.
21:05 brendan @wunder wellington NZ
21:05 munin brendan: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 10.0°C (8:15 AM NZST on June 26, 2009). Conditions: Rain. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 8.0°C. Windchill: 7.0°C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012 hPa (Steady).
21:06 brendan hmm..  seems warmer there.  but bummer rain
21:06 brendan @wunder 93103
21:06 munin brendan: The current temperature in Upper Riviera - Camino Alto, Santa Barbara, California is 19.5°C (2:05 PM PDT on June 25, 2009). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 74%. Dew Point: 15.0°C. Pressure: 29.90 in 1012.4 hPa (Falling).
21:06 moodaepo @wunder 56001
21:06 munin moodaepo: The current temperature in MSU Physics Dept, Mankato, Minnesota is 29.6°C (3:59 PM CDT on June 25, 2009). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 100%. Dew Point: 30.0°C. Pressure: 29.85 in 1010.7 hPa (Steady).
21:10 wizzyrea so I learned something funny about SIP today (please, try not to groan)... our self checks show the private circulation notes on the public selfcheck interface.
21:10 wizzyrea i updated bug 2653 to reflect that
21:11 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2653 normal, P3, ---,, ASSIGNED, SIP2 Error with unescaped carriage return in circulation note
21:12 chris heh whoops
21:14 wizzyrea oh, yea, chris  you'll probably see that too, doesn't HLT have 3M stuff?
21:15 chris not yet, in the process (techlogic actually)
21:15 wizzyrea you'll be glad that we're fixing all of the sip stuff for you lol
21:24 chris yep :)
21:24 chris thats the beauty of free software :)
21:38 ebegin @wunder montreal, quebec
21:38 munin ebegin: The current temperature in Montreal, Quebec is 31.0°C (5:00 PM EDT on June 25, 2009). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 46%. Dew Point: 18.0°C. Pressure: 29.61 in 1002 hPa (Falling).
21:38 ebegin It's getting hot in here...
21:42 moodaepo ebegin: you can say that again
21:42 moodaepo @wunder 56003
21:42 munin moodaepo: The current temperature in MSU Physics Dept, Mankato, Minnesota is 29.6°C (4:29 PM CDT on June 25, 2009). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 50%. Dew Point: 18.0°C. Pressure: 29.84 in 1010.4 hPa (Steady).
21:42 moodaepo hah humidity went down here in half an hour from 100 to 50
21:43 ebegin @google 56003 zipcode
21:43 munin ebegin: 56003 Zip Code (Mankato, Minnesota) Detailed Profile - residents ...: <>; NORTH MANKATO, MN (zip code 56003) real estate - home value ...: <[…]ATO-MN-56003.html>; 56003 Zip Code in Mankato, MN - Neighborhoods, Schools, Real ...: <>; 56003 zip code - (2 more messages)
21:43 moodaepo ok so now I am stuck at "Error:  Can't connect to data source because I can't work out what driver to use"
21:43 moodaepo after make test
21:45 gmcharlt moodaepo: DBD::mysql is installed, right?
21:46 moodaepo gmcharlt: yup!
21:47 moodaepo checked DBI, DBD::MYSQL man getting things to work on any platform ~1 year should be easier : )
21:55 Elwell moodaepo: heh. I'm afraid I gave up and fired debian 5 onto box as ubuntu broke in strange ways
22:00 moodaepo I am a retard!
22:00 pianohacker @seen thd
22:00 munin pianohacker: thd was last seen in #koha 1 day, 14 hours, 36 minutes, and 21 seconds ago: <thd> good morning nicomo and nahuel
22:01 moodaepo I kept trying to do make test before I did make zoned out for an hour now!
22:01 moodaepo alls good now
22:48 pianohacker ehh, nevermind. Flaky hotel wireless. See you all tomorrow
01:12 chris sheeesh
01:12 chris what a morning
01:13 chris michael jackson, farrah fawcett, and a lying french rugby player
01:14 chris all at the same time, biggest load has ever had
02:30 brendan lying french rugby player?
02:33 chris[…]nry-philosophical
02:39 chris brendan: thats a big deal cos nz is hosting the world cup in 2011, and players being attacked is not a good look
02:42 brendan oh man - that's not to good --
02:42 brendan idiot more like it
02:44 chris just young and panicked i think, but yeah not hte best idea he ever had
02:52 brendan ahhh -- homemade pizza, ray charles and beer here tonight -- spotcha later
02:52 chris :)
03:23 Amit hi chris, brendan
03:23 Amit morning #koha
03:23 brendan heya Amit
03:25 brendan Amit - you hear about Mathieu Bastareaud  -- chris pointed that story out to me --[…]nry-philosophical
03:25 Amit no
03:25 Amit ok i will check
03:27 Amit hi koha
03:28 Jo hi amit
03:29 Amit hi Jo
04:46 Amit chris: is there any command to git uncommit
05:00 chris[…]cs/git-reset.html
05:13 chris great photo jo
05:21 Jo she was so cute - started off lying on her back then leapt up just a minute or so before we took the photo - not taking her eyes off the page
05:21 chris hehe
05:24 chris[…]p?g2_itemId=70376
05:26 Jo your kids are so beautiful
05:26 Jo mind you , he won't thank in years to come for bathing shots
05:28 chris hehe
05:29 chris if thats the most we embarass him, he'll be lucky :)
05:29 Jo hehe
05:29 Jo ok gotta go
05:30 Jo have agreat wekeend
05:37 thd chris: my closing internet host's email server is running again after being down for 3 weekdays
05:37 chris woot, quick migrate it :)
05:38 thd quickly migrating over 100 addresses is a contradiction
05:38 chris true
05:38 thd I can at least protect some important stuff
05:39 chris you could shift them, and set up a catchall for the time being
05:39 chris then set them up one by one
05:39 thd if I had file system access for my hosting provider's email server it could be quick
05:40 chris what do you use for your mta?
05:40 thd Postfix locally
05:40 Amit hi thd
05:40 thd and dbmail mail for IMAP and POP
05:41 thd hello Amit
05:41 thd chris: what have you used for MTA and IMAP?
05:44 chris postfix and/or exim4
05:44 chris i dont run my own imap server any more
05:45 thd really.  Why is that?
05:45 chris i just let my isp or hosting provider run the mailserver, and i use offlineimap and mutt
05:46 chris (this is for personal mail)
05:46 chris i let work run the mailserver and still use offlineimap + screen + mutt
05:46 chris to read taht too
05:47 thd What does work use for the IMAP server?
05:47 chris dunno, thats the sysadmins job :)
05:48 chris i know it works, thats all im worried about
05:48 chris im betting its postfix + something
05:49 chris 220 ESMTP Postfix (Debian/GNU)
05:49 thd I have to worry more now for myself instead of merely for other systems which I have configured and maintain
05:50 thd I am concerned about fault tolerant backup
05:51 chris OK [CAPABILITY IMAP4rev1 UIDPLUS CHILDREN NAMESPACE THREAD=ORDEREDSUBJECT THREAD=REFERENCES SORT QUOTA IDLE ACL ACL2=UNION STARTTLS] Courier-IMAP ready. Copyright 1998-2008 Double Precision, Inc.  See COPYING for distribution information.
05:51 thd in case the mail server goes down
05:52 thd I have been thinking of switching to Courier
05:52 thd dbmail is a one company project which is a little scary
05:53 chris katipo runs courier as well
05:54 thd no maintenance backup mail server:[…]-mail-server.aspx
05:55 chris sounds like a decent idea
05:57 thd except for some comments complaining that it did not work
06:00 chris yeah, but i think the ones who followed the instructiosn got it to work :)
06:00 thd If I manage to be careful now I should never have lost more than a few significant text documents about 15 years ago and my bibliographic citation collection 25 years ago
06:01 chris :)
06:01 thd about 25 years ago I lost my data while trying to back it up
06:01 thd I inserted the wrong floppy
06:01 chris ouch
06:02 thd in the pre hard drive days
07:13 chris good morning europe
07:13 soul9 good evening New Zealand
07:18 hdl_laptop hi chris
07:24 Amit hi hdl
07:27 Amit hi nahuel
07:28 Amit chris: i m just summit my first patch sort1 and sort2 in overdue report.
07:29 nahuel hi
07:29 chris ohh cool amit
07:33 chris you will be number 96 :)
07:33 Amit hmm if my patch accepted
07:34 Amit adding sort1 and sort2 filter in overdues report
07:41 paul_p hehe... just 4 to get 100.
07:42 chris yep :)
07:42 Amit hi paul_p
07:42 paul_p hello Amit, chris & anyone around
07:43 paul_p sunny morning in France. And last day of school for childrens.
07:43 chris ohh holidays next week?
07:43 paul_p (well, in fact, next week, they are supposed to go to school monday & tuesday, but they can come with whatever games they want !)
07:44 paul_p chris: yep.
07:44 chris ahh cool
07:44 paul_p (not for me, and not for my wife...)
07:44 chris how long before school starts again?
07:44 chris hehe
07:44 paul_p wifes prefer school time to holiday time...
07:44 paul_p chris: sept, 1st or 2nd (don't remember exactly)
07:45 paul_p with 4 childrens, I can guarantee that organising holidays is as complex as understanding MARC records ! maybe even more complex...
07:45 chris hehe
07:45 chris so 2 months or so
07:46 chris thats a long time to keep them entertained
07:46 chris maybe one year in the future we can do an exchange :-)
07:51 paul_p chris: very good idea. Except i'm not sure any of our childrens would be happy to go to a winter country during his summer...
07:51 chris good point
07:51 chris maybe one will want to play rugby one day :-)
07:51 chris or maybe a spring/autumn one
07:56 chris[…]p?g2_itemId=70376  <--- i think atarau might be a prop if he plays rugby :)
07:57 chris he is already 5kg
07:59 hdl_laptop WOW !!
09:27 hdl_laptop @tell nengard HAPPY BIRTHDAY nicole
09:27 munin hdl_laptop: Error: I haven't seen nengard, I'll let you do the telling.
09:28 chris :)
09:28 chris http://opac.koha.workbuffer.or[…]a/
09:28 chris still converting the template
09:28 chris but its mostly working now
09:29 chris[…]oha/;  thats the module doing most of the work
09:36 chris[…]/;  and thats the script
09:36 chris so not too hard to do
09:41 chris thats enough for a friday night i think
09:50 hdl_laptop good night
11:20 chris and awake again
11:21 ebegin good morning
11:25 hdl_laptop hi
11:26 Amit hi ebegin

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