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12:01 |Lupin| paul_p: thanks foryour kind invitation. I'm not a rugby fan, but I think I like the rugby supporters much more than the football ones.
12:01 paul_p that's a good starter :D
12:01 magnusenger gmcharlt: and the prize could be a Pearl
12:01 chris in rugby the players fight
12:01 chris in football, the fans do
12:01 chris :)
12:04 |Lupin| :-)))
12:04 |Lupin| I'll keep that one in mind
12:05 |Lupin| actually there is a variant of football (could be any team game actually) where each time a player from team 1 makes a pint he goes in team 2, and a player from team 2 goes in team 1. I like this idea
12:06 chris :)
12:13 jatillaso we try to run under PerlRegistry, but we get a lot of error 500
12:16 chris yeah
12:16 chris if you wanted to fix them, and send patches, we would be very very happy :)
12:18 |Lupin| marc question: is it correct that the field tags are sparse ? like in block 0, there is 001, 005, 010, so that not allnumbers correspond to some field. Is this true ?
12:19 slef |Lupin|: I thought was near Paris
12:21 |Lupin| slef: actually it's _in_ Paris. Jussieu is the name of one of the campuses
12:29 magnusenger That's the way of the MARC:
12:29 nicomo
12:29 nicomo sorry, wrong channel
12:38 |Lupin| np
12:38 |Lupin| and thanks
12:38 |Lupin| the discussion continued on the french channel
12:38 |Lupin| I think I understand things a bit better
12:38 |Lupin| library science seems to be a word in itself...
12:40 hdl_laptop even a world, maybe a univers
12:40 hdl_laptop e
12:40 chris an alternate reality :)
12:41 chris full of paradoxes and blackholes :-)
12:41 |Lupin| so exciting...
12:45 jwagner Someone around for a couple of serials questions?
12:49 kf I often get asked: You have to study to be a librarian? perhaps MARC was invented to answer it ;)
12:50 chris @quote add < kf> I often get asked: You have to study to be a librarian? perhaps MARC was invented to answer it ;)
12:50 munin chris: The operation succeeded.  Quote #4 added.
12:50 chris @quote random
12:50 munin chris: Quote #2: "<jwagner> Hope springs eternal in little kitty hearts. Better watch the doors :-)" (added by gmcharlt at 04:04 PM, June 03, 2009)
12:51 chris ok, its bedtime for me, hopefully someone is around to answer your serials question jwagner
12:51 chris night all
12:51 kf hey g
12:51 kf night chris
12:51 jwagner G'night
12:52 kf I'm no expert in serials, but played aroud with module for a presentation - perhaps I can give some hints
12:53 jwagner I haven't done much with it.  Am I correct in thinking that both serial claims and routing lists get handled via notices?  If so, do those get processed/sent by the cron? Or is there another script to run?
12:53 |Lupin| bye chris
12:57 andrew better - I'd joined the freenode version. Thought it was a bit empty :-)
12:57 kf hm. I routing list letter is in notices, but I thought you would print it
12:57 andrew nick Elwell
12:58 kf when receiving the item
12:58 jwagner I didn't find any serials "how-to" entries on notices or claims on the manual site.  Any other resources?
12:59 |Lupin| till soon, everybody
12:59 kf There is an old manual for serials , but its not up to date
13:00 kf I dont think that claims and routing list can be sent automatically yet
13:01 jwagner I couldn't see how to set a trigger for them.  Maybe more like holds?  That uses a notice file but doesn't go through the script?
13:03 kf I think its not in, but it should do something when clicking on send letter... atm i can only export data for reclamation to excel
13:05 jwagner OK, thanks.  We'll take a look at that manual as well.
13:05 kf sorry
13:05 kf wondering myself now
13:06 jwagner Why is it every Koha rock I turn over produces a zillion (metaphorical) ants, each with a new question????
13:07 kf oh, I really know that feeling...
13:07 jwagner Pity Chris went off to bed -- I can see a new T-shirt design to compete with his purple blob....
13:08 Elwell still, at least I can hang up my koha file for a while -- 'We are not currently planning to put our catalogue online, but you are welcome to come in and browse here in the Library.
13:08 kf[…]ing-serial-claims - note at bottom: unfinished
13:09 kf perhaps bug nicole about it
13:09 kf @quote add <jwagner> Why is it every Koha rock I turn over produces a zillion (metaphorical) ants, each with a new question????
13:10 kf @quote add < jwagner> Why is it every Koha rock I turn over produces a zillion (metaphorical) ants, each with a new question????
13:10 munin kf: Error: You must be registered to use this command. If you are already registered, you must either identify (using the identify command) or add a hostmask matching your current hostmask (using the "hostmask add" command).
13:10 jwagner Hey!  That would be my second quote in the list!!!  I must be doing something right....
13:10 kf ok, dont understand him, but I get it that I cant do it
13:11 gmcharlt kf: hang on, I'll post instrutions
13:11 kf chris added one of mine... not sure if this is a good sign
13:11 kf ;)
13:11 gmcharlt kf: do a /msg munin register kf some_password_you_make_up
13:12 gmcharlt kf: then do /msg munin identify kf your_password
13:12 gmcharlt kf: then the @quote add will work for you
13:13 gmcharlt anybody can register themselves with munin that way
13:13 kf @quote add <jwagner> Why is it every Koha rock I turn over produces a zillion (metaphorical) ants, each with a new question????
13:13 munin kf: The operation succeeded.  Quote #5 added.
13:13 kf hah, THX galen :)
14:24 slef whois rhcl
14:25 slef Anyone, please feel free to add your name and a short description to
14:25 kf somebody using 3.0.2? tried to make an hold in OPAC and got loooong error message :(
14:26 slef kf: can you put it in ?
14:28 kf slef: added myself to irc regulars - error message follows :)
14:29 kf
14:29 kf oh g
14:30 slef ok, let me try a hold on my local koha
14:31 kf thx slef
14:31 slef just search for a book and try to hold it?
14:31 kf yes
14:32 kf Tried when logged in and when logged out, error is the same
14:32 gmcharlt kf: are you running from a git install, by any chance?
14:33 gmcharlt kf: if so, there are a couple commits to revert that should get you working
14:33 slef Koha, Koha DB 3.0002012
14:33 slef what was 3.00.02's release patchlevel?
14:34 gmcharlt slef: that be the one
14:34 kf had to ask, its a git install
14:34 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: looks like problem is a bad merge
14:34 wizzyrea may I ask your collective opinions about something?
14:34 gmcharlt wizzyrea: individual opinions are more likely, but go ahead ;)
14:35 kf so its a general problem or one with our installation?
14:35 wizzyrea yay ok
14:35 hdl_laptop kf: I think it is a git rebase that you failed to do.
14:35 hdl_laptop I had updated that before releasing the package.
14:36 slef hold worked fine on my local copy
14:36 kf ok, I will tell my colleague (he is responsible for installation)
14:36 slef once I debugged a zebrasrv that had stopped
14:36 wizzyrea ok, i'm looking at the reports-home template
14:36 slef why doesn't koha complain if zebra doesn't answer?
14:36 wizzyrea I (and others in my office) didn't like that you had to click through to the guided reports
14:37 wizzyrea so I wanted to make this[…]ad90-52c0c65c9c20 change
14:37 wizzyrea but I wondered if anyone had strong opinions about it
14:37 gmcharlt adding that to reports-home?
14:37 gmcharlt fine with me
14:37 wizzyrea yea
14:37 slef wizzyrea: is that a screenshot or is that something I'm not seeing?
14:37 wizzyrea screenshot
14:38 wizzyrea you can still get to the dictionary the old way
14:38 slef ok, cool.  Why don't we add the list of guided reports from /cgi-bin/koha/reports/ to reports-home?
14:39 slef with a link through to view-dictionary?
14:39 wizzyrea 1s, looking
14:39 kf slef / hdl: what can we do to make it work in our test nistallation now? without starting from scratch?
14:40 wizzyrea I think that's what I did? but I did't link to dictionary... I could add that
14:40 slef kf: I'm not sure, sorry.  hdl_laptop seems to know what the problem is.
14:40 slef wizzyrea: sorry, my bad. I thought we'd still need to click through to the list of guided reports.
14:40 hdl_laptop kf: have you done any customization on ?
14:40 kf no
14:40 hdl_laptop if not :
14:41 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: I'm getting the same compilation errors in direct from the tar package
14:41 hdl_laptop git checkout --track -b stable origin/3.0.x is ok.
14:41 gmcharlt the variables in question are from sedwards' multi-hold enhacnement
14:41 wizzyrea it's ok, I think you'd still need that main page, technically we're duplicating content but I'm ok with that
14:41 slef Fw Amazon may launch the Kindle in the UK this year ..
14:41 gmcharlt thus making Joe's cleanup patch dependent on that enhancement
14:42 wizzyrea main guided reports page, that is
14:42 slef gmcharlt: bug/patch id?
14:42 wizzyrea I'll add the dictionary and call it good
14:42 wizzyrea thanks
14:42 gmcharlt @bug 2991
14:42 munin gmcharlt: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2991 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---,, REOPENED, Request hold on multiple items at one time
14:42 hdl_laptop will update that then.
14:43 slef Joe's cleanup patch?
14:44 kf wizzyrea: I like the idea of less clicks
14:44 hdl_laptop and relase a new package
14:44 wizzyrea kf: me too :D
14:44 gmcharlt slef: c16d624f8f2fcf4433fc8ac90ee53ebe9a736594 in head
14:44 kf thx!
14:45 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: do you have any objection to that ?
14:45 gmcharlt looks like shouldn't have been cherry-picked to 3.0.x
14:45 slef so does the affect all 3.00.02 copies or just some?
14:45 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: you'll have to bump up the version number
14:45 gmcharlt or something
14:45 gmcharlt but it does require a new package IMO
14:45 jwagner wizzyrea, for ages I've been meaning to put a direct link to Saved Reports from the main menu.  Can't quite tell -- does your fix do that?
14:45 slef call it 3.00.03
14:45 gmcharlt yep, 3.0.3
14:45 slef so it gets to be a brown bag release, who cares?
14:46 kf slef: brown bag release?
14:47 slef kf: so called because it fixes an embarrassing wart
14:47 slef gmcharlt: you'll be expecting RMs to run make test next
14:47 slef kf: the sort that you'd wear a brown bag over your head to hide
14:48 Elwell gmcharlt: whoa! hang on, you'll be doing things like regression tests soon :-)
14:48 slef Elwell: careful. We'll upset someone.
14:49 gmcharlt well, I think we can all agree on something:
14:49 gmcharlt testing++
14:50 gmcharlt kf: thanks for catching this
14:51 hdl_laptop thanks
14:51 hdl_laptop and testing more than once if possible
14:54 kf thx for listening, just wanted to make sure, its not a problem with our installation
14:55 wizzyrea jwagner: yes ma'am
14:55 wizzyrea haven't sent it but will
14:55 wizzyrea working on a couple of niggly things today :)
14:56 kf or something I did
14:59 jwagner wizzyrea, thanks.  Saves me some work on my to-do list :-)
15:06 atz my more curious cat got himself locked in the garage overnight... found him slightly skinnier this morning
15:10 wizzyrea jwagner: I do my best
15:10 jwagner Your best seems pretty good :-)
15:34 mahesh_c hello
15:34 mahesh_c i have problem with koha to ldap authentication
15:34 mahesh_c its always says "ldap_compare" failed
15:35 mahesh_c my ldap db is the same for samba and unix authentication
15:35 gmcharlt mahesh_c: one quick tip - if you're running Koha from Git HEAD, try switching on the auth_by_bind option
15:36 mahesh_c auth_by_bind also saying same !
15:37 gmcharlt mahesh_c: any interesting messages in the Apache error log
15:37 gmcharlt ?
15:41 mahesh_c logs at
15:51 gmcharlt mahesh_c: both logs are simply saying that the comparison is false
15:51 gmcharlt have you tried with other accounts on your LDAP directory?
15:53 mahesh_c yes,Failed.. the userPassword is stored using SSHA hashing , is it make any problem ?
15:54 schuster gmcharlt - I've sent you and daniel 3 emails about enhancement projects.  It's end of year and trying to spend money ASAP...  would appreciate Estimates to work from.
15:54 gmcharlt schuster: working on it, will have numbers for you today
15:55 schuster Bless YOU!  My boss is going on Vacation next week so trying to get as much done before she leaves as possible.
15:59 gmcharlt just that kind of day - just had to call my cell phone to find it
16:00 slef ouch
16:01 slef next question, where's my earpiece
16:01 jwagner slef, at least you know where your ear is :-)
16:01 slef found it... it was next to where the phone was :)
16:26 pianohacker Hmm. Does anyone know what the purpose of circ/ is ? (came upon it by accident)
16:27 pianohacker </lazyweb>
16:29 kf starting weekend now - bye #koha :)
16:29 pianohacker bye
17:18 fredericd gmcharlt: hello
17:18 fredericd Any reason why this patch wouldn't be applied?
17:18 fredericd[…]-June/003650.html
17:31 slef setting PATCH-Sent on 3301
17:31 slef @bug 3301
17:31 munin slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3301 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---,, NEW, rebuild_zebra is slow
17:32 slef fredericd: wouldn't be applied to what?
17:33 slef bbl
17:33 fredericd slef: to HEAD
17:34 joetho hello-  
17:34 joetho anybody remember the name of that website where you can post blocks of code for others to help with?
17:35 joetho it generates a URL to send to your helper
17:35 joetho I keep thinking orbitz and that is for plane tickets.
17:39 pianohacker joetho: There's pastebin
17:40 joetho YES!
17:40 joetho that doesn't sound like "orbitz" at all, not even in my cluttered head.
17:40 joetho THanks jessie
17:40 pianohacker No problem
17:54 gmcharlt hi fredericd
17:54 gmcharlt it will need some work - like -x, doesn't work for auths & DOM
17:55 gmcharlt also, I'm thinking that at least basic XML well-formedness checking may still be needed
18:22 gmcharlt wizzyrea: I can't apply your reports patches
18:22 gmcharlt it looks like they were sent via the OS X mail client
18:22 gmcharlt and got mangled
18:25 wizzyrea doh
18:25 wizzyrea ok I"ll try again
18:25 gmcharlt thx
18:26 wizzyrea just the reports, or the suggestions patch too?
18:27 wizzyrea (sry for the inconvenience >.<)
18:27 gmcharlt wizzyrea: just the reports
18:27 wizzyrea k ty
19:43 fredericd gmcharlt: Maybe a -nosanitize parameter should be better? Combined with -x
19:44 fredericd I've just use it on a 230,000 biblio records DB. -a -b takes 45min normally. With --marcxml option, same rebuild takes 15min.
19:45 fredericd Make me feel also like MARC::Record would benefit to be refactored. It is incredibly slow. Serializing /deserializing MARC::Record in XML is obviously not a good option.
19:46 fredericd YAML::XS? storing YAML MARC::Record in DB rather than marcxml representation?
20:05 gmcharlt fredericd: interesting idea
20:05 gmcharlt +! to -nosanitize
20:14 chris morning
20:15 gmcharlt hi
20:15 danny morning chris
20:15 wizzyrea mornin chris
20:18 rhcl Hi Chris
20:28 chris hmm 1 out of 5 correct ... it seems i dont know you very well wizzyrea  :)
20:33 chris damnit where is my robot that makes me coffee already, i was promised the future would have them
20:35 gmcharlt
20:35 ryan @bug 3219
20:36 munin ryan: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3219 critical, P2, ---,, ASSIGNED, malformed or missing amazon content can cause fatal error in both opac and staff interfaces.
20:41 chris heh
20:44 wizzyrea chris: not yet ;)
20:44 wizzyrea I can think of only one person that knows the answer to all of those questions (besides my mom)
20:44 wizzyrea and I"m married to him :P
20:45 gmcharlt heh - Ask Metafilter as a source of III support:[…]ng-of-MARC-fields
20:46 chris wizzyrea: i only got the lime green bit right :)
20:47 wizzyrea hehe it's ok. I'm the only person I know whose greatest ambition on their birthday is to partake in the yearly putt putt extravaganza
20:47 chris gmcharlt: hehe thats pretty funny
20:47 chris wizzyrea: putt putt = mini golf?
20:47 wizzyrea yea
20:47 chris ohhh i always end up getting really angry at mini golf
20:48 chris get in the effin hole already!!!!!!
20:48 chris oh yeah, id be less angry if there was no score
20:48 chris same with real golf
20:49 chris some crazy guy in happy valley has built a mini golf course on his land
20:49 wizzyrea well hey, that makes it happy for sure
20:49 wizzyrea as long as you're not keeping score :P
20:49 chris heh
20:50 chris
20:50 chris he ran for mayor
20:51 chris hes a bit loopy, but kinda awesome
20:51 chris
20:51 wizzyrea this is the guy with the mini golf?
20:51 chris yep
20:52 chris between/around his sculptures
20:52 wizzyrea Ah, native bird and plant themed mini golf! Nice!
20:53 wizzyrea I always wanted to run a mini golf store... it would be egypt themed and we'd call it Tut's Putts
20:53 wizzyrea and we'd have a cafe that served cleopatra's caesar salad
20:53 brendan that's a bad pun - wizzyrea
20:53 chris lol
20:53 chris its so bad its good
20:53 brendan true
20:54 wizzyrea bad puns are a mark of pride in my family :P
20:55 chris my dad tells stories that are plausible, but when you go to school and repeat them, people laugh
20:55 chris thats his thing :-)
20:55 wizzyrea it's a good thing.. unless they laugh at you
20:56 wizzyrea then it's not so good
20:56 wizzyrea erg, <curses> git!
21:00 chris i love it how usually before i even get to read a mail on the koha list anymore, someone has already answered it
21:00 chris its certainly not 2000 anymore :)
21:24 pianohacker minor segmentation fault: What was the reasoning behind making circ/ default to yesterday, again?
21:35 brendan @wunder Santa Barbara, CA
21:35 munin brendan: The current temperature in Near Mission - TC, Santa Barbara, California is 21.8°C (2:34 PM PDT on June 12, 2009). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 40%. Dew Point: 8.0°C. Pressure: 30.00 in 1015.8 hPa (Steady).
22:35 atz gmcharlt: resent stopwords cleanup
22:35 chris hey atz :)
22:35 atz greets chris
22:37 atz do you know the band "Bachelorette" ?
22:37 chris hmmm doesnt ring a bell
22:38 atz i'll be seeing them (her) tonight opening for will oldham tonight.... the listing said they were from NZ
22:38 atz[…]nie-prince-billy/
22:39 chris ohh really?
22:40 pianohacker Hmm. Fourth result for /msg munin google bachelorette is "MIDGET MARIACHI BAND NEEDED!!!"
22:40 chris hehe
22:40 chris im guessing she must be from auckland
22:41 chris i lose
22:41 chris christchurch
22:41 chris,
22:45 chris atz: looks like a good gig
22:46 atz yeah, the promoter has good taste all-around
23:02 pianohacker Good night, #koha
23:04 gmcharlt atz: testing stopwords patch now
23:05 gmcharlt wizzyrea: about?
23:07 chris shes probably out playing putt putt wearing lime green
23:07 gmcharlt heh
23:08 gmcharlt @later tell wizzyrea your mailer is not being kind to you today - resubmission of the reports-home patch is inserting additional line breaks, corrupting the patch
23:08 munin gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.
23:42 chris gmcharlt: does later work the next time munin sees them, or only on login?
23:47 brendan chris let's give it a try
23:47 brendan @later tell chris - testing is fun
23:47 munin brendan: The operation succeeded.
23:49 chris test
23:49 chris yep that worke
23:49 chris d
23:55 chris ok, off for a bit
23:59 brendan @later tell brendan - testing is fun
23:59 munin brendan: The operation succeeded.
00:39 gmcharlt chris: as you see, in PMs right away if target user is logged in
01:13 chris yep pretty cool
01:31 chris @quote random
01:31 munin chris: Quote #5: "<jwagner> Why is it every Koha rock I turn over produces a zillion (metaphorical) ants, each with a new question????" (added by kf at 01:13 PM, June 12, 2009)
09:43 chris hiya cait
09:43 cait hi chris
09:44 chris got plans for the weekend?
09:44 cait not really, doing some work for my distance study
09:46 cait and you? rugby?
09:47 chris yep, just watched france beat new zealand, first time in 15 years they have beaten us in new zealand
09:47 cait ouch
09:47 chris i dont mind losing to france
09:47 chris as long as we beat australia, england and south africa :)
09:49 cait :)
09:58 chris hi Kivutar
09:58 Kivutar hello chris :)
09:58 Kivutar and all
10:10 cait hi Kivutar
11:17 chris night
11:18 gmcharlt g'night

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