IRC log for #koha, 2009-06-14

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13:29 eiro omg ... where are the all blacks ?
13:29 eiro did the aka lost its power ?
16:34 pianohacker He of toggle and __odd__ hath arrived
16:35 jwagner THAT sounds interesting!  (or ominous....)
16:39 collum :-)
16:40 pianohacker collum++ for taking the time to do one of the more tedious cleanup jobs
16:41 collum No problem.  A few more to go.  When I get the inkling for tedium.
16:41 collum I'm usually ipodding at the same time.
16:43 Snow_Fox speaking of tedium
16:43 Snow_Fox i just got a box that has a 80 percent fragmentation
16:43 Snow_Fox and only 7% free space
16:44 Snow_Fox :\
16:44 pianohacker Wouldn't the hard drive have to be in actually physically separate pieces to get that fragmented?
16:54 collum Time to clean carpet in a room, mow the lawn, and paint the room with the clean carpet.
16:54 collum Where are those toggle variables that are left?
16:55 pianohacker is quite useful for such tasks
20:13 chris morning
20:25 brendan morning chris
20:25 chris heya brendan, got plans for the weekend?
20:26 brendan getting ready to go for a walk on the beach
20:26 chris nice
20:26 brendan maybe do a little surfing today
20:26 brendan how about you?
20:30 chris its pretty overcast here today, probably something indoors
20:31 chris just checking out now to see what i can find :)
20:31 brendan good luck and have fun
20:33 chris heh
20:33 chris[…]?event_id=5023175
20:35 brendan crazy
20:35 chris[…]?event_id=5018728
20:35 chris maybe that one
04:13 brendan excellent day
04:14 chris get in some surfing?
04:14 brendan no surfing - but I did get in some body bordering
04:14 brendan boarding
04:15 chris cool
04:15 brendan It was graduation day -- at the big university that i live by -- so there was a lot of activity going on around my neck of the woods
04:16 chris ahhh
04:16 chris whats the uni?
04:16 brendan UCSB
04:16 pianohacker 'night, all
04:16 brendan university of california Santa Barbara
04:16 brendan as I here - excellent math department
04:17 brendan hehe
04:17 brendan today was undergraduate graduation
04:18 chris ah cool
04:19 brendan what did you end up doing today?
04:29 chris just went to chipmunks play land
04:38 brendan oh nice chipmucks playland  -- always enjoyed playlands as a kid
04:38 chris :)
04:39 brendan also new printer arrived today -- going to see if I can break it
04:44 chris hehe have fun
08:16 chris heya nicomo
08:16 nicomo hi chris
08:16 nicomo had a nice boss-provided lunch?  ;-)
08:16 chris dinner, (tea)
08:17 nicomo ah ye
08:17 nicomo yes
08:17 chris lasagne, was very nice :)
08:17 nicomo lasagne always nice
08:17 nicomo i could never remember the diff between "lunch" and "dinner"
08:18 chris in nz dinner is usually the evening meal
08:19 nicomo it might be different elsewhere?
08:20 chris i think in the UK it is sometimes lunch
08:21 chris
08:22 phasefx over here it might be "supper"
08:22 chris heya phasefx :) food brings you out of lurking :)
08:22 phasefx hehe
08:24 nicomo in french you have "petit déjeuner" =  breakfast
08:24 nicomo "déjeuner" = midday lunch
08:24 nicomo and "dîner" = evening lunch
08:25 nicomo taken between 7:30pm and 9pm
08:25 nicomo I don't mean 1 and a half hhour of binging
08:25 nicomo I mean it can start between those 2 hours
08:26 nicomo funny how food is cultural
08:28 chris :)
08:32 chris bonjour hdl_laptop
08:33 hdl_laptop hi chris
08:44 chris can anyone get to the wiki?
08:50 collum Hi chris.  I'm on the wiki.
08:50 chris oh, for me too now
08:51 chris ta
08:53 collum :)
10:58 chris guten tag cait
10:58 cait hi chris
10:58 chris full of rice? :)
10:59 cait no, my landlors wife gave me some money - will give it back to her Monday. will go to the bank before work
11:00 chris that was very nice of her
11:01 cait yes it was - Im living in the in-law unit (?) so I see them quite often
11:01 chris cool
11:03 cait how is life with the new baby?
11:04 chris good, tiring but good
11:04 cait :)
11:06 cait will try a git koha dev install on my old laptop later, already did a standard installation
11:06 cait is there a simple way to delete the standard installation?
11:08 chris not really no
11:08 chris its something we should fix
11:09 cait ok, so its searching for the files and deleting
11:11 chris pretty much im afraid
11:12 cait ok

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