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12:00 chris i have no idea :)
12:01 jwagner Good night, and pleasant dreams of Footrot Flats!
12:46 magnusenger Using Colloquy on MacOS X, /away doesn't seem to work. Anyone have any experience with that?
13:11 slef coo... TTLLP now a local phone call in over 300 cities worldwide
13:13 slef or maybe it's only over 200
13:16 hdl_laptop SIP phone ?
13:16 slef yep
13:17 slef only +33-1-79-99-79-99,*261-822-3595# in France
13:18 hdl_laptop so you have asterisk infrastructure ?
13:18 slef we do, but this doesn't use it
14:42 wizzyrea_away @karma
14:42 munin wizzyrea_away: Highest karma: "paul_p" (50), "hdl_laptop" (39), and "chris" (29).  Lowest karma: "savannah" (-3), "encoding" (-3), and "ie" (-2).
14:42 wizzyrea_away aw, paul's winning
14:42 wizzyrea_away I think the french are cheating
14:42 wizzyrea_away :D
14:43 hdl_laptop strange that gmcharlt is not in.
14:43 wizzyrea_away I think he's traveling?
14:43 hdl_laptop in karma i meant
14:43 danny @karma gmcharlt
14:43 munin danny: Karma for "gmcharlt" has been increased 22 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 22.
14:43 hdl_laptop @karma atz
14:43 munin hdl_laptop: Karma for "atz" has been increased 17 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 17.
14:44 wizzyrea hehe
14:44 wizzyrea i have like, 2
14:44 wizzyrea :)
14:44 hdl_laptop which period of time has it taken into account ?
14:44 wizzyrea not sure
14:44 atz wizzyrea: yeah, galen should be in columbus today
14:45 atz or en route anyway (a few storms here)
14:45 wizzyrea yea, we had those storms last night
14:46 ccurry We're testing Koha for a rollout alongside XTF.  We'll be using Koha for our printed materials and XTF for our manuscript collections.  We'll plan to use Aeon for manuscripts paging in our reading room.  Since we don't want to have two separate circulation systems, we plan to try Aeon with Koha as well.  Anyone have experience using the two together?  Is it possible to disable the circulation syst
14:46 ccurry em in Koha, or do I just have to edit the templates to remove circulation functionality from the public face?
14:47 atz ccurry: the circulation only happens on the staff side
14:48 ccurry I'm referring to the buttons for requesting items from the Koha OPAC
14:48 atz otherwise, you can control the "availability" with normal circ type parameters (not for loan, not for reserve)
14:49 atz and you can disable reserves altogether via sysprefs
14:49 ccurry awesome...I thought I might be able to do that, but I couldn't find the right preference.  Thanks...I'll look harder.
14:50 ccurry @karma atz
14:50 munin ccurry: Karma for "atz" has been increased 17 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 17.
14:51 ccurry atz+
14:51 ccurry obviously, I don't know the syntax for doing that...
14:51 danny atz++
14:51 danny @karma atz
14:51 munin danny: Karma for "atz" has been increased 18 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 18.
14:51 atz heh, thx danny
14:51 ccurry atz++
14:52 danny hehe just two ++ and you will add karma, thats it
14:52 ccurry @karma atz
14:52 munin ccurry: Karma for "atz" has been increased 19 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 19.
14:52 ccurry thanks
14:53 atz ccurry: the syspref is "RequestOnOpac"
14:54 ccurry thanks
14:54 slef wizzyrea: did you get my fdl link?
15:14 wizzyrea hmm.. no
15:14 wizzyrea but I would like it :)
15:15 wizzyrea oh, I scrolled back... found it
15:15 wizzyrea ...reading
15:30 wizzyrea so slef: if you leave of the -nc of CC license, and only use -by and -sa from the 3.0 licenses... what's the problem there?
15:31 wizzyrea (I see why nc is problematic in terms of koha... plenty of commercial peeps need to be able to use the docs)
15:32 wizzyrea I just (probably ignorantly) think the gpl is for software, and would like a license that covers multimedia
15:32 wizzyrea everything I've seen negative about CC is based on the 2.0 licensing scheme
15:37 wizzyrea In contrast to the CC-SA 2.0 license, version 3.0 is considered to be compatible to the DFSG.[13]
15:37 wizzyrea (wikipedia)
15:48 slef wizzyrea: CC's main problem is being long and ambiguous
15:48 slef wizzyrea: it might ban DRM/TPM media but no-one seems sure about that
15:48 Fox-Workin hello all
15:50 slef hello Fox-Workin, who are you? :)
15:50 Fox-Workin well im a tech speciliest out of kansas trying to catch up on a few things
15:50 Fox-Workin Koha being one of them
15:51 slef pleased to meet you. I'm a worker who should be hacking koha but is spending too much time managing stuff today.
15:51 Fox-Workin ah
15:51 Fox-Workin im a bit of a new hire and its my job to over see koha when its implimented
15:52 slef Who's supplying it, if you don't mind me asking?
15:52 Fox-Workin thats a good question :-P
15:52 slef or is it an in-house task?
15:52 Fox-Workin our support is liblime i belive
15:54 slef erm, why is Kansas City in Missouri, or am I not reading this map?
15:55 Fox-Workin heh
15:55 Fox-Workin Kansas City is in missouri but its also in kansas
15:55 Fox-Workin it was founded on the missouri side of the river
15:55 slef city fathers love swimming
15:56 Fox-Workin im in Salina myself
15:58 Fox-Workin system seems pretty streight forward
15:58 Fox-Workin at least in usability for the users
15:59 Fox-Workin whats the admin side aspect like?
15:59 slef remember - this is recorded and may be used against you later ;-)
15:59 Fox-Workin imagine me noobie green
16:00 Fox-Workin im a network tech thrown into the middle of this :-P
16:10 jatillaso hello
16:11 pianohacker hi
16:11 jatillaso i have a problem with mod_perl under apache2
16:11 jatillaso configurated with perlRun
16:12 jatillaso anyone has koha under mod_perl with ModPerl::PerlRun ??
16:13 jatillaso laurence, are you Henry Laurence?
16:14 laurence jatillaso no I am Laurence Lefaucheur :)
16:15 jatillaso ahhh
16:16 pianohacker jatillaso: Koha currently has a few oddities in its code that prevent it from working well with mod_perl (circular dependencies, for one)
16:16 pianohacker Given the speed boost, though, I'd be interested in hearing what problems you're having
16:16 jatillaso i tried to run mod_perl with perl registry
16:17 jatillaso but i had a lot of problems with 500 errors
16:17 jatillaso but under PerlRun, i dont have error like those error 500
16:18 pianohacker What kind of errors do you have?
16:18 jatillaso now, in our apache logs, we saw a lot of warnings like
16:18 jatillaso Prototype mismatch
16:18 jatillaso functions with this header ($$$;$$) or ($$) ...
16:18 pianohacker Yeah
16:18 jatillaso generated warnings
16:19 pianohacker I don't think koha uses prototypes too much; do they tend to focus on one specific file
16:19 pianohacker ?
16:19 jatillaso can i delete those ($$$) ??
16:19 jatillaso on
16:20 jatillaso and others
16:21 jatillaso aparently when i remove those ($$$) i dont have any warnings, but i dont know if i'll have problems in the future
16:23 jatillaso pianohacker: what do you think
16:23 jatillaso ?¿
16:23 pianohacker Hmm
16:23 pianohacker Could you paste some of the more frequent warnings into ?
16:23 jatillaso yes
16:24 jatillaso wait a second
16:24 pianohacker You _should_ be able to remove those warnings, but it will depend on the function
16:24 jatillaso Prototype mismatch: sub ModPerl::ROOT::ModPerl::PerlRun::var​_www_kohaclone_opac_opac_2dsearch_2e​pl::output_html_with_http_headers: none vs ($$$;$)  at /var/www/kohaclone/opac/ line 12
16:25 jatillaso for example
16:25 wizzyrea Fox-Workin: hi from Lawrence KS
16:25 wizzyrea Fox-Workin: you can also join us in #kohakansas on Freenode
16:26 Fox-Workin ill have to do that
16:26 wizzyrea :)
16:26 Fox-Workin freenode another irc server?
16:26 wizzyrea yessir
16:26 pianohacker jatillaso: line 12 ? That's quite odd. What version of Koha are you running?
16:27 jatillaso we have developed some functionalities on koha
16:27 jatillaso my line 12 is...
16:27 jatillaso use C4::Output;
16:28 jatillaso we have koha running well under CGI
16:28 pianohacker OK, that at least makes some sense
16:28 pianohacker Let me see
16:28 jatillaso but under mod_perl we are debugging some warnings we have
16:29 jatillaso ok
16:29 pianohacker Is the $cgi variable being initialized properly under PerlRun ?
16:30 jatillaso how could i confirm it?
16:30 wizzyrea Fox-Workin: user:liblime pass: liblime
16:30 jatillaso i go to paste my perlRun configuration under apache2
16:30 jatillaso wait
16:30 jatillaso 678 PerlModule ModPerl::PerlRun
16:30 jatillaso 679 <Files *.pl>
16:30 jatillaso 680         SetHandler perl-script
16:30 jatillaso 681         PerlResponseHandler ModPerl::PerlRun
16:30 jatillaso 682         PerlOptions +ParseHeaders
16:30 jatillaso 683         Options +ExecCGI
16:31 jatillaso 684         PerlSetVar PerlRunOnce On
16:31 jatillaso 685 </Files>
16:31 jatillaso 686 PerlRequire /var/www/kohaclone/
16:31 jatillaso there is ...
16:32 Fox-Workin thanks wizzyrea ive been playing with that for a good part of the day so far
16:33 jatillaso i have $cgi initialized in   -> my $cgi = new CGI;
16:33 wizzyrea cool :)
16:34 pianohacker Hrm
16:35 jatillaso :(
16:35 pianohacker I'm kind of at a loss. What's in your script?
16:36 jatillaso this
16:36 jatillaso  1 #!/usr/bin/perl
16:36 jatillaso  2
16:36 jatillaso  3 use strict;
16:36 jatillaso  4 use warnings;
16:36 jatillaso  5 use lib qw(. /var/www/kohaclone /var/www/kohaclone/installer /var/www/kohaclone/C4 );
16:36 jatillaso  6 #use lib qw(/koha/rel_3_0);  # this line fixe PERL5LIB !
16:36 jatillaso  7
16:36 jatillaso  8 # you can add here what you want.
16:36 jatillaso  9 # see for more details.
16:36 jatillaso 10
16:36 jatillaso 11 1;
16:36 pianohacker Aha! Is this script executed in-line with each script?
16:36 slef cd
16:36 slef oops
16:37 jatillaso yes, because this script is included under apache2.conf
16:37 pianohacker jatillaso: OK. You'll probably have to remove use strict; and use warnings; since there are parts of Koha that cannot yet run under them yet
16:38 wizzyrea slef: at least you didn't type your password in :D
16:38 pianohacker slef: irc_clients_that_dont_look_like_terminals++ ;)
16:38 wizzyrea pianohacker: SNAP!
16:38 jatillaso pianohacker: when we remove use strict, we have a lot of errors
16:39 pianohacker Hrm. Removing it causes errors? That's odd, what kind?
16:39 jatillaso let me see
16:40 jatillaso no, not a lot of errors,
16:41 jatillaso now i remove those lines, but i have the same warning in error.log of apache2
16:43 jatillaso we have no warnings, only errors like Prototype mismatch: sub ModPerl::ROOT::ModPerl::PerlRun:: .........
16:44 pianohacker Grr. You could _probably_ remove the prototype headers, but you'd want to be careful of course
16:44 pianohacker Especially if it involves anything related to the database
16:44 jatillaso ok
16:44 jatillaso i will try it ,
16:45 jatillaso thank you pianohacker
16:45 jatillaso bye
16:45 pianohacker Not a problem, sorry I haven't been more helpful than "grargh poke this and see what happens"
16:45 pianohacker Good luck
16:46 jatillaso thanks
17:15 slef pianohacker: I have one of those too.  the actual problem is typing faster than the internet connection and not realising which screen has focus
17:15 pianohacker Heh, yeah
17:15 pianohacker I've noticed a similar problem where GVim extends ever so slightly into the next virtual desktop, stealing focus
17:15 pianohacker Drives me nuts-
17:16 slef bbl
17:18 pianohacker atz: around?
17:18 atz ?
17:19 pianohacker I'm taking a look at some small modifications to Letters::parseletter. Are you the original author of that code, or should I dig deeper with git-blame ?
17:19 atz i think that was john beppu
17:19 pianohacker Okay. Thanks
17:19 atz i did a lot of cleanup in there, so that's probably what you are seeing
17:19 atz it's a major performance pinch point in our larger configurations
17:20 pianohacker Given that parseletter_sth uses SELECT *, the results should be identical, no?
17:20 atz good question.  if the row_from_table is a hashref, then yeah, you should get the same keys
17:21 atz but you won't get them in order, for what that's worth
17:21 atz pianohacker: also, if you don't get a row, then show columns would work, but keys wouldn't
17:22 pianohacker Hmm. That last part could be important
17:23 pianohacker Although I'm pretty certain that most of the code that uses parseletter cleans up any remaining <<>>'s afterwards
17:29 brendan @wunder encino, CA
17:29 munin brendan: The current temperature in Encino, Encino, California is 18.2°C (10:28 AM PDT on June 11, 2009). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 72%. Dew Point: 13.0°C. Pressure: 30.05 in 1017.5 hPa (Steady).
17:29 brendan thanks munin
17:31 pianohacker @wunder Canon City, CO
17:31 munin pianohacker: The current temperature in Rockvale Colorado, Rockvale, Colorado is 17.4°C (11:26 AM MDT on June 11, 2009). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 57%. Dew Point: 9.0°C. Pressure: 29.00 in 981.9 hPa (Falling).
18:05 eb_inLibro @wunder montreal, quebec
18:05 munin eb_inLibro: The current temperature in Montreal, Quebec is 21.0°C (1:00 PM EDT on June 11, 2009). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 64%. Dew Point: 14.0°C. Pressure: 29.87 in 1011 hPa (Falling).
18:06 rhcl Fox: our publicity guy used to be the newspaper editor in Salina.
18:54 pianohacker chris: ouch, I think I remember you worrying about missing a committer somewhere in the middle
18:57 chris :)
18:57 chris yeah caused a bit of a shuffle
18:58 pianohacker Kahu wake you up again?
18:59 chris nope, my own fault this time
19:00 pianohacker What happened?
19:01 chris at some point in the past, for some reason, i set an alarm for 6.30am today on my mobile phone
19:02 pianohacker Ahh, I've done that
19:02 chris who knows when, or why, or if it was one of my workmates playing a trick on me when i left my phone unlocked at some point
19:02 chris :)
19:03 pianohacker Or Kahu; you might want to keep an eye on him :)
19:03 chris hehe
19:03 wizzyrea yea, man, my kid is getting far more competent with my iphone than I'd like from a 16mo old
19:06 pianohacker They start earlier and earlier these days
19:17 chris :)
19:19 Fox-Workin before long id imagine they will come as a matched set
19:19 chris[…]ion-223309871.htm
19:20 chris one of the funniest things ive seen in a while
19:20 pianohacker "bell factory" :D
19:22 Fox-Workin ok
19:22 Fox-Workin thats absolutly funny
19:22 chris whats even more funny is someone is willing to pay 265$ for it, even after reading that :-)
19:23 Fox-Workin someone must hate there neighbors
19:23 Fox-Workin i was kinda tempted to get it
19:23 Fox-Workin just to see how bad it really is
19:25 chris hehe
19:26 chris its near auckland pianohacker, they are all weird up there
19:27 wizzyrea chris:
19:28 wizzyrea that is seriously an epic washer.
19:28 wizzyrea I like the "i drew pictures of the dinosaurs I saw. They're partly red b/c the green felt ran out"
19:28 wizzyrea how long would it take to drive north tip to south tip?
19:29 wizzyrea if you could drive it
19:30 Fox-Workin NZ
19:30 Fox-Workin if i remember right a good whack of the southern half is rain forest
19:30 chris of which island wizzyrea ?
19:31 chris you kinda cant drive all the way, cos umm there is like the ocean
19:31 chris heres how i describe it
19:31 chris NZ is the size of colorado if you squash it up
19:32 chris but it has more coast line than the US (not counting alaska)
19:32 pianohacker Ahh, very convenient description
19:32 chris from wellington (at the bottom of hte north island, where i live) to auckland nearish the top, is about 10 hours in a car
19:33 chris but then there is the whole south island, and then stewart island
19:34 chris i think about 3 hours by car is the furthest away from the sea you can get, at any point
19:35 danny google maps says it will take 1 day and 7 hours to get from the north to the south, however, there is this like ocean piece in the middle they don't make it real clear about how to get across that, i guess you switch to your boat
19:35 danny hehe
19:35 chris yeah, the ferry goes past my house
19:35 slef swim!
19:35 danny there ya go
19:35 chris you can take a car on it, the ferry crossing takes about 3 hours
19:35 pianohacker (couldn't resist)
19:35 chris and yep, people do swim it too, but they are slightly mental
19:36 danny lol pianohacker
19:37 chris[…]st_April_2008.htm
19:38 chris pianohacker++
19:38 pianohacker Wow, he did about 16 miles at faster than walking speed
19:38 pianohacker That's nuts
19:38 chris its a nice boat ride on a good day
19:41 gmcharlt chris++ # may you never have to deal with remembering Koha committer 3.5 ;)
19:42 chris course when the 14m swells come in .. its not so pleasant
19:42 chris gmcharlt: hehe
19:43 chris[…]7378UnmChW_ph.jpg
19:44 chris fun fun
19:44 pianohacker eek
19:44 chris word to the wise, that is the bluebridge ferry
19:44 chris which is cheaper than the interislander
19:45 chris but has crappier stabilising .. if the weather is good, take it, if not, get the interislander instead :)
19:45 wizzyrea omg
19:45 wizzyrea seriously?!
19:45 wizzyrea looks terrifying
19:46 gmcharlt wizzyrea: does Kansas have any hills made of earth that tall, let alone water? ;)
19:46 Fox-Workin yes
19:46 Fox-Workin we do
19:46 Fox-Workin and pot holes big enough to eat buses
19:47 chris
19:47 chris i live on the hill between owhiro bay, and island bay ... in case anyone cares hehe
19:48 Fox-Workin cool
19:48 wizzyrea Fox-Workin++
19:48 wizzyrea yes, we do
19:48 wizzyrea in fact, I live in the town with the highest hill in kansas
19:48 wizzyrea and I can't remember the elevation thereof... one moment
19:49 chris
19:49 wizzyrea 1037ft above sea level
19:49 chris my house
19:50 chris and thats the highest?
19:50 wizzyrea O.o you lucky duck!
19:50 wizzyrea yep
19:50 wizzyrea in kansas
19:50 pianohacker wizzyrea: That's much higher than I expected
19:50 gmcharlt indeed
19:51 chris @gcalc 1037 feet in metres
19:51 munin chris: 1037 feet = 316.0776 meters
19:52 chris thats decently high
19:52 chris
19:52 chris thats our highest
19:53 wizzyrea street view is kind of creepy, and neat at the same time
19:53 wizzyrea aoraki is the maori name?
19:54 chris yep
19:54 chris south island maori use a k instead of ng
19:54 chris so it is in aorangi
19:54 chris for north island maori
19:54 chris rangi=sky ao=world
19:54 wizzyrea neat!
19:55 chris kahurangi = blue (rangi=sky kahu=cloak)
19:55 wizzyrea so the cloak of the sky is blue?
19:55 chris yep
19:55 wizzyrea nice and poetic, I like that
19:56 wizzyrea I was thinking that aoraki would make a neat name for a kid
19:56 chris if they were tall :)
19:56 wizzyrea hehe
19:56 wizzyrea well I guess you can never guarantee that, eh?
19:57 chris give the drs time, and you will be able to
19:58 wizzyrea hehe, you live close to happy valley
19:58 chris hehe yeah
19:58 chris its actually cold shadowy valley
19:59 wizzyrea aw
19:59 wizzyrea well that's not as good :/
19:59 chris yeah, i think a real estate agent named it
19:59 chris or something
19:59 wizzyrea were the namers trying to think positively?
20:00 chris if you do a get directions to 150 willis street wellington, thats pretty much the bus route that i take to work
20:01 wizzyrea what's the story on the odd obviously human shaped jut of land near the stadium?
20:01 wizzyrea humanly* shaped
20:02 chris the adelaide road route that is
20:02 chris oh yeah we ran out of land so we pushed some of the hills into the harbour
20:02 wizzyrea >.<
20:03 chris those are actually piers :-)
20:03 chris its all on poles
20:03 chris (but we did actually do some land reclamation too)
20:04 wizzyrea Ohhhhh... well that makes more sense
20:04 chris if you zoom in close theres lots of logs
20:04 chris sitting there waiting to be shipped to japan
20:04 chris and tons of containers
20:04 wizzyrea Ahhh I see now
20:05 chris if you find lambton quay
20:05 wizzyrea neat!
20:05 chris that was the shoreline before a big earthquake
20:06 wizzyrea Seriously?! The earth is neat
20:06 wizzyrea earth++
20:06 wizzyrea how long ago was that?
20:07 wizzyrea oh, and you get google traffic... don't take 1... it's very busy
20:07 chris 1855
20:08 wizzyrea lots of earthquakes?
20:08 wizzyrea lol sorry I'm full of questions :P
20:08 chris[…]ay-traffic-camera
20:09 chris doesnt look that busy :)
20:09 chris yeah we are on a bunch of faultlines
20:10 chris[…]ecent_quakes.html
20:11 wizzyrea ooh, a bunch
20:13 chris my wife laurel (an american refugee from pittsburgh hehe) felt her first earthquake ever in wellington in 2000
20:14 chris which i found quite funny, her .... not so much
20:15 rhcl Gee chris, you have a bunch of earthquakes per month over 3.x. I never realized you had so many. Do you people walk around wearing outriggers so you don't tip over? :)
20:15 chris rhcl: hehe its the depth that gets ya
20:15 chris they are usually very deep
20:16 chris so you mostly never feel them
20:16 rhcl Yea, well, that 6.7 on May 16th probably woulda reached up out of the deep and touched you.
20:17 chris[…]oric-earthquakes/
20:17 chris those ones .. people felt them :)
20:19 wizzyrea I imagine i'd probably be fairly alarmed myself in an earthquake
20:20 wizzyrea the google fu is strong with you, chris
20:20 wizzyrea hm... so every 10-20 years you get one that destroys stuff
20:20 rhcl OK, well, just to put in some bragging rights, I was in this one...
20:20 rhcl[…]alinga_earthquake
20:20 chris rhcl: that was way off the coast .... white island is an active volcano tho, that might blow up and tsunami the crap out of us
20:21 wizzyrea and only for about 3 months a year
20:22 chris rhcl: ohh yeah i remember that one
20:23 rhcl wizzyrea: our tornado warning sirens went off in the thunderstorm last night
20:23 chris generally, just because we have far less people and built up areas, even with bigger quakes we get less damage if that makes sense
20:24 rhcl I presume you have pretty strict building codes too.
20:24 chris course and 8.2 like 1855
20:24 chris is gonna flatten us
20:24 chris no getting round that :)
20:25 chris yeah, the new museum here is built on rubber stabilisers
20:25 wizzyrea rhcl: texas?
20:25 rhcl Me? St. Joseph Mo
20:25 wizzyrea OH yea, I heard atchison got wholloped
20:25 Fox-Workin never good to hear a town get nailed
20:26 wizzyrea rhcl: you too if you want should come hang out with us in #kohakansas on freenode
20:26 chris tornadoes freak me out
20:26 wizzyrea it's all about what you're used to I thik
20:26 wizzyrea think
20:26 Fox-Workin chris its just like a typhon only really really smaller
20:26 rhcl Hey Fox, did you see my earlier note? Our publicity guy was the former newpaper editor in Salina.
20:26 Fox-Workin really
20:27 Fox-Workin see this is where i kinda chant its a small world after all
20:27 Fox-Workin :-P
20:27 chris now i have to go google what the difference between a typhoon and a hurricane is
20:27 Fox-Workin pacific is typhoon hurricane is atlantic
20:27 chris ah ha
20:27 Fox-Workin essentially the same thing except one spins the other way
20:27 Fox-Workin i think.....
20:27 chris saved me the trouble, thanks
20:27 rhcl Yea, so he claims. :) He still goes back there pretty often. I think you guys are having a big event this (next?) weekend...a summer festival or something?
20:27 chris we get cyclones
20:27 chris too
20:27 wizzyrea river festival, right?
20:27 Fox-Workin ya the Smokey Hill River Festival
20:28 Fox-Workin festival jam is actually tonight
20:28 rhcl Yea, that's it.
20:28 wizzyrea ooh... I never understood why it was on a weeknight, festival jam
20:28 rhcl Well, look for Alan this weekend. He's about 7.5 feet tall.
20:28 Fox-Workin ill keep a eye out
20:28 chris
20:28 rhcl or maybe it's only 6 something. :)
20:28 Fox-Workin heh
20:28 chris noaa is cool
20:29 richard hi
20:29 wizzyrea LOL (This is not to be confused with the condition mid-latitude people get during a long, cold and grey winter wishing they could be closer to the equator ;-))
20:29 rhcl Hi Richard.
20:29 wizzyrea ah meteorologists.
20:29 chris morning richard
20:30 rhcl Anybody know of a users guide to address munin?
20:30 Fox-Workin i used to work pushing carts for Sams so watching the sky became a important aspect of survival
20:30 rhcl Most of the online stuff seems to be for programming.
20:31 chris rhcl: next time gmcharlt is around, ask him
20:31 rhcl yea, will probably do that.
20:32 rhcl @munin info
20:32 munin rhcl: I suck
20:32 wizzyrea munin is a supybot, so presumably you could look up that documentation
20:32 munin wizzyrea: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
20:32 rhcl well, ok, yes, maybe you do, but that didn't work apparently
20:32 wizzyrea munin help
20:32 munin wizzyrea: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.
20:32 wizzyrea munin help wunder
20:32 munin wizzyrea: (wunder <US zip code | US/Canada city, state | Foreign city, country>) -- Returns the approximate weather conditions for a given city.
20:33 wizzyrea munin help bug
20:33 munin wizzyrea: (bug <bug_id> [<bug_ids>]) -- Reports the details of the bugs with the listed ids to this channel. Accepts bug aliases as well as numeric ids. Your list can be separated by spaces, commas, and the word "and" if you want.
20:33 wizzyrea munin help gcalc
20:33 munin wizzyrea: (gcalc <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "Google calc $*".
20:33 wizzyrea munin help karma
20:33 munin wizzyrea: (karma [<channel>] [<thing> ...]) -- Returns the karma of <text>. If <thing> is not given, returns the top three and bottom three karmas. If one <thing> is given, returns the details of its karma; if more than one <thing> is given, returns the total karma of each of the things. <channel> is only necessary if the message isn't sent on the channel itself.
20:35 rhcl munin help wolframalpha
20:35 munin rhcl: Error: There is no command "wolframalpha".
20:50 ryan @seen kyle
20:50 munin ryan: I have not seen kyle.
20:50 ryan @seen kyleh
20:50 munin ryan: I have not seen kyleh.
20:50 pianohacker @seen gmcharlt
20:50 munin pianohacker: gmcharlt was last seen in #koha 59 minutes and 44 seconds ago: <gmcharlt> indeed
21:11 wizzyrea @karma pianohacker
21:11 munin wizzyrea: Karma for "pianohacker" has been increased 7 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 7.
21:12 wizzyrea ooh, you're popular
23:45 pianohacker Paul's got me beat :)
23:56 brendan good late afternoon #koha
23:56 pianohacker Hello
23:57 brendan heya pianohacker
23:57 brendan any new stuff for munin added recently?
23:57 pianohacker Hmm
23:57 pianohacker @marc 245 a
23:57 munin pianohacker: I suck
23:58 brendan I've seen the @wunder @gcalc @quote
23:58 pianohacker Well, there was a MARC command for a short while
23:58 brendan yeah saw that one but don't remember it
23:58 pianohacker There's always the odd problem like bug 2545
23:58 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2545 normal, P3, ---,, RESOLVED FIXED, wrong syspref controlling XSLT bib detail display
23:58 brendan right
23:59 brendan munin
23:59 pianohacker gmcharlt and I got old karma stats migrated
23:59 pianohacker @karma
23:59 munin pianohacker: Highest karma: "paul_p" (50), "hdl_laptop" (39), and "chris" (30).  Lowest karma: "savannah" (-3), "encoding" (-3), and "ie" (-2).  You (pianohacker) are ranked 15 out of 243.
23:59 brendan @karma brendan
23:59 munin brendan: Karma for "brendan" has been increased 1 time and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 1.
00:00 brendan the first one is always the hardest
00:00 pianohacker Heh
00:00 pianohacker You're doing better than poor benighted savannah
00:00 brendan heh
00:58 pianohacker hey
01:36 brendan @wunder goleta, ca
01:36 munin brendan: The current temperature in Near Shadow Hills, Santa Barbara, California is 19.6°C (6:30 PM PDT on June 11, 2009). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 51%. Dew Point: 10.0°C. Pressure: 29.35 in 993.8 hPa (Falling).
01:39 brendan hehe
01:39 pianohacker It can be a pain, tho
01:39 brendan well I lived inthe humidity for so many years and that was just miserable
01:40 brendan I really like it here in Santa Barbara -- where the temp is close to 80 everyday of the year
01:40 pianohacker That does sound quite nice
01:43 bignose-work enjoy it while it lasts
01:43 bignose-work the only constant in climate over the next several decades will be that the climate doesn't match what you just got used to.
01:44 brendan sigh
01:45 brendan @quote
01:45 munin brendan: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
01:53 pianohacker @help quote
01:53 munin pianohacker: Error: There is no command "quote".
01:53 pianohacker Ahh. @ quote add
01:54 brendan @quote
01:54 munin brendan: downloading the Perl source
01:55 pianohacker @quote random
01:55 munin pianohacker: Quote #2: "<jwagner> Hope springs eternal in little kitty hearts. Better watch the doors :-)" (added by gmcharlt at 04:04 PM, June 03, 2009)
01:55 chris @quote add < bignose-work> the only constant in climate over the next several decades will be that the climate doesn't match what you just got used to.
01:55 munin chris: The operation succeeded.  Quote #3 added.
02:11 pianohacker Good night, all
03:17 brendan hey Jo
03:24 chris hey jo, hope the kids are feeling better
03:28 brendan chris -- I need a vacuum - all I have is a shop vac -- so I only vacuum like every two weeks
03:29 brendan surprisingly missing the evening/morning hello from amit
03:29 chris yeah, i think he is still at home
03:30 brendan so he's back in delhi
03:30 brendan delhi has to be one of the craziest cities on the planet
03:31 brendan @wunder new delhi, india
03:31 munin brendan: The current temperature in New Delhi, India is 33.0°C (8:30 AM IST on June 12, 2009). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 36%. Dew Point: 16.0°C. Pressure: 29.59 in 1002 hPa (Steady).
03:33 chris wow i didnt realise quite how big the company he works for is
03:34 brendan @gcalc 33 celsius in fahrenheit
03:34 munin brendan: 33 degrees Celsius = 91.4 degrees Fahrenheit
03:34 chris jo:[…]tem/services.html
03:35 chris
03:39 richard way cool
03:44 Jo hi ya
03:45 Jo Chris: wow !
03:45 Jo is that Amit?
03:45 chris they of course do koha too
03:46 Jo his fiorm, I mean
03:46 Jo has walter seen this
03:46 chris yep thats who he works for
03:46 chris not sure
03:47 chris richard can cut and paste it on #katipo for him ;)
03:48 Jo i pasted it too twitter too
03:48 Jo hes busy doing "yes's" lol
03:48 chris hehe
03:49 chris that is a great movie
03:49 richard yep - pasted in
03:51 Jo I'm keeping the kids drugged ... seems to work quite well
03:52 chris flu?
03:52 Jo they areall sprawled in front of the wood burner wityh assorted cats and dogs and blankets and teddies
03:53 Jo dunno - they aren't oinking yet
03:53 chris heh
03:53 Jo but i think so
03:53 chris i give it 2 more weeks tops
03:53 chris before all this quarantine thing goes away and they just treat it as a mild form of seasonal flu
03:53 Jo yep - I agree.
03:54 chris more ppl died in one week of seasonal flu in the us, than have died cos of swine flu in the world this whole year
03:54 Jo ok - time to go back to the kitchen ...I'd rather be a librarian than a mummy sometimes!
03:54 chris cya later
03:54 richard they will have to find another tactic to keep the global sense of unease up
03:54 Jo cya
03:54 richard cya
03:54 Jo Richard; the site koha 3.0 opac is gorgeous
03:54 Jo so gorgeous.
03:54 chris be nice if they focused on malaria, or something .. but only brown people get that, so they wont worry
03:55 chris hehe
03:55 Jo please do - the artists is thrilled to bits with it.
03:55 richard that is excellent news. i was a bit worried if she wouldn't like it
03:56 Jo no way - quite definitely the oppossite
03:56 chris ohh pleasing that artist, double pats for dean
03:56 chris that=the
03:56 Jo :)
04:00 Jo would be cool to have KohaCon 2012 in India - I havn't been then yet
04:00 Jo and so want to
04:01 brendan hey Jo --[]=pacifica  got my first one up there -- the library posted it up there -- I really need get them on the IRC
04:03 brendan good for amit
04:27 richard cool stuff brendan
04:28 brendan sweet thanks richard
04:37 brendan @gcalc a squared plus b squared equals c squared
04:37 munin brendan: Google's calculator didn't come up with anything.
04:37 brendan @gcalc a2 + b2 = c2
04:37 munin brendan: Google's calculator didn't come up with anything.
04:37 brendan munin the answer is Pythagorean theorem
04:37 munin brendan: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
04:46 Jo Brendan: go you! well done. may it be the first of many
04:46 brendan thanks Jo - hope the kiddos are doing ok
04:50 brendan hey chris -- I forgot what does Korerorero mean ?
04:51 chris discussion
04:51 brendan thanks
04:51 chris korerero = talk, korerorero = discussion
05:16 bignose-work trying to follow (and update, while I go) the instructions at <URL:[…]uide_ubuntu_hardy>
05:16 bignose-work attempting to satisfy the perl package dependencies, I get:
05:16 bignose-work Couldn't find any package whose name or description matched "libnet-z3950-zoom-perl"
05:16 bignose-work is that package needed? where do I get it from if the repositories don't have it?
05:19 chris did you do this bit
05:19 chris[…]kage_repositories
05:20 chris if so try
05:20 chris with hardy instead
05:21 chris i dont know why its trying to use sarge, but the perl module is probably in the backports section anyway
05:22 bignose-work not sure what you're saying. I should change the IndexData repository config?
05:23 bignose-work oh bollocks
05:23 bignose-work I *did* miss that step :-)
05:24 chris yeah add that step, but id leave backports the same, but change the indexdata to do the ubuntu repo instead of sarge
05:24 bignose-work so, change the line to:
05:24 bignose-work deb hardy main
05:24 bignose-work ?
05:25 chris hmm, do you know your way around apt ?
05:25 bignose-work yes
05:26 chris change debian to ubuntu
05:26 bignose-work deb hardy main
05:26 chris yep, that looks ok
05:26 chris that will contain the files you need for zebra and yaz
05:27 chris and backports should have the z3950 perl module, if not you can cpan it on
05:27 bignose-work okay. if that works I'll update the "install on Ubuntu 8.04" instructions with that.
05:27 chris cool
05:27 bignose-work what would be the CPAN package name for z3950?
05:28 chris Net::Z3950
05:28 brendan something like net::z3950
05:28 brendan chris ++
05:30 bignose-work and I *don't* want 'libyaz2-dev', right?
05:30 bignose-work instead I want the 'libyaz-dev' from IndexData?
05:35 brendan bignose-work which manual are you working off ?
05:35 bignose-work brendan: <URL:[…]uide_ubuntu_hardy>
05:36 bignose-work updating it as I go
05:36 bignose-work I mistakenly thought 'libyaz2-dev' was the name needed, before I realised I'd missed the IndexData repository.
05:37 brendan did you get some error with lib-yaz2
05:37 bignose-work now I'm just confirming that 'libyaz-dev' is actually the name of the package I want.
05:37 bignose-work true?
05:38 brendan i think you can get lib-yaz2 through the backports
05:39 bignose-work I can, yes. do I want that one, or do I want 'libyaz-dev'?
05:39 bignose-work backports has 'libyaz2-dev'.
05:39 brendan did you also add the deb-src hardy main
05:39 bignose-work brendan: see the discussion in this channel for the past half hour
05:40 bignose-work ah, deb-src? no.
05:40 bignose-work why?
05:40 bignose-work none of the instructions need any source packages.
05:40 brendan yaz zebra etc need the source packages
05:41 brendan everything else is in the ubuntu src
05:41 bignose-work okay, it seems there's no 'libyaz-dev' at all. only 'libyaz2-dev' from backports. IndexData doesn't make any difference there.
05:41 brendan yeah not sure about that one
05:42 bignose-work brendan: how do they need the source packages? I just finished installing all the CPAN packages after mistakenly not having IndexData in there at all
05:42 bignose-work and it appeared to work.
05:42 bignose-work is that a false appearance? when are the source packages needed?
05:43 brendan correct -- indexdata is for yaz and zebra...
05:43 bignose-work yes, but when does it need the source?
05:43 brendan not sure what your asking there
05:44 bignose-work you asked me if I have the 'deb-src' line (in addition to the binary packages 'deb' line, I presume).
05:44 bignose-work I'm asking, when are those packages needed? I've gone through the whole "install all the perl packages" process and it didn't seem to be a problem.
05:45 bignose-work AFAICT from the instructions, it never uses any source packages, only the binary 'libfoo-dev' packages.
05:46 brendan correct -- the deb and deb-src you need to add to get yaz and zebra ,, since that is not in the ubuntu binary packages 'deb' line - how I understand it
05:47 brendan sorry debian guy not an ubuntu guy
05:47 bignose-work but do I need both the 'deb' line *and* the 'deb-src' line? the latter is only used when getting a source package, not a binary package.
05:48 bignose-work development versions of libraries are binary packages.
05:48 brendan ok I think I see what you saying -- yes you need both the lines
05:48 bignose-work okay. why? what needs the source packages?
05:49 bignose-work I'm asking to determine if I've already gone too far.
05:49 brendan I think the deb-src line comes in during these commands
05:49 brendan sudo aptitude install yaz idzebra idzebra-doc
05:49 bignose-work no, that cannot install source packages.
05:49 bignose-work that installs binary packages only.
05:49 brendan ok -- not sure then
05:49 bignose-work (there's no way for 'aptitude' to fetch source packages, AFAICT.)
05:50 bignose-work okay. there's no 'libyaz-dev', but there is (now, after setting the IndexData repository) a 'libyaz3-dev'
05:50 bignose-work and it seems I need that for setting up the Perl packages from CPAN
06:00 mason fyi: u dont need the src files...
06:01 mason unless you are building something on an unsupported arch
06:02 bignose-work okay. I'll remove that from the install instructions then, to reduce confusion.
06:02 mason i assume those instrcutions are there as a catch-all
06:03 bignose-work I wouldn't assume that; they are much more like leading-me-by-the-hand
06:03 mason historically amd-64 boxes needed the src  to comple - as there wasnt a binary .deb
06:04 bignose-work if I want to hack on the code of dependent packages, or re-build them, I'm going to need rather different steps anyway
06:04 brendan heya mason
06:05 mason heya brendan
06:09 mason agreed - the src line in the ubuntu-guides does look unneeded
06:29 chris good morning europe
06:39 nicomo evening Chris and Oceania
06:45 thd good morning nicomo
06:45 magnusenger good evening, antipodeans
06:45 nicomo hi thd and magnusenger
06:46 nicomo magnusenger: starting to have long hours of sunlight up there, or not yet?
06:47 magnusenger good morning, nicomo! Long hours, indeed! The sun was shining into our living room at half past midnight yesterday (or today, really)
06:48 nicomo very cool
06:48 nicomo i have to go see that some day
06:48 chris i bet you need good curtains :)
06:49 magnusenger good curtains is a must have, yes!
06:49 nicomo shutters
06:49 nicomo with foam injected in the cracks
06:50 magnusenger The hard part isn't getting to sleep, that's why we have dark curtains - the hard part is actually getting into bed, when the sun is shining... ;-)
06:50 chris i can believe that
06:51 kf hi all :)
06:51 magnusenger you're very welcome nicomo! Perhaps we could have some kind of Koha-do up here, some time in the future? :-)
06:51 thd hello kf
06:51 nicomo hi kf
06:54 nicomo well, magnusenger : what's the temperature, and the weather? You know, I live 1 hr and a half from the Mediterranean, I'm not sure I could handle the climate
06:55 chris @wunder bodo, normay
06:55 munin chris: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 12.0°C (8:20 AM CEST on June 12, 2009). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 72%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014 hPa (Steady).
06:55 chris there you go nicomo :)
06:56 nicomo hum
06:56 magnusenger Right now it's all of +11C... We could have a bunch of winter clothes for you mediterraneans...
06:56 nicomo @wunder Lyon, France
06:56 munin nicomo: The current temperature in Lyon Satolas, France is 16.0°C (8:30 AM CEST on June 12, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 68%. Dew Point: 10.0°C. Pressure: 30.24 in 1024 hPa (Rising).
06:56 nicomo that's acceptable : 16°C at 9am
06:56 magnusenger Hah, that's just 4 degrees warmer than here!
06:57 nicomo yes, I'm actually surprised by that
06:57 nicomo we'll run the request next december
06:57 nicomo :-)
06:57 magnusenger the difference might be a bit more then...
06:58 thd @wunder new york city
06:58 munin thd: The current temperature in Peter Cooper Village, New York, New York is 18.1°C (2:57 AM EDT on June 12, 2009). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 98%. Dew Point: 18.0°C. Pressure: 29.49 in 998.5 hPa (Steady).
06:58 nicomo warm, wet and sticky
06:58 thd very wet, I have been waterlogged on my walk home
07:05 kf @wunder konstanz
07:05 munin kf: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 15.0°C (9:00 AM CEST on June 12, 2009). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 55%. Dew Point: 9.0°C. Pressure: 30.22 in 1023 hPa (Rising).
07:06 chris @wunder wellington, new zealand
07:06 munin chris: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 13.0°C (6:00 PM NZST on June 12, 2009). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 11.0°C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013 hPa (Steady).
07:10 brendan @wunder 93117
07:10 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 15.3°C (12:10 AM PDT on June 12, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 73%. Dew Point: 11.0°C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013.1 hPa (Steady).
07:15 magnusenger Looks like NY is the winner so far...
07:15 brendan @wunder new delhi, india
07:15 munin brendan: The current temperature in New Delhi, India is 40.0°C (12:30 PM IST on June 12, 2009). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 20%. Dew Point: 13.0°C. Pressure: 29.59 in 1002 hPa (Steady).
07:15 chris 40 is crazy talk
07:15 brendan tops for temp
07:16 brendan @wunder miami florida
07:16 munin brendan: The current temperature in Doral, Florida is 26.0°C (3:15 AM EDT on June 12, 2009). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 66%. Dew Point: 19.0°C. Pressure: 29.88 in 1011.7 hPa (Falling).
07:16 chris @wunder gainesville florida
07:16 munin chris: The current temperature in Central Gainesville, Gainesville, Florida is 26.2°C (3:16 AM EDT on June 12, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 32%. Dew Point: 8.0°C. Pressure: 29.75 in 1007.3 hPa (Steady).
07:17 brendan @gcalc 40 celsius in fahrenheit
07:17 munin brendan: 40 degrees Celsius = 104 degrees Fahrenheit
07:17 brendan 40 is def crazy talk
07:17 chris yep
07:20 magnusenger a bit over the top, yes
07:42 chris hdl_laptop: is paul not around today? i was going to ask if he is watching the rugby tomorrow
07:46 hdl_laptop mmmmm.... He should come in and out
07:46 brendan heya nahuel
07:46 nahuel hey
07:46 nahuel :)
07:47 brendan :)
07:56 kf hi nahuel
07:56 nahuel hi kf
09:05 slef morning
09:06 slef @wunder Weston-super-Mare, SOMERSET
09:06 munin slef: The current temperature in Weston-Super-Mare, United Kingdom is 14.1°C (10:05 AM BST on June 12, 2009). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 76%. Dew Point: 10.0°C. Pressure: 30.16 in 1021.2 hPa (Steady).
09:06 chris heya slef
09:06 slef that's pretty much it 14C and Mostly Cloudy
09:06 slef ugly summer day
09:11 davi @wunder Madrid. Spain
09:11 munin davi: The current temperature in Madrid, Spain is 27.0°C (11:00 AM CEST on June 12, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 32%. Dew Point: 9.0°C. Pressure: 30.18 in 1022 hPa (Steady).
09:15 chris i think davi wins
09:17 davi I am looking for more humidity
09:18 chris @wunder wellington, new zealand
09:18 munin chris: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 12.0°C (9:00 PM NZST on June 12, 2009). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 94%. Dew Point: 11.0°C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa (Falling).
09:19 chris you can have some of mine
09:23 slef @bug 2771
09:23 munin slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2771 major, P1, ---,, NEW, 245n and 245p should show in the staff client
09:56 |Lupin| Hi everybody
09:56 chris hi |Lupin|
09:59 |Lupin| Just wondering: what does C4 mean ?
10:02 chris :) ok
10:03 chris horowhenua library trust's old system was called C2
10:04 chris so the working name for Koha (before we named it Koha) was C4 ... either twice as good, or liable to explode
10:04 chris (it was called kumara for a brief period of time too, before Koha was settled on)
10:04 |Lupin| chris: ah I see, thanks. A qite private joke, in the tradition of Unix ones, it seems to me.
10:05 chris had to amuse ourselves somehow :-)
10:05 |Lupin| chris: thanks a lot for having explained
10:05 chris no problem
10:07 chris thanks slef
10:07 |Lupin| I thought to something in the same style as C14n for canonicalization, or i18n for internationalization
10:08 |Lupin| :-)
10:08 slef if so, they got it wrong
10:08 slef if you look at it like f5g for a variation of the f-word, it's very rude
10:09 chris dont even go there :)
10:12 slef[…]_config_and_so_on
10:12 slef updated
10:14 |Lupin| just another question and then I'll keep quite (because lunch time is approaching!)
10:14 |Lupin| is there documentation for the modules ?
10:14 |Lupin| (and perhaps for oher modules one may want to re-use in scripts...) ?
10:15 slef if there is, it'll be shown by perldoc path/to/C4/
10:15 slef or sometimes by perldoc C4::Biblio or man C4::Biblio
10:16 |Lupin| slef: oh okay, many many thanks
10:25 chris andrew moore was making html versions of them at one point
10:25 chris which wouldnt be hard to cron
10:27 chris he had the cool smoulder server and was running smoke tests too
10:27 chris i miss him
10:31 slef he's gone?
10:32 slef I think we need a "so long and thanks" from the koha community as well as "welcome to..." ones ;-)
10:32 chris yeah good idea
10:32 slef I can't keep track
10:32 slef maybe we can do it in some semi-automatic way, like 6 months since last activity
10:33 slef might even persuade some people to come back or tell us their news
10:33 chris good idea
10:33 slef some like pate go on to work on other interesting stuff
10:33 slef want a "Life After Koha" blog series?
10:34 chris i found pate on twitter the other day
10:34 chris gnupate
10:34 chris hes all ruby'y
10:34 chris :)
11:14 nicomo chris: "mormon Ruby, Linux, and Soccer geek"
11:14 nicomo for gnupate
11:14 nicomo that says it all, i guess :-)
11:15 chris pate++
11:15 chris hello paul_p :)
11:15 chris will you be watching the game tomorrow?
11:15 paul_p hello chris & others
11:16 paul_p chris: I don't think so. too much work & family needs me. So it will be either Aix-Marseille Universities or Sandrine
11:17 chris i wont blurt the score out on irc then :)
11:17 paul_p my bet: 45-10 (for NZ of course)
11:17 slef I'm out at the regional AGM of one of my co-ops.  One of my rare days off from this month.
11:19 chris paul_p: i think it will be a bit closer, but i think nz will win, france are sending quite a strong team this year
11:21 nicomo you guys talking about that sport they play in some parts of rural, southern france with an odd-shaped ball?
11:22 chris heh
11:22 nicomo I don't even get the rules.
11:23 nicomo I'd rather see cricket : at least that's exotic to a french northerner like me
11:23 slef nicomo: in England, it's played by posh men who like putting their heads by other men's bums
11:23 nicomo eheh
11:23 slef not cricket
11:24 slef cricket is how to stretch a perfectly reasonable sports game into a week off work
11:24 chris in england cricket is played by people who like losing to their former colonies :)
11:24 nicomo lol
11:24 nicomo and win "ashes"
11:24 nicomo what's that for a trophy
11:24 slef chris: I think you'll find the Netherlands colonised us
11:24 slef William of Orange
11:24 chris oh true
11:25 chris maybe you just lose to everyone now :-)
11:25 slef sure we beat someone this week
11:25 chris still, at least you made it to the super 8 .. better than australia
11:25 slef else we wouldn't be in round 2
11:25 chris yeah
11:26 slef nicomo: are you watching the T20?  are you in Northern France (= can get BBC easily)?
11:26 nicomo slef: the problem with rugby in France is : the "posh" element didn't cross the Channel
11:26 nicomo No I can't : I'm FROM northern France, but doesn't live there
11:26 nicomo I'm half-exiled half-way to the south
11:26 nicomo in Lyon
11:27 slef most of France can get BBC but it gets fiddly
11:27 gmcharlt good morning
11:27 nicomo full disclosure : i don't own a tv set
11:27 nicomo i'm that type of librarian, you know...
11:27 nicomo morning gmcharlt
11:27 chris sri lanka vs pakistan starting soon, should be a good game
11:28 slef
11:28 chris slef: england beat pakistan
11:28 slef nicomo: so you're listening on 198kHz, right?  Or does RMC blot it out?
11:28 chris heya gmcharlt
11:28 slef chris: a memorable victory, eh?
11:28 chris heh didnt watch that one ;)
11:29 chris i watched england vs south africa last night tho
11:29 slef might watch that at lunch
11:29 slef BBCi highlights loop++
11:35 nicomo "Cannot play media. Sorry, this media is not available in your territory."
11:36 slef bounce it off a uk proxy
11:37 slef it's pretty easy, like hulu in the USA
11:37 slef but broadcast reception is still easier than online
11:37 slef which does suck rather
11:37 slef especially as it's trivial to copy mpegs from satellite recordings onto my PC
11:38 nicomo slef: yes, bus it's just my mother will never "bounce it off a uk proxy"
11:39 chris :)
11:40 slef yeah, these measures generally punish the people who would obey any copying rules anyway
11:41 slef or who would probably pay for what they watched if there was a way to do so
11:41 slef but I think nicomo's mother could cope with moving a USB memory stick from the TV to PC and copying files, which is the alternative way to watch on a PC.
11:41 slef also harder for the broadcaster to track
11:42 slef and easier for mothers to copy for their friends
11:42 slef instead of sharing a link to the broadcaster's streaming site
11:42 slef so broadcasters can't target advertising as easily
11:43 slef anyway, I've been ranting about this for years and it shows no signs of improving.
11:43 slef Rumours say that the UK's second broadcaster is contemplating encrypting again.
11:44 slef And we'd only be allowed to subscribe via Rupert Murdoch's non-standard systems.... so that would be "bye bye itv" for me.
11:44 slef </rant>
11:45 slef lunchtime
11:46 gmcharlt is there no media market free for Murdoch's touch? :(
11:46 gmcharlt *of
11:47 nicomo gmcharlt: yes, italy
11:47 nicomo it's under Berlusconi's fist
11:47 nicomo :-)
11:48 gmcharlt hehe
11:48 chris hehe
11:49 |Lupin| hi Galen
11:49 gmcharlt hi |Lupin|
11:50 |Lupin| (I'm Sebastien IRL)
11:52 chris where in france are you |Lupin| ?
11:52 slef I guess Paris
11:54 |Lupin| yes
11:54 |Lupin| slef: how do you know ?
11:57 paul_p |Lupin|: reminder: chris is a kiwi, kiwi is the country of all blacks, so chris like Rugby. Sometimes we speek of Rugby. Probability increase when there is a All Black <=> France match. (we were speaking of the match a few minuts ago. You may get some words about that.
11:57 paul_p |Lupin|: and if you like Rugby, feel free to give your comment & your bet
11:58 chris :)
11:58 magnusenger Rugby and Ruby. Hm, is there a connection?
11:59 paul_p nope, that's why Koha is in Perl :D
11:59 nicomo personally, I'm betting on France to lose, but not too heavily -> that's the best bet for a limited media coverage, which is what I'm aiming for
11:59 gmcharlt I'd be interested in seeing a game of Rugby on Rails
11:59 paul_p lol

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