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12:38 jwagner Anyone know where the system specifies what subfields display for title in staff mode?  I've been trying to track it down, through,, etc. and I can't zero in on it.  Specifically, I want the 245 subfield h to display in staff mode.
12:39 schuster While your there see if you can get b and p as well!  Big problem with series books...
12:41 jwagner Subfield b seems to show by default -- at least the title I'm looking at shows it.  But only a and b.  We need h (Medium) to display.  Don't have a record with a subfield p handy, but presumably it would be fixed in the same place.
12:41 schuster[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2771
12:43 jwagner Thanks, just added my 2 cents there.  If I could find where it's controlled, I could at least fix my immediate problem....
12:44 jwagner I can't even find where it's telling the 245 to include subfield b.  Gotta be there somewhere!
13:04 jwagner AHA!  Since owen the master at catalog displays has joined :-) I'll repeat my question -- Anyone know where the system specifies what subfields display for title in staff mode?  I've been trying to track it down, through,, etc. and I can't zero in on it.  Specifically, I want the 245 subfield h to display in staff mode.
13:04 jwagner David Schuster & I were just discussing this and he pointed me to bugzill # 2771.
13:04 owen and whatever pm's support it
13:05 jwagner Yes, but I've been trolling through and and some other .pms, and can't find anywhere that specifies what fields/subfields should display for anything.  It just seems to be parsing them with my $subtitle         = C4::Biblio::get_koha_field_​from_marc('bibliosubtitle', 'subtitle', $record, '');
13:06 gmcharlt jwagner: it's look at the MARC framework field mapping
13:06 gmcharlt and expecting that the 245$b will be mapped to bibliosubtitle.subtitle
13:06 gmcharlt (or use XSLT ;-) )
13:07 jwagner XSLT isn't an option in the staff side right now.
13:07 gmcharlt doh
13:07 jwagner I looked at the framework, but how do I tell it I want more than subfield b?
13:07 gmcharlt it would currently concatenatte them
13:08 gmcharlt Title : subtitle | second $b value | third $b value
13:08 owen Now that we've got unimarc support in XSLT is there any reason not to use XSLT in the staff client?
13:09 jwagner gmcharlt, so I could modify the subfield b in the 245, which now reads b   Remainder of title   Tab:2, | Koha field: bibliosubtitle.subtitle, Not repeatable, Not mandatory,
13:09 gmcharlt yes
13:09 jwagner or modify subfield h for the  Koha field: bibliosubtitle.subtitle part?
13:15 jwagner Hrrmmmmm.  When I go into subfield b, Koha link is blank and there isn't a bibliosubtitle.subtitle option.  Setting that field for subfield h to biblio.title didn't seem to do anything.
13:25 ebegin Morning!
13:25 ebegin Isn't there a way to modify an SQL report once it is created?
13:25 gmcharlt jwagner: the bibliiosubtitles thing is a actually a bit of a hack - you need to modify it via SQL
13:26 gmcharlt ebegin: yep - chris did a patch for that in HEAD last month
13:26 jwagner OK.  I'll have one of the SQL wizards take a look there, then.  Thanks much!
13:26 ebegin gmcharlt, ok, thanks!
13:33 owen gmcharlt: Is there a reason why we shouldn't be using XSLT in the staff client?
13:33 gmcharlt owen: no particular reason, just never done
13:34 owen I thought the argument previously was that there wasn't Unimarc support
13:35 gmcharlt owen: it would have been syspreffed, presumably, like in the OPAC
13:35 gmcharlt of course, there is a larger issue
13:36 gmcharlt current framework-based approach does have the theoretical advantage
13:36 gmcharlt of allowing data display customization without having to write XSLT
13:36 gmcharlt so utlimately I think we want somethign that can help generate the XSLT
13:37 owen How is the framework tied to the display on I thought it was all pretty much hard-coded.
13:37 gmcharlt indirectly to specify which MARC fields populate the variables
13:38 gmcharlt the $subtitle         = C4::Biblio::get_koha_field_​from_marc('bibliosubtitle', 'subtitle', $record, '');
13:38 gmcharlt example is assuming that something was mapped to the subtitle in the framework
13:40 owen Ugh. Larger issues.
13:45 wizzyrea even allowing editing of the xslt through the web interface would help a little
13:46 wizzyrea just a little though
13:46 wizzyrea or maybe there's a reason not to allow that
13:46 wizzyrea that I don't know
13:46 wizzyrea and hello.
13:46 wizzyrea ;)
13:48 gmcharlt woudl have to make sure that access to the editing the templates is reasonably secure
13:48 gmcharlt but certainly not impossible
13:48 gmcharlt the XSLT would be a special case though - since it's game over if there's a syntax error, woudl have to validate before letting a change be saved
13:49 gmcharlt of course, there's also the version control issue :)
13:49 wizzyrea hee, always
13:49 gmcharlt but in principle, all of those are solvable problems
13:52 wizzyrea idk, worth solving though, or find a completely different way to do?
13:53 gmcharlt something different, perhaps - I'm leery of having XSLT *be* the main bib template customization language, at least not without a good front end
13:54 gmcharlt while I think more librarians should be comfortable with it
13:54 gmcharlt it is still rather verbose
13:54 wizzyrea yea, in my mind it ought to be like building with legos, just snap it together in the order you want
13:55 wizzyrea but you know, I"m simple like that :P
13:55 owen Yeah, but remember digging through your huge box of legos looking for just the right one?
13:56 wizzyrea yessir I do
13:56 owen That is to say, Lego-brand building blocks ;)
13:56 wizzyrea HA... please don't make the copyright police come get me >.<
13:56 wizzyrea It's all backups I swear
13:58 owen ...and the original DVDs are in the safe deposit box! I lost the key!
13:59 wizzyrea ^.^ glad you're back, owen
13:59 gmcharlt that's it - time for an audit - do you have all of your license documentation? </BSA>
13:59 wizzyrea I use OSS, bite me
13:59 wizzyrea :D
14:12 slef ls
14:12 slef oops
14:12 gmcharlt aindillis
14:12 gmcharlt atz
14:12 gmcharlt brendan
14:12 gmcharlt ...
14:12 gmcharlt :)
14:13 gmcharlt slef: re bug 3243, do you have another patch for the template to preserve the batch type, not just batch ID?
14:14 gmcharlt slef: if not, I'll just do it myself in a sec
14:29 wizzyrea oh, there's no staff user CSS?
14:29 wizzyrea pref?
14:29 owen Yeah, strange omission.
14:29 wizzyrea hrm, is there a bug for that :P
14:29 wizzyrea b/c it should be included
14:30 wizzyrea would be an ez way to help customize the receipts
14:30 owen Wait--that is assuming you don't mean intranetcolorstylesheet
14:30 owen There isn't an analog to opacusercss
14:32 wizzyrea[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2349
14:32 wizzyrea the 2nd, analog to opacusercss
14:32 wizzyrea but this would be yet another way to handle it
14:33 owen Of course you can always re-purpose your intranetuserjs field ;)
14:33 owen </script>
14:33 owen <style>
14:33 owen </style>
14:33 owen <script>
14:33 wizzyrea hmm
14:33 wizzyrea <nub alert> not a tactic I've used before... will think about that
14:34 owen It's not how it's "meant" to be used, but since you're just embedding HTML you've got free rein.
14:35 wizzyrea so you're basically just escaping the script and starting it up again
14:35 gmcharlt hi hdl_laptop
14:35 owen wizzyrea: right
14:38 wizzyrea you're so clever. I wouldn't have thought to do that ;P
14:42 owen Feels kinda dirty--like SQL injection or something. But I think I can trust me.
14:43 wizzyrea lulz
15:06 wizzyrea owen: feels dirty, works great :D thanks
17:22 brendan hello #koha - how's everyone doing today
17:22 pianohacker Good, busy; yourself?
17:23 brendan hey pianohacker -- just finishing up at the Evergreen conference
17:23 pianohacker Oh, cool
17:23 pianohacker How'd that go?
17:23 brendan good -- they've got a few neat little things coming out with there next release
17:23 pianohacker Do you have a link?
17:23 brendan acq and serials (if all goes well for the developers
17:24 brendan yeah -- I believe this is there public demo of their new stuff  -- one sec let me find it
17:24 pianohacker thanks
17:31 brendan one sec pianohacker -- got distracted
17:33 brendan
17:34 brendan you should be able to log in with username = admin   and password = open-ils
17:38 owen I wonder if Evergreen gets crap from its users about requiring javascript
17:38 joetho All systems get crap from users about *something*.
17:39 brendan yup
17:39 joetho I am looking at this evergreen deal,
17:39 joetho and I am thinking: somewhere, somebody is mad about something in this ILS.
17:44 brendan the nice thing that I see from this demo -- is that you can edit and add you're circ rules and other config stuff -- before (earlier releases) you had to edit xml and javascript files
17:44 joetho earlier releases of evergreen, correct?
17:45 brendan yes
17:45 brendan and on their current release 1.4
17:46 joetho I guess this login only allows ser/acq
17:47 pianohacker This feels very much like a conventional ILS; nested interfaces, obscure terminology ("circulation modifiers"?)
17:47 joetho and a great big sigh, because I should be back hacking away at my koha reports.
17:47 joetho although there is lots to be learnt from other ILS, particularly this one.
17:48 brendan yup always something to learn
17:49 wizzyrea joetho: what reports are you working on?
17:49 joetho and this acq module doesn't look all that usable.
17:50 pianohacker joetho: learn from as in avoid or work towards? :)
17:50 joetho liz: ones that either crash or timeout.
17:50 wizzyrea icwutudidthar
17:50 joetho jesse: both
17:51 wizzyrea custom or canned?
17:51 joetho where? on my system? ARE YOU IN MY SYSTEM??
17:51 wizzyrea simma! No!
17:51 joetho I don't nose around in yours. OK OK OK, I do, but I am very careful.
17:52 wizzyrea ha. This explains why we think we have a ghost in the machine
17:52 joetho do you have another chat client or name at your fingertips?
17:53 wizzyrea I sent u a pm
17:54 joetho k, gchat in 2 min ?
17:57 wizzyrea sure
18:03 joetho snort. Some nerds WE are. I just had to reinstall mine.
18:08 wizzyrea up late with the kiddo eh, chris?
18:09 chris naw, wind woke me up, its 6am
18:09 joetho liz: gchat?
18:09 joetho you forgot already, didn't you.
18:10 wizzyrea noooooooo
18:11 schuster wizzyrea - have you updated to the latest update patch from LibLime yet? .14?
18:11 wizzyrea schuster: checking... if yes, only on our test environs
18:11 joetho I wish liblime would do that without us asking
18:12 pianohacker Be back soon, time to sit in a different chair and work on Koha
18:12 schuster OK - we updated last night our production and I didn't catch this bug in the test environment[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3166
18:12 schuster rounding problem with multiple lines.  There is a patch, but now I need to wait for the next patch update to get it...  
18:13 wizzyrea I bet if you hassle them they'd do it early >.>
18:13 wizzyrea schuster: I think we're actually ahead of you
18:14 wizzyrea 3.0100033 is what our test environs says
18:14 schuster We'll we found it today as school is closing down and kids are paying their fines!  I've started to hassle...
18:14 wizzyrea (and we only have 3 fining libraries)
18:14 schuster WOW!  you are way ahead, but you have that custom holds stuff so that is probably why...
18:14 gmcharlt the default messaging prefs patchset, actually
18:15 wizzyrea ... sorry gmcharlt...
18:25 schuster We need a LibLime discussion place for those of us that are ONLY LibLime customers to chat...  I don't like airing dirty laundry here...
18:26 owen We've been mostly and happily bug free since our last update
18:26 owen They hit all the biggies following our upgrade
18:27 atz schuster: we have a #liblimequestions channel on freenode
18:27 atz typically only wel populated during training sessions
18:27 atz *well
18:38 atz gmcharlt: split out my cleanup patch and combined it w/ the inapplicable one from earlier
18:38 atz should be good to go on HEAD now
18:38 wizzyrea what would be the best way to report on items that haven't circulated?
18:39 gmcharlt atz: cool
18:39 atz wizzyrea: there's an existing report for stale items, i think
18:39 wizzyrea atz: interesting... i'll go look for it
18:40 gmcharlt wizzyrea: also, select * from items where issues is null or issues = 0 # if you're looking for the truly hopeless items like DOS 6.1 manuals
18:42 wizzyrea best... example... ever
18:43 gmcharlt although it's sobering to think that there are lots of public libraries (and ones not specializing in computer history) that still have such beasts
18:43 gmcharlt (and acadmic and special libraries too, of course)
18:47 chris well it was the last good OS release from miscrosoft
18:47 brendan hehe
18:49 gmcharlt google++ # nice logo today
18:50 chris ohh 143/kmph no wonder the wind woke me up
18:50 gmcharlt !
18:51 gmcharlt don't you tend to end up with kittens, children, and small cows platered to the walls with wind speeds like that?
18:52 chris heh suprisingly not, wellington gets winds around that speed pretty much every year
18:52 owen If you look outside and see a technicolor candy-toting midget, you know it was serious.
18:52 chris usually a fence or 2 blows over, maybe some powerlines
18:55 chris[…]rared-latest.html  damn you swirly cloud thingy!!
19:03 wizzyrea that's what, 60ish mph?
19:03 gmcharlt 89 mph
19:04 wizzyrea yea, that's extreme even for us kansans
19:04 chris well its gusts, not like a tornado thing
19:04 chris we dont get continious winds at that speed, but we get gusts
19:09 owen WolframAlpha responds to 143 kmph with "88.86 mph" and "~ speed at which Marty McFly needs to drive the Delorean in order to time travel"
19:14 chris heh
19:14 chris awesom
19:15 chris
19:26 chris that will undermine the have kohacon in wellington bid :-)
19:26 gmcharlt conference organizers will provide wind anchors?
19:27 chris we can all tether together :)
19:30 chris russel is in the south island mountain biking today ... i bet he is having fun in this weather
19:42 pianohacker atz: I noticed that you've been doing a lot of cleanup work lately. Do you have a secret agenda in mind?
19:42 atz pianohacker: i'm implementing granular permissions
19:42 atz so i'm having to touch everything anyway
19:43 atz not very secret, there should be RFC's out there (and more coming, probably)
19:44 atz so much of the reports are just blind copy/paste
19:46 wizzyrea owen: lol@marty mcfly
19:48 wizzyrea owen: the intranetuserjs thing we talked about earlier was epic win
19:51 owen Cool. Whatcha doin'?
20:09 wizzyrea trivial things really, but things that mean I don't have to maintain the template
20:21 pianohacker atz: (Sorry, have been distracted) When I finally get around to redoing ajaxcirc, this'll make my life much easier, thank you
20:21 pianohacker brb
20:21 atz np
20:22 chris hmm i hear yells of "daddy" time to go get the little one up
20:31 schuster wizzyrea - ok intranetuserjs thing - explain?
20:33 owen schuster: She was asking whether there was an intranet analogue to the OPAC's OPACUserCSS system pref
20:33 owen There isn't, but I suggested she push the boundaries of the intranetuserjs pref to accomplish the same thing
20:37 gmcharlt owen: lazyweb - in the OPAC CSS, is there a class for a "dialog warning" or the like? e.g., something more insistant than a "dialog message" div
20:37 owen gmcharlt: Yes, the same as in the staff client. "dialog alert"
20:38 gmcharlt nm - "dialog alert" is what I'm lokoing for
20:38 schuster Ok owen sorry I don't know this well enough yet to know what she would use it for so I will wait for the next conference when she presents on it!
20:38 gmcharlt owen: thanks
21:09 wizzyrea schuster: I wanted to do some styling to the receipts, but there was no place to put custom CSS
21:09 wizzyrea in the sysprefs
21:10 wizzyrea so owen suggested a way around that pref omission
21:10 wizzyrea quite ingenious, actually
21:11 schuster Ya know when someone puts their hands over their head and flaps the fingers???  waon waon woan....  Charlie Brown.. ;) have a great weekend everyone I'm outa here.
21:13 wizzyrea doh... sigh. I'm no genius. I stand on the shoulders of giants.
21:14 wizzyrea actually more like "teeter precariously"
21:17 chris heh
21:17 chris that would be an awesome badge
21:17 chris actually i may use that for my job title
21:17 chris Chris Cormack "Precarious teeterer"
21:19 wizzyrea LOL
21:20 wizzyrea it's like an AA meeting "Hi, I'm Liz Rea. I teeter precariously on the shoulders of giants."
21:20 wizzyrea all: Hi Liz
21:21 chris hehe
21:21 pianohacker "Hi, I'm Jesse Weaver. I have a masochistic urge to bang my head against the admin codebase."
21:21 wizzyrea Hi, Jesse!
21:21 chris heh
21:21 wizzyrea and we love you for it
21:22 pianohacker Ahh, but that nice van with padded walls outside looks so comfortable
21:22 wizzyrea gmcharlt: there are a few terminology suggestions I think I"m going to make on the messaging enhancement, but it's stuff I think I can fix and submit myself
21:23 wizzyrea now that you've pushed that on
21:23 gmcharlt wizzyrea: ok - note that there are a couple additional patches that you don't have yet in your testing database to fix minor issues
21:23 wizzyrea okie
21:23 gmcharlt one Safari-related, the other a concession to users who don't want to sit in contemplation of a blank page
21:24 wizzyrea !!
21:24 wizzyrea IE users?
21:24 wizzyrea kidding, kidding.
21:24 gmcharlt no, IE users just get shown a screen telling them to download FF already
21:24 chris gmcharlt: the zen koha interface :)
21:25 wizzyrea I so did that today. Had a page of html snippets that just... would... not... work... in IE
21:25 chris empty your mind like this page is empty
21:25 wizzyrea I said screw it, made it pretty much plain text
21:25 chris then you will reach catalogue enlightenment
21:25 wizzyrea Ommmmmm
21:26 wizzyrea I'm feeling better already, all the IE rage is just melting away
21:26 chris heh
21:29 pianohacker A flamethrower sounds like a more satisfying way to solve the problem, but zen probably involves less jail time
21:34 chris unless you live in tibe
21:34 chris t
21:34 pianohacker Hehe
21:34 chris ohh political humour on a saturday morning <-- bad chris
21:35 gmcharlt does it make a difference that it's still Friday evening overseas? ;)
21:36 chris oh yeah, thats alright then
21:42 brendan later all -- going out for some dinner...
21:51 wizzyrea ok, I'm giving up and going home. Thanks everybody for another great week on Koha.
23:05 pianohacker good night
00:14 ryan yay, the weekend finally makes it to western U.S. !
01:54 brendan night all sleep well
03:08 chris hmm i must show eric screen
10:23 ron_ crickey, someone needs to fix their irc client

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