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18:55 nengard hello all - anyone around who wants to try and teach me how to read some Koha code?
18:55 pianohacker I'm available. What did you have in mind?
18:56 nengard hiya pianohacker :)
18:56 pianohacker Hey :)
18:56 nengard I am trying to tackle a bug that is bothering me - but is of minor importance at this time.  # 2430
18:56 nengard I have open and
18:57 pianohacker Let's see
18:57 nengard I see that GetBranches pulls branches in alpha order on line 112
18:57 nengard but I'm not sure why it's not showing that way on the *.pl
18:57 nengard is it simply that ORDER BY branchname   is missing the ASC?
18:58 pianohacker Nope; the order by has no effect
18:58 nengard so i'm in the wrong file :) ??
18:58 pianohacker Rather than returning the branches as a list (which would preserve the ordering)
18:58 pianohacker (you're in the right file)
18:59 pianohacker It returns them as a "dictionary"; a structure which has an entry for each branchcode containing the branch details
18:59 pianohacker Unfortunately, dictionaries have no inherent ordering
18:59 pianohacker So it'll display the branches in random order
18:59 pianohacker Does that make sense?
18:59 nengard yes
18:59 nengard so far :)
19:00 pianohacker So what we really need is a function that returns a list of branches
19:00 nengard so we need to add a whole new function to for that?
19:00 pianohacker Yup
19:00 pianohacker GetBranchList or something similar
19:00 nengard ooo - so a whole new learning experience for me ... okay here's a procedure question
19:00 nengard when adding a new function
19:01 nengard do we have rules on where to add them in the file?
19:01 nengard or what notes to include?
19:01 pianohacker Hmm
19:01 nengard is there a document on this on the wiki somewhere - on procedure
19:01 nengard or do i just make it work? :)
19:01 pianohacker I generally add it with other functions of similar function
19:01 nengard makes sense
19:01 pianohacker And try to go along with the general form of the file
19:02 pianohacker So if every other function name in the file starts with IPersonallyBelieve, I start my function name that way
19:02 pianohacker etc
19:02 nengard k - i'm going to try and tackle this - cause i really want to get more into the code and this is the smallest bug I can find to try on :)
19:03 nengard hmm
19:03 pianohacker The only other thing to keep note of is that it's nice to add POD documentation (those sections starting with =head2 and ending with =cut)
19:03 nengard there is a function that will do this :)  GetBranchName()
19:03 nengard no  - wait ... it wan'ts a particular branch
19:03 pianohacker Yeah
19:04 pianohacker Oh, wait
19:04 pianohacker There's GetBranchesLoop
19:04 nengard i saw that one
19:06 nengard i don't know much about this kind of loop in Perl - how would i get this loop to sort things?
19:06 pianohacker It should already do that
19:06 nengard can I just use the sort() function?
19:06 nengard oh
19:06 nengard hmmmm
19:07 nengard oh way - so i need to change the pl file to use this function instead of the one it is using which is GetBranches
19:07 pianohacker Yup
19:07 nengard bingo
19:07 nengard okay
19:14 nengard alright - there is some essential Perl knowledge I'm missing.  I changed the call to GetBranches to GetBranchesLoop
19:14 nengard and got an error
19:14 nengard I assume because the next call to GetBranch is expecting the dictionary
19:14 nengard not the results returned by the loop
19:14 pianohacker Yup
19:15 nengard so - the question is ... what do i do :) hehe
19:15 pianohacker I'll be right back
19:15 nengard np
19:20 pianohacker Okay, so $tobranchcd is the branch we want to pre-select
19:21 nengard and that is our branch - right?
19:21 nengard no
19:21 nengard that's the branch we're sendign to
19:23 nengard i think i picked a bug that looked easy but really isn't .....
19:30 nengard bleh - giving up :( need to find some classes on Perl - going to water plants instead
19:31 nengard thanks pianohacker - ttyl
22:31 chris morning
22:46 brendan hey good morning chris
22:53 chris heya brendan, quick question do you have a gpg key?
23:15 brendan hmmm... haven't looked at it...  googling now
23:16 brendan not sure it's the same -- but I have a public key that I generate myself
23:30 chris right, something like
23:56 chris hey nate
23:57 Nate whats up chris
23:57 Nate im an irc newbee
23:58 chris you'll find your way around pretty fast
23:58 brendan heya nate
23:58 chris the weekend is a good time to look around, its pretty quiet
23:59 Nate cool im psyched to check it out
00:00 chris im gonna have to head out now, to go eat yum cha, then take my son and my nephew to see the orchestra
00:00 Nate sounds fun if there is one instrument i would love to master it would be the violin
00:01 chris[…]?event_id=5021369
00:02 Nate that looks like a blast!
00:02 Nate luckeeeee
00:02 chris yep, should be fun, ok, im okay here cya later :)
00:03 Nate later
03:09 brendan hey good night all
05:32 chris brrr

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