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12:14 Amit_ hi gmcharlt
12:14 gmcharlt hi Amit_
12:30 schuster morning!  any more comments on the enhancements document before I send it out to the community?
12:31 schuster I know of a couple people ready to enter sponsored enhancements just waiting for instructions.
13:06 gmcharlt schuster: go for it, but note the last few edits made to the wiki page
13:06 schuster Zebra running all the time or does it start stop itself?  I'm looking at Z39.50 for public access - and it says after you change the configuration of koha-conf.xml to stop/start zebra
13:07 schuster[…]?searchterm=zebra
13:07 gmcharlt the zebrasrv daemon would run all the time, yes
13:07 schuster I know I have been able to connect to Koha using MarcEdit Z connection, but that was port 9998, this "public" access says 9999 - but I need to cycle zebra.
13:08 gmcharlt schuster: why not use port 9998?
13:08 gmcharlt since it's already open
13:10 schuster Well that was what I was trying to figure out if there was a "better" option for public external access...  And why the documentation was saying what it says from the URL at 08:07 in this line.
13:11 schuster I'm still working with our administration on opening access to our MARC records...
13:11 schuster Very tight security here ya know...
13:12 gmcharlt if port 9998 is already open, then it's OK to tell your network admins to use that
13:12 gmcharlt although the published port for public Z39.50 service is 210
13:12 gmcharlt a lot of targets use other ports
13:12 gmcharlt and 9998 is fine
13:13 schuster On LibLime configurations - generally port 9998 is what it "listens" on - I understand the "official port" should be 210 - but our networking people have told me in the past you can run whatever you want on whatever port...
13:13 gmcharlt yep
13:13 schuster There are lots of "other" things they tell me that also run on that port...
13:14 schuster 210 that is..
13:14 schuster I just want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row before I go down that path with my request.
13:14 schuster My other option is to export on a regular basis and send the database to Biblios for inclusion - trying to determine the better way...
13:15 schuster Thanks for the clarification gmcharlt
13:26 schuster Question about Sessions and timeouts - by default it is set to 12000000 seconds.  Does the system clear those "sessions" after they expire?
13:26 gmcharlt not in the sense of removing them from the sessions table, no
13:27 gmcharlt it just signals that the user has to log in again
13:27 schuster ok thanks.  Is there a cron job that clears sessions say at 2 am every day?
13:30 schuster or what would be the pitfalls of clearing them?  with 12000000 is is about 138 days before the cookie expires if I did my math right.
13:31 schuster If I changed that to 86400 or a little less that would be one day but the session just stays in the session table...hmmm
13:31 gmcharlt clearing sessions at 2 am everyday is reasonable - presumably you don't get hackers from NZ trying to look things up on your catalog :)
13:32 schuster Doubtful...  unless they really liked Texas history and culture ;) - I just see huge performance hits when I see sessions being accessed when I look at show processlist and the system is slow.
14:20 slef just make sure only to clear expired sessions, but I guess you would anyway.
14:20 slef Has anyone seen a bug where the koha CSS doesn't load on first access?
14:20 gmcharlt slef: no, haven't run into that
14:22 gmcharlt slef: looking for expired sessions would require diving into sessions.a_session
14:22 gmcharlt CGI::Session's sessions table does have an expiration column
14:24 slef gmcharlt: is there a way to email patches into the BTS?
14:26 slef (think I asked this before but I forget where)
14:26 gmcharlt slef: not yet - need to finish enabling BZ's email gateway
14:27 slef ok will weblink them
14:32 slef would really help if we only had to send patches once to get to both and
14:49 wizzyrea_away slef: I see that problem intermittently with lots of websites
14:49 wizzyrea_away esp in the one back version of firefox
14:50 wizzyrea_away I think it's a FF thing
15:57 slef wizzyrea: "one back version" = 3.0?
16:39 wizzyrea one of the minor revisions... one sec I'll look
16:39 wizzyrea gah, sorry slef... was off doing jquery
16:40 wizzyrea 3.0.8 or 9 I think I had more problems than I do now with 3.0.10
17:17 wizzyrea question, is there a way to do template tag replacement with jquery? example: i want to replace location tag with with the homebranch tag. Logic in my mind says you can't do this but wanted to make sure I was thinking about it correctly
17:18 wizzyrea or maybe there's deeper magic that I'm not yet privy to
17:18 pianohacker Unfortunately, no; the template tags are processed into HTML before the browser sees them
17:18 wizzyrea that was what I thought
17:18 wizzyrea bummer. but is ok, that leaves me with only 2 actually customized templates (for now)
17:19 wizzyrea gmcharlt will be excited to know that I got almost everything else done with jquery
17:19 gmcharlt wizzyrea: I am indeed :)
17:23 wizzyrea I also want to find out how to add a tag to the scripts so I can use it, but will work on that a little later, is time for lunch
17:23 wizzyrea ttyl
20:07 atz gmcharlt: can you comment on "allowthemeoverride" as in templates.readme
20:07 atz ?
20:07 atz looks totally obsolete to me
20:08 gmcharlt atz: it is, and can be removed on site
20:08 gmcharlt *sight
20:08 atz thx
20:32 richard hi
20:33 gmcharlt hi richard
20:47 hdl_laptop hi all
20:52 gmcharlt hi hdl_laptop
21:05 joann morning
21:07 gmcharlt hi joann
21:13 Sharon Just want to say thank you to all the programmers for these great fixes I'm reading about in git.  The fix for bug 3093 is awesome.
21:16 chris morning
21:18 danny hey Sharon, we actually sponsored that here at Howard County Library and are very happy with the work Alloy Computing did on it =)
21:19 Sharon Danny that's great, we are going through the GIT patch by patch looking for fun new features
21:19 gmcharlt no love for the boring necessary features? ;)
21:20 Sharon gmcharlt I just don't understand those!
21:20 danny hehe
21:20 Sharon It's cool to see Liz's contributions.
21:22 Sharon gmcharlt Liz has just found that in our test catalog, the Amazon enhanced content bug is showing up again. Example: Max by Patterson
21:22 gmcharlt Sharon: ah, I know why - I'll fix in a bit
21:23 Sharon gmcharlt sweet - want us to submit a ticket?
21:23 gmcharlt sure - direct to my attention
21:24 Sharon will do
21:30 Sharon Can saved reports be scheduled yet?
21:30 wizzyrea (it was broken for a while)
21:30 gmcharlt not reliably, no
21:31 Sharon ok, thanks.
21:44 wizzyrea significant reason NOT to load the jquery framework on the moremember-receipt.tmpl?
21:45 wizzyrea (b/c I want to change it and I don't want to edit the template. So there.)
21:45 wizzyrea w/ apologies to owen :P
21:46 gmcharlt wizzyrea: should be OK
21:49 wizzyrea I would think that the receipts would be a prime target for customization
21:49 wizzyrea at least a bundle of sysprefs
21:49 wizzyrea to edit the header/footer thereof
21:50 gmcharlt or a candidate for Template::Toolkit
21:50 wizzyrea i'm not familiar with that but if you're for it I"m for it :P
21:51 wizzyrea something that should be added to bugzilla for disucssion/wishlist?
21:51 gmcharlt yep
21:51 wizzyrea sweet, will do
22:35 chris todays song of the day
22:47 chris and in that vein
22:47 chris http://library-matters.blogspo[…]evin-library.html
23:20 gmcharlt nice
00:02 joann oh wow
00:02 joann thats beautiful Chris
00:02 chris ohh 90th committer
00:02 chris and our first russian
00:02 chris how cool
00:12 chris joann: i saw trinity roots live 3 times ... they were a great band
00:12 gmcharlt yay - I think I finally killed that ruddy Zotero support bug
00:12 chris w00t nice work gmcharlt
00:13 chris joann: i was at this concert you can see my hand (i think) at one point
00:13 chris gmcharlt: Zotero is pretty darn cool
00:14 gmcharlt chris: agreed - I use it all the time
00:22 chris joann: should we use this video in our bid to host kohacon2010[…]k&feature=related
00:22 chris :)
00:24 pianohacker chris: that is quite nice
00:26 joann hell yes!
00:30 joann and we should offer a hosted tour round the place too
00:30 chris sounds like a plan
00:30 chris[…]I&feature=related
00:31 chris i have been sucked into the blackhole of youtube for my lunch break
00:31 gmcharlt
00:32 chris heh
00:47 pianohacker 'gnight #koha
00:54 brendan heya chris - gmcharlt - #koha
00:54 gmcharlt hi brendan
01:08 joann hi Brendan
01:08 brendan hi joann
01:09 brendan As everyone else seems to be wasting their time on youtube -- I am wasting mine on facebook!
01:10 joann oh its not a waste of time Brendan ...
01:10 joann we're trying to soften you all up to come down our way for Koha Con 2010
01:10 brendan Yes - that is excellent !
01:10 brendan Let me know if you ever need some help or ideas !
01:11 brendan I definitely want to go to NZ
01:11 joann yay!
01:12 joann i think it would be great tohave it down our way .. and USA dollars buy 2 of ours so everything seems 1/2 priced.
01:22 brendan heh -- that makes sound better again
01:43 chris man, that was crazy
02:48 joann I'm on twitter: what syour name? jransom is me
02:48 joann you want to come work for me brendan: my sdtaff have tons of work to do (no time for twitter here!)
02:49 brendan ha -- joann -- I'm putting off going to bed - that's the time wasting going on
02:50 brendan I'm at a conference so the time change (-3 hours) is messing with me
02:51 brendan if you have a a math professor position open for my fiance -- we are on the next airplane
02:51 brendan actually my brother lived in wellington for a year -- he worked on King Kong
02:55 brendan I'm bywatersolution on twitter
03:15 Amit hi brendan, chris, mason
03:15 Amit good morning
03:15 brendan heya Amit
03:15 brendan was waiting for your hello !
03:15 brendan now I'm off to bed
03:16 Amit hmm
03:16 brendan good night #koha, amit chirs joann and anyone else awake
03:16 Amit good night
03:16 Amit what time
03:16 brendan whoops chris
03:16 brendan 11 pm
03:17 brendan I'm on the east coast of US now -- usually I'm on the west coast (3 hours different) --
03:17 Amit ok
03:32 joann cya Brendan, hiya Amit
03:33 Amit hi joann
04:23 Amit chris around
04:23 Amit ?
04:59 joann Hey Amit, no I suspect he's gone by now
04:59 Amit joann: i want to question about translation
04:59 joann he'll probably come back on tonight from home
04:59 Amit ok
04:59 joann you could email him
05:00 joann
05:00 Amit i have already email id of chris
05:00 Amit could know about how to translate MARC21 style sheet
05:00 Amit joann
05:01 joann no sweatheart - I am a lowly librarian
05:01 Amit hmm
05:01 Amit np thanks
05:01 Amit how is life in NZ
05:02 joann its all good :)
05:02 Amit r u interested in cricket
05:02 Amit matches
05:02 joann no .. sorry.
05:02 joann I know you are though!
05:02 joann India?
05:03 Amit yes i m from India
05:03 joann that is 1 country really do want to see before I die
05:04 Amit hmm what is ur age joann?
05:04 joann 44. how old are you?
05:04 Amit i m 26 yrs
05:04 joann (funny question to ask ...)
05:05 Amit hmm
05:05 joann Weare all ageless online!
05:05 joann OK. well I'm off home now: yay for weekends!
05:06 joann cya next week.
05:06 Amit bye
05:06 Amit have a great weekend
05:06 Amit take care joann
05:06 joann cya

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