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12:34 slef gmcharlt: I'm just perpetually freaked out at conferences anyway.  I get name-checked in sessions when I don't expect it, stuff like that.
13:40 ebegin Anybody know if there is a way to keep the item number during the import?  It seems that the 952$9 is not working.
13:41 hdl_laptop keep the imtenumber can you tell more ?
13:41 hdl_laptop update existing items ?
13:41 hdl_laptop or add some items with predefined itemnumber ?
13:42 ebegin Yes, adding some item with predefined itemnumber, of course, only for the initial import from another system
13:43 ebegin This would be very helpfull for the migration of the circulation data (holds, loans, ...)
13:44 hdl_laptop That looks quite not really handy since itemnumber is AUTOINCREMENT => it would be incremented on update if you send some id (as far as i can tell)
13:44 gmcharlt ebegin: do the items not have unique barcodes?
13:47 ebegin gmcharlt, that what I used to do a mapping from the old item number to the new one.  Then, when importing the circ data, I replaced the old one by the new one.  
13:48 ebegin it worked great, but this is an additional step that could have been avoid if Koha was able to use 952$9 as the itemnumber.
13:50 gmcharlt IMO letting the loader try to set the value of an autoincrement opaque identifier is asking for trouble
13:50 gmcharlt it's one thing to do this during initial migration
13:51 gmcharlt but leaving it in the default loader for ongoing record imports can lead to unecessary unique key violation warnings
13:52 ebegin agree!  Maybe this could be an option during the staging phase
13:58 joetho good morning, -any thoughts on adding the American kohaconsort-l consortium listserv to the page at[…]ts/mailing-listsg   ???
14:01 gmcharlt joetho: sure - where is the list's home page?
14:10 ccurry I have another question about Koha LDAP integration.  The LDAP configuration in koha-conf.xml seems to have been accepted (no errors), but the koha borrowers database has not been updated.  I've tried logging into Koha's public and admin interfaces using every way of referencing the domain I know of and not referencing it at all, with no luck.  Is there a command that needs to be run in...
14:10 ccurry ...order to update the borrowers database?
14:23 ccurry The documentation I used is here:[…]:development:ldap
14:25 joetho Galen- I sent an email to the director in Indiana who evidently started that listserv, and I am hoping he will rise to the bait.
14:26 gmcharlt joetho: it wouldn't be strictly required, but a list home page with (preferably) open archives would improve the listing
15:06 gmcharlt ccurry: both the replicate and update optonis are set, I assume?  anything interesting in the Apache error log?
15:08 ccurry Both options are set to 1...didn't think to check the Apache logs...oops.  Sorry about all the newbie questions...and thanks for the assistance.  I'll have a look.
15:12 ccurry Nothing relevant in the Apache logs, *I think*.  I'd find them all at /var/log/apache2, right?
15:13 gmcharlt not necessarily
15:13 gmcharlt check the config for the vhost you're using for koha
15:13 gmcharlt as by default they aren't in /var/log/apache2
15:34 ccurry I found the koha logs and it looks like my attribute for password doesn't exist in the LDAP database...I couldn't find it specifically referenced in Microsoft docs, so I tried "userPassword"; ugh...I hate Microsoft.  I guess I'll see if I can track down the correct password attribute.
15:36 ebegin ccurry,  <password is=""></password>
15:36 ccurry Ok.  I'll try that.
15:39 ccurry ebegin: I tried blanking out the is attribute in password and still get "LDAP Auth rejected : invalid password for user 'ccurry'. LDAP error #16: LDAP_NO_SUCH_ATTRIBUTE" & "The request referenced an attribute that does not exist"
15:40 ebegin what is your password? ;)
15:40 ccurry ;)
15:41 ebegin can you paste your mapping?
15:45 Sharon Hi all. Does bug 3160 *change* an item status from LOST to found (blank)?
15:46 ccurry ebegin: <password is="userPassword"></password>
15:46 ebegin ccurry, I mean the whole mapping, on pastbin
15:46 gmcharlt Sharon: the patch doesn't do so explicitly, but may enable the status change
15:47 gmcharlt Sharon: I assume that you want the status to be changed?
15:47 ccurry Ah. Just a sec.
15:47 Sharon gmcharlt yes, we want the status to change - is someone working on that?
15:48 ebegin ccurry, on my config, I didn't put the "userPassword". i simply have <password is=""></password>
15:48 gmcharlt Sharon: justed tested in the development tip
15:48 gmcharlt Sharon: it looks like the status change is taking place
15:48 ccurry ebegin: I tried that as well with the same result.
15:49 Sharon gmcharlt great - I will report this to our users group in like 5 minutes!
15:49 ebegin ccurry, ok.  waiting for your mapping though :)
15:49 Sharon gmcharlt is it just LOST or also damaged and missing?
15:50 ccurry ebegin:
15:51 gmcharlt Sharon: it wouldn't affect the damaged field
15:51 gmcharlt Sharon: it does work for any lost status
15:51 gmcharlt Sharon: but note that that if works only if there's a loan
15:52 gmcharlt if the item just has the lost status, but no loan to a patron
15:52 Sharon gmcharlt OK, good to know.  We can report on the damaged items to keep track of them.
15:52 gmcharlt the status doesn't currently get changed
15:52 ebegin ccurry, can you try samaccountname, all lowercase
15:52 Sharon our libraries were assuming that checking in a missing/lost item changed the status from lost.  They'll be glad to know that this patch is coming.
15:52 ccurry ebegin: sure; will do.
15:53 ebegin ccurry, here is my mapping
15:54 Sharon we may discuss paying for an enhancement that changes a LOST status whenever the barcode is checked in, regardless of how that status was set (via a patron checkout or by a staff member changing it)
15:57 ccurry ebegin: tried your mapping; still can't log in as AD user and borrow database not updated. :(
15:57 root q
15:57 root quit
15:57 ccurry It must be accessing the LDAP server, right, if it's recognizing the user and returning LDAP errors?
15:58 ebegin ccurry, check Joe's answer to your email.
15:58 jatillaso hello
15:58 ccurry ebegin: thanks for your help.  Will do
15:58 jatillaso i have a questions about mod_perl and koha
15:59 jatillaso anyone could help me?
15:59 gmcharlt jatillaso: what's up?
15:59 jatillaso hi gmcharlt
15:59 jatillaso i'm trying to run koha with mod_perl
16:00 jatillaso but i have errors sometimes
16:00 jatillaso sometimes it works and sometimes not
16:00 jatillaso this is explained in this link[…]etimes_it_Doesn_t
16:00 jatillaso and it tells that the possible cause is global variables
16:01 jatillaso do you know any tips about it?
16:01 jatillaso how to run koha without problems under mod_perl?
16:01 gmcharlt jatillaso: at best Koha will work with Apache::PerlRun, not Apache::Registry
16:02 gmcharlt and you may need to set  PerlSetVar PerlRunOnce On
16:02 gmcharlt
16:02 gmcharlt in your Apache config
16:02 jatillaso aha
16:02 jatillaso in apache2.conf i put a line like: PerlRunOnce On
16:02 jatillaso and thats it?
16:03 jatillaso or PerlSetVar PerlRunOnce On
16:04 jatillaso what is Apache::Registry ??
16:07 jatillaso i follow the koha documentation about configure mod_perl, but this is whats happens, sometimes works and sometimes not. Produces a 500 error, and in koha log: undefined subrutine
16:13 jatillaso were developing some koha tools to a library that it will have lot of visits
16:13 jatillaso and mod_perl could help us because it's faster than cgi
16:14 jatillaso gmcharlt, do you configure any koha in mod_perl, and it runs correctly, without my problems?
16:15 gmcharlt gmcharlt: no; some do, but I'm not sure about the current 3.x
16:16 jatillaso aha,
16:17 jatillaso and what is Apache::Registry ??
16:17 jatillaso where can i change it?
16:17 gmcharlt Apache::Registry is another way of running Perl scripts under mod_perl
16:17 gmcharlt but requires a lot more cleanup of the Perl code to completely remove global and package-level variables
16:18 jatillaso where i found Apache::Registry, i replace it with Apache::PerlRun ?
16:19 gmcharlt jatillaso: yes
16:20 jatillaso thank you,
16:20 jatillaso i'll try it
16:21 jatillaso i have to see if that works with it, and tell you
16:21 jatillaso thanks, bye
16:22 gmcharlt you're welcome
16:49 joetho sharon: what is the "development tip" you mention?
16:50 Sharon joetho what development tip did I mention?
16:50 joetho whoops.
16:51 joetho Galen did, at like 10:48 my time, speaking to you.
16:51 gmcharlt joetho: "development tip" that I mentioned is just shorthand for say that I tested against the most recent version from the public Koha git
16:51 joetho I figure he has his own stuff like that.
16:51 joetho see?
16:52 gmcharlt tip o' the tree
16:52 joetho I am working on having my own testbed Koha but it isn't going to happen today or tomorrow.
16:53 gmcharlt joetho: sounds like a perfect Memorial Day activity to me
16:53 gmcharlt Koha, a couple bacon donuts on the grill .. heaven!
16:54 Sharon joetho Liz created a test installation here within the last two weeks and might be willing to help...if you ask nicely
16:55 pianohacker Sounds like quite the installfest
17:31 joetho sharon: well there's yer answer, rotchair (see 12:17 entry)
17:33 joetho whoops, I just realized that only shows up live. Sharon volunteered Liz, who almost immediately logged off. heh heh heh
17:36 wizzyrea lol noes he's gone
17:36 wizzyrea man I walk away for a second and look what happens ^.^
17:37 gmcharlt wizzyrea: you're now QA manager, btw
17:37 pianohacker Hehehe
17:37 wizzyrea ./facepalm
17:37 pianohacker Instead of a plaque, you get this lovely rubber cheesecake
17:37 wizzyrea Ooh!
17:37 wizzyrea Only if it bounces
17:49 Sharon where is there info in the KOha manual about the the Lost status and how it behaves in the catalog?
17:49 Sharon We are having an argument, I mean discussion, about whether setting an item to LOST is behaving different than it did.
17:51 Sharon Found it in the manual...appendix
18:54 pianohacker By removing <!-- TMPL_IF atdestination --> from lines 129 and 165 of opac-user.tmpl, you get a tab that shows only those holds that are waiting
18:55 pianohacker git blame shows that those two lines were last edited in the 3.0 merge
18:56 pianohacker I'm going to try to fix that up and send in a patch, unless someone knows why that tab was broken
19:03 gmcharlt what version of the file are you talking about?  there's nothing like that at line 129 of the tempalte
19:04 pianohacker Let me check to make sure something odd isn't going on with my git
19:05 pianohacker Ah, line numbers were shifted by some edits I'd done. 111 and  147.
19:05 pianohacker Sorry 'bout that
19:08 gmcharlt pianohacker: one question might be why atdestination is never set
19:08 pianohacker It's possible it was meant to not show the holds tab if everything was in transit, but why would you want that?
19:08 pianohacker *waiting tab
19:16 Sharon we're discussing the fines module - is a re-write in the works?
19:17 Sharon we have 2 of our 20+ libraries interested in co-sponsoring
19:18 gmcharlt Sharon: yes, we're doing some work to clean it for WALDO
19:18 gmcharlt pianohacker: well, if everything is in transit, nothing is waiting
19:18 gmcharlt but explicitly testing for a waiting status is probably clearer
19:19 Sharon gmcharlt is that WALDO work for 3.0 or 3.2?
19:19 gmcharlt 3.2
19:19 Sharon ok, thanks
19:19 Sharon BTW, the LOST status is NOT behaving/triggering the way the manual says it should.  worth a support request?
19:20 gmcharlt yes
19:20 Sharon will do, danke
20:35 schuster What are you seeing Sharon dealing with fines?
20:36 schuster Also are you doing a support request on the 245 b/p issue I saw noted at Keggers? or how should we handled that as that came up again yesterday here.
20:38 chris man who shifted the south pole into wellington brrrr
20:41 chris good grief daniel must have been sitting on those patches for a while, or he had an extraordinarily productive day :-)
20:42 gmcharlt heh - they're my patches
20:43 gmcharlt Dan just tested and signed off on them
20:43 chris ahh
20:45 wizzyrea schuster: supposedly the 245 stuff has been fixed?
20:49 pianohacker cya all
20:52 Sharon Schuster sorry, distractions. we are seeing frustrated librarians dealing with fines b/c a fine is treated as an event, instead of a debit/credit on an account.  Each $.05 fine event has to be dealt with in whole, you can't pay partial fines.  As I understand the situation.
20:55 Sharon Schuster bug 2771 seems to address the 245 issues, it's assigned to Paul P.
20:55 chris yeah that definitely needs to be fixed, you used to be able to, on the pay screen you used to be able to select the fines to pay OR enter amount at the bottom
20:55 chris HLT will want that back too
20:55 Sharon Chris that's what we surmised from a past discussion on the list and I was told WALDO is sponsoring some work on fines, too.
20:56 chris yay
20:56 Sharon I'm too lazy to go find the rfc and see exactly what they're fixing
20:57 chris i will try to look later, unfortunately at the moment i have to go write jquery to make comments on blogs expand and collapse
20:57 Sharon programmers work is never done
21:00 Sharon here's another spec for partial payment of fines for ICAN
21:12 chris
21:12 chris named after A Koha
21:12 chris how could you not play :)
21:13 chris right thats my good deed for the day done, back to work
21:14 wizzyrea chris: still no wee cormack?
21:14 chris not yet
21:16 wizzyrea oof, mama's probably getting impatient
21:17 chris well he isnt due til june 6 ... but yeah hes hanging in there longer than his older brother did
21:18 chris kahurangi is impatient to 'play cars' which is apparently what is going to happen when he is born
21:26 atz chris: the "directed payment" was never properly implemented
21:26 ebegin chris: akoha was developped here in montreal :)
21:27 atz it needs to be implemented as a foreign key constraint referencing the same table
21:27 chris *nod*
21:27 atz or we need different tables for fines and credits/payments
21:27 chris it certainly wasnt perfect, but hlt were happy with it for 8 years, so they will want it back .. fixed and working properly :)
21:28 chris that was originally what the accountoffsets was for
21:28 chris (payments)
21:28 chris but it all got munged up about 5 different times :)
21:29 atz yeah, i've been complaining about fines since I started on koha
21:29 chris i think now we have a much better handle on how different libraries want it to work too, so can do a decent job on it this time round
21:29 chris ebegin: cool :)
21:31 chris atz: i think i even have a work request from hlt about filed yesterday
21:31 chris today im not on koha work tho, but tomorrow i will try to go through and figure out whats being worked on and by whom and how i can help :)
21:46 ebegin chris: the grooveshark interface is awesome!  I like the way we can queue song at the bottom of the screen
21:47 wizzyrea oh man, grooveshark is the shizzle
21:47 wizzyrea ok, I'm giving up and going home. ttyl everyone
21:47 chris yeah grooveshark does a lot right
21:47 wizzyrea (and good song, chris ;)
21:47 chris cya wizzyrea
21:53 ebegin Good evening everyone!
22:03 chris cya ebegin
22:59 Jo Morning all
23:00 chris hi jo
23:01 Jo Morena
23:01 Jo how are you today
23:02 Jo (and i'm glad bub didn't come last night .. would have been a cold one)
23:02 Jo Hey, does anyone know if I can use koha 3.0 to produce a run of patron barcode numbers?
23:05 chris hmm dont know about that one
00:08 jmr_ jo do you want to print the barcodes in barcode font?
00:09 Jo hiya
00:10 Jo i have to make some temporary patron cards, so would like a barcode and human readable number printed above or below as well.
00:10 gmcharlt Jo: it can print patron cards
00:10 gmcharlt access via same interface as spine labels
00:10 Jo i have a online generator which does them 1 at a time (producing gif files)
00:10 Jo oh cool - i'll have a look. thanks.
00:13 jmr_ you could also creat a report and download the csv file, and further manipulate it to your hearts content in word or excel
00:14 gmcharlt yup
00:15 Jo cool. thanks for your help gents
04:51 Amit hi chris, mason, brendan
04:51 Amit good morning #koha
05:09 brendan_ heya amit
05:09 brendan_ how you doing?
05:14 Amit everything is fine
05:14 Amit doing some data migration
05:15 Amit brendan: u?
05:15 brendan_ getting ready to go to bed
05:16 brendan_ what are you migrating data from ?
05:23 Amit from access to marc
05:23 Amit hi
05:23 Amit hdl
05:23 brendan cool -- good luck amit
05:24 ebegin Hi amit.  Having fun with Marc Edit I guess
05:24 ebegin hi brendan.
05:24 brendan hi ebegin
05:24 Amit hi ebegin
05:24 Amit brendan:
05:24 Amit check
05:24 Amit yes using marc edit ebegin
05:25 brendan I think this is the first hello on IRC...  good to finally get a chance to say hi -- ebegin
05:25 ebegin I followed some of you IRC episode about the situation in Santa Barbara, but I stayed quiet :)
05:26 ebegin Everything is under control now?
05:26 brendan yes -- I'm on the road now  - traveling
05:27 brendan the fire was scary -- but also kind of exciting to watch at the same time
05:28 Amit brendan: on 5th june i m going to delhi
05:28 ebegin Was it the first time that it came that close?
05:28 ebegin amit, where are you now?
05:28 brendan cool -- Amit you should send me some curry powder!
05:28 Amit right now i m working in bangalore India
05:29 Amit brendan: which type curry powder?
05:29 Amit chicken curry
05:29 brendan First time it came that close for me -- but there has been three fires in the last 8 months...  I don't think there is anything left to burn
05:30 brendan Amit -- some hot curry powder....  or some marble from agra !
05:30 Amit hmm
05:30 Amit Taj Mahal marble
05:31 brendan I still have a little bit of hot curry powder left from my last trip to delhi...  
05:31 brendan I can make some -- ok tasting -- sag dal
05:31 Amit hmm
05:31 brendan not sure if I said that correctly -- the sag dal part that is
05:31 Amit i love razma rice
05:32 Amit sag dal yes i know
05:32 brendan I also like to have rita
05:33 brendan ebegin -- kind of late there for you?
05:33 ebegin yep, 1h33am
05:33 brendan heh
05:33 Amit rita means? brendan
05:33 brendan yogurt and vegetables
05:34 brendan not sure about the spelling
05:34 ebegin I'm looking for a good project management software :)
05:34 Amit ok
05:34 brendan I'd say hire someone with OCD disorder
05:34 Amit brendan; r u like which type of indian food
05:35 brendan veg
05:35 ebegin Amit, I see that osslabs offers support for dotProject.  How good is this software? (do you know it)
05:36 Amit ebegin: not as good as koha
05:36 ebegin :)
05:36 ebegin are you using it internally?
05:41 Amit no ebgin
05:41 Amit sory ebegin
05:42 ebegin no problem.  :)
05:47 brendan goodnight #koha -- I'm off to bed
07:34 chris evening
07:35 thd chris: good evening
07:36 chris hiya thd, hows things?
07:37 thd chris: slef has implied yesterday on the koha list in the context of the new website that kados and tina are not reading the koha list.
07:37 thd things are more or less OK as long as I stop volunteering to fix Vista
07:38 chris ahh yeah, always a good thing to not volunteer
07:39 chris im sure they are reading, i just dont think slef has been seeing much action wrt the website
07:40 thd I have the volunteering spirit but discovered that grub does not play well with multiple Windows installations on the same machine.
07:40 thd EasyBCD solved the Vista and XP boot problem where Grub failed
07:41 thd Are kados and tina responding to website issues off the public Koha lists?
07:46 chris i dont know, not that ive seen
07:47 thd I am supposing that LibLime is going to put forward a Koha foundation in much the same way: join it with their rules or be left out.
07:50 chris i hope not, but i fear that maybe yes
07:53 thd BibLibre have not said much about the new website on the public list despite the suggestion out of ignorance from kados that should simply be redirected to .
07:54 chris Biblibre have been very busy, but i think they have finished meetings and conferences for a while so they might be more vocal
08:27 Hui_Nan_ hi all!
08:27 chris hi Hui_Nan_
08:27 Hui_Nan_ how much time does it takes for patch to be accepted?
08:27 chris gmcharlt asked me to tell you to check your mailer
08:28 chris because we didnt see that patch arrive at the mailing list
08:28 Hui_Nan_ ok
08:35 chris[…]y/date.html#start
08:35 chris in case i missed seeing it
08:36 Hui_Nan_ no, I'm not listed
08:37 Hui_Nan_ it seems to me that git send-email does some kind of local delivery despite the smtp server is configured in ~/.gitconfig
08:39 Hui_Nan_ so I sent patches using --smtp-server option %-)
08:40 Hui_Nan_ wow! i'm there! ;-)
08:41 chris :)
11:35 gmcharlt good morning
11:44 Hui_Nan_ evening :-)
11:45 gmcharlt Hui_Nan_: thanks for checking your mailer :)
11:45 Hui_Nan_ always welcome
11:48 gmcharlt Hui_Nan_: I'm going to cherry-pick the Russian and Ukrainian installer SQL from 3.0.x into HEAD
11:50 Hui_Nan_ good
11:54 gmcharlt Hui_Nan_: you're subscribed to koha-translate, right?
11:54 Hui_Nan_ not yet
11:56 Hui_Nan_ actually i would like to see how to implement Koha at my library - fix bugs, add features which are required
11:56 Hui_Nan_ translation is the last task
11:56 gmcharlt ah, sounds like koha-devel is more for you

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