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12:04 hdl_laptop git format-patch -3
12:04 hdl_laptop works too
12:09 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: so and can be removed?
12:10 hdl_laptop it was already broken in 2.2
12:23 gmcharlt Hui_Nan_: will you be sending your patches to
12:29 Hui_Nan_ thank you for asking
12:29 Hui_Nan_ I sent them to
12:30 Hui_Nan_ am I wrong?
12:33 Hui_Nan_ gmcharlt: ?
12:35 ebegin Hui_Nan_, the email to send patch to is  koha-patches is a mailing list on which the applied patches are sent
12:35 Hui_Nan_ ok
12:39 Hui_Nan_ so, patches sent to the are reviewed by QAM and if accepted - they published to koha-patches or what?
12:39 slef yes
12:40 slef except that it is the RMs reviewing at the mo because there is no QAM
12:45 schuster Morning all!
12:45 Hui_Nan_ good evening schuster %-)
12:45 ebegin hi david
12:46 hdl_laptop hi david
12:47 Hui_Nan_ CY, all!
13:17 hdl_laptop bbs
14:23 ebegin atz, in the Koha 2.0 LDAP Configuration, there is a note by the userid field mentionning # UNIQUE in next release.  I think that it is now the case, right?
14:23 ebegin[…]:development:ldap
14:39 ebegin Anyone is using a LDAP server (or had setup one)?
14:47 atz ebegin: koha userid must be unique, but the mapping to your schema could target any unique attribute
14:49 ebegin ok. thanks.  On another, but related topic, which dateexpiry do you set to the borrowers?
14:54 hdl_laptop ebegin: it all depends on your mapping ;)
14:55 hdl_laptop you can take a date from ldap or let Koha calculate. (Would need a patch to allow that though)
14:56 wizzyrea mornin peps
14:56 wizzyrea we're having a kegger today
14:56 wizzyrea :)
14:56 wizzyrea (koha explorers group)
14:59 ebegin I think that I'll let Koha compute it though, using the default category enrollment period.
14:59 ebegin hi wizzyrea!
15:01 wizzyrea gmcharlt: re: messaging enhancement, you want us to set up the defaults in Test right?
15:01 gmcharlt wizzyrea: hmm, not necessarily
15:02 gmcharlt will need to be done in production in order to update the patrons
15:02 wizzyrea okies
15:02 wizzyrea we'll send you email to confirm putting it on the production server then
15:02 wizzyrea :)
15:02 gmcharlt also, since installing it in production does mean that you'll be getting the accumulated bug fixes
15:03 gmcharlt please make sure that you're set up for those as well
15:03 wizzyrea oki, is there a list (or where will it stop on the Git list)
15:03 wizzyrea of the updates
15:05 wizzyrea i'm pondering a template "reset" and re-evaluating all of the changes we've made
15:05 gmcharlt wizzyrea: yeah, I sent one to mickey
15:05 wizzyrea and setting up version control at the same time possibly
15:05 gmcharlt and +1 to template reset and version control
15:05 gmcharlt but then, I don't expect you're surprised to hear me say that ;)
15:05 wizzyrea hehe no, not surprised at all
15:05 wizzyrea probably good to do periodically anyway
15:06 wizzyrea even the best human sometimes isn't as good as the computer ^.^
15:06 schuster Do you post the notes from your Keggers meetings?
15:06 wizzyrea yea, at
15:06 wizzyrea later today
15:06 schuster Do you have them on a Schedule? in case someone  might want to sometime attend?
15:07 wizzyrea i'm still giggling about the wisconsin ppls
15:07 wizzyrea Wiske. *giggle*
15:07 wizzyrea yea, we meant to post this one but we had an agenda production fail
15:07 wizzyrea er, the organizers did
15:08 wizzyrea sorry about that >.<
15:10 wizzyrea gmcharlt: I'll need a little help with what I'm doing with Git, it's not something I use everyday (yet)
15:10 gmcharlt wizzyrea: sure
15:10 wizzyrea but I'll get with you later about that (and yes, I've read the wiki lol)
15:11 rhcl wiz: are your keggers open for others to attend?
15:11 gmcharlt and what a fine wiki it is ;)
15:11 wizzyrea absolutely
15:11 wizzyrea we have them (er, have been having them) fairly regularly, rhcl
15:12 rhcl well, uh, however correctly I can put this...we'd like to attend.
15:12 schuster wiz what do you mean by regular..
15:13 wizzyrea bi-monthly
15:13 wizzyrea ish
15:15 Sharon Wow, there are like 15 folks here...
15:16 ebegin wizzyrea, are you the one who records the videos?
15:16 hdl_laptop Sharon: all the ppl are not talking.
15:17 Sharon Sorry, I meant physically here at our KEGger meeting.  Lots of Kansas libraries using Koha.
15:17 rhcl Are you going to tweet the meeting?
15:17 rhcl :)
15:19 wizzyrea not  usually... rhcl I can certainly try to tweet the meeting
15:19 rhcl I not much of a tweeter to be honest...
15:20 rhcl But if you had been planning to do it anyway, I might have monitored. I have stuff to do off this computer since I'm going on vacation tomorrow.
15:21 wizzyrea I'll tag #509kegger
15:22 pianohacker Ah, a KEGger? When?
15:23 schuster Right now...   ;(
15:23 pianohacker Oi, okay
15:24 schuster wizzyrea - I need to pick your brain on how you modified the advanced search in the catalog and moved the library/sort up by the search options.
15:24 schuster I'll drop you an email...
15:24 wizzyrea oki, I think that's a template update that was included in a patch we got lately
15:24 wizzyrea but not sure
15:24 wizzyrea happy to help tho :)
15:25 schuster I'm just learning layout stuff...
15:25 schuster Cool - you are ahead of me on template updates I think right now...
15:29 wizzyrea /w atz would you check the SIP server for NEKLS plz, I'm getting reports of Send/Expect fails :(
15:29 wizzyrea erg lol
15:45 Sharon < I'm trying to blog the kegger
15:59 atz hrmmm... no webpages loading for me.... i think the ISP's DNS are down....
16:10 Sharon_ Liz is explaining bugzilla
16:32 joetho Hi liz
16:35 joetho Hello LIZ
16:35 lizzy hi folks
16:35 lizzy this is liz from NEKLS, say hi to the KEGGER participants :D
16:35 pianohacker 'allo!
16:35 owen Hi KEGgers!
16:35 gmcharlt hello
16:37 joetho What are you working on, pnohakr?
16:37 lizzy I can't remember, is the date range inclusive or exclusive?
16:37 lizzy for circulation reports
16:38 slef joetho: your keyboard appears to be losing characters
16:39 lizzy slef: intentional I think
16:39 pianohacker joetho: Some holds stuff
16:39 joetho I have been losing character for a long time.
16:39 joetho we are introducing a roomful of koha users to IRC
16:40 rhcl KEG KEG KEG! Go! Go! Go!
16:40 pianohacker Ah, this might be useful then:
16:41 owen If Ohio had enough Koha users we could have OEGer meetings.
16:41 owen Oh dang the K isn't for Kansas. :(
16:42 lizzy yea, anybody can have keggers
16:42 lizzy :D
16:44 lizzy gmcharlt: are the votes on bugzilla 200 forever or 200 resetting after a certain time?
16:45 gmcharlt lizzy: for all time; you can reallocate your votes at any time
16:45 lizzy oh, sweet
16:46 lizzy thanks :)
16:52 lizzy ttyl, LUNCH! Woo!
16:52 lizzy thanks peps
16:52 owen Aw man, we don't get to come to lunch too?
16:53 wizzyrea lol owen
16:53 pianohacker I think if we showed up in person, we _could_ have lunch
16:53 slef gmcharlt: do you get CLOSED bug votes back?
16:53 wizzyrea they had really no idea about all of the ins and outs of bugzilla, git, irc, etc. Consider them somewhat more educated :D
16:53 owen slef: good question!
16:53 wizzyrea Yes, you do
16:53 slef (would be a good way to encourage closure)
16:53 wizzyrea slef++
16:54 gmcharlt slef: you can grab them back, sure - not sure if they automatically come back
16:57 pianohacker All this talk of lunch reminds me that I should probably eat a late breakfast
16:57 pianohacker brb
17:03 atz slef: good question
17:03 atz (sorry if i missed the answer during that disconnection)
17:06 gmcharlt atz: answer is ou can grab them back, sure - not sure if they automatically come back
17:06 atz "unvote"
17:07 atz funny b/c "devote" is the opposite of the negation that the term wants
17:08 atz if you "devote" a vote, you vote it.
17:10 pianohacker Slightly abtruse terminology in Bugzilla? Never!
17:14 wizzyrea lulz
17:23 pianohacker Hmm, reserve/ seems to be assuming that bib# = bibitem#
17:25 pianohacker I think that was marked as not safe, right?
17:43 atz pianohacker: yeah, it *should* be the same, but it isn't guaranteed currenly
17:46 pianohacker Ah, that's right
17:46 pianohacker I'm going to make that assumption; GetReserveFee is difficult enough already
17:51 gmcharlt pianohacker: sorry, please don't
17:51 pianohacker Ah, problems?
17:51 gmcharlt there are a lot of databases in the wild where that assumption doesn't hold true
17:54 pianohacker Easy enough to work around. Just out of curiosity, what's causing it?
17:55 gmcharlt mostly the fact that nothing's enforcing it; one slip during migration, and the sequences get out of sync forever
17:57 pianohacker Hmm, none of those databases would be able to place holds. That's rather frightening
18:11 pianohacker gmcharlt: Thanks
18:20 joetho missed you guys at lunch. It was a very talky one!
18:25 wizzyrea does anybody know about the staff XSLT and the 245 field? specifically whether the p and n fields will be shown? i'm on terribly slow internet
18:25 wizzyrea they want to show 245p, n, and b
18:25 wizzyrea in the results and on the detail
18:26 gmcharlt wizzyrea: should be there now, or else there's a pending patch - I forget which
18:27 wizzyrea i'm guessing it's pending it's not in our catalog (though we're behind)
18:37 wizzyrea the commit you're thinking of is for opac only I think
18:37 wizzyrea if it's[…]ef507303316702966
18:37 ccurry Has anyone integrated Koha 3 with Windows Active Directory LDAP?  I've been trying to do so, following the documentation at[…]:development:ldap, but I'm getting the following error after saving /etc/koha3/koha-conf.xml:
18:37 ccurry "
18:37 ccurry The following fatal error has occurred:
18:37 ccurry Extra content at the end of the document
18:38 ccurry at /usr/lib/perl5/XML/LibXML/ line 64
18:38 ccurry at /usr/share/perl5/XML/ line 287
18:38 ccurry BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/share/koha3/lib/C4/ line 29.
18:38 ccurry Compilation failed in require at /usr/share/koha3/intranet/​cgi-bin/members/ line 26.
18:38 ccurry BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/share/koha3/intranet/​cgi-bin/members/ line 26.
18:38 ccurry "
18:38 pianohacker ccurry: If you have long errors to show, please put them on
18:38 ccurry ok...sorry about that.
18:40 ccurry
18:41 gmcharlt ccurry: my guess is that koha-conf.xml is no longer well-formed
18:41 gmcharlt ccurry: if you have xmllint, try running koha-conf.xml through it
18:41 pianohacker np, not that big a deal :)
18:42 ccurry @gmcharlt Thanks; should have checked that first, I suppose.
18:45 ccurry gmcharlt: That was I feel foolish.  I forgot to close a tag...thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
19:01 ccurry Well-formed xml got me to the next error:
19:01 ccurry Can someone have a look at my ldap config and verify I've used the right syntax.  It looks right to me, but something is obviously not right.  Any thoughts:
19:03 ccurry The ALL-CAPS data, of course, has real data in my config.
19:08 ebegin ccurry, can you double check the info in the <base> tag?
19:08 ebegin You have 2 DC
19:09 ebegin forget that.. it's ok
19:10 ebegin just to be sure, do you have the  <useldapserver>1</useldapserver>
19:11 ccurry <base> tag is right as far as I can tell, but I'll check the AD export to be sure i got the syntax right.
19:11 ccurry and yes.
19:11 ccurry I did add <useldapserver>1</useldapserver> to the <config> tag.
19:15 ccurry Turns out my <base> tag wasn't quite right, but I fixed it and I get the same error, starting on the same line of
19:19 gmcharlt ccurry: I think <ldapserver> needs to be inside <config>
19:19 ccurry Ah.  I'll try that...
19:21 ccurry Got a different error; looks like you are correct.  Thanks for the help.  I'll see if I can' figure it out from here.
19:21 ccurry :(|)
19:29 ebegin Goodluck ccurry!
19:30 ccurry Thanks!
19:53 schuster I've modified this page and added a link for enhancements with directions thoughts?[…]portingfornewbies
19:53 SelfishMan oh hai
19:53 schuster I'll also post it to the koha-devel list later today.  For some reason I can't get into that email account at the minute.
19:53 SelfishMan Somehow this channel was buried in my irssi channel list
20:02 CGI234 sf
20:07 chris brrrrr its cold
20:07 ebegin chris, I bet that it's colder overhere...
20:08 chris probably
20:08 ebegin :)
20:08 chris though today we have a southerly
20:08 chris and there is nothing between my house an antartica
20:09 chris an=and
20:09 chris so the wind can be pretty cold
20:09 owen Wow, that's quite a way to think about it!
20:09 chris well theres a lot of ocean ;)
20:09 chris to be truthful
20:10 schuster 80 degrees F here...  I like my Texas weather thanks...
20:10 ebegin hehe... well.. there is a lot of thing between my house and north pole, so you win ;)
20:10 chris you are in montreal eh ebegin ?
20:10 ebegin yes
20:11 chris i work with someone from around that area too
20:12 ebegin really? who?
20:12 chris francois marier
20:12 chris (lives in nz now)
20:12 ebegin nice!
20:13 ebegin Based on his name, he is probably speak french too
20:13 chris he sure does :)
20:14 chris he works mostly on moodle and mahara
20:14 chris so i dont see him much during the week, but i talk to him every friday at beer oclock :)
20:15 ebegin hehe... beer oclock.. I like that
20:16 ebegin I hope he is a nice guy
20:16 chris he sure is, he is a debian developer too, so very helpful to know
20:18 chris schuster: wiki pages look great !
20:20 schuster Step one in the process...  Tomorrow I'm going to work on getting a committee together.
20:21 schuster Talk to ya tomorrow!
20:28 ccurry more question.  I've exhausted my troubleshooting abilities.  I'm getting this error:  It's referring to my default value in ldapserver/mapping/categorycode.  All of the users in our LDAP directory are staff and there is no field in Active Directory that I can map here, so I've used the value "S" from the borrowers table.  Any thoughts?
20:29 pianohacker As I understand it, you need to add an "is" attribute to the categorycode tag in your mapping
20:30 pianohacker I think it can refer to a nonexistent field
20:30 ebegin ccurry, try <categorycode is="">S</categorycode>
20:33 pianohacker Either way looks safe, from a quick scan of the source
20:33 ccurry ebegin: that worked!  Thanks!
20:34 ccurry pianohacker: Thanks!
20:34 pianohacker no problem
21:13 pianohacker bye
21:26 chris ohhh handy
21:26 chris[…]atic-message.html
21:35 ort9217 indeeeeed...
21:39 ebegin it is always a question of the quality of the automatique translation...
21:40 Jo morning
21:40 chris hey jo
22:00 chris cant stay away pianohacker ?
22:02 pianohacker Nope :)
00:08 ryan lol... "Blorg! AIYA!!!"
00:09 chris ??
00:10 chris ahh ;)
00:58 mason i have a pretty basic and stupid circ question..
00:59 mason in koha3-stable - how can i allow check-outs to a patron, if they current have overdue items?
00:59 pianohacker Does this patron have fines
00:59 pianohacker ?
01:00 mason nope
01:00 mason heya jesse ;)
01:00 pianohacker Hey mason :)
01:01 pianohacker Is there no barcode entry box at all, or does it pop up an error when you scan an item?
01:01 brendan once you get to the checkout screen -- I think there should be something you can click on (a little hyperlink) that should unbar (un-debar) them
01:01 brendan heya mason
01:01 brendan pianohacker
01:01 pianohacker heylo
01:01 mason oops, my bad!
01:01 brendan at least (I think I remember that being a question one time)
01:02 mason a 'localized' mod broke this :/
01:02 pianohacker Ah
01:02 pianohacker I'd better log off for the evening. Good night, all
01:02 brendan cool
01:02 brendan goodnight
01:02 pianohacker bye
01:03 brendan how you doing mason?
01:05 mason heya , good thanks
01:10 mason sorry, was debugging..
01:12 mason somehow in my Circ::sub CanBookBeIssued { ) sub..
01:12 mason ive picked up a bloclk that calls ..
01:12 mason my ($blocktype, $count) = C4::Members::IsMemberBlocked($​borrower->{'borrowernumber'});                                                                          if($blocktype == -1){      
01:13 mason .
01:13 mason which doesnt seem to exist in lastest stable or head, did i add this code locally myself ?!?
01:14 chris git blame
01:14 mason oooh, me goggles...
01:16 mason 0060634c (Nahuel ANGELINETTI     2009-01-28 10:37:02 +0100  704)     my ($blocktype, $count) = C4::Members::IsMemberBlocked($​borrower->{'borrowernumber'});
01:16 mason .
01:16 mason wow, that is one sweet trick , chris++
01:21 mason looks like that commit has introduced a bug in circ..
01:21 mason[…]103;hb=3.0.x#l704
01:40 mason so if anyone is listening re: my previous circ bug..
01:40 mason this commit here....
01:40 mason[…]4e3c8f87e5372b564
01:41 mason there are sysprefs that override and allow issuing - even with outstanding overdues...
01:42 mason this commit doesnt check for those sysprefs, and stops check-outs
01:42 chris sounds like a bug that needs to be fixed
01:43 mason now - im not yet too sure *what* the sysprefs are, to be checked
03:20 Amit hi chris, brendan, mason good morning
03:27 Jo Morning AMit
03:35 Amit hi jo
03:38 brendan heya amit
03:38 brendan hi jo
03:41 Jo hi brendan
06:02 mason chris: about?
06:52 chris am now
06:52 chris for a bit before bath time
08:23 slef blurgh
08:24 chris ?
08:24 slef woke up this morning feeling slime (to the tune of "something tells me I'm into something good")
08:25 slef anyway, our new website is already gathering more enquiries, which is good
08:25 chris that is good
08:26 slef and bizarrely it's from an organisation I had contact with during my doctorate
08:26 slef (which means it's on the other coast, but hey ho)
08:39 slef about to open my koha list mailbox. Wish me luck!
08:42 chris its pretty quiet today
08:43 slef not opened since the weekend
08:45 chris ahh probably only one annoying one then :)
09:01 slef ah no wait - opened and read a few Monday
09:01 slef but who cares? :)
09:01 chris :)
09:03 kf test loading authority data today :)
09:03 kf chris: wie gehts dir?
09:03 slef kf: oooh! ooooh! oooooh!  MARC21?
09:03 kf yes
09:03 slef 3.0?
09:04 kf HEAD
09:04 chris kf: ahua pai, kei te ngenge au :)
09:04 kf found out that $0 is not supported yet, there is a faq from nicole about using $9 instead
09:04 slef chris: mluvite anglicky
09:04 slef kf: FAQ URL?
09:04 kf mom
09:05 slef tyvm
09:05 kf[…]?searchterm=auth*
09:06 slef chris: nicht schlect, ein bisschen ... dang, can't remembered tired
09:06 slef yep, HEAD auth control is a rewrite
09:06 kf müde
09:07 slef at least I think it is
09:07 kf nicht schlecht, ein bisschen müde
09:07 slef kf: my unicode is broken too
09:07 kf you guys are good!
09:08 slef I suspect one would say "I have tiredness" usually but I can't remember
09:08 kf slev: tyvm? I think thats a new one for my vocabulary list
09:08 slef I only ever watch TV in German now
09:08 slef kf: doing a bsc and phd at uea, tlas are aok
09:09 kf ok, trying to follow you slef: marc21 auth import broken?
09:10 slef actually, AuthoritiesMarc is refactored but not much different
09:10 slef no
09:10 slef marc21 auth display is much weaker than UNIMARC
09:10 kf hm
09:11 chris nose_tweak++
09:11 slef and AuthoritiesMarc seems to have hardcoded HTML in it
09:11 slef this is a problem for me to fix soon
09:11 kf nice to hear that
09:11 kf changing source code is something we try to avoid right now
09:11 slef I think marc21 only does See/See Also
09:12 kf still hoping that it will work out of the box ;)
09:12 slef while unimarc does a full range of NT, BT, UF and so on
09:12 slef USE, RT, ...
09:12 slef TR, SN, ... sure I'm still missing some
09:12 slef I've been working on this too much this week :)
09:13 slef probably still missed something
09:15 slef biab
09:18 kf will this be part of 3.2 then?
09:20 kf promised authority data for end of year / perhaps beginning next year, but those "German changes" to MARC21 give me some headache - authority id-numbers, hierarchical titles, missing descriptors...
09:22 kf hm, what are those . ; : at end of fields are called?
09:24 hdl_laptop signs ?
09:26 kf hi hdl
09:27 kf when used in MARC21,for example: 245 10$aCancer research :
09:27 kf there is a : at the end of the field, but I dont know how to call them
09:27 chris colon
09:27 chris is the english name for :
09:27 kf yes, but isn't there a word for those signs in MARC21 context?
09:28 kf German word is "Deskriptionszeichen"
09:28 chris you only have a : an the a
09:28 chris if there is a $b field
09:28 chris (subtitle)
09:28 chris because when it displays in most systems it displays title : subtitle
09:29 kf yes, I found that out. I got data from our union catalog where all those signs are missing
09:29 chris its to do with the ISBD and old card catalogue days
09:30 kf and wondered if there is a special name for them in MARC21 context
09:30 chris nope
09:30 kf ok
09:30 chris not as far as i know
09:31 chris In records formulated according to ISBD principles, subfield $a includes all data up to and including the next mark of ISBD punctuation (a colon (:) when subfield $a is followed by subfield $b, a semicolon (;) when subfield $a is followed by another subfield $a, and a comma (,) when subfield $a is followed by subfield $c).
09:31 chris MARC is retarded
09:31 chris thats what R stands for :)
09:31 chris Most Annoying Retarded Catalogue
09:32 chris everytime i read the rules for it, it reminds me how annoying it is :)
09:32 kf I will quote you
09:32 chris heh
09:33 kf and it doesn't help that Germany is switching to MARC and Koha is one of the first systems we test our data with
09:34 chris yeah
09:34 chris makes it harder when you are learning 2 things at once
09:36 kf and documentation is in English
09:36 chris i hope your bosses appreciate how hard you are working :)
09:37 kf dont know, but I will better start working now and read some more MARC21 documentation
09:39 chris good luck
09:40 kf thx chris
09:48 slef it still freaks me out when people are discussing MARC in seminars
09:48 slef even though I call myself MJ
09:50 chris heh
11:29 gmcharlt good morning
11:30 gmcharlt slef: I'll make sure that the next KohaCon you're able to attend has at least one session on MARC :)

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