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13:47 schuster wizzyrea you in?
13:48 wizzyrea I am, sup?
13:49 schuster What version of Firefox are you all runnin?
13:50 schuster that's my hick coming out this mornin...
13:51 wizzyrea 3, mostly the latest version but probably some of the minor v3 revisions
13:51 wizzyrea sneak in there
13:52 schuster OK - we're still on 2.x until this summer - when you print LONG lists of things do they print ok?  That is our biggest problem and I believe it to be a FF 2 issue.
13:52 schuster We are only getting page 1 when a borrower or an item has say 200 items attached...
13:52 wizzyrea 3.0.10 is latest -- I haven't heard any complaints
13:53 wizzyrea oof!
13:53 schuster Yep major issue right now, but I keep saying it will go away when school starts next year...;)
13:53 wizzyrea hee
13:53 schuster I hope :(
13:53 wizzyrea we're public, people don't *usually* get to 200 items checked out
13:54 wizzyrea nor do we have many bibs with 200 items
13:54 schuster Are the localized holds working well? - we have teachers that checkout tons of stuff.
13:54 schuster Our librarians almost all went into arrest and quit when we told them it is shared holds...
13:54 wizzyrea a qualified yes, there are still bugs but they do work
13:55 schuster So just to clarify when a borrower places a hold on a book it keeps the hold to that borrowers location...
13:55 wizzyrea occasionally you get an item on y our pick list that is local hold, we're not sure why. gmcharlt's working on it though
13:55 schuster Are you all using Biblios at all?
13:55 wizzyrea opposite... when a book is catalogued it is placed in itemtype Local Hold
13:55 wizzyrea and only patrons of that "branch" can put hold on it
13:56 wizzyrea not yet
13:56 wizzyrea soon we hope
13:56 wizzyrea so patron of homelibrary1 can place holds on Local Hold items from homeelibrary1
13:56 wizzyrea but if patron from homelibrary2 tries to place a hold on Local Hold items from homelibrary1, it will fail
13:57 schuster So is local hold a field within the item types or a seperate item type all together?  did you have to change item types for an entire library that didn't want to share books?
13:57 wizzyrea yes, I believe you would have to do that
13:57 wizzyrea we're all about sharing :P
13:57 wizzyrea or have independent branches
13:58 wizzyrea we don't have any libraries that don't share, our values dictate that 95% of the collection is open to any patron in NE Kansas
13:58 schuster hmmm...  Did LibLime do that for you? - can't do independent branches gets really messy in sharing items and borrowers.  I'm all about sharing, but some librarians have this thing about serving their own students first...
13:58 wizzyrea yea, it was an enhancement we sponsored
13:59 wizzyrea it could probably be made better with... MORE MONEY. LOL
13:59 wizzyrea (that is, our libraries can hold back 5% of their collections to walk in or local hold only)
13:59 schuster HMMM so you can be all about sharing, but limit some items to just your location... hmmmm...  So those lovely vampire books could be local but the rest of the collection available...
14:00 wizzyrea (not counting local history or irreplaceable items, of course)
14:00 schuster That is a great solution...  Hadn't thought about that possibility..  Way cool...
14:00 wizzyrea yea, exactly, the vampire books can be held back
14:00 wizzyrea ;)
14:00 wizzyrea or, you can do what some of our libraries do
14:01 wizzyrea buy multiple copies of a popular title, share 4 of them, and keep one or two for local patrons
14:01 wizzyrea only
14:01 wizzyrea not sure how that would work in a school
14:01 schuster We still have 80 holds on the last vampire book - mainly because people don't want to share... so they "ignore" the hold which causes other problems.
14:02 wizzyrea it's definitely a paradigm shift for the participating libraries
14:02 schuster "Why won't it pull up my hold which is next"...  Well because you told it to ignore holds so now Koha thinks it should go on the shelf!
14:02 wizzyrea there are also walk in items
14:03 wizzyrea which means that the person has to physically take the item off of the shelf
14:03 wizzyrea the person has to be in the library to check it out
14:03 wizzyrea so that = no holds allowed
14:03 schuster You are light years ahead of me on the CSS stuff - I hope at the next conference you share your customizations and that "yes even a library in Kansas can customize it!"  Not knocking you praising you!
14:04 schuster Ah..  neat - we could use that for some of the classroom stuff they don't want to allow holds on during research periods.
14:05 wizzyrea well thank you... I'm still kind of dumb at it but I'm learning. I'm going through the changes I've made to see how many of them should actually go into the project
14:05 gmcharlt wizzyrea++
14:05 wizzyrea yes, exactly, that would be a perfect use for the walk in itemtype
14:06 gmcharlt (and then put your custom templates under version control, right? ;-) )
14:06 schuster Cool!  I'm just trying to figure out what we need to sponsor next!  That's my task this week to go through requests and figure out how to prioritize them and figure out how many of them are already in the que or that we need to figure out how much it will cost.
14:06 schuster gmcharlt - so when will localholds be available to the rest of the Koha community after the bugs are tweaked?  with 3.2 or earlier?
14:07 gmcharlt schuster: before 3.2 - a matter of a couple weeks or thereabouts
14:08 schuster That's something I'm trying to wrap my head around is when the "enhancements" that are sponsored are released...  The October 3.2 release is after school starts so I am trying to figure out what I need to focus on for when school starts again in August to show the librarians that Koha IS the way still and not one of the other school CKO systems...
14:08 wizzyrea gmcharlt: yes, I would love to do that
14:08 schuster gmcharlt - way cool!  I'll keep looking for it...
14:08 wizzyrea will need some heavy git tutorial however lol
14:09 wizzyrea[…]e_statements2.pdf if you're interested schuster
14:09 wizzyrea OH I did not mean to do that
14:09 wizzyrea >.>
14:10 wizzyrea maybe only my client actually shows the document...
14:10 schuster Anyone able to speak about the URL-Checker that came with
14:11 wizzyrea not it
14:12 wizzyrea (aside) I really want there to be a editable syspref for the detail page of the opac, the right hand column should be editable
14:12 wizzyrea user editable(
14:12 wizzyrea don't know why that came up just now
14:13 schuster URLs checker enhancement (bug #2959 ) - is what I'm refering to.
14:16 schuster OK guess not maybe I'll put it on the Dev list to see if there are any takers...  I don't see it documented anywhere.  But my wife tells me that I miss LOTS of stuff as I often skim!
16:45 wizzyrea whoa lol
16:45 pianohacker Hi, liz
16:46 wizzyrea hey :)
16:48 pianohacker What's going on?
16:48 wizzyrea netsplit or something
17:20 pianohacker brb
19:39 _eric_b chris, is there a way to get an email notification when new strings have to be translated?
20:00 wizzyrea whatever happened to the koha forum idea? I'm looking back through the list, and I've wondered myself why we don't have RSS enabled forums in addition to/sync'd with the email lists
20:03 gmcharlt matter of preference, I suppose
20:03 wizzyrea the last discussion I see of the matter said "use thunderbird, sort threaded"
20:04 wizzyrea which is good enough I suppose.
20:06 gmcharlt the big question is when would you post to a forum as opposed to sending an email
20:06 gmcharlt and I'd be concerned about the discussion getting split up
20:08 wizzyrea yea, I thought the same thing. I think forums are a little easier for nubs to navigate
20:08 wizzyrea but only a little
20:09 wizzyrea would be cool if there was a simultaneous forum <--> email sync
20:10 wizzyrea then it wouldn't matter how you interacted with it
20:11 wizzyrea dk, was just curious
20:49 _eric_b Is there a function providing the htdocs directory to used based on the selected language?
20:51 chris morning
20:52 rhcl afternoon
20:52 chris _eric_b: like when they have been suggested?
20:52 chris not that i know of, but i could probably whack something up to do that
20:53 _eric_b chris, no, I just needed to know.  I though about using this to localize the XSLT.
20:53 chris using it to localise the XSLT would be cool, we just need to create .po files from the XSLT
20:54 chris the nice thing with pootle is you can download the .po, translate and upload it back and it will merge with others translations
20:54 chris so you don't have to use the web interface to translate
20:55 chris if you do want to try it out, let me know, and ill make a new xslt project that you can try it with
20:57 chris wizzyrea: you can use markmail
20:59 chris or gmane
20:59 chris
21:00 chris it lets you reply from there
21:00 chris[…]p.misc.koha/14197
21:05 wizzyrea oh that's neat, I didn't realize youcould post there as well
21:05 wizzyrea problem solved :)
21:05 pianohacker Hmm
21:05 chris i kinda like how it fakes being a blog :)
21:05 pianohacker It seems we've all won "The Fat One" lottery
21:06 chris we have?
21:06 chris i know i ate a bit too much in texas, but that's just mean
21:06 richard morning
21:06 chris hiya richard
21:15 rhcl Liz, you getting wet? It's gushing here.
21:15 wizzyrea oh... you mean rain
21:15 rhcl Well, uh, yea. ??
21:15 wizzyrea um, it's sprinkling
21:15 wizzyrea LOL sorry
21:16 wizzyrea KIDDING only kidding
21:16 rhcl OK, I had to look up gushing.
21:17 rhcl Here's what I ment: gush v. gushed, gush·ing, gush·es v.. To flow forth suddenly in great volume: water gushing from a hydrant.
21:17 wizzyrea lol I'm familiar
21:17 rhcl But, uh, yea, there is another meaning I see.
21:18 wizzyrea and I"ve been misreading lots of things today
21:18 wizzyrea so... sorry
21:18 wizzyrea but yes, sprinkling rain here
21:19 wizzyrea geographically, we're in a spot that storms tend to go around
21:19 rhcl I also meant meant instead of ment.
21:20 wizzyrea of course :)
21:29 brendan Yeah - we all win the big bucks!
21:29 brendan what an open source project!
21:58 wizzyrea later on folks
22:10 chris those ones are hard to stop, when someone is subscribed to the list to send it
22:54 chris hey ccatalfo
22:54 ccatalfo evening!
22:55 chris you still doing much work on biblios?
23:11 ccatalfo chris: I haven't done much work on it since I joined LT but I have some things in mind I plan on starting on one of these evenings
23:11 chris sweet ;)
23:13 ccatalfo also trying to finally take a look at Koha and submit a few little things here and there to learn the codebase a bit better
23:14 chris cool, i saw a couple of patches from you go past
23:23 ccatalfo chris: you're excited to be working on koha again?
23:23 chris yeah its fun, mostly doing data munging at this stage but getting time to do some patches too
03:22 Amit_G Amit_G is Amit
03:28 Amit_G hi brendan, chris, mason
03:30 Jo hi Amit
03:37 brendan hi Amit_G
03:38 Amit_G hi brendan i m Amit
03:38 Amit_G hi Jo morning
04:45 mason afternoon all
04:55 richard bob u about?
04:55 richard oops wrong #
04:56 richard hi mason
05:57 Amit_G hi mason
06:08 chris hi hdl_laptop and laurence
06:08 hdl_laptop hi chris
06:08 laurence hi chris
06:13 nicomo hi all
06:14 chris hi nicomo no meetings today?
06:14 nicomo :-)
06:14 nicomo none whatsoever
06:14 nicomo what a relief
06:15 nicomo meetings and gloomy hotel rooms are the scurges of this job
06:20 Amit_G hi chris:[…]em/resources.html
07:47 chris evening all
07:47 Amit_G hi kf
07:48 chris cool amit
07:53 hdl_laptop chris: few strings have changed since yesterday, but there has been changes.
07:53 chris hmm opac or intranet or both?
07:56 kf hi koha# - came back to work today - still reading mails and koha mailing lists
07:56 kf hi Amit
08:00 hdl_laptop intranet mostly
08:01 hdl_laptop (history file for instance, but also one string in circulation)
08:04 chris k, ill update all the translation files
08:04 chris but maybe not tonight
08:05 hdl_laptop sorry
08:05 chris its ok :)
09:51 chris :)
09:51 chris we have called the midwife, wait and home and see if the contractions get stronger
09:52 chris laurel is playing tetris and im looking at koha bugs to distract from worrying :)
09:57 SelfishMan heh
09:59 kf chris: hope everything goes well
10:01 chris it might still be a false alarm, waiting and seeing :) kahu was 5 weeks early though, and its now 3 weeks til due date ... so who knows :)
10:06 fredericd chris: You make me nervous. I'd prefer not to have read that...
10:06 chris heh, you have one coming too fredericd ?
10:08 fredericd Not as I know. My house is full.
10:09 chris ah nothing to be nervous about then :-)
10:13 fredericd just ampathy and recollection...
10:14 chris ahhh :)
10:14 chris its less scary this time, at least i have some idea whats going on, last time we had no bags packed or anything i was running round like in circles
10:15 hdl_laptop what would a woman say then ;)
10:15 nicomo yep : and I hope you've had all the sleep you needed until today ;-)
10:15 gmcharlt hi all
10:15 nicomo hi gmcharlt
10:15 gmcharlt chris: my best wishes to you and laurel
10:16 chris hi gmcharlt, you are awake early
10:16 chris thanks
10:17 gmcharlt you have a funny way of relaxing - looking at koha bugs? ;)
10:18 chris well not relaxing, just a way to not sit there asking laurel "is it getting worse?" every 2 minutes until she gets angry :)
10:18 gmcharlt ha!
10:23 fredericd chris: all the best for your bug tracking :) and more as required
10:25 chris thank you, they seem to be easing off, so it might have just been braxton hicks contractions, we might try to get some sleep
10:25 chris have a good day all
10:28 gmcharlt you too
10:42 Amit_G hi gmcharlt
10:42 gmcharlt hi Amit_G
10:43 Amit_G i m amit
10:46 paul_p hi chris (& al)
10:46 gmcharlt hi paul_p
11:38 jwagner Trying to catch people in non-US timezones -- question about patron registration.  Do any sites (esp non-US sites) use the initials field in the patron record for other than middle initials, like Q in John Q. Public?  I'm contemplating a minor screen change/relabelling, and don't know whether to keep it local or send to community.
11:39 Amit_G hi jwagner
11:40 jwagner Hi Amit
11:42 paul_p hi jwagner: to answer your question = I never saw a french library using "initials" field
11:45 jwagner Thanks, Paul.  I _think_ the field is meant for middle initials, but wanted to see if there was any other usage of it.
11:45 kf hi jane, we do not plan on using it
11:46 kf I thought it would be lake jw for jane wagner - but didn't know where to use it
11:48 jwagner kf, that's what I wasn't sure if -- if some libraries might interpret the field to use for full-name initials (or other purposes).
11:54 kf but I have no idea where you could use this information - perhaps reports? notices? middle name initials could also be witten in surname directly?
11:55 jwagner It's more a tidiness issue -- rather than have firstname field contain John Q., it should be firstname John, initials Q.

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