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13:01 gmcharlt paul_p: about?
13:25 owen Hi #koha
13:26 gmcharlt hi owen
13:26 gmcharlt how is the new mini-you?
13:26 owen Doing great
13:28 gmcharlt :)
13:30 owen Seems like it's the Koha community that's going through birthing pains now
13:38 paul_p hello world
13:40 owen Hi paul_p
14:17 wizzyrea mornin everybody
14:17 owen Hi wizzyrea
14:17 gmcharlt hi wizzyrea
14:40 wizzyrea holy moly. what a weekend on the list
14:41 wizzyrea ;)
14:41 slef :-(
14:42 wizzyrea the internet is a terrible place to fight. You lose so much context
14:42 owen Yeah, that got uglier than it should have
14:44 slef how so?
14:45 owen I think the whole discussion of the new site got too emotional and accusatory on all sides.
14:45 wizzyrea owen - agreed
14:48 slef well, after patiently waiting for access for days||years, to get 2 days notice of replacement is a bit poor
14:49 owen Not ideal, but I think Liblime is acting in good faith and trying to do their best.
14:49 owen The site has been a long time coming, and they've put a lot of effort into it.
14:49 owen Sure they could have had an easier job if they'd gotten more help from the community, but in this case I suspect it's a matter of not knowing how to manage that process rather than wanting to exclude.
14:49 slef they've been working on it since at least mid-2007, so why botch it together in such a rush now?
14:50 owen It's been so long I think it was time to commit. Get it out there and start fixing what's broken.
14:51 slef but we can't fix what's broken
14:52 owen That's just a temporary problem.
14:52 wizzyrea gmcharlt: I had to do the same with the NEKLS website... nobody wanted to do the content before it went live
14:52 slef since the start of the website replacement project
14:52 wizzyrea so I put it up broken to force their hand
14:53 slef but there was no need to force - we've been requesting edit access
14:53 wizzyrea i believe it's probably a temporary condition
14:54 owen slef, do you think Liblime has an ulterior motive for not giving you access?
14:55 slef owen: I think LibLime is replacing the web authors.
14:56 slef not sure if that's an ulterior motive or if corporations can have motives besides profit, but I think that's what's happening.
14:57 slef (private US corporations, at least)
14:58 slef I hope I'm wrong, but I started out with the belief that it's a probably a temporary condition, but after a week, publication and launch, that belief has been shaken severely.
14:58 owen So in your opinion they're deliberately excluding you (and others) because they feel it's in the best interest of their company
14:58 slef at the moment, yes
14:59 slef or rather, it's not in their interest to grant access to me, Chris or Russel
15:00 slef I don't know who else had edit access, but I know that new webmaster Tina didn't have access until this change.
15:01 owen And you think she shouldn't have access?
15:02 slef I think the community should decide - until then, the previous web authors should at least continue.
15:03 owen I certainly agree with you that the previous authors should have access
15:03 wizzyrea ^^
15:03 owen I think the question of whether Tina should have access comes down to whether you assume that Liblime is a good or a bad actor in the Koha community
15:04 owen Seems like a lot of folks think Liblime isn't acting in the interests of the Koha community these days, and I find that hard to understand.
15:06 wizzyrea what is it, never assign to malice that which can adequately be explained by ignorance.
15:06 slef I think the difference is more whether one thinks LibLime is acting in the interests of the Koha community in its entirity, or only so far as it helps LibLime and obstructing other actors.
15:06 slef wizzyrea: possibly, but it's unbelievable that LibLime was ignorant of requests for acess to Plone.
15:08 slef sure... I'll hug almost anyone... I just don't understand anyone endorsing the website launching like that
15:10 owen I think Liblime deserves more benefit of the doubt than they're getting
15:10 wizzyrea to look at the page, it really looks to me (someone who really is relatively new and doesn't have a lot of baggage) like they INTEND to allow almost anybody to edit the site, it's just not working right yet
15:10 slef owen: OK, until when?
15:11 wizzyrea (I registered, and I can't get the edit link either. Which is why I feel like it might be ignorance.)
15:14 owen slef: Until you can demonstrate that their actions can't be explained as anything other than evil
15:15 slef owen: demonstrate or prove?
15:15 owen It sounds like you want proof from Liblime.
15:16 slef owen: sure, because that seems simple.  So do you feel I should wait until I can demonstrate or prove that they're being evil?
15:18 owen I think Liblime deserves the benefit of the doubt, based on their history and their people, until you or someone can demonstrate that they're deliberately acting contrary to the interests of the community
15:21 slef owen: demonstrate or prove?  It's a pretty straightforward question.
15:21 slef there will always be doubt over alternative explanations or deliberation
15:22 slef unless someone goes Mission-Impossible on their offices
15:23 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: quick question for you - is there any reason by 3.0.x commit e6e27bc80a7be792c228d2fef2e981539191ec36 shouldn't be ported to HEAD?
15:23 wizzyrea ooh, intrigue
15:24 wizzyrea pianohacker! hi!
15:25 rhcl Hi Paul
15:26 pianohacker Hello, all
15:26 pianohacker Also, hello to Paul
15:27 pianohacker Does anyone know who "COURYHOUSE" is?
15:28 chris yep, he is famous (infamous)
15:28 chris the lccn man :)
15:28 wizzyrea chris! mornin/evenin!
15:29 chris wizzyrea: way too early in the morning, but kahu has got a cough so i just got him back to sleep
15:29 gmcharlt hey chris
15:31 wizzyrea ew, my kiddo has the same. has been a icky few days
15:31 chris not much fun eh
15:32 wizzyrea an* icky
15:33 chris now he is yelling "my daddy"
15:33 chris which i have to resist, or i will be in there all night
15:34 slef gmcharlt: how will we whittle down the rfc3.2s to an achievable list?
15:35 chris ahh quiet
15:35 gmcharlt slef: LL can do some slicing and dicing on the ones that we expect to make it by the end of August
15:35 chris its amazing how when you become a parent, you appreciate silence so much more
15:35 gmcharlt but basically I intend to simply make it calendar driven
15:35 wizzyrea too true
15:35 gmcharlt so anything that doesn't hit end of August automatically becomes something for 3.4 or 4.0
15:36 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: i think you are right and can be integrated in HEAD.
15:38 chris speaking of parents, alll good in the leonard clan owen?
15:38 owen Yeah, the new little girl is doing great. Sleeping lots, which always helps ;) I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.
15:40 chris :)
15:41 owen In fact it's time for me to get back to them.
15:41 owen don't anyone burn the place down while I'm gone okay?
15:41 owen exit
15:42 chris hes a good man that one
15:47 gmcharlt owen++
15:49 chris ok, time for me to try and get some more sleep
15:50 wizzyrea gl!
15:51 wizzyrea I wish I had been smart enough to make friends in other time zones when my munchkin was small and I was up all night
16:42 danny have any devs worked with bazaar vcs? curious to hear what you thought of it compared to git
16:42 slef it's similar but different
16:43 danny slef: do you have a personal preference if you were able to choose which you'd rather work with?
16:43 slef danny: I choose git.
16:43 slef but there's no strong technical reason for that preference
16:44 danny ok
16:44 slef exaggerating slightly, I think that git has lots of people hammering it with big projects while bazaar is a Canonical Not-Invented-Here rewrite of another good tool
16:45 slef ok, exaggerating a lot
16:46 gmcharlt I've bzr a tiny bit to work on pymarc
16:47 gmcharlt I agree with slef's take on bzr vs. git
16:48 davi I have not used bzr, but I like git a lot
16:50 danny ok, i've not used bzr either, but I am about to work on another open source project and the other dev was leaning towards bzr
16:51 danny i was trying to decide if it was worth it to learn bzr or convince him to use git
16:51 davi bzr is part of the GNU project.
16:52 davi Git is not part of the GNU project.
16:52 davi bzr is a lot slower than Git.
16:52 davi Git has lot of more users.
16:53 davi danny, If he is already using bzr, instead of trying to convince him to switch toward Git I would just learn bzr.
16:54 slef davi: wow, I didn't know that.  It seems arch is no longer part of the GNU project.
16:54 slef I expect there are git-bzr and/or bzr-git
16:54 danny he isn't using bzr, and there is currently not a vcs in place, so we just deciding which to pick
16:54 davi arch is old
16:55 davi danny, I would advise to pick Git
16:55 danny I would too, but I am biased because I've never used bzr
16:55 davi bzr interface is said to be cool
16:56 davi It is just bzr is a little slower than Git, for projects with lot of source code, as the Linux kernel
16:56 slef or koha... and git wasn't fast to import koha
16:56 gmcharlt if you're used to git, bzr has a pretty low learning curve
16:57 davi gmcharlt, That is right
16:57 davi later slef
16:58 slef nengard's email to me is taking 5 hours to get between two servers.  Ouch.
16:59 slef Received: by [...] 04:05:26 -0700 (PDT)
16:59 slef Received: by [...] 09:40:23 -0700 (PDT)
16:59 slef bbl
17:03 wizzyrea_lunch afk a few :D
17:15 schuster question about guided "saved" reports - where are they "saved" and can an SQL be edited so I don't have to recreate the report and get a new saved number?
17:15 gmcharlt schuster: saved_sql table
17:15 gmcharlt and there's recent patch to let you edit the SQL
17:16 gmcharlt may not have propagated to you yet
17:39 davi self, GNU arch is part of GNU,  It is just happens that Bazzar has joined too the GNU project, See[…]ruary/000135.html
18:51 jwagner Anyone around for a searching question?
18:52 gmcharlt that could have multiple meanings :)
18:53 jwagner Well, let's stick to the one related to the Advanced Search page :-)
18:53 gmcharlt shoot
18:54 jwagner Two ways to approach what I'm thinking of.  Is there any way to (1) search by collection code rather than item type?  or (2) tell the system to omit certain item types from the list that shows on advanced search?  (short of custom coding, that is)
18:54 jwagner Primarily for OPAC advanced search, this is.
18:55 gmcharlt jwagner: take a look at the AdvancedSearchTypes syspref
18:55 gmcharlt of course, anything that you can limit on you can construct a regular search for
18:55 jwagner Bingo.  Overlooked that syspref completely.  Thanks, that should do what I want!
19:20 jdavidb I'm probably 10 or 15 minutes away from having a first patch for you to smoke-test in isolation against
19:20 jdavidb (wrong window...sorry.)
19:25 brendan god morning #koha
19:26 gmcharlt hi brendan
19:26 gmcharlt how are you?
19:26 brendan good - there has been a nice marine layer over the area for the past two days...  so SB is calm now
19:27 brendan kind of funny the fire for me has switched from actual forest here to the koha mailing list.  if you know what I mean
19:35 wizzyrea oh do we. lol
19:45 schuster Question about self checkout - sco/ - is anyone doing any development work on this?  I did attempt a search in bugs...
19:46 gmcharlt schuster: there has been some bugfixing activity with it
19:47 schuster OK - I've had a request if the issues could be in reverse order ASC rather than what looks to be the order in which they entered the issues table.
19:48 gmcharlt reverse order by checkout date? due date?
19:48 schuster I'm at that point of the year where we need to look at enhancements and determine if there is any money to do anything!
19:48 schuster they are in checkout date from what it looks like - we would like it in due date so the oldest is first rather than the most recent.
19:49 gmcharlt schuster: so I'm clear: 2009-04-09, 2009-05-20, 2009-05-21, etc?
19:50 schuster It is showing 4/23/09 and then the 4/18/09 after that for duedate - we would like it to display the 4/18/09 then the 4/23/09 duedate.
19:51 schuster gmcharlt you are backwards on how it currently displays - if you example is how we want it that is correct.
19:51 schuster Duedate that is.
19:51 gmcharlt schuster: right, my example was how you want it (or confirming that, rather)
19:52 schuster The code looks very simplistic in just pulling from the issues table for that borrower - when I ran an sql they came up that way from issues as well so that is why I suspect there is no "ordering" to it.
19:52 schuster (currently)
19:53 gmcharlt it's currently explicitly ordered by date of original loan
19:54 schuster Off to put a list of enhancements together!  Since we don't have the enhancements database up to date yet what is the best way for me to VET my requests to the group to see if there is work being done?
19:54 gmcharlt file bugs
19:54 gmcharlt & send email to koha-devel if you want to try to shake out anybody who's hiding
19:55 schuster OK - get ready!  I may use this as my examples to figure out how to write the documentation on entering enhancements.  That's a good idea as well.
19:55 schuster Happy Monday!
19:55 gmcharlt you too!
19:56 schuster gmcharlt so there would have to be some code written to order it differently not just an asc/desc option drat.
19:56 gmcharlt schuster: there are several options
19:56 gmcharlt code changes
19:56 gmcharlt or a change to the template
19:57 gmcharlt to use a javascript library called tablesorter
19:57 jwagner schuster, I've been looking at self-checkout, but haven't done anything yet.  I have a site that doesn't want to have to manually log in to this page.  I was looking at a syspref for autologin, and sysprefs to fill in ID & password for account with circ privileges, then have the sco page check for that & do automatic login if requested.  Dunno if that would have any effect on your plans.
19:57 gmcharlt to make the duedate, and other columns, sortable
19:57 wizzyrea tablesorter ++
19:58 gmcharlt the sorting change is a pretty tiny one in the grand scheme of things
19:58 gmcharlt and would likely be the sort of thing that would end up be an example of something that once you call attention to it
19:59 gmcharlt somebody may just do
20:00 gmcharlt so you can also position it as an example of libraries helping other libraries by somebody making that change
20:23 atz wizzyrea: tablesorter isn't really that great a fix.  you are delivering the data in a set order, so the only efficient thing to do is make it the right one.  
20:24 atz after the page is delivered is where tablesorter makes sense
20:26 wizzyrea atz: is true, except that (and yes, admittedly is a nubcake thing to say) schuster, or even I, could make a javascript change. Changing the code - not so much (at least, yet). I wholly appreciate your bent towards efficiency, though, and your way is probably the right way.
20:27 atz yeah, the application becomes insane if you sort/resort batches at each level.... cost gets exponential
20:28 wizzyrea unless of course, not *everyone* wants it in the order you give them. That's probably a bigger change though.
20:28 atz self-check is in the OPAC too, which we still try to provide degradable HTML for non-js users
20:28 atz *in which
20:29 atz wizzyrea: some solutions are: cookies, some recycling form parameter, syspref(s) or maybe something else
20:30 atz there is a syspref already that deals with sort order on the non-self-check page
20:30 wizzyrea one could argue that the SCO isn't really for the "public" as a library might be running that interface on dedicated machines
20:30 wizzyrea just sayin ;)
20:31 wizzyrea (dedicated machines that the library has control over what settings are in use)
20:31 atz a fair argument... technically part of the OPAC, but "conceptually" part of the STAFF interface
20:31 wizzyrea just, patrons happen to look at it
20:32 gmcharlt anything that requires a staff operator login is a staff function :)
20:32 wizzyrea well there you have it lol
20:32 wizzyrea it really is a cool piece of functionality
20:32 wizzyrea the sco module
20:33 pianohacker wizzyrea: vtl is looking at starting a Koha users group in WI called WisKE
20:33 pianohacker You started a bad habit
20:34 wizzyrea LOL!
20:34 wizzyrea love it
20:34 gmcharlt grr - time to start Koha'ers Opposing Puns
20:34 atz the KOPs?
20:34 gmcharlt I didn't say I would qualify as a member :)
20:34 atz nice
20:36 schuster vtl was upset that keggers was taken so they had to come up with something equally as clever...  now getting approval to go to a Kegger or WisKE event might be tricky...
20:37 gmcharlt well, nobody can afford to serve (good) whiskey at a kegger, so it should be just fine
20:37 wizzyrea (to be fair, one of our librarians came up with the name "Koha Explorer's Group" and a different librarian came up with the Kegger moniker)
20:37 schuster What does Kegger stand for in Kansas for the Koha users group?
20:37 wizzyrea Koha Explorer's Group
20:37 schuster Ah very clever...  
20:38 schuster Makes us all sound like a bunch of drinkers!  Not that we aren't but... don't tell my boss.
20:38 wizzyrea lol
20:39 schuster Thanks all for your help again today - off to explore enhancement possibilities  and the next step in the "enhancement process"...  Look for a call for participation!
20:44 pianohacker Sounds like you've had a bit yourself
20:45 pianohacker On work hours? tsk, tsk
20:50 wizzyrea ^.^ no drinking here, I'm naturally this loopy
21:06 chris morning
21:06 pianohacker Good morning
21:06 pianohacker Get any more sleep?
21:07 chris yep 4 more hours
21:17 gmcharlt chris: I ran across some stuff that references HLT in the code
21:17 chris my bad
21:17 gmcharlt chris: I'm going to excise it, so since you're working on their migration to 3.x
21:17 chris :)
21:17 chris yeah
21:17 gmcharlt I'll leave it to you to put it back in a syspref-able manner
21:17 chris cool, sounds good
21:17 chris im guessing to do with fines?
21:18 gmcharlt yes, I believe so
21:18 gmcharlt but also in CanBookBeIssued() of all places
21:19 chris heh classy
21:25 gmcharlt ok, patch in question pushed if you need to note it as a possible regression for HLT
21:28 chris actually you are right, that was only needed in 2.2
21:28 chris 3.0 allows the override
21:29 chris wow so much mail, all of it worth reading too
21:29 chris koha_community++
21:31 gmcharlt chris: the only big thing left that appears to be HLT-specific is C4::Print
21:31 chris yeah, that can be removed, because that whole thing no longer works (printing to printqueues) and needs to be rewritten
21:32 chris and it will still all be in git if we ever do need it
21:32 gmcharlt yep
21:33 gmcharlt is HLT planning to still use that kind of remote printing after they upgrade?
21:34 chris not sure, the printers are all connected to a cups server still
21:34 chris so whatever printing has to go through that anyway
21:34 chris but you can do that in the browser, we will have to try and see if its acceptable
21:34 chris it can be added back pretty fast if not
21:35 gmcharlt yeah, although next time around using C4::Letters presumably
21:35 chris yep
21:54 atz patch sent for biblioitems.marcxml parse checking script
21:54 chris ohh sweet
21:55 chris somethign for weekly maintenance huh?
21:55 atz well, depending on library size
21:55 atz it could be prohibitively costly on a large DB
21:56 atz but yeah, it crontab-able
21:56 atz *it's
21:56 atz i think that the authorities linking script may be silently corrupting the xml with fields that are empty
21:56 chris ahhh
21:57 atz but like all these problems, fixing that script wouldn't be enough now that the mangled data is in the wild
21:57 chris on a large db, might be good to run this against a slave?
21:57 atz yeah, if you are just getting the warning/output
21:58 atz it has a --fix option to replace the marcxml with data from marc
21:58 chris right, so you could run the warnings on a slave, and then fix on the faster if you get any hits
21:58 atz yeah, though that wouldn't necessarily be something you could crontab
21:59 chris true
21:59 chris youd probably want a human involved, get an email from the crontab with the warning/output
21:59 chris and then a human decides whether to run the fix or not
22:00 atz yeah, it should be the same human who maybe got in underneath the application and was tweaking XML manually...
22:00 chris :-)
22:00 atz also has a --Lint option for MARC::Lint analysis
22:00 chris nice
22:01 atz most of my records are Linty :\
22:02 atz chris: did you see my mail about Amazon?
22:03 chris yeah, havent devoted it the attention it deserves yet
22:03 atz me either, except to say "umm.. i know some people who need to hear this"
22:05 chris yeah
22:08 brendan hey atz - haven't had a chance to say hi in a while
22:08 atz greets brendan
22:08 brendan how's Ohio
22:09 atz nice... sunny and tame recently
22:09 brendan my fiance is in columbus for a conference
22:09 brendan the tame part is nice...
22:09 chris does columbus have a baseball team?
22:09 brendan minor league I think.  the yankees used to be there
22:09 chris i know they have a hockey one, i saw them play when i was visiting
22:09 atz yeah, the Clippers
22:09 atz brand new stadium downtown
22:10 chris sweet
22:10 brendan and they have a great soccer stadium and team
22:10 brendan the crew
22:10 chris i fear i have caught the bug
22:10 brendan awesome!
22:10 brendan I feel somewhat responsible for the infection...
22:10 atz the Clippers were previously Yankee-affiliated
22:10 chris ill have to go see the pirates play next time im visiting the inlaws
22:11 atz then switched to the Washington Wizards
22:11 brendan the best medicine is to realize that the baseball season is long....  
22:11 brendan ah the pirates stadium is supposed to be the best there is
22:11 brendan the stadium is awesome -- the team not so much anymore
22:12 chris *nod*
22:12 atz the new Ohio State baseball park is a nice place for an NCAA game if you want to see that level too
22:12 chris ohh
22:12 chris good idea
22:12 atz little cheaper than MLB
22:12 brendan it pretty interesting to watch NCAA -- they use metal bats
22:13 chris so can hit further?
22:13 brendan the ball really jumps of the bat -- it's a much more offensive game...  that's a pun too
22:13 chris heh
22:13 atz http://www.ohiostatebuckeyes.c[…]300&ATCLID=925243
22:13 brendan the metal bats add a few more miles per hour to the ball when hit... so 10~15 feet further
22:14 brendan scary for thrid basemen -- called the hot corner
22:15 chris that does look nice atz
22:15 brendan I prefer to use metal - just because I'm relatively small - so I can actually hit the ball out once a year
22:15 chris hehe
22:17 chris[…]ports-quiz-May-12
22:17 chris lets see how good your nz sports trivia is :)
22:18 atz chris: met a viola player at the bar the other night... he said, "yeah, my band isn't very big, but we got popular in NZ"
22:18 chris lol awesome
22:18 atz i guess the rugby team used their song in a video or something
22:18 chris could well do
22:21 chris they do use a lot of classical type music in advertisements
22:21 chris or highlight packages
22:21 chris specially with slow motion replays
22:21 brendan hehe -- small world bars are sometimes
22:24 atz new (as in, open for less than a month!) Clippers ballpark
22:24 atz
22:25 chris ohh very cool
22:31 chris it is both fortunate and unfortunate that my list of places to visit and things to do keeps growing :)
22:32 brendan chris - hopefully it always grows...  mine is too big also
00:06 brendan heya Jo
00:25 Jo hi Brendan
00:55 chris hey owen :)
00:55 owen Hi
00:56 owen I return to my computer with great trepidation after being away all day
00:56 chris its a bit like that
00:56 chris but no, lots of good emails today
00:58 brendan hey owen
00:59 owen Hi brendan
01:03 chris back, its dangerous having a bakery that close
01:30 Nightshadow ...
01:30 Nightshadow vdfferf
01:30 owen Hi Nightshadow
01:30 owen Nice talkin' to ya.
01:31 chris heh cya later owen
01:48 pianohacker Weird, that wasn't even rot13
01:48 pianohacker Just random
01:48 pianohacker Oh well
01:49 chris i think someone found the cgi that gets you into #koha :)
02:27 pianohacker Good night, koha
02:47 chris hello reed :)
02:48 reed hellow
02:48 reed did my allotment of productivity so safe to be on irc now
02:48 chris awesome
02:49 reed may even have me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to celebrate
02:49 chris :)
02:50 reed fyi - still planning to do that lenny clean install experiment w/koha
02:50 reed probly next week while I'm off
02:50 chris fabulous
02:53 brendan heya reed
02:58 reed hey
02:58 brendan so I hear you're from the sunshine state - if I remember correctly
02:58 reed oh, not me -- those people are crazy
02:58 reed tennessee
02:59 atz yeah, *those* people are sane.  
02:59 brendan whoops thought tennesee was the sunshine state
02:59 reed florida
03:00 brendan ha
03:00 reed florida's also very flat, which I find disturbing for some reason
03:01 reed wellington and east tennessee have a lot in common topologically
03:01 reed aside from the ocean
03:01 atz yeah, the highest "mountain peak" in florida is 344 feet
03:01 atz[…]st-peaks.asp?s=FL
03:01 reed heh
03:02 brendan and too many old people -- sorry gmcharlt
03:02 atz which in tennessee doesn't qualify as a turdpile
03:02 brendan I think the town dump has got to be the highest point
03:02 brendan it was in the town I went to school at in indiana
03:02 reed nice
03:21 Amit hi brendan, chris, mason
03:21 Amit good morning koha
03:22 chris hi amit
03:25 brendan heya amit
03:29 Jo sending a wee quiet sos to a marc guru out there in Koha world ..
03:29 Amit hi Jo
03:30 Jo testing z39.50  and can't save the record because 2 fields aren't filled in : 003 (control #identifier) and 040 (Transcribing agency)
03:30 Jo Hi Amit
03:30 Jo and while I am very clever at many things, I am not clever at marc!
03:33 Jo I have a marc code of NZ-LeHLT which might be the 003 one - but it didn't accept that. (was system generated y Koha I presume)
03:33 chris is this koha 3 Jo?
03:33 Jo yep
03:33 brendan you can either make something up for those fields or make them not mandatory in your marc-framework... I think
03:33 Jo oh - i do like making them not mandatory
03:33 Jo that sounds like a splendid solution!
03:34 brendan checking my system -- back in a moment
03:34 Jo Chris: in the kohaaloha test site
03:34 chris ah righto, normally there is a plugin enabled
03:34 chris for 003
03:34 Jo just playing with the manual and seeing how it all works readyu for when you say "have at it girls"
03:34 chris so just clicking in that field fills it in
03:35 Jo yepo. that seems to be working - but maybe I havn't entered the right info in the sys pref
03:37 Jo I have entered NZ-LeHLT in the marc org code section of sys pref / cataloguing
03:38 Jo sigh .. i can't where to stop them being compulsory
03:43 chris 2 secs
03:43 chris i will go check the rules of 0002
03:43 Jo thanks
03:43 chris and then 003 which is what i meant to type
03:43 Jo :)
03:44 chris you are right
03:44 chris[…]nua&submit=Search
03:45 chris so if it wont accept that, there may be a bug
03:47 chris ill just try on my test one
03:51 chris yep its happy with that on mine, still wants 040c tho
03:51 Jo ok. so the 040c must be the blocker
03:51 chris yep
03:52 chris just put testing in there
03:52 Jo and i have no idea what to put there or even what it is...
03:52 Jo ok.
03:52 chris if thd were here he would know
03:53 Jo thats ok ... I'll see what loc have to say as well
03:53 Jo oclc
03:59 Jo 040 Subfield $c - Transcribing agency:
03:59 Jo Subfield $c contains the MARC code or the name of the organization that transcribed the record into machine-readable form.
03:59 Jo 040c
03:59 Jo thats just dum that it doesn't come over automatically.
03:59 Jo i must have done something stupid in the system setup
06:16 Hopposai hello all
06:17 Hopposai anyone home/alive?
07:01 chris so much mail to read
07:22 chris hdl_laptop: i havent noticed any problems yet with the testing version
07:23 hdl_laptop hi chris.
07:23 hdl_laptop thanks for report.
07:24 chris jo will be doing some testing on it tomorrow too
07:43 chris hdl_laptop: all the language files are updated on
07:44 hdl_laptop I saw a message on that point yesterday I think.
07:44 hdl_laptop Thanks
07:45 chris most languages have only 38 or 45 strings to translate (those that were up to date for 3.0.1)
07:45 chris if we see cait tonight, we can pester her to do the german one :)
07:45 chris and i can pester you to finish the french :)
07:47 chris at least for the opac, more for the intranet
07:53 hdl_laptop i will ask nicomo to do that.
07:56 chris cool
08:08 chris hi fredericd
08:08 hdl_laptop hi fredericd
08:09 fredericd hello all
08:19 Amit hi fredericd
09:12 slef hi all
09:12 hdl_laptop hi slef
09:13 chris hi slef
09:15 Amit hi slef
10:27 nahuel hi dudes
10:28 davi hi
11:01 slef chris: don't do it! ;-)
11:04 chris heh
11:38 chris hi jwagner
11:41 jwagner Hi Chris, sorry, was on another screen.
11:43 chris no worries, im about to go to sleep pretty soon anyway
11:44 jwagner How was the visit to the octopus?
11:45 chris lots of fun, we got to see some carpet sharks, some big snapper and hold a starfish too
11:45 chris i suspect we will be going the next open day too
11:46 jwagner Sounds nicely squirmy :-)  I'll stick to dogs and cats.
11:50 chris ok sleep for me, have a good day all
11:52 jwagner G'night.

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