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12:06 kf perhaps its just because names with initials are not common in Germany, normaly just the first name is used
12:08 jwagner OK, thanks.  I'll ask again later to catch other time zones, but it sounds like I'm safe so far.
13:18 CGI574s hello
13:18 CGI574s how are you guys? im bill, from accounting
13:19 CGI574s fuck
13:21 bill i found you
13:39 jwagner gmcharlt, online?
13:39 gmcharlt jwagner: hi
13:40 jwagner Hi there.  Question for you -- in the various patches you've been asking people (including me) to update to XHTML.  I don't know anything about this syntax.  Is there a useful source?  What needs to be done if you're modifying an existing template file?
13:41 gmcharlt jwagner: the syntax itself is easily googled.  As far as testing for XHTML validity, I recommend the HTML Validator add-on for FireFox
13:41 gmcharlt which changes the FF view source command to also run a check of the validity
13:41 gmcharlt in the specific case of the MARC21 fixed field plugins
13:42 gmcharlt my recent patches to the leader plugin give a model to follow
13:42 gmcharlt there are some specific things
13:42 gmcharlt 1. where a template has something like <option value="foo" SELECTED>, valid XHTML is <option value="foo" selected="selected" />
13:43 gmcharlt the selected="selected" bit is just the XML representation of a tag's attribute
13:43 gmcharlt to step back a bit
13:43 gmcharlt the key thing to keep in mind about XHTML
13:43 gmcharlt is that it's basically HTML that's also supposed to be valid XML
13:44 gmcharlt which has following consequences
13:44 gmcharlt - there's an XML schema  for XHTML that's used for validation
13:44 gmcharlt - all elements (tags) need to be closed - for things like <br>, that means that they should be <br />
13:45 gmcharlt or like <input name="foo" id="foo" type="text" />
13:45 gmcharlt etc.
13:45 gmcharlt dealing with initial set of warnings returned by HTML validator
13:45 gmcharlt can be a little intimidating at first
13:45 jwagner OK, I've installed the plugin & will read up on it.  The closing syntax is <br /> instead of the old HTML </br>?
13:45 gmcharlt but it's usually not that big of a deal
13:46 gmcharlt jwagner: right, for those elements that don't normally have end tags - you still do <p>text</p> for example
13:47 gmcharlt the main bit that can get tedious is if it discoveres that you have an extra (or missing) <div> or </div>
13:48 jwagner OK.  As a standard practice, any time we're updating template files do you want us to check for this stuff?
13:48 gmcharlt yes
13:49 gmcharlt all output in staff and OPAC should be valid XHTML
13:51 jwagner Sigh.  So much for a quick minor screen change patch :-(  I'll see what I can figure out, thanks.
13:51 jwagner I saved your leader patch because I saw the XHTML refs, but haven't looked at it closely yet.
13:51 gmcharlt the practice will do you good :)
13:52 jwagner Harrumph.
13:52 Elwell oh, and lowercase too
13:52 gmcharlt although seriously, if a page currently has a bunch of XHTML validation errors
13:52 gmcharlt it is acceptable to punt and just patch the immediate issue
13:52 jwagner To make sure I got the right plugin -- I loaded HTML Validator, but it seems to be referring to Tidy and SGML.  Doesn't specifically mention XHTML that I can see.
13:52 gmcharlt as long as you don't add to the number of reported issues
13:53 gmcharlt jwagner: that's the right plugin - you want it to turn on SGML validation
13:53 gmcharlt (long boring history of XML and how it developed from SGCML skipped over for now)
13:53 jwagner OK, that's the one I picked (I think).  Now I just load a page & turn on the plugin?
13:53 gmcharlt yeah, turn on the plugin
13:53 gmcharlt and right click and view source
13:54 jwagner Will do, thanks.
14:44 OTH hello
15:02 hdl_laptop hi OTH
15:03 hdl_laptop atz not around.
15:04 gmcharlt just not on channel
15:04 gmcharlt looking for him?
15:05 hdl_laptop I wanted to know what he would do with granularpermissions
15:07 JavierFM hdl_laptop: de donde eres??
15:07 JavierFM hdl_laptop: hello how are you??
15:08 JavierFM quill: helllo
15:08 JavierFM hdl_laptop: what??
15:08 hdl_laptop hi from France
15:08 JavierFM hdl_laptop: heyyy man I talk spanish
15:08 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: he's starting off adding granular permissions for cat and acq
15:09 hdl_laptop ok thx.
15:10 hdl_laptop I saw that granular permissions was quite thought to be the default.
15:10 JavierFM nice to meet you
15:10 JavierFM i am Cuban
15:15 JavierFM hdl_laptop: hey what do you do
15:20 JavierFM atz: hello
15:20 atz hello
15:20 JavierFM !voice
15:20 JavierFM !op
15:20 JavierFM !k nicomo
15:20 JavierFM atz: how are you
15:21 JavierFM atz: un gusto verte por aki
15:21 atz JavierFM: i'm pretty good... lots of work to do
15:24 JavierFM atz: where are you?
15:24 atz Columbus, OH
15:24 atz (usa)
15:27 JavierFM okis
15:28 JavierFM i am from Cuban
15:29 JavierFM La Habana City
15:29 atz cool
15:29 JavierFM atz: how many time did you are here in this chat!!!?
15:29 JavierFM atz: how you will see i am not so good in the english jajajaja!!
15:30 atz I am usually here on weekdays
15:30 atz monday - friday
15:40 wizzyrea_away quick search question: what field does the OPAC advanced search -> notes/comments search?
15:41 hdl_laptop wizzyrea: see note in record.abs
15:45 wizzyrea just to make sure I'm reading this right:
15:46 wizzyrea melm 505        Note:w,Note:p
15:46 wizzyrea this means that marc field 505 is where it's looking for notes/comments?
15:47 gmcharlt it's at least one of them
15:47 gmcharlt there can be multiple melm's feeding to same index
15:48 gmcharlt though it looks like 505 is the only one at moment
15:48 gmcharlt somebody sent a patch to include item-level notes (925$z), but that one hasn't necessarily made it to you yet
15:55 wizzyrea AH
15:56 wizzyrea well we'll look forward to the itemlevel notes
15:56 wizzyrea I think you just saved yourself a support ticket lol
15:56 wizzyrea ;)
15:56 OTH atz: heyy man the internet here is short band
15:57 atz OTH: where is that?
15:57 OTH cuba
15:57 atz cool
15:58 OTH atz: brother i study infomatica
15:58 OTH atz: what hve that of cool??
15:59 atz it's cool that packet radio is still in use... i don't know anybody using it here
16:00 OTH atz: you speak spanich, man??
16:00 atz no hablo  (not much anyway)
16:03 OTH atz: jejeje ok
16:03 OTH :)
16:03 OTH atz: what do you do
16:04 OTH brendan: my love you remember me
16:04 OTH ?
16:04 atz OTH: I work for LibLime on koha code
16:04 OTH i am JavierFM
16:04 OTH atz: good
16:04 OTH atz: how old are you
16:05 atz 31
16:05 OTH ok i am 17
16:05 OTH how many time you have chating here??
16:06 atz i'm here daily
16:06 OTH atz: what is the meaninig of your nick
16:07 atz it is part of my name
16:07 OTH what is your name complete
16:08 atz joe atzberger
16:08 OTH atzberger??? in what languague are that
16:08 OTH ?
16:08 atz german
16:09 OTH the my is OTH
16:09 OTH OneTreeHill
16:09 OTH hey you are descendent of hitlre??? jejje
16:09 wizzyrea are you a descendant of castro?
16:10 atz pretty sure no... my dad's ancestors left germany about 1850
16:10 OTH wizzyrea: no my love noooooo I am Javier Fernandez Machin , is just for you know
16:11 OTH atz:  baffff is a relieve
16:12 wizzyrea technically, hitler was austrian ^.^
16:14 OTH wizzyrea: sure??
16:14 OTH wizzyrea: ok if you say it
16:14 wizzyrea
16:15 OTH ok i go
16:15 OTH wizzyrea: my love nice to meet you
16:15 OTH atz: friend say something
16:16 OTH somebody know commands of irc
16:16 OTH ?
16:17 atz try /help ?
16:18 OTH atz: heyyyy i am net admin ok
16:18 OTH in my country i am the operator in the central channel
16:27 OTH hey people are you there???
16:28 OTH quill_: hello man
16:36 gmcharlt general question to all
16:36 gmcharlt I'm working on the patron messaging preference system
16:36 gmcharlt and since the code the set the preferences is duplicated between OPAC and staff
16:37 gmcharlt (and will be duplicated again in staff so that default preferences can be set per patron category)
16:37 gmcharlt I'm planning to create a class to generate and process that form
16:37 gmcharlt any thoughts about the best namespace for it?
16:39 OTH kreo ke me voy a ir de aki
16:42 OTH pianohacker: hello man i am JavierFM you rememberme
16:42 OTH ?
16:42 pianohacker Hello
16:43 pianohacker ¿Como está?
16:43 pianohacker Bleh, forgot an accent
16:43 pianohacker Anyway
16:44 OTH pianohacker: jejeje un gusto verte de nuevo mi amigo
16:44 OTH komo estas
16:44 OTH ?
16:45 pianohacker Bien
16:46 OTH pianohacker:  me alegro
16:48 gmcharlt wizzyrea: I imagine you and others at NEKLS will want to add yourselfs to the CC list of bug 3222
16:48 wizzyrea gmcharlt: looking
16:49 wizzyrea yes, THANKS :D
16:49 gmcharlt note that the deadline in the bug is an estimate of when it will hit the public tree
16:49 gmcharlt you'll be testing it before then
16:49 OTH byebye
16:50 wizzyrea of course... super, they'll be so happy. This enhancement in bugzilla thing works well I think
17:02 wizzyrea bummer, I was going to thank hdl for his help
17:02 wizzyrea just made our cataloger so happy :)
17:08 pianohacker Hmm, looking at part four of bug 3222
17:09 pianohacker gmcharlt: What would the real-life scenario for that be?
17:09 gmcharlt making sure that if an item is transferred to fill a hold (and thus getting checked in several times along the may)
17:10 gmcharlt the patron gets the notification only once, when the item is actually at the pickup library
17:10 _eric_b gmcharlt, Does the new system has a setting like "Prefered language".
17:11 gmcharlt _eric_b: for patron messages?  no, it doesn't at present
17:11 _eric_b This would allow the user to define in which language he wants to receive its messages.
17:13 pianohacker gmcharlt: Ah, okay. That makes sense
17:14 _eric_b pianohacker, of course ;)
17:15 _eric_b I'm living in a bilingual world, so I have to keep an eye on this kind of details!  Vive le Quebec! :)
17:17 pianohacker Heh. Sounds much like Little Havana in Miami
17:17 wizzyrea NEKLS spec'd that one, sorry we didn't think in terms of bilingual >.<
17:17 wizzyrea or multi-lingual
17:18 gmcharlt wizzyrea: one of the advantages of the sponsorship model is you don't necessarily have to sponsor what you don't use yourself ;)
17:18 gmcharlt of course, if something would *preclude* doing something like what _eric_b needs
17:19 wizzyrea gmcharlt: I honestly do  make an effort to make sure that when we do enhancements, we think about it in a way that benefits all users of koha
17:19 gmcharlt Dan and I would ever-so-gently guide you away, or let you know of a potential pitfall for other Koha users
17:19 wizzyrea :) I'm sure you would
17:19 wizzyrea your way is better anyway, usually
17:20 wizzyrea (er, I'm sure you have, rather)
17:20 gmcharlt wizzyrea: it is great that you are making an effort to think about the larger issues
17:21 gmcharlt and obviously, I can't catch anything
17:21 gmcharlt e.g., I'll try to make sure that something won't break UNIMARC support, for example
17:21 gmcharlt but actually coding for UNIMARC users I would leave to the UNIMARC experts
17:21 _eric_b btw, we are also using MARC over here.
17:22 wizzyrea if you heard some of the ways they wanted to do things here... oi. You'd laugh.
17:23 wizzyrea our meetings are very entertaining sometimes
17:23 wizzyrea "but why can't it put a man on mars?"
17:23 wizzyrea well...
17:25 gmcharlt give me a trillion dollars, and anything is possible ;)
17:25 gmcharlt can't reach Mars, but I wonder if the ISS has a library that needs a catalog?
17:26 gmcharlt pianohacker: getting Koha in use on all 7 continents doesn't seem quite ambitious enough :)
17:26 pianohacker Hehe
17:26 jwagner New topic for folks:  I asked earlier for people in early (relative to me) timezones, repeating for later logins -- question about patron registration.  Do any sites (esp non-US sites) use the initials field in the patron record for other than middle initials, like Q in John Q. Public?  I'm contemplating a minor screen change/relabelling, and don't know whether to keep it local or send to community.
17:42 pianohacker jwagner: When I imported our borrower data, I set it to the full initials of the person (like JMF or GMC)
17:43 pianohacker But it looks like our circ staff has not been doing that
17:43 pianohacker So a muddy "Yes, we do use it for something different"
18:06 jwagner Sorry, was off on another screen.  I have a request to move the middle initial up a line in the patron edit screen (to follow first name) and to show it on the patron results list and display page.  Would this be a problem?  I can make it obey a syspref.
18:07 wizzyrea Here's what I think: instead of relabeling, you ought to be able to choose exactly what you see on your add patron screen in the sysprefs
18:08 pianohacker Hrm
18:08 pianohacker May I vote for CSS instead?
18:08 pianohacker Not quite as user-friendly, but even with my new editor the sysprefs screen is already a morass
18:09 wizzyrea It would probably be more like the circ rules pages
18:09 pianohacker Yup
18:09 wizzyrea it's own thing
18:09 jwagner Yes, I could do the label via jquery.  Wanted to check about displaying the initials, if that would be a problem for anyone.
18:09 pianohacker jwagner: Probably not, but you might want to send a message to koha-devel
18:09 wizzyrea I think we hid that field entirely
18:12 jwagner OK, thanks.  It ties in with some other development, so I'll noodle it around some more.
18:15 wizzyrea I still really want the ability to select exactly what fields show (and in what order!) on the add patron screen. ^.^
18:15 pianohacker Hrm
18:15 wizzyrea kind of like Wordpress's widget interface, but not necessarily ajax
18:16 pianohacker I have an idea that might fix the first problem, though not the second
18:16 wizzyrea well the 1st is probably much more important
18:17 wizzyrea the order can be dealt with
18:17 pianohacker So, if we give each field or line a unique id (which they might already have, in fact), they can be hidden by CSS
18:17 wizzyrea yea, that is true
18:17 wizzyrea hm, I see where you're going with this I think
18:18 pianohacker If we have an administration screen for "Customize interface" that could create a table with rules for each branch, screen and interface item
18:18 pianohacker (or even patron categories or itemtypes)
18:18 pianohacker Then the only remaining part would be something that took those rules and generated CSS automatically for each page
18:18 pianohacker Does that make sense?
18:20 jwagner wizzyrea, I want the same thing (decide which fields, what order) for the bib record display!
18:21 wizzyrea pianohacker: yea, exactly!
18:21 wizzyrea jwagner: I wrestle with the same thing every day lol
18:22 wizzyrea wizzyrea + xslt != fun and == much swearing
18:22 wizzyrea esp since they're hard coded.
18:22 wizzyrea guess that's a cleanup project I could undertake lol
18:23 pianohacker wizzyrea: cool
18:23 pianohacker Oh man, XSLT
18:24 wizzyrea iknorite
18:24 wizzyrea ./facedesk
18:29 pianohacker I remember trying to customise the Docbook XSLT stylesheets to have something approaching aesthetics
18:29 pianohacker What a nightmare that was
18:40 wizzyrea pianohacker: if you're going to make a customize interface screen, you could take all of those sysprefs and park them there
18:40 pianohacker Hmm
18:41 wizzyrea might make a little more sense?
18:41 pianohacker Yeah, maybe
18:41 wizzyrea idk, it's just a thought
18:41 wizzyrea the OPACNav, OPAC CSS, etc
18:41 pianohacker Yup
18:41 pianohacker Actually, some of those would fit in perfectly
18:42 wizzyrea are you familiar with wordpress at all?
18:43 pianohacker A very little bit. I do have an abandoned blog I could poke at, if you mention something from it
18:43 wizzyrea WP has a Design/Appearance menu that holds all (most, anyway) of the design elements
18:44 wizzyrea from there you can edit the template files (probably not something you'd want to allow in the case of koha but I could see it in the context of the OPACNav type prefs)
18:45 wizzyrea and the coolest part is the widget interface
18:45 wizzyrea imo
18:46 wizzyrea not sure it would work with the way you proposed but in my experience it's a fairly easily learned interface
18:49 pianohacker Ah, I see it
18:49 pianohacker That is quite nice
18:51 wizzyrea I could kind of see a thing like the edit theme files menu, with a list of all editable preferences that you click to get their boxes
18:51 wizzyrea +current content
20:11 chris status updated, contractions have gone away, looks like false alarm this time
20:13 gmcharlt new baby's trying to keep you two awake even before it's born
20:13 chris hehe yes
20:13 chris practice :)
20:15 wizzyrea I'll have a new nephew tomorrow :D
20:17 brendan chris - do you know if it's another boy or a girl?
20:17 chris boy
20:17 chris after we couldnt tell at the 20 week scan we decided we didnt want to know
20:17 brendan wow -- invest in some boxing gloves ;)
20:18 chris so typical of our children, at the 36 week scan .. you couldnt not see :)
20:18 chris wizzyrea: congrats :)
20:18 brendan yes wizzyrea congrats
20:20 gmcharlt wizzyrea: congrats!
20:21 wizzyrea lol, not a shy one, eh/
20:22 chris contrary already too :)
20:22 wizzyrea oi!
20:22 wizzyrea I call it 'persistent'
20:23 chris heh
20:23 wizzyrea well *my* kid is persistent, anyway. Instead of 'stubborn' or 'contrary'
20:25 chris kahu is stubborn, but sometimes contrary too, usually with his cousin manaia
20:26 chris they have conversatiosn taht consist entirely of "yes" "no" "no" "yes" "yes yes yes" "NOOOO"
20:26 wizzyrea LOL
20:27 wizzyrea Manaia, that is a pretty name
20:29 chris his full name is a mouthful :)
20:29 chris Te Manaia o Rotokoutuku
20:30 wizzyrea wow no kidding
20:30 wizzyrea that's awesome though
20:31 chris have i told you kahu's full name with all his middle names?
20:31 chris Kahurangi James Lee Barr Cormack
20:31 chris Barr is laurels surname
20:31 wizzyrea That's a mouthful
20:31 chris Lee is her mothers maiden name
20:32 chris James comes from my granddad
20:32 wizzyrea it's a pretty awesome name though
20:32 chris yeah, we figure give him a pile, and he can pick one when he is older hehe
20:32 wizzyrea hee!
20:36 wizzyrea brb... technical difficulties must reboot (stuck CD)
20:40 pianohacker chris, gmcharlt: did you see earlier discussion about css customization?
20:43 chris hmm ill scroll back
20:45 chris using css to control the layout of the add patron screen?
20:46 pianohacker Auto-generated css, from a rules table
20:47 pianohacker Difficult to think on no sleep
20:47 wizzyrea that's the basic idea, yea
20:49 chris i like in principle
20:49 chris but it will slow things down
20:49 richard hi
20:49 pianohacker True
20:49 pianohacker Might have to wait for memcached, depending on the speed hit
20:49 chris so maybe we need to have a way to regen the css from the staff interface
20:49 chris and then serve the static files
20:51 wizzyrea the speed thing occurred to me as well
20:52 wizzyrea BUT... it's not the circ screen, it's less important that it loads super fast
20:52 gmcharlt also, do you make that a user-level preference or database-wdie
20:52 pianohacker gmcharlt: I'd probably start by making it branch-wide
20:53 wizzyrea gmcharlt: i saw it the same as pianohacker
20:53 gmcharlt I think that if you care enough to customize the patron editing form, you likely are entering enough patron records that you want it to be pretty snappy
20:53 pianohacker Maybe
20:53 wizzyrea yea, I'm not so sure about that
20:53 pianohacker But perhaps you just want the initials field to go aawy
20:53 gmcharlt i.e., there's no point in fine-tuning of the layout of the form for usability if it becomes too slow
20:53 pianohacker *away
20:54 wizzyrea that's true, except the human clock cycles you spend scrolling past the things you don't use might make up for that
20:55 wizzyrea but speedier is better
20:56 pianohacker I'll just have to benchmark it
20:56 pianohacker If the generated css is cached in /tmp and removed by the interface customization screen, it should speed it up enough until we get a Koha-wide caching system prepared
20:57 chris yeah
20:57 chris the big trick is
20:57 chris nginx can serve directly from memcached
20:57 chris you could use nginx to serve the static files and css
20:57 chris and apache to do the rest
20:58 chris course now you are making it super hard to get going :)
20:58 pianohacker That would be especially helpful for large OPACs
20:58 pianohacker Yeah, it would have to be optional
20:58 chris but in large installs yes
20:59 pianohacker If we stored the css in a way so that both Koha and nginx could read it, then had a "StaticFilesHost" or similar syspref, I think that would make it easy enough to choose whichever approach worked better for you
21:01 chris *nod*
21:01 chris you get a decent speed win just by using nginx to serve the js and images
21:01 chris it can do it a lot faster than apache can
21:09 chris ok heading into work now
21:26 atz pianohacker: serving anything from /tmp is *not* recommended
21:26 pianohacker atz: Well, that's good to know
21:26 pianohacker Why not?
21:26 atz it's a security thing
21:27 atz what's going to keep another process from overwriting your file with, say, a 2GB binary
21:28 pianohacker Hrm, that is a problem
21:29 gmcharlt typical solution is to define a cache directory
21:29 gmcharlt that Koha CGI scripts would have write access to
21:29 gmcharlt and be careful
21:29 pianohacker Yes
21:30 gmcharlt about 1) not spewing an indefinitely amount of stuff into it
21:30 gmcharlt and 2) locking down access to that directory as much as possible
21:30 pianohacker One solution I thought of was to make sure the file is rw-------
21:31 atz that's a good start, but doesn't help if everything (and 100 other CGIs) are all running as httpd
21:31 pianohacker atz: True, though that's a problem with any cache directory, really
21:31 atz pianohacker: except that the directory is not known ahead of time
21:32 atz i can install koha wherever in my tree, but /tmp is always the same
21:32 gmcharlt except, of course, when it isn't, if the windows port ever gets revived
21:33 gmcharlt i.e., even you were going to use /tmp, that's not cross-platform
21:33 atz hrm... radio is reporting on protesters at Ohio St. library going w/ electronic journals over print
21:33 atz odd.....
21:33 gmcharlt seriously?
21:33 atz yes
21:33 atz "24 protesters gathered..."
21:34 chris wow .. 24 ... thats ... huge????
21:34 atz not much out of a 50,000+ person institution
21:34 atz "24 people have found the library"
21:34 gmcharlt but surprisingly large for an actually in-person protest about electronic journals
21:34 atz yeah
21:35 atz it sounded like it was conjoined w/ the redesign claiming what used to be "shelf space" for other purposes
21:35 gmcharlt and I'd have thought it would have been about Elsevier sullying its reputation as an arms dealer by publishing fake medical journals ;)
21:35 atz so basically a "we heart stacks" protest
21:37 pianohacker Should this be an "optional security" thing? That is, have a syspref or koha-conf.xml option 'resource_cache_dir' that defaults to File::Spec->tmpdir , but can be changed for shared or untrusted environments?
21:38 gmcharlt I think koha-conf.xml is better
21:38 gmcharlt but I thnk it should never default to File::Spec->tmpdir
21:38 gmcharlt instead, I suppose we can create a new standard subdirectory for it
21:39 pianohacker in, with the right permissions?
21:39 pianohacker Should be manageable
22:14 pianohacker How would you manage upgrades, though?
22:59 gmcharlt Makefile.PL can handle creating new directories
22:59 gmcharlt and script could take care of patching koha-conf.xml
03:23 Amit_G hi brendan, chris, mason
03:23 Amit_G good morning
03:23 brendan heya Amit_G - who is amit
03:24 Amit_G hi i m amit
03:24 mason morning peoples
03:24 Amit_G brendan: I am Amit
03:24 Amit_G hi mason
03:31 Amit_G hi i think site is down
03:31 chris fine for me
03:37 Amit_G chris it's opening
03:54 mason ok for me too..
04:13 Amit mason: now it's open
04:14 Amit chris:
04:14 Amit delhi is on top
04:16 Amit chris: i think today i m completed my dari translation
04:18 chris cool
05:31 Amit chris:
06:08 brendan heya nahuel
06:15 chris Amit:
06:15 chris if you send me your translated .po files ill upload them here
06:15 chris and then they will go into the next release of koha
06:17 brendan Good night all -- I need a good night sleep
06:17 Amit ok
06:17 Amit i will send u
06:18 chris good night brendan
06:21 Amit good night chris
06:22 Amit chris: i have already work on
06:23 Amit u can also download po file from there( work is on progress)
06:23 chris no need to download from there, thats what goes into koha
06:24 chris but i thought you said you had finished
06:24 chris and it still says lots to be translated .. are they all suggestions?
06:24 _eric_b Hi chris.
06:25 _eric_b Is there a way to get notify when new strings are added and need to be translated?
06:25 _eric_b fr_CA is 100% atm, so I want to know if other string are added.
06:25 chris if so, i will email the savitras, and get him to accept them
06:25 chris i will email koha-translate
06:26 chris anytime new strings are added
06:26 _eric_b Ok.  Could be nice to find a way to do it automatically though... at least, nice for you :)
06:27 chris Amit: hmm i dont see any suggestions either
06:27 Amit means
06:27 chris _eric_b: well i have to add the new strings anyway :)
06:27 Amit k
06:28 chris _eric_b: so firing off an email isnt much extra
06:28 chris and it only happens once or twice between each release
06:29 _eric_b No extra when YOU add new strings :)
06:29 Amit chris; translation work is on progress
06:29 chris ok
06:29 _eric_b Anyway, your the one who knows ;)  I don't mind receiving an email by you or by a machine...
06:29 chris _eric_b: yeah, im the only one who can :)
06:30 chris its easier that way, otherwise we might end up with all sorts of mess
06:30 _eric_b chris "the machine" Cormack ;)
06:32 chris heh
06:38 chris hi nicomo
06:38 nicomo hi chris and all
06:39 _eric_b bonjour nico
06:39 nicomo chris: i guess your being here means that wasn't the day yet, right?
06:39 nicomo salut _eric_b
06:41 Amit chris: how i would search marc21 tag in koha pootle for ex: 001-Control number
06:41 chris you wouldnt, its only the templates
06:42 chris nicomo: not yet
06:42 chris Amit: we dont have the marc frameworks translatable in pootle yet
06:42 Amit ok
06:53 nahuel hi brendan :)
06:53 nahuel hi all
06:53 chris hi nicomo and kf
06:53 nahuel hi chris
06:53 _eric_b chris, could it be easy to add a part of a .sql file in the translation engine?
06:54 _eric_b I would like to make the framework translatable :)
06:58 _eric_b the language would still be selected at the install time, though
07:01 thd _eric_b: It might be easier and would certainly be more useful to redesign how the MARC frameworks are implemented and function
07:08 thd _eric_b: Under the present SQL mode,l you could write a script to repopulate the language label columns in the SQL files which build the  MARC frameworks
07:09 thd s/mode,l/model,/
07:12 chris id like to get the frameworks to be able to use .po files
07:13 chris then it wouldnt need to be selected at install time
07:13 chris and could be updated between releases also
07:14 chris of course im sleep deprived and may be talking rubbish :)
07:15 chris oh, and i meant to say 'hi nahuel and kf' before .. see sleep deprived :)
07:16 nahuel héhé :)
07:18 kf hi chris :) and all #koha
07:18 chris all caught up on emails kf?
07:23 kf finally
07:23 chris :)
07:24 mason me heads home..
07:24 kf but reading is one thing, today I have to write my answers
07:25 chris cya mason
07:25 mason chris: hows laurel doing?
07:27 chris all good at the moment, its all calm again
07:27 mason cooly cool
07:28 mason ok, gotta scram for the 7:30..
08:11 chris evening reed and hdl_laptop
08:11 hdl_laptop hi chris.
09:18 chris ahh good old rick strikes again
09:57 Amit chris:
09:57 Amit please check this
10:00 chris cool, if you could send me the .po file when you have time ill add it
10:06 Amit ok
10:06 Amit chris: but i think .po is on the pootle itself
10:08 hdl_laptop hi kf
10:08 Amit hi kf
10:08 kf hi hdl and Amit
10:13 Amit hi honey
10:13 honey hi
10:28 chris amit:
10:28 chris the po file here is untranslated
10:30 Amit ok
10:30 Amit chris: i will send u po files
10:32 chris thank you
10:32 Amit chris: some correction made to be done i will send u
10:33 chris cool
10:39 chris night all

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