IRC log for #koha, 2009-05-03

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17:12 pianohacker good morning #koha
17:16 gmcharlt hi pianohacker
17:16 pianohacker morning gmcharlt
17:16 pianohacker What are you up to on a Saturday?
17:17 gmcharlt not much - about to head out to lunch
17:17 gmcharlt you?
17:17 pianohacker Working at the library, setting up Request Tracker
17:17 gmcharlt cool
17:18 pianohacker Just out of curiosity, what does Liblime use for help-desk software?
17:19 gmcharlt[…]-center/help.html primarily
17:19 gmcharlt as well as an internal bugzilla
17:20 pianohacker Why Manage Engine, rather than an open source tool?
17:21 gmcharlt mostly to spend less time fiddling with the tool itself
17:21 pianohacker Heh
17:21 pianohacker "Just works" can be quite nice sometimes
17:22 gmcharlt anyway, off to lunch
19:43 elwell_ RT is OK, but its a PITA for perl dependencies. Works fine if you stick it in a VM tho so you can blow it away as needed come upgrades (esp if DB is on another box)
20:03 pianohacker Yes, it is a pain for dependencies
20:04 pianohacker CPAN is both a blessing and a curse for users of Perl Software that way
20:20 Elwell yeah. That was when I finally realised the beauty of virtualisation 'I no longer care about dependencies, this machine is *solely* for RT :-)
20:24 Elwell hmm. 10:23 PM - should I undertake a reconfigution of VoIP system to new server, seeing as I just finished the bottle of wine?
21:24 chris right, 20 mins of hacking time

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