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12:23 mason back...
16:36 wizzyrea where does koha load the jquery framework from?
16:36 pianohacker It's stored internally
16:36 wizzyrea reeeeallly
16:36 pianohacker intranet-tmpl/prog/en/lib/jquery/
16:37 wizzyrea hm. Ok thanks :)
16:37 pianohacker np
16:37 pianohacker What's going on?
16:38 wizzyrea I have everything in place to show the link to place holds, but it's not showing
16:38 wizzyrea[…].pl?viewshelf=239
16:38 wizzyrea multiple holds, that is
16:38 wizzyrea I'm wondering if there's something gone funny with jquery, but I don't think that's the case now
16:39 wizzyrea at least I'm *pretty sure* it's not the case
16:39 pianohacker It's not showing for me either; should it be in a cell at the end of each table row?
16:39 wizzyrea yea, it should be
16:39 wizzyrea what's even weirder
16:39 wizzyrea is that 3 weeks ago we did the same thing on our test server
16:39 wizzyrea and it was showing up
16:39 wizzyrea and now... it's not
16:39 wizzyrea but I haven't changed anything
16:39 wizzyrea on test
16:39 wizzyrea it's just... gone
16:40 wizzyrea we have a screenshot of it being there... 1s I'll link
16:40 wizzyrea[…]re-13-300x110.png
16:41 wizzyrea neither the checkboxes or the link are there, but the code is identical (afaik)
16:43 pianohacker There are two very similar tables built up to display lists, based on (I think) whether you can edit the list or not. Could that be it?
16:44 wizzyrea i'm frankly flummoxed
16:45 wizzyrea I took the template straight from git
16:45 wizzyrea so either there's something wrong with the underlying code (which I don't have access to) or I'm losing my min
16:45 wizzyrea mind*
16:45 wizzyrea or there's something else
16:49 pianohacker Has to be something weird with the code, since the RequestOnOPAC syspref is obviously enabled.
17:00 wizzyrea yea, and it shows on the other places: the results list
17:00 wizzyrea the cart
17:01 wizzyrea i've moved on for now... such a weird problem
18:44 wizzyrea atz: have a sec (or two?)
18:44 atz ?
18:46 atz lol "smut" list
18:46 wizzyrea hehe that's sharon's doing
18:46 Sharon guilty as charged
18:47 atz wizzyrea: using jquery?  what's the command
18:47 wizzyrea i just sent u a pm
19:12 atz btw, #koha, i posted the slides from my KohaCon presentations
19:16 gmcharlt atz++
19:23 chris yay for slides
19:37 Sharon is there anything in the works permission-wise to make changing the SET library more difficult?  Staffers 'accidently' changing libraries are messin' up my stats and irritating me greatly.
19:37 gmcharlt Sharon: actually, yes
19:37 pianohacker1 $ rm circ/ # :)
19:37 gmcharlt for WALDO
19:37 Sharon thank god almight
19:37 Sharon y
19:38 gmcharlt or you could thank atz :)
19:38 Sharon joe, god, whoever ;-)
19:38 chris does the logging log when someone changes the library?
19:38 pianohacker1 I though the server admins were god
19:38 Sharon i'm just happy to hear it!
19:38 chris cos you could go punch them in the arm each time they did it
19:38 chris would probably stop it pretty fast
19:39 Sharon Chris I don't know, but I wish I did b/c I would (but then, I'm a bit cranky at the moment)
19:39 chris im cranky only because its 7.42am and im awake hehe
19:39 pianohacker Sharon: Do your libraries use AutoLocation?
19:40 Sharon Let me check
19:40 pianohacker Would only work if they have fixed IP addresses, of course
19:40 Sharon pianohacker no, that is off
19:42 Sharon Liz says we have fixed IP at *most* of our branches, but not all...which is probably why it's off
19:43 pianohacker Actually, I think the IP address field for the branch is a regex, so in _theory_ you could set it to .* for the libraries with non-fixed IPs
19:43 wizzyrea I run (among other things) a statewide proxy for internet filtering, we do that a lot
19:43 wizzyrea but you'd be amazed at how many subnets some ISP's have
19:43 wizzyrea and how often they change
19:43 pianohacker hehe
19:44 pianohacker Qwest in Colorado is particularly bad that way
19:44 wizzyrea simply ludicrous
20:05 schuster question about sql - should know but can't figure out the syntax
20:05 schuster I need to find items not like eq and per ...
20:06 schuster I can get <> 'eq' but how do I put 2 items in that "don't want" type statement?
20:06 Sharon != maybe?
20:06 pianohacker Are you trying to filter out items of a given type from a report?
20:07 schuster Yes...  2 different type of items eq and per from all the rest
20:07 schuster I have tried <> 'eq, per' but that doesn't work, and not like 'eq, per' doesn't work either
20:07 pianohacker So itemtype != 'eq' AND itemtype != 'per' ?
20:09 schuster well huh... I was trying to find an easier way than what you suggested I guess....  That works.
20:09 schuster Thanks!
20:09 pianohacker np, good luck
20:17 danny schuster: i think you can also do it like itemtype NOT IN ('eq','per')
20:26 schuster danny - that's what I was looking for yep thanks
20:30 pianohacker wizzyrea: re your latest patch
20:31 pianohacker I actually made that exact same modification for our library, but I think it should probably have a syspref associated with it
20:34 wizzyrea Hm. What would that be controlling exactly?
20:34 wizzyrea the syspref
20:34 wizzyrea what do you "see"
20:34 pianohacker The print->close javascript snippet
20:34 pianohacker This is just an idea; I think the patch is worth accepting as is
20:35 wizzyrea no no I like ideas :)
20:35 wizzyrea so it would be "auto print reciepts ON or OFF?"
20:35 wizzyrea or somesuch?
20:35 pianohacker Exactly
20:35 wizzyrea Ah.
20:35 wizzyrea well it's not *truly* automatic
20:35 pianohacker Would be a useful one to turn off on dev installs when tweaking the appearance of the receipt
20:35 pianohacker Well no
20:35 wizzyrea you still have to click "print slip"
20:36 wizzyrea and if you don't have the accompanying FF config change it won't autoprint it
20:36 wizzyrea you can still see it
20:36 wizzyrea (and not waste a lot of paper)
20:36 wizzyrea but it would be handy
20:36 pianohacker Maybe "Automatically print checkout receipts when they are shown"?
20:38 wizzyrea I like it, I do
20:38 wizzyrea I'm not smrt enough to write that though ;)
20:38 wizzyrea but *you* are ^.^
20:39 pianohacker Oh, but this could be your opportunity to dive into the sysprefs code! You'd have such fun
20:39 wizzyrea You're such an optimist. Love it.
20:39 pianohacker Hehehe
20:39 wizzyrea I'm still learning git, a strange fantasy forest of learning on its own
20:40 pianohacker No kidding
20:41 wizzyrea well, I do think that in public libraries that's probably a fairly universal desire, to print the slips "automagically" when you click print slip
20:41 pianohacker True
20:41 wizzyrea i know it is in ours, anyway
20:41 pianohacker Ours too
20:42 pianohacker We almost had a staff revolt when I accidentally removed that code
20:42 wizzyrea :O
20:42 wizzyrea :D
20:42 wizzyrea not to give you flashbacks
20:42 pianohacker Ah, you _do_ work in the IT field
20:42 wizzyrea oh do i ever.
20:44 chris heh
20:45 chris i need to refactor and get the totally automagic printing slips back in
20:45 chris as part of hlt upgrading
20:45 wizzyrea would that work on hosted systems?
20:45 wizzyrea the way you're thinking of it?
20:45 chris depends
20:45 gmcharlt chris: the lpr stuff?
20:46 wizzyrea b/c the old unix printer way doesn't really work with hosted systems. I mean, you COULD do it
20:46 chris if the hosting system could talk to the printers then yep, but no not easily
20:46 chris we do it at RDL
20:46 chris over dsl lines
20:46 chris but yeah it would need to be covered by a syspref
20:46 wizzyrea yikes! I bow to you sir.
20:46 chris you can do anything with ssh tunnels :)
20:46 wizzyrea I didn't really want to go there with our system
20:46 chris yeah, yours is on a biggers scale
20:47 wizzyrea it's one thing when you have one or two branches that you have total control over
20:47 chris rdl only cover about 500km
20:47 wizzyrea but  20-30 libraries, all independent with their own IT folks... not so much
20:47 chris yep, so wanna put it back in so it works for them, and doesnt get in the way of you gus
20:47 chris guys even
20:48 wizzyrea I actually kind of like it the way it is
20:48 wizzyrea total automagic is nice too
20:48 wizzyrea but is kind of nice to not *have* to print a receipt every time
20:48 wizzyrea some of our more green minded libraries ignore it altogether
20:48 chris yep
20:48 gmcharlt or use email receipts
20:49 wizzyrea I don't think we have that yet, gmcharlt, but yea, or that
20:49 chris thats the thing with koha, it should be able to work the way you want it to work
20:49 wizzyrea (is so beautiful)
20:49 chris not the way some dude in an office 10000km away thinks your library should work
20:49 wizzyrea lulz
20:49 gmcharlt and stay out of your way if you don't want it to work in a particular way
20:50 chris *nod*
20:50 chris hmm i hear "daddy daddy"
20:50 wizzyrea Runn!
20:50 chris nearly 9am .. thats a record sleep in
20:54 wizzyrea gmcharlt: good question for envisionware
20:54 wizzyrea i'll forward that on to the tech in ottawa
20:54 wizzyrea thanks
20:55 gmcharlt wizzyrea: if the game of telephone gets too bad, we have contacts at envisionware
20:56 wizzyrea k cool
20:57 gmcharlt wizzyrea: re SC 4326 (SIP2 & load balancing), was your email directed at us or the person at Ottaw?
20:57 wizzyrea for the person at ottawa, I wanted you to know where that was at
20:57 wizzyrea re: sip instability
20:57 gmcharlt ok, thanks for clarifying
20:57 wizzyrea you can kind of file it or attach it to annother ticket re: sip instability
20:57 wizzyrea up2u
20:58 wizzyrea I'm pretty sure that it's his device that's causing the problem
20:58 wizzyrea oi, sorry you have to dig through all of my drivel
20:59 pianohacker wizzyrea: Under the old unix-based printing system, you didn't _have_ to print a slip; it just printed one when you scanned an empty barcode (i.e., submitted the checkout form with nothing in the barcode field)
20:59 wizzyrea ah I see, clever
20:59 pianohacker Apparently hlt had a card or widget or _something_ with a blank barcode on it that they could scan
21:00 chris yep
21:00 wizzyrea yea, i suppose you could use any barcode as long as you told koha what it aws
21:00 gmcharlt wizzyrea: I've closed 4326 - obv can reopen if it tuning their load balancer doesn't do the trick
21:00 wizzyrea was*
21:00 chris just a barcode
21:00 wizzyrea gmcharlt: cool
21:01 chris does envisionware still need some middleware between the scanner and the ils?
21:02 soul9 SelfishMan, the very same? :)
21:03 SelfishMan yep
21:03 SelfishMan There are a few others in here that can be found in the other channel
21:03 soul9 cheers :)
21:03 wizzyrea they are using it only for computer management, chris
21:03 soul9 oh?
21:03 soul9 i guess linode is a pretty good deal, eh?
21:03 wizzyrea so IDK about the whole middleware bit
21:04 wizzyrea n/a  in our situation
21:04 chris wizzyrea: ahhh yeah HLT looked at that (pc management)
21:04 wizzyrea it seems to work, with a few caveats
21:04 SelfishMan soul9: yep, linode and koha have made most of my life and work easier
21:05 soul9 cool :)
21:05 soul9 linode is definitely great
21:05 soul9 ;)
21:05 soul9 not that i'm saying koha is bad at all
21:05 gmcharlt that's it - out of the channel NOW!!! ;)
21:06 chris heh
21:06 gmcharlt I agree, though, that linode is pretty spiffy
21:07 soul9 yep, and the newark datcenter is quite usable from europe too..
21:08 chris xen rules
21:08 soul9 :)
21:12 gmcharlt si: could you op me - channel needs its title back
21:21 gmcharlt chris: would you mind expanding on commit message of your patch to opac/ and resubmitting
21:21 gmcharlt as submitted, it leaves the reader hanging ;)
21:28 chris can do
21:30 chris Subject: [PATCH] Adding warnings, fixing a bug that meant the title of an item that had                                                                                    a fine was never printed
21:30 chris stupid newline :)
21:30 chris my bad, will fix
21:32 chris right kahu is eating porridge and watching the replay of last nights rugby game, my work here is done
21:33 chris that should give me about 10 mins to fix the patch, before he finishes :)
21:33 gmcharlt type! type like the wind!
21:34 chris hehe
21:35 gmcharlt indeed
21:37 chris resent
21:40 chris am i right in remembering ryan is doing work on the accounts/money stuff in koha?
21:42 gmcharlt chris: he has been, and I've been working on it too
21:42 chris cool
21:43 chris one of the things i have on my list is the daily reconciliation report
21:43 Sharon That's great to hear...our librarians are chomping for that very report
21:47 pianohacker gmcharlt: does ryan have a code-level spec for the changes he's making? I'm kind of interested, since my library also wants changes to the fines system.
21:49 gmcharlt pianohacker: I can put together what was used and add to the RFC page
21:49 gmcharlt will take me a day or two to gather it together
21:49 chris that would rule, ill use that as a base to do an rfc for daily reconciliation
21:49 pianohacker gmcharlt: Not a problem, just idle curiosity
21:50 wizzyrea not meaning to be a naysayer... didn't we decide to use bugzilla for enhancement stuff? Or maybe reference the bugzilla entry to the RFC page of the wiki?
21:50 wizzyrea at kohacon?
21:50 wizzyrea or did I misunderstand
21:51 wizzyrea (not trying to be fly in the ointment... probably failing)
21:51 gmcharlt wizzyrea: bugzilla for the changes, sure, but it's not the best place to stick lengthy documentation of architectural changes
21:51 wizzyrea k
21:51 chris bugzilla with a link to the rfc on the wiki ftw
21:51 chris :)
21:51 Sharon compromise...kumbiya
21:52 wizzyrea I just don't want ppls to expect to see something one place and then find it's somewhere else. there are some militant koha users.
21:52 wizzyrea ^.^
21:53 gmcharlt umm - who hopefully will allow for things to be ramped up?
21:53 wizzyrea yessir, I would hope they can be patient.
21:53 wizzyrea :D
21:55 chris :)
21:55 chris i can show them the example of ed sharpe
21:55 chris its a good lesson on what happens when ppl push to hard :-)
21:55 gmcharlt who's ed sharpe?
21:55 wizzyrea O.o dare I ask?/
21:57 chris in the early history of koha 2001/2002 someone who persisted in asking about lccn almost constantly, which meant everyone who at one time was interested in helping ... didnt :-)
21:58 wizzyrea /nod a good lesson
21:58 wizzyrea I take it he's not around anymore
21:59 gmcharlt evidently not :)
21:59 chris You have to have koha have the
21:59 chris ability to use that information for those of us in the  upper educational and
21:59 chris scientific community AND NOT HAVE IT SHOWING DEWEY!
22:00 gmcharlt to which one obvious response is, what is the library that UIUC, chopped meat?
22:00 chris "but do it on your own time, i wont help with the spec, or pay anyone ill just yell at you"
22:00 wizzyrea sounds charming
22:01 gmcharlt (UIUC being the largest library in US that uses Dewey, and not exactly a "lower" education institution)
22:01 wizzyrea ok, if I don't talk to you all, have a lovely (continue having, in some cases;) weekend
22:01 chris ahh :)
22:01 chris you too wizzyrea
22:01 gmcharlt wizzyrea: you doo
22:01 gmcharlt *too
22:02 wizzyrea_wkend HA
22:02 wizzyrea_wkend Tootles.
22:02 wizzyrea_wkend (Take THAT, character limit!)
22:05 gmcharlt lol
22:40 chris ohh another committer
22:41 chris just after i sent a ptach for colin i shoulda waited longer hehe
22:42 gmcharlt chris: it's OK to stack the patches to docs/history.txt
22:42 chris true, unlikely to have any conflicts
22:43 chris i figure people like to see themselves added
22:43 gmcharlt of course
22:43 gmcharlt no I meant something else
22:43 gmcharlt the other day you had sent a patch for Lenora's SQL repo, and a second for Liz
22:44 gmcharlt but both were  against the same startpoint
22:44 gmcharlt I'm saying that a sequence would have been fine
22:44 chris ahh i getcha
22:44 chris will do
22:48 chris ill resurrect my documentation branch and do them there so i dont get out of sequence
22:50 chris[…]1/follow-any-day/
22:51 gmcharlt nice
22:59 gmcharlt set 'em up, knock 'em down - xt/author/valid-templates.t now tests cleanly as of last patch I sent
23:06 pianohacker be back soon
23:39 chris awesome
00:13 chris i see you just added your library to kohausers pianohacker :)
00:14 pianohacker First in colorado
00:14 chris yup
00:17 pianohacker Thanks for the reminder
00:18 pianohacker Page is kind of humorous, "Looking at 1.2.5"
00:18 chris :)
00:18 chris i like one of hte pakistan libraries too
00:18 chris 3.00.01 has been deployed on Debian and in operation -Thanks God.
00:27 chris wow i didnt know roche were using koha in australia
00:28 chris they are pretty huge!
00:33 chris
00:41 pianohacker Oh wow, that is serious
03:09 brendan good evening #koha
04:43 pianohacker good night koha

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