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12:15 Amit ok
12:15 Amit how is life
12:15 Amit jwagner: i have set a git in my office
12:17 jwagner Amit, is there life outside Koha?  I'm not sure at the moment....  I'm still trying to figure out git.  I've learned a few basic commands, but am pretty lost outside those.
12:36 owen jwagner: I like that you can get stuff done with git without knowing that many commands. You can build slowly as you find the need to do more things
12:50 jwagner owen, so far I've just been building one thing at a time & sending it off.  I thought the whole purpose of branches was to keep work isolated, though.  When I've been working on something in one branch, and then go check out another branch, those files follow me around!  And get in the way of what I'd like to do in the second branch.  Sigh.
12:56 owen jwagner: Are you committing before switching branches?
12:57 jwagner No -- I didn't think I was supposed to commit until I was done.  Usually I'll work on something for a while but not finish, then go work on something else.
13:00 hdl_laptop it is the magic of git the more you learn the more you git
13:00 hdl_laptop ;)
13:55 jwagner I think git is the unholy kind of magic myself :-(  Even when I did a commit, and created a new branch, the changes from the commit are there in the new branch.
14:00 hdl_laptop hehe...
14:00 hdl_laptop it is very logic
14:00 hdl_laptop if you commit you make the thing come into your dev HEAD
14:01 jwagner But I don't WANT it in my head (or even my HEAD)!!!  I want it to stay off in it's nice little separate branch and let me go work on other stuff in peace!
14:01 hdl_laptop if you branch whe you have commited, your new branch will branch on top of your commit.
14:01 hdl_laptop then you have to tell it to git
14:02 jwagner I always do a git checkout master to come out of the first branch, then create a new branch from there.  Sigh.
14:02 hdl_laptop git branch --track newbranch remotes/origin/master
14:02 jwagner OK, that's a new command.  I'll give that a try next time.  Gotta run for a conf call right now.  Thanks!
14:59 wizzyrea jwagner: this may help you (helped me some) http://www-cs-students.stanfor[…]itmagic/ch01.html
15:00 jwagner Thanks wizzyrea.  I'll take a look.
15:01 wizzyrea is not perfect but is at least kind of english
15:01 wizzyrea erm, non-nerd
15:02 wizzyrea (not that nerd isn't perfectly acceptable... <dig> <dig> <dig>)
15:02 owen A relevant quote: ""$ git checkout master" to return to your original work. Observe that any uncommitted changes are carried over.
15:04 jwagner But they're carried over even if I DO commit.  Sigh.  I'm doomed to be haunted by the ghosts of patches past :-)  Fortunately I don't do that much stuff and I can clean things out manually if I need to.
15:05 atz jwagner: periodically I just reclone to get a clean start
15:06 wizzyrea I think atz's method is probably a good approach
15:06 owen jwagner: Are you sure you're specifying "origin?" "checkout -b my-new-branch origin"
15:08 jwagner atz, that's what I've been doing to clean things out.  owen, it's quite likely I've missed adding that "origin" at the end -- I'll have to make sure to add that.
15:08 owen Otherwise the new branch you create is *supposed* to include the changes you've just committed.
15:09 atz yeah, otherwise it's effectively a sub-branch
15:09 soul9 jwagner, i think it's logic, then you either branch before commiting, or stash your local changes, branch, then commit your stash to the branch you want to
15:11 soul9 well, off home, have a good workers-day all
15:14 wizzyrea <thumbs up>
15:36 kf in Germany <thumbs up> is ok ;)
15:37 kf listening to you talking about git makes me a little bit jealous - did not figure that out yet
15:37 kf hope I will so I can fix my bugs myself one day :)
15:38 wizzyrea oh thank heavens, I was worried I had offended somebody
15:38 wizzyrea (lol)
15:39 kf off home now - till monday :) bye #koha!
16:20 luisb Hi all, I am looking for some clarification between character encoding (e.g. Unicode), character set (e.g. utf8) and data format (e.g. marc21):
16:21 luisb I just started a position here and the learning curve of how things work here to learn enough to migrate to koha, coupled with misuse of terminology is very steep.
16:21 luisb Lemme 'splain:
16:23 wizzyrea aside: I'm thinking of a change to the advanced search page of the opac, changing the verbiage from "Limit type to: match any of the following:" to "Limit to any of the following"
16:23 wizzyrea since it's a preference to search by itype or ccode
16:23 wizzyrea and I'm an english major, it annoys me (and the ppls in my office)
16:23 owen Sounds good to me wizzyrea
16:23 wizzyrea bitchin. I'll do it
16:24 wizzyrea just didn't know if there was some specific library related libraryspeak reason to have it that way. I couldn't think of one but thought maybe there was a reason for it
16:24 owen English major, hunh? I thought you folks were supposed to be unemployed because of your lack of real-world skills, kind of like art majors like me
16:24 gmcharlt does libraryspeak belong on an OPAC anyway?
16:24 luisb Our bibrecords are stored in a database which can be exported to MARC8.  At first I was told this was a char set, then I thought it was purely a data format, but the Library of Congress seems to call MARC-8 a character set agin.
16:24 wizzyrea gmcharlt I'm with you on that one
16:25 wizzyrea owen: ha!
16:25 luisb Basically, the problem is our proprietary db cannot export in utf8
16:25 gmcharlt luisb: MARC-8 is a character encoding - MARC21 is the record format
16:26 luisb a previous programmer seemed to attempt to convert the data exported to Latin1 (ISO-8859-1)
16:26 gmcharlt there a couple tools available to convert MARC-8 encoded records to UTF-8
16:26 wizzyrea (I knew gmcharlt would come to the rescue)
16:26 gmcharlt yaz-marcdump, MarcEdit
16:26 wizzyrea mornin pianohacker
16:26 luisb I see
16:26 pianohacker Mornin', liz
16:26 gmcharlt and Koha is capable of importing MARC-8 records and converting them to UTF-8, which it uses internally
16:27 luisb I had to use marc edit to successfully import a batch of records into koha...
16:27 luisb Marc > marcxml, then marcxml > marc21
16:30 luisb While we work to migrate to koha, I need to keep our current operation running, which fails at times, I assume because the previous programmer's perl script bombs when trying to convert to latin1
16:30 luisb (i don't know why he was converting to latin1; doesn't make sense to me)
16:30 luisb so now I get to fix it :P
16:31 luisb gmcharlt: do you mean to use yaz-marcdump and MarcEdit together, or pick one of those?
16:31 gmcharlt luisb: just one
16:32 luisb I planned on running our export through MarcEdit since I had success doing that to get data from our current db into koha
16:32 luisb awesome, thank you sir-
16:34 gmcharlt you're welcome
16:35 luisb So, if the LEADR 009 is ' ' (a space), that tells the reader that the records are in ... which format?
16:35 luisb 'a' means marc21, yes?
16:36 luisb er, utf8
16:38 gmcharlt 'a' means UTF8
16:39 luisb and ' '?
16:39 gmcharlt ' ' means MARC-8 (or Latin-1, or whatever random encoding somebody decided to use - one of the things that can make MARC record processing troublesome)
16:39 luisb ahh
16:39 luisb makes sense
16:40 luisb haha
16:41 luisb I guess I meant it makes sense what my problem is :P
16:41 gmcharlt :)
16:42 luisb and how motivated I am to get this migration done asap ;)
16:52 wizzyrea erg, I set my email address but it's still coming through wrong in my submissions
16:55 gmcharlt wizzyrea: , though I suggest testing carefully
16:58 wizzyrea k, I will take a look. It's weird because the first went through and was correct, but the 2nd wasn't. :(
16:58 wizzyrea is ok. all learning. :)
16:58 gmcharlt :)
16:58 gmcharlt when you do a git log, which email address shows up as the patch author?
16:59 wizzyrea 04a5bec30a006b8f33ece34fcf806bc52f8828da looks right
16:59 wizzyrea 9cf52836bd1829825254b5db9ec5277d3a9ec6ed shows root@liz-koha.etc
16:59 wizzyrea dk what I did differently
17:00 wizzyrea will think about it over lunch, hee
17:00 wizzyrea bbiaw
18:26 Sharon liblimers - Is NExpress still onto receive updates tonight? I'm sending out a warning email to our members and want to be accurate...
18:37 ryan Sharon: yes.  After 10pm PDT.
18:37 Sharon Great! Thank you.
18:46 jwagner I asked on the koha-dev list the other day but didn't get an answer.  The staff hitlist is pulling duedate from a different place than the staff record details page.  I know there was discussion a while back on this.  As near as we can tell, the hitlist is getting the variable from, which seems to be the original due date (item.onloan).  The details page is getting the variable from, which is pulling the date from issues.date_due.  Is
19:14 gmcharlt jwagner: the  discrepancy is a problem, of course
19:14 gmcharlt issues.date_due is going to be more accurate
19:19 jwagner That's what I thought, looking at the dates that show in the catalog.  I looked at but it's beyond my Perl skill level.  Do you know if anyone is working on a fix?  I remember this coming up very recently on the list.
19:19 gmcharlt there's a fix keep item.onloan and issues.date_due in better sync
19:20 jwagner Someone has sent a patch already?
19:31 gmcharlt jwagner: patch pushed for 3049 addresses part of it
19:35 jwagner I saw that one in bugzilla, but couldn't tell details.  That patch is loaded on one of the systems where I'm seeing problems, but the dates are still off.
19:58 atz the patch doesn't  fix your data
20:01 wizzyrea yea, a patch would be for data going forward
20:01 wizzyrea you'd probably have to massage to get retroactive results
20:01 wizzyrea massage *the data manually
20:02 jwagner Wouldn't it be preferable to have the two pages use the same source for date?  Then we wouldn't need to massage data.
20:12 atz jwagner: the date will still exist in two places, even if you don't see it.
20:16 jwagner Yes, but the goal is to have the hitlist & the record display show the same date.
20:17 atz and it will, for data created after the patch
20:21 jwagner Hmmm.  Is there a patch or a routine to do the data massage?  We have a lot of old data that's confusing people.
20:21 atz no, that can be done by your DBA
20:22 jwagner Yes, but what do I tell the DBA needs to be done?
20:23 atz update items.onloan based on issues.date_due
20:24 jwagner So items.onloan should match issues.date_due, correct?
20:24 atz yes
20:24 jwagner Great, thanks much.  Gonna sign off now (brain is too fried to keep up with things).  That's going to solve one problem, though.
20:40 pianohacker Incomplete experiment in representing the pref tabs in YAML (not implemented):[…]nces/patrons.pref
20:43 richard morning
20:43 pianohacker richard: mornin'
20:43 pianohacker woops, bbl, library trip
20:46 chris morning richard
20:47 chris and everyone else :)
20:47 gmcharlt hi chris
21:11 ryan hdl_laptop: / gmcharlt : is there a patch queued to replace 'dontmerge' syspref with MergeAuthoritiesOnUpdate as in commit 92890557  or shall i file a bug ?
21:12 gmcharlt ryan: no pending patch that I'm aware of
21:12 hdl_laptop file a bug.
21:12 hdl_laptop will send that soon.
21:13 hdl_laptop going to bed now.
21:13 chris sleep well hdl_laptop
21:14 ryan hdl_laptop: ok, thx.  gn!
21:21 chris[…]a_Hacking/8190140
21:21 chris for anyone who wants to listen to what im listening too while im hacking away on koha :)
21:22 chris wizzyrea has created a monster by showing me grooveshark
21:23 Sharon Chris - I'll be sure to tell her.  We share an office, so I've been listening to your musical recommendations, too
21:23 chris heh :)
23:32 pianohacker devs: any thoughts on the new pref format? (A few pages back)
23:34 chris heh, noticed galen referenced brenda's blog, she sits round the corner from me, small world
23:35 chris pianohacker: i like it
23:35 chris human readable, and machine parsable
23:35 pianohacker chris: cool
08:25 chris evening
08:51 mason heya chris
08:52 hdl_laptop hi mason
08:52 mason im about to head to the adelaide, and watch some friends bands...
08:53 mason heya henri
08:53 hdl_laptop are you still banned from biblibre ?
08:53 mason just checked, yep...
08:56 chris mason is banned??
08:56 mason a typo , i think..
08:56 chris ahh
08:56 mason ;) ..
08:58 hdl_laptop it is because your registered user was masonj
08:58 paul_p hi kiwis !
08:58 hdl_laptop what is your registered user btw ?
08:59 chris hi paul_p :)
08:59 chris back from the library?
08:59 paul_p hey, a new commiter from ptfs-europe !
08:59 paul_p chris: yep.
08:59 paul_p (Colin Campbell)
09:00 chris yep
09:00 chris not sure the patch will be accepted
09:01 paul_p to 010 => 10 is correct isn't it ?
09:01 paul_p (the 2nd one)
09:01 chris yep that one is ok, the first one was just some refactoring
09:04 chris altho 010 isnt actually octal
09:04 chris so the message isnt quite right
09:06 paul_p (I merged the 300+ patches into 67 more comprehensible ones, then git-format-patch, then git-am on head. With something like 20 merge conflicts for the 67 patches)
09:07 chris thats not bad
09:07 nicomo hi paul_p
09:07 paul_p only problem with this : mason & john have disappeared as authors, it seems i'm the only author of all the patches...
09:07 paul_p hi nicomo
09:07 chris with cvs it would be 600+ conflicts :)
09:07 paul_p chris: ++ :D
09:10 chris http://www-cs-students.stanfor[…]itmagic/ch05.html
09:11 chris you can probaly ammend the commits to get the authors back
11:21 gmcharlt paul_p: good news
11:21 paul_p hi gmcharlt.

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