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12:04 gmcharlt ataloging question of the day - how do you code a glass globe in MARC21 fixed fields?
12:04 gmcharlt *cataloging
12:07 hdl_laptop hi all
12:07 gmcharlt hi hdl_laptop
12:07 Amit hi hdl
12:07 hdl_laptop hehe gmcharlt....
12:08 hdl_laptop give hints if you find an answer to that.
12:13 Amit hi danny
12:14 danny hi amit
12:14 jwagner gmcharlt, for the glass globe and the 007, see -- glass isn't one of the physical medium choices, but there's always "other"
12:15 jwagner For the 008 see -- position 25 has a choice for globe
12:16 jwagner 006 would be similar to 008
12:17 gmcharlt jwagner: yeah, but that's my point :)  in the 007, lots of physical media are allowed for globes
12:17 gmcharlt but why not glass?
12:17 jwagner I speaketh not for the Library of Congress :-)
12:17 gmcharlt lol
12:20 kf lol
12:20 jwagner Mind you, some of my best friends work at LC.  But they don't speak for it either....
12:21 gmcharlt I sometimes have a feeling that that's the case with *everybody* who works for LC :)
12:22 jwagner One of my friends does work in the Maps section.  Want me to ask her?  I'm sure she'd have no official response :-)
12:23 gmcharlt hehe
12:23 gmcharlt no need to bother her - it's mostly a trick question
12:23 jwagner It's too early in the morning to be tricky!
12:26 jwagner Question for folks -- I know Koha is SIP2 compliant.  Is it NCIP compliant yet?  I saw mention of this as planned development in a fairly old document on the wiki, but nothing else.
12:27 gmcharlt jwagner: not at moment.  I'm going to play around with the XC project's NCIP toolkit to see how well that works
12:27 jwagner OK, thanks.  That's what I thought.  So if someone is looking for things like self-check stations, etc., for right now they'd better be SIP2 compliant.
12:28 gmcharlt right - which in practice is not a big deal
12:28 jwagner Yeah, it should be pretty much standard now.
12:28 gmcharlt I don't know of any such things that support only NCIP
12:31 jwagner Believe me, if there were such things (only NCIP), these people would find them :-)
12:35 danny when I see patches come through with like [HEAD] or [Liblime Bug ...] are those git tags or are they just being typed?
12:36 gmcharlt they're being typed
12:36 danny ah ok
12:55 nahuel gmcharlt, it's really strange
12:55 nahuel that it doesn't apply
12:55 nahuel aaah ok
12:55 nahuel I did it for 3.0.x :)
12:56 nahuel i'll redo it for head
12:57 gmcharlt well, that would explain it :)
12:58 nahuel yep
12:58 nahuel nevermind
14:17 owen What, it's not about library software?
14:18 nicomo and there's a "flash version of koha" lol
14:19 owen At one time someone talked of doing a Flash version of Koha
14:20 owen I think that the library that proposed it never ended up using Koha at all
14:22 jdavidb Hi, wizzyrea. :)
14:27 gmcharlt hi wizzyrea
14:28 gmcharlt wizzyrea: your patch didn't get received by the koha-patches, nor is it stuck in moderation, so you should try resending it
14:33 wizzyrea Yea, sendmail fail :)
14:33 wizzyrea and mornin
14:35 jwagner gmcharlt, "stuck in moderation" sounds like a dreadful state of being.  One should be stuck in an extreme, no? :-)
14:58 nahuel gmcharlt, hi
14:58 gmcharlt hi nahuel
14:58 nahuel gmcharlt, do you remember how fuzzy queries are implemented in koha ?
14:59 gmcharlt nahuel: as options passed to a zebra query
14:59 gmcharlt I'm checking for the exact place
15:00 nahuel but does it need some configuration in zebra ?
15:00 nahuel that is marc21 only ?
15:00 nahuel because I can't get it working
15:00 nahuel i'm trying to search "misision" instead of "mission" and it doesn't find any results
15:00 gmcharlt just tacks on a 5=103 attribute to enable fuzzy searching
15:01 nahuel but 103 is not defined iirc
15:01 wizzyrea gmcharlt: I've got my outbound mail going, but my patch may have gotten stuck in moderation... please ignore it I'd rather it worked right than the gimp way it's working now
15:03 brendan hey nahuel
15:05 nahuel hey brendan !
15:05 nahuel what's up ?
15:05 nahuel is new mexico great ?
15:07 gmcharlt wizzyrea: I got the patch unstuck
15:08 gmcharlt wizzyrea: to confirm, you don't want me to push it?
15:08 gmcharlt wizzyrea: also, please do a git config --global "Foo"
15:08 gmcharlt and git config --global "bar"
15:08 gmcharlt to set your correct name and email address for patches
15:08 gmcharlt I don't recognize root as a valid committer ;)
15:09 owen gmcharlt and I were talking about an issue yesterday that I'd like to get more input on
15:09 owen the opac and staff detail pages currently output volume information in a way that doesn't make sense to me
15:09 owen For example:[…]?biblionumber=384
15:09 owen The "425." that appears under the "normal view" link
15:10 owen That's getting pulled from biblioitems.volume. The template is configured to display "volumedesc" and "number" as well, although I don't think I've seen a real-life example of those
15:11 owen I'd prefer to eliminate that line and put the volume info next to the "Series" info, which is getting pulled from the MARC record anyway, rather than biblioitems
15:13 brendan ah nahuel - new mexico was excellent
15:14 brendan saw a scissor tailed flycather (cird)
15:14 brendan sorry bird
15:15 jdavidb brendan: see any roadrunners?   We used to go to NM when I was a kid, and saw 'em all the time.
15:15 brendan no jdavidb -- was disappointed not to see one. :(  - I haven't seen a roadrunner in so long
15:16 brendan they are just one of the coolest birds to see
15:17 jdavidb A lot depends on where you are; they're not so common in the mountain parts of the state.
15:18 jdavidb (and NM is 900 miles diagonally--lots of territory to cover.)
15:21 owen nahuel, nicomo, hdl_laptop, do any of you know of good examples where volume, volumedesc and number are displayed on
15:24 nicomo owen : not from the top of my head, no
15:24 hdl_laptop for instance, comic books with multiple volumes.
15:26 owen hdl_laptop: In that case, doesn't it make as much sense to put the volume number with the series title?
15:26 hdl_laptop it appears that series title is for journals. from what I saw in your code
15:27 hdl_laptop in koha's code rather
15:27 owen I don't know about UNIMARC, but 440 and 490 in MARC21 could also represent book series
15:28 owen Not necessarily for journals. Maybe gmcharlt can tell us
15:29 wizzyrea hey, I have a bizarre kind of problem... I have a bib (eclipse, stephanie meyers) that has a TON of items, but it won't display, it either tries to download the .pl file or shows a bunch of junk characters as output
15:29 wizzyrea this is in staff interface
15:29 wizzyrea is there a max number of items you can hang on a bib?
15:30 wizzyrea I should say, the detail page won't display
15:30 wizzyrea it shows up in results
15:32 wizzyrea 40 items, to be exact
15:33 owen I'm sure you're not running into any kind of limit just at 40
15:33 wizzyrea is very bizarre
15:34 owen Can you open the record in the MARC editor? I wonder if some kind of encoding problem could cause that
15:36 gmcharlt owen: 440/490 are actually primarily for book series, not for journal holdings
15:37 gmcharlt for a case where you want to display a series title, if a volume number in the series is known, you generally want to display it next to the series title
15:38 owen Am I hearing that I can take out the volume, volumedesc, and number display without upsetting anyone? I'd put series title and volume info together instead.
15:38 owen I'm not sure what "volumedesc" might display, so I'm not positive my solution covers that
15:39 gmcharlt owen: OK with me - for MARC21, it's definitely cleaner if it's coming from the 440/490
15:41 wizzyrea I can't get to the detail page to download the record
15:45 wizzyrea http://catalog.nexpresslibrary[…]iblionumber=81504
15:45 wizzyrea lol, how's that for fire
15:47 wizzyrea same in the staff interface
15:53 danny yikes
15:54 wizzyrea iknorite
16:04 jwagner Question for anyone on Koha searching.  Koha doesn't seem to allow for searching with diacritics.  Even if you enter the word with all the diacritics, a search doesn't find it.  Is this the way it's supposed to work? (Or at least the way it does work?)
16:05 gmcharlt no, searches with diacritics should work
16:07 jwagner Hmmm.  Anything that needs to be configured?  We imported some Korean titles and tried searching for Usu?m kwa kamdong (sorry, there's a diacritic in there).  Couldn't find it searching with the diacritic, but it did come up just searching kamdong or any word without a diacritic.
16:08 jwagner Should they just be trying to search Usum without trying to enter the diacritic?
16:08 jwagner That's what I think bug 2629 is saying.
16:19 wizzyrea owen: I was able to edit the marc record, it was set to default framework, so I switched it to our standard framework, but it wouldn't stick.
16:42 wizzyrea completely weird
16:54 pianohacker wizzyrea: yay patch!
17:04 wizzyrea :D it's a silly lil one but is the first so WOO!
18:14 jwagner gmcharlt, still online?
18:14 gmcharlt what's up?
18:14 jwagner We had a major network glitch so I don't know if my email made it out.  I've redone the advanced search patch & am resending (new patch, doesn't need to be merged with the other one).
18:17 gmcharlt jwagner: checked - new patch has shown up
18:18 jwagner Thanks.  Network is bouncing like crazy right now.  The IRC seems to be the only thing that doesn't drop.  Oh, well.
18:19 owen If you're not sure you could always check to see if a patch made it to the patches list:
18:21 jwagner I could if I could connect to the blarsted network.  Harrumph.
18:21 jwagner Dunno why the IRC has stayed stable.
18:53 wizzyrea it's not running on port 80, for one
18:54 wizzyrea maybe your firewall is having a stroke
18:56 wizzyrea and it's got a constant keepalive on the connection. We've seen this at our office: something that has a constant connection will stay up while other things can't establish connection.
18:56 wizzyrea but anyway
19:12 owen anyone have any good strategies for managing a patch that's gotten so old the doesn't merge cleanly?
19:12 pianohacker owen: There's git apply --reject
19:13 owen My problem is I'm having hard time seeing clearly what the original patch did. I wonder if I should create a branch contemporary with the original patch and apply it there
19:15 gmcharlt owen: that sounds useful
19:25 owen Ugh, patch failing. Maybe that's why it wasn't accepted in the first place :(
19:28 joetho owen, check your email.  from  $$$$
19:29 chris hmmm i should go catch a bus i guess
19:37 joetho owen: whoops, just saw yours. Never mind.
20:45 pianohacker chris: You said something about res
20:45 pianohacker *restarting paid koha work on monday. How's that going?
20:45 chris pretty good, sent off my first quote
20:46 chris and getting back to some more prospective leads today
20:46 chris im enjoying being able to submit patches during work time :)
20:49 wizzyrea the rest of us are appreciative as well
20:49 wizzyrea ^.^
20:49 chris heh
21:21 wizzyrea whoa, love that guy who's leaving for korea in 2 days and wants to know "how to do koha"
21:21 chris hehe yeah, planning--
21:22 wizzyrea i've also noticed no one has answered him
21:22 chris doug just did
21:22 chris with a polite rtfm :-)
21:22 gmcharlt :)
21:22 gmcharlt about the best you can do
21:22 chris yup
21:24 wizzyrea yea, there's a koha live cd out there somewhere though, right?
21:25 wizzyrea (or did I dream that)
21:25 chris theres been a few of them
21:25 chris going back to the one steve tonnessen did in 2002
21:26 chris but i don't know the current state
21:28 wizzyrea that would probably be (besides rtfm) the easiest route
21:31 chris i think the dvd's from k's helping hand
21:32 chris complete with video tutorials
21:32 chris would be good too
21:46 chris
21:46 chris another one for the blogroll
21:57 wizzyrea Alright folks. is 5pm in KS, ttyl :)
23:24 brendan heya #koha people
23:25 chris hey brendan
23:26 brendan chris - good evening...  excellent day here
23:28 chris excellent, get them all enthused?
23:33 brendan pushed community work !!!  so maybe we'll get a few more -- lurkers at first
23:33 chris cool
01:10 pianohacker good night #koha
03:16 Amit hi chris, brendan, mason good morning
03:16 brendan heya Amit
03:16 brendan how you doing?
03:16 Amit fine right now working on opennms u?
03:17 brendan having fun
03:17 Amit yes
03:17 Amit tommorrow is my off
03:17 Amit due to Labour day on 1st may
03:17 brendan cool do you work on saturday
03:17 Amit so long weekend holiday
03:17 Amit no
03:17 brendan cool
03:17 brendan have fun
03:17 Amit friday, sat, sund off
03:17 brendan play some cricket
03:17 Amit hmm
03:18 Amit u work on sat
03:27 brendan I always work amit
03:28 Amit k
07:01 fredericd hello
07:03 nahuel brendan, you went back at home ?
07:08 chris hi fredericd and nahuel
07:08 nahuel hi chris !
07:35 Hui_Nan_ hello all!
07:35 chris hi Hui_Nan_
07:35 Hui_Nan_ I'm trying to configure a custom MARC framework
07:37 Hui_Nan_ I created it from the default one, configured some default values
07:37 Hui_Nan_ and now I get "Tag "" is not a valid tag. at /home/www/koha/lib/C4/ line 2656"
07:37 Hui_Nan_ when trying to save a record
07:38 Hui_Nan_ default framework is tested and is ok
07:39 Hui_Nan_ I got a feeling, that some of the fields in my custom framework have to be linked to koha's DB fields
07:39 chris does the manual help at all?
07:39 Hui_Nan_ it certainly helps
07:42 Hui_Nan_ but I have done everything as described in manual for "MARC bibliographic frameworks"
07:48 chris hmm you might have to ask on the mailing list, unless one of the europeans online knows the answer .. because i dont im afraid
07:51 hdl_laptop Hui_Nan_: Is your custom framework ok with tests ?
07:51 hdl_laptop Hui_Nan_: Have you looked at the file the test is creating ?
07:54 Hui_Nan_ says "Configuration OK, you don't have errors in your MARC parameters table"
07:55 Hui_Nan_ but how can I be sure that a custom framework is also tested?
07:56 Hui_Nan_ am I using a right tool? What file do you mean?
07:58 hdl_laptop Hui_Nan_: was something in 2.2 and not 3.0
07:58 hdl_laptop have checked. and ok...
07:59 Hui_Nan_ in a context help there is a note:
07:59 Hui_Nan_ Koha link : very important. Koha is multi-MARC compliant. So, it does not know what the 245$a means, neither what 200$f (those 2 fields being both the title in MARC21 and UNIMARC !). So, in this list you can "map" a MARC subfield to it's meaning. Koha constantly maintains consistency between a subfield and it's meaning. When the user want to search on "title", this link is used to find what is searched (245 if you're MARC21, 200 if you're UNIMARC).
07:59 Hui_Nan_ --
07:59 hdl_laptop do you have Mysqlclient access ?
07:59 Hui_Nan_ sure
08:00 Hui_Nan_ does the text above mean that I have to link fields to koha manually for every custom framework?
08:01 hdl_laptop No.
08:01 Hui_Nan_ good %-))
08:01 hdl_laptop But you have to ensure that all the subfields are related to a nonempty tag.
08:02 hdl_laptop select * from marc_subfield_structure where tagfield="" or tagfield IS NULL;
08:02 Hui_Nan_ 0 rows fetched
08:04 hdl_laptop select * from marc_subfield_structure LEFT JOIN marc_tag_structure ON marc_tag_structure.frameworkcode=ma​rc_subfield_structure.frameworkcode and marc_tag_structure.tagfield=ma​rc_subfield_structure.tagfield where marc_tag_structure.tagfield IS NULL;
08:04 Hui_Nan_ 0 rows fetched
08:07 hdl_laptop ah...
08:07 hdl_laptop Link Marc::Koha
08:07 hdl_laptop table biblioitems
08:07 hdl_laptop biblioitems.biblioitemnumber should be linked to a tag/subfield
08:08 hdl_laptop either it is linked to mode than one,
08:08 hdl_laptop OR it is not linked.
08:09 Hui_Nan_ select * from marc_subfield_structure where frameworkcode <> '' and kohafield = 'biblioitems.biblioitemnumber'
08:09 Hui_Nan_ returns 999$a
08:09 hdl_laptop SELECT tagfield, subfieldcode  from marc_subfield_structure where kohafield="biblioitems.bibliotemnumber"
08:10 hdl_laptop SELECT tagfield, subfieldcode  from marc_subfield_structure where kohafield="biblio.biblionumber"
08:10 Hui_Nan_ should I enter some data to that 999$a?
08:11 hdl_laptop no.
08:11 hdl_laptop it should be automatically managed.
08:12 hdl_laptop but i would use the same tag for biblio and biblioitemnumber
08:13 Hui_Nan_ koha-error_log:
08:14 Hui_Nan_ Use of uninitialized value $biblioitem_tag in numeric ne (!=) at /home/www/koha/lib/C4/ line 2623
08:14 Hui_Nan_ Use of uninitialized value $biblio_tag in numeric ne (!=) at /home/www/koha/lib/C4/ line 2623
08:14 Hui_Nan_ + $biblio_subfield + $biblioitem_subfield
08:15 hdl_laptop same tag but not same subfield.
08:15 hdl_laptop For instance 999$9 biblio.biblionumber
08:15 hdl_laptop 999$a biblioitems.biblioitemnumber
08:15 hdl_laptop no subfield for biblioitems.biblionumber
08:16 Hui_Nan_ correct
08:17 hdl_laptop is that what you did ?
08:19 Hui_Nan_ there were no mapping for biblioitems.biblionumber
08:19 Hui_Nan_ i mapped it to 999$9
08:19 Hui_Nan_ The line where the error appears now is changed
08:19 hdl_laptop please clear that
08:20 hdl_laptop and map biblio.biblionumber to 999$9
08:20 hdl_laptop and not anything else
08:21 Hui_Nan_ done, the error appears on another line of
08:22 hdl_laptop which one ?
08:22 Hui_Nan_ Tag "" is not a valid tag. at /home/www/koha/lib/C4/ line 1663
08:22 Hui_Nan_ now, the log:
08:23 Hui_Nan_ Use of uninitialized value $biblionumbertagfield in numeric lt (<) at /home/www/koha/lib/C4/ line 1663
08:23 Hui_Nan_ ups, there's something strange:
08:24 Hui_Nan_ DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Table 'koha.auth_subfield_table' doesn't exist at /home/www/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/catalogu​ing/value_builder/ line 72
08:24 hdl_laptop do the same for all the frameworks, and especially the default one.
08:24 hdl_laptop Are you using UNIMARC ?
08:24 Hui_Nan_ yes
08:25 hdl_laptop unimarc_field_210c is deprecated.
08:25 hdl_laptop should be unplugged from 210c subfield
08:25 Hui_Nan_ it must be a date, so I just turn off the plugin
08:28 hdl_laptop yes
08:29 Hui_Nan_ still
08:29 Hui_Nan_ Use of uninitialized value $biblionumbertagfield in numeric lt (<) at /home/www/koha/lib/C4/ line 1663
08:29 Hui_Nan_ Tag "" is not a valid tag. at /home/www/koha/lib/C4/ line 1663
08:30 Hui_Nan_ biblioitems.biblionumber is mapped to 999$b in all frameworks
08:30 hdl_laptop biblioitems.biblionumber is not relevant
08:31 hdl_laptop biblio.biblionumber and biblioitems.biblioitemnumber ARE  
08:32 hdl_laptop biblioitems.biblionumber is only used internally and should NOT be mapped to anything in fact.
08:37 Hui_Nan_ there are also a couple of errors like
08:37 Hui_Nan_ select * from marc_subfield_structure LEFT JOIN marc_tag_structure ON marc_tag_structure.frameworkcode=ma​rc_subfield_structure.frameworkcode and marc_tag_structure.tagfield=ma​rc_subfield_structure.tagfield where marc_tag_structure.tagfield IS NULL
08:37 Hui_Nan_ sorry
08:37 Hui_Nan_ HTML::Template::Pro:in  TMPL_IF at pos 20087:end tag:found 1 instead of > at pos 20147
08:37 Hui_Nan_ which means that somewhere <!-- /TMPL_IF --> is missing, I guess
08:38 Hui_Nan_ should not be a problem
09:00 Hui_Nan_ hdl_laptop: is there some comprehensible instruction on what all those koha fields mean and how important they are for cataloguing
09:00 Hui_Nan_ ?
09:02 hdl_laptop yes :[…]S-9783598242847-1
09:02 hdl_laptop :D
09:03 Hui_Nan_ i meant things like biblio.biblionumber, not unimarc
09:03 Hui_Nan_ %-)
09:04 hdl_laptop otherwise, look here :
09:05 hdl_laptop french and english documentation can be found on[…]Table-of-Contents
09:05 hdl_laptop french on
09:21 Hui_Nan_ i've got it!
09:22 Hui_Nan_ frameworkcode was in russian, it passed to GetMarcFromKohaField as %D0%96%D0%A3%D0%A0%D0%9D
09:22 Hui_Nan_ have to urldecode first %-)
09:24 Hui_Nan_ sorry, it looks like this: \xd0\x96\xd0\xa3\xd0\xa0\xd0\x9d
09:24 hdl_laptop wow... Nice catch ;)
09:26 Hui_Nan_ why does it looks like this?
09:32 hdl_laptop it is unmanaged i think
09:33 hdl_laptop maybe you ought to have an ASCII fwkcode
09:38 hdl_laptop chris: what is compound report ?
10:00 chris when you can combine reports
10:02 hdl_laptop this part is not coded yet is it ?
10:02 chris partially, but not completed
10:02 chris well it wasnt completed last time i looked at it
10:03 chris im still of the opinion we should be finding a good sql reporting tool and using that, rather than trying to build one
10:04 chris something like datavision
10:07 hdl_laptop it looks very heavy weight.
10:09 chris yep its just one example
10:09 chris my point is, doing reports on sql databases is a problem that has been solved many times already
10:09 Hui_Nan_ $input->charset('utf-8') after CGI->new in solves the problem
10:11 hdl_laptop chris: ok. But taking the first report designer (would it be the best) won't make it available into Koha unless it can launch external processes.
10:11 chris sure, i also dont think it needs to be in koha
10:11 chris building a huge monolithic tool is not the way to go
10:12 hdl_laptop ++
10:13 hdl_laptop But so many things are done the monolithic way that it is hard to come up with sthg modular now.
10:13 chris yep, but i think we should try not to keep making it bigger .. and try to modularise whenever we can
10:15 chris i think that what lenora has started, putting sql statements up for others to use is a great idea :)
10:16 Hui_Nan_ bye
10:16 chris then people could use phpmyadmin .. or datavision or crystal reports ... or koha
10:19 chris hdl_laptop: do you have a plan for 3.0.2 ?
10:19 hdl_laptop working on that.
10:19 chris are there any bugs you would like me to work on?
10:19 hdl_laptop But hard.
10:40 gmcharlt good morning
10:40 chris hi gmcharlt
10:47 gmcharlt g'night
10:55 hdl_laptop hi
11:47 Amit hi jwagner
11:56 jwagner Hi Amit -- sorry, was on another screen.  Good afternoon/evening!
11:57 Amit good evening here in india yours?
11:59 jwagner Moderately early morning.  I get to work at 7:30 to beat the traffic, not because I'm awake :-(

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