IRC log for #koha, 2009-05-04

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20:19 chris morning
22:11 rach morning
22:20 Jo morning all
22:55 chris hey jo
23:22 Jo Hey Chris.
23:22 Jo can you come to #hlt
23:27 chris sorry was in a meeting
01:11 Jo can someone remind me thre difference between lost1 and lost2 (items) in koha 2.x
01:11 Jo I know is longoverdue and 1 is manuallyh marked lost but can't remember which is which
01:11 chris lost2 is long overdue
01:12 chris lemme just check that, but im pretty sure thats it
01:13 Jo thansk Chris
01:14 chris yes 2 is longoverdue
01:14 chris 1 is manually marked lost
01:15 Jo thanks.
02:59 richard hi
03:00 chris heya richard
03:01 richard hey chris
03:20 Amit hi koha good morning
03:20 Amit hi brendan, mason, chris
03:22 chris hi amit
04:02 brendan heya amit, chris, mason
04:02 brendan hope all is well
04:13 mason heya folks
04:16 Amit heya mason'
06:18 chris hi kf and anasha
06:19 kf hi chris
06:19 kf hi Amit
06:21 Amit hi kf
07:00 chris hi hdl_laptop
07:00 hdl_laptop hi chris
07:01 chris and hi paul_p
07:02 paul_p hello chris.
07:02 paul_p very nice spring sky today in Marseille...
07:04 chris quite chilly in wellington today, but at least it wasn't raining
07:12 chris bath time for kahu bbiab
07:21 Elwell paul_p: pah - overcast 'up north' today - Grey this side of the Jura
07:23 chris Elwell: have you heard of liip ... i have a friend (ex pat new zealander) who now works there doing moodle stuff
07:23 Elwell hmm, nope I hadn't
07:26 Elwell (I share an office with an ex-moodle bod)
07:29 chris if you ever bump into a shortish nz woman called penny, that's her :)
07:30 Elwell OK - looks like liip are 'up north' tho (and my german is non-existent -- worse than my french)
07:34 chris :)
07:47 kf rainy here too today
07:47 kf where are you located elwell?
08:06 chris mason pointed this out to me today
08:08 Elwell kf: Geneva
08:12 Amit hi elwell
08:20 kf elwell: constance :)
08:25 fredericd hi
08:27 chris hi fredericd
08:53 Elwell paul_p: {highly offtopic} do you know what 3G mobile coverage is like?
08:53 Elwell looking for dordogne network connectivity
09:49 nahuel Elwell, is like GSM coverage
09:49 nahuel Elwell, "depends where you are"
09:49 nahuel but 3G is a pretty much expensive for the quality provided
10:23 Amit hi paul
10:51 Crusoe hi all!
10:51 Crusoe how can I define autogenerated subtags?
10:53 Crusoe especially 001 - which I would like to have as "/RU/IvSUCT/$num", where $num is an unique number
11:05 Crusoe the best solution would be $num=$biblionumber
11:08 kf I think you could write a plugin for this and link it to 001
11:08 kf there are plugins for 007 008 and some of the item fields, to auto-generate barcodes for example
11:13 Crusoe I believe it is not 'automatic' - a cataloguer has to press dots near the 001 input field to get a value
11:13 Crusoe am I wrong?
11:24 kf no, I think thats right
11:24 kf is 001 not mandatory?
11:25 Crusoe it is mandatory and must be unique for any record in the batch
11:25 kf when its not, you could change it to mandatoy in the framework, so the cataloger cant save without generatiing a number
11:25 Crusoe %-)
11:25 Crusoe good, sometimes cataloguers sould work tooo %-)))
11:26 Crusoe s/sould/should/
11:27 Crusoe but it would be nice to have hooks for some events like ondocsave, onafterdocsave
11:28 Crusoe where everything calculated by koha is known, say biblionumber
11:28 Crusoe one could run some extended checks to validate a record, to add some autocalculated values
11:30 kf sound like a good idea, but dont know if its possible yet
11:30 kf we wont use cataloging - cataloging is done in union catalog and titles will be imported nightly
11:31 kf so I dont know much about cataloging atm
11:53 kf Crusoe: when saving an empty plugin fields on current tab are filled automatically but error message still comes up
11:55 Crusoe the best solution for now - is to make all 'automatic' fields mandatory and linked to a plugin where FocusXXX function is defined
11:55 Crusoe then a cataloguer has to just click on a field and value will appear (and a field is made readonly)

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