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12:24 jwagner Someone around who is familiar with the acquisitions suggestions?
12:25 kf I tested / played with them, but dont know if thats familiar enough
12:27 jwagner I got a bounceback email from the response to one patron's suggestion, and it seems to somehow be using my own email address as the sender instead of the library.  I can't figure out where it's getting that from. is pulling the email address from somewhere I can't trace offhand looking at it: my $queryMail = "SELECT suggestions.*, boby.surname AS bysurname, boby.firstname AS byfirstname, AS byemail, lib.surname AS libsurname, l
12:27 jwagner My own email address is nowhere in the policies or config that I can find.  Why is the system using it?
12:28 kf hm
12:30 kf r u using emailPurchaseSuggestions?
12:31 jwagner It is set to On.
12:41 kf found a bug about this:[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2776
12:42 kf sound as its not supposed to work at all :(
12:44 kf is your email in KohaAdminEmailAddress system preference?
12:44 jwagner I'm not sure why it's on myself -- I'll check with the site.  But I'm still much puzzled about where it's getting my address -- the syspref is set to the library's address.
12:46 kf which version is your system? I cant test it with one of mine, have 3.01 stable and 3.2 development version, but not up to date
12:47 jwagner This one is a little behind but not much:
12:49 kf ok, I made a suggestion but got no mail so far - thats worse
12:51 Crusoe bye
12:58 jwagner kf, gotta run to a meeting.  Thanks for checking -- if anything occurs to you, let me know.  It may just be a bad karma kind of thing :-(
13:00 kf ok, will do
14:09 jwagner Hi, atz -- question for you?
14:09 atz ?
14:09 jwagner You said you had a bunch of IE fixes in the works.  Did they include diacritics display?
14:10 atz I haven't seen that ticketed
14:10 atz and it may not be possible to fix
14:10 atz at least, not as part of koha
14:10 jwagner OK, that may be a new one.  I'll try to get it documented.  Don't like the sound of "may not be possible" :-(
14:10 atz the answer might be "install this font"
14:11 jwagner Well, that's at least a better answer than "can't do it"
14:11 atz yeah, what I mean is we can't affect the change from the server side
14:11 jwagner OK, thanks.
14:33 kf jwagner: whats your problem with diacritics? I have some experience with german umlauts, where diacritics are displayed strange, but not totally wrong. it helped to tell Koha to use another normal form for output.
14:41 jwagner kf, two or three different things.  Testing with Russian and Korean records; not sure about other languages.  IE doesn't display all diacritics (browser set to Encoding Unicode UTF-8; changing to Cyrillic didn't help).  In Firefox, some records display fine, others show as codes (e.g., <U+1100><U+1169><U+110C><U+1​175><U+1112><U+116E><U+11AB> ).  Not sure if that's a display problem or a data problem.  And it seems that you can cut and paste a word with a
14:43 wizzyrea_wkend /nick wizzyrea
14:43 wizzyrea mornin peps
14:44 jwagner morning wizzyrea
14:44 paul_p hi wizzyrea & jwagner
14:44 paul_p good morning to US ppl !
14:44 jwagner Bonjour paul_p!
16:03 wizzyrea afternoon paul_p :)
16:09 slef wb brendan
16:09 brendan back home.
16:10 brendan greetings slef and all around #koha
16:14 pianohacker hello all
16:16 slef it's a Bank Holiday here, yet I've been doing koha email most of the day :(
16:16 slef time to do some quick-reward website design I think
17:13 wizzyrea has anybody tried using the search RSS feeds to display content on another website?
17:14 wizzyrea example: do a search for newest acq items, and display that feed on another page
17:18 wizzyrea I can get it to work in google reader but the wordpress rss parser just toots all over itself when presented with a koha RSS url
17:19 wizzyrea which is to say it doesn't work. :P
17:19 wizzyrea afk... thinking about it over lunch.
17:23 pianohacker wizzyrea_afk: When you get back, have you run the feed through ?
18:06 wizzyrea_afk I have not, I shall
18:11 wizzyrea boo:[…]S%26format%3Drss2
18:14 pianohacker If I had to guess, it's probably the nbsp and <isbn> problems that are killing wordpress
18:14 pianohacker Easy enough to remove from the RSS template, probably
18:14 wizzyrea true. <thinking>
18:39 schuster Trying to get unique key from SQL
18:40 schuster select cardnumber, code, attribute from borrowers left join borrower_attributes using (borrowernumber) where code <> 'homeroom' and branchcode = '010';
18:40 schuster When I do this statement I get a list of all borrowers at 010 that don't have homeroom as an attribute, but the borrowers have more than one attribute how can I get the cardnumber to show only once on the list?
18:41 atz schuster: DISTINCT
18:42 schuster AH...  slight differences in SQL!  Thanks I'll try that.
18:53 schuster hmmm that didn't work, but if I put a group by cardnumber at the end it did...  Thanks!
19:35 schuster ok one more question - I'm trying to find items that have a null value..  ?  <> 'null' or what is the correct syntax?
19:46 danny i normally just say IS NULL
19:54 atz schuster: yeah, you have to say IS NULL or IS NOT NULL to be 100% accurate
19:55 schuster OK thanks I was trying 'NULL' ' ' etc... relearning sql for mysql from Sybase!
20:14 chris morning
20:17 pianohacker morning chris
20:18 chris ohh koha in galapagos
20:19 pianohacker I wonder if we could persuade one of the scientific outposts in Antarctica to use Koha, get all seven continents
20:19 chris we should certainly try :)
20:22 brendan good suggestion pianohacker !
20:22 brendan if you can talk one of them into it -- a site visit would be required :)
20:22 chris heh
20:23 pianohacker We could always elect somebody the same way we did at the dev meeting ;)
20:23 chris walter who works on kete a lot, spent a summer in antartica
20:24 chris he has some good stories :)
22:34 chris atz or gmcharlt, either of you around?
22:34 gmcharlt hmm?
22:35 chris with our rebuild_zebra cronjob, do we do any locking?
22:35 chris or we just let zebra take care of it for us?
22:35 gmcharlt the latter
22:35 chris cool, just checking
23:36 chris hey mason
23:36 mason hiya chrissa
23:37 mason out at kapiti today..., very nice!
23:37 chris sweet
23:37 chris say hi from me
23:38 mason will do, i'm due for a morning coffee
01:46 bignose-work Is Koha able to use PAM for user authentication?
01:47 chris not out of the box no
01:47 chris that would be some patches we would love to receive :)
01:51 bignose-work chris: okay.
01:51 bignose-work so, if I have an existing set of user accounts in LDAP, what is actually needed in Koha for using that set of users as a pool of admins and borrowers?
01:52 chris you have looked at the ldap area on the wiki eh?
01:53 chris[…]:development:ldap
01:53 bignose-work yes, but it seems to be assuming I've got a rich schema to map to whhat Koha wants
01:54 bignose-work AFAIK (still checking) we're just using the inetOrgPerson schema and so on.
01:54 bignose-work the minimum for PAM LDAP auth, at any rate.
01:54 chris If you do not have a corresponding LDAP field, you may still account for a required field with a default value
01:55 chris so there are 6 fields that cant be null
01:55 chris in the koha borrowers table, so you can either map those
01:55 chris or set some default so they wont be null
01:56 bignose-work the same LDAP database also contains users we want to be Koha admins
01:56 chris right
01:56 chris basically you need those people to sign in at least once so the users get made in the koha table
01:56 chris then you can go to edit the user, and choose set permissions
01:56 chris and give them the permissions they need
01:57 bignose-work ah. so this can't be done in advance easily?
01:57 chris or you can create the users in koha first
01:57 chris as long as they have the same borrowernumber
01:57 bignose-work I'm trying to set this up so it will work well when transported to a client site and use *their* LDAP database.
01:58 bignose-work I don't have access to the LDAP database myself.
01:58 chris then no, cant really be set up in advance
01:59 chris unless you know the unique identifier they will be using that is being mapped to borrowernumber
01:59 chris then you could make users in koha with those borrowernumbers and set permissions
01:59 bignose-work IIUC, this needs to also be done each time a new user is added?
02:00 chris to ldap? yes
02:00 bignose-work we're trying to plug this as much as possible into the existing account management and creation
02:01 chris you would be best off talking to atz as he did a lot of the ldap work, and ive yet to use it in production anywhere
02:01 chris but america is asleep at the moment
02:01 bignose-work chris: thanks for your help so far.
02:01 chris np, i hope you can get it to work in a useful way
02:01 bignose-work atz: hoping to speak to you when you're around.
02:01 ron not nearly as much as *I* do. ;-)
02:01 atz chris has covered it
02:02 bignose-work atz: so what is needed when an LDAP account is added or modified?
02:02 atz there are 3 different kinds of "requirements"
02:02 atz one is logical... you need a username and password
02:02 bignose-work I don't want the "add a new account" instructions to also include "the user needs to log into Koha before their permissions can be set"
02:03 bignose-work much better would be a command that can be automated in the account-creation process
02:03 atz bignose-work: then you don't want the current LDAP functionality.  you want an export from their ldap server
02:03 atz patron import will work fine on a CSV file
02:04 bignose-work okay. and admin accounts?
02:05 atz admin accounts still require a human's blessing for both technical and security reasons
02:05 atz technical: it's in a different table (not borrowers)
02:05 pianohacker Good night #koha
02:05 ron are admins defined on an account-by-account basis, or can it be done via a LDAP group?
02:06 atz account-by-account, and there are different areas of permission to be granted
02:06 ron ah, ok
02:06 atz moreso if you use "Granular Permissions"
02:06 ron of course
02:06 atz (and I'm adding more of those as we speak)
02:06 ron what bignose-work &I are trying to achieve is two things, I guess;
02:07 atz this would be a good area for either patron import or LDAP integration to cover though
02:07 ron 1) migration/copying of users from existing LDAP database
02:07 ron 2) automated mechanism for new system LDAP users to be reflected in koha
02:07 ron bignose-work: is that right?
02:08 bignose-work ron: yes
02:08 atz so for (2) is it still unacceptable for them to log in first?
02:08 ron first, before what?
02:08 bignose-work with the additional wrinkle that "new LDAP users" means both users who will be Koha patrons, and users who will be Koha admins
02:08 atz before their account is added in Koha
02:08 ron that's probably fine
02:08 ron atz: do you mean they'd need to login to linux before getting their koha account
02:08 ron ?/
02:09 atz ron: no, I mean they would have to login to Koha before their account was "fetched" from LDAP
02:09 bignose-work that seems backward
02:09 bignose-work the creation of the account in Koha should be by import from LDAP, no?
02:09 atz bignose-work: the design is not "go dump all my users from LDAP and import them right now"
02:09 ron how could they login if their account had not yet been 'fetched;?
02:10 chris it authenticates against ldap
02:10 chris then fetches the info and creates a user in koha
02:10 atz ron: if koha authenticates to LDAP, then can copy the info at that time
02:10 chris what atz said :)
02:10 ron I'm obviously missing something here
02:10 atz OK, in any case you will do export/import to satisfy (1)
02:11 bignose-work but we're saying that Koha can't talk about a user that exists in LDAP, but hasn't yet logged in?
02:11 atz bignose-work: how would you know the user exists?
02:11 bignose-work atz: by querying LDAP, surely?
02:12 bignose-work something isn't being communicated here :-)
02:12 ron :)
02:12 ron paradigms are fun, no?
02:13 atz there is no implementation for that
02:13 bignose-work I'm looking for an automated process, that can be added to the existing automated "create a new LDAP account" process, that will set up the account for use by Koha without further manual configuration required
02:15 atz i imagine a crontab-able job that could query on some schema field like "date added"
02:15 atz there is no "push" from LDAP into the Koha DB though
02:16 bignose-work atz: making it happen is no problem; we already have a process to hook into
02:16 bignose-work the unknown for me is, what should that job actually do?
02:17 atz it has to use the same LDAP-to-Koha mapping as the login-time replication
02:17 bignose-work atz: that's completely outside my experience; what is that, and how do I invoke it as a shell command?
02:18 atz let me find my slides link...
02:19 atz i'll say at outset, it hasn't been done yet
02:19 bignose-work atz: thank you for being available for these questions, I've been stalled for a while on this.
02:19 atz np
02:19 ron no kidding. ;-)
02:20 atz[…]-integration-ldap
02:21 bignose-work atz: got a link to download? that wants bogus registration nonsense
02:21 atz really?   crap.  i didn't realize that.
02:22 atz i'll post PDF's tomorrow then
02:22 bignose-work atz: okay, I look forward to it.
02:23 atz basically all the LDAP code is in C4::Auth_with_ldap and all the config is in koha-conf.xml
02:23 atz but I'm sure you've noticed that already
02:30 atz the mapping would be %C4::Auth_with_ldap::mapping
02:32 ron yup, me too
02:32 ron I'm trying to convince him that he doesn't need a replacement desktop but instead a notebook with an external screen
02:32 ron hence the dual screen setup
02:32 ron meh
02:33 atz actually, my setup is a MacBook w/ a Dell 20-inch behind it
02:33 atz works well, since I have to do presentations and stuff elsewhere anyway...
02:34 atz don't have the annoying sync/platform problems between desktop and laptop
02:34 chris i just do everything in the cloud
02:35 ron :)
02:36 atz chris: I would, but I can't find where on the cloud to plug my keyboard
02:39 bignose-work fuck the cloud: <URL:>
02:40 chris yeah its all cloud 2.0 now anyway
03:33 mason sweet link bignose
03:49 chris is there a way in the opac to do a search that returns all results?
03:55 Amit hi brendan, chris, mason
03:56 Amit good morning #koha
04:05 brendan heya amit
05:17 brendan Good night #koha
05:17 brendan off to bed...
06:15 Amit hi kf
06:16 kf hi Amit
06:44 chris hi kf and amit
06:45 Amit hi chris
06:52 kf1 hi chris
07:09 chris hi paul_p  and nahuel
07:10 nahuel hi chris !
07:10 paul_p hello GMT-x guys !
07:10 paul_p s/guys/people/ (could be some woman here ;-) )
07:11 chris :)
07:27 kf1 :)
07:37 Hui_Nan_ hello all!
07:38 Hui_Nan_ I entered some biblios (no items) without a title (no 200$a unimarc field)
07:38 Hui_Nan_ now I can't remove them by librarian interface
07:39 Hui_Nan_ no way, koha reports: Can't call method "title" on an undefined value at /home/www/koha/intranet/cgi-​bin/cataloguing/ line 882
07:39 hdl_laptop mmm there has been a patch for that I think.
07:40 Hui_Nan_ how to find it?
07:41 Hui_Nan_ I believe I could remove the corresponding records from biblio, biblioitem and rebuild zebra's index with the reset option
07:41 Hui_Nan_ is that all I need?
07:45 hdl_laptop this could be a solution.
07:46 hdl_laptop if you want to remove those records from your catalogue
07:53 Hui_Nan_ actually such a records should not appear at all
07:55 chris ]' Kahu wearing mom's pearls while waiting
07:55 chris \
07:55 chris ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~​~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
07:55 chris \\\\\\\\
07:55 chris \
07:56 Hui_Nan_ I think framework test could warn a user, that some 'really' required fields are not set as required
07:56 Hui_Nan_ and provide a "button" which makes the job
08:01 chris hmm, it looks like the cat has been on the keyboard
08:02 hdl_laptop Hui_Nan_: door is open, please join in ;)
08:03 Hui_Nan_ that's what I intend to do %-)
08:03 chris if you get in fast, you will be the 90th committer to Koha :)
08:10 Hui_Nan_ btw, point me to some instruction on what should I do if I have a super-duper patch for koha?
08:11 chris you know how to use git already?
08:11 chris if not[…]lopment:git_usage
08:12 chris that is the whole thing, from setting up git, cloning a repository and submitting a patch
08:13 Hui_Nan_ good
08:13 chris Hui_Nan_: can I ask where in the world you are from?
08:14 Hui_Nan_ sure
08:14 Hui_Nan_ I'm in Russia, Ivanovo
08:14 chris ahhh i think the russian translation is up to date
08:14 chris but that is very cool :)
08:14 chris Russia is on my list of places I want to visit
08:15 Hui_Nan_ actually some text is in english, some in ukrainian but a lot of text is in russian %-)
08:15 kf1 was on student exchange in st. petersburg years ago - was great
08:16 Hui_Nan_ St.Pete is a very nice town!
08:16 kf1 chris: will you consider another visit to germany for your list too?
08:17 kf1 still missing my guest familiy there - they moved and I lost contact years ago
08:18 chris certainly, the woman i was tallking to on the plane convinced me i should visit heidelberg
08:18 chris and of course i need to visit france again
08:19 chris  <-- if you ever want to fix any of the translation Hui_Nan_ :)
08:20 chris kf1: i think i need to wait til my children are a little bit older, then get a eurail pass and travel all around with the family
08:23 kf1 sounds like a plan
10:18 chris paul_p:[…]ure-loving-French
10:18 chris we are catching up :)
10:19 paul_p I love: "The results come as McDonald's announces an aggressive expansion plan in New Zealand, building 30 more restaurants and hiring another 6,000 staff over the next three years."
10:19 paul_p not sure if it's a joke ;-)
10:20 chris yes i think so :)
10:21 chris i dont think anyone counts mcdonalds as food :)
10:29 chris Amit: are you watching the game?
10:30 Amit IPL
10:30 Amit yes
10:30 chris it is on tv live here
10:30 chris but i will need to go to sleep soon
10:31 Amit hmm
10:31 Amit today delhi vs night riders match
10:33 paul_p 30 restaurants & 6000 staff... can't believe that there are 200 ppl in each McDo !
10:33 chris they count all the part timers
10:34 chris students mostly, who only work 15-20 hours a week each
10:34 chris most of the mcdonalds here are open 24 hours
10:34 paul_p ah, ok, quite different here...
10:34 Elwell me wonders how loose the definition of 'restaurant' has to be
10:35 chris im pretty sure the reporter was being ironic, ill ask tomorrow :)
10:35 Elwell nope, sadly not in McD speak :-(
10:36 paul_p if it's ironic, then he should rewrite "'restaurant'" instead of "restaurant"
10:36 chris oh yeah they call themselves a restaurant, but so does the pie cart outside the wellington railway station :)
10:37 paul_p time to go for lunch here. /me heads to McDo
10:37 chris hehe

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