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12:33 hdl_laptop hi
12:33 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: ?
12:35 owen Hi hdl_laptop
12:55 gmcharlt hi hdl_laptop
12:57 hdl_laptop hi owen hi gmcharlt
12:57 hdl_laptop mail sent this morning.
19:27 owen I see tweets about a Koha presentation at CIL 2009. Anyone know who's doing it?
19:29 owen Oh, I see...some folks from Arcadia University
19:45 chris orly?
19:45 chris cool
19:45 chris i know a couple of people there, i wonder if they went to it
19:46 chris
19:46 chris that one sounds pretty interesting
19:46 chris bon soir fredericd
19:47 fredericd bonsoir !
19:49 chris Ca va?
19:51 fredericd sure Chris... like that
19:52 chris heh :)
19:52 chris they are from wellington too :)
19:52 chris they always make me laugh
19:53 fredericd Kiwis successful in US: a story like yours
19:54 fredericd I don't send you French Flight of the conchors, the won't make you laugh.
19:55 fredericd
19:55 chris maybe if i spoke french it would :)
19:57 chris this is my favourite french video at the momen
19:57 chris t
19:57 chris
19:58 pianohacker In the interface, do we generally call staff users "staff" or "librarians"?
19:58 chris i think we mix it up
19:59 chris staff is probably a better one to use
19:59 brendan I guess you could mix up
19:59 pianohacker Yeah, especially since librarian in the US tends to have to connotation of "with college degree"
19:59 chris yeah
19:59 brendan staff could = more power than librarians
20:00 brendan heya owen, fredericd pianohacker, chris
20:00 pianohacker Hello, brendan
20:00 chris hiya brendan
20:00 brendan finally getting a little time to be active on the IRC
20:00 brendan instead of always catching up!
02:34 SelfishMan Anyone know why zebra would spit out "mf_write: sort81 error (4) no more space" when running ' -b -a -z'?
02:34 SelfishMan The disk has 30GB free so it isn't running out of disk space
02:37 chris its not trying to use a partition that is filling up?
02:38 chris like /tmp ?
02:38 SelfishMan It claims to be putting it on the 30GB partition
02:40 SelfishMan so, looking at the code it says that an item is available if zebra reports it as not on loan and it isn't lost but there is also mention of items.onloan being checked
02:40 SelfishMan is items.onloan being checked if zebra is in use?
02:40 chris pass
02:40 SelfishMan ha ha ha
02:41 chris it used to just check the issues table
02:42 SelfishMan 'available' is defined as (items.onloan is NULL) and (items.itemlost = 0) In English: all records not indexed in the onloan register (zebra) and all records with a value of lost equal to 0
02:42 chris id hope it would check the database
02:42 SelfishMan which is why I started looking at zebra thinking that maybe it was out of sync.  Apparently items in the catalog are showing as available even when checked out.
02:42 chris ahh i guess it is just using zebra then
02:42 chris yeah zebra is always going to lag
02:43 chris so i would hope it uses the database as the definitive
02:45 chris but if you are seeing results like that, it sounds like the search results are using what zebra says
02:45 SelfishMan Yeah, that's what I'm thinking.  I'm rebuilding the entire zebra index to see if that fixes it and then I can try to diagnose why it is going out of sync
02:46 SelfishMan The queue daemon has been running but I'm not sure if it has been hitting errors
02:46 chris right
02:52 SelfishMan enabling shadow spec=/usr/local/koha/var/lib/z​ebradb/authorities/shadow:16G
02:52 SelfishMan Am I correct when I interpret that line as the shadow file being allocated 16GB of disk space?
03:33 chris sorry work called
03:33 chris yes, yes i think so
03:33 chris zebra does some cool stuff .. .the docs on it suck though
03:36 Amit hi chris, mason, brendan
03:36 Amit good morning koha
03:36 brendan heya Amit
03:38 brendan Hey SelfishMan look for the line that says biblios instead of authorities -- I think the default was 4G
03:39 Amit in zebradb folder
03:39 SelfishMan brendan: Well that means someone has been tweaking settings.  Am I reading that line correctly though?
03:39 brendan or add -w flag when running the zebra
03:40 SelfishMan so what is shadow indexing then?
03:40 brendan I'm not sure last time I looked at was early 3.0 - maybe that has changed let me look at my current one
03:41 brendan you could running the zebra indexing with a -w (I believe that will not fill up your shadow...
03:41 chris what brendan is saying is that line you pasted above, is fof the authorities
03:41 chris ie the authority records
03:42 chris not the bibliography records, you want to take a look at the line that looks a lot like that
03:42 chris but for biblios
03:42 mason hi folks
03:42 Amit hi mason
03:42 mason as chris mentioned Selfish , your /tmp is prolly filling up
03:43 chris in your zebra-biblios.cfg
03:43 mason re: ...     "mf_write: sort81 error (4) no more space" when running ' -b -a -z'?
03:43 SelfishMan ok
03:45 SelfishMan There isn't a single setting in zebra-biblios.cfg pointing at /tmp
03:45 mason or you are hitting the default limit for index size in your zebra-biblios.cfg file
03:45 mason register: /home/mason/koha/pce/var/lib​/zebradb/biblios/register:4G            
03:45 mason shadow: /home/mason/koha/pce/var/li​b/zebradb/biblios/shadow:4G        
03:45 brendan try changing the limit --
03:46 brendan mason ++
03:47 brendan then run it again with a -w ( I think just checking to make sure the -w does what I think it does)
03:47 SelfishMan The index s less than 4G
03:47 mason fyi uses /tmp
03:47 SelfishMan -w disables the shadow index
03:48 chris yeah that script has to dump out all the xml files somewhere to have zebra index them
03:48 mason i have had the '"mf_write: ' error a few times myself...
03:49 mason and its been always one/some of the issues mentioned above
03:49 mason hey amit ;)
03:49 mason $ sudo apt-get munin  
03:51 chris SelfishMan: you can use the -d switch to tell it where you want it to dump the files
03:51 chris otherwise
03:51 chris unless ($directory) {                                                                                     $use_tempdir = 1;                                                                                     $directory = tempdir(CLEANUP => ($keep_export ? 0 : 1));
03:52 chris so id try 2 things, upping the index size in the config and specifying a directory
03:53 mason yep, and a zebra* restart after too, just in case...
03:53 SelfishMan I've rebuilt the index so I'll watch it and see what happens.  It looks like someone has been playing with this install so I'll have to find out what they are trying to do
03:54 chris break things? :)
03:55 SelfishMan chris: looks like it!
04:21 SelfishMan Well, thanks for all the info everyone
05:00 bignose-work to what extent should I trust <URL:[…]uide_ubuntu_hardy > ?
05:00 bignose-work it's very detailed and helpful, but it looks like the kind of thing that dates very quickly.
05:01 Amit hi bignose-work u means
05:04 mason bignose its a good start
05:06 mason i have used the guide a few weeks ago for a hardy install, it worked fine ;)
05:09 bignose-work I've got Ubuntu 8.04 hardy installed, and am looking at the IndexData repositories for 'etch'
05:09 mason *nod*
05:10 bignose-work but the 'yaz' and 'idzebra' packages depend on an obsolete 'libssl0.9.7', when Ubuntu hardy only has 'libssl0.9.8'
05:10 mason "Install libssl0.9.7 ( Needed For Yaz ). Hardy has libssl0.9.8, but yaz won’t install with that one. We need to download the older version and install it by hand. (2.1mb)."
05:11 mason as per the guide... ;)
05:11 bignose-work hurm. a known bug being busily addressed with a fix? :-)
05:12 chris well no, it works fine with etch, so i dont think indexdata will change the etch packages
05:12 chris you file a bug in ubuntu and get them to package yaz
05:12 chris s/you file/you could file/
05:13 bignose-work chris: shall move to private chat
05:13 chris if they havent already
05:16 bignose-work so is using the Debian-packaged 'yaz' (and 'idzebra'?) advised for smooth operation?
05:16 bignose-work I guess not, for Ubuntu 8.04
05:18 chris ive used them with debian, never tried them with ubuntu
05:19 mason well, there are hardy 8.04  deb up on
05:19 mason so you get to experiment with those , if yr curious..
05:19 mason
05:20 mason
05:20 mason that might work better for you
05:21 bignose-work mason: thanks
05:21 mason FYI : looks like the ubuntu debs appeared after the ubuntu guide
05:22 chris bignose-work: if they work you would be doing the community a big favour if you updated the wiki to say to use those :)
05:22 mason so they hopefully avoid the libssl hack
05:22 chris im sure they do
05:22 bignose-work chris: thanks for the help
05:23 mason good luck bignose, and chris too ;)
05:24 bignose-work mason: are those URLs part of an APT-suitable repository?
05:24 mason
05:28 bignose-work via that repository I don't have an 'idzebra' package available, only an 'idzebra-2.0' package. is that the right one?
05:29 mason yeah, should be ok...
05:30 mason done an 'apt-get update' after adding the repo lines??
06:54 bignose-work using 'aptitude' FTW, but yes.
07:09 chris right, bathed, books read, teeth brushed and in bed
07:13 chris hi Kivutar, hows the api goin?
07:17 Kivutar hi chris
07:18 Kivutar i have implemented almost all the ils-di services needed by sopac2
07:19 chris excellent
07:19 chris do you have a git branch online anywhere?
07:20 Kivutar no, but i can send you a tar.gz
07:21 mc hello
07:21 mc Kivutar, did you looked at my newsubscription wrapper  
07:21 mc ?
07:21 chris that would be great
07:22 mc i dream about a complete alternative koha api based on it!
07:22 mc :)
07:24 Kivutar mc: not yet, can you remind me in which file it is?
07:25 mc see the sources in Koha::Tools
07:25 Kivutar ok
07:25 mc (use the tests as doc for the moment)
07:25 Kivutar chris: i have to reorganize my code a little bit, then i send it to you by mail
07:26 chris cool :)
07:27 mc BTW: symbolic references rulez and i wonder if it would been so easy in python :)
07:27 Kivutar mc: hahahah
07:27 chris maybe biblibre could set up
07:27 mc chris, maybe ;-)
07:28 chris then i could pull from your development branches :)
07:30 chris mc:[…]docs/history.txt;  i think by friday i will be up to your first commit :)
07:33 mc hehe
07:34 mc well chris i have to admit i don't comit at all for the moment :)
07:34 nahuel hi all :)
07:34 mc hi nahuel
07:34 nahuel mc, I already said "hi" to you!
07:35 chris well in the whole scheme of things, commits are only 1 part of making a succesful free software product and community
07:35 mc nahuel, ('hi')x365
07:36 mc (forget me for the next year!
07:36 mc ;)
07:46 SelfishMan anyone know of an open source self checkout system?
07:47 nahuel "self" ?
07:47 SelfishMan nahuel: "self" as in patrons being able to checkout materials on their own
07:48 nahuel this exists?
07:48 SelfishMan There are several commercial solutions
07:53 chris you can do it with koha
07:54 chris http://opac.koha.workbuffer.or[…]a/sco/
07:58 chris or you can use any machine that talks SIP2 and koha
07:59 nahuel chris, what's sco ?
08:00 chris self check out
08:00 nahuel but it's not in the koha sources
08:01 chris yep it is
08:02 nahuel cannot find it...
08:04 chris 2 secs
08:04 chris its in opac/
08:04 chris[…]=tree;f=opac/sco;
08:07 nahuel ah ok
08:07 nahuel in opac
08:07 nahuel thanks
08:19 chris no problem
08:30 chris hi kf
08:30 chris guten morgen
08:31 chris vie gehts?
08:34 kf good, thx. how are you?
08:35 kf vie = wie :)
08:35 chris ahh i was writing phonetically
08:36 chris good thanks as well
08:36 chris survived april fools day
08:41 kf its not over here yet
08:41 chris is it a big deal there?
08:44 kf not a big deal, but there are april fools in newspapers, sometimes in mails and joking colleagues of course
08:45 kf have to be careful not to believe everything I read today
08:46 chris the same here
08:46 kf chris: what does AMC stands for?
08:47 chris hmmm in what context?
08:48 chris ohh i see the email
08:48 kf just read a mail on koha-devel: Data Conversion form Newgenlib to koha and wondered about the appreviation
08:48 kf good morning paul and nicomo
08:49 chris yeah, i have no idea
08:49 chris i think support
08:50 chris id certainly tell them to not go to koha 2.2.9, if they were going to koha to go to 3.0.1
08:51 chris maybe it means A Management Contract
08:52 chris anasha, have you heard of AMC before?
08:54 anasha chris, is it Annual Maintenance Contract
08:54 anasha ?
08:54 chris ahh that makes sense
08:54 chris We are from INMAS, DRDO, Delhi. Presently we are using newgenlib (OSS), we had tried a lot to give AMC to Newgenlib developers (M/s Verus Solutions) at normal rates but they did not responded positive.
08:55 chris are you on the devel list?
08:55 chris seems like a good opportunity for one of the indian koha support companies :)
08:55 anasha yes... this AMC stands for Annual Maintenance Contract
08:55 anasha chris, yes
08:55 chris thank you
08:58 kf :)
09:01 anasha chris, you are very much true
09:02 anasha we are becoming bigger and bigger.... just like big bang
09:03 chris heh
09:39 Amit hi chris: this is possible we can install three koha on one server

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