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12:13 Amit hi danny
12:13 danny hi amit and #koha
12:20 nahuel hi
12:20 soul9 hullo
13:12 Kivutar I don't understant why C4::Reserves::IsAvailableForItemLevelRequest returns ($available_per_item and $item->{onloan})
13:12 Kivutar shouldn't it be ($available_per_item and not $item->{onloan}) instead?
13:14 hdl_laptop some libraries donot want ppl toreserve elements on shelves.
13:14 gmcharlt Kivutar: depends on AllowOnShelfHolds syspref
13:14 gmcharlt as hdl_laptop says, some libraries only want to permit items that are on loan to be requestable
13:15 hdl_laptop imagine some one out of the library who reserve a book on shelf.
13:15 hdl_laptop When someone in the library just tokk this book out of the shelf.
13:15 hdl_laptop Kivutar:  How do you cope ?
13:16 Kivutar oh I seeee
13:16 owen As far as our practice goes, you simply give the person in the library precedence.
13:17 hdl_laptop so you override the reservation.
13:17 gmcharlt conversely, although it's not common, a few libraries will give the person who made the request the preference
13:18 Kivutar ok I understand now, thanks
13:19 hdl_laptop np
13:21 Kivutar hdl_laptop: things go well
13:22 owen gmcharlt: Anyone from Liblime at CIL?
13:22 Kivutar as nicomo told me to drop SIP2 support and use REST instead, it's a lot easier for me
13:23 gmcharlt owen: no
13:24 mc does koha stores the weight and the martial art praticed by the borrower .. it would help to know who will keep the book actualy :)
13:25 imp ?
13:25 gmcharlt that will be supported eventually, along with an a module for Koha to control robots that go out and collect books from delinquent patrons
13:26 mc imp, stupid joke about C4::Reserves::IsAvailableForItemLevelRequest and the pb scoped by hdl_laptop
13:26 owen mc, I thought that was what the "Additional attributes and identifiers" feature was for?
13:26 gmcharlt indeed
13:26 imp :D
13:26 mc you're right
13:28 owen gmcharlt: we tested an RFID-based robot collections solution, but the robots stole the patrons' passports instead and we never heard from them again.
13:30 gmcharlt I suspect that with the rise of CADIE, you'll be hearing from them very soon
13:56 kf :D
13:57 kf about AllowOnShelfHolds syspref: requests only for items that are not on shelf is the way requests are supposed to work in germany - but some libraries need to use different request types, for things like reading room requests and closed stacks
13:59 imp requesting books which are in the shelfs on display is not possible in the libary of our uni
13:59 kf AllowOnshelfHolds syspref per item type would be a great feature  ;)
14:00 kf thats right, what can be accessed by the patron is not requestable, but where he cant go - closed stacks for example, you need an option for him to request an item for loan or for use in a reading room
14:01 kf hm cant explain that in english the way i want to
14:01 imp indeed, that's possible here (but i would like to get into the basement :D)
15:18 gmcharlt fredericd: about?
15:32 jwagner Are there known problems with the fund pulldown in creating/editing an acquisitions order?  I've tried on both a 3.0 and a 3.0.1 system, and the pulldown has no options.  Funds exist and are tied to the library being used, but I don't see anything in the pulldown.
15:32 jwagner Didn't find anything likely searching bugzilla for this problem.
15:35 owen jwagner: acqui/ ?
15:47 jwagner Owen, I've looked at that script and at the but I can't see any problems.  I ran the SQL that the is using, and it found the funds OK.
15:48 jwagner Do you see funds in your system when creating an order?
15:48 owen What I mean is, is that the page you're on when you encounter the problem?
15:48 jwagner Oh, sorry.  Yes, that's the scriptname being called (whether creating a new one or editing an existing one).
15:51 owen Are you sure you have budgets defined within those funds, and that the end date for the budget has not passed?
15:51 owen As far as I can tell it's working for me.
15:52 jwagner OK, thanks for checking.  I must be missing something somewhere....
15:52 jwagner Yep, I have budgets, and their end date is a year away.
15:53 owen Can anyone help me understand this syntax?
15:53 owen $issue->{'status'} = $status || C4::Context->preference("OpacRenewalAllowed");
15:54 owen What is the || doing? Does it pick whichever is true?
15:54 gmcharlt if $status evaluates to Perl false, assign C4::Context->preference("OpacRenewalAllowed");
15:54 gmcharlt || is the boolean OR operator, of course
15:54 gmcharlt and short circuits
15:55 gmcharlt meaning that if the first clause is true
15:55 gmcharlt we assign that value to $issue->{'status'}
15:55 gmcharlt only if it is false does it assign C4::Context->preference("OpacRenewalAllowed");
15:55 owen The example comes from CanBookBeRenewed()
15:56 owen that seems to imply that $status will be true for ALL items, as long as OpacRenewalAllowed is true
15:56 gmcharlt correct
15:56 gmcharlt whether that's useful depends on the context, of course
15:57 owen Hmmm.... I guess I don't understand under what context that would be useful :)
15:58 owen In the OPAC, that results in a "renew" link for all items, even those with holds or no remaining renewals
16:02 owen sorry, the example comes from, and $status is the value returned by CanBookBeRenewed().
16:08 owen Hmmm... but $status is 1 even if the item can't be renewed again...
16:10 owen ...and 1 even if the item is on hold.
16:11 gmcharlt right
16:11 gmcharlt it probably should be
16:11 gmcharlt $issue->{'status'} = $status &&  C4::Context->preference("OpacRenewalAllowed");
16:12 gmcharlt i.e., can only renew if book is available to be renewed, and renewals are allowed from the OPAC
16:12 gmcharlt also - 'renewal_allowed', 'can_renew', or the like would be better name than plain ol' status
16:13 owen The template already checks for OpacrenewalAllowed... would the redundancy be valuable for any reason?
16:14 gmcharlt possibly; the intent of nahuel's patch was to prevent a user from a constructing a URL that allows them to renew regardless of the syspref's value
16:15 gmcharlt but looking at it again, the change to was probably competely unnecessary
16:20 owen If a script returns a variable like "too_many," what's the standard way of getting that to the template in a translatable fashion? Create a template variable name="to_many" and set it to 1 ?
16:22 gmcharlt yes
16:26 owen gmcharlt: Would you think libraries might not want patrons to know that their book cannot be renewed because it's on hold for someone else?
16:27 gmcharlt as long as it's not saying who requested it, it's reasonable to let the patron know why they can't renew it
16:28 owen That was my thought, but I wanted to get a second opinion.
16:28 gmcharlt for example, if Koha prevents renewals for a reason that the patron can affect (by paying their fines, e.g.,), they should know that
16:28 gmcharlt and also know if they can't do anything to get permission to renew the book
16:30 owen Hmm... CanBookBeRenewed() only seems to output errors for "too_many" and "on_reserve"
16:31 gmcharlt right - my example was made up
17:13 gmcharlt owen: it's going to have to be something like $issue->{'too_many'} = 1 if $renewerror and $renewerror eq 'too_many';
17:14 gmcharlt if there's no error, $renewerror is undef
17:14 gmcharlt and there will be a warning trying to compare an undef scalar to a string
17:16 owen Okay. I'm glad someone is checking up on me!
18:17 atz gmcharlt: found this in ModBiblio
18:17 atz    # parse each item, and, for an unknown reason, re-encode each subfield
18:17 atz    # if you don't do that, the record will have encoding mixed
18:17 atz    # and the biblio will be re-encoded.
18:18 gmcharlt atz: yep, that's a point to test
18:19 atz yeah... surprisingly random and explicitly inexplicable re-encoding
18:19 atz usually a *bad* idea
18:59 brendan
18:59 brendan good April fools one
19:14 elwell not sure if the SGI one is a hoax or not
19:14 elwell (rackable's bought them)
19:48 chris morning
19:48 pianohacker mornin'
19:56 brendan morning chris
19:56 brendan moring pianohacker
19:56 chris ohh more new people sending patches, awesome
19:56 pianohacker hi brendan
19:56 pianohacker That reminds me, I need to get back on the patches list
19:57 chris i the last few days, Brendan, Jane, Christopher (great name that) Hyde, and Stephen Edwards are the new submitters
19:57 pianohacker Wow
19:58 chris ill never get this history finished at this rate hehe
19:59 brendan chris I've been reading your additions - I like how it seems to go exponentially every year!
19:59 brendan whoops grow not go
19:59 chris oh yeah ive only done the vcs, my mailboxes and the main koha list .. i still have koha-devel and koha-translate to do
20:00 chris and im only up to 2005 ... so there will be more to add to all the years
20:00 chris id forgotten how many articles were written and how many awards koha got
20:03 brendan Chris you every figure out what AMC meant?
20:04 brendan I've got fat fingers today!
20:04 pianohacker Not currently working on it (homeschooling at the moment), but would appreciate any comments on a new design for the sysprefs page (not completed, search and saving broken):[…]
20:06 gmcharlt pianohacker: on the plus side, allowing the prefs to be set directly is fine
20:06 chris yeah anasha told me annual manintenance contract
20:07 gmcharlt and recasting some of the descriptions would seem helpful for some of the prefs
20:07 gmcharlt I don't like deemphasizing the syspref names quite so much, though
20:08 gmcharlt as it's useful to be able to refer to a setting w/o circumlocution
20:09 gmcharlt on the meh side, it would complicate translating the syspref descriptions
20:09 pianohacker Right, I've seen that be useful for support on the mailing list. How about if the preference names were in black and at the start of the line?
20:09 gmcharlt as the interface would have to deal with various in grammar
20:10 pianohacker Actually, let me show you the subtemplate (small minilanguage):[…]rences/admin.tmpl
20:13 pianohacker The syntax for the input boxes and selects could easily be changed; I based it on wikipedia's template syntax, but understandability for translators is important
20:14 gmcharlt making it possible to extract the strings and use PO files to translate I suspect would be better for the translaters
20:15 chris sure would
20:16 gmcharlt pianohacker: yeah, I think putting the syspref names first is still useful
20:21 pianohacker gmcharlt: Made that small modification
20:23 gmcharlt pianohacker: looks better, though I think a two column table would be even better
20:24 gmcharlt a paragraph style view makes it hard to locate a particular pref
20:24 pianohacker That probably would be more readable, let me try that
20:24 gmcharlt to my eyes, anyway
20:29 pianohacker Extracting the strings from the subtemplates might work. How would you deal with grammar, though?
20:29 gmcharlt I see the tables now
20:40 pianohacker chris: Any thoughts on the translation aspect?
20:41 chris yeah, if we can do it the .po way then we can use pootle, which the translators seem to like
20:41 pianohacker Okay.
20:42 gmcharlt I think it's basically a matter of identifying the placeholder for the syspref value
20:42 pianohacker Would you translate entire lines? Only translating names of individual choices and chunks of descriptions might run into grammar problems.
20:42 gmcharlt gettext-based systems can deal with position changes easily enough
20:42 gmcharlt the place holder values would have to be mapped as well
20:43 pianohacker Okay. So you would vote for keeping the system as I have it, but modifying to support it?
20:43 gmcharlt it should be able to produce a PO file
20:43 chris sorry work calls :(
20:43 gmcharlt wouldn't necessarily have to involve
20:43 pianohacker chris: Bye, thanks again
20:44 chris but yes anything that can create, and then use a po file would be ideal
20:44 gmcharlt could have a separate script and generate a separate PO file for database-level strings
20:48 pianohacker Ehh, yes. Part of the motivation for this project was removing the need for systempreferences.explanation and .options (and possibly .type), though. is also a morass.
20:50 pianohacker Do you think, overall, having the display of the system preferences entirely in the template is a good thing?
20:50 pianohacker (as my system does it)
20:51 pianohacker Thanks, also, for your comments. It's good to get this hashed out before I've rewritten all of the tabs
20:52 gmcharlt I'm all for putting all metadata for the standard sysprefs in a file
20:53 gmcharlt version in database would just be for display, and synchronized when needed
20:53 pianohacker OK.
20:53 gmcharlt one disadvantage of putting all of the display info in a template
20:54 gmcharlt is that you make it more difficult to implement the current ability to add a system preference from the interface
20:54 gmcharlt or to edit the explanation for the local library's needs
20:54 pianohacker True.
20:55 gmcharlt the first doesn't actually bother me all that much
20:55 gmcharlt because in order to actually do something with a new syspref
20:55 gmcharlt you have to be able to write at least a little Perl
20:55 gmcharlt so being requiring to also edit a text file is not much more of a barrier
20:55 gmcharlt the second, I'm not sure about
20:56 gmcharlt I don't know how much libraries depend on being able to modify the syspref explanation
20:56 gmcharlt one edge case that's interesting is translation
20:56 pianohacker What are your experiences with supporting libraries through LibLime (or elsewhere, not sure how much you're involved with that)
20:57 gmcharlt some libraries (e.g., in Canada), may want the staff interface in both French and English
20:57 gmcharlt so being able to store (or access) both languages would be useful
20:58 gmcharlt as far as adding sysprefs from the interface goes, it's mostly been useful to activate features for testing that are still under development
20:58 gmcharlt and don't have a DBrev yet
20:58 pianohacker Yeah
20:58 gmcharlt I don't know how many LL customers tweak the descriptions
20:58 gmcharlt a couple might, but it's probably not all that common
20:59 pianohacker I could always have a rudimentary interface under Local Use that is reminiscent of the current one. Given the use, it wouldn't have to support more than changing the raw `value` column.
20:59 gmcharlt I suggest that you make a couple screenshots and ask for feedback on the mailing lists
20:59 pianohacker Sounds good
21:01 pianohacker Do you think a <select> versus a table is okay for language selection? I know the table handles the language->country hierarchy better, but I'm not sure it's needed
21:01 pianohacker Thanks for taking time out of your workday to work with me on this, btw
21:01 gmcharlt no problem
21:02 gmcharlt one thing about this change is that you'll likely get different feedback from people who look at the sysprefs page infrequently
21:02 gmcharlt vs those (like LL support people :) ) who do it often
21:02 pianohacker Heh, true
21:02 gmcharlt the latter would optimize for being able to quickly glance at a config
21:02 gmcharlt the former for ease of figuring out what the heck the individual sysprefs do
21:03 gmcharlt as far as the language goes, it should go with the table IMO
21:03 gmcharlt if for no other reason than to avoid proliferating lists of languges codes and names
21:05 pianohacker Hrm. That might not be necessary: I was just thinking a collapsed version of the table, using getTranslatedLanguages
21:06 gmcharlt ah, I see what you mean
21:06 chris i like being able to let a user set their language preference, in the intranet
21:06 chris so you have a sitewide one, but a user can override it (like the opac)
21:07 gmcharlt ideal interface for setting the language syspref (not session language) would give a list/table of the ones that have been enabled
21:07 chris yep
21:07 gmcharlt and an autocomplete control for searching for any languages you want to enable
21:08 gmcharlt except for us developers, once you set your list of languages
21:08 gmcharlt you're not likely to ever change afterwards
21:08 gmcharlt so optimize for displaying which languages you've actually enabled makes sense
21:08 chris phase 2, id like to provide a place you can upload a .po file
21:09 chris and it makes the templates for you
21:09 chris so that you dont have to wait for a release to get the new/better translations
21:09 pianohacker That would be nice
21:09 pianohacker It would require some setup of permissions, much like the editable help, but it would make dealing with translations much easier
21:10 pianohacker phase 3, it downloads the translation from :)
21:10 chris *nod*
21:10 chris phase 4, submit fixes to from koha :)
21:10 chris phase 4 is a ways off ;)
21:11 pianohacker chris: Like google translate?
21:11 gmcharlt my big translation desire is incoporate strings that need to be stored in the database into the translation system
21:11 gmcharlt sysprefs are one obviously
21:11 gmcharlt but also things that permissions descriptions
21:11 pianohacker MARC framework subfield descriptions?
21:11 gmcharlt mappings of fine transaction types
21:11 chris yeah
21:12 gmcharlt and anything where yoiu really don't want to have a huge TMPL_IF/TMPL_ELSIF/TMPL_ELSE structure in your tempaltes
21:12 pianohacker Is there anyway to quickly parse a .po? You could, in theory, simply fetch the strings from there
21:13 pianohacker Half the problem is HTML::Template::Pro, but that's a whole other flamefest on koha-devel...
21:13 gmcharlt perhaps, but that will always be less efficient than grabbing strings from a database or memcached
21:13 pianohacker Yeah
21:13 pianohacker memcached would help
21:14 gmcharlt the problem with changing from H::T::P is cost
21:14 gmcharlt I think that we'd actually come to a quick agreement that moving to Template::Toolkit or the like
21:14 gmcharlt would be better, technically, than H::T::Pro
21:15 gmcharlt the problem is going through and doing the transition
21:15 gmcharlt we could do a mixed mode for a while, having some scripts use HTPro and others TT
21:15 pianohacker Yup
21:16 gmcharlt but there's still an upfront cost in dealing with the includes
21:16 pianohacker Yup
21:16 pianohacker And any automatic translation is going to have corner cases (such as attributes) where it peters out
21:19 [k3rn3l] hi
21:19 pianohacker [k3rn3l]: hello
21:20 [k3rn3l] spent last 2 days trying to install koha 3 in ubuntu and wasn't capable :(
21:26 pianohacker [k3rn3l]: What happened?
21:28 [k3rn3l] well... in the end the koha folders in apache available sites was empty lol
21:29 [k3rn3l] but firts i must admit i'm not that good with linux and perl is quite new to me!!
21:29 [k3rn3l] so,,, i was only trying to follow some tuturials.. in the end i've used the koha 2.xx virtual machine just to give it a try
21:30 pianohacker If you mean that there is no "koha" file in /etc/apache2/sites-available, that's normal; you have to copy koha-httpd.conf in your koha configuration directory to /etc/apache2/sites-available/koha
21:31 [k3rn3l] that one was there
21:32 [k3rn3l] but then the virtual hosts root folders where empty! make some mistake when running make or something! i'll definitly try again!
21:33 pianohacker What installation method did you choose for koha (standard, single or dev, the first choice in Makefile.PL)?
21:33 [k3rn3l] standard
21:33 [k3rn3l] i accepted all the option that were given to me
21:35 pianohacker Okay
21:35 pianohacker So there isn't any files under /usr/share/koha ?
21:36 [k3rn3l] nop
21:36 [k3rn3l] nor the one for opac
21:36 pianohacker Okay. Did you run sudo make install ?
21:36 [k3rn3l] yes
21:36 [k3rn3l] i followed a a tutorial
21:36 pianohacker Hrm. And it ran without any error messages?
21:36 [k3rn3l] two in fact that where in the wiki
21:37 pianohacker Might be worth running sudo make install again and copy-and-pasting the output into
21:37 [k3rn3l] make test gave a few errors
21:37 [k3rn3l] ok
21:37 [k3rn3l] i will try again tomorrow
21:38 pianohacker Would help me see if there's anything visibly odd going on
21:38 [k3rn3l] maybe it has to do with perl modules
21:38 pianohacker Maaaybe. This sounds like an issue somewhere else.
21:38 [k3rn3l] still, version 2 and 3 are very different?
21:38 pianohacker I should be on tomorrow morning, but other people on here should be able to help if not
21:39 pianohacker Much different
21:39 [k3rn3l] and also, intranet is only for those who will manage the system right? library workers
21:39 pianohacker v3 has a lot of new features and fixed bugs; if you can install it, it's the better option
21:39 pianohacker Well, all of the staff; that includes circulation clerks and catalogers
21:40 pianohacker OPAC is only for patrons
21:40 [k3rn3l] i'm to fresh with perl and linux so if I mange to install it i will definitly learn a lot
21:41 [k3rn3l] pardon me, i'm "lost in translation"... what do you mean by patrons?
21:41 gmcharlt borrowers
21:41 gmcharlt library users
21:42 [k3rn3l] thanks :) it's quite cool that patrons can have accounts and follow up their reading history!
03:49 Amit hi chris, mason, brendan
03:49 Amit good morning
04:11 mason morning amit
04:49 Amit hi greenmango
04:55 Amit mason: have u read this mail[…]a-td22822109.html
05:16 brendan heya Amit --
05:17 Amit heya brendan
05:17 Amit have u read above mail
05:17 Amit which i have give the link
05:34 brendan Yeah Amit - read it earlier today 00 was wondering why they don't do to 3.0 instead
05:34 Amit i don't know but i have already newgenlib data to koha
05:35 Amit newgenlib in postgresql
05:35 brendan cool - for new delhi
05:35 Amit yes
05:35 brendan postgresql
05:35 Amit in new genlib there is no export facilities available
05:35 Amit for marc records
05:35 Amit i have done by backend
05:35 brendan right ps_dump
05:36 brendan so from postgresql to mysql
05:36 Amit no i have studied the entire database
05:36 Amit where the records goes in which table
05:36 Amit then
05:36 Amit migrae
05:36 Amit migrate
06:24 Amit hi kf
06:25 kf hi Amit
07:37 Kivutar hi all
07:37 Kivutar chris: what is you email address?
07:38 nahuel chris, he want to spam you
07:42 hdl_laptop hello all
07:46 kf good morning hdl and all
07:47 hdl_laptop hi kf
07:53 chris is my home one
07:55 Kivutar thanks chris, hdl already gave it to me and I sent you my ils-di module
07:56 chris excellent thank you :)
07:56 chris nahuel: as long as he doesnt send me python :-)
07:57 mc (python ? someone seen a python ? )
07:57 nahuel chris, python is gooooood :)
07:58 mc chris, in a psy hospital ?
07:58 mc ;)
07:59 chris i have done some python, in 2002 but havent done much since
08:00 kf my colleagues do all and everything with python... should I be afraid?
08:00 mc i tried to dive into python but there are a lot of missing features so i gave it up : perl stay my way
08:00 mc kf, sure ;)
08:00 chris kf: at least it isnt java :-)
08:00 mc chris++
08:01 mc neither php :)
08:01 chris actually i quite like python, i just like perl a bit better
08:01 elwell I can't get my head around python regexps compared to text munging in perl
08:01 mc python isn't a bad langage ... it's just not good enought compared to perl or ruby
08:01 kf but our new accessdb to marc21 converter is great and python :)
08:02 elwell ... yet. Ive got a course to go over to the dark side in May
08:02 kf but writing specs for it is ... hmpf. doing LDR and 008 atm
08:02 chris speaking of cool things
08:02 chris[…]a_in_browser.html
08:02 chris pretty neat
08:04 elwell looks an interesting blog. <adds to RSS feed>
08:07 chris also another thing i find useful
08:07 chris do you guys use bash as you shell?
08:07 nahuel kf, no you shouldn't be afraid ! python is gooood :)
08:11 chris i have this in my .bash_profile
08:11 chris
08:11 chris (colours optional)
08:11 chris but it means i get a nice prompt like
08:12 chris 21:12 ~/git/koha (3.0.x)$
08:13 chris so its easy to know what branch im on
08:43 elwell chris: I just go for the old school export PS1='C:${PWD//\//\\\}>' to freak people out
08:46 chris heh
09:16 mc chris, fun
09:16 mc neat ... sure ...
09:17 mc nahuel, everyone agreed you: python is good ... but not as good as ruby or perl
09:17 nahuel s/but(.*)//
09:18 nahuel :)
09:18 nahuel hmmm
09:18 nahuel s/(bug.*)//
09:18 mc chris, forgot bash :) zsh is the way
09:18 nahuel arf
09:18 nahuel well you understood me
09:18 mc nahuel, no ... but it's because of your perl syntax ;)
09:26 mc nahuel, you dont have to capture in fact : just s/but.*// and not import regex; regex.compile('but.*').matches.with.the.s​​subsitute(with.another.arg.because.i.can)
09:27 chris too much coffee today mc? :)
09:28 mc no: i think in python ;)
09:28 nahuel heu
09:28 nahuel mc
09:28 mc nahuel, ? :)
09:29 nahuel import re; re.replace('but.*','',yoursentence)
09:29 mc s/but.*//
09:29 mc try to know what is faster to write and maintain ?
09:30 nahuel python :)
09:30 nahuel to maintain
09:30 mc i don't know the english word for 'mauvaise foi' ... but you use it
09:31 nahuel ahah
09:46 soul9 hmm, and then try and understand what s/a/b/ does, on what, and why.
09:47 nahuel too implicit :)
09:53 mc because larry is a linguist: "while read THE LINE, if THE LINE contains 'foo', print THE LINE" ... in the real world: while read the line, print it if it contains 'foo'
09:53 mc /foo/ and print while <>
09:53 mc same in python ? :)
09:54 mc event the explict is faster and easier: while (my $line =~ <>) { print $line if $line =~ /foo/ }
09:54 mc oops
09:54 mc event the explict is faster and easier: while (my $line = <>) { print $line if $line =~ /foo/ }
09:58 nahuel in real life i wrote : read print the lines whose contain 'foo'
10:02 soul9 mc, s/^([\w]+)t(.*)/$1$2,
10:02 soul9 ;-p
10:12 mc soul9, what's the matter with that ?
10:12 soul9 event is something like a conference
10:12 soul9 a conference is an event
10:12 soul9 i think you meant even
10:13 mc ooh ... sorry :)
10:13 mc s/t// does the job ;)
10:14 soul9 errmc: are you sure? :-D
10:14 soul9 even he exlici is faser and easier...
10:18 chris no g :) so it will match the first then stop
10:18 soul9 heheh
10:18 soul9 aaah, right!
10:19 chris and now, its time for sleep :) have a good day all
10:22 soul9 nite chris
10:31 mc 'night chris
10:33 kf sleep well chris

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