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12:10 jwagner There is now a syspref for WebBasedSelfCheck, but the online manual implies it's not implemented yet, and the script referred to there ( doesn't seem to exist.  Am I correct that this function isn't yet available?
12:13 gmcharlt__ no it's present and functional
12:13 gmcharlt__ opac/sco/*.pl
12:16 jwagner Thanks.  Wonder why my find didn't find the script name... So to use it, we just need to add a link to the cgi-bin/koha/sco/ script?
12:18 gmcharlt pretty much -[…]f-checkout-module
12:20 jwagner I swear I stared at the online manual TOC for ages & never spotted that entry.  Sigh.  Thanks much!
12:22 kf hm. I wonder when and what gets displayed in Serial Data column in OPAC?
12:23 kf The library wants to use serials and they want to check out issues and binded volumes of newspapers - i try to figure out where to store volume and issue number
12:27 jwagner For individual issues, wouldn't the call number be best?  For bound issues, maybe a note in the item's public note field about coverage?
12:28 kf I tend to serial enumeration... but Serial Data is always empty.
12:28 kf hi jane
12:28 jwagner Hi kf :-)
12:29 kf call numbers are the same for all volumes and issues, i think it could be confusing for patrons when searching for the book
12:29 kf there are some fields i dont know how to use them
12:30 kf materials, copynumber, serial enumeration
12:31 kf and Serial Data is a bit mysterious, because its always empty and seems not linked to item
12:31 kf[…]blionumber=112877
12:36 jwagner kf, that display looks pretty clear to me.  What else do you want to show that isn't there?
12:38 gmcharlt kf: the serial data column has data only if there is a subscription attached to the bib
12:38 gmcharlt and comes from the subscription record
12:38 gmcharlt items.enumchron is displayed in volinfo
12:42 kf thx galen
12:43 kf but even if there is an subscription serial data is not filled, i tried with item generated directly in serials
12:43 gmcharlt a bug, then
12:44 gmcharlt there are a couple patches that I'll be pushing soon that will likely improve it
12:46 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: still struggling with reconciliation ?
12:46 gmcharlt struggling, not so much
12:46 gmcharlt time consuming, yes
12:50 hdl_laptop can I do something to help other than what I have already done (stop pushing) ?
12:51 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: a round of cherry picking bugfixes for stuff that don't already have incompatible changes in 3.0.x wouldn't hurt
12:53 hdl_laptop you mean cherry picking from head the patches you pushed that solves bugs.
12:53 gmcharlt yes
12:59 owen Has anyone else seen the problem where Internet Explorer won't keep you logged in to Koha?
12:59 gmcharlt owen: yes
12:59 owen I know I've asked about it before, but I can't remember if there was a solution.
12:59 gmcharlt does there happen to be an underscore in the domain name?
12:59 owen No
13:00 gmcharlt drat, there goes my easy answer
13:00 gmcharlt does it work in Safari - its cookie handling is closer to IE's than to FF
13:01 owen another detail is that it only affects the staff client. I stay logged in to the OPAC fine
13:02 owen Safari for Windows doesn't have any problem
13:03 owen Hmmm... and I get the problem on my test installation but not my library's live one.
13:03 gmcharlt and the breakage occurs across more than one PC?
13:03 owen Yes
13:04 owen Same symptoms with IE6 on one PC and IE7 on another
13:04 gmcharlt try tacking on an "alert(document.cookie);" in the page header
13:05 gmcharlt see if CGISESSION is getting passed
13:05 owen
13:06 owen I see a cookie named CGISESSID
13:06 gmcharlt add it to a script tag in
14:47 kf gmcharlt: serial data - thx galen!
15:07 jwagner I've seen chatter on the lists at various times -- is anyone actively doing EDI development right now?
15:10 atz jwagner: not that i know if
15:10 atz *of
15:11 atz it's a fairly large project
15:12 jwagner OK, thanks atz.
16:35 owen Hi joetho
16:43 joetho Hi Owen.
19:19 owen Anyone else getting an error from
19:21 gmcharlt owen: indeed - I'll fix
19:53 chris ata marie
19:54 owen Hi chris, how's tomorrow looking?
19:54 chris blue sky, 14 degrees at 9am ... with india vs nz playing cricket and my boss telling me i have to take the afternoon off to go to the ground to watch .. pretty damn good actually
19:57 chris hows the deck going?
20:00 owen Settled down a bit :)
20:00 chris :) no more objections?
20:00 owen Neighbor works for the City, felt she was "obligated" to report our infraction.
20:01 owen She promises she won't object if we seek a variance
20:02 owen Much better than what we thought it was: an angry and resentful neighbor
20:02 chris *nod*
20:03 chris an officious one is better :)
20:05 owen Off now to check on the building progress.
20:05 owen Catch you later
21:50 ron howdy chris
21:50 ron I hear you've had a chat with benf re deb pkg. all good?
21:51 chris yeah just a quick one, yep, i see mj ray responded to your mail too .. all good
21:51 gmcharlt yep, and I still owe you an email, ron
21:51 ron yep. I've got to get back to him
21:51 ron gmcharlt: heh
21:51 ron yep, that too
21:52 ron this is surreal. I'm on the train (connect via 3g) chatting on irc to people in nz. heh
21:52 chris heh
21:52 ron i never get used to this
21:54 gmcharlt and to people in the States :)
21:54 ron yep
21:54 ron gmcharlt: are you stateside?
21:54 ron thought you were a kiwi
21:54 gmcharlt yep
21:54 gmcharlt nope, USian
21:55 gmcharlt currently Floridian, to be precise
21:55 ron righto
21:56 ron gmcharlt: what's your primary business? koha support?
21:57 gmcharlt support, hosting, and development for Koha
21:57 gmcharlt also, an open shared cataloging service
21:57 ron neat
21:59 ron chris: in florida?
21:59 gmcharlt no - chris and I have never met in person, actually
21:59 chris nope in wellington
22:00 gmcharlt that will change in a couple weeks
22:00 chris lyall bay to be precise
22:00 ron "oh yeah, I worked with him. no, never *met*". now *that's* surreal. ;-)
22:01 chris virtual offices, its the way of the future
22:01 gmcharlt I'm waiting to find out whether chris is just a sophisticated IRC bot :)
22:01 chris heh
22:01 ron chris: I've been hearing that for years
22:01 ron and now the train is arguably my office
22:02 ron gmcharlt: :-)
22:02 chris and then from 2007 to 2008 in a different one
22:02 chris[…]ng-from-home.html <-- its all true
22:03 gmcharlt walking your dog in the rain is verboten?  that's harsh
22:04 ron gmcharlt: I'm more concerned about the dress code
22:04 ron ;-)
22:04 ron or that it's a '*no* dress code'
22:04 gmcharlt which is why video skypes have to be carefully planned ;)
22:04 ron very
22:05 ron my stn. ciao!
22:05 gmcharlt cya
23:49 atz gmcharlt: how's this look for a leader?
23:49 atz <leader>10958//adm2201069ary4500</leader>
23:51 atz 6 of the 83 bad leaders i'm looking at have the "//adm" and "ary" parts
23:53 chris wtf
23:54 richard heh
23:55 richard hi chris
23:56 chris heya richard
03:37 Amit hi chris, mason, brendan good morning
03:37 brendan heya Amit
03:39 Amit chris: r u watching third test match India vs NZ
03:41 richard hi Amit. there's a good chance chris is at the game
03:42 Amit means chris is in the stadium
03:42 Amit hi richard
03:42 Amit yes today india batting is not so good even good start by sehwag
05:43 kf good morning #koha
05:48 imp moin
05:52 hdl_laptop hi kf
05:59 Amit hi kf ;)
05:59 Amit hi hdl
06:32 k12linux Can the data in the sessions table be cleared out?  
07:27 Amit hi nahuel
07:38 nahuel hi

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