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12:23 elwell grr. see these people who blog in french... really stretches my translation skills
12:23 gmcharlt yeah, the whole world should just blog in English ;)
12:26 kf yep, or at leat in German ;)
12:28 elwell hey - I'm learning french. German will have to wait a while
12:34 kf I'm learning perl... french not coming soon
12:44 Kivutar perl is easier than french
12:48 kf I want to believe that, but I'm not a programmer so it will take some time too
14:47 kf owen: if you are listening: love your blog and design: changed logo and colors and it was really easy!
15:00 brendan good day #koha
15:02 paul_p hi brendan
15:03 brendan heya paul_p - do you have all your plans for kohacon set?
15:03 brendan I've heard you're going to try catching a baseball game.
15:03 paul_p which plans ? you mean travel plans ?
15:03 brendan yup travel plans and any site seeing?
15:03 paul_p I hope, but I did nothing. Just seen what has been written on the wiki.
15:04 paul_p we will see once on site !
15:04 brendan cool
15:04 paul_p I much prefer that.
15:04 brendan I'm a big baseball fan so, if you are thinking about going to that - I'd be more than willing to help you with some of the rules.
15:04 paul_p we have our travel tickets, US esta said "your entry in US is agreed"
15:04 brendan that's good
15:05 paul_p brendan: I'm really willing to go to see that. because i'm curious & like everything that's new.
15:05 paul_p would there be a 14th century church, or a medieval castle, I would probably prefer. But they are quite rare in US :D
15:06 gmcharlt little expensive to move
15:06 paul_p lol
15:06 brendan we maybe able to show some old (for us) missions or something.
15:06 brendan maybe 300 yrs at most!
15:06 gmcharlt well, those could at least be 16th century
15:16 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: we have a meeting planned
15:17 hdl_laptop But it seems i won't have much to tell you.
15:18 hdl_laptop I expected to speak about tests.
15:22 soul9 have a wonderful week-end all
15:38 pianohacker gmcharlt: around?
15:39 pianohacker also, good morning, all
15:40 gmcharlt good morning pianohacker
15:40 pianohacker gmcharlt: I was wondering, regarding AJAXcirc, if we could just commit the new (and changed) C4 modules, and leave the testing of the circulation portion for later
15:41 gmcharlt sure, send a patch if you've got it split out
15:41 pianohacker There seems to be much more interest in AJAX recently, and it'd be nice to have a basic framework we could hack into something acceptable by all
15:42 pianohacker Okey dokey
15:42 pianohacker Thanks
15:45 hdl_laptop pianohacker: have you changed all the C4Modules ?
15:46 pianohacker hdl_laptop: Some small modifications to C4::Output, and a new C4::Service and C4::Output::JSONStream module
15:47 hdl_laptop pianohacker: can be good for C4::Output
15:47 hdl_laptop what is C4::Service about ?
15:48 pianohacker Just a simple framework for JSON-based modules
15:48 pianohacker Includes REST dispatch and simple error handling
15:51 hdl_laptop cool
17:08 brendan heya jwagner
17:10 jwagner Hi Brendan -- sorry, was away getting a bite of lunch.
17:10 brendan np - is spring there yet?
17:12 jwagner It's thinking Real Hard about it, anyway.  Cherry blossoms are in full bloom, crocuses & forsythia & lots of other stuff in bloom, and at least moderate temperatures.  Of course, there was a monsoon of a rain storm this morning, but ya can't have everything....
20:56 atz wow... i can't believe we have a ModBiblios function in C4/ and a ModBiblio (and several other ModBiblio*) in C4::Biblio
22:21 hdl_laptop atz: I know
22:21 hdl_laptop It is I who wrote that.
22:22 hdl_laptop atz: Note that it was designed to process a result list.
22:22 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: is the MARC edit-in-search-results function working at all?
22:22 gmcharlt if not, I think it's a target for taking out
22:23 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: take it out
22:23 hdl_laptop When I tested, it worked
22:23 hdl_laptop But some ppl  told me there was problems with that.
22:24 gmcharlt well, for one thing it wouldn't behave well on a large result set
22:24 hdl_laptop And I had rather this stuff taken out than making it a problem or a weird stuff.
22:25 hdl_laptop I could find no clear place for multi Biblio process
22:25 gmcharlt I think it needs a separate interface
22:25 hdl_laptop Lists or Virtualshelves could be.
22:26 gmcharlt first you create a worklist (which maybe could build off of virtualshelves)
22:26 gmcharlt then ability to specify global change, review it (and do dry run), then do the change for real
22:26 hdl_laptop yes.
22:26 gmcharlt and make it sturdy enough to not fall over for large batch change operations
22:26 hdl_laptop This is why there was testing parameter
22:27 hdl_laptop yeah.
22:28 hdl_laptop may be desing it first for command line process and then try and call it asynchronously via ajax.
22:28 gmcharlt also needs staff permissions
22:31 hdl_laptop But C4::VirtualShelves was way from that purpose at the moment I investigated.
22:34 hdl_laptop But I agree it is the place editing multiple biblios should be
22:34 hdl_laptop Just like adding multiple Biblios to an order
22:35 gmcharlt VirtualShelves needs a revamp, so it as such may not be best place
22:35 gmcharlt but certainly the basic concept of a worklist makes sense
22:35 hdl_laptop show me a module that donot need a revamp and I well sleep well tonight ;)
22:36 hdl_laptop C4::Dates
22:37 hdl_laptop Tags maybe.
22:38 hdl_laptop ok sorry too tired.
22:38 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: good night
22:38 gmcharlt I'm about to send you a patch for this
22:38 gmcharlt when you have a chance, let me know what you think
22:41 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: patch sent
01:20 Legendario hello, is koha completely translated to portuguese?
01:21 Legendario there are both information on the site. It says it is totally and partially translated
01:30 gmcharlt Legendario: I think the correct answer is that the translation is still partial
01:30 gmcharlt at least for Koha 3.0 and later
01:32 Legendario gmcharlt, i want to assemble a group to translate it to pt_BR. I registered at the pootle but could not get into the pt_BR files
01:33 gmcharlt Legendario: cool - as far as pootle is concerned, you'll have to talk to chris to straighten it out
01:34 Legendario gmcharlt, who is him?
01:34 gmcharlt chris = Chris Cormack, the translation manager
01:34 gmcharlt located in NZ, so you'll likely catch him tomorrow on #koha
01:34 gmcharlt and you can email him, of course
01:36 Legendario gmcharlt, isn't him online on the channel now?
01:36 gmcharlt yes, that's him, but his nick is on the channel all the time
01:36 gmcharlt but he's away from keyboard as far as I know
01:38 Legendario gmcharlt, what is his e-mail?
01:39 gmcharlt>
01:39 gmcharlt
01:40 Legendario gmcharlt, thanks a lot. How is pootle, i've never used it
02:14 Legendario well thanks
02:14 pianohacker good evening
02:19 gmcharlt hi jesse
02:43 brendan good evening pianohacker !
02:43 pianohacker Hello
02:44 pianohacker Sorry, bit distracted :)
02:44 pianohacker How is everyone?
04:54 pianohacker Night
04:58 Legendario can anyone help me with some doubts about koha's opac?
05:04 Legendario is yakpak opensource too?
05:35 Legendario noone?
05:49 chris i don't know, yakpac doesnt really have anything to do with koha
05:51 Legendario chris, isn't it a opac offered by liblime?
05:52 chris its by indexdata and liblime offer services around setting it up etc
05:52 chris but its not to do with koha
05:52 chris you can use it with koha, but you can use it with lots of other ILS's
05:54 chris liblime have other projects too, like biblios etc .. and koha isnt just liblime
05:54 chris liblime is one of the companies offering services around koha, and they do lots of development work
05:54 chris but they are just part of wider community
05:55 chris which is what makes koha successful :-)
05:55 Legendario chris, who manages the translations for a certain language?
05:56 chris me
05:56 chris for 3.0.x
05:56 chris i have already responded to your email
05:57 chris I have given you approval rights on portuguese now
05:57 Legendario chris, I saw it! :-)
05:57 chris well pt-BR
05:58 Legendario thanks
05:59 chris so you can approve them now, and you can upload .po files too, but i will copy the portuguese opac files
05:59 chris so you can use that as a starting point
05:59 chris 2 mins i just have to run the bath for my son :)
06:02 Legendario chris, i just didn't understand how to set the portuguese translation as starting point. You have to copy that to the template? Is that right?
06:02 chris you could download the portuguese opac .po file
06:02 chris and then rename it and upload it to the brazilian
06:03 chris or brasilian?
06:03 chris but i can do that faster
06:04 Legendario chris, but is that going to be shown as suggestions?
06:05 chris
06:05 chris no
06:06 chris well only the ones that havent been approved will be
06:06 chris ok, i have to go do this bath now, i will be back later
06:06 chris (saturday night in nz :))
06:08 Legendario chris, are u going to be back?
06:08 Legendario today?
06:23 Legendario does anyone know what the Fuzzy box on Pootle is for?
06:28 chris you check that if you aren't sure
06:28 chris it's like 'I think this is right'
06:29 chris if you are sure you don't .. so people can do a suggestion and mark it fuzzy if they aren't really sure if it is right or not
06:29 chris gives the approvers a hint they need to double check it
06:30 Legendario chris, the portuguese translation is very dirty... :-(
06:31 chris :(
06:31 chris the good news is, it is pretty easy to fix that... you have a few options, you can edit it in pootle .. which might be slow for you
06:31 chris or you can download the .po file, and use something like kbabel to translate it offline, and upload it back
06:32 chris you can choose merge, and if someone has been updating it online it wil merge the changes
06:33 Legendario chris, the second option seens to be better
06:34 Legendario chris, is the edition of koha's wiki opened to everyone?
06:34 chris yep
06:34 chris you just have to sign up
06:34 chris to deter spammers
06:35 Legendario chris, i would like to create a wiki for the pt_BR translations. Like teaching the basics of Pootle, for exemple. Is that possible?
06:36 chris yep, it would be best to make a section on the koha wiki for that
06:36 chris
06:37 chris something like the dutch or the german translation?
06:37 chris pages
06:39 chris or make a site somewhere else and link it from there
06:40 Legendario something similar to the dutch i think
06:41 chris cool
06:43 Legendario i'll try to rally somepeople
06:43 Legendario i know some translators from other open source software
06:45 chris excellent
06:50 Legendario jesus, the portuguese translation is very bad! They don't respect the variables!!!!
06:53 chris I dont think anyone has worked on it in a long time
07:00 Legendario chris, i saw at the opac demo that it has a login section too. What is it for?
07:01 chris so people can check what items they have out, and make reviews/comments, also place reserves on items
07:03 Legendario ok
07:07 Legendario chris, when i choose "author phrase" on the advanced field area, it is going to look for the exact expression, isn't it?
07:08 chris not quite exact but the words in that order
07:11 chris its close to exact
07:11 chris but if the author is "William Heinlein Jr" and you phrase search on "William Heinlein"
07:11 chris it will match
07:12 chris if you phrase search Heinlein William it wont
07:12 chris whereas standard author search will match for both
07:16 Legendario ok
07:23 Legendario chris, what is biblios? I see it on the difficult terms to translate on the wiki, but there is no definition
07:25 chris yeah its difficult to explain in english
07:26 chris basically it gets it's meaning in the koha 3.0.x context from MARC
07:27 chris so its everything to do with an item, that isnt item specific .. so it contains the title information, author etc
07:28 chris there are 2 levels, biblios and and items
07:28 chris 1 biblio can have many items
07:28 chris an item can only have one biblio
07:30 Legendario is that close to a register?
07:32 chris hmm dont think so
07:33 chris biblio = bibliographic information
07:34 chris  might be helpful
07:34 Legendario ok, that definition helps a lot

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