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12:33 owen What's up
12:34 owen ...#koha?
13:04 slef hdl_laptop: paul_p: is nicomo about for IRC in 15-30mins?
13:04 slef owen: not "What's on your mind?" ;-)
13:04 slef biab
13:15 hdl_laptop slef: nicomo is in Limoges for a training session.
13:26 slef hdl_laptop: thanks. When's he back or is someone else handling his tasks while he's away?
14:41 slef hdl_laptop: thanks. When's he back or is someone else handling his tasks while he's away?
18:33 danny Do you have to be subscribed to the koha patches mailing list in order to submit patches to it? (trying to debug why someones patch didn't make it to the mailing list)
18:35 gmcharlt danny: it helps - sometimes one may get kept in moderation
18:36 danny ah ok, I see
19:40 chris morning
19:42 chris ron: can you yell out when you see this please ;)
19:47 chris morning richard
19:48 richard hi chris
20:40 brendan Good afternoon #koha
20:40 SelfishMan afternoon
20:41 chris heya brendan
20:41 brendan how's everything with you all
20:41 brendan err y'all
20:43 chris practising for texas? :)
20:43 SelfishMan The snow has melted up here in Montana so pretty good I'd say
20:44 slef emailed nicomo :-/
21:32 chris ron:[…]p.misc.koha/13478
21:32 chris seems like a perfect opportunity for you to jump in :)
22:03 slef you know it's bad when the project plan sprawls over A2
22:05 chris ouch slef
22:56 ron chris: howdy
22:57 ron interesting
22:57 ron does joe = atz (in here)?
22:58 atz ron: yep, i'm here
22:58 ron atz: howdy. was just reading the gmane link which chris quoted
22:58 ron presumably that's you?
22:59 atz yeah, that was my reply
22:59 ron atz: I'm happy to sponsor the deb packaging
22:59 ron sponsor = $$
22:59 atz awesome
22:59 ron of course, I have no idea the magnitude of this. :)
23:00 atz oh that's ok, neither does anybody else.
23:00 atz :)
23:00 ron heh
23:00 ron I've got a DD involved from my end, although he has no experience with Koha
23:00 atz "I just want to apt-get koha.  Why doesn't it work?"
23:00 ron but he's got plenty of packaing experience
23:01 ron but more importantly, I've got a customer who will pay for the ongoing maintenance of the package
23:01 ron ongoing = 5 yrs
23:02 atz wow, that's remarkable
23:02 ron meh. gov't
23:02 gmcharlt ron: cool
23:02 atz gmcharlt is my project manager at LL
23:03 ron liblime?
23:03 gmcharlt there's a DD, Vincent Danjean, who's been working on packaging
23:03 atz right
23:03 chris yep i introduced ron to vincent
23:03 ron yeah, VDJ isn't so interested in being responsible for the package
23:03 gmcharlt good
23:03 atz right, since he doesn't really get Koha itself
23:03 ron but he has documented his progress
23:03 gmcharlt good (re intro)
23:04 ron gmcharlt: yeah, I got that. heh
23:04 slef I have someone interested in being responsible for the package, but unavailable until April
23:04 ron slef: that's only a month away
23:04 atz 1 mo. vs. 5 years isn't much
23:04 ron it'll take that long to get all the ducks lined up anyway
23:04 slef I will reply to emails soon, but priorities are screwing me
23:05 slef a non-nonegotiable deadline which some of you know about is coming up next week
23:05 ron getting married?
23:05 ron ;-)
23:05 slef nah, did that a while ago
23:05 ron ahh.. baby
23:05 slef nope
23:06 slef this is 100% work
23:06 slef sadly
23:06 ron so's a baby
23:06 ron :)
23:06 slef heh
23:06 ron or my four were/are
23:06 atz the first thing i would do is redefine scope a bit, for the first iteration of the package.  namely, don't waste any time on no-zebra.  
23:06 slef blah, this ps file is blank :-/
23:06 ron wtf is zebra?
23:06 slef zebra is the biblio indexer
23:06 gmcharlt search engine used by Koha
23:06 atz zebra is the indexing and z3950 core of Koha
23:07 ron righto
23:07 slef !newlogbot, zebra?
23:07 gmcharlt NoZebra is a pure perl, older, biblio indexing mode
23:07 slef newlogbot, zebra?
23:07 slef newlogbot: botsnack?
23:07 ron maybe newlogbot's index is screwed? ;-)
23:07 gmcharlt slef: you're crediting newlogbot with much more intelligence than it has
23:07 ron irony
23:07 gmcharlt !slef
23:08 slef !botsnack
23:08 slef !seen botsnack
23:08 atz i started chipping away at the vincent's wiki page.... striking out things that could be ignored (or outright removed)
23:09 ron this deb package will take a while to get 'finished', so we're moving ahead with deploying on a dedicated host via the usual tarball method
23:09 ron once the deb is available then we'll migrate to the primary server they're wanting it on
23:11 atz ron: are you looking to RFP?  basically, how do you want the solution pitched?
23:11 ron I'm not necessarily looking at taking the cheapest route
23:12 ron I'm more concerned with longer term responsibility
23:12 ron and, heck, some money back into the community would well for everyone
23:12 atz right, 5 years is a long time in software
23:12 ron ...would work well...
23:12 ron atz: year by year then
23:13 ron if I can get someone who is willing to be responsible for just *one* year then I'd be happy
23:13 ron I assume it'd be relatively easy to identify someone to take the reigns in year two, then three, etc
23:13 gmcharlt the bulk of the work will be completing the initial packaging - as long as the process is documented, should be easier to keep it up
23:13 atz ron: I'll take the second year.  :)
23:13 ron atz: lazy! :)
23:14 atz heh j/k
23:14 ron atz: was amusing that you comment came on the heels of gmcharlt's
23:14 atz yeah, similar thoughts
23:14 gmcharlt get out of my head!
23:14 gmcharlt :)
23:15 atz in any case, I suppose we should have somebody higher up at LL contact you to parameterize and get you a quote
23:16 atz (as in, higher up than me... gmcharlt could probably do it)
23:16 ron atz: do you have enough info? ie; requirements?
23:16 atz it will take some more investigation on the front-end to be accurate
23:17 ron of course
23:17 gmcharlt ron: most of the requirements are evident, I think, but there would be questions
23:17 ron ok
23:17 atz internationalization packages for example
23:17 gmcharlt heh - was about to ask exactly that
23:17 ron heck, I'm not in botswana
23:17 atz we have a *ton* of translations in various stages of completeness
23:18 atz ideally they are each independent so you don't have to install all of them
23:18 gmcharlt and ideally, en_UK, en_AU, and en_US will become localizations
23:18 atz right
23:19 ron btw, I should let you know that I have two engineers who are involved from my end; twb & benf
23:19 ron you'll likely be hearing from benf in here today
23:19 gmcharlt ok
23:19 ron I'm merely the salesdude
23:19 ron although the salesdude who knows how to spell I.T.
23:21 chris we already have en_NZ
23:21 chris at least for the opac
23:21 chris its about 60% done for the intranet
23:21 chris AU will be pretty darn close
23:22 atz chris: is there *any* divergence?  i can't tell the difference from here
23:22 chris maybe just in library terminology
23:25 atz ok, heading out to get some food for cats...
23:26 atz i'll leave it for gmcharlt and ron to hash out
23:28 ron slef: sorry, I didn't realise I'd already emailed you. I didn't make the connection. :)
23:32 gmcharlt heh
23:33 ron you can laugh. I emailed him to tell him what I'd learned in here, probably from slef himself. bleh
23:33 gmcharlt no, just laughing at the general game of guessing names from nicks
23:33 ron :)
23:33 gmcharlt anyway, glad I could help with the connection
23:34 ron too right. many thanks
23:37 gmcharlt heading out myself, but I'll be responding to your email soon
23:37 slef you may find /who #koha helpful
23:38 ron oh, yeah. never thought of that
02:38 Rosa Si: if you are there I have david from advantage on #hlt
03:40 Amit hi chris, mason, brendan
03:40 Amit chris what about match
03:40 Amit india 220/3
07:54 kf good morning #koha
07:56 chris hiya kf
07:56 kf hi chris
07:57 fredericd guten morgen und hiya
07:59 kf guten morgen frederic
08:01 kf oh i noticed that due_date is atm calculated differently in 3.0.1 and 3.2
08:03 kf caused by this patch[…]2c8a18761d1abf5f7
08:04 chris ahh which one is doing it right?
08:05 chris sounds like 3.0.1 is ....
08:05 chris on first reading anyway
08:05 kf for germany head is
08:05 chris right
08:05 chris i suspect that it should be a system preference then
08:05 kf no, because if you do duedate + , patrons will renew immediately after checking items out
08:05 chris renew from due_date or renew from today
08:06 fredericd discussed by Joshua on list:[…]March/002696.html
08:06 kf yes, i think this would be the best solution
08:06 chris yep, but some libraries might want that
08:06 chris so best to have the default behaviour be the way it used to
08:06 kf i agree that some might want that
08:06 chris and have a switch so libraries that want it work like the patch can
08:06 kf in our current systems you can define, when a user is allowed to renew, how many days before due_date
08:07 chris that would be a good feature too
08:07 kf i think than you can handle it with due_date + without making it difficult to get a hold on the item
08:09 kf I just think its not good, as it is now - different. and I hope you dont forget to fix this before 3.0.2 :)
08:09 chris yeah
08:10 chris it should either be reverted, or be changed to use a system preference
08:10 chris hopeuflly hdl will be on irc later
08:11 kf yep :)
08:12 chris there he is :)
08:12 kf hi hdl
08:13 kf discussed different calculation of due_date in HEAD and 3.01 with chris
08:13 chris (when renewing)
08:13 kf thats right
08:14 kf I think with due_date + new loan period, the patrons will renew immediately after checking items out
08:17 kf I think this should be a system preference, and in addition there should be the possibility to define, when patrons are allowed to new, something like "7 days before due date"
08:29 kf hi nahuel
08:29 nahuel kf, hi
08:31 hdl_laptop hi kf
08:33 hdl_laptop Actually, there already is a syspref that allow ppl to choose whether they add new loan period or just base it on the renewal date.
08:34 chris ahh does that code respect it?
08:34 hdl_laptop It was a patch sent by nahuel.
08:34 hdl_laptop Maybe galen has not pushed it.
08:35 kf[…]March/002696.html
08:35 kf he didn't and I think its right not to push it
08:35 kf should be a system preference
08:35 kf but I m a little worried, because now its handled different
08:36 kf oh
08:36 kf sorry hdl, overread your comment

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