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11:02 slef as in - does it work with koha? ;-)
11:06 greenmang0 slef: it does
11:06 slef interesting
11:08 greenmang0 slef: i even skipped CPAN
11:09 wxcv hello koha-fans
11:09 wxcv :-)
11:10 Amit hi wxcv
11:10 slef greenmang0: do you have SMS::Send installed?
11:23 greenmang0 slef: yes
11:29 lostalien can someone tell me marc tag for barcode?
11:30 slef If you mean item barcode, I think it'll be in a 9xx (952?) field rather than part of the mainstream marc because it's per-item not per-biblio
11:32 SelfishMan 952p in koha but 852p is common from what I've seen
11:33 lostalien thanks
11:38 lostalien SelfishMan:i want to migrate data from excel sheet to koha d/b. and i am using marcedit for that.
11:39 SelfishMan That sounds painful and nasty
11:39 SelfishMan You will want to assign the barcode to 952p though
11:47 lostalien SelfishMan: slef: i want to migrate excel data into koha d/b.but excelsheet dont have barcode column
11:47 lostalien so i need to add that column in order to issue book to patron
11:49 lostalien SelfishMan: i can search that impoted record in koha but cant issue book to patron because of barcode is not available for that book
11:50 SelfishMan yep.  You need to add barcodes.
11:51 lostalien but our client have not provided it to us...accession number will do
11:52 anasha lostalien:
11:52 anasha greenmang0:
11:52 SelfishMan lostalien: Then insert the accession number in 952p
11:53 lostalien okk
11:55 Amit hi nahuel
11:57 lostalien SelfishMan: thank you ... i will let u know if i find some error...
12:07 greenmang0 anasha:
12:07 anasha greemang0, yup
12:07 greenmang0 anasha: PM?
12:59 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: around ?
13:07 hdl_laptop hi owen
13:11 lostalien SelfishMan: what is marc tag for library branch?
13:13 lostalien can anyone tell me marc tag for library branch?
13:15 SelfishMan lostalien:[…]for_vendors&s=952
13:16 lostalien thanks bro.
13:20 lostalien SelfishMan: i have inserted the accession number in 952p as you said but i am getting error regarding branch .
13:21 lostalien SelfishMan: i think, i need to add branch column in excel sheet..
13:31 kf you need to configure it in database
13:32 kf configure libraries in koha, add two columns, one for holding branch, one for homebranch 952$a and $b with library code
14:36 owen Hey danny, you there?
14:37 danny hey owen, yes I am
14:37 owen I'm thinking about 13-digit isbns and Amazon content
14:37 owen I see you submitted a change a few months ago that dealt with that
14:38 owen That didn't touch the issue of book cover images, correct?
14:39 danny right, that is correct, I had planned to submit a follow-up patch to deal with cover images
14:39 danny if we can have it grab the image from the amazon xml then it will also pull much more cover art from amazon
14:39 owen ...because it will use EAN, etc. ?
14:40 danny well it can match based on different identifiers, such as EAN or UPC
14:40 danny right
14:42 owen Wouldn't that be too slow if you wanted to pull covers for search results?
14:44 danny I had some concerns about that
14:44 danny since you are hitting amazon for each result
14:46 danny currently with the images you are hitting amazon once to load the image from them, but if we pull it from the XML it will be hitting amazon twice, once to get the image url and a second time to load the image
14:47 danny I wanted to test it though because I am curious to see how much it increases the load time
14:49 owen I'll be happy to see better results for cover images. I know our patrons would like to see DVD covers.
14:49 owen And we're starting to see records with only the 13-digit ISBN, so getting to see those covers will be good too
14:50 danny I agree
14:54 owen Hi jwagner
14:56 danny liblime recently submitted a bunch of patches dealing with amazon content, so I was going to wait a bit till those got pushed before making more changes
14:56 SelfishMan Has anyone considered using instead of amazon?
14:57 atz yeah, there are a dozen or more sources considered
14:57 atz i think we need to totally rework the system for jacket images at least...
14:57 SelfishMan For the most part it handles 10 and 13 digit ISBNs very well and seems to have a better jacket selection than Amazon and google combined
14:57 atz before we try to bolt-on more of the same (large) template conditionals
14:57 SelfishMan Plus no query limits or license ambiguities
14:58 SelfishMan I've been looking at trying to make the outside content modular so people can use their own custom modules.  In the end that is probably a better solution.
14:58 atz SelfishMan: openlibrary performance may not be as good though
14:59 SelfishMan atz: One of the perks of openlibrary is the fact that all the data is available for download so it can be cached locally
15:00 atz interesting point
15:01 SelfishMan I'm actually in the process of extracting the jackets from  the warc files
15:12 jwagner Hi owen -- sorry, was working on another screen.
15:13 owen that's okay, one expects as much on IRC
15:13 jwagner Multitasking is a need-cessity these days....
17:02 imp
17:31 imp is it possible to switch later from a zebra-free installation to zebra?
17:33 ryan_ imp: yes, it should be ok to do this, however, I wouldn't bother with NoZebra unless you have < 5k records.
17:38 imp ryan_: ok, thanks
22:15 imp fyi: filled some gentoo tickets with koha deps -> #262712 #262715 #262717 #262718 #262721 #262723 #262726 #262728 #262729 #262732 #262735
22:25 imp and konqueror somehow manages to nearly DOS the system... load is about 20 only if the main page is requested
22:26 imp might be due the fact my server started swapping because of ~10 processes of intranet/cgi-bin/errors/
22:26 imp but with firefox the setup doesn't behave like this
00:07 ron chris: I got a response back re the deb packaging of koha
00:07 chris sweet yeah i saw a couple of emails
00:08 chris and i see vincent has updated the wiki
00:08 ron ok
00:08 ron the response wasn't so good though
00:08 chris[…]an_packaging_work
00:08 ron at least, he's not willing to take this on
00:08 chris what did he say?
00:11 ron chris: got it?
00:11 chris yep
00:11 ron what's your thoughts? is this still a goer, or will we have trouble with the patches?
00:12 chris its still a goer
00:12 chris basically he is jsut saying he doesnt know what a pile of scripts do
00:12 chris so he needs the developers to tell him
00:13 ron ok
00:13 ron but he doesn't want to be responsible for the deb
00:13 ron howdy twb
00:13 twb Hi.
00:13 ron chris: so who would be responsible?
00:13 chris no he doenst want to be paid to be responsible
00:13 ron oh. heh
00:13 chris I do not really wish to be fund for this work. I do not have a lot of                                    
00:13 ron I still want to feed some funds to the community
00:13 chris free time, so I do not want to promise some work with a deadline.                                         However, I'm still interested in having a Koha packaging for Debian.
00:13 twb ron: Vincent is essentially no longer the (prospective) maintainer; MJ is.
00:14 ron twb: ahh... ok. thx
00:14 chris MJ might be just the man you are after
00:14 chris since he knows debian and koha
00:14 twb However I think MJ and I can leverage Vincent's incomplete work.
00:14 chris *nod*
00:14 ron I've emailed MJ. He was passing the email onto others, but no other response as yet
00:14 chris basically if we answer the questions
00:14 chris on the wiki
00:14 chris the packages can be finished
00:15 twb chris: OK, and who do we nag about that?
00:15 ron twb: is it viable to install the tarball in the meantime, then replace it later with a 'proper' deb?
00:15 twb ron: for the ACT facility, yes -- though I recommend doing that inside an OpenVZ jail.
00:16 chris if you can find someone to pay to document those scripts, then them ... otherwise just bring up that wiki page on the koha-devel list and hope someone has time/desire to do it
00:17 ron twb: do you want to take this on?
00:17 ron never mind. you've got other projects. ;-)
00:17 twb ron: which part, the documentation of existing scripts and other parts mentioned on the wiki page?
00:17 ron I haven't read the wiki
00:18 twb ron: one moment, I will find the URL
00:18 twb The last posts on explain how far Vincent got, and the roadblocks he ran into.
00:19 twb The wiki page is[…]an_packaging_work
00:20 twb ron: I can do packaging work, and I can do a tarball deployment in OpenVZ at ACT, but I don't think I'm the right person to be working on koha itself -- after all, I have not used koha before.
00:21 ron yep, understood
02:28 atz awesome
02:37 ron what's awesome?
02:37 twb ron: a window manager.
02:37 ron s/window/sales/
02:39 twb ron: er, no:[…]_(window_manager)
02:40 ron meh...
03:01 chris awesome rules
03:01 twb I'll stick to ratpoison and xmonad, thanks.
03:25 Amit hi chris, mason
03:25 Amit good morning koha
03:51 mason namaste amit
04:23 brendan hey amit, chris, mason,  all others around!
04:28 Amit hi brendan
04:28 Amit namaste mason
04:29 mason heya amit / brendan
04:29 Amit thanks for mail
04:31 mason no problem, i hope it was helpful
04:32 Amit yes

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