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18:03 imp i can't add new accounts in my fresh 3.0.1 setup - there is no dropdown menu from the "New" button to select what kind of user i want to create
18:07 atz imp: go into admin and define your patron types
18:07 atz make sure you go through all the steps in the admin page (basically in order)
18:09 imp atz: so i should start with "Patron Categories > New category", right?
18:09 atz right
18:10 imp it's a little bit confusing that you can choose at the end of the page already some categories
18:10 atz actually i think those are categories *of categories*... if that makes any sense
18:11 atz the complexity that some organizations want conflicts a bit w/ the simplicity i'd prefer
18:14 imp " This patron does not exist. " that's what i get after filling the needed stuff and clicking save :/
18:14 atz hmmm... sorry, haven't seen that one
18:15 atz of course he doesn't exist... that's why you're adding him
18:16 imp the OPAC login stuff is optional, right?
18:17 atz it depends... you can make additional fields optional/mandatory
18:18 atz but the response is usually to show it in red and say something like "userid is a required field"
18:23 imp
18:26 imp don't understand why surname seems to be null
18:27 atz presumably you had one filled in?
18:27 atz for debugging purposes, see if it will take a record if you populate every field....
18:27 imp already did that (nearly)
18:28 atz sounds like we're getting close to "file a bug" territory then... i'm surprised this hasn't come up before though, since it would seem it should affect everybody
18:30 imp .oO(it's the stable release)
18:31 atz "version 3.00.01 stable you should use" ?
18:32 imp
18:33 atz i suspect it is related to this patch:
18:33 atz[…]c1f602e56f66069d1
18:33 atz introduced 8 days ago
18:35 atz if you used git for your installation, you could try selectively reverting it.... but since this is the stable release we should probably question hdl (release maintainer) about it
18:35 atz i.e., file a bug
18:36 imp are there any changes in besides whitespaces?
18:36 atz hmm... you're right, it's just whitespace
18:37 atz and it adds an unconditional warn?  wtf junk patch.
18:38 imp btw, on what kind of hardware do you run koha? it's quite slow here on a netra t1 with 500mhz & 256mb ram...
18:38 atz we run most of ours in 3rd party datacenters
18:39 imp hm
18:42 atz that does seem a bit small, but I've run it on debian VMs w/ only 256 RAM
18:42 atz difference is probably in CPU, since it affect bottlenecks like XML parsing
18:43 imp memory isn't the problem...
18:43 imp perl / cgi
18:46 atz i'm emailing koha-devel right now
18:46 imp thanks :)
18:53 imp if (ref($borrower_data) && ($borrower_data->{'category_type'} eq 'S') && ...
18:53 imp 'S' means what?
18:53 imp (from intranet/cgi-bin/members/ line 139)
18:59 imp moah.... eq 'C', eq 'I', eq 'P'
19:00 atz yeah, that's the category of categories that I mentioned
19:01 atz S probably corresponding to staff....
19:01 atz imp: email to koha-devel sent
19:01 atz we
19:01 imp it's quite ugly code imho...
19:01 atz yeah, members is butt ugly
19:01 atz it's a frankenstein
19:02 atz the best i can say is that it is *slightly* better in HEAD
19:02 atz we'll see what ppl have to say in response on koha-devel when they get back to work on monday
19:03 imp indeed :)
19:04 imp subscribed myself there as well
19:42 chris the good news is it was at least added after the release, so it will only affect people running from git
19:43 chris (if it is that patch that is the problem)
19:43 chris nice catch imp and atz
19:45 imp depends on the point of view ;)
19:48 chris catching it before its released is always good
19:48 chris its better to not do it in the first place of course :)
19:49 imp :D
21:43 imp ...
21:44 imp guess the database (mysql) update procedure from 3.0.0 to 3.0.1 is broken
21:45 imp dropped all tables and now i can add new patrons
21:51 chris be good if you replied to joes email with that info
21:52 imp chris: subscribed myself on the list after atz wrote the mail (+ delay from greylisting) :/
21:53 chris sweet
21:53 chris ill reply then if you dont mind?
21:53 atz my complaints about that patch still stand... but it's good to know the problem is unrelated
21:53 imp ok :)
21:53 chris yep
21:54 imp btw, the german translation is a little bit buggy ;)
21:54 chris yeah they have been making fixes
21:55 chris also, i think the staff interface files got clobbered with the opac ones, .. i have fixed the .po files in git
21:55 chris so if you regenerated the templates, you should get better results
21:56 imp i'll keep it in mind :)
21:56 chris under misc/translation
21:56 chris there is an
21:57 chris if you run de-DE
21:57 chris it will rebuild htme for you (dont do it on production of course)
22:03 imp chris: do i have to run misc/translator/ first?
22:39 imp yay.. somehow some marc files doesn't show up in the list of files to import, no filename and the #bibs & co are set to 0
22:44 imp intranet/cgi-bin/tools/ eats up to 4 seconds cpu time on my maschine
22:44 pianohacker Any error messages anywhere?
22:46 imp nothing :/
22:47 pianohacker Hmm. Is MySQL happy?
22:47 pianohacker (note that background-job-progress can be a tad... wonky)
22:48 imp mysql is fine
22:49 imp but i can offer some lines from var/log/koha-error_log (from install-time)
22:49 pianohacker imp: This is starting to sound like the realm of problem you might need to pull out the Perl debugger for. Do you have any experience with that?
22:49 imp nope
22:49 pianohacker imp: those lines in a pastebin might be helpful
22:53 imp
22:54 imp (... means the line appeared some more times)
22:54 pianohacker k
22:55 pianohacker How many lines do you have in your sessions table? That's the only major thing I can see that might cause problems in background-job-progress
22:58 imp select count(*) from sessions; -> 1
22:59 pianohacker Could you try logging out, deleting that session, then trying the process again? It's possible something is odd with your session.
22:59 pianohacker Other than that, I unfortunately have no ideas
23:01 imp still the same
23:02 imp (besides the fact that the content of the sessions table is much smaller now)
23:08 imp that's the site with the marc uploads (on german, but i guess that doesn't matter much)
23:08 imp somehow there are many unneeded newlines
23:09 pianohacker That's related to indentation in the original template file, and nothing to worry about
23:09 imp line 560 - 608 are just whitespaces and newlines
23:10 imp but you can run out of newlines one day ;)
23:10 pianohacker Ah, us Americans and our wasteful culture :)
23:11 pianohacker I'm out of ideas, unfortunately
23:11 pianohacker Would work for your needs?
23:12 pianohacker Heh
23:12 chris you can swap them for containers
23:12 chris the US has a big stockpile of them
23:12 chris from the lopsided trade with china
23:13 imp shit happens if you only import stuff^^
23:13 chris yep
23:13 chris there is an industry growing around turning them into offices/homes :)
23:14 imp that's quite common here - at least on construction sites
23:15 chris we have kinda the opposite problem
23:16 chris we export more than we import to a lot of places
23:16 pianohacker chris: All in all, probably a better problem to have economically :P
23:17 imp pianohacker: sounds great :) (a option to import a big bunch over the webif would be nice as well)
23:17 pianohacker imp: good
23:17 imp pianohacker: not really - you depend on the rest
23:17 pianohacker true
23:28 imp chris: are you from the north or south of .nz?
23:29 chris wellington, bottom of the north island
23:30 imp hm, let's see if you know where i took this :D
23:30 chris punakaiki
23:30 chris west coast of the south island
23:31 chris rocks are a dead give away :)
23:31 imp indeed :D
23:31 imp want another?
23:31 chris sure :)
23:32 imp
23:33 chris south island again, maybe at the foot of one of the glaciers
23:33 chris at a guess im gonna say tasman
23:33 chris with mt cook behind the cloud
23:35 imp hmm, dunno right now where mt cook is
23:36 imp but i took it[…]0.153122&t=h&z=13
23:36 imp on the left "triangle" from the road
23:37 chris nope thats too far north for mt cook, thats one of the mts in the kaikoura ranges
23:37 imp does the map jump back to punakaiki?
23:38 chris yep
23:38 imp[…]0.153122&t=h&z=13
23:38 imp that's after the arthur's pass
23:40 chris ah yep, still a bit far north
23:41 imp was a nice place :)
23:41 chris the braided rivers are pretty much a south island thing too
23:42 imp i was only on the south island (besides changing the plane on the north island)
23:42 chris its what a lot of tourists do ;)
23:42 chris most of the best scenery is in the south
23:44 imp visited a friend (she worked as an au pair, later work & travel), so we went around 10 days there
23:51 chris cool
23:57 imp do you know if they export l&p? ("world famous in new zealand" somehow says "no" to me ;)
23:57 chris yeah im pretty sure they dont
23:57 imp damn :D
03:24 Amit hi koha
03:24 Amit gm mason, chris
03:48 mason hey amit
07:18 SelfishMan Sweet.  I've officially been informed by my copyright lawyer that the use of *low resolution* book covers/jackets is considered "fair use" in the US as long as it is used for the book in question.
07:53 Elwell me scrolls back. mmmmm. l&p
07:53 SelfishMan eh?
09:44 mahesh_c my z3950 search from koha is not returning any result
09:44 mahesh_c can anyone help?
09:44 mahesh_c can anyone help? my z3950 search from koha is not returning any result
09:45 mahesh_c can anyone help? my z3950 search from koha is not returning any result. I am using koha 3.0 in debian lenny
09:47 mahesh_c can anyone help? my z3950 search from koha is not returning any result. I am using koha 3.0 in debian lenny
09:51 Amit hi mahesh
10:00 kf hm
10:00 Amit hi kf
10:00 kf hi Amit
10:54 slef chris: are you about and do you think that all deps are in lenny?  I thought we were still two short (Class::Accessor and SMS::Send IIRC)
10:58 slef Class::Adapter even
10:58 greenmang0 slef: idzebra is also in Debian testing, not available with lenny
10:58 slef greenmang0: is that the indexdata version not the lagging debian one?
10:59 greenmang0 slef: i never used indexdata, so don't know

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