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13:46 owen SelfishMan: did you ever find the IRC logs?
14:05 gmcharlt nahuel: about?
14:05 paul_p gmcharlt: hello. Nahuel is outdoor just for a cigarette.
14:05 gmcharlt ok
14:06 jwagner Is someone handy who knows the syntax for entering IPs in the Library setup's IP field?  I need to enter several individual IPs and ranges.  I tried doing,,* etc, but it truncated at,xxx. -- how can I enter multiple IPs and ranges?
14:09 gmcharlt jwagner: the branch IP currently only takes a single IP address or a subset represented by* or*.*
14:10 nahuel gmcharlt, yes :)
14:10 jwagner So it's not possible to use the AutoLocation syspref and limit by multiple IPs/ranges?  But we can do that through Apache?
14:11 gmcharlt nahuel: your patch for bug 2996 doesn't apply - it looks like I'm missing a patch that translated those templates from French to English
14:12 nahuel gmcharlt, arg, i'll redo it for HEAD and keep you tuned
14:14 gmcharlt jwagner: yes, it probably would be possible to do it through Apache proxy hackery
14:15 jwagner Thanks much.  I'll look into the Apache settings.
15:58 schuster Paul and others...  What IRC client do you use?  I want to make sure it works at the conference center for April
15:59 paul_p hi schuster.
15:59 paul_p I use konversation
16:00 gmcharlt X-Chat Aqua
16:00 gmcharlt but really, making sure that port 6667 outbound is open, at least to, should be enough regardless of what client people use
16:01 schuster Is there an easy way to check that?  I believe it will be open through the wireless from what I have been told...  Wired workstation will not have that open.
16:01 gmcharlt from a Unix or Windows commandline, try telnet 6667 and see if it connects
16:02 schuster Im going over there in about 45 minutes so wanted to check to make sure people could get to things they needed during the conference through the wireless bluesocket connection.
16:02 schuster OK that is easy enough.  Thanks
16:03 kados schuster: if you could check whether SSH works that would be great as well
16:08 paul_p kados: ++, would be very very interesting.
16:08 paul_p + http, https, pop, imap and smtp
16:08 paul_p schuster: + http, https, pop, imap and smtp
16:12 schuster http, https - should work without problems.  SSH will have to see if I can determine that.  Thanks again.  the other mail pieces as long as you are on your laptop/computer should work too, but I'll check.
16:14 schuster Since I have your attention!  Is there a need for the "developers" to get together during the conference for your own "track" of meetings/sessions?  I could possibly get a room at the center just for that when you are not presenting to the mass population...
16:15 schuster You could have your own schedule NOT published to the rest of us.
16:21 gmcharlt paul_p: sorry about the Skype ping, was trying to get hdl_laptop
16:21 paul_p oups, i missed it.
16:22 paul_p couldn't you catch him ?
16:22 paul_p strange, he was waiting for your call
16:22 gmcharlt we were in a middle of a Skype, but his computer dropped off
16:22 paul_p ah, ok
16:22 paul_p (I have headphones, so I often miss skype pings, as there is no noise & I have 2 screens 21" + 13")
16:24 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: anyway, let me know if/when you're ready to continue the skype
17:35 owen I can't place a hold on an item which has no barcode. Where is Koha enforcing that check?
17:36 owen Oh, it's not the barcode, it's the notforloan value. I keep thinking it's one and not the other
17:38 owen if (!$itm->{'notforloan'} && !($itm->{'itemnotforloan'} > 0)){ $forloan=1; }
17:40 owen What's the difference between $itm->{'notforloan'} and $itm->{'itemnotforloan'}?
17:51 owen *Is* there a difference between $itm->{'notforloan'} and $itm->{'itemnotforloan'}? GetItemsInfo() selects both "items.*" and "items.notforloan as itemnotforloan"
17:54 owen will say your item is for loan if items.notforloan isn't set AND if items.notforloan is < 1 ?
18:11 hdl_laptop1 owen : yeah it looks Weird.
18:11 hdl_laptop1 notforloan seems to be the reason
18:11 hdl_laptop1 (binding... etc.)
18:12 owen ?
18:12 hdl_laptop1 itemnotforloan seems to be a simple integer.
18:12 hdl_laptop1 so a status.
18:13 owen Does that explain why GetItemsInfo() would select both "items.*" and "items.notforloan as itemnotforloan" ?
18:14 owen I guess in some instances to be able to reference items.notforloan as itemnotforloan...but in they're referenced as if they're different things
18:14 owen See line 138 of
18:26 hdl_laptop1 MMMM... I donot have time enough to dive into things.
18:27 hdl_laptop1 But this might be correct.
18:27 gmcharlt owen: it's to distinguish items.notforloan from itemtypes.notforloan
18:28 owen Gotcha!
18:28 gmcharlt admittedly clear as mud
18:29 owen ...wait, but GetItemsInfo() doesn't select itemtypes.notforloan does it?
18:37 danny I was trying to read through the function too...
18:37 danny further down I see... $data->{itypenotforloan} = $data->{notforloan} if (C4::Context->preference('item-level_itypes'));
18:54 chris morning
20:02 chris back
20:32 slef front
20:32 gmcharlt sideways
20:32 chris heh
20:38 owen Dang, once again I failed to get in on the ground floor of an exciting internet meme.
20:39 chris heh
21:13 ryan koha milestone reached:  three thousand bug reports (!)
21:14 chris heh cool
21:15 owen It's a good one too. Too bad it's an enhancement :|
21:16 ryan does that disqualify darrell for his 'very special prize' ?
21:16 gmcharlt his prize is implementing it
21:16 chris heh
21:18 ryan everybody wins!
07:47 brendan hi #koha
07:47 brendan just seeing who's around.
07:47 chris hi brendan
07:47 brendan heya chris
07:47 hdl_laptop1 hi brendan
07:48 brendan hi hdl_laptop1
07:48 brendan your screen name is always changing...
07:49 hdl_laptop1 well ... not that much.
07:49 brendan *agrees*
07:49 hdl_laptop1 I had a problem with internet access yesterday
08:02 brendan chris anymore interesting cricket to pay attention to this evening?
08:02 brendan it's always interesting to have something to monitor in the background
08:06 chris not tonight
08:06 chris tomorrow is game 2 vs india
08:06 chris its being played in wellington
08:11 brendan cool - tomorrow game 2...  
08:11 brendan I see what i can learn this time
08:12 chris hopefully its a full game
08:12 chris no rain
08:13 paul_p hello world.
08:13 Amit hi chris
08:13 Amit tomorrow India vs NZ
08:13 mc hello koha people
08:13 Amit what would u say who win
08:14 Amit hi mc
08:14 brendan hopefully no rain...
08:14 mc chris, a perl module ?
08:14 brendan hi paul_p, mc Amit
08:14 mc it never rains in my cave :)
08:14 Amit hi brendan
08:14 brendan hehe
08:15 Amit who is ur favourite team
08:15 Amit brendan
08:15 brendan tough call
08:15 Amit hmm
08:16 Amit chris ?
08:16 brendan USA - doesn't really ever follow
08:16 Amit means
08:17 brendan My best friend had his picture taken with sachin tendulkar
08:17 Amit good
08:17 brendan at a bar in bangalore
08:17 Amit yes
08:17 Amit my favourite sachin
08:18 chris it depends on who bats first
08:18 chris but nz usually win in wellington
08:18 chris mc: yes
08:18 Amit yes
08:18 brendan really would that make a difference
08:18 Amit i think wellington ground is small
08:19 si chris, are you going tomorrow night?
08:19 si brendan: wellington can be a miserable cold windy place to play cricket
08:19 Amit but india has good batting lineup
08:19 si it tends to favour the local team
08:20 brendan home field advantage.
08:20 Amit yes
08:20 Amit yes
08:20 brendan baseball has weird rules -- but I love it - so I will do my best.
08:21 brendan I used to be an umpire for baseball so I know the rules pretty well
08:21 mc chris, i spent some time to explore ORMs during the code4lib. I wasn't happy. I discovered that is very attractive
08:21 mc i'll continue to explore when i will have time
08:21 si brendan: also the techniques/soils/grasses used for the pitch vary widely from country to country
08:22 chris si: havent planned that far ahead
08:22 chris :)
08:22 si so local players who are familiar with local conditions have some advantages
08:22 si and they use different balls in different countries as well
08:22 si in fact, it's a miracle anybody wins away from home :-)
08:23 chris yes, in cricket you bounce the ball when bowling, so the conditions of the ground can make a big difference
08:23 brendan I understand the basics of cricket -- so I definitely see how the grasses etc. play into effect..
08:23 chris :)
08:24 brendan after playing baseball my whole life -- I never understand how a cricket player could not strike the ball with such a big bat...  
08:24 brendan but then I tried it myself
08:24 chris :)
08:24 brendan and I understand now - why
08:24 si primarily because the ball isn't round
08:25 si so it does all sorts of mad stuff once it hits the ground
08:25 brendan mad --- that's such a great word....
08:25 si and also because the bowler is allowed to aim for your head
08:26 si so theres an element of fear there which makes batsmen do odd things
08:26 brendan in baseball terms --- the high cheese
08:26 si yes, except that it wouldn't be a walk, it would be regard as a good effort if it connected
08:27 chris you can even get out if they smash you in the head, knock your helmet off and it falls on the stumps (happened to a nzer once)
08:27 brendan when I was in India -- I went to a live cricket match.  
08:27 si I'm guessing that would have been great fun
08:27 si they're pretty raucous here
08:28 si and there's a lot less people
08:28 brendan it was my first experience with cricket.
08:28 brendan I'm back for more -- so it wasn't that bad
08:30 si did they set fire to the seats?
08:31 si my recollections of watching cricket in India on tv was always NZ losing in some kind of useless fashion and the locals celebrating by setting fire to anything wooden in the stadium
08:33 brendan I guess I was at a tame match.
08:34 brendan but -- I'd also been in india for awhile -- so maybe I was used to the craziness
08:35 brendan oh well --
08:36 brendan anybody give me a ping tomorrow when the NZ vs. India cricket starts....
08:36 brendan is it streaming online?
08:36 chris 01:00 GMT
08:37 si guess I'll wait on the weather
08:37 brendan I'd say go -- everything is always better live!
08:37 chris it will be on cricinfo
08:37 si I wouldn't have thought the tv coverage is streaming - those rights are pretty aggressively stiched up by the local pay tv channel
08:38 chris yeah
08:38 si and I don't think radio sport is allowed to stream oversease
08:38 chris its more fun reading cricinfo than the radio anyway :)
08:38 chris if india is playing i bet its on tv somewhere in the US :)
08:38 Elwell reminds me. Must get a tunneling working so my soundbridge appears in the UK
08:39 Elwell geoIP sucks bigtime sometimes
08:40 brendan ok -- thinking reading cricinfo is the way to go
08:42 brendan ODI ?
08:42 chris one day international
08:43 brendan cricinfo 3D - kind of neat
08:47 brendan good night all -- hopefully getting some sleep -- talk to you all tomorrow
08:47 paul_p sweet dreams brendan
08:47 paul_p sunny morning here...
08:48 chris night brendan
08:50 Amit hi paul
08:50 Amit chris who is your favourite player in indian team
08:51 chris sehwag
08:52 si anybody who winds up australians and englishmen as well as he does is all good
08:52 chris hehe true
08:52 si plus, he bowls like he's inside a washingmachine
08:52 Amit hmmm my too
08:53 Amit hi si
08:53 Amit means washingmachine
08:54 chris spinning all around amit
08:54 Amit hmm
08:56 Amit vittorio is my favourite
08:58 si he's a terrific player
08:58 si it's a pity we only have the one...
08:58 chris hehe
08:58 Amit y
08:59 Amit brendan mccullum is good bastman
08:59 si which is to say, there are other good players on the NZ team, but only vettori turns up ready to play every day
08:59 Amit i like
08:59 Amit yes
09:01 si ok, time I walked the dogs
09:01 si gnight all
09:01 paul_p bye si
09:02 Amit good night si
09:02 Amit bye
09:02 Amit hi paul
09:03 chris night si
09:04 kf good morning chris, amit, paul and #koha
09:04 chris hi kf
09:04 Amit hi kf
09:04 Amit gm
09:08 chris cool, just got a photo from croatia, ... thats nz, samoa, cook islands and croatia now
09:08 kf :)

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