IRC log for #koha, 2009-03-04

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12:00 Amit hi paul
14:41 slef !seen frederic
14:41 slef anyone know his nickname and if he IRCs?
14:43 hdl_laptop fredericd
14:43 slef !seen fredericd
14:43 slef thanks anyhow
14:43 hdl_laptop slef: he was there yesterday evening.
14:43 gmcharlt !seen slef
14:43 gmcharlt ok, so it's not the bot
14:44 slef the bot's sane (or as sane as it has ever been)
15:22 danny is having some problems?
15:23 gmcharlt danny: just noticed it.  our sysadmin is looking into it
15:24 danny ok
15:58 brendan morning #koha
16:08 slef hello dr nick!
16:08 slef sorry
23:13 k12linux Can anyone point me to a link on improving performance with Koha v3.x when using zebra?  I'm getting 5-6 seconds for simple searches.
00:18 [Xwire] so i downloaded it now what
00:19 [Xwire] is there an install manual for ver 3 i can seem to find it on the site
00:20 SelfishMan Are there logs available for this channel?
00:20 [Xwire] i think they are all reading
00:22 [Xwire] is their a manual on how to install version 3?
00:25 [Xwire] the docs cover everythign except how to install it
00:51 Jo hi there. I wonder if anyone could help with a question about collections in Koha 3. Can you gather together a number of different item types into 1 collection?
00:52 Jo and if so, where and how do you create the collections in admin?
00:53 SelfishMan Did anyone have advice for k12linux earlier in regards to the zebra performance question?
00:54 chris not me, on both the questions
00:54 chris i might try again after some sleep though
00:56 Jo poor Chris :)
01:18 [Xwire] does koha require zebra, or is it optional?
01:23 chris semi optional
01:24 chris you can run without it, but the search doesnt do limiting by itemtypes
01:24 chris and maybe a few other things
01:24 chris the reason to use zebra is its supposed to be fast ....
01:25 SelfishMan "supposed to be fast..."?
01:25 chris well someone said it was slow
01:26 SelfishMan I've noticed that a lot myself.  Overall it just doesn't seem to perform that well.
01:26 SelfishMan Turning off all the logging helped a lot though
01:26 chris i bet, that usually does for pretty much anything :)
01:28 chris the liblime guys have more experience tuning zebra than i do, so they might have some ideas
01:38 [Xwire] Install the Zebra configuration files? (no, yes) [yes]
01:38 [Xwire] i just don't know
01:38 [Xwire] could i install those without zebra installed
01:39 chris yep
01:39 chris at least i think so
01:39 chris but i wouldnt listen me
01:40 [Xwire] haha well i'll try anyways
01:40 chris i havent sleep in the last 24 hours
01:40 [Xwire] me neither
01:40 chris slept even
02:09 SelfishMan [Xwire]: It won't hurt to install them since you decide whether to use Zebra later in the config process
02:09 SelfishMan Sleep is overrated
03:20 Amit hi chris good morning
05:53 SelfishMan feeling better?
06:01 chris yep, hopefully no pages tonight
06:45 nicomo 'morning koha
06:52 chris hi nicomo
06:52 nicomo hi chris
06:52 nicomo did you get some sleep?
06:53 chris yep had a nap, ill stay up for a couple more hours then go to bed
06:57 brendan heya chris , nicomo
06:57 chris heya brendan
06:57 nicomo hi brendan
08:08 chris hi fredericd
08:13 fredericd hi Chris!
08:16 hdl_laptop hello
08:17 chris hi hdl_laptop
08:18 hdl_laptop hi chris
08:23 chris hdl_laptop:[…]p?g2_itemId=69337
08:33 hdl_laptop SO cute ;)
08:34 chris your little one must be getting big by now?
08:35 hdl_laptop he is getting bigger.
08:35 hdl_laptop No photo added though.
08:35 hdl_laptop he should be baptised in May
08:37 chris cool :)
08:38 chris hi paul
08:38 paul_p hi chris
09:16 brendan good night all
09:17 brendan very quite day on IRC
09:18 hdl_laptop quiet or quite ? ;)
09:26 Amit hi hdl
09:36 hdl_laptop hi Amit
09:41 Amit there is one question how to increase the performance of zebra
09:42 Amit we can run several zebra server in one machine
09:58 hdl_laptop Amit : you could drop xpath indexing if you donot use it
09:58 hdl_laptop Amit : why this question ?
09:59 hdl_laptop Have you really seen that zebra was the bottleneck ?
09:59 hdl_laptop Is it not with postprocessing ?
09:59 hdl_laptop hi anasha
10:00 anasha hi hdl_laptio;
10:00 Amit ok
10:00 anasha hi hdl_laptop
10:05 Amit hi anasha
10:06 anasha Amit, bolo
10:13 Amit anasha, this is ur URL

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