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11:41 kernel_2 Hello...i have a problem with ZOOM installation...
11:42 kernel_2 i am getting repeated "Make had some problems, won't test.."
11:43 hdl_laptop1 force install
11:45 kernel_2 i am getting this line in compilation.../usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lexslt
11:49 mason sudo apt-get install libxslt1-dev  ?
11:49 mason
11:50 mason
11:50 mason kernel_2: fyi...
11:55 Amit hi mason
12:07 kernel_2 thanks for the info....but i am getting one more similar error.../usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lwrap
12:08 kernel_2 i am using fedora 10....can i use yum to install ZOOM?
12:09 Amit u can install yum install yaz kernel_2
12:09 Amit and yum install yaz-doc
12:09 Amit yum install yaz-devel
12:11 kernel_2 thanks amit...yum install yaz.i386 libyaz-devel.i386 yaz.i386...these are already installed....
12:11 Amit u want to run zebra
12:12 kernel_2 i just want to get started running koha..if i browse opac or the admin interface, it gives me this error...
12:12 kernel_2 Can't locate in @INC.and so on
12:12 Amit u install zebra
12:12 Amit cpan ZOOM
12:14 kernel_2 /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lwrap...this is the error i get by running cpam ZOOM
13:50 mahesh_c anyone can help with z3950 search?
13:51 mahesh_c i am using debian lenny with koha 3
13:51 mahesh_c the z3950 search in add MARC record is not returning any result
13:58 mahesh_c anyone can help with z3950 search?
13:58 mahesh_c anyone can help with z3950 search?
13:58 mahesh_c i am using debian lenny with koha 3
13:58 mahesh_c the z3950 search in add MARC record is not returning any result
14:01 owen Sorry mahesh_c, looks like no one is awake who might be able to help you
14:02 mahesh_c owen: in india
14:03 owen mahesh_c: Are you sure you're trying to contact a working z3950 server?
14:03 Snell I'm new to koha, and I'm also experiencing some issues with the whole z3950 search
14:04 owen What problems are you having Snell?
14:05 Snell it seems i need some support for aditional encoding
14:06 Snell my results have grabage caracter instead of the supposed accentuated ones
14:08 owen One response I've heard for that problem is to check whether the encoding setting for that server in Koha matches what the server is actually returning
14:08 Snell that's the problem, it dosent
14:09 Snell koha gives me 4 different encodind shemes to select when i config a new z39.50 server
14:09 Snell i would like to add more choices there
14:12 hdl_laptop1 Snell: which encoding would you like to find ?
14:12 hdl_laptop1 mahesh_c: maybe i can help
14:12 Snell iso 8859-1
14:13 hdl_laptop1 mmmm... it would be much surprising it would not be supported.
14:13 hdl_laptop1 I am french.
14:13 Snell oh, i'm french canadian
14:13 mahesh_c hdl_lptop1:sure
14:14 Snell i was supprised not to find it
14:14 hdl_laptop1 nice to meet you.
14:15 mahesh_c hdl_lptop1:the z3950 search in add MARC record is not returning any result
14:15 Snell i have the choice between iso 5426, iso 6937 utf8 ans marc 8
14:17 hdl_laptop1 Snell: quite often ISO5426 or 6937 are used by latin libraries.
14:18 Snell library and archives canada desen't as far as i can tell
14:19 hdl_laptop1 Snell: try with 6937 : should do that Job.
14:19 hdl_laptop1 it is indeed only 8859-1
14:20 hdl_laptop1 And not what it publicizes.
14:20 Snell ok, ill give it a try
14:20 Snell thanks
14:22 jwagner Is someone around who knows record matching rules?  I have some questions....
14:22 mahesh_c hdl_lptop1:the z3950 search in add MARC record is not returning any result can you help me?
14:24 Snell mahesh: does your conexion with the server works? depending on your installation choice, koha supports marc21/usmarc or unimarc records
14:24 Snell with my marc/usmarc installation, any unimarc record record looks blank
14:24 mahesh_c snell: why does that happen? i am searching to loc
14:26 Snell well, what kind of result page does it gives you?
14:27 Snell i'm working with koha 3.0.1, i'm not familiar with previous releases
14:27 mahesh_c snell: it shows no results found try another search
14:27 mahesh_c snell: i am also using koha 3
14:28 Snell give me a few minutes, ill try a few things on my side
14:29 hdl_laptop1 mahesh_c: can be because you are behind a fw you have to open ports so that LoC can be contacted.
14:29 mahesh_c snell: this is the exact message "Nothing found. Try another search."
14:29 Snell try a search with this isbn, i know they have it: 2906553050
14:29 mahesh_c hdl_laptop1: i "was" behind a firewall. the system admin changed it for me.
14:31 mahesh_c hdl_laptop1: irc was also not working for me. it started working after the admin changed my settings.
14:31 hdl_laptop1 I have just searched for Jquery and it workd.
14:31 Snell hdl_laptop1: i'm still having "encoding issues" with iso 6937
14:31 Snell and with the other one as well
14:31 mahesh_c snell: i am still getting the message nothing found. try another search
14:31 hdl_laptop1 mmmm... are you MARC21 ?
14:32 Snell yep
14:32 hdl_laptop1 Would you send me you Z3950 target profile ?
14:32 Snell marc21/usmarc
14:32 mahesh_c hdl_laptop1: how can i check whether it is the firewall causing the problem?
14:33 Snell all the server info can be found there, in french: http://www.collectionscanada.g[…]006002-400-f.html
14:33 Snell i'm also having the same issues with LOC, the garbaged characters changes, but the problem is basically the same
14:34 Snell maesh_c: you can try with another z39.50 client
14:35 Snell i found a free software named "mercury z39.50 client" loc is already configured
14:37 Snell if you make a successeful request with this software, i would confirm that your firewall isin't an issue, oh it's a win32
14:38 hdl_laptop1 Snell: you can also use Command line.
14:38 Snell i just noticed i answered mahesh after he disconnected
14:38 hdl_laptop1 mahesh_c: sorry
14:38 mahesh_c hdl_laptop1: i am sorry.
14:38 hdl_laptop1 mahesh_c:  you can also use Command line.
14:38 mahesh_c hdl_laptop1: my x server crashed
14:39 Snell laptop1 as a better solution for you anyways =0p
14:39 hdl_laptop1 yaz-client target:port/database
14:40 mahesh_c hdl_laptop1: for loc, what should i use for target?
14:41 hdl_laptop1 z3950.loc....
14:43 mahesh_c hdl_laptop1: Could not resolve address
14:43 mahesh_c hdl_laptop1: there must be a port number also...right?
14:44 hdl_laptop1 if you cannot resolve target
14:44 hdl_laptop1 ...then it might be that that causes the problem
14:46 mahesh_c hdl_laptop1: if i put that in browser, it works.
14:48 mahesh_c hdl_laptop1: its working i got the message Connecting...OK.
14:49 mahesh_c hdl_laptop1: i am getting a " Z>
14:50 atz mahesh_c: shouldn't be "target:" in the address
14:50 atz just
14:51 mahesh_c hdl_laptop1: i could figure it out..
14:51 mahesh_c atz: i could figure it out..
14:51 hdl_laptop1 mahesh_c: good...
14:51 hdl_laptop1 What was the problem ?
14:51 mahesh_c atz: thanks for showing it
14:52 mahesh_c my z3950 search from koha is not returning any result
14:52 mahesh_c hdl_laptop1: my z3950 search from koha is not returning any result
14:53 mahesh_c hdl_laptop1: but yaz client is working perfectly
14:54 hdl_laptop1 weird.
14:54 hdl_laptop1 hi atz It was a pleasure to see you.
14:57 Snell Does the language configured during installation influences the encoding schemes available for z39.50 servers once koha is installed?
14:58 hdl_laptop1 Snell: not at all
14:59 mc hdl_laptop1 hey ... don't forget to send me the snapshot of atz and me ;)
15:01 hdl_laptop1 won't forget
15:02 Snell humm, i gess ill have to find a way to add 8859, nothing on that subject on the web...
15:03 Snell Ill go see if I can figure out something in the perl code
15:03 mahesh_c my z3950 search from koha is not returning any result
15:06 mc thx
15:13 gmcharlt hdl_laptop1: about?
15:15 paul_p2 gmcharlt: we (hdl, nicomo & me) are skyping (long conference)
15:15 gmcharlt ok, I can wait
15:30 hdl_laptop1 yes gmcharlt
15:31 gmcharlt hdl_laptop1: there was a 3.0.x patch translating the UNIMARC tempaltes that was pushed to 3.0.x but never submitted for HEAD
15:31 gmcharlt I've cherry-picked it into HEAD
15:31 hdl_laptop1 Thanks.
15:31 gmcharlt so (with the exception of three templates) that I'm about to send you a bug for, HEAD is now using English for all of the unimarc value_builder templates
15:33 gmcharlt hdl_laptop1: 3007
15:33 hdl_laptop1 thx.
15:33 hdl_laptop1 We'll update them.
15:34 hdl_laptop1 We planned to work on that.
16:25 hdl_laptop1 Snell: i have checked your link
16:26 hdl_laptop1 Snell: your biblio records are not encoded in ISO-8859-1 But in MARC-8 ANSEL
16:26 hdl_laptop1 So you should have better results with marc-8
16:27 hdl_laptop1 ASCII avec ANSEL(ANSI Z39.47) et MARC 21 (anciennement USMARC et CAN/MARC) ASCII avec ANSEL(ANSI Z39.47) et MARC 21 (anciennement USMARC et CAN/MARC)
16:30 jwagner Can someone answer a question on the cron?  The manual suggests running it every 1-4 hours.  Are there any implications to running it more frequently, like every 10-15 minutes?
16:34 owen jwagner: the only possible glitches are on the staff side of things
16:35 owen Say I print out the list at 10AM, but I don't finish pulling everything
16:35 owen At 10:30AM I pick it up again and start pulling stuff
16:36 owen I might find that at 10:15AM someone in another branch got a revised pull list with something that was on my list
16:36 jwagner Thanks, Owen.  The staff are complaining that a once-per-hour run isn't frequent enough.  I just wanted to make sure there wouldn't be any problems on the system end with increasing it.  We'll have to point out the need to complete pulling in the time period.
16:37 owen I think in computing terms the only issue of running it more frequently is an increased load on the Koha server...which may or may not be an issue.
16:37 jwagner Not an issue on this particular server -- we'll keep it in mind for others.  Thanks much.
16:39 jwagner Owen, since you're here :-) I posted an earlier question about record matching rules, but it got lost in another conversation. I also sent a message to the listserv. Gist is, what do I use for index names?  Do I need to track down the Zebra index names?  I want to set up some additional rules beyond ISBN & ISSN.
16:39 owen sorry jwagner, I don't know a thing about record matching rules!
16:40 jwagner Oh, well.  One out of two ain't bad -- thanks!
16:42 Snell hdl_laptop1: thanks a lot, it works now!
16:42 hdl_laptop1 np
18:52 [Xwire] is there any chanced that i'd be able to install on fedora core 4
18:52 [Xwire] chance*
18:52 [Xwire] ?
18:52 [Xwire] koha version 3 that is
18:56 atz [Xwire]: it's possible
19:15 owen Anyone around for a Perl question? What is this doing at line 137 of
19:15 owen $itemhash{$itm->{'itemnumber'}}=$itm;
19:18 gmcharlt storing item info for later use around line 265
19:18 gmcharlt is that what you're after?
19:19 owen Yeah, I'm just trying to understand what's going on. My Perl skills aren't good enough to get the whole picture.
19:29 [Xwire] i found a guide for installing version koha 2.2 on fedora core 4, would it be much different for koha 3
20:02 chris buenos dias
20:02 owen Great...looks like non-logged-in users can edit and delete public shelves
20:02 chris awesome!!
20:02 SelfishMan ha!
20:03 owen ...and logged-in users can edit and delete shelves which are not their own.
20:03 chris [Xwire]:  might be some help
20:03 chris owen: i was sure that was fixed?
20:03 chris musta got broken again
20:06 chris brendan: if you are watching it looks like it might rain today :(
20:06 brendan bummer --
20:07 brendan it should start in about 5 hours - if the rain clears?
20:07 chris yeah, not raining yet.. heres hoping it just stays cloudy
20:07 chris yep 5 hours exactly
21:09 owen Okay, so I guess I'm wrong about editing and deleting public shelves...
21:09 owen I can't figure out when the fix came, but it must have been recently enough that NPL's live install doesn't have the fix
21:10 owen My test installation works okay. Part of my confusion comes from the fact that it seems a superlibrarian can edit and delete public shelves from the OPAC
21:10 owen I wasn't expecting that.
21:14 chris superlibrarians can do everything :)
21:15 gmcharlt heh - should do capes as conference schwag
21:16 chris heh
21:56 Snell anyone got issues using the opac search with accentuated characters?
22:01 SelfishMan diacritics are fun
22:19 atz Snell: the issues are more w/ normalization than w/ diacritics themselves
22:19 atz for each common diacritic that is "not working" in search, if you used the composed form of the same character is probably works
22:19 atz *it probably works
22:20 Snell well, if i type it in, it does not work, if i copy paste it from the site, it works...
22:21 atz what OS?
22:21 Snell and if i paste the site text in notepad for example, i get they funny square that tells me there is a encoding trick
22:21 atz you may be able to set your keyboard to unicode instead of US ascii or whatever
22:21 Snell koha runs on a linux server, i have a windows workstation
22:22 Snell and most of the users will have a windows workstation to use the system
22:23 Snell maybe it's a web server configuration detail
22:25 atz it is remarkable how many layers there are that need to be utf8... browser, OS, keyboard, webserver, database, table, session...
22:25 Snell and the nice z39.50 standard
22:26 atz yeah, that is the regrettable part... all that built around MARC21 and z39 that totally fail to provide reliable utf8
22:27 Snell diacritics problems have been driving me insane for the past 3 days
22:30 Snell they sould have imposed an encoding standard with these, why utf-8 when we could go directly to utf-16, I bet our asian friends would love that.
22:35 atz if you think this is bad, try building unicode PDF's using CPAN modules
22:36 Snell outch
03:16 Amit hi chris
03:18 Amit hi brendan
03:18 Amit r u watching cricket match
03:25 Amit hi brendan
03:27 brendan just a little bit.
06:40 brendan too much rain Amit
07:34 si it's really pretty damp outside
07:34 si I'm guessing there's no game at the caketin
07:58 Amit hi si
08:02 si hwkki /anit
08:02 si gack
08:02 si hello amit
08:02 Amit cricket match is washed out
08:03 si I imagine so
08:03 Amit let see on sunday
08:03 si it's raining pretty hard here, and we're ~2km from the stadium
08:03 Amit match
08:03 Amit k
08:03 si where is it?
08:04 Amit i don't know
08:04 si on Sunday?
08:04 Amit u tell
08:04 Amit yes
08:04 Amit on 8th march
08:04 Amit 3rd odi
08:04 mc hello world
08:04 si Christchurch
08:04 Amit ok
08:04 si that's more likely to get better weather
08:05 Amit hmm
08:05 Amit hi mc
08:05 Amit today sehwag batting is good
08:05 Amit but wrong decision by umpire
08:06 si christchurch gets about half the annual rainfall of wellington
08:06 Amit so today match is draw?
08:06 si I don't think it will exist
08:07 Amit yes
08:07 si if the game is abandoned do the scores of the players contribute to their career stats?
08:07 Amit not sure i think contribute to their career
08:08 Amit today sachin batting is also well
08:08 Amit y
08:10 Amit wait for sunday for another match
08:11 Amit si ?
08:11 Amit what is the answer
08:13 Amit hi brendan
08:13 brendan heya Amit
08:13 Amit today match is abandoned
08:14 Amit i m sure
08:14 Amit next match
08:14 Amit 8th march
08:14 Amit let see
08:14 brendan yes
08:14 Amit have u seen sehwag batting
08:14 Amit today
08:14 Amit he made 54 runs
08:14 Amit but out by wrong decision by umpire
08:14 brendan I couldn't get to watch it...  followed along online
08:15 Amit k
08:15 brendan I'm off to bed.... goodnight
08:15 Amit i think u enjoy cricket so much
08:15 brendan goodnight all / #koha
08:15 Amit good night
08:34 Amit hi hdl
08:38 hdl_laptop hi Amit
08:39 Amit hw r u
08:39 Amit hdl
08:42 hdl_laptop good ho are you ?
08:47 Amit very fine
08:47 Amit i m very upset due to cricket match
08:47 Amit abandoned due to bad weather
10:00 Amit hi
10:06 dominos hi
10:06 dominos i'm new to koha
10:06 Amit hi dominos
10:07 dominos i want 2 ask if its possible to add Arabic books to it
10:07 dominos in the actual Arabic language
10:08 Amit y
10:09 Amit[…]y=relevance&do=OK
10:09 Amit see this dominos
10:10 dominos ok i will
10:10 dominos just 1 moment
10:10 Amit k
10:13 dominos i'm having a problem reading the titles
10:14 dominos it's the arabic alphabets
10:14 dominos but it's unreadble
10:24 hdl_laptop dominos: why ? Because it is not written in the correct way yaw tcerroc ????
10:25 Amit hi hdl have u try pazpar with koha
10:27 dominos what's that
10:29 hdl_laptop i gave it a try.
10:30 Amit k
10:30 hdl_laptop But it was not much useful at the moment I tried. Not so many duplicate books in my test set.

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