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11:38 dominos Biblio::EndnoteStyle  0.05  CGI  3.42  CGI::Carp  1.30_01  CGI::Session  4.40
11:38 dominos Class::Accessor 0.31 Class::Factory::Util 1.7 Compress::Zlib 2.008 DBD::mysql 4.005
11:38 dominos DBI 1.601 Data::Dumper 2.121_08 Data::ICal 0.13 Date::Calc 5.4
11:38 dominos Date::Manip 5.48 Digest::MD5 2.36 Email::Date 1.103 File::Temp 0.16
11:38 dominos GD 2.41 GD::Barcode::UPCE 1.1 Getopt::Long 2.35 Getopt::Std 1.05
11:38 dominos HTML::Scrubber 0.08 HTML::Template::Pro 0.72 HTTP::Cookies 1.39 HTTP::Request::Common 1.28
11:38 dominos LWP::Simple 1.41 LWP::UserAgent 2.036 Lingua::Stem 0.82 List::MoreUtils 0.21
11:38 dominos List::Util 1.18 Locale::Language 2.07 MARC::Charset 0.98 MARC::Crosswalk::DublinCore 0.02
11:38 dominos MARC::File::XML 0.88 MARC::Record 2.0.0 MIME::Base64 3.07 MIME::Lite 3.024
11:38 dominos MIME::QuotedPrint 3.07 Mail::Sendmail 0.79 Net::LDAP 0.34 Net::LDAP::Filter 0.15
11:38 dominos Net::Z3950::ZOOM 1.25 PDF::API2 2.014 PDF::API2::Page 2.001 PDF::API2::Util 2.000
11:38 dominos PDF::Reuse 0.33 PDF::Reuse::Barcode 0.05 POE 1.003 POSIX 1.09
11:38 dominos SMS::Send 0.05 Schedule::At 1.06 Term::ANSIColor 1.10 Test 1.25
11:38 dominos Test::Harness 2.56 Test::More 0.62 Text::CSV 1.10 Text::CSV_XS 0.60
11:38 dominos Text::Iconv 1.7 Text::Wrap 2005.082401 Time::HiRes 1.86 Time::localtime 1.02
11:38 dominos Unicode::Normalize 0.32 XML::Dumper 0.81 XML::LibXML 1.63 XML::LibXSLT 1.62
11:38 dominos XML::RSS 1.31 XML::SAX::ParserFactory 1.01 XML::Simple 2.18 YAML::Syck 1.00
11:38 dominos sry for the delay
11:38 dominos these are my perl module installed with koha
11:45 dominos back
11:45 dominos got dc
11:46 Amit hi dominos
13:50 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: you're right : I should have cherry pick
14:43 jwagner Can someone check my understanding of MaxFines?  If it's set to $10, and fine increments are .20, and the last total was $9.80, does the MaxFines kick in with the next .20 increment (total $10), or the first one AFTER the $10 threshhold ($10.20)?  Thanks.
16:32 mc re
16:55 pianohacker atz: around?
16:55 atz ?
16:55 pianohacker atz:[…]c0fe;hb=HEAD#l281
16:56 pianohacker Oh, wait a minute, she had something completely different in mind
16:57 atz pianohacker: oh... looks like the error there is case-sensitivity
16:58 pianohacker Yeah, most likely
16:58 gmcharlt IIRC, C4::Context->preference isn't case sensitve by default - it follows the default mysql collation
16:58 pianohacker Should the systempreferences be case sensitive? I know that by default, all the ones you need come with Koha, but it'd be nice to be tolerant of errors like this
16:59 atz in my experience it does not seem to be flexible
16:59 atz i'll whip up a 1-liner test.
17:00 gmcharlt perl -e 'use C4::Context; print C4::Context->preference("verSION"), "\n";'
17:02 pianohacker And that works, cool.
17:08 atz i guess it is cool... makes finding syspref strings trickier though.... would appreciate uniformity where possible
17:14 danny yay ++ for the syndetics and amazon patches
17:16 gmcharlt danny: once those are in, I'm going to play around with your stuff, and hoepfully work out a better unification of the cover images stuff
17:17 danny ok, I saw your comment about the no javascript and it should be fairly easy I just haven't had a change to update it
17:21 danny gmcharlt: did you think the solution I submitted is viable, or do you have another idea for how to better unify the cover images?
17:21 gmcharlt I think your overall approach is fine
17:22 gmcharlt there are other options - atz has some ideas from C4L, but your way is a step in the right direction
17:23 danny ok thats cool, I'd be interested to hear those ideas too
17:24 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: maybe it could be good if we could design a framework for Web Services.
17:25 hdl_laptop URL
17:25 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: framework for services provided by Koha, you mean?
17:25 hdl_laptop Static parameters
17:25 gmcharlt or webservices like enhanced content that are consumed by Koha?
17:25 hdl_laptop Those ones.
17:25 atz gmcharlt: eventually both
17:25 hdl_laptop But both could be interesting.
17:26 gmcharlt of course, just setting context
17:26 hdl_laptop But consuming would enable us to have a common base.
17:26 atz we already consume web services, but it's all in H:T:P....
17:26 atz (and the back end)
17:27 hdl_laptop And just have to add some SQL elements to allow ppl to activate/desactivate.
17:27 hdl_laptop atz: yes...
17:27 hdl_laptop But all hardcoded.
17:27 hdl_laptop And whenever we have to add a new one, we have to copy/paste.
17:27 hdl_laptop and adapt.
17:27 atz it is ugly
17:27 atz and not manageable
17:27 gmcharlt for the specific case of enhanced content
17:28 gmcharlt would be easy to design class to abstract the functionality
17:28 atz that approach sounds like a good one
17:29 atz gmcharlt: are you thinking of something like ?
17:29 atz or in a javascript class ?
17:29 gmcharlt well, both
17:30 gmcharlt a javscript class would be quicker
17:30 gmcharlt but having something server side makes it easier to grab content for indexing
17:30 gmcharlt if/when the library is permitted to do that
17:31 gmcharlt and providing a way to support at least cover images sans JavaScript is necessary
17:32 atz yeah, that forces us to do a bit of both js and server side
17:33 atz but the templates would get a lot cleaner
17:33 gmcharlt yes
17:37 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: ++ for the serverside.
17:38 hdl_laptop Would allow to cache results.
17:38 atz hdl_laptop: good point
17:38 hdl_laptop And maybe to make stats on results :
17:38 hdl_laptop For GBS you have so and so results.
17:38 hdl_laptop From Amazon so and so
17:39 atz that would be reasonable... i don't think their terms of service would let us do an automated blast
17:39 hdl_laptop And interGBS and Amazon there are so so biblios
17:39 atz like going through the catalog and checking every record against their service... but we could keep stats on what was requested as part of normal user viewing
17:40 atz and say how successful or unsuccessful it was
17:48 atz gmcharlt: can you comment on cronjob?
17:49 atz it looks dangerous... like  "FIXME: this should use Frameworks!!!!"
17:49 atz hardcoded sudo
17:49 atz hardcoded chdir
17:50 atz $date_due = "0000-00-00" unless ($date_due);
17:50 gmcharlt yikes
17:52 atz i think it's purpose is superceded by the the sync scripts
17:52 gmcharlt and
17:52 gmcharlt as far as I'm concerned it can be removed
17:52 atz cool, i'll do that now
18:22 atz gmcharlt: also looks bogus
18:23 atz hardcoded CC address, and the script won't even compile
18:23 atz "Can't locate C4/Circulation/"
19:29 gmcharlt atz: agreed, looks dead
20:03 chris morning
20:04 SelfishMan afternoon
20:05 danny-away morning chris
20:05 brendan morning chris danny-away, all others
20:06 chris brendan: game was rained out :(
20:06 brendan :( yeah - I read...
20:07 brendan is there a re-do in wellington or was that your only chance
20:07 chris there is a test match later
20:07 chris (which is a 5 day match)
20:07 chris but that was our only ODI with india
20:08 brendan so there's t20 test? what esle.
20:08 chris just those 3, t20, one dayers, and tests
20:08 chris at international level
20:09 chris there are 4 day matches in club/province level
20:10 chris the test is april 3-7 so i get to see it
20:11 brendan :)
20:13 atz tons of git activity today...
20:14 chris yeah sure is
20:25 chris have a good weekend all
20:25 atz ttyl chris
21:35 schuster Galen - Plano ISD - Schuster - Just sent you an email regarding the modification to the Overdue listing.  ISBN 13 working very well thank you.
21:36 gmcharlt schuster: cool, I'll check it out
21:38 schuster Whenever you want to move the ISBN to production I am open to that.  My problem is the "preprocessor" doesn't strip characters off the incoming ISBN to verify the match, but that wasn't in our spec.
21:38 schuster ie (Lib bdg) :
21:39 gmcharlt right - I'm going to just toss that change in when I move it to production
21:39 schuster OH YOU ARE as good as I have Heard!
21:40 gmcharlt I also replied to your email - check the FilterBeforeOverdueReport syspref - may not have transferred correctly when database was synced
21:40 schuster Oh yes I forgot I needed to change that as well..  My fault.
21:45 gmcharlt and regarding when, Tuesday evening
03:21 [Xwire] wow, i got it working on fedora core 4, only took 3 days...
08:07 chris hmm
08:07 SelfishMan eh?
08:11 chris feels like a thunderstorm coming on

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