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13:19 jwagner Can someone answer a historical question?  Is there a reason the patron table doesn't have a separate state field for addresses?  For U.S. libraries that would seem to be a given.  There is a separate municipality field, but it's not part of the main address section.  I'm wondering if there was a particular reason this field hasn't been added.  Thanks.
13:25 paul_p hi jwagner.
13:26 hdl_laptop hi jwagner
13:26 paul_p i'm probably a good historian ;-)
13:26 paul_p the answer is probably: because v1 was done by a kiwi (New Zealand), then a frenchy came (me & hdl), and none of us have this question.
13:29 jwagner I thought that might be it.  I'm not sure it's critical -- the library can enter City, State in the City field -- but we got a question on it.  It might be something to keep in mind if someone is overhauling the patron table in the future.  I think there are other countries than the U.S. that have the equivalent of states in addresses.  Thanks.
13:34 owen I agree with jwagner on the City/State issue, but I share the US perspective. I suspect the preferred UI would be different for different countries.
13:37 jwagner Maybe some kind of template that allows the site to pick the fields that should be part of a standard address?  I haven't dug into templates much yet -- don't know if that functionality is already there.
13:37 owen Nope
13:37 owen But I think it's a good idea. Some kind of global template for what patron fields to use.
13:37 owen I can imagine it, but I don't know how you'd make it work :)
13:39 jwagner Something like the MARC framework but simpler, for patron records?  With settings for Required, Optional, and Don't Display in the record editor?
13:42 paul_p jwagner: there's already something to have fields mandatory/non mandatory. "hidden" could be added easily I think (it's a syspref, don't remember which atm)
13:44 owen then we'd have to add some fields to accommodate different variations on city/state
13:45 owen ...and maybe zip code/post code/whatever?
13:45 paul_p and probably alternate address & 2nd, 3rd, 4th mail ...
13:45 paul_p we have some libraries thinking the patron form is much too heavy !
13:46 paul_p (some being happy with it)
13:46 paul_p so, having a "hidden" option for each field is a very good idea ;-)
13:46 jwagner Paul, the syspref you're referring to is BorrowerMandatoryField, correct?  Yes, maybe that could be expanded somehow.  I was also thinking about the patron edit screen -- where the fields are placed for data entry.
13:46 paul_p jwagner: right
13:49 owen From a usability point of view the trouble with BorrowerMandatoryField is that the librarian has to know the field names
13:51 paul_p owen: ++
13:52 jwagner Yes, I noticed that.  I'm not sure it's possible to modify the syspref edit screen to allow a pulldown or selection list, but maybe just add a display line containing all the field names?
13:53 paul_p cheap version : add the field names (but think translations : that won't be good for other languages)
13:54 paul_p perfect version : add a pulldown
13:54 owen The language and opaclanguages prefs are a better model I think
13:55 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: about?
14:00 hdl_laptop yes
14:00 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: i am here
14:00 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: got a 3.0.1 tarfile for me?
14:01 hdl_laptop I sent the link on yesterday
14:02 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: I must have missed - please send it again
14:03 hdl_laptop resent
14:04 gmcharlt got it now - didn't receive the email yesterday
14:06 hdl_laptop
14:06 hdl_laptop this link.
14:06 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: so kados must have missed it too.
14:07 gmcharlt no matter, after I verify it, will put it today
14:07 gmcharlt then you can announce the release
14:26 hdl_laptop ok thx
15:17 liz question: is there a way to report on items that have a "long in transit time"
15:17 liz in-transit
15:19 owen Isn't that "transfers to receive" ? /cgi-bin/koha/circ/
15:20 liz hm
15:20 liz I'm thinking of items that are listed as "in transit"
15:21 liz let me run it and look
15:25 owen I don't know...The results of that report aren't exactly what I was thinking of, but it does list the date of transfer so you could see what the oldest ones were
15:26 owen And that report does list things that are in transit, either because they're going back to their home branch or because they're on hold
15:35 kf there is a syspref for long in transit warnings: TransfersMaxDaysWarning
15:37 kf nicole writes: It is a way to alert that items in transit have not reached their destination in a reasonable amount of time.
15:40 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: have you had time to take a look at borrowers import I sent you in December ?
15:42 liz kf: how does it alert?
15:42 hdl_laptop atz: about the OpenNCIP code in Koha, is there a way to make stuff synch again ? Is there a plan to do so ?
15:42 atz i was discussing it w/ phase_fx
15:43 hdl_laptop code4lib channel ?
15:43 atz it would be reasonable to do, but will require refactoring Koha install to CPAN it, for example
15:43 atz no, phasefx is on here still
15:44 atz i would like to do it, but it isn't a very high priority
15:45 atz i think the differences are minor there
15:45 liz kf: nm, rtfm
15:45 kf sorry, afk liz
15:46 liz sok, i found it :)
15:46 kf ok :)
15:49 kf team bowling today yay - bye #koha :)
18:49 tim Does anyone know what would cause some subfields to be hidden in the editor on Koha 3 when they aren't set to hidden in the framework?
19:15 chris yo nicole
19:15 chris tim: beats me
19:15 nengard yo
19:15 nengard is paul around?
19:15 nengard i wanted to get the kohacon announcement up on
19:15 chris just missed him
19:15 chris i can do that
19:16 nengard thanks chris
19:16 nengard that would be great
19:16 nengard just the email he sent to kohadevel
19:16 nengard it's the press release
19:16 chris and to the main koha one?
19:16 nengard and i want to link to it
19:16 nengard yes - news
19:16 chris k
19:16 chris on the homepage?
19:16 mason morning kids
19:16 nengard y
19:16 chris k
19:17 tim nengard, I finally just set the fields to mandatory by editing the marc_subfield_structure table.  I'd still like to know why they woudn't show and why I can't set them to mandatory through the Koha interface.
19:17 chris hey mason
19:17 nengard tim - i'm confused - is this in relation to an email i have? or something else -
19:17 mason tim: beats me too
19:17 nengard if it beats the developers - then maybe it's a bug??
19:18 nengard chris - the news should be here:  i guess
19:18 nengard and that shows on the homepage
19:19 tim Yup. It's the same problem as in the email.  My wording seems to be messed up.
19:19 chris yeah you have to choose if you want it on the homepage or not
19:19 chris kea has a pretty cool news system
19:19 nengard ah
19:24 nengard thanks chris
19:24 nengard to all:
19:27 nengard chris - is there a way to fix the RSS feed on this page??  If you can fix it then I can pull it into Facebook on the Koha Pages
19:29 chris i didnt know it even had a feed
19:30 chris oh yeah, it doesnt
19:32 Khalsa waoh cool kohacon in Plano
19:33 Khalsa would it be ok for someone who knows next-to-nothing about koha to go?
19:33 chris yes indeed
19:34 Khalsa also, why a thursday-friday?
19:34 chris why not? :)
19:35 chris if im gonna fly all the way from nz, i want at least a weekend there too :)
19:35 Khalsa fair enough
19:36 Khalsa sucks for me though since thursday's are difficult to get off, and pretty much all the things I'd want to go to are on the thursday >_>
19:36 Khalsa and most conferences like this are usualy fri-sat which work out better (for me)
19:38 Khalsa Luckily it's only a 230 mile drive for me (not a long ass flight like you)
19:38 chris hmm its 1 hr flight to auckland, 13 hours to LA .. then whatever it takes to fly from there to texas .. ill be pretty tired :)
19:39 Khalsa which is why you should take one day to rest and have the conference on fri-sat :p
19:39 chris heh
19:39 danny lol
19:40 chris oh ill be flying the tuesday or so
19:40 chris the developers conference is the 3 days after
19:41 Khalsa I guess I shouldn't ask for much more. The group whom I'm about to try and help with Koha is in Dallas, so that part at least works out perfectly
19:41 Khalsa I'll drag 2-3 of those people along
19:41 chris awesome
19:41 chris the more the merrier
19:41 danny chris, has that been finalized too it will be the sat, sun, mon after?
19:42 chris i think thats pretty much finalised now danny, afaik
19:42 danny cool
19:44 nengard Khalsa make sure you register everyone who's coming - we need a head count - since it's free we have to make sure everything is set up ahead of time
19:45 Khalsa will-do
19:45 nengard also share that link around so other Koha users and developers see it :)
19:45 nengard so chris - back to that RSS ... any ideas??? :)
19:54 chris nengard: that has never worked
19:55 chris <link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="Development Blog" href="" />
19:55 kados nicomo: fwiw, clay is working on the  plone environment
19:55 nicomo ok, cool
19:55 kados oops, meant that for nengard
19:55 kados :)
19:55 nicomo never mind : I'm interested in it too
19:56 nicomo as I'll have to think about the way we manage the french version of the manual too
19:56 nicomo :-)
19:56 kados should be easy with plone as you can translate pages directly
19:56 nicomo cool : so keep me posted, thanks ;-)
21:41 atz jeez, #kohanews is on fire today
21:42 atz gmcharlt: finding GetMarcFromKohaField calls that don't supply necessary 2nd argument
21:42 atz (argument can be "", but can't be undef)
21:44 atz may cause weirdness... including call number sort breaking, perhaps
21:44 atz patch coming
21:45 atz seems strange, but we end up using  "" as a key in a hashref
21:45 atz didn't think that was legal
21:45 atz but i guess it is
21:47 gmcharlt atz: "" is legal has a hash key, undef is not
21:49 atz yeah, that's what i was saying
21:56 atz gmcharlt: patch sent
22:33 Khalsa Is the koha 3.x docs ([…]/koha-manual/Home ) complete enough for me to use as a base to start from to learn about koha?
22:37 mason sure it is ;)
03:29 Amit hi gm koha
03:29 Amit gm mason
04:00 irma server -m freenode
06:17 mc hello world
06:20 Amit hi mc
07:26 chris evening
07:29 Amit hi chris
08:11 mason heya amit and chris
08:11 Amit hi
08:16 anasha hi mason
08:16 anasha hows you?
08:18 paul_p hello everybody
08:18 mason me good :)
08:21 hdl_laptop hi anasha mason and paul_p
08:24 anasha hello hdl_laptop
08:59 HARE9 hi

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