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13:28 hdl_laptop owen around ?
14:54 anasha mason around
15:01 schuster I have a question about Guided reports and 3.2 - are there any Scheduled enhancments/modifications for 3.2?  If so where can I find out what they are?
15:03 atz schuster: the dev wiki lists all the RFC's for 3.2
15:03 HARE9 schuster, usually improvements to koha are marked in the rfcs wiki page, e.g. the 3.2 changes are[…]velopment:rfcs3.2 here
15:03 HARE9 atz, :-)
15:03 atz HARE9 is quick w/ the linkz
15:03 atz :)
15:05 schuster Yes I know these are there, but was curious to find out more about this one in particular if it will REALLY make it:[…]32_guided_reports
15:06 schuster Reason being I have 67 locations and I need to figure out if I should go ahead and build all these individual SQL's or if the next release will provide me this ability to allow the buildings to run them as they need.
15:07 owen schuster: FWIW, I'm going ahead and building a bunch of SQLs
15:12 atz schuster: i haven't seen any material advancements on that RFC
16:22 schuster Owen - you are saying I should build the SQLS right?
16:22 owen That's what I'm doing: building some custom reports for my library
16:26 schuster OK - is there a way I could build a web page outside of koha for each school with links to their specific reports?  Basically a link to an sql that would run and provide the information.
16:26 schuster Otherwise the guided reports are going to be huge and I don't believe the scheduler is working yet...
16:27 ryan schuster: re: the rfc, I suggest sending a query to koha-devel; that rfc was written by the BibLibre guys, so they may have info on its status.
16:29 schuster OK great I'll email koha-devel to see if anyone is working on it. - wealth of knowledge, just wish I could capture some of it on a flash drive and put it into my head so I wouldn't look so stupid all the time!
16:30 ryan schuster: re: external page, yes, you can just use the link in and put that in an external page.
16:30 ryan the user will get a login , and then the report should run.
16:30 schuster Oh that is WAY COOL!
17:29 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: still unable to push tags.
17:30 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: ok, I'll take another look
17:30 gmcharlt ok, please try now
17:33 hdl_laptop well done ;)
17:33 hdl_laptop OK
17:33 gmcharlt great
17:34 hdl_laptop Have you received my emails announcing koha3.0.1 ?
17:34 atz hdl_laptop: yes
17:34 kados hdl_laptop: tags have to be pulled IIRC, can't be pushed
17:34 hdl_laptop git push --tags
17:34 hdl_laptop push tags .
17:35 gmcharlt kados: tags are pushed
17:35 hdl_laptop But they are not pushed automatically
17:35 gmcharlt pulling is needed for the gitweb, not that main repo
17:38 gmcharlt v3.00.01.005 tag visiable in gitweb
20:29 liz anybody having trouble with the marc staging utility?
20:29 liz we are getting a fatal error
20:29 liz Global symbol "%component" requires explicit package name at /home/nekls/kohaclone/C4/ line 791.
20:29 liz Compilation failed in require at /home/nekls/kohaclone/tools/ line 41.
20:31 gmcharlt liz: does this occur when you access the page or when you submit a file to it?
20:31 liz when the page is accessed
20:33 liz we don't even see the interface to submit a file
20:33 gmcharlt ok, one moment
20:33 gmcharlt any difference between test and production?
20:39 atz only looked at production
20:40 liz haven't looked at test yet
20:41 liz 1s
20:41 liz test works :/
20:41 liz (for the record they now have identical templates)
21:10 gmcharlt liz: fixed
21:11 gmcharlt typo in local customization - sorry for that
21:15 liz it's all goo gmcharlt
21:15 liz thanks a zillion
21:16 gmcharlt Koha, the gooey ILS? ;)
21:16 liz lol gooD
21:16 liz ./facepalm
21:17 liz gmcharlt+++
21:17 atz gmcharlt: bacon donuts get gooey after a while
21:17 gmcharlt all hail bacon donuts!
21:18 liz omg, srs?
21:19 gmcharlt liz:[…]-bacon-donut-ils/
21:19 atz :)
21:20 liz omg brilliant
21:20 liz that is... wow. Just. Wow
21:21 cfouts now y'all understand why Portland is so dear to my heart...
21:21 gmcharlt the picture alone has been known to send cardiologists' kids to college
21:21 liz i'm going to seattle in early march
21:22 liz i know it makes my heart go pitty pat
21:22 liz (the pic)
21:22 liz of course bacon wrapped anything is welcome in my vicinity
21:23 jdavidb Some of my arteries are slamming shut, just looking at it.  Yowza.
21:24 Khalsa mmmmmmmmm bacon
21:24 cfouts here's another Portland favorite:
21:24 jdavidb gmcharlt:  I've got another itty-bitty patch to send; I'll send it to the patches list, and let's see if I've got my mail issue worked out...
21:24 liz they sure are hot for bacon in portland, aren't they
21:25 liz apples + bacon = win
21:26 liz apples + bacon + pastry = something better than winning. (this is a family channel, after all)
21:26 jdavidb My problem, though, liz, is that when you bake that rascal, you're gonna get grease all down in there.  A *little* bacon grease is a Good Thing, but that might be a bit much, even for this southerner.
21:27 gmcharlt jdavidb: ok
21:27 liz mmm, true... though I would probably bake the pie, then broil the bacon
21:27 liz idk, I can' t decide
21:27 liz lol
21:27 mc hello world
21:27 jdavidb That might help.  Or use slightly-lower-fat bacon, or pre-cook it part-way.
21:27 liz wow that was a diversion of epic proportions
21:28 liz yea, parboil it or something
03:12 SelfishMan Anyone around?
03:25 Khalsa yes
03:25 Khalsa but I'm of no use >_<
03:25 SelfishMan ha
03:25 Khalsa ask your question then wait (that's how IRC works)
03:25 SelfishMan I'm trying to figure out if there is a working way in Koha 3 to email the staff when a hold is placed
03:26 SelfishMan It looks like there used to be support for it but has been removed for some reason
03:28 Amit hi world
03:29 Amit good morning mason
06:15 brendan SelfishMan
06:15 brendan is that -- emailLibrarianWhenHoldIsPlaced -
06:15 brendan what you are looking for
06:15 brendan emails the librarian whenever a hold is placed
07:02 SelfishMan brendan: Yes, except it doesn't seem to be referenced anywhere
07:34 HARE9 good morning
07:34 Amit hi Hare9
09:01 hdl_laptop chris: around ?
09:16 SelfishMan Anyone have any tips for improving the performance of koha?
09:19 hdl_laptop use mod_perl (experimental)
09:19 hdl_laptop SelfishMan: there has been lately some patches for using Memcahed.
09:20 SelfishMan I am using mod_perl and it shaved a second or so off of page load times
09:20 hdl_laptop memcached.
09:20 SelfishMan I've been hearing about the memcached patches but can't find them.  Any links?
09:20 hdl_laptop look at koha-patches list
09:21 hdl_laptop And search for sweeney patches.
09:22 SelfishMan Are these patches stable-ish?
09:23 chris i sent some memcached patches ages back
09:25 chris theres a huge amount of koha that changes very rarely, and can be cached aggresively
09:25 SelfishMan Looks like there were a few memcache patches posted a few days ago
09:25 chris SelfishMan: with mod_perl are you using Apache::DBI
09:25 SelfishMan yep
09:26 chris[…]a-with-memcached/
09:27 chris you can get some easy speed wins with memcached
09:27 SelfishMan chris: I've seen those stats but I'm not finding the patches to enable memcache support
09:27 SelfishMan I think I'll check out the patches posted a few days ago
09:28 chris my caching branch is there too
09:29 chris[…]=refs/heads/cache
09:30 hdl_laptop chris: your performance improvements seemed much better than 10 %
09:31 chris yep
09:31 SelfishMan looks good to me
09:32 chris there are entire pages you can cache, and just have them dropped from the cache when they are changed, thats where you win big
09:32 SelfishMan What size do you recommend for the cache?
09:32 chris depends what you are planning to cache
09:33 SelfishMan as much as possible that makes sense to cache
09:33 chris you will have to do a lot of work before you can make any serious savings
09:34 SelfishMan a lot of work on what?
09:34 chris writing code to get things in and out of the cache
09:35 SelfishMan I'm actually grabbing your caching branch right now and was planning on giving that a try
09:35 SelfishMan I'm assuming it is fairly stable of course
09:36 chris yeah its only caching a few things
09:38 chris when i get some time im going to add to it
09:39 SelfishMan The single biggest failure I've found with Koha is a severe lack of speed
09:53 SelfishMan Looks like your branch is broken
09:53 chris broken in what way?
09:53 SelfishMan Global symbol "$sysprefs" requires explicit package name at /usr/local/koha/lib/C4/ line 496
09:54 chris hmm the latest merge must not have worked
10:05 chris fixed
10:09 SelfishMan Yeah that looks better

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