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11:05 nahuel hi chris
11:10 nahuel gmcharlt, are you away ? :)
11:43 Amit hi frederic u there?
11:44 hdl_laptop hi Amit
11:44 Amit hi hdl
12:16 gmcharlt nahuel: pong
12:43 nahuel well there is a "big" problem with table aqbudget
12:43 nahuel aqbudgetid is a signed tinyint
12:44 nahuel so the max value is ... 127 :)
12:50 gmcharlt nahuel: heh - yeah, that needs to be made wider
12:50 nahuel well i'm gonna to make a patch
12:51 nahuel my question, i asked to hdl_laptop, is : should i make the patch for 3.2 or 3.0 or both ?
12:52 gmcharlt 3.2 certainly, 3.0 if you have somebody who needs it
12:52 nahuel ok, but what about ?
12:53 gmcharlt for simplicity, submit just the kohastructure.sql change, and I'll handle
12:53 nahuel if the update is done in 3.0, then when they'll upgrade to 3.2 it will be done twin times
12:53 gmcharlt that's already an issue with 3.0.1
12:53 gmcharlt and I'll have to code around that before 3.2 is released
12:54 nahuel ok
12:55 gmcharlt of course, ALTER TABLE foo MODIFY col ... to widen a column is an idempotent change, so in this particular case it doesn't matter anyway
12:59 nahuel what is doesn't matter ?
13:00 gmcharlt running the alter table twice
13:00 nahuel oh yes, so the  patch for 3.2 should check if the table has already been altered
13:22 nahuel well gmcharlt, paul_p told me that... there is no koha 3.2 patch needed, because there is a new acquisition module :)
13:22 paul_p ... and it has a new table for budgets
13:22 paul_p hi gmcharlt
13:22 paul_p gmcharlt: OK for skype call for me, hdl2 is out for lunch, will ask when he's back
13:40 gmcharlt paul_p: ok
13:43 hdl_laptop paul_p: back
13:46 gmcharlt paul_p, hdl_laptop, kados: ok, ready, let's Skype now
13:46 gmcharlt please send me your Skype IDs
13:46 hdl_laptop laurenthdl
13:47 paul_p gmcharlt: paul.poulain
15:22 elwell hey folks - is there a vmware image to play with for testing anywhere? (or xen / kvm / virtualbox....)
15:22 elwell oh, and I see from the IRC logs there's a 3.0.1 release almost available - is there a timescale (or a git tag?)
15:22 danny try this[…]ns.php?category=9
15:25 elwell cool - will give that a blast later. on the how_long_is_a_piece_of_string scale, whats involved in migration of a ~13000 catalog?
15:25 gmcharlt elwell: the beta has been tagged already; final 3.0.1 should be released next Thursday or so
15:25 gmcharlt it's exactly 42 inches long
15:25 elwell :-)
15:26 gmcharlt seriously, 13k bibs is not hard to migrate assuming you can get MARC data out of the current catalog
15:27 elwell ok - and finally (for now) does koha have any idea of a 'family membership' ie, >1 patron in a group?
15:27 elwell yeah - 13k seemed a reasonably small dataset
15:28 elwell plan is to pitch at as I'm fed up of them not having an online renewal :-)
15:32 gmcharlt Koha has a notion of a guarantor of a patron's account
15:33 gmcharlt so a parent's record can be linked to records for the children
15:37 atz i believe the BibLibre folks use it for mapping professional relationships also
15:38 gmcharlt yes, from an institutional patron account to members of that insitution
15:55 elwell cool. I'll have a play. Ta folks. If it all goes pearshaped, which eurpean contractors do support? :-)
15:57 gmcharlt
15:57 paul_p elwell: you're welcomed to ask me ;-)
15:57 gmcharlt reasonable focused questions sent to the koha mailing list would also get responses
15:57 paul_p (i'm in France, and we have some customers in switzerland)
17:57 k12linux Is the developer meeting in TX pretty well set now for April 18-20?
17:58 atz i think paul and hdl_laptop have tickets, so I imagine it is set for them!
18:42 chris ditto
18:43 jdavidb Since I'm close, I might just stick around for the weekend, anyway, to see if I can't learn something.
18:53 chris cant hurt
18:53 chris but we may bribe you into bringing us coffee :)
19:02 jdavidb I can be bribed, chris.
19:02 chris thats what i like to hear :)
19:03 jdavidb I just live about three hours away from the con site.  Practically local, for me.
19:04 Khalsa Abilene?
19:05 jdavidb Correct.
19:06 Khalsa <--Houston
19:07 jdavidb Cool!  You coming to Plano?
19:07 Khalsa Probably, depends on what arrangements I can make for that thursday
19:07 Khalsa Friday for sure though
19:08 jdavidb Excellent!  Be sure and look me up!
19:08 Khalsa I'm sure I'll see the lot of you there :)
20:12 Khalsa gotta love all the self-referencing wiki pages you guys have >_> e.g.
20:46 liz any idea why the checkboxes wouldn't appear on http://catalog.nexpresslibrary[…]
20:46 liz ?
20:46 liz for hold filled
20:50 gmcharlt are they checked in staff interface?
20:50 gmcharlt wait, let me back up
20:50 gmcharlt are the checkboxes appearing at all in the OPAC?
20:52 liz there are just dashes
20:52 liz the category of notify is there
20:53 liz (and I re-did the templates from our prog, just to make sure they were right, fyi)
20:53 liz (for that page)
20:56 gmcharlt what about staff view for same patron?
20:57 liz ...checking
20:57 liz missing :/
20:57 liz just dashes
21:02 liz afk a moment
21:06 liz back
21:09 gmcharlt liz: looking into it - will take a bit to figure out what's going on
21:11 liz thanks... it's totally possible that it's a template thing and if it is you are welcome to throw rotten fruit at me
22:50 amitprakash hi.. is it possible to install koha as non root? i.e. using the single installation.. we've been given perl apache mysql setup which is working
22:52 amitprakash chris, any ideas?
22:53 jdavidb I do it all the time, using a dev install, normally.
22:54 jdavidb You're going to need a root or sudoer to set the apache config in place, and a mysql root user to create the database and user, but other than that, it's really easy.
22:54 amitprakash jdavidb, so after make installed it install it to my home folder/.www/koha... now what should i be doing to access it ?
22:54 amitprakash jdavidb, ah so modifying apache.conf is necessary then :( i was hoping to run it like a wordpress installation
22:55 jdavidb in etc/koha-httpd.conf is a typical configuration for apache.  adjust it, then have your root-er link to it to put a symlink in sites-available and sites-enabled.
22:56 jdavidb There might be a way in a no-root hosted environment to do it, but I wouldn't know what that'd be.
22:56 amitprakash ah :( in that case i need to install it locally.. its impossible to get a root-er to link it
22:56 jdavidb Sorry!
23:02 Sharon Galen, can you please let the rest of us at NExpress when and if you find a solution to our Hold issues
23:02 gmcharlt Sharon: sure
23:02 Sharon thank you, much appreciated.
02:26 brendan hey have a good weekend everyone
10:55 bigbrovar hi guys am trying to install koha on ubuntu 8.4 for my schools library using this guide[…]uide_ubuntu_hardy everything worked fine till installing the perl modules via cpan
10:57 bigbrovar $ sudo perl -MCPAN -e 'install Net::Z3950::ZOOM' failed with this error
10:57 bigbrovar and am kinda stuck :(

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