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11:21 elwell hey folks - whats the primary linux distro you folks develop on with koha? RHEL clones (centos / rhel / fedora etc) or the Debian / ubuntu flavours?
12:29 bigbrovar this should be my forth attempt at installing koha on ubuntu .. it seem to be a vain effort .. everything time i have tried its been one failure or the other .. i really trying to get a FOSS solution for my school's library .. but am running out of options and i might have to try installations on a windows system if that would improve things
12:32 Elwell bigbrovar: heh. I've just started on a ubuntu (virtualbox) install -- Ill let you knpow how I get on
12:34 kados_ Elwell: debian
12:34 kados_ bigbrovar: installing on debian etch following the INSTALL.DEBIAN file should be pretty straightforward
12:38 bigbrovar kados_: i would have to download etch we use mainly ubuntu in our school and although i wont mind installing etch just the download is a pain here in Africa bandwidth issues and stuff .. but is that is what is takes :(
12:38 bigbrovar Elwell:please let me know how it goes
12:40 kados_ google for 'Koha on Ubuntu', there are a lot of hits
12:40 kados_ so apparantly someone's done it
12:41 kados but I can't vouch for how easy it is
12:46 bigbrovar kados: i have done that line a 100 times already .. its either the guide is for an older version like gutsy,feisty .. and when i found one for hardy[…]uide_ubuntu_hardy am getting error here sudo perl -MCPAN -e 'install Net::Z3950::ZOOM'
12:47 bigbrovar and am not alone in this[…]s-td18958852.html
12:49 kados well, that's easy enough to solve
12:49 kados just force install it
12:49 kados or, find out why it's failing and install missing dependencies
12:50 bigbrovar by running this ? sudo perl -MCPAN -e 'force install Net::Z3950::ZOOM'
12:50 kados bigbrovar: give it a shot, don't be afraid of the command line ;-)
12:51 bigbrovar lol i ran this sudo perl -MCPAN -e 'force install Net::Z3950::ZOOM' didnt work or am i doing iit wrong
12:52 kados bigbrovar: download the perl source, and install it manually, that'll give you more control
12:53 bigbrovar kados: ok i will try that lets see how it goes
14:11 bigbrovar kados: download the source and installing manually seem to work fine
14:12 bigbrovar although the test part failed as usual .. but make install just worked fine
14:13 bigbrovar kados:beside am not scared of the commandline ;)
15:22 bigbrovar ok finally got koha to install (first time in my life) yay!
15:22 bigbrovar now am trying to connect to the admin console .. from about another comuputer but am getting a page not found
15:22 bigbrovar when i try http://192.168.23:8080/
15:37 kados bigbrovar: sounds like you haven't followed the instructions
15:37 kados for how to install Koha
15:39 bigbrovar kados:i did... to the letter
15:39 bigbrovar[…]uide_ubuntu_hardy
15:40 bigbrovar thing is am behind a firewall .. so i can connect to apache using the ip from a browser .. but it wont work if i add :8080
16:43 atz then open a hole for your 8080, or setup DNS and reconfigure apache to listen for ServerName
16:44 atz of if you have multiple IP addresses you can put the STAFF interface on a different IP
16:44 atz basically that's an apache/network problem and not a koha problem
16:44 Khalsa and/or check any firewalls (if you are running vista for example it'll block it by defualt iirc)
22:16 bigbrovar thanks guys
09:32 ChatMan809 Hello, write !commands in order to know all of my commands.

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