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11:49 gmcharlt chris: read scrollback, will await your public key
12:39 paul_p hi gmcharlt
12:39 paul_p good morning to you
13:09 gmcharlt good morning paul_p
13:36 owen Hi #koha
13:37 paul_p hello owen.
13:37 paul_p happy new year to you and your family !!!
13:37 owen Thanks, you too!
13:44 hdl_laptop hi owen
13:44 hdl_laptop happy new year
13:44 hdl_laptop happy new year all liblimers
13:51 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: thanks, and a very happy new year to all BibLibreans and to all Koha users
14:35 trepador hello i have some problems during the instalation of koha
14:36 trepador someone can help me
14:37 gmcharlt trepador: what problems?
14:37 trepador with perl modules
14:38 gmcharlt details?
14:40 trepador for example when i try to install this module, sudo perl -MCPAN -e 'install Biblio::EndnoteStyle'
14:41 trepador the terminal shows me this :
14:41 trepador needs either both external programs tar and gzip installed or
14:41 trepador both the modules Archive::Tar and Compress::Zlib. Neither prerequisite
14:41 trepador is available. Can't continue.
14:41 trepador what must i do?
14:41 gmcharlt are the tar and gzip commands available on your server?
14:42 paul_p trepador: which linux is your server running ?
14:42 danny what operating system are you on?
14:42 paul_p hehe danny : I won ;-)
14:42 trepador kubuntu 8.04
14:42 danny lol
14:43 trepador desktop edition
14:44 trepador i don't know if the tar and gzip commands are available on my server
14:44 trepador how i konw this?
14:44 paul_p enter gzip on a console
14:44 paul_p and paste the result
14:45 paul_p "command not found" => not installed
14:45 paul_p gzip: compressed data not written to a terminal. Use -f to force compression.
14:45 paul_p For help, type: gzip -h
14:45 paul_p => it's installed
14:45 trepador gzip: compressed data not written to a terminal. Use -f to force compression.
14:45 trepador For help, type: gzip -h
14:45 paul_p so, it's installed.
14:45 paul_p Compress::Zlib is not installed
14:46 paul_p try to install Compress::Zlib
14:46 trepador ok thanks i'm gonna try
14:48 trepador the system says that Compress::Zlib doesnt exist
14:49 trepador E: No se pudo encontrar el paquete Zlib / Cant find Zlib package
14:53 trepador how do i install Compress::Zlib, i tried whit sudo apt-get install Compress::Zlib, but it say to me the package doesnt exists
14:53 gmcharlt trepador: it's a Perl module, so try
14:54 gmcharlt sudo perl -MCPAN -e 'install Compress::Zlib'
14:54 trepador ok
14:55 paul_p mmm... you could also search for some ubuntu module like perl-zlib-compress
14:55 paul_p (name not guaranteed at all)
14:55 paul_p apt-cache search zlib maybe ?
14:55 danny it is normally libcompress-zlib-perl
14:55 danny apt-get install libcompress-zlib-perl, should be same as the cpan install
14:56 paul_p danny: ??? no ! the apt-get install will keep the dependancies OK.
14:56 paul_p the cpan install won't !
14:56 paul_p (in ubuntu I mean)
14:56 danny ah! ok
14:56 paul_p trepador may face a case were ubuntu would complaint for the package not to be here, but Perl being happy as he sees it !
15:00 trepador thank you every one , but the system says libcompress-zlib-perl is installed
15:01 trepador if i try to install tar and zlib modules with cpan,
15:01 trepador the terminal show to me this
15:01 trepador needs either both external programs tar and gzip installed or
15:01 trepador both the modules Archive::Tar and Compress::Zlib. Neither prerequisite
15:01 trepador is available. Can't continue.
15:02 trepador i got installed that packages in kubuntu
15:04 paul_p very strange...
15:06 trepador yes
15:06 gmcharlt trepador: could you paste in contents of $HOME/.cpan/CPAN/ ?
15:06 trepador ok
15:12 trepador in this route i dont have any directoy named CPAN
15:13 trepador the hide directory .cpan exists but no the CPAN
15:14 trepador directory
15:19 trepador inside the .cpan directory appears two subdirectories , build and sources and a file called metadata
15:19 trepador but not appear
15:27 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: is there a channel for marc::Record ?
15:27 hdl_laptop Is code4lib or perl4lib OK for that ?
15:34 gmcharlt gmcharlt: the perl4lib mailing list is the best bet
15:34 gmcharlt last directed to hdl_laptop, rather
15:34 gmcharlt I need to stop talking to myself
15:34 gmcharlt :)
15:41 hdl_laptop thx.
15:42 hdl_laptop I caught Ed Summers on that topic on Code4Lib chan
16:11 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: I have seen that UNIMARC leader contains information about authority type :
16:11 hdl_laptop (leader position 9)
16:11 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: Is there any thing similar inUSMARC  ?
16:14 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: I have seen position 17 in 008.
16:14 hdl_laptop as a sensible candidate.
16:14 hdl_laptop But I may misunderstand or mislead myself.
16:30 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: depends on what you mean by authority type
16:31 gmcharlt person/name/topical/geographic is determined by which 1xx is present
16:31 gmcharlt other aspects by positions in the 008
16:35 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: MARC21 has no direct equivalent to the UNIMARC Leader/09, although I notice that that appears to be a relatively recent addition
16:39 hdl_laptop thx.
16:39 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: So I cannot rely on UNIMARC feature.
16:39 gmcharlt no
16:40 hdl_laptop But then I cannot know which codes has been chosen by user for topical or Personnal names.
16:41 hdl_laptop What if user wants more than one thesaurus for Personal Names :
16:41 hdl_laptop used as Authors
16:41 hdl_laptop used as subjects.
16:42 hdl_laptop then I won't be able to make the choice between one or the other.
16:43 hdl_laptop I can't even know which authority type an authority type code is related to.
16:44 hdl_laptop For instance : PN Personal names in english... NP, AUT and SAUT for personnal names in French.
17:02 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: do you have any standard authtypecode ?
17:04 gmcharlt yes
17:04 gmcharlt see C4/Headings/
17:10 hdl_laptop what is 800 => Personal Name ??
20:17 chris morning all
20:18 mason bonjour chris
20:27 gmcharlt hi chris
20:29 chris heya galen, the key arrive ok?
20:29 gmcharlt chris: yep - will send you gitosis info shortly
20:29 chris excellent thank you
23:52 chris whoa static koha build
23:52 chris 1974 called its wants its architecture back
23:52 chris all the distros have decent package management systems, lets just use that and not make more rods for our bacsk
23:55 SelfishMan I'm thinking about IPv6 enabling koha.  How much will I regret this?
23:59 chris how about statically building the tcp/ip stack into koha
23:59 chris :-)
23:59 SelfishMan chris: I've had to write three IP stacks in my life, I don't plan on writing another
00:00 chris i can see no reason why koha wont just work with ipv6
00:00 SelfishMan Yeah, that doesn't make sense since proper package management will do the job.  I could see use for a appliance install CD though
00:00 chris yep
00:00 chris if we finish off the packages
00:00 SelfishMan The access restrictions by IP appear to only be IPv4
00:01 chris yep, thats the only bit that will break
00:02 SelfishMan I would love to see a debian or ubuntu based appliance CD for koha.  I think that would help the people that just can't do the management themselves
00:02 chris yep
00:02 chris once the packages are finished there are a ton of tools for building said cd's
00:03 SelfishMan true
07:51 chris evening
07:55 chris hmmm 760 + 9230 = 9990 commits
07:55 chris we should pass 10,000 commits in the next day or so

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