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14:51 nahuel Hi people
14:52 nahuel hdl said me that galen make a script to convert all ISBN10 to ISBN13, do you know where I can get it?
14:59 gmcharlt greetings #koha
15:01 paul_p hi gmcharlt. nahuel just asked you a small question 10mn ago
15:01 paul_p (happy new year First !)
15:02 gmcharlt paul_p: happy new year!
15:02 nahuel new year happy
15:02 nahuel year new happy
15:02 nahuel :)
15:03 nahuel gmcharlt, hdl said me that galen make a script to convert all ISBN10 to ISBN13, do you know where I can get it?
15:03 paul_p nahuel: galen = gmcharlt !!!
15:03 nahuel paul_p, i know
15:03 nahuel :)
15:05 gmcharlt nahuel: I don't remember writing such a script, but wouldn't be hard
15:06 nahuel yes of course it wouldn't be, but if someone already wrote it :)
15:06 nahuel else i'll write it
15:07 nahuel well thank you gmcharlt :)
16:37 soul9 good evening all
20:54 liz question, anybody out there using library elf with koha?
20:54 chris ud be better off asking that on the lists liz (there just isnt that many people on here :))
20:56 chris i dont think it does much that koha cant do already
20:56 chris i wonder what ever happened to the export the list of due date as an ics file thing
20:56 chris i quite liked that
20:57 liz not entirely true, we're on the fringe of a major metro, the functionality of being able to manage multiple library cards in ELF would be handy for a lot of our patrons
20:57 gmcharlt chris: I've been hacking around with, and it will be fully resurrected soon
20:58 liz "resurrected" <chorus of ahs>
20:58 chris sweet gmcharlt
20:58 liz >.> sorry I'm in a bit of a mood
20:58 gmcharlt lol
20:59 chris liz: that functionality code be added to koha quite easily using the guarantor links
20:59 chris it'd all be up to your privacy policies though
20:59 gmcharlt chris: I think liz means multiple library systems, not just multiple library cards - could be wrong though
21:00 chris ahh, multiple systems, then yep you'd need library elf for that
21:01 chris liz: i used to have a bot that sat on AIM, that talked to a koha, and you could authenticate to it (using your cardnumber and password) and ask it things like how many books do i have out
21:02 chris if thats something that you would be interested in, i could be persuaded to work on it again :)
21:06 liz right, multiple library systems
21:06 chris liz:[…]message-your-ils/
21:07 liz as in, a patron could have a card from kansas city kansas PL, Topeka PL, and a NExpress card and get notifies from them all and see their items from one interface, library elf
21:07 chris i use library elf with the wellington city library, cos they use some proprietary crappy ils that cant tell you that info .. and it works pretty well
21:07 liz chris: that is NEAT
21:07 liz i mean, I understand that most of the stuff elf does is in koha already
21:08 chris i havent tried it with koha though, can't see any reason wouldnt work
21:08 liz do you happen to know what elf uses to talk to the database? SIP?
21:09 chris lemme see if i can find out
21:09 liz i couldn't find it on their website
21:09 chris if it was OSS i could tell you exactly :-)
21:09 liz :D but of course
21:10 chris but instead ill try to reverse engineer
21:10 chris i suspect it must be sip
21:10 atz most likely
21:10 chris given you have to pick from a list
21:12 chris If your library is a Polaris PowerPac (v3.2 or later) or a Dynix library system (Classic or Horizon; excluding Java-based Dynix WebPAC), send the name of the library and its URL to requestlib @ Also if you would, please tell us how you found our site in your note, thanks!
21:12 chris maybe its just screenscrape
21:13 liz erf, that seems kind of primitive
21:13 chris best way would be to email them i reckon
21:13 liz truth. I will.
21:14 liz honestly I don't much see the point
21:14 liz to elf
21:14 liz since koha does most of the stuff already
21:14 chris the mulitple library systems would be cool tho
21:14 liz yea, definitely
21:14 chris i could see if i was a uni student
21:14 chris and had books out from a few libraries, that would be handy
21:15 liz i think that's mostly why we're interested in it
21:15 liz the big libraries to the east and west both use elf
21:15 liz er, allow elf usage
21:15 chris *nod*
21:16 liz that's maybe a 75 mile radius from where nekls HQ is
21:16 liz we're in the middle
21:16 chris im guessing some of the universities do too?
21:18 liz mm University of Kansas or Uni. of Missouri KC aren't listed
21:18 liz there are some on there though
21:18 liz universities
21:20 liz whoever did the newest debian install documentation: thanks! Very thorough and easy to follow!
21:30 chris in the tarball or on the wiki?
21:31 chris mj ray was the last to touch it in git
21:59 liz in the tarball
22:00 chris joshua mostly then, with edits from others :)
07:35 chris evening
07:38 soul9 good morning all
07:39 mason hiya johnny
07:40 chris hey mason and soul9
07:40 soul9 hi
07:40 mason hey chris
08:10 chris hi paul
08:11 paul_p hi chris
10:11 chris hdl: you around?
10:12 paul_p hdl is hdl_laptop those days
10:12 paul_p (he moved to a new apartment, and has no phone or ADSL yet)
10:12 paul_p (the building is unknown from France Télécom !)
10:12 chris ahhh
10:14 chris i have a pile more patches for updated translations, was wondering if we wants them emailed, or if i should put them up for him to download (they are quite big)
10:18 hdl_laptop hi
10:18 hdl_laptop hi chris happy new year.
10:19 chris hi hdl, happy new year to you too
10:19 hdl_laptop Did you have a good Christmas Eve ?
10:21 chris cool
10:22 chris[…]efs/heads/my3.0.x
10:22 chris oops
10:22 chris[…]efs/heads/my3.0.x
10:23 chris (i commit to git and push up to my remote repo quite regularly, so the translations are backed up, in case my server crashes)
10:23 chris thats why there are quite a lot of patches
10:28 hdl_laptop MMM... If I create a new branch on my repo, can I do a fetch ?
10:29 hdl_laptop yours
10:29 chris 2 secs ill just set up access, then yep
10:29 hdl_laptop sorry on yours ?
10:29 hdl_laptop Maybe the simplest would be that you could be a pusher on 3.0.x for translations ?
10:29 hdl_laptop Since it can be done with gitosis ?
10:29 hdl_laptop .
10:29 chris ahh thats a good idea
10:30 chris yes that sounds the simplest
10:30 hdl_laptop we can ask gmcharlt for an access.
10:30 chris cool
10:30 hdl_laptop All he would need is a public key.
10:31 chris i have to go to bed now, but ill email and ask and send him my public key tomorrow morning
10:32 chris thanks :) and have a good day
10:33 hdl_laptop you're welcome.
10:33 hdl_laptop Good nicht
10:33 hdl_laptop night

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